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General to do list mys_elf Board owner 06/29/2021 (Tue) 19:33:43 Id:965149 No. 5
A list of things that I will (probably) do at some point or another. In no strict order: >Add support to Clover/possibly Kuroba I have absolutely no experience with Android development, so if (you) do it would be nice if you let me know in thread. Might have some questions for you. In general I am looking at modifying a copy of the vichan code to do this. Both vichan and Lynxchan use .json APIs, so hopefully that shouldn't be too difficult to convert. Since Lynxchan doesn't return an index.json, probably won't get the non-catalog view to work perfectly right. Main problem I foresee is with captcha as that's likely going to take a bit more to figure out. The site should only require captcha if it gets a certain number of PPH, but it is important for the app to support it. Have only just started poking around with things, so development is still early yet on this. >Improve the gallery view >Investigate the possibility of catalog mode in the overboard >Add warn/ban reason editable dropdown >Possibly integrate >>114 >(you)s on backlinks >Thread stats in page -Addon needed, IP count will be in 2.8.x at the least. -Change images to files >Thread watcher improvements -toggleable watch icon/watched threads (?) -sort by last replied (?) >Thread resumer -option to change behavior on opening thread from watcher, always go to new posts -Possibly merge the NHNB loader, maybe make it a "LynxchanX" -Save sites options -Save watched threads >Userscript to change filenames on downloads to something thread relevant >Add buttons to mobile moderation nav bar >Alert for invalid file type >Option for staff report watcher >Draggable position memory >Makes buttons togglable >Add >>216 >Underline backquoted text in inline replies >Other ways to sort catalog >Way to view hidden threads in one place >Investigate possibility of IP count (Coming in 2.8.x at the least) >Embeds for pony sites -Boorus next? -Either prevent or fix embeds for PonyTube playlists >Board message on catalog >Some other stuff I'm forgetting I'll add them later when I remember what they are.
Edited last time by mys_elf on 02/27/2022 (Sun) 01:57:35.
>>334 I quite like all of these additions. Nice work.
Just thought of a small suggestion. At the bottom of the homepage where it lists the amount of posts in the last hour, maybe change that to a wider timeframe, like posts in the last day, week, or even month? At least until a situation ever develops where activity greatly increases on here. I think it's a bit off-putting to most people when they land there and see zero posts, leading to the impression that this place is completely dead. I've seen some posts in the past on /mlp/ criticizing zero posts per hour thing, actually.
(61.80 KB 1078x739 1332579903921.png)
Suggesting a My Reports page like the boorus have and seconding >>339
(334.39 KB 657x730 343h45.png)
I think /mlp/ has the first ai generated shitpost slide threads seen on /pol/. https://boards.4channel.org/mlp/thread/38355569 Not surpsingly the trannyjanny does nothing to clean it up despite being totally incohrent from start to finish. If nhnb doesn't have any antibot defense you better get on that shit because we're in for choppy waters ahead.
>>389 Maybe instead of a captcha we should have to answer deep trivia questions only mega-autists know the answer to like how many Dutch Doors appear in the show and how many Derpy color variants appear in Winter Wrap Up.
>>389 Well then. That's a rather peculiar thread. I will agree that it definitely sounds like something that would come out of those gpt bots. >If nhnb doesn't have any antibot defense you better get on that shit because we're in for choppy waters ahead. We do have variable difficulty captchas at the ready if they ever do become necessary (and some other tools as well). So far we haven't really needed them and I'd like to maintain that for as long as we can. I've really come to enjoy the captcha-free posting experience. >>390 We will most likely keep with just a standard captcha if it's needed.
(17.85 KB 1075x126 image.png)
Just noticed that the CSP seems to be causing issues for custom javascripts.
>>401 This is a known issue with Lynxchan. For the time being I'd probably just recommend converting it to a userscript.
Just a head up, the paste in >>216 expires in 2 months. Might want to back it up somewhere.
>>430 Thanks for the heads up, saved.