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(568.47 KB 188x149 1632583865361.gif)
Anonymous 09/26/2021 (Sun) 18:59:04 Id:630dff No. 269
Hello, just wanted to ask if you would please consider adding a g5 board. Thanks!
>>269 a containment board would be ok with me as long as it doesnt spill over to the rest
no thank you
>>269 >>270 How much you pay for VPN? Wanted something like that for myself too.
>>269 I second this nigger. Currently I can only talk about flat dog butts on 4fag. And I dislike that cancerous place :c
>>274 you forgot ^:)
(1.75 KB 216x51 image.png)
>>273 I guess you cant read.
>>277 Let me guess, you hid all pony threads some time ago, before the shitwave, and posted the screencap now?
>>275 What is ^:) supposed to mean anyway? Never got its meaning.
>>279 Unicorn horn smiley
>>279 >What is ^:) supposed to mean fucking newfag offboarder faggot
>>269 I don't plan on it at the moment. >>279 ^:)
>>282 thank you
>>280 Ty fren. >>281 >fucking newfag offboarder faggot No, not at all. I just never got that one /)
>>282 So, no G5 discussions allowed then?
>>286 >no G5 discussions allowed then? As it stands now, correct.
>>287 Plz?
>>282 >I don't plan on it at the moment. Can I ask why?
>>289 The site is largely aimed at a FiM audience.
(3.98 MB 960x228 1632748638912.gif)
>>290 Will these butts change your mind?
(41.62 KB 800x613 Facehoof.jpg)
EWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEW G5 looks like the fucking minions movie and it's written by totally different people who don't give a shit about you. It's soulless garbage.
It could be worth considering once the series is out, a containment board would offer any newfags g5 brings in a better place than 4chin and so raise the overall site userbase. with a bit of luck they might find interest in g4 too and from what i can tell a majority of the screeching on /mlp/ is due to the mixing of both in certain threads. On the other hand it could also invite trolling and posting of g5 art on fim board and make moderation a pain in the ass for everyone. Still, i think the idea shouldn't be dismissed without giving it a thought. as questionable as the designs are they do have hooves
>>341 It could be worth considering for you to fellate a cactus or hug a powered-on buzzsaw.
>>341 What's the point? Don't they have other sites like reddit? Not every site needs to cater to every kind of scum. I like this place because it is simple and to the point, no noncannon SHIT.
>>342 >>343 >People can't like both >Le reddit Are you the legit shizo threatening to kill themselves on /mlp/? There's obviously bleedover from people who like g4 and g5 in the community and /mlp/, as long as it's quality then the site is only hurting yourselves. Thus far it's been nowhere NEAR as cancerous as PL or EqG, you have some shitposters but you get that with g4 anyways like the awful Twilight prompts. G5 containment board doesn't really have much downside as long as they stay in it.
>>270 >>344 I understand where you're coming from, but the bottom line is that this site wasn't made to replace /mlp/; it's a supplement for those out there who want to exclusively enjoy G4 FiM for one reason or another, and also an emergency bunker for the worst case scenario of either Hiro feeling spunky and deleting the board, or the Glowing Ones deciding that it's time to shut down the honeypot for good. Might it be an idea to broaden out to include G5 here in the future? Possibly(though I personally wouldn't like it), but for now there is simply no legitimate reason to. We'll have to wait and see how things develop as the G5 show rolls out.
>>345 Yeah, it's a site made for a very specific purpose. Trying to pack it with features for everything is like those dweebs who make unnecessarily large servers which have too many channels that no one uses on that fagbreeding app that is banned from this site. There are three boards and a very simple premise. It should stay that way. If you don't like the premise, nobody is forcing you to be here.
>>344 >>People can't like both No.
>>270 there already is a containment board. It's called /mlp
(278.76 KB 1247x1272 1644595358733.jpg)
I vote no G5 ever. No G5, no EqG, no Pony Life. All that stuff is low quality, soulless trash.
>>342 Kek
(29.77 KB 907x581 this.jpg)
>>466 I absolutely agree.