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Discussion Thread for New Rules mys_elf Board owner 07/08/2021 (Thu) 03:26:04 Id:062d41 No. 64
The global rules have been updated: https://nhnb.org/.static/pages/globalRules.html As have board rules: https://nhnb.org/fim/rules.html https://nhnb.org/clop/rules.html https://nhnb.org/qa/rules.html This thread is for the discussion of them, as well as any questions or clarifications you might need answered.
>>461 >I'm personally curious how humans in pony situations are recieved. Do you just mean Anon in Equestria stuff? I'm not quite sure what else you'd mean. We do have ongoing stories here involving Anon and they do seem to be fairly well received.
(253.81 KB 750x570 MeganWilliamsApplejack.png)
>>464 Maybe he means Megan Williams. A forty-something Megan in G4 World would be a blast, especially as she tries to discover why Applejack has forgotten all about her.
>>64 Is it possible to have foalcon banned on this site? That stuff tends to attract a certain unsavory under-age seeking element; the kind that are deserving of the highest disdain. Besides, content like that is stomach churning to most people (myself included). Thanks for the consideration.
>>490 I would like to see this too. It should be added on to the loli/shota rule under banned content. Quick and simple. The recent debacle on /mlp/ over ponepaste, and now FA/possibly Derpi has really been eye opening. It somehow devolved into a train of discussion that exposed just how many unironic pedophiles use that board who openly support that shit, with many more being in other corners of the fandom like discord circlejerks and the altboorus. Most of whom, to absolutely nobodies surprise, are barbiefags It's one of those groups where if you give an inch, they'll take a mile.
>>490 >>491 Whether the rule gets changed or not who does it even effect? No one even uses /clop/ so it can't be argued that foalcon attracts people to this site, and on the other side of that coin if it was banned no one would be missing anything. Still I find it an interesting discussion. The way I see it the fact that an individual is jerking off to a cartoon in the first place is already a "red flag" so to speak. It's tied to mental conditions that correlate with unsavory behavior (le tism). These things are caused by high mutational load so people with one degenerate kink are much more likely to have other phychological issues from a statistical standpoint. Obviously on a case by case basis some people are much more extreme and fucked up than others, but the basic point stands. I could potentially see the merit of an argument that if you draw a line it keeps the worst cases out, but it runs into issues. Ponies evoke neotenic traits. They already look childish from a phychological standpoint. In that sense trying to differentiate between foalcon and "normal" pony porn is an intelectual distinction but not so much of an emotional one. Also, anons here show a clear preference for anatomical correctness which is it's whole own thing. In a sense the most logically consistant argument is that we shouldn't be allowing NSFW at all. Watch this video this guy does a very good analysis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlOQdr4S95c
>>490 Extreme fetish content is banned under global rule 2. Specifically, >infantilization/diapers is included in the example list. I should note that the list provided is not intended to be exhaustive, but rather is meant to be indicative of the types of things that would fall under the rule.
(3.29 MB 4000x2250 1438931.png)
>>493 I think what your trying to say here is that while foalcon is not banned, bad behavior that Anon 97a94a associates with it is? I don't feel like it's a direct answer to the question. Pic tangentially related.
Would it be possible to change things so that it is possible to report a thread without having to click on it?
>>588 You can do this from the board index or the overboard.
(1.68 MB 498x424 mlp-twilight-sparkle.gif)
>>589 Oh...right! I knew that.