>No Hooves, No Business

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>>/fim/15090 >>15072 >>15073 >>15075 >>15086 >Cloudhead strikes B4 for 5 and wakes Prickly up. >Quill heals Cross for 6 HP. >Cross miss
>>/clop/955 Temptation
>>/fim/15088 >>15071 Really cool dream, Anon; scary, but cool that your Twilight plushie appeared in it to reassure you. I sleep with my plu
>>/fim/15086 >>15070 "Huh?" >tries to push B4 away with his hooves again
>>/fim/15084 **Boulder?**
>>/fim/15083 >>15065 But what happened to Glimmer?
>>/fim/15082 >>15059 No, I had one that supposedly had Queen Chrysalis in it but I can't remember anything about it except that I didn't eve
>>/fim/15080 >>15079 I approve.
>>/fim/15079 The Student Six shall hereupon be abbreviated as "The SS"
>>/fim/15078 >>15077 Droner knows when you are sleeping Droner knows when you are awake Droner knows if you've been bad or good So you be
>>/fim/15077 Droner Droner Gimme Da-ACK!! **What did droner mean by this?**
>>/fim/15075 >>15070 >This is it >He can ''sense'' it >This arduous battle against a few tiny bunnies is finally drawing to a close >Pawi
>>/fim/15074 Good mare.
>>/fim/15073 >>15070 "I ain't finished with you, little bunny!" >Cross is still out kicking for B4!
>>/fim/15072 >>15070 >Quill casts a heal spell on Cross
>>/fim/15071 I don't remember any pony dreams except this one, it's not even much pony related until the last moment (even then it's kinda qu
>>/fim/15070 >>15045 **>is it possible to use my weather abilities from the ground?** **Yes they work the same whether you are on the groun
>>/fim/15069 >>15068 Nah, I probably would have forgotten it if not for the prompt. Seeing Gus was my favorite part. He had the most polite
>>/fim/15068 >>15064 Interesting dream, Anon. Have you tried to figure out what it means?
>>/fim/15067 >>15066 **No worries, we're patient around here ^:)**
>>/fim/15066 **Sorry for responding late; I have been extra busy lately and have not had a chance to update the thread. Expect the next battl
>>/fim/15065 Brand new MLP episodes are aired weekly in my heart. We're up to season 27 [spoiler](And they're amazing!)[/spoiler]. Importantl
>>/fim/15064 >>15059 As a matter of fact, I **sort of** had one last night. I was a janitor at a mall. My boss was in the dream, and there
>>/fim/15063 >>13733 That's a very nice wish and I hope we will get to experience it. Imagine all the ponies in a state of finality and exci
>>/fim/15062 >>15060 They take "breakfast is the most important meal" very seriously. I bet the mornings with them are wonderful.
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