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>>/fim/9850 >>9849 "Thanks, I'll be good to go." >He stops. "...Is that healthy?"
>>/fim/9849 >>9848 "Certainly!" >Rarity heals Cloudhead for 4, Cross for 6, and herself for 1. >She kills off the pack of cigarettes and
>>/fim/9848 >>9847 "Mind patching me and Cross up first? That bunny really beat us up." >He asks Rarity
>>/fim/9847 **Gonna assume everypony is heading outside.** >Everypony makes it down the stairs, past the machines, past the dump, and out t
>>/fim/9846 >>9842 **Who else would crawl into the blanket pile and snuggle with bug? It looks warm and comfy**
>>/fim/9845 I'll add another request to the list: >Bug playing tic tac toe.
>>/fim/9844 >>9842 Snug as a bug in a rug. I already lost track of your request list, but I'll add "Sunglasses bug sun tanning" to it.
>>/fim/9843 >>9842 OR here, thanks for the delivery! Notaulix is one smug bug in a rug.
>>/fim/9842 Delivered: >>9681 lol, this was such a goofy, wild adventure of a draw for all the wrong reasons. TIL cloth is hard. Colors ar
>>/fim/9840 Here, I made a visual. Anyone understand this feel? Oh and going back to the guides and tutorials, I've particularly enjoyed th
>>/fim/9839 >>9837 Yeah, it is absolutely possible to try and do too much at once. I'd focus on the basics and not even worry about colouri
>>/fim/9837 I've been busy and have had many things on the mind lately, so I've been missing/forgetting to address some stuff in the thread.
>>/fim/9836 also, listening to music if anyone wants to join. https://w2g.tv/sqpxb636jhv536upb5
>>/fim/9835 Having made hundreds of engineering drawings, this picture is very satisfying. Makes me think of the hassenfeld celestia story.
>>/fim/9834 >>9826 Invest in an inhaler. If it was a particularly bad infection, then I am sorry to say you'll be stuck with it for some
>>/fim/9833 >>9831 **It's just a butter knife (in the pony context only used for spreading non-dairy stuff like peanut butter and jelly hen
>>/fim/9832 >>9791 >>9798 >>9812 Dice roll it, maybe? Up to QM.
>>/fim/9831 **By the way DM, about that "spreading knife". I'm assuming that it's just a small butter knife or something. Does it happen to
>>/fim/9830 >>9829 "Yeah, even made a deal with him. Great guy." >Cross shakes his head at Cloudhead. "Ain't even gonna try to wrap my he
>>/fim/9829 "So... You two saw him? The clown?"
>>/fim/9828 >>9821 >Fluttershy smiles bittersweet. "Thank you" >>9825 >It's still spinning! >What a score. >Everypony starts walking t
>>/fim/9827 "Where to next?"
>>/fim/9826 >>9824 I'm fairly certain I get a lot of that stuff in my diet already, but I'll look into it. It's actually mostly just that
>>/fim/9825 >>9821 "Um... Yeah. Go ahead and start, I'll be right there." >He says before running back to the office >Once there, he quic
>>/fim/9824 >>9814 >>9823 Yep, I'm just letting it go for now, it's close enough. If I ever reach the point in life where I need to be doi
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