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We need banners mys_elf Board owner 06/28/2021 (Mon) 09:44:31 No. 2 [Reply] [Last]
and a spoiler image for that matter. Please suggest some in thread. Banners should be 300x100 and less than 200kb in size (though smaller is ideally better). Spoiler images should be square, and I think 100x100. Feel free to submit in a higher resolution so if thumbnails get bigger in the future, the spoiler can scale with it.
Edited last time by mys_elf on 07/03/2021 (Sat) 22:03:17.
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>>10649 That's alright. It only took a few minutes to throw together, and the incident didn't happen here anyway.

(551.67 KB 1201x1200 Happy ponies.png)
Welcome to /fim/! mys_elf Board owner 06/28/2021 (Mon) 08:52:47 No. 1 [Reply]
This place is dedicated to all things FiM. I hope you enjoy. Please be sure to read the rules prior to posting: https://nhnb.org/fim/rules.html
Edited last time by mys_elf on 07/07/2021 (Wed) 22:55:47.

(126.81 KB 446x612 1Year.jpg)
(109.13 KB 1178x179 The Post.jpg)
NHNB 1 Year Anniversary Anonymous 06/28/2022 (Tue) 20:53:15 No. 10953 [Reply]
It's hard to believe how quickly time has passed, but here we are. From the time of the first post >>1 until now, one year has passed. Happy anniversary, NHNB! I want to offer a big thank you to our based board owner, who stepped up and made this board at a very difficult time for /mlp/. I know that at least for me personally, if this place didn't exist I would have left the ride for good a long time ago. This is the only place left where the spirit of old /mlp/ still lives on to some extent. Either way, I hope that you're happy with how the site has fared in its first year. Let's have another good year!
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(1.61 MB 1600x736 HappyBirthdayNHNB.png)
>>10954 >>10953 As a temporary /mlp/ refugee, I also support this. Here's to another (and hopefully more active) year on NHNB
(1.37 MB 520x293 2895635.gif)
Thank you to the board owner; to another good year of NHNB!
>>10953 Woohoo!
Thank you everyone who's posted here. I'm happy to see what you guys have done and I'm excited to see what will be. >>10953 >Let's have another good year! Absolutely.

/gryphons/ Anonymous 09/23/2021 (Thu) 19:13:50 No. 3119 [Reply] [Last]
Gryphons, griffons, and more griffins. If you got em, post em.
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>>9660 neat!
Oh hey, this place has a gryphon thread.
>>10923 Yep, it never gained very much traction though, unfortunately. I've tried mentioning this thread when the occasional grif thread is on /mlp/, but nobody seems to care.
(62.10 KB 558x620 1542774944972.jpg)
>>10926 I guess we just can't have anything nice.
(2.21 MB 2500x3528 1603737067942.png)
Does anyone have any ideas for interesting things to do with gryphons? The mythology behind them is pretty mixed up and confused so it leaves a lot of room to pick and choose. I saw a few ideas in a post on /mlp/ a while ago but haven't really seen much else since. Apparently their feathers can cure blindness and there was something about their claws or talons changing colour in the presence of poison. That made me think maybe they could have a way of showing trust in each other by covering their talons when they have a drink together or something. There was also something about them being known for slaying evil and wicked people and monsters, and commonly being depicted as protectors and guardians. There could be potential here for a sort of guild or travelling group of monster slaying gryphons that go around researching and killing all sorts of strange monsters. Kinda like the witcher or monster hunter I suppose.

(592.41 KB 1024x1024 Aaahh.png)
/bootleg/ bunker #3 Anonymous 04/01/2022 (Fri) 18:59:11 No. 8141 [Reply] [Last]
Beware the red mare edition Old booted bunker >>6721 - current bread https://derpy.me/boot Welcome to the wild west of copycats & copyright infringement! Here in the bargain bin there's a ton of freedom where things aren't quite right... but a bootleg waifu might still be for you. Bootleg can be many things or cover many genres, but we specialize in knockoffs with tons of heart and soul whether its OCs, or knockoffs of canon. Get ready for feels or fun where they can win you over despite of their inherent flaws. Everything /bootleg/ >The FULL archive; if you want pictures and many more shorts & stories go here https://ponepaste.org/5786, >The WIP wiki; open to edit by anyone who wants to contribute https://derpy.me/bootlegs >Hangout with us on weekends, watch shit or listen to jams. https://cytu.be/r/BootlegMovies Newly binned or continuing shorts & stories >[OC Ivy] T Shirt Mare (Anon) - https://ponepaste.org/7136 >[Flutters] Buttershy (Anon) - >>7511 >[AJ, Twilight, OC] Jacky Part 11 (Blondie)- https://ponepaste.org/7059 >[Pies] Rosie Rock (FortuneFavors) - https://ponepaste.org/4579 >[Jacky & Co] Losers' Club (Blondie) - https://ponepaste.org/7149

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>10930 Frankly, its old self was pretty shit, too.
>>10931 There are two versions of Photo Finished. One for /bootleg/, one for /pie/.
(3.50 MB 4032x3024 2895070.jpg)
>>10931 >nobody in /aie/ will know photo finished Barely anyone in /bootleg/ knows Finished either. Hell, outside of /bootleg/ I don't think anyone knows anything I've done. Good news is that it's only around 4k words before the split so it isn't all that much. >an odd choice It's an odd green. I know what I'm trying with it. Don't know who will read it, much less comment on it beyond an idle complaint about where it's posted. But that's alright. That sums up the vast majority of what I've done.
>>10847 More Midnight! Woohoo! Sounds like they've got some plans together. Curious to see where things go with Starla there for the day/night. What sort of activities they'll get up to. I know Anon and Middie talk about having to do the same old old routine, even with her there, but I have a feeling Midnight will be rather distracted from her work. Thanks for the update Auto, as I'm sure I've said before, been one of my absolute favorites as of late. Also, >6 days. I must really been distracted by the con.

(144.10 KB 1352x891 wild_wild_west.png)
/fun/geon 3 - da best in da west fungeon_masta 06/14/2022 (Tue) 05:33:16 No. 10635 [Reply] [Last]
Welcome to the /fun/geon! This thread is for a ZAP style pen and paper game taking place in the FIM universe; ZAP meaning it has a comedic tone, fast pace, and lots of baddies to fight! Feel free to make a character and join in, character creation is detailed in first thread: >>8267
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>>10940 "If me pull train, can we dodge without money?"
>>10941 "Maybe you could ask somepony at the train station...? Sounds like an awful lot of work though."
>>10941 >Cross puts on a wry smile. "That ain't such a bad idea, Boulder." >>10942 >He scoffs. "'fraid of a little work? I'd pull with 'im, too. I might not have his stout, but I know how to work my hooves just as well."
>>10945 "N-No, it's just... I don't think I'd be much of a help with that kind of thing."
>>10950 >His smile morphs into a grin. "Hey, that's why you've got feathers, feathers, and we don't."

A thread to collect those cozy night time mares Anonymous 07/02/2021 (Fri) 10:34:05 No. 108 [Reply] [Last]
Always nice to have mares on the mind before bed.
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(251.72 KB 1129x906 image.png)
(819.79 KB 1280x820 image.png)
(42.52 KB 374x183 image.png)
(994.88 KB 900x900 image.png)
(95.31 KB 256x192 1656385086268.gif)

Fallout Equestria Thread Anonymous 08/24/2021 (Tue) 00:16:46 No. 2027 [Reply] [Last]
Celebrate one of the greatest crossovers ever written. >reee muh popular Fucking read it and decide I avoided it for >dykery and >popularity for years, having started on fimfiction in early 2012. I can't believe what I missed.
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>>8106 I personally am not interested in it because it does not look good to me from a world standpoint, it's just MLP put into another media (granted a good one). I feel like a lot of the Fallout elements just don't fit in the pony world; how are ponies supposed to use the guns with their hooves? And couldn't unicorns just fight directly with magic instead of levitating guns? Merging the concepts of Fallout and My Little Pony is not necessarily impossible to do well, it's just that the pony world would have to be taken into account first and the fallout elements second and not just the first fallout game but with ponies. The ponies feel kind of like an afterthought to me. I get it, it's Fallout and the world is destroyed, but the destroyed world should actually be a destroyed Equestria instead of just elements from the fallout games with ponies inserted. I'm not going to say for sure there is nothing good in there because I have only read the first chapter; I just don't find the concept interesting and with my current knowledge this is my reasoning.
>>8111 >how are ponies supposed to use the guns with their hooves? Don't they generally use their mouth? >And couldn't unicorns just fight directly with magic instead of levitating guns? Combat spells are a rather rare ability, while telekinesis is nearly universal. Not arguing with the rest. It does just sort of insert random concepts from the Fallout games, though there is usually some sort of twist to make them fit better into the MLP setting. And is gradually explored what happened in wartime Equestria, primarily through the memory orbs. I kind of wonder if reading it while already having knowledge of the Fallout games causes more of that "awkwardness" than is literally in the text itself. As in I wish I could read it without the way I imagine things in it being determined by my hundreds of hours spent playing Fallout games.
(635.03 KB 2028x1519 happyrampy.jpg)
(679.87 KB 1518x2020 rampage_armor.jpg)
(984.05 KB 1460x2525 morerampage.jpg)
>>10902 Well-fed

(1.94 MB 1400x1400 1467166390577.png)
(988.36 KB 1400x1400 1495952967992.png)
(1.93 MB 3617x2868 1407007856815.jpg)
Horrible Pony "Art" Anonymous 05/08/2022 (Sun) 22:33:55 No. 9309 [Reply]
A thread dedicated to laughing at the God-awful artistic abominations birthed from Twitter, DeviantArt, and other such shitholes. Unofficial edits also welcome! I was really enjoying the /mlp/ thread on bad artists until it got jannied out of the blue, but I'm not letting Scruffy get between me and laughing at these visual dumpster fires. You can check out that old thread here: https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/38568585/ If possible, try to link to the sources of any images posted here. The image descriptions are often hilarious in their own right. >Image 3 https://www.deviantart.com/frozensoulpony/art/El-rom-Twilight-Estrella-Sparkle-912447793 The image itself started as Twitter garbage, but the original description goes on to describe "Twilight's" numerous gay lovespawn. I'd forgotten how much I'd missed classic dA trash like that.
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(132.38 KB 1578x1549 1651685513230.png)
(409.13 KB 1450x1549 1333431362326.png)
(60.48 KB 1242x1060 1539660156583.png)
>>9310 Minor correction above, the actual artist tag is >artist:cassettepunk That's what I get for blindly following the *booru tags. You can also find some prime cuts of garbage Barbie art under their tag, but I can't post it here for obvious reasons. Though if you like hot garbage as much as I do, I'd encourage taking a look!
For what purpose? Unless you want to start an edit thread, what's the point in having this atrocities in catalog? is that your fetish, anon?
(293.65 KB 2000x1200 1444412796209.jpeg)
(263.12 KB 1920x1080 1494540058107.jpeg)
(544.24 KB 2000x2000 1315768049879.jpeg)
This artist doesn't seem to be on the boorus, but reverse image search turned up their Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/eveeyuwu Your guess is as good as mine about whatever's going on with their noses. You could hang a raincoat off of those things. >>9314 I just enjoy laughing at trashfires, and want to share my joy with others. It's always important to marvel at the bad in order to appreciate the good, you feel me?
>>9312 >cassettepunk >"horrible" Compared to 'Tell Your Tale" this is eyewash. It might not be something you want to be the main style for anything but this is 2022 and franchises have managed to define new levels of horrible.
>>10767 Trying too hard

(239.01 KB 1279x853 1591134625986.jpg)
(548.22 KB 2500x1663 1586205358389.jpg)
Mods are asleep. Anonymous 07/04/2021 (Sun) 05:48:58 No. 147 [Reply] [Last]
Post irl horses.
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(19.86 KB 400x283 flicka.jpg)
I love horses best of anybody else
What's your favorite breed. guys?
(209.65 KB 1200x1120 fries3.jpg)
>>10532 Freisian (pic related) for most beautiful in my opinion. But, favorite horse to ride, so far, is Saddlebred.