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(1.02 MB 1400x860 EquestriaMap.jpg)
Headcanon Discussion Thread Anonymous 09/19/2021 (Sun) 19:35:23 No. 2992
Contribute some of your insights into the world of MLP.
(293.40 KB 3261x2333 23946.png)
>>14513 Mosty of the background houses don't look that fucked up. Sure, some of them got arches and they all look cartoony, but nothing like the one in that image. Like, there is an implicit visual code and this doesn't fit. Part of the roof isn't even thatched! Who even lives there? Screwball?
(62.53 KB 600x600 1683168439893340.jpeg)
Theory: Glimmer is not domineering in bed. Actually, she wants her partner to strongly take the lead and control the situation, but she does not know this consciously. How does this square against her aggressive personality as a villian? Well, due to abandonment issues (the Sunburst issue, or maybe her father) she feels a latent sense of strong insecurity. To compensate, at the subconscious level, she seeks to control everyone and everything around her. This substitutes, artificially, for an internal sense of security. However, when she meets somepony with greater emotional power and resolve than her, but who seeks her welfare, this can substitute for a sense of internal security. This security thus established, she becomes more passive. It can happen this way with a lover or maybe with a friend (like the friendship between Twilight and Glimmer that resulted in Glimmer calming down substantially). Thoughts?
>>14761 Possibly. I would think that she would have some strange oddities about her, but perhaps that's more so due to the fandom than Glimmer herself. She'd probably get a bit less strange if she had someone offering up genuine friendship to her.
How hereditary do you think cutie marks are?
>>14772 Fairly. The entire apple family has apple related cutie marks. Twilight's parents cutie marks have something to do with night or twilight. Princess Luna and Celestia have related, but opposing cutie marks. Rainbow Dash's father has a rainbow related cutie mark. Etc. Maybe it's a nature vs. nurture thing though?
(3.29 MB 1965x819 GeoMap.png)
>>3010 I appreciate your attempt at trying to delimit the national boundaries that should exist on the Equestrian continent. In general this is a very good job. I would take interest with your observations in only one respect. As far as the Crystal Mountains go you assert that they form a natural boundary and therefore they would be unclaimed. This is not how it works. Natural boundaries are claimed because of their strategic importance if nothing more. You should know that if the ponies didn't claim them then those fucking Yaks would. I would say that they are more likely to be part of the Crystal Empire since they are already up there along that range. What would stop them from claiming the rest of it? The Equestrians? It acts more as a natural boundary against the Equestrians than against the crystal ponies. In my own headcanon the crystal ponies come from the liquid crystal societies which are underground that I imagine to extending beneath the entire 'Crystal Mountain' range. If the 'Crystal Empire' doesn't own them it honestly should. I mean, why would they be called the Crystal 'Empire' in the first place if they were just some dinky little state? I would think that it would make more sense if the Crystal Empire served as a buffer zone between the ponies and the yaks.
>>14856 >>3031 Given the size of Equestria and the cultural differences we do see in the way of accents in speech it is reasonable to expect others like you suggest.
(1019.67 KB 1600x906 canon_map.png)
>>3010 >>14856 Maps are fun and all, but they have some problems. For one thing there is no map of Equestria in the show and most places are not shown in relation to each other. Some major landmarks just disappear and re-appear (The mountain from Dragonshy is a good example). The only place we have a decent picture of it is Ponyville valley, but even that isn't fully consistent. Then with that particular map it has shit from the movie and Twilight's eyesore castle. I think I speak for most anon here that I don't consider those canon. Another problem that most maps face is that they are not fleshed out. They only have places that are directly referenced in the show when realistically they should be much bigger. Think how many other small valley towns like Ponyville there must be that the mane characters would have no reason to know about or reference.
>>14860 By the way, it could be a fun project to try addressing these problems and make a more representative map as a group project; one that represents the most commonly held canon on NHNB. It would bring up lots of smaller topics and fit very well in this thread.
>>14861 That would be a whole lot of fun. With respect to taking the map literally I made this observation about Rainbow Falls: Another Speculative Note on the geographic significance of the location of Rainbow Falls as a likely center of illicit trade Just Looking at the map of the North-Eastern portion of Equestria where Rainbow Falls resides, given the location up in the hills bordered by the Yacket Range and the Crystal Empire on one side while to the East across the Narrow Sea there is ready access to Griffonstone and the Bugbear Territory on the other one can readily see how Rainbow Falls offers an ideal location not only for trade in general but for illegal trade in particular. Given it's remoteness from the center of administrative authority and Equestrian control along with the many avenues of flight to alternate jurisdictions including to the Crystal Empire, Yacket Range, Griffonstone, etc. and the fact that the transactions are conducted in what looks to be a swap meet one might expect at least some of the property to be either stolen or considered illicit in nature by one or more of the principalities mentioned. (Other maps I've seen suggest exactly the same situation btw.. :)