>No Hooves, No Business

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>>/fim/17281 I missed the NHNB panel cause i sleeped kmsrn
>>/fim/17280 There was a /mare/con panel made about NHNB. Seems a good a place as any to post this. >with chat: https://pony.tube/w/r5WcA7X
>>/fim/17279 >>17277 Yeah, it would've been a great banner.
>>/fim/17277 >>6962 still sad this isn't a banner
>>/fim/17276 >>16728 12. Princess Luna can fall asleep in any position.
>>/fim/17274 >>17201 >what do you consider esoteric in regards to tulpas and waifus? Esoteric simply means "something that can't be directly
>>/fim/17273 >>17230 In systems where the tulpas front a lot, the tulpa can be the primary dream character. I don't think that really happens
>>/fim/17272 >>17271 She's waiting for (you).
>>/fim/17271 >>17270 why is she alone?
>>/fim/17270 Happy Hearts and Hooves day, Lyra
>>/fim/17269 >>17268 Sounds like they're having fun. Curious to see where the double date takes them. Thanks for the update Auto.
>>/fim/17268 >>17267 >Sounds like a plan if you ever heard one. >Probably ought to discuss that with Ted sometime - unless the gals have
>>/fim/17267 >>17266 >Leaning to one side, you catch sight of the dresser top right around the corner of the door frame. >You can see pow
>>/fim/17266 >>17171 >Midnight was adamant you take a shower this morning when you woke up. >Normally you do, but she was quick to remind
>>/fim/17265 I love the kirin
>>/fim/17264 >>17263 It looks like the kirin has eaten some jumping beans.
>>/fim/17263 I love how she frolics!
>>/fim/17261 >>17250 >"We heard you liked bootlegs, so we put some more bootleg in your bootleg and now she's twice the bootleg!"
>>/fim/17256 this webm has audio >>17253 hilarious, still kino
>>/fim/17255 >>17242 cute. saved.
>>/fim/17254 >>17242 CUUUUUUUUTE
>>/fim/17253 A request from /horsegen/ I knocked over a bottle of paint like a fucking idiot when taking the photo, so had to include the ar
>>/fim/17250 >>17248 >Off color Middie So does that make it a bootleg of a bootleg? Also, nice draw.
>>/fim/17249 >>17242
>>/fim/17248 Whilst this thread still exists, might as well share a offcolor Middie from the /mlp/ bread as well. Keep forgetting to fix it'
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