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>>/fim/16983 Any thoughts on what the next OP image will be?
>>/fim/16982 https://w2g.tv/?r=itjezfx8vb62cu2png
>>/fim/16981 >>16944 So many cute ponies! I love the Dashie and Tank picture in particular. Thanks artfrens!
>>/fim/16980 >>16967 >Quill casts Lightning on Keebler 2
>>/clop/997 A more horsey Fluttershy.
>>/fim/16979 >>16978 Very cute silly mare! Thank you for posting, anon.
>>/fim/16978 >>32 https://youtu.be/zIKw2klBhsU Made a small animation of a fairly silly pony.
>>/fim/16977 >>16976 Yeah me too. Brings a tear to my eye.
>>/fim/16976 I love mare picnic. For some reason it feels extremely endearing. Thank you anon who made it!
>>/fim/16975 >>16967 >Brings down the lightning on Keebler 2
>>/fim/16973 >>16972 That's a pretty good tea Anon.
>>/fim/16972 >>16920 idk but my favorite tea is rarit
>>/fim/16971 >>16967 >Prickly casts level 5 fire on the bear. [spoiler]Really, want to see what this spell can do in terms of damage. If go
>>/fim/16970 >>16967 "Careful!" >kicks keebler 1
>>/fim/16969 >>16964 That is so nice.
>>/fim/16968 >>16967 >It's Keebler hugging time! >Cross uses ''Takedown'' on Keebler 1.
>>/fim/16967 >>16953 >>16955 >Surprise! >It's the same formation. Battle music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oo5-74dWGS0
>>/fim/16966 >>16871 I'm >>16946 again and by the way, some of my inputs on that great post: >It would be up to (You) to decide how bes
>>/qa/591 >>474 How about a little update then? Shit's fucking deserted. There's a grand total of two posters in the writefag thread. A s
>>/fim/16965 >>16960 I didn't end up doing any stop motion so it's all puppet. I had one scene I was going to maybe use stop motion for but
>>/fim/16964 >>16959 They are all real background ponies from the Winter Wrap Up episode. I wanted to give them some recognition :)
>>/fim/16962 >>16961 To the release thread I suppose.
>>/fim/16961 I suppose we can reupload the artworks on our own galleries? Where should the link point to?
>>/fim/16960 I really liked the stop-motion! Hope the videoanon will do more.
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