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(49.46 KB 2023x317 barbienigger.png)
Anonymous 06/06/2022 (Mon) 00:25:02 Id:fc0142 No. 411
So, it turns out the latest wonderful decision by the /mlp/ moderation was to filter the word "barbienigger" in an attempt to discourage FiM fans from speaking out against EqG spammers. It's obvious that the jannies over there are furiously biased in favor of the barbiespammers, so the question is: How can this site become more active? Everything is here for a pony-only haven, but it feels like lots of ponyfags are still wary about switching sites, or don't even know this place exists.
>>411 What the 4chan moderation team decides to do with /mlp/ is quite literally not our problem. Yes, it's shitty what's happening over there, but no amount of obsessed schizo screeching will ever fix any problem while the current moderation team exists. If anything, all the moaning and bitching has ever served to do is make the problem worse by showing a dedicated group exists that can be effortlessly trolled, who will readily bite the weakest baits without fail with Lee-like dedication. As for making the site more active, that has already been extensively discussed in the thread dedicated to the topic. >>>/fim/43 In particular, I recommend reading this post >>>/fim/9215 Basically, trying to advertise that this place exists on /mlp/ is an uphill and mostly fruitless battle. There's two factors to this. First, most of the remaining FiM posters on /mlp/ have most likely been posting on /mlp/ for many years now. They have an understandably strong emotional attachment to the board. In their minds, it's the ONLY place to ever post; they'll either post there or sink with the ship. Second, besides simply being against the rules, acting like a shill is also horribly ineffective, because the people trolling with EqG are the same people who jump at any mention of this site with slander and misinformation. They control the narrative there. tl;dr? I think it's best to keep a lower profile instead of trying to force anons to come here and attracting bad attention. The deeper /mlp/ sinks into the depths, the more anons are naturally going to want an alternative. Most already know this place exists, so it's only a matter of time.
>>411 >How can this site become more active? I'd say probably working on more pone content would be the best way to attract people. People go to where there is content. Of course mentioning it where relevant. Just don't go too overboard on that or it may have a negative effect. We do run advertising campaigns from time to time. Other than that, you can look through >>>/fim/43 like the other guy suggested.
>>412 This nigga gets it.
>>412 I just got autobanned for pointing out a large faction of people driving the division of g4 and g5 is barbieniggers. The ban even applies to filenames pic related. But it isn't slander when nhnb fell for the forced meme and is run as a safespace that bans pony content you don't like, this place earned the FiMfag insult by diving head up your ass into purity spiraling that go well beyond relatively sane, and extremely asinine. Like how people can't draw without an autist throwing a shitfit and deleting ponies because its g5. >>413 Fact of the matter is g5 IS the new pone content, and has been slowly gaining interest and creativity. You aren't going to get anywhere by recycling the same stale water when the majority of /mlp/ are fine with something fresh which g5 gives the opportunity to do.
A link to desu would've been enough.
>>415 Post your ban
(80.74 KB 758x276 image.png)
>>416 I thought that desuarchive would have a record of the post, but it looks like autobans just get the shadowban treatment. Like OP says, it's 'barbienigger' that is autobanned and I figured that it wouldn't apply to filenames but that wasn't the case. So because of one fag with a bot, barbiefags now have true protected class status. >Zoonigger is fine >Hoofnigger is fine >any other -nigger suffix is fine >but if you say barbienigger then you get a 3 day bannu for you.
>>417 >copying and pasting somebody else's image from other thread Yeah, very funny, you fucking assclown. >I thought that desuarchive would have a record of the post, but it looks like autobans just get the shadowban treatment. Lmao. Literally lmao. You don't have a ban. Because you are a part of that protected class of shitters. And now you came here to try and start more shit in another place. Go the fuck back to your shitcord and stay there. You won't get enough ebin caps on a dead board with 2 posts a hour anyway.
>>418 People like you are why this place is dead because you drive everyone away with your autism. Mods here could easily look at my IP and see where I've posted or at least shoot down your retarded ass paranoia. Unironically kill yourself.
User was banned for this post.
>>415 >A link to desu would've been enough. Do you have eyes? Do you see a post number in the ban? Hmmm? Why don't you go test it for yourself if you're so sure, because I'm sure you'll get the same treatment. What an embarrassment of moderation.
(251.65 KB 629x294 Laughing_Mares.png)
>>419 >>420 >talks like a homeschooled retard >calls others autistic Pic related. Go back and stay go.
(75.79 KB 1200x630 laughingmares.jpg)
>>419 Also >used to samefagging so much, he didn't notice there are IDs
>>422 Daily reminder: The retards trying to infest /mlp/ for the last several years genuinely believe they are clever because the moderation there sucks their cock. They are all teenagers like the ayys they want to fuck, and are going to try to shitpost here even though every second post from them on /mlp/ is telling people to go to NHNB. They're so obvious it's almost pathetic. Hope they don't worm into the moderation here. They have no lives and have the rest of their teen years and 20's ahead of them.
>>423 I think a lot of their culture comes from an aggregate of "gamers", furries, and anime profiles. It's based on a shared meta irony, a "lol look how degenerate we are" mentality. In those sorts of communities it's so normalized to post lots of memes about liking loli or whatever other sexualized anime/furry thing that it is considered strange to question it. The same goes for their distaste for bronies, it's a loose meta ironic thing that hangs over them at all times and is unquestionable. They deflect, and they foster a self labeled "degenerate" atmosphere even when there are minors around. Psychoanalytically speaking my conjecture is that this behavior is a coping mechanism meant to seek affirmation for an infantile complex, as I have seen many cases of this. It would also explain why they hate bronies because they are offended by how childish it looks on a surface level, when ironically their behavior about anime and furries is more psychologically childish than My Little Pony, which is pro-social and by that virtue more adult.
>>424 >bunch of teenagers and 20somethings start worshipping horsepussy in 2010 and beyond >others hate it with a passion >new generation rises >perpetuate the original meme without original context >carry the torch with some retarded modern "understanding" There's a reason so many want to return to the past. Something they thought would last forever as it was morphs into retarded shit they no longer enjoy. Not only that, but the individual enjoying it changes with it. That said, I'll worship horsepussy until I die since the alternative sucks so bad. 2D mare is love, 2D mare is life.
(51.46 KB 680x649 TrollForTheTrollThrone.jpg)
>>424 They claim to be "degenerate," because the lolcows who actually care about "degeneracy" get mad about it. They hate bronies, because we spent 2010-2012 trolling the fuck out of them. I wouldn't do anything differently.
>>426 >They claim to be "degenerate," because the lolcows who actually care about "degeneracy" get mad about it. That's just a thinly vailed excuse for a lot of them. I have been around those kind of people enough to see genuinely depraved shit go down time and time again. Even if it started as "ironic" or to troll some lolcows, it has definitely slipped into genuine losers who fap to tf2 erp and vr chat all day. There is also the questionable aspect that most people in that culture are underage, so it's rampant with groomers. Most of them are just dweebs, lame but not to an unreasonable level. They normalize the environment that the worst of them capitalize on. After all, if it's not only OK but hip and cool to be a degenerate, they are more likely to turn a blind eye. It's basic conditioning.
>>427 So you're one of the lolcows who actually care about degeneracy. Say no more. I am going to go back to posting about wanting to fuck the horses on a kids' cartoon now.
>>411 Oh, hey, I didn't know there was a thread about this here. I can't stand lynxchan so I almost never come to this site, let alone this board. If anyone is interested, the banned words are "barbienigger" and "barbieshitter". Putting a space in between the words still triggers the filter. You get a 3 day autoban. I also have reason to believe they have abandoned this tactic in favor of something more sneaky. I think they have implemented a filter for certain insults to barbiefags that instead of autobanning you, auto reports your posts to them. I have no way to prove this, but I have noticed a consistent pattern with deletion times. They must have realized autobans are ineffective and new insults can be invented in a matter of seconds. Word of advice, they are going all out with bans, range bans and sometimes even perma bans. They are really mad. I would love nothing more than to see more people join in and start calling these faggots out, but not at the cost of getting themselves locked out of their own community because they don't know how to get around bans. The last thing /mlp/ needs is making more room for barbieniggers, so be careful. That said, if you are tech savvy enough, help would be welcome. If there is any interest about this subject, I could consider coming here to a dedicated thread more often, and post updates to the ever growing list of examples of mod abuse. It always gets deleted when it's posted on /mlp/ and it could use more visibility. I don't want to bring any drama here though, so I won't make any such thread myself.
>>443 Fuck off with your offtopic shit.
>>440 Every cellular provider within 200 miles of me is rangebanned. Also the mods today made it clear that even covered crotchtits are not allowed. Ever. Hecklers are allowed to shit up a pony thread until the mods delete it.
>>445 Got rangebanned as well, but my ISP is a cable one. I have a feeling they ban everyone who have said anything against the protected class or G%.
>>446 VPN. It's what folks always used to do. Or just say fuck it. it's not like anything good has been on /mlp/ in the past eight years.
>>447 Any decent VPNs?
>>448 Decent? Fuck no. That is, not unless you speak Russian, but you could probably bypass the range bans with some of the free VPNs that they post on anarchist websites in Onionland.
>>411 You should be using barbiezigger anyway faggot.
>>462 Tryhard.