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>>/fim/14526 [spoiler]Cross-anon here, sorry about the coming delay. work's almost over.[/spoiler]
>>/fim/14525 >A purple mare approaches the party from behind. "Hello! You folks are new to town. Are you here to work in the mines?"
>>/fim/14524 >>14523 **Pick an image to use as a base and other images for elements you want to use. Paint 3D works fine. Fill bucket tool f
>>/fim/14523 >>14522 [spoiler]I love her, and I love them. I just don't know where to start with doing the vector edits[/spoiler]
>>/fim/14522 >>14518 **Done, I'm pretty happy with how she came out.** **Anyone want to do a stock vector edit? It's fun and pretty simple.
>>/fim/14521 >>14517 >The name on the card is Otto. >>14518 **No, but I will whip it up pretty quick.** >>14515 **'cause we used to be s
>>/fim/14520 >>14519 >Quill forces a smile. >This is fine, this is just her life now. "It's, er. A pony who takes back stuff. Like, if yo
>>/fim/14519 >>14517 "Whats repo pony?"
>>/fim/14518 [spoiler]hey FM, did you ever get around to making the battle screen piece for Prickly? if you did, I'd like to see it... becaus
>>/fim/14517 >>14516 "Let's see what we've got..." >Quill leans over to look at the ID over the Boulder shoulder. "It identifies er. The c
>>/fim/14516 >>14515 >looks intently at the ID "Um... Uh... Sun, Horseshoe, Up? Errr... what's-this-letter... Me knows some of those but, w
>>/fim/14515 >>14510 >>14505 >Cross hoofs off one of the IDs to Boulder. "'ey... look, Boulder. We're licensed to kill!" >He taps the ([s
>>/fim/14514 >>14513 Mosty of the background houses don't look that fucked up. Sure, some of them got arches and they all look cartoony, but
>>/fim/14513 >>14508 ?
>>/fim/14512 >>14509 Thanks, Woon!
>>/fim/14511 >>14510 lol
>>/fim/14510 >>14506 >Cross is now the proud possessor of two stolen IDs! >>14507 >The train continues to Jacobstown, stops, and lets our
>>/fim/14509 Happy Thursday anon!
>>/fim/14508 The fuck be going on in this house?
>>/fim/14507 >>14499 >Quill exhales heavily as they finally go down. "Well, er. Good job, everypony." >She glances at the conductor. "Y
>>/fim/14506 >>14499 >Cross grunts, then beams at a certain pegasus. "Nice of you to join us, feathers... I'm thinkin' we need to meet like
>>/fim/14505 >looks around "Um... uh?"
>>/fim/14504 mentally imposed thought forms < psychic medium and premonition talking at god < conversing with god and exchanging spiritual e
>>/fim/14503 >>14497 Pray to her every day, and pray to her sister every night. She is a loving deity that will enrich your life if you give
>>/fim/14501 The stock vector style has it's own cuteness that isn't present in the show. I wish there was more pony in this style, let's cre
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