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>>/fim/13542 >>13539 Such a happy looking poner.
>>/fim/13541 >>13540 >A little wary, he shakes his hoof out. "Thanks for the hoof... Quill." >He gives Cotton a look. "Is there anything
>>/fim/13540 >>13534 >The first pony says Ron's saltlick is the best saltlick, the next says it's Bob's, then Ron's, then Ron's again! >But
>>/fim/13538 >>13531 >Quill hisses as Cross strikes the board. "This dump outta be condemned!" >She trots behind Cross with a bit more ca
>>/fim/13537 >>13531 >With his barrel pressed to the floor, he's a little more than flummoxed. >He spits the keys out of his mouth. "I mea
>>/fim/13535 >>13533 I don't think that'll happen, anon. [spoiler]I'm glad someone still remembers this canvas. It was getting lonely[/spoil
>>/fim/13534 >>13510 >Tries approaching a few different ponies to ask them what the best saltlick in town is, or if anything interesting is
>>/fim/13533 >>10376 I have forgotten to do as you said. I did not leave the layer (picrel) I was editing after some time. I am about to cre
>>/fim/13531 >>13530 >Cross single mindedly moves towards the door. >He ignores the board with nails sticking out of it right in his path.
>>/fim/13530 >>13523 >Finagling the keys with his mouth, Cross goes to check the downstair bedrooms.
>>/fim/13529 >>13527 Didn't the unicorns raise the sun prior to princess Celestia?
>>/fim/13527 >>13525 >year 0 There's also the possibility that Equestria is timeless, and the royal sisters are eternal beings that have no
>>/fim/13526 >>13525 >just like how Twilight did in one of the episodes shit fanfic
>>/fim/13525 >>13524 That's a good question. Did she gain the power? Or inherit it? Something must've happened in the year 0 where she firs
>>/fim/13524 What do you think Celestia's first sun rising was like? Do you think she got it on the first try or did it take her a while to g
>>/fim/13523 >>13512 **It's been fun, and more is to come. Smooth sailing!** >>13522 >Cotton nods. "Fine with me"
>>/fim/13522 >[spoiler]tfw the zebra can afford the entrance fee[/spoiler] >>13508 >He shakes his head. "Not that one. Ain't no use in tur
>>/fim/13521 >>13517 Good stuff.
>>/fim/13520 [spoiler]https://w2g.tv/mikz9h3bbjvvf9k1co[/spoiler]
>>/fim/13519 >>13514 Abibas hoof shoes
>>/fim/13518 >>13515 Thanks, Anon!
>>/fim/13517 >>13513 >Puffins raises her head from the rack. >"Oh, hi, Pine!" >Pine Ponder bops her head in a greeting, the pine cone in h
>>/fim/13516 What do ponies dream of?
>>/fim/13515 >>13513 Don't know if there's going to be more, but this is very cute.
>>/fim/13514 What sort of bootleg products would a bootleg pony use?
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