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Welcome to /clop/! mys_elf Board owner 06/28/2021 (Mon) 09:03:21 No. 1 [Reply]
This board intends to be a looser version of /fim/. NSFW is allowed. Please be sure to read the rules prior to posting: https://nhnb.org/clop/rules.html >What does "threads are not allowed" mean? No threads on the topic are allowed, and threads are not allowed to move to that topic.
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Ponuts are Magic Anonymous 07/08/2021 (Thu) 09:31:21 No. 30 [Reply] [Last]
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>>386 Disregarding that this is a bot. How the fuck am I gonna wash outward opening window when I live in 8th floor?
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Crotchboobs thread Anonymous 07/13/2021 (Tue) 21:54:50 No. 40 [Reply] [Last]
All cup sizes welcome
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>>442 I am suddenly very thirsty.

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HORSE COCK! Anonymous 09/25/2021 (Sat) 17:43:14 No. 188 [Reply] [Last]
For all your sexy stud needs
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>>377 wrong thread you *not* fag
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>>380 >horsecock on every pic >wrong thread that doesn't compute
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>>381 I would just say that there's too high pussy/cock ratio
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>>384 wdm? cock is cock
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Praise the Sun! Anonymous 07/08/2021 (Thu) 06:55:08 No. 8 [Reply] [Last]
Praise the Sun!
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>>329 Fullscreen on my 4k and I'm going to let it loop for a while
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>>422 Don't even need to ask, Celestia.

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Incest Thread Anonymous 08/17/2021 (Tue) 07:05:39 No. 116 [Reply] [Last]
Button X His Mom = OTP
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>>364 You are welcome to upload your favorites, anon
Pound was startled awake from a deep sleep, slightly disoriented as he took in the dark ceiling and the walls of his bedroom as his eyes adjusted to being awake. He was trying to figure out why he was awake. It was still dark outside his window, so it must still be late… or really early. He heard a quiet grunt and was jostled, realising what must have woken him up. He looked to his left and saw that his sister was fidgeting next to him, her half of the blanket was shoved onto him, no longer covering herself. She was laying on her back, huffing and panting, while her forehooves were hugging her pillow to her chest. She was biting down on a corner of the pillow while her lower half kept wiggling and twisting, causing the sheets to tangle with her hind legs. “Mmm… sis… whats up?” He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes as he sat up. “What’s with the fidgeting? Got ants in your pants?” He asked with a yawn. Pound looked over his twin sister, they have always slept in the same bed together since they were newborn foals. She was laying with her hind legs and tail spread across the bed, she was dripping with sweat from her head to her tail, little beads of sweat were forming on her chest and belly, rolling across her matted fur and dripping to the bed, her mane was a mess of tangled orange, and her signature hair ties were missing, lost in her restlessness, letting her mane bunch up into a big fiery tangle. She moved the pillow down from her face, looking up at her brother with worried eyes. “I don’t feel so good... I think I caught a cold… or something,” Pumpkin said, then let out a groan and hugged the pillow up to her face again, biting down on the soft surface while her hind legs went into a fit of fidgeting again. “I feel really hot… and weird.” “A cold?” Pound asked with a worried tone, he got out from the tangle of blankets and turned to face his sister, he put a hoof to her forehead, just below her horn. “You’re awfully sweaty, but you don’t have a fever.” He pulled his hoof back, wiped it on their blankets, then hopped over his sister with a quick flap of his wings and landed on the floor with a quiet thunk of his hooves hitting the hardwood. “What are you feeling?” Pumpkin groaned and looked at her brother. “Achy, and hot…” She fidgeted some more, Pound’s eyes were looking her up and down, trying to figure out what was wrong with her. His eyes trailed down her belly to the little curve of her budding teats to the crease where her legs joined her body, and then to her filly parts tucked between her legs. “P-Pumpkin, your thingy… it's all… red and swollen.” He stuck his tongue out in disgust. “And drippy.” He backed a couple steps away from the bed. “You didn’t pee the bed, did you?” Pumpkin sat up at that. “Eh- Wh- What? No! Gross. I’m just… sweaty?” She said as she looked down at herself, she spread her legs a little wider to get a better look at herself, her eyes widening. “ My… thingy isn’t supposed to be… like this.” She tenderly reached a hoof down and poked at it, it was definitely more puffier than normal. Pound could see the way the flushed rosy red flesh squished under her hoof before she jolted and pulled it away with a flinch. A large drop of something wet drooled from the thin crease in her thingy and pooled onto the dock of her tail.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>371 Pound took a loud sniff of air and covered his nose. “Fhew. You really smell sweaty.” He stepped into the tub and scooted back against the wall opposite from the faucet, giving her space. “Come on, the bath is hot and should help with your swollen thingy, and I also need a bath, since I’m probably covered in your sweat too.” He said with a teasing smirk as splashed the hot steaming water in the tub on himself. Pumpkin just rolled her eyes and stepped into the tub, her back towards her brother. She hissed then sighed as the water was just hot enough to tingle, but not so hot it stung. It was perfect. She stood above the slowly rising water for a moment, worried the hot water would sting her thingy due to just how sensitive it felt. Pound nudged her blank flank with a hoof. “Come on sis, you just gonna stand there with your sweaty butt in my face all day?” Pumpkin closed her eyes and with a splash, she lowered her rear into the water, sitting her butt right between her brother’s rear legs. She tensed, waiting for the pain to hit, but it never came. She opened her eyes a sliver, before looking down, through the clear rippling water at her crotch. It was still rosy and swollen, but now it was aching. But not a painful ache, more like a dull throbbing itch. The hot water was making her thingy tingle, and that just made her hips and thighs want to move and squish her fat filly lips against the flat smooth floor of the tub. She let out a quiet moan and a huff as she felt a new feeling tingle up her spine. Pumpkin’s eyes widened and she stared straight ahead at the water faucet for a moment. “Woah… thats… uhm… my… thingy.” She looked at her brother sitting behind her, an odd mixture of confusion and curiosity in her eyes. Pound looked vaguely towards where his sister's thingy should be, imagining the red swelling he saw earlier. “What? It doesn’t hurt does it? Hot water usually helps with swollen bruises.” Pumpkin shook her head, leaning back, resting her back against his chest, his hooves gently moving around her in a hug. He leaned his head over her shoulder and tried to look down the smooth round curve of her belly to that mysterious place simply known as her thingy. Which was different from his thingy, come to think of it. But his thingy wasn’t important right now, he wasn’t sick, his sister was. “No, it doesn’t hurt… it feels… nice?” She wiggled her rear a bit more, pressing her sensitive bits against the floor, feeling the supple lips smush and squish against the tub. She started a gentle rocking motion, wiggling her hips back and forth, causing her breathing to hitch and huff as these weird new feelings began to rush up and down her spine. “Ooohhh... It… it feels… good…”

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>372 “Whoops, sorry, you kinda zoned out there for a sec.” Pound chuckled as he poured another cup and worked the water through her mane with his hooves. “Is your thingy still bothering you?” Pumpkin blinked and turned to hug her brother, startling him. “I feel great! My thingy is back to normal and everything, look!” She exclaimed before leaning back and spreading her legs under the water for him to see. And look he did. Pound smiled and looked her in the eye as they pulled each other into another hug. “Thanks bro! I don’t know what I would have done without you! I couldn’t even think! All I could do when it was like that was feel it and feel the itchy tingles, but its all better now.” After another moment to enjoy the warm hug, they switched places so Pumpkin could return the favor and wash his mane and wings. “Alright” Pumpkin said as she washed the last of the shampoo out of her brother’s tail. “That should do it.” Pound stood up and stepped forwards to pull the plug, giving Pumpkin a view under the tail she just cleaned. She couldn’t help but to stare at the odd thingies between his legs that made him different from fillies. Her brother had a nice small pouch that clung tight and wrinkly to his butt, just below his little ponut, she knew he also had another thingy in the front side, but she couldn’t see it from this angle. His skin was a deep chocolate brown, with the occasional pink splotches, just like she had. As he stood back up and stepped out of the tub, he caught her staring, and looked at her with a raised eyebrow. “Something up sis? Did you miss a spot?” He asked before bending himself around and lifting a hind leg, trying to get a look of himself. Pumpkin couldn’t help but giggle and how cute he looked. “aalllllright…” Pound said as he gave her a weird look and grabbed a towel to start drying himself off, starting with his mane.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>373 It took her a couple of steps for her legs to work right again as she barreled after him down the hallway, towards the delicious smell of breakfast cooking. “C-coming!”

(810.75 KB 828x1008 2198795.png)
(341.87 KB 1275x825 1168224.jpeg)
(1.50 MB 1704x1380 2192717.png)
(242.35 KB 1280x1280 2115974.jpeg)
(1.09 MB 1920x2657 2134166.jpeg)
Zecora Anonymous 09/25/2021 (Sat) 15:18:56 No. 187 [Reply]
>She's evil enchantress >She does evil dances >If you would look at her rump >It will put you in trances
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Can't keep your hooves or claws off of her.
(2.39 MB 3000x2241 2850892.png)
(3.65 MB 3508x2520 1440400.png)
(2.78 MB 3500x2973 17944.png)
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>>361 porn?

(1.52 MB 2431x1840 iwtcird.png)
Anonymous 08/14/2021 (Sat) 05:10:47 No. 114 [Reply]
I want to cum inside rainbow dash
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(55.72 KB 541x494 1603303625555.PNG)
>tfw you have never saved any RD porn
(567.09 KB 748x626 1617277342037.webm)
(1.09 MB 600x606 1624156297474.webm)
(823.82 KB 2375x2319 1617258991612.jpg)
(3.17 MB 1280x853 large.gif)
>>137 time to get started then
(1.35 MB 3840x2160 2861511.png)
Remember to please your pet
(406.33 KB 1253x608 SystemPonyRD.png)
Anyone knows any (sfw) iwtcird ASCII art? I'd like to leave it as a secret in a git repository of our school. I was looking everywhere but it either doesn't exists (doubt it) or my searching skill are just too shit. I'd try myself but i am notoriously shit at making any kind of art (but obviously I'll try if I won't find anything)
(581.66 KB 840x1024 AU RD.png)

(45.32 KB 800x600 Безымянный.png)
MS Paint clop thread? Anonymous 07/30/2021 (Fri) 11:42:57 No. 90 [Reply] [Last]
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>>308 Perhaps start with just line art.
>>145 >>156 >lyrafag >whiskers of course its rhorse
>>309 Can you elaborate more?
(32.36 KB 306x545 image.png)
>>311 Don't worry about color too much, just focus on the shapes themselves for now.
>>310 N-no.