>No Hooves, No Business

>>/fim/5791 it's feeshmas!
>>/fim/5790 >>5740 cute fangs that get brushes
>>/fim/5789 >>5787 I ceased interacting with /mlp/ entirely. It's changed too much, and I found myself angry and frustrated more often than
>>/fim/5788 >>5784 Whiskey Horse is too precious
>>/fim/5787 >>5785 I also have around 105 threads hidden at any time. Do you browse or care about every single one shown? That'd be 120 thr
>>/fim/5786 C20 Mcb Circuit Breaker https://www.all-circuitbreaker.com/c20-mcb-circuit-breaker/ China Advantage of powder coating https://w
>>/fim/5785 >>5729 >>5438 wow anons, I only have about 30 these days and I get really stressed out when it reaches 40
>>/fim/5784 >>5777 Whiskey Horse is happy
>>/fim/5783 >>5782 >"This is actually pretty good - do we have any crunchy flavored bread at home like this?" "Can certainly get some - I d
>>/fim/5782 >>5781 >Your waiter comes back with a larger glass of you would assume is absolutely water now, along with a basket of Texas-st
>>/fim/5781 >>5780 "Names change just based on owners - doesn't mean much. And I already see where you're going to be choosing from. >Midni
>>/fim/5780 >>5779 >"Hi..." >No sooner does he greet you that his eyes fall on Midnight, leaving him momentarily speechless. "Hello. Two of
>>/fim/5779 >>5677 "You ready?" >"Can't be any worse than the first time, can it?" >You stare at her, unamused by the feeble attempt of wit
>>/fim/5778 >>5776 Celestia and Luna fighting the Dragon Lord and that's the reason the Badlands are a scorched wasteland?
>>/fim/5777 Whiskey Horse is sad
>>/fim/5776 Any ideas for short stories about these two?
>>/fim/5775 Waiting is Magic is another pony game I remember. It's basically just RD just in the hospital.
>>/fim/5774 >>5772 2010 Lauren was still a feminist, just a more light-hearted one.
>>/fim/5772 >>5767 2010 Lauren and 2021 Lauren are different people. IIRC 2010 Lauren even made jew jokes
>>/fim/5770 >>5764 it is a technique that improves with time, you will learn tricks from your mistakes
>>/fim/5769 >>5767 More than that. Her detached-from-reality optimistic strain of feminism was absolutely necessary for such a depiction of
>>/fim/5767 >>5766 Ironic, considering she was a feminist and all that.
>>/fim/5766 She saved countless young men from the villainy of women. >mare is good! >woman is evil!
>>/fim/5765 Not many mods, but some pony games I've tried. Legends of Equestria can be pretty adorable. Fallout Equestria: Remains is
>>/fim/5764 >>5550 You make the coloring look so good, Anon. I can't stop mine from looking messy
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