Global Rules
  1. You will not post anything that violates US law.
  2. You will not use the site if you are under the age of 18.
  3. You will not post banned content:
    • Artistic (guro) or photographic (gore) depictions of extreme or lethal violence
    • Loli/shota
    • Furry (anthro)
    • EQG/Humanizations
    • IRL zoophilia/bestiality
    • Extreme fetish content, including but not limited to scat, vore, infantilization/diapers, stuffing, et cetra
  4. You will not post personal information ("dox") or calls to invasion ("raid").
  5. You will not post NSFW on a SFW board.
  6. You will not make extremely low quality posts, including:
    • Irrelevant catchphrases or copypasta
      • Example: "What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch?.."
    • Indecipherable text
      • Example: "lol u tk him 2da bar|?"
    • Gibberish text
      • Example: "l;kjdsfioasoiupwajnasdfa"
    • Soijaks, pepes
  7. You will not announce reports or abuse the functionality of the site.
  8. You will not complain about site moderation outside of /qa/.
  9. You will not ban evade.
  10. You will not use avatars/signatures to distinguish your posts.
  11. No Discord or other social media based group chats:
    • You will not post links to user profiles/servers/chats.
    • You will not promote/encourage use of social media based group chats for the discussion of board topics.
  12. No Spamming or flooding.
  13. No trolling, you will not make intentionally malicious or disruptive posts.
  14. No advertising.
  15. No roleplaying.
  16. You will not impersonate staff or claim you're posting on their behalf.
  17. You will not make off topic posts.