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(143.03 KB 1920x1080 list.jpeg)
General to do list mys_elf Board owner 06/29/2021 (Tue) 19:33:43 Id:965149 No. 5
A list of things that I will (probably) do at some point or another. In no strict order: >Add support to Clover/possibly Kuroba I have absolutely no experience with Android development, so if (you) do it would be nice if you let me know in thread. Might have some questions for you. In general I am looking at modifying a copy of the vichan code to do this. Both vichan and Lynxchan use .json APIs, so hopefully that shouldn't be too difficult to convert. Since Lynxchan doesn't return an index.json, probably won't get the non-catalog view to work perfectly right. Main problem I foresee is with captcha as that's likely going to take a bit more to figure out. The site should only require captcha if it gets a certain number of PPH, but it is important for the app to support it. Have only just started poking around with things, so development is still early yet on this. >Improve the gallery view >Investigate the possibility of catalog mode in the overboard >Add warn/ban reason editable dropdown >Possibly integrate >>114 >(you)s on backlinks >Thread stats in page -Addon needed, IP count will be in 2.8.x at the least. -Change images to files >Thread watcher improvements -toggleable watch icon/watched threads (?) -sort by last replied (?) >Thread resumer -option to change behavior on opening thread from watcher, always go to new posts -Possibly merge the NHNB loader, maybe make it a "LynxchanX" -Save sites options -Save watched threads >Userscript to change filenames on downloads to something thread relevant >Add buttons to mobile moderation nav bar >Alert for invalid file type >Option for staff report watcher >Draggable position memory >Makes buttons togglable >Add >>216 >Underline backquoted text in inline replies >Other ways to sort catalog >Way to view hidden threads in one place >Investigate possibility of IP count (Coming in 2.8.x at the least) >Embeds for pony sites -Boorus next? -Either prevent or fix embeds for PonyTube playlists >Board message on catalog >Some other stuff I'm forgetting I'll add them later when I remember what they are.
Edited last time by mys_elf on 02/27/2022 (Sun) 01:57:35.
I just noticed that when saving posted images, they get downloaded with some sort of hash value as the name. Is there any way to configure the frontend to name them by timestamp? Or does lynxchan rely on the hashes for something and would break if this were done?
>>15 >Is there any way to configure the frontend to name them by timestamp? Not that I know of off the top of my head. >Or does lynxchan rely on the hashes for something and would break if this were done? It's for deduplication purposes. Maybe I'll look into seeing if something like this can be done via userscript.
>>5 >add more themes The U.I is pretty fugly and more importantly generic. There is almost no distinguishing contrast between elements like the backgrounds, posts, and UI like buttons and post info. Perhaps you could take from these altchans and their themes. http://web.archive.org/web/20120119090019/http://711chan.org/ https://heyuri.net Everything is neatly separated and distinguishable through colour and border contrast. I think this would make it better user experience to browse It's a wonderful thing to see a new internet community born
>>40 >The U.I is pretty fugly and more importantly generic. I kind of like the default look. Reminds me of tomorrow. >Copy themes from other chans Pretty much what's going to happen. Eventually I'm going to go through and make a theme template to make adding new ones easier. And that'll happen whenever I get around to it.
(533.40 KB 2560x1422 example.png)
>>5 >Add more themes Get the ones 8chan.moe uses. I literally copypasted their Yotsuba CSS and it looked just fine (see pic related).
(606.85 KB 2560x1422 tomorrow.png)
(608.57 KB 2560x1422 warosu.png)
(585.78 KB 2560x1422 royal.png)
(606.76 KB 2560x1422 yotsuba p.png)
(607.88 KB 2560x1422 yotsuba.png)
>>72 Might as well show the rest.
>>72 >>73 Looks pretty good, guess I'll have to see what 8chan.moe has going on when I go to add the themes.
>>74 I should have mentioned that 8chan is performing a restructuration of its themes to simplify things, so you may want to wait a bit before importing the themes. Here's the gitgud repo of project so you can see its current state: https://gitgud.io/8chan/Aleph That said, I hope any custom theme you add keeps the usability changes you have done (bigger text and a reworked navbar on phones, inline replies, etc). It would be great if they even landed on Lynxchan's defaults.
>>73 Looks much better I propose a little (insert owner waifu here) in the background like Heyuri's Tomo just to distinguish us you know
>>75 >I should have mentioned that 8chan is performing a restructuration of its themes to simplify things, so you may want to wait a bit before importing the themes. I realize that 8chan.moe loads the themes a bit different than regular PenumbraLynx does (Loading the seperate CSS files after the fact). I'll have to look into modifying my themeLoader.js to mimic 8chan's (So slightly more delay after I actually begin to work on it). I think I like the idea of having each theme to it's own file, make it a bit easier to work on and keep track of. >That said, I hope any custom theme you add keeps the usability changes you have done Most of the stuff should be untouched by it. I think the only thing it would probably affect is font-size, but I'll probably be going through and doing some slight modifications to the themes anyway. >>76 >I propose a little (insert owner waifu here) in the background ^:)
So I'll probably be updating the themes soonish(tm). Would you guys prefer keeping the same font across all themes or using the same fonts that 8chan uses on the 8chan imported themes?
>>81 I think the same font would be best. Looking forward to the new themes, thanks for doing them so quick.
>>82 Well, the deed is done. Might take a bit for changes to propagate through Cloudflare, but they're there. Let me know if you find any issues with the new themes. The existing themes should be largely untouched (except for making mailto links the sage color as other posts).
Looks like it's available now. Still a bit weird seeing the site in Yotsuba Blue.
Edited last time by mys_elf on 07/13/2021 (Tue) 03:44:28.
>>84 I'm sorry to be a party pooper, but the font, the font with every theme except for default... it physically hurts
>>85 I've updated the fonts on the new themes, hopefully that'll be a bit better. Changes should be available soon.
>>86 Thanks!
>>5 Any possibility of showing post/image/IP count for each thread?
>>106 Posts and images are shown in the catalog, I would have to look into to the per thread IP count as I don't think LynxChan has that at the moment.
>>5 Can this be our spoiler image?
(68.96 KB 500x459 SpoilerSmall.png)
>>115 We could, it's the first spoiler suggestion we've got. I've edited it to say spoiler as well as made a post in the thread on /fim/ (>>>/fim/527). Any feedback or other ideas, feel free to post them.
>>108 I see. It's a minor thing, so don't worry too much about it. On that topic, it would be nice to eventually see some sort of dice+2d20 functionality. It's a handy little feature.
I've added the banner to the catalog view. Let me know if there's any changes you think need to be done to it (for example, margin/padding wise) as well as if I should remove it from the mobile view.
>>127 I am working on it.
>>127 Site has been updated.
Theoretically there should be dice now. Let's give it a try.
2, 2, 2 = 6
>>137 Just in time, although can you make it show what the actual roll was? As is you can't tell if someone is rolling a d6, d20, d100 etc.
>>145 Should do it now.
81, 14, 13 = 108 (3d100)
Alright, after using the site for a while I've compiled a small list of annoyances and things that I think could be improved. Some of these should hopefully be tiny quickfixes, others might be a bit more involved to implement. In my opinion all of these would greatly benefit the site user experience and should be quite uncontroversial improvements, so I thought I'd dump the whole list here both for feedback (if anyone disagrees) and as feedback (for mys_elf). - Board rules are not easily accessible: not even board footers have a link; you have to open a reply form - Icons not having text is confusing. I've learned where the catalog view button is, for example, but the mod logs button makes me do a double-take each time because a flag is commonly used as a report ("flag for moderation") button, even if it makes no sense to have a report button on a board view. Off the top of my head, I'm not even sure what the other buttons do. - When quick-replying, the URL changes to load directly to the post you're replying (e.g. nhbn.org/fim/res/123.html#456, when replying to post 456). But this automatically also adds the post number to the quick reply window. If you post a reply and then reload the page, it'll automatically reopen the quick reply window quoting the post you just replied to. - When clicking on a post while the quick-reply window is already open, it inserts the post number at the end of the text, instead of at the cursor position. - When highlighting a portion of a post and then clicking on the number to quick-reply, thus auto-quoting the highlighted part of the post, only the first line is greentexted. Any further lines are copied into the quick-reply window but don't get a > added to them. - I miss Ctrl+S for spoilering. - Option to auto-watch thread on reply would be nice. - Have a) the watch icon, and b) the "watched threads" button both be toggles. It's weird to have to go to watched threads and delete a thread to unwatch it, and it's annoying if you misclick on watched threads and instead of clicking again you have to find the "X" to click. - When visiting a thread with unread posts from the watchlist, it'd be nice if it auto-jumped to the first unread post. Similar to the thread resumer, but potentially a lot simpler to integrate since it'd just jump to the first new post, instead of constantly tracking how far the user has scrolled to find "unread" posts. - Wishlist: watch improvements: right now the watchlist fits about 16 threads before overflowing my screen. On a larger screen maybe it'd fit 20-25 threads or so and then overflow. Possibly the best solution I can think of would be to sort threads with unread posts to the top; that just feels useful in general, too. Making the list scrollable would also be nice: maybe not everyone will like auto-pushing unread threads to the top, so they can have the option of scrolling instead, and in general being able to scroll to see the whole list of watched threads would be great. Also bumping >>15, >>16 - when saving on 4chan the name works as a sort of historical record of both which thread it came from and in general approximately when I saved it, encoded independently of file modification time (which can change when e.g. syncing across multiple PCs, etc.) A userscript grabbing the post's timestamp and autofilling that as the filename instead of the lynxchan hash would be really nice.
>>169 >small list >board rules I do have them linked in the board stickies. As for where else to put a link, not too sure. I guess I'll have to think about it for a bit. >Icons not having text is confusing. I was thinking of adding tooltips to help with this. The main potential problem I see with adding more text to the nav bar is reduced room for the favorite boards feature. I suppose I could shrink the text but I think I'd rather not do that. Might try it out and see how it feels. >filenames Not a solution to what you were asking but a note about filenames: If you save the image directly you'll get the server filename which is just the sha512 of the file. If you click on the filename it'll be downloaded with the original name. >Everything else I'll add it to the to do list. As long as it's there I should get around to looking at it eventually(tm). Thanks for the suggestions.
>>170 >I do have them linked in the board stickies. Oh, that's fair. I was thinking in the footer, but if it's not convenient to have per-board footers then sticky is fine by me. >Icons with text The smelle.xyz layout takes barely any more space than the current one. I also have a 1366*768 laptop screen and I don't think it's anywhere near taking up too much space. >I'll add it to the to do list. As long as it's there I should get around to looking at it eventually(tm). Thanks for the suggestions. Nice nice.
The following changes have been made: >Quick reply improvements -quick reply adding quotes on page refresh -insert quote links at cursor position -quoted text not fully greentexted -Ctrl+S for spoilering Please post if you find any bugs.
>>173 Eyy all of these work! Fantastic, thank you
(965.47 KB 699x540 1624054476662.gif)
>>173 >>173 >The following changes have been made: >Quick reply improvements -quick reply adding quotes on page refresh -insert quote links at cursor position -quoted text not fully greentexted -Ctrl+S for spoilering Please post if you find any bugs. >reply >reply >drunk as fuck Just be nice and not be goddamn retards.
Any chance of a filename randomizer? I rename images to find them easily and don't want my posts to be recognizable. Also a reply button at the bottom and showing reply backlinks in the floating posts when you hover over backlinks. Is there a way to disable post inlining?
>>176 I'll have to look into those things. >Is there a way to disable post inlining? Not currently.
Edited last time by mys_elf on 08/16/2021 (Mon) 01:59:18.
(108.75 KB 348x342 1625436815795.png)
>>178 >Not currently. It'd be a nice addition.
>>176 >Any chance of a filename randomizer? I rename images to find them easily and don't want my posts to be recognizable. Oo, yeah, that's a good one. A typical randomizer is to just pick a random timestamp in a reasonable-ish period. For bonus points, make the filename manually editable too. >Also a reply button at the bottom and showing reply backlinks in the floating posts when you hover over backlinks. Seconded. >>173 And ooh ooh a minor bug with greentexting quoted text: when triple-clicking on a line to quote, because it technically selects the newline at the end it ends up inserting an empty > after your quote. Stripping one trailing newline if there are any would probably be the more correct behaviour here.
Does tapping backlinks not work for anyone else on Android or is it just IceCat being retarded? It doesn't do anything.
>>181 Works for me on mobile FireFox.
>Update: -Added replay button to bottom of thread -Fixed issue with playable media and inline posts.
Oh neat, an actual pony board. I recently spun up a Lynxchan instance and added a bunch of stuff. https://getyeflask.net/ https://bitbucket.org/Amm_/flaskmod/src/master/ Hopefully it'll save you some trouble.
>>184 Interesting. I'll have to look through and see what you've done. Of course if you want to borrow anything from the frontend on this site, you can find the repository here: https://gitgud.io/mys_elf/PenMod/ I've also made up some tools and userscripts for Lynxchan listed here: >>4. Of interest particularly might be the thread resumer, which should work on most Lynxchan instances it just needs the URL added to the match list. >anonpone I've seen the site before, good to see it's still around.
>>184 >extra settings >post/file/page count >accepted filetypes list >moving to posts instead of in-lining >.ogg support These should all be added. Also, how about showing which board each thread on the overboard is from? Maybe with the ability to hide all from a certain one like https://kissu.moe/all/ testing testing testing testing testing testing testing testing
>>189 Formatting info should be added to the reply box.
(614.93 KB sample.ogg)
>>189 >moving to posts instead of in-lining Moving to posts was the original behavior of PenumbraLynx, I added the inlining. Eventually I should get around to adding a toggle to this. >.ogg support I believe it should be there already. >The rest I should get to looking into eventually. As long as it's in this thread it shouldn't be forgotten about. >>190 >Formatting info should be added to the reply box. A link to the formatting guide is already provided in the nav bar under "help".
>>193 >I believe it should be there already. Apparently it is. I mentioned it because .oggs weren't showing up in the Windows Explorer after clicking the upload box. Maybe it's a problem with my PC, they don't appear in that guy's imageboard either.
>>193 >I added the inlining Literally reddit, remove it immediatelly pending the toggle
>>200 >Literally reddit It's also literally 4chanx, which is largely whose behavior I copied. Personally I feel like it makes it a lot easier to follow conversations within threads. >remove it immediatelly pending the toggle Shouldn't be too long before I get the toggle added.
>>201 4chanx has it as a reddit feature, though. There is absolutely no reason to turn it on.
>>185 https://getyeflask.net/meta/res/96.html has a higher level summary. The main technical things that I'd look at from the outside in on a site with heavy emphasis on anon culture would be >enhanced thread watcher >post/file/page count >a couple gallery fixes >copy + paste files into text box >Invalid file types now alert if they're posted >User post editing >Report watcher for staff >Floating draggable menus remember their positions upon opening/closing >side catalog, watched threads, settings, etc buttons are toggles Some of them require addons which can be found here https://bitbucket.org/Amm_/flaskaddons/src/master/
>>185 I appreciate the sharing. The more people work together the better we're all off. I've already incorporated a couple of ideas I saw on your repository. The scrips are interesting too, though I've been trying to keep everything native. I feel like there's too much reliance on userscripts for basic functionality on a lot of chan sites.
>>203 I'll probably end up borrowing some stuff for here. >>205 >The scrips are interesting too, though I've been trying to keep everything native. I feel like there's too much reliance on userscripts for basic functionality on a lot of chan sites. For me the reason why I made the thread resumer a userscript is because it allows you to persist data even between browser clears, which I find useful as I usually do not have my browser store any data. It also has the added benefit of making the thread resumer work on the vast majority of lynxchan sites, just need to add the site to the match list. The only other userscript listed there is the (you) persist which is for simply keeping track of (you)s across browser clears. Also, I have made some more site updates: -Fixed thread watcher overflowing screen with many threads -Added an option to disable inline posts -Added backlinks to the tooltip -Added an option to auto watch threads on reply -Added an option to randomize the filenames of uploaded files -Fixed the default local and relative time settings being somewhat inconsistent across different pages -Added tooltips/titles to some of the nav bar elements
Edited last time by mys_elf on 08/21/2021 (Sat) 23:42:48.
>>183 >>206 Fantastic changes all-around, gives a much more pleasant experience overall. I think the only things I could really think to improve it even more would be editable filenames on upload (as opposed to a global option to randomise them) and image pasting from clipboard, otherwise things are good enough that I can't think of anything else.
(47.94 KB 852x480 1383069893447.jpg)
Showing full images when hovering over them. Please and thank you.
(771.45 KB 3264x2448 1340523245076.jpg)
>>211 >1383069893447 That's kind of old, 4chan-x's randomizer only goes back a year, probably so users don't end up LARPing as oldfaggots by mistake.
>>212 I hadn't used 4chan-x's filename randomizer. I just had it pick a time between 10/10/10 and now (whenever now happens to be).
>>213 Honestly picking a time within the last year or so (which sounds like what 4chanx is doing, though I've never used it either) would likely give much better anonymisation, assuming a minority of users opt for the randomiser. Or you can enable it by default and make it opt-out, and in that case whatever will probably be fine.
Hey, I made changes to tooltips.js, to make the behavior closer to 4chan. So that instead of displaying a floating preview every time the mouse hovers over a post link, it highlights posts that are already visible. I didn't want to deal with signing up on GitGud, so here's a patch file instead: https://pastebin.com/r0Ltmafk
>>216 Very cool.
(483.70 KB 1363x1363 1449584420700.png)
What's the difference between Trash post and Delete post?
>>222 Trash post only hides the post from the public and can be restored later by staff. Delete post permanently deletes it.
Am I retarded or is there no way to return to the board index once you are inside a thread?
>>263 Right now there's just the link to the catalog in the upper right. Of course if you use board favorites you'll always have the links to your faved board's index in the nav bar.
Since this year's pageant will be profaned with G5 shit, should we make our own pageant?
Updates: -Added option for basic expand image on mouse hover -Board list now links to the catalog, option to turn it back -Option to enable catalog overflow -Added settings menu to the catalog -Option to not remember posting name -Added ability to paste images from clipboard (from GYF) >>265 If somebody wants to organize such a thing, I don't see why not.
>>266 That's fucking awesome!
>>266 Nice! Good to see, thank you so much.
I notice that the catalog is only sortable by one method, last bumped. I never use this and always use the superior newly created by. Can we get an option for that? >>16 I agree it's fugly and we've seen it over and over. I associate it with leftybunker or whatever not comfy. Also what is autoloop and catalog overflow in the settings?
>>272 I don't know what autoloop is, but catalog overflow seems to enable scroll bars on thread OPs on catalog.
>>272 I'll add it to the to do list to look into. >>276 No autoloop prevents videos from autolooping.
How to hide a thread?
(39.91 KB 457x100 image.png)
>>292 Click on the circle with a cross through it. Works the same for regular posts as well.
Can we also have visible IP count in threads?
>>295 I'll look into it at some point.
>>294 i hope youl add the ability to hide from the catalog. never use index view really and its a hassle to have to go into a thread just to hide it from the catalog.
>>300 It's on the to do list, hopefully it shouldn't be too far out.
Shift+click should now work to hide threads from the catalog.
(1.32 MB 1826x1786 132347820372.png)
>>311 Nice feature to have. Thankfully, at least in my eyes, there haven't really been any threads made that deserve hiding yet. Over the past few months I've been greatly enjoying the comfy slowposting on here. It's very refreshing to be able to take a break and have pony discussion without all the bullshit that plagues modern /mlp/. In other words, thank you for your continued work, based board owner anon.
(43.59 KB 96x120 Chrysalis-Flying.gif)
Just encountered an oddity/potential bug(no pun intended) with >>>/fim/6208 This is the first time I've seen .gifs not play automatically. Is there an easily discernible reason for this? Improperly formatted .gif? Posting three of them at once? Something else? Reposting just one of those here to see if it happens to play properly. After dragging it into the file box, it's automatically playing in the preview as it should.
>>322 Huh. Not working for me either.
(3.39 MB 668x534 1513510065681.gif)
>>322 Strange. Seems like it has something to do with the gif itself? Trying something else to check my sanity.
(709.46 KB 1200x1200 1336118338142.gif)
>>324 Yup, seems to be the gifs themselves.
>>322 Doesn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary for me on Chrome. Just tried Firefox and it seems fine as well. What browser are you using?
>>326 I'm on Chrome and only his buggy gifs won't autoplay for me.
>>322 >>326 Unless you mean the preview not animating? I recall there being a bug fixed in newer versions of Lynxchan with the thumbnails of certain videos. We're set to see an update soon(tm), so maybe that'll fix it.
>>326 >>328 Yes, I'm talking about the preview. It does play if you actually click on it, but as I mentioned before the preview does animate when you drag and drop the file into the file box when posting. I'm using Firefox, but I also tried Chrome on my phone and it does the same thing. Unusual, isn't it? Guess we'll wait and see what that update does.
(125.41 KB 192x256 Chrysalis-Flying-Larger.gif)
(6.67 KB 32x32 TestGif_SMALL.gif)
(8.10 KB 160x160 TestGif_LARGE.gif)
>>330 Okay, after having this issue rattle around in the back of my brain all day, I had an epiphany as to what may be happening here. Looks like I was right. tl;dr, if a .gif has smaller dimensions than the minimum dimensions of the generated preview, it gets upscaled to those minimum dimensions as a .gif with only one frame.
>>331 *The PREVIEW image gets upscaled to the minimum dimensions of a preview image, rather. You get what I'm trying to say. Also it looks like transparency is lost.
Upgrade to Lynxchan 2.7.3 is complete. >>330 >>331 For transparency at least, it looks like a ffmpeg filter something like: -vf [0:v]split[a][b];[a]palettegen=reserve_transparent=on:transparency_color=ffffff[p];[b][p]paletteuse works. Not sure if there's a better way. The upscaling thing seems odd to me. I'll probably bug Lynx and see what he thinks.
Edited last time by mys_elf on 12/30/2021 (Thu) 07:17:47.
Site update: >Added embeds for PonyTube >Added embeds for Odysee (from Penumbralynx) >Added basic thread stats at the bottom of the page >Added ability to change the filename prior to upload >Added a tooltip to the filename previews to display the full name >Board links on the home page now link to the catalog by default >Faved boards also now link to the catalog by default
(515.05 KB 2928x3584 1483195832251.jpg)
>>334 >Pony squee
>>334 I quite like all of these additions. Nice work.
Just thought of a small suggestion. At the bottom of the homepage where it lists the amount of posts in the last hour, maybe change that to a wider timeframe, like posts in the last day, week, or even month? At least until a situation ever develops where activity greatly increases on here. I think it's a bit off-putting to most people when they land there and see zero posts, leading to the impression that this place is completely dead. I've seen some posts in the past on /mlp/ criticizing zero posts per hour thing, actually.
(61.80 KB 1078x739 1332579903921.png)
Suggesting a My Reports page like the boorus have and seconding >>339
(334.39 KB 657x730 343h45.png)
I think /mlp/ has the first ai generated shitpost slide threads seen on /pol/. https://boards.4channel.org/mlp/thread/38355569 Not surpsingly the trannyjanny does nothing to clean it up despite being totally incohrent from start to finish. If nhnb doesn't have any antibot defense you better get on that shit because we're in for choppy waters ahead.
>>389 Maybe instead of a captcha we should have to answer deep trivia questions only mega-autists know the answer to like how many Dutch Doors appear in the show and how many Derpy color variants appear in Winter Wrap Up.
>>389 Well then. That's a rather peculiar thread. I will agree that it definitely sounds like something that would come out of those gpt bots. >If nhnb doesn't have any antibot defense you better get on that shit because we're in for choppy waters ahead. We do have variable difficulty captchas at the ready if they ever do become necessary (and some other tools as well). So far we haven't really needed them and I'd like to maintain that for as long as we can. I've really come to enjoy the captcha-free posting experience. >>390 We will most likely keep with just a standard captcha if it's needed.
(17.85 KB 1075x126 image.png)
Just noticed that the CSP seems to be causing issues for custom javascripts.
>>401 This is a known issue with Lynxchan. For the time being I'd probably just recommend converting it to a userscript.
Just a head up, the paste in >>216 expires in 2 months. Might want to back it up somewhere.
>>430 Thanks for the heads up, saved.