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>>/fim/12790 >>12513 It happened again. The 4chan board is just too fast with G5 stuff right now. >>12514 Pine Ponder and the Scarf h
>>/fim/12789 >>12785 >Celestia and Autumn A very cute short, involving my favorite pony. I love it. Would love to spend some time with her
>>/fim/12788 >>12785 I like it. The CMC are fun and inclusion of the pets is uncommon so it's good to see that; nice of Angel helping them k
>>/fim/12787 >>12783 >Cross stares for a moment longer at the ticket prices, then turns. "You're right, feathers. But how about we head bac
>>/fim/12786 >>12785 I mentioned it in the previous thread: >>12749 Fun and wholesome. You did good work.
>>/fim/12785 Guys, how was the completed story? If someone have read it, that is.
>>/fim/12783 >>12735 Local ticket prices: >Prairie Post - 20 bits >Dodge Gulch - 30 bits >Appaloosa - 20 bits >Steamboat landing - 20 bi
>>/fim/12782 >>12781 >And then in an instant it is knocked aside, firing a rainbow that melts a circular hole through the wall behind Anon a
>>/fim/12781 >>12780 >White flame and purple lightning explode into Anon’s chest, blasting him against the far wall of the room. A: AAAOOOO
>>/fim/12780 >>12779 T: It’s not like that, Anonymous. Things aren’t so hopeless. A: Yeah. Right. T: I’m serious. You’re being over dramat
>>/fim/12779 >>12778 T: How do I explain… Your love is like a catalyst. When it interacts with the love of a pony, or any other magical crea
>>/fim/12778 >>12777 T: Of course! I’ll never let anything hurt you again, Anonymous. A: Uh, yeah. What? >He looks Twilight in the eyes an
>>/fim/12777 >>9486 Okay, so it took me a lot longer than it should have because of real life nonsense, but I've finally returned with the n
>>/fim/12776 >>12764 There's a bit more to it than that. The controller chips on SSDs handle everything involved with the process, including
>>/fim/12775 >>12774 They came from /b/
>>/fim/12774 Gang leader or new mom? You decide. ...Where did those three little shits come from, anyway?
>>/fim/12773 Where do you think you're looking?
>>/fim/12772 Feels nice to just spread out on the cow hide. Feels like... achievement. And she took off the jacket she's been wearing for a w
>>/fim/12771 >>12770 We could do Hearth's Warming Eve which is similar to Thanksgiving.
>>/fim/12770 >>12766 What would be a pony version of Thanksgiving?
>>/fim/12766 Thanksgiving would be nice.
>>/fim/12765 >>12763 Not him, but perhaps Christmas/New Years?
>>/fim/12764 >>12747 So the part that tells the computer the drives status failed rather than the entire drive? That is kinda dumb, at leas
>>/fim/12763 >>12762 What do you suggest then?
>>/fim/12762 >>12761 I'm afraid that would be too soon, specially for board's time.
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