>No Hooves, No Business

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>>/fim/14024 >>14023 >tries to get to the door "Help! This barn is full of varmints!"
>>/fim/14023 >>14022 >Cloudhead and Quill could hear that. >Boulder's hooves are shorter than they have been in weeks.
>>/fim/14022 >>14021 **ok** >manages to sit on his rump >weakly stomps his front hoof >shouts as loud as he can "Cloud? Cross? Where are
>>/fim/14021 >>14019 >Cannon Hooves puts a hoof on Cross's shoulder. "I can try my best. Know anything about the fellas that took these her
>>/fim/14020 >>14018 >notices rats "Go away, varmints!" >he budges, trying to stand and relocate. But to his shame, doing so he farts expl
>>/fim/14019 >>14018 "I'm not too sure. I guess I'm just lookin' for somepony who's got a bit more age on guard business."
>>/fim/14018 >>14013 >Cannon Hooves steps closer. "Well I can tell you for sure the unions aren't to be trusted, but I haven't heard of no
>>/fim/14017 >>14006 I'll pass. I need to recuperate from burnout and get some ideas for Midnight in the future. Between booze before sleep
>>/fim/14015 bootleg from /bale/
>>/fim/14014 >>14005 I can see that a little bit, but shes got more spunk maybe even a little punk in er
>>/fim/14013 >>14012 >Cross turns in place and lets Cannon Hooves approach if he wants to. "Marked Cross. Yeah, I /was/ in the Guard. Wante
>>/fim/14012 >>14011 >It's hard to see clearly, but Cross can make out a dark colored figure with a lighter mane. "You were in the Guard? C
>>/fim/14011 >>14009 >Cross skids to a halt and does a double-take behind him. >He calls out blindly. "What?!"
>>/fim/14010 >>14006 Seems like these contests always occur at the worst possible time for me personally. One of these days I'll participate
>>/fim/14009 >>14007 >A deep voice shouts from behind Cross sounding in a better mood than before. "Woah there! I'm back here"
>>/fim/14008 >>14006 I'm going for it. The prompt works.
>>/fim/14007 >>14004 >He breaks into a gallop to cut the distance. >He's up and yelling, his ears folded back from the sheer fire in his th
>>/fim/14006 Ponepaste Anon returned with an event for writefags https://boards.4channel.org/mlp/thread/39555417#p39555417 Would any of you
>>/fim/14005 >>14001 Her mane and tail remind me of Windy Whistles.
>>/fim/14004 >>13999 >The mumbling grows louder, but Cross can't make out more than a few words that don't seem to mean anything. >Suddenly
>>/fim/14003 >>14002 Maybe it's just the expression she's got on but I'm kind of picturing her like the anti/boot/. Instead of being self-cr
>>/fim/14002 >>14001 >EKAF What a cool name. I wonder what she's like?
>>/fim/14001 Saucy new boot just dropped
>>/fim/14000 >>13985 Interesting.
>>/fim/13999 >>13997 >Falling back onto his forelegs, Cross coughs. "Well, no time to get killed like the present." >He stalks forward, st
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