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Discussion Thread for New Rules

The global rules have been updated: As have board rules: This thread is for the discussion of them, as well as any questions or clarifications you might need answered.

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Tools and scripts

Some tools and scripts that pertain to the site. >(you) persist userscript. For when you don't like to store browser data but would like to preserve your (you)s. Not totally happy with the operation of it, but it works well enough for now. Will update at some point in the future. >Private Boards addon An addon to require login on certain boards. >PenMod The frontend for this site. Uncreative name included. >Lynxscripts A couple of scripts contained here. can prune the archive to a set number of threads. will prune the oldest images first to keep disk space usage within a set amount. Useful when operating on limited disk space. is a shell script to automatically set up a Lynxchan instance. Useful for setting up a testing environment. >Super simple Python scraper Dumps threads into .json files, dumps images into /media/. >Thread Resumer userscript Remembers where you left off in a thread and places you back at that point when you return. >Dice Adds dice to LynxChan, forked from another dice addon with few changes.

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Janitor Applications

Are open. Follow the directions here to apply: Please also answer these two questions in this thread and include your post number in your email: >Who's your favorite artist? >Do you enjoy conventions? Why or why not? Have you ever been to one? Which one? (These two questions are just for fun and bear no relevancy to the application process, the important bit is the post number)

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General to do list

A list of things that I will (probably) do at some point or another. In no strict order: >Add support to Clover/possibly Kuroba I have absolutely no experience with Android development, so if (you) do it would be nice if you let me know in thread. Might have some questions for you. In general I am looking at modifying a copy of the vichan code to do this. Both vichan and Lynxchan use .json APIs, so hopefully that shouldn't be too difficult to convert. Since Lynxchan doesn't return an index.json, probably won't get the non-catalog view to work perfectly right. Main problem I foresee is with captcha as that's likely going to take a bit more to figure out. The site should only require captcha if it gets a certain number of PPH, but it is important for the app to support it. Have only just started poking around with things, so development is still early yet on this. >Improve the gallery view >Investigate the possibility of catalog mode in the overboard >Add warn/ban reason editable dropdown >Possibly integrate >>114 >(you)s on backlinks >Thread stats in page -Addon needed, IP count will be in 2.8.x at the least. -Change images to files >Thread watcher improvements -toggleable watch icon/watched threads (?) -sort by last replied (?) >Thread resumer -option to change behavior on opening thread from watcher, always go to new posts -Possibly merge the NHNB loader, maybe make it a "LynxchanX" -Save sites options -Save watched threads >Userscript to change filenames on downloads to something thread relevant >Add buttons to mobile moderation nav bar >Alert for invalid file type >Option for staff report watcher >Draggable position memory >Makes buttons togglable >Add >>216 >Underline backquoted text in inline replies >Other ways to sort catalog >Way to view hidden threads in one place >Investigate possibility of IP count (Coming in 2.8.x at the least) >Embeds for pony sites -Boorus next? -Either prevent or fix embeds for PonyTube playlists >Board message on catalog >Some other stuff I'm forgetting I'll add them later when I remember what they are.

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Welcome to /qa/!

Have questions? Need answers? Then this is the place for you. Please be sure to read the rules prior to posting:

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Hello, just wanted to ask if you would please consider adding a g5 board. Thanks!

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Uncontrollable autism

Wondering how this board would handle this kind of behavior of just unloading a stream of consciousness that nobody gives a shit about. For an example of what I'm talking about maybe some of you are familiar with a certain autistic retard known as Nigel on /mlpol/. Some unholy mixture of brit and low-functioning autism that thinks everyone must know what he's thinking at all time, never improves his behavior and gaslights with dismissive shit like how people ripping into him are just "haters" It's been said that his behavior has been well documented and even if he didn't use a flag ANY post by him is almost immediately recognized as Nigel because he is that much of an insufferable faggot. To be blunt, the vast majority of his posts are form of littering much a nigger dumping trash out the window on the street, but the mod team of /mlpol/ has decided to do nothing about him aside from small warnings and minor deletion of posts, despite this kind of pollution going on for years and many many complaints, no long term bans happen and no one gets time to breathe because he might use the entire site as a poo shits on the street, instead of where it belongs in the toilet. Now why am I bringing this up? /mlpol/ has a writingimprovement thread much like /mlp/ had a drawingimprovement thread but it's very obvious that everyone is incredibly put off by this autism and the quality of the thread, hell any thread he joins tanks since he made a stake in it. Just going by numbers here he makes up ONE THIRD of the posts in a 600post thread currently up with his dynamic IP and another third of the thread is probably just talking about how much of a faggot he is. Now to the point. While reading this dipshit's posts for years spew offtopic garbage like a sewage pipe on steroids nhnb didn't exist, but now that it does it made me think maybe people might have a better time away from it posting a writefag improvement thread on nhnb. However before I suggest people make the move I want to know what nhnb's stance would be. Would you let him shit up threads when he can't be contained only curtailed? To get a glimpse, this is the writefag improvement thread and below are the IDs he used in the thread. Here's just a couple of his most recent posts but they generally all read like this, pushing what is 'on topic' to the point of breaking in half. --------- 35 f4e1903 1 15aea3f 1 fa03a49 6 184c306 25 27d57e2 2 9ed167 8 f3f163d 2 5de19fd 2 f0ccd00 18 0614b85 9 2951f79 9 a2951f7 29 d7d3e05 6 6b0c54e 1 c9c843b 7 48c8fd4

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Just a quick thought regarding the regular spam/ad bots... Since they all seem to be Chinese, wouldn't it just be practical to rangeban that region for now? I kind of doubt that we have any genuine regular Chinese visitors that would be affected at the moment, considering how obscure this place still is. Of course, that's just me assuming these are actually coming from China. For all I know it could be US based spam, or India, or somewhere in Europe or any other place.

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can we get a bigger file size limit? maybe 15MB?

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NSFW stories

I understand that I cannot post NSFW images in /fim/ (it must be in /clop/ instead). However, can I post NSFW greens or stories in /fim/?

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Clarification on GR.14

I was considering making a thread for a simplified pen and paper sort of game meant to be some interactive fun for anons. Make a character, join in, play a loose zap style game set in the world of FIM. Every day would count as one turn and each anon would write in their move which would get processed at a consistent time. I would add pictures to convey aspects of the world. Before creating the thread I checked the rules in case something like this was mentioned and I saw GR.14 "No roleplaying". It seemed clean cut to me at first but I think that this thread could be fun for a small board like this that does not get many posts; it would offer some consistent interactivity without getting too noisy. I figure there is a chance that the rule was not written to stop game threads of the type I described but with the intent to prevent some other sort or roleplay (like for example always roleplaying as a character when you make your posts). Even if it's a small chance it can't hurt to ask.

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So, it turns out the latest wonderful decision by the /mlp/ moderation was to filter the word "barbienigger" in an attempt to discourage FiM fans from speaking out against EqG spammers. It's obvious that the jannies over there are furiously biased in favor of the barbiespammers, so the question is: How can this site become more active? Everything is here for a pony-only haven, but it feels like lots of ponyfags are still wary about switching sites, or don't even know this place exists.

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Quick question about rule #2

Is watersports considered too extreme? Personally I see watersports as OK but scat and diapers are gross; just wanted to be sure if that's agreed.

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In the recent event in /mlp/...

...I need some answers. 1) What is policy about pride flags? About trannies? Is any critique about trannies deleted? 2) What is policy about Alicorn Twilight? Anonfilly? Diamond Dogs/Teenage Dragons/Parrots (2017 movie)/Abyssinians? Yaks/Nu-changelings/etc? G1, G2, G3, G5? Filly Funtasia? Them's Fightin' Herds? Now that /mlp/ has fallen to PC/LGBT agenda, I'm evaluating potential replacement for us, and if nhnb can be one, or it's just empty place where nothing can be discussed.

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Emergency bunker for foreign language communities?

Just saw this thread on /mlp/, looks like a brony community from China is being taken out for one reason or another. Some anons there have suggested this place being a potential spot to move to, along with some of the potential challenges that may bring. Could be either as simple as allowing foreign language threads and/or a general on the /fim/ board, or as elaborate as creating a foreign language board. Any thoughts on this?

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Is pic related banned?

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How do you sage on this image board? Can you sage at all? If you do does it always show that you saged? There's times when a discussion is going on but it's not relevant to the threads OP so I want to sage.

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Am I allowed to love Starlight?

I'm a bit of an anachronistic sort. My favorite season is the first. My favorite episode is Cutie Mark Chronicles. My waifu is Glim Glam. I am not one of the spammy shiteaters. In fact 4cuck has me on a 60 day for trashing barbie. I love pony for horses and nothing else.

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/mlp/‘s alt site thread was debating this so I thought I’d bring it straight to the jannies to finally answer. Clearly Sunset is banned even in her cameo from The Last Problem but are the Sirens from Shadow Play that the Pillars fight banned as well?

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Is this also banned?

Hi, I was wondering if the G4 images from G5 movie are allowed, or banned as well. Pic related.

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wtf mods???

i got my thread deleted twice why am i not allowed to discuss background mares on /fim/??

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Effectiveness of Advertising

Out of curiosity, is there any data available in regards to web referrals and direct links to here? I always make an effort to drop a mention of here on /mlp/ when an appropriate moment arises, but I'm also interested if links from other places are being fruitful at all or not. For example, on fimfic I include a link in the Author's Notes to a specific thread. I know some people from there have visited here since they comment on it, but I've been wondering just how many that number may be.

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people on 9gag are pretty upset at hiro new captcha, isnt it the perfect time for some advertising campaign?

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Can Discord links be bannable?

Whether it's under off-topic, or with an explicit rule, can there be an explicit rule that discord links are bannable? This includes: - making a "thread server" for a general or long-lived thread, and putting an invite in the OP - posting invites to discord severs, in general - posting attachments from discord (yes I've seen people do this on /mlp/) The first one kills threads and breeds circlejerks. The latter two let the circlejerks fester by encouraging that kind of people to continue doing things their way.

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Global rules?

Why are the global rules so broad and stifling? Nothing about them seem welcoming or fresh. I mean they are the exact same one that many other rulecucking/unfunny/failing alts have used before. Yet yours are even worse. As I don’t even know how to interpret half of them. Like what the fuck does “12) Do not make off topic posts” even include here? Anime? Pepe? Nothing but more guesswork. Or “5) You will not make extremely low quality posts.” So where do you “draw the line” with this one? Seems very subjective and easily abusable by the staff. "2) You will not post banned content: Grotesque (guro)" The thing pone? More guesswork. "10) No advertising.” Kek then stop advertising on 4chan mby? etc etc etc I had a good chuckle reading your rules. Seems to me like you purposefully wrote most of them to be as vague/unclear as possible. Which is a massive fucking warning sign to anyone with half a brain. Site will be dead within a few months. Good luck to you.

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Oh good, another dead imageboard, but this one uses Cloudflare. Why? There can't possibly be a need for that.

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A Suggestion

Will we get a sticky here with our own IRC and '/qa/ for dummies' pic? Also, can we add wojacks/soyjacks to the bannable content?