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Featureless thread Anonymous 09/27/2021 (Mon) 05:42:27 No. 202
Was advised to post here instead of 4chan so I'll just copy the prompt here. We all know what Faust said but that shouldn't stop us. Any art, greens or any misc. Feel free to share. Stories from previous threads: https://ponepaste.org/4390 https://ponepaste.org/4408 https://ponepaste.org/4450 https://ponepaste.org/4475 https://ponepaste.org/5108 https://ponepaste.org/4041 https://ponepaste.org/4485 https://ponepaste.org/4483
>>202 I know its quieter here, but you won't get drowned the fuck out. Welcome aboard.
>thread on /mlp/ already derailed by a creature shill incessantly posting cheap bait Gotta fucking love it.
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>>202 >Finally get nsfw pony board >Makes a featureless thread I found it a little funny anyway. Have some featureless pone butts.
>>207 I still don't know why they overreacted to that picture
>>209 Protip: it's because you won't shut up about it.
>>210 Not the same guy. Just migrated here to get away from people arguing over pointless shit.
>>208 Your contribution is appreciated
(1.20 MB 1250x1562 1484704862626.png)
>>202 Nice to see someone else joining the comfy posting. That being said, this thread would have been much better off on the main /fim/ board, /clop/ gets almost no traffic.
(628.86 KB 1040x1024 1622850037190.png)
>>202 If the plots are featureless then how do they use the bathroom?
(158.04 KB 720x402 1615893047139.png)
>>237 Think of it as an au where they don't >>235 Yeah buy then we're limited to what we can post
(980.67 KB 1125x750 1632767491736 (1).png)
Story prompt if there's anyone willing to write it it would be appreciated >Have sun marefriend. (Celestia) >Try to explain what sex is and why you neeeed it, but she doesn't get it since she doesn't have genitalia. >After some convincing, she lets you have your way with her ass, not getting much out of it but enjoying the fact that she could help you. >She also enjoys the hugs, kisses, whispering of love and general tender affection that you shower her with during your afterglow.
>>202 >We all know what Faust said but that shouldn't stop us. No we don't, what did Faust say?
(620.31 KB 1280x996 1639819769372.png)
(1.73 MB 1465x1136 1605508165164.png)
(1.13 MB 1280x1152 1606800591247.png)
>>562 She said that they reproduce like we do, though what Faust says is questionable since she left the series so early
>>776 Based, pony sex is canon.
>>777 like I said, Faust's word is questionable at best, she just said whatever to get people off her back. She even said that Celestia is incapable of loving again
(185.39 KB 1000x948 2472.jpg)
>>778 >Celestia is incapable of loving again Damn, the Zulu fucked up her pussy that bad? Seriously though, what's the context for that? It's not quite a complete enough statement for me to understand the meaning. Clearly she loves Twilight as a student, her land of Equestria, and her sister, but that's a different kind of love from romantic love, so what is it? If it's just that she can't romantically love again, that fits with the comic where she is romantically involved with a good mirror version of King Sombra who has to sacrifice himself, and it honestly doesn't clash with the canon of the early seasons seeing as it is an unexplored topic. If it's loving anything in any way period it's way out of character and I doubt Faust would have said that.
On topic for featureless, I read a clop comic that I don't know what to make of a while back. It's called "The Usual": https://www.canterlotcomics.com/comic/en/the_usual-712# I dare you to read it without the preparation (no spoiler reading) before going to bed. Bonus points if your mind is in a hypnotic trance before reading it like I was. (I spent a lot of time in a state like that where the show implanted itself in me, which is probably some of the reason this comic had so much effect. Some kind of inner projection model of my mind getting fucked up). It's actually fairly easy to reach a state like this, the best method is delirium. Just watch when you are tired (in this case read) and it hits a lot different; no noise in your mind to resist it. The most general thing I can say is that it feels off. It has a strange but sort of cute artstyle that is about 80% show accurate. The artsyle feels off. The characters act sort of like in the show, but are ludicrously distorted to the point of making all of the sex scenes amazingly awkward and actively painful to read (we are talking multiple mane 6 raping each other here). The characters feel off. The tone goes through jarring shifts at points for seeming ably only shock value; one moment they are having sex, the next they are in the hospital because of a sex accident. The tone feels off. And the featureless bit even, the characters are featureless except for two specific scenes, and it's strange because it feels more like in the scenes where they have genitals there are only there for shock value. Even the use of genitals in some parts feels off. And that's not even touching on the overarching story, which has an absolutely terrible premise yet clearly has lots of work put into it because the comic is long and of decent quality. It culminates in a single shock frame so intense that I won't spoil it, and after that all of the genitals are shown for the last few pages. I actually thought the whole thing was a joke building up to that page it was so bad. I really can't understate how uncomfortable the sex scenes are, you have to read it to feel it. The night after I read it I couldn't sleep because I was hallucinating Rarity raping me and I couldn't stop thinking about how much it fucked up the characters for the whole day afterwards. And yes, I felt actual physical sensation, taste, and smell. I had no control over the intrusive thoughts until a full 24 hours had passed. I was reliving getting raped by MLP characters in my mind for a whole fucking day. The worst part is that it still made me hard.
>>779 The alternate Sombra comic doesn't really contradict the later show either. My attitude to the comics is if the show doesn't contradict the issue it's canon.
>>780 I remember that comic. They mention holes but there's nothing there. You're right it did feel off. It went featureless but didn't commit to it
(645.98 KB 1280x1200 1658565196084855.png)
Rarity has a nice rump