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In the recent event in /mlp/... Anonymous 02/22/2022 (Tue) 06:36:39 Id:dc5249 No. 361
...I need some answers. 1) What is policy about pride flags? About trannies? Is any critique about trannies deleted? 2) What is policy about Alicorn Twilight? Anonfilly? Diamond Dogs/Teenage Dragons/Parrots (2017 movie)/Abyssinians? Yaks/Nu-changelings/etc? G1, G2, G3, G5? Filly Funtasia? Them's Fightin' Herds? Now that /mlp/ has fallen to PC/LGBT agenda, I'm evaluating potential replacement for us, and if nhnb can be one, or it's just empty place where nothing can be discussed.
>>361 What's this all about? Haven't noticed any changes on /mlp/ recently besides a general decrease in activity. Who is "us"? Anyway, have you looked through the rules yet? That's a good place to start. https://nhnb.org/.static/pages/globalRules.html https://nhnb.org/fim/rules.html Regarding your other questions, this is a FiM exclusive imageboard, nothing else. That means the characters, races and other things from season 1 through 9 are all fair play, as long as it follows the rules mentioned above. TFH was just asked about recently. >>348 Don't know about the rest, board owner can comment on that.
>>362 What is "FiM"? Is Best Gift Ever, Rainbow Roadtrip, 2017 movie, Friendship is Forever, shorts included in this?
>>361 >us Who are those 'us'?
>>361 >1) What is policy about pride flags? About trannies? Is any critique about trannies deleted? In regards to what I think you're getting at, the pride stuff is more of a political thing and so would most likely be off topic here. >2) What is policy about Alicorn Twilight? Anonfilly? Fine. >Diamond Dogs/Teenage Dragons/Parrots (2017 movie)/Abyssinians? Mostly limited to depictions as they were in the show, basically don't violate GR2. >Yaks/Nu-changelings/etc Fine. >G1, G2, G3 Not banned. >G5 See board specific rules regarding it, but generally no. >Filly Funtasia? Them's Fightin' Herds Not banned. >>363 >What is "FiM"? Is Best Gift Ever, Rainbow Roadtrip, 2017 movie, Friendship is Forever, shorts included in this? Pretty much.
Edited last time by mys_elf on 02/22/2022 (Tue) 20:07:04.
>>365 I think a better question would be if nhnb will apply 'offtopic deletion' to more than just trannyflagfags which are purposefully shitting up the board but also colonizing it with janny approved spaces like /mlgbt/ There's been a big uptick of actual twitterfags leaking onto the board that's approved shitspam, largely stemming from 2-3 threads (FimFiction, TeamFortress2, Transformation) While at the same time you have political flavored pony posts that have been a staple of the fandom for ages that are now being swept up, ex:ukraine pony thread repeatedly deleted because of what's happening. This sort of thread and posts were fine until recently when some new trannyjanny started to take an axe to more of the board culture.
>>367 Oh, i did saw an FimFic bread choke full of tranny shit recently, i pretty stick to a few generals so i didn't noticed it was becoming widespread
(66.29 KB 1039x534 image.png)
(200.15 KB 1758x385 image.png)
(179.64 KB 1460x380 image.png)
>>368 As of right now there's a fag thread up to farm (You)s by trannies who are just using it to post lgbt shit and barely anything else, it's as off-topic as long rants with /pol/ but the trannyjanny isn't deleting this blatant offtopic lgbt shit. The trannies are also shitting up a trixie thread every time with their forced transie meme like OP is talking about. It's literally the same people, raiding one thread or another and spamming the board which is very noticeable. Ukraine getting yeeted https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/38262635/#38262635 https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/38256440/#38256440 Protected tranny thread. Pic is a response to one of the trannies, you cant call it degenerate or you get banned. https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/38252898/ Critisizing trannie trixie thread yeeted https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/38249794/#38249794 Trixie thread no trans shit allowed, people raid it with trans shit. https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/38254662 Hopefully this does a better job showing the problem than OPs vague nothing
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(84.16 KB 1199x279 image.png)
(70.21 KB 1423x202 image.png)
(62.58 KB 1844x225 image.png)
(36.62 KB 850x163 image.png)
In light of the tumor of /mlgbt/ finally being archived. It's very obvious that it's a discord coal-tranny /qa/ operation. It's no surprise that they picked G5 to shitpost a green and circlejerk with other discord niggers. This isn't the fault of g5 fags, it's coaltrannies using g5 as a fracture point, and doing it to put a wedge in and drive off g4fags. The next target is apparently Aryanne. Tourists who have no idea what they're talking about intend to "take aryanne back" because zigger stripped shitposting wasnt enough. This is specifically about replacing the old fandom culture with their new tumors, just as bad as barbiefags and why it needs to be made known. "This thread was never about politics" A blatant lie, it's entirely about the board culture and mutating it by pouring in outsiders that are incompatible with the old board culture.
>>380 Unfortunately, among the evident moderation bias, there is little we can do
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(168.33 KB 1863x519 image.png)
>>381 If off-topic /pol/ shit gets deleted then so should /lgbt/ look at this shit. It's literally just /lgbt/ on /mlp/ with occasional pony pictures.