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Uncontrollable autism Anonymous 02/15/2022 (Tue) 20:08:20 Id:9549c6 No. 352
Wondering how this board would handle this kind of behavior of just unloading a stream of consciousness that nobody gives a shit about. For an example of what I'm talking about maybe some of you are familiar with a certain autistic retard known as Nigel on /mlpol/. Some unholy mixture of brit and low-functioning autism that thinks everyone must know what he's thinking at all time, never improves his behavior and gaslights with dismissive shit like how people ripping into him are just "haters" It's been said that his behavior has been well documented and even if he didn't use a flag ANY post by him is almost immediately recognized as Nigel because he is that much of an insufferable faggot. To be blunt, the vast majority of his posts are form of littering much a nigger dumping trash out the window on the street, but the mod team of /mlpol/ has decided to do nothing about him aside from small warnings and minor deletion of posts, despite this kind of pollution going on for years and many many complaints, no long term bans happen and no one gets time to breathe because he might use the entire site as a poo shits on the street, instead of where it belongs in the toilet. Now why am I bringing this up? /mlpol/ has a writingimprovement thread much like /mlp/ had a drawingimprovement thread but it's very obvious that everyone is incredibly put off by this autism and the quality of the thread, hell any thread he joins tanks since he made a stake in it. Just going by numbers here he makes up ONE THIRD of the posts in a 600post thread currently up with his dynamic IP and another third of the thread is probably just talking about how much of a faggot he is. Now to the point. While reading this dipshit's posts for years spew offtopic garbage like a sewage pipe on steroids nhnb didn't exist, but now that it does it made me think maybe people might have a better time away from it posting a writefag improvement thread on nhnb. However before I suggest people make the move I want to know what nhnb's stance would be. Would you let him shit up threads when he can't be contained only curtailed? https://mlpol.net/mlpol/299458 To get a glimpse, this is the writefag improvement thread and below are the IDs he used in the thread. Here's just a couple of his most recent posts but they generally all read like this, pushing what is 'on topic' to the point of breaking in half. --------- 35 f4e1903 1 15aea3f 1 fa03a49 6 184c306 25 27d57e2 2 9ed167 8 f3f163d 2 5de19fd 2 f0ccd00 18 0614b85 9 2951f79 9 a2951f7 29 d7d3e05 6 6b0c54e 1 c9c843b 7 48c8fd4
So is he like the Zimbabwe of writing or something?
(237.02 KB 1861x920 image.png)
(102.13 KB 1386x797 image.png)
>>357 Pretty peculiar analogy but I guess yes you could say so there's a lot of similarities if you look at it from that perspective. https://mlpol.net/sp/18776 This cap is from the venting and chill thread "cozy pub" which was to mimick the kind of atmosphere youd find in a bar irl, and while it states in the OP that off-topic is fine, Nigel STILL brings the same unbearable autism everywhere he goes, and he has no real off switch, he doesnt know when to shut the fuck up or that he's the one driving people away, some people went to the 'pub' to bitch about him, and then he shows up anyways. And just like the other threads, once Nigel enters it people generally are forced to deal with his autism and the thread eventually starts talking about how he should fuck off, and he falls back onto calling people haters and gaslighting with his own warped version of reality where he's right. A summation of Nigel is that basically wherenever he goes it derails a thread so hard that it's neigh unrecovverable, his autism is so powerful it's like a blackhole of shit, and it never ends. You can ignore him or try to filter him if you'd like but the litter is still there, and constant. The social pub thread eventually focused around him for a while and even had the mod team and ex-mod team chime in about what to do with him, which turned into nothing beyond minor deletions because the admin is too much of a faggot and I hope nhnb would do a better job. At one time one of the mods took a harder stance against him, but since the admin is a faggot then things just went back to where they were with everyone miserable. It's almost like the mods of /mlp/ letting EQG trash the board because its "been here for years" and even when it's painfully offtopic or just "on topic" enough that even though he's being a complete fucking retard then the post slides. Much like the behavior mentioned in >>354 >The dedicated trolls that post somewhat on topic, but all they ever post is inflammatory bullshit that is designed purely to derail and harvest (You)s. Except the difference is that Nigel is 100% serious, not just doing for (You)s because he is that fucking autistic. If you cut out 'inflammatory' then it applies heavily to how his posts are, "all the they ever post is bullshit that purely derails and harvest (You)s". He does get inflammatory quite a bit when there's pushback, but the general root of the issue is that at any point in time he will post whatever mental diareah on the board he's happening to think about that second. Just like the braindead EGfagot would post whatever low quality post on /mlp/ because at the end of it is's the same mentality. "People NEED to see what I want, so I will force it down their throat until it's accepted" Anyways I think I've given enough examples of Nigel being a nigger, the ex-staff even called him Niggel and it's pretty apt. This thread can be used to discuss what kind of a line should be tolerated for the mentally defiecient, but clearly the way /mlpol/ mod team handled it is cancer, just letting it go largely unchecked and mirrors a lot of why /mlp/ went to shit.
>>358 If that """Nigel""" of yours, who is totally aren't you, would try this shit, people would tell him he's a retard and should stfu. If he won't, people most likely will report him. Then he most likely will get warned, and his bullshit deleted. If he won't get the hint, he probably will get banned for shitting the board, regardless of the fact if he's genuinely autistic or not. This is a pony imageboard, not EQD or an asylum. Nobody's obligated to babysit and nurse tards. Also, take your semi-coherent offboard offtopic bullshit, shove it up your arse and fuck off back wherever you came from.
>>356 >>358 As with anywhere, he would need to break the rules to have moderation action taken against him. That being said, I feel like he would probably run up against the rules for low quality posts and off topic posts in many of these examples given. In which case he would get his posts deleted and most likely a warn, progressing into a ban if he doesn't get the message.
>>359 He isn't the britard, that fagget remains the unmatched sperg >>358 >>356 >>352 Sup, sociopath&proud, well, isn't amazing what a google search can do to a bad-opsec plebeian?
>>360 Well I've given enough details and details for Nigel and the only thing would do from here is just see how it goes after talking. I was maybe going to let people know in the thread about trying it go on nhnb for a writefag center, but maybe that time has passed for now. Right now the thread on /mlppol/ is dead due to everyone vacating the autism fuming up the place, no surprise. >>366 No idea what the fuck are you talking about, barely worth a reply but here's a (You)
>>370 What did i do to you that made you mad at me?
>>370 >Right now the thread on /mlppol/ is dead due to everyone vacating the autism fuming up the place, no surprise. This is actually kind of a mischaracterization. Nigel still posts a lot of his autistic garbage in that thread and he's still annoying, but the thread itself is active. It's probably one of the more active threads on /mlpol/ at this point.
>>474 It's too soon to tell. But it seems like he has finally fucked off. Very proud of my role btw.
>>474 How about a little update then? Shit's fucking deserted. There's a grand total of two posters in the writefag thread. A sizable portion of that thread is just OP and Nigel going back and forth with unreadable walls of text. Hope it dies off soon.