Janitor Applications

Please send a completed copy of the following templete to nohoove[email protected] with "Janitor Application" in the subject.

1) What times do you normally browse and what times are you available for janitoring?

2) What timezone are you in?

3) What boards are you applying for? (Put global if you are applying to be global janitor.)

4) Do you have any prior experiance with moderating?

5) Why are you interested in becoming a janitor here? What do you hope to be the product of your efforts?

6) Are there any issues with the site/boards that you would like to address?

7) What username would you like to use? (I would recommend choosing a new name, unrelated to any other accounts you might have. This name will be visible on public mod logs.)

8) Are you over 18 years of age?

9) When did you get on the ride?

10) What is your favorite episode?

11) What is your favorite pony?

*The email address used to apply will be the one associated with your account.

*If your application is accepted, you will receive login and getting started info at the email address used to apply.

*Janitor applications will only be accepted when they are open. Look for a pinned post on /qa/ to determine when this is.