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>>/fim/10964 I'll draw Caramel Apple selling caramel apples at the fair. Simple enough. Maybe I'll add details as I go, but this is the basic
>>/fim/10963 This is my idea for the carousel base. Each carousel pony will be on a different pole that can only move up and down relative to
>>/fim/10962 Thank you everyone who's posted here. I'm happy to see what you guys have done and I'm excited to see what will be. >>10953
>>/fim/10961 >>10953 Woohoo!
>>/fim/10960 Thank you to the board owner; to another good year of NHNB!
>>/fim/10959 >>10954 >>10953 As a temporary /mlp/ refugee, I also support this. Here's to another (and hopefully more active) year on NHNB
>>/fim/10958 Does anyone have any ideas for interesting things to do with gryphons? The mythology behind them is pretty mixed up and confused
>>/fim/10956 >>10953 Oh wow, I didn't even realize. Thanks the board owner for the comfy place to stay indeed!
>>/fim/10954 >>10953 It's hard to believe just how fast time has past. It certainly doesn't feel like a whole year's gone by. >Let's have
>>/fim/10953 It's hard to believe how quickly time has passed, but here we are. From the time of the first post >>1 until now, one year has p
>>/clop/787 https://pony.tube/videos/watch/0db2d6e6-42de-4fab-92f5-109aa271b449
>>/fim/10952 >>10847 More Midnight! Woohoo! Sounds like they've got some plans together. Curious to see where things go with Starla there fo
>>/fim/10951 >>10950 >His smile morphs into a grin. "Hey, that's why you've got feathers, feathers, and we don't."
>>/fim/10950 >>10945 "N-No, it's just... I don't think I'd be much of a help with that kind of thing."
>>/fim/10948 >>10931 >nobody in /aie/ will know photo finished Barely anyone in /bootleg/ knows Finished either. Hell, outside of /bootleg/
>>/fim/10945 >>10941 >Cross puts on a wry smile. "That ain't such a bad idea, Boulder." >>10942 >He scoffs. "'fraid of a little work? I'
>>/fim/10944 >>10902 Well-fed
>>/fim/10942 >>10941 "Maybe you could ask somepony at the train station...? Sounds like an awful lot of work though."
>>/fim/10941 >>10940 "If me pull train, can we dodge without money?"
>>/fim/10940 >>10936 "No, I... I haven't." >He pauses. >>10937 "Thanks for the advice!" >Turning back around to face Boulder and Cloudhe
>>/fim/10937 >>10936 >Twilight Sparkle rolls her eyes at Boulder for going off without listening to her. "Suit yourself" >She turns and be
>>/fim/10936 >>10925 >slowly gallops on the paved spot around the fountain to wear his hooves "Just been a while away from rock farm." >no
>>/fim/10934 >>10931 There are two versions of Photo Finished. One for /bootleg/, one for /pie/.
>>/clop/783 >>780 I remember that comic. They mention holes but there's nothing there. You're right it did feel off. It went featureless
>>/clop/781 >>779 The alternate Sombra comic doesn't really contradict the later show either. My attitude to the comics is if the show does
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