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>>/fim/17790 >>17787 what did you post anon?
>>/fim/17789 >>17787 Were you the guy who posted the clop thread with the Celestia OP?
>>/fim/17788 >>17787 Welcome friend.
>>/fim/17787 I got a bullshit ban for "posting nsfw" today. Guess I'll be hanging out here for a while.
>>/fim/17786 >>14582
>>/fim/17784 >>17590 why don't ponies graze on their lawns themselves?
>>/fim/17783 >>17782 >"I do. It makes me uneasy, too," she admits somewhat shamefully. "I don't think I'll ever fully be satisfied with my
>>/fim/17782 >>17781 >Midnight senses it and leans closer to you. >"The man that worked with me while in the lab. The one that was actual
>>/fim/17781 >>17747 >The package shipping service you use for parts decided to be a pain in the ass. >While packages get delayed now and
>>/fim/17779 >>17777 Checked
>>/fim/17778 >>17771 Cute mare!
>>/fim/17777 More mare.
>>/fim/17776 >>17774 Cute!
>>/fim/17775 >>17742 CUUUUUUUUTE
>>/fim/17774 Got bored while working so I drew lil' Firestone and his proud papa (you).
>>/fim/17773 >>17771 >Loses out on her dream >Makes a new, better dream Fuck yeah!
>>/fim/17772 >"Just a little more annnnd..." *click* >"Done." >You watch as the chest's lock clatters to the floor. >Your companion lets
>>/fim/17771 Lightning Dust is great! She inspires me to be better.
>>/fim/17769 >>17670 This horse has reached the highest state of zen. >>17765 Super cute.
>>/fim/17768 >>17764 This horse needs some Mexican Mariachi theme music.
>>/fim/17765 >>17568 repostan the sleepy filly that got lost in the restore
>>/fim/17763 >>17762 Evil cannot create, only corrupt or destroy. Simple as. And yeah, Derpibooru is a perfect example. >Derpy mare!
>>/fim/17762 >>17761 >A large majority of activity on /mlp/ is astroturfing (eqgtards) or astroturfing (g5, aka eqgtards wearing a dog mask)
>>/fim/17761 >>17728 >>17729 I try to contribute with conversations at times, but mostly it's just reporting the... 'spam' that crops up.
>>/fim/17760 >>17756 >I'm good at imagining her body and movement, but I understand that's not very important. It's not any less important
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