>No Hooves, No Business

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>>/fim/17666 >>17664 I love it, anon. I like colors, I like shading and lighting, I love how expressive your ponies are. I absolutely adore
>>/fim/17664 I hope the table doesn't look overdetailed
>>/fim/17663 >>17619 It's been a bit of a shitshow on my side. At least there will be more Horsewords & (You) next month, online cons are fu
>>/fim/17662 The kirin's hoof has upset her.
>>/fim/17661 >>17660 No context at all. Just wanted to show two ponies with different positions and colors. But I could imagine Rarity being
>>/fim/17660 >>17659 That is looking sweet. What's the context on the situation? What are those two up to?
>>/fim/17659 Not finished yet, but there was no progress on it the last two days, so here it is.
>>/fim/17657 >>17625 Music or reading, not that it’s been working
>>/fim/17656 >>17654 sodium bicarbonate must react with acid before it is any good for fluffing the dough.
>>/fim/17655 >>17640 My thought is that she found out while nursing foals she was babysitting before she became a princess.
>>/fim/17654 >>17652 Yes. Does it make a difference when baking? >>17651 I'm gonna try that next time. Why the lemon juice though?
>>/fim/17652 >>17648 Electric oven?
>>/fim/17651 >>17648 >baking powder can just use a bit of sodium bicarbonate mixed with some lemon juice
>>/fim/17650 >>17648 >banana nut muffins
>>/fim/17648 >>17599 Picrel. >>17600 First pic is corn bread muffins. Second one is banana nut muffins. >>17621 They came out ok. I thin
>>/fim/17647 >>17643 Very nice Scoots! >>17636 >painterly style It depends on painting, really. Usually a painting has a focal point wh
>>/fim/17645 >>17639 References. I'm over reliant on them, I would say.
>>/fim/17643 >>17638 Thanks. Here's some Scootaloo. I started drawing this with a super detailed background in my mind. But I couldn't hand
>>/fim/17640 >>17628 How long do you think it took her to find this out? [spoiler]How often do you think she drinks her own milk?[/spoiler]
>>/fim/17639 >>17577 >>17589 >>17629 Do you usually draw from references of horses or are these your horsey OCs?
>>/fim/17638 >>17630 >>17634 I got to say, these are looking really nice. I like your style Anon.
>>/fim/17636 >>17633 Oh, that's a strange thing to happen. How does it even work? There's a simple button for it? Anyway, thanks, >624. >lo
>>/fim/17634 >>17633 Not him, but still had the image open so I was able to save it.
>>/fim/17633 >>17630 Anon, I'm terribly sorry, can you post the third pic again? I scrolled up to reply on mobile and pressed a wrong thing
>>/fim/17630 Is anyone there? I don't draw as often as I should, but I like how it comes out. It's Apple Bloom in red monochrome (with some g
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