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Lewd Greens Anonymous 09/18/2022 (Sun) 01:15:49 No. 872
Making this thread to make more general/explicit lewd stories. Since a lot of generals tend to stick more to feels and romance with only bits of lewd, this will be a good way to let loose and go all in on the carnal horse words.
https://nhnb.org/fim/res/11345.html Going to start with some /lewdleg/ because it would fit best here. I blame ">>39065639 >Still waiting for explicit Shine x Anon IF scenario."
>>873 Yay! The first literature thread in /clop/!
>Another summer night >Things have mellowed greatly, despite the mix-up of having three working mares under you >You've decided to spend your night in your room with Shiner >You lay on your side with three pillows under your head while she's trying to play some old RPG with self-imposed challenges rules >Apparently, only the protagonist and one other character are allowed to fight at all >Everyone else has to be killed and stay dead >You never saw the point of playing a game that way but it is entertaining >The frustrated growls and muttered curses are just a bonus "You sure it's possible to actually play it this way? It seems like you're getting your shit rocked." >"Oh, you fu... shut up." >She's mad >Actual mad >She goes from sitting up to flopping to her side, laying opposite of you >You nearly avoid one of her hind hooves that happened to see your chin as direct opposition >"How about some moral support for once? At work you're quick to remind me if I make a mistake, Jacky got to choose music for this morning and it sucked, I've been stuck grinding here for an hour and now I'm-" "You're trying to fight a boss that doesn't actually need to be killed." >"But it's there!" "And it doesn't really give you anything special." >"Screw you!" >Her argument is pretty solid, all things considered >By reflex you pat her flank with a lazy, heavy hand "Yeah... alright." >You shift so both of your arms are more free >You rest your other hand on her flank "So, what would you prefer? I beat on your butt like a bongo drum and act as a bard to buff morale?" >If one flinch from your pat wasn't enough, her leg reflexively hikes up when she feels both of your hands at the ready >"...well." >She sounds nervous >"...it's so I can beat the boss." "Sure." >You clear your throat with the theatrics of a stage performer and gently flex your fingers "Lord Ochu, your shit is weak. My Shiner ain't even at her peak." >Rather than actually beating her butt like a bongo drum, you're more patting her like some slam poetry hippy "You try to make poison her demise but she sees through that lame scheme with her sharp eyes." >Sudden drum solo that follows up with a sharp spank >Her only audible reaction is a sharp snort "Metal, blood, noise and fire... your death. Is her desire." >You end the drum beating with another solo that leads to your hands working on their own >Eyes on the screen, one hand goes for the mare's dock and the other goes right below >You pull up her tail and press your palm against her with genuine pressure behind the gesture >... >... >She's a lot thinner than Jackdown >Not just her flank but her labia too >... >... >Ah crap >You weren't supposed to go that far, were you? "..." >Expecting some sort of reaction, you hesitantly shift focus to Shiner's face >You expect some sort of smart reaction >Instead, she's staring dead ahead with wide eyes "..." >"..." >Her eye flickers over to you and straight back to the screen >Your hands remain in place and against her >Sure enough, she actually does perform better >It's a very slow process but between summoning smarter and turning it into a battle of attrition rather than some reckless bum rush... >She actually wins >Barely >One of her two playable character is dead and the other is on red health "Woah...nice." >"...y-yeah." >The cocky mare sounds breathless >"...wanna tell me what's going on there?" "...yeah. Sorry." >"Don't be." >The bedroom door shimmers in faint red and closes without a sound >A pair of stray floor-strewn shirts shimmer and push against the bottom of the bed >As if that is enough privacy for her, she wiggles in place and exhales >The force of that exhale is enough to lift some invisible weight off of her shoulders >"So... has Jacky really been so bad lately?" >Rather than try to make a story, you decide to own up to your slip >Your fingers flex and curl, petting in a downward motion
>>872 I think I've posted most of mine in the ponut thread already: >>53 >>54 >>515 And some others from there: >>55 >>615
>>874 I'm surprised we haven't had one sooner. >>875 >Your index and middle finger slide past her nub >Her entire body shudders "A little. Ever since we started working, she's been looking at me... differently? I don't know." >Your sense of mare affinity kicking in, your stroking devolves into just your two fingers sliding down >Her grunt matches a sudden forceful wink >Even if she's smaller than Jacky all around, her clit feels roughly the same size >If not a little bigger >There's no telling if that's it's natural state or due to something else >"M-makes sense. She's planning a lot of things with Prism, you know." >Another stroke >It causes another wink, hard enough to cause a wet squelch >"Guuaahhwd... t-that freaking boss was such a pain." >Shiner shakes her head, letting her tongue loll out for a moment >She hikes up her leg, breathing hard enough to make it sound like she actually had to do physical labor >This probably is the only thing magic can't solve "Yeah. Tell me about it." >Rather than stroke her sensitive little horn, you switch to spread her open >Her opening satisfies four out of your five senses >You feel how easy it is to open her >You see that she's aroused enough that she's already drooling >Drooling hard enough to have already stained the bed sheets >... >Not a unique stain to add, all things considered >You hear the delicious sound of her lower mouth opening, like she had been bubbling up far before you even touched her >And her scent >You've become long familiar with her scent >But now? >It's more potent >Full-bodied >It threatens to overwhelm the near permanent lingering scent of her earth pony sister "Guess work has been taking a toll on you too, huh?" >"Y-yeah... I guess so. Like yesterday wh-" >The beast in you doesn't let her finish >You shove your head down against her and give her clit a hard, quick lick >"Whe-eeEN?!" >Her sharp whine is met with a forceful wink that seems to want to fight back >Not one to turn down a fight, you shift tactics to give it a sharp suck >Starshine reacts with a sharp "uooh?!" >She repeats herself a few times, unable to stop from a sudden jet of liquid to spray out >You hold the base of her tail and lift up her leg, not allowing her even a chance to hide it >The thick consistency of her unicorn juice pools onto the bed, threatening to stain it so badly that it might even go through the mattress protector >You learned through Jacky early on that you needed something nearly industrial strength >And yet this little runt is going to seek to defeat it, apparently >Her head drops on the mattress, at a complete loss for words >Not only is her crotch slick and shining with mare slime, but the puddle is starting to go toward your torso >Her scent is nearly overwhelming >There's no way you could cover this with anything >The beast within isn't satisfied with this >You listen to her give some sort of defeated mewl and pull her close >Locking your arms around her lower legs, you devour her >You go between burying your face in her to find the fabled source of her nectar and sucking on her bead with enough force that you cause at least another two squirts >You're experienced enough to not be stop even after being blinded with hot victory >Which, in turn, only causes more tortured half-words from Shine >With Jacky, you've both learned the optimal pace >It's comfortable >Satisfying >...Makes for a good dessert, too >But with this cocky "empress"? >You want to show her how low leveled she is >You want to show her how far she has to go before she can genuinely compete >By the time you've finished, the unicorn is catatonic >You wipe your face against her flank, taking the chance to rub yourself all down her leg >It was shaking, and actively fighting you >At one point >Now it's just laying there, limp as a well-boiled noodle >You can finally see >And yet... >You can't smell anything >Her scent has permeated everything to the point your body can't register anything else
>>876 This will hopefully be at least a good hub for the lewd writings. >>877 >With some man handling, you grab Shine's mane >You lift her entire head up by it and shift her so she's laying on her side, on the same side >Her shoulder hits the warm puddle she made with a light ᵖˡᵃᵖ "So. What's next on your challenge run?" >Sparking Shine's eyes say it all >The lights are flickering and no one's home >She opens her mouth to speak but instead she sticks her tongue out >"...kss...?" >You think you know what that means >Putting your hand in your mane again and crossing an arm over her chest, you pull her in for a kiss >You're... >Used to kissing pony by now >An experience and skillset you never thought you would claim the title to >And yet here you are >You put that title to good use by further bullying her >Your tongue beats hers and coats the inside of her mouth with her shame >Her actions are slow and fatigued, like she's giving it her all >And you know she is >That's why, like in every fighting game, you have to not just win >But you have to dominate >You have to conquer >Through that kiss, you physically conquer the magic mare >You release her, only to lick her lips after >The beast inside has such an alien thrill at her taste >At how much smaller and weaker she is >She must be able to see it >That glossy, empty look in her eye shifted to something else >Something a little more... >Is it fear? >Or excitement? >Her gasping for breath is somehow the least telling sign of what's running through her mind >"A...non...!" "Hm?" >You don't have the mental capacity to use your words >"...d-do it." >That's all you need to hear >You pull down what little clothing you have below and lift yourself up >Your side is utterly drenched >Now that you see it, so is the majority of the bed now >And in the center, soaking it all in with her vaguely longer coat and ruined, wild mane >The cause of all of this >Is laying there on her back >Terrified >Exhilarated >And trying to open her hind legs are far as they can possibly go >Rather than simply impale her, you lean back on your knees and aim yourself skyward >You've never seen that particular look on her face when she realizes what you are >The true differences between fillies and colts >And, especially now, the difference between a man and a mare >You bend it down so it goes between her teats >There isn't much there but her nipples are poking out through her coat >More so than usual, anyway >With Jacky, you can usually play with those but you think that would just kill her from the anticipation >You push forward, showing her just how far inside it will go "...do it?" >She nods just enough to let you know that she would never live it down if you simply stopped there >So you don't >You pull back and aim toward her >Resting one hand on her ribcage, you push forward in one go >Shine's soul nearly leaves her body in that instant >Her eyes widen and her jaw drops like she's trying to scream >Actually, she is >But a glowing red shimmer around her throat stops it from being more than some quiet whining noise >Due to the positioning, you aren't all the way in >The fumbling alone causes another thick squelch of mare cream to gush onto you >And more onto the mattress >Good thing it couldn't tell stories >It wouldn't shut up for at least two full years >You push again and hilt the unicorn >Finding the right way to enjoy her, you end up on top of her with your full weight holding her down and both arms wrapped around her >Face in her neck, you begin to pump at her >What starts as slow and deliberate turn to faster and more forceful >Harsh, for a virgin like her >It's been how long since you've felt this good...? >Almost everything is completely different >But it's what you're used to >It is what your body has been conditioned to crave and prefer, above all else
>>878 >Before you even realize it, you falter in your pump just long enough to feel yourself twitch >You're cumming >Unwilling and unable to stop yourself or even slow down, you squeeze the gaming mare with all of your strength and stab into her like your life depended on it >You feel another hot gush erupt against your lap >She's trying to kick you away but her hind legs are only good at scraping your sides >Or is she trying to leg lock you? >The red shimmering at her throat bubbles upward until it covers her head >Then your head >Then the bed >The entire room >The ear-piercing scream she emits hurts enough that you transfer it into one last stand of brutalizing her the way only a man can >It falters and revs back up between your motions and yet another orgasm being reached >By the time you stop, you've buried yourself into her by the hilt >You felt like you've relieved yourself no less than ten times >Of course, that couldn't happen naturally >You must have just been that severely pent up >The red bubble of the room starts to deflate until it's covering just your head and hers >It must be acting as some sort of magic muffler >"Y...you win. I..." >The use of magic must have made her find some of her lost marbles >Or maybe she came herself out of her coma >"I-I submit. My emperor." "That's a good empress." >You orally seal the accord between powers >This time, it is more of a mutual exchange of affection >You're less battering down her barriers and seeking a killing blow >And more leading her, letting her explore and even push back enough to the point her tongue invades your mouth >"Stay." "Alright." >The beast has won >Rather than get out from on top of her, you pass out on the pony, your heroic land buried in the heart of the sorceress
>>879 >You awaken to someone clearing their throat >You recognize tha- >Oh shit >Oh fuck >"...hey there, Anon." >Jacky is sitting on the bed with you >On a pillow, looking down at you >"You had fun there?" >You're beyond paralyzed >Your eyes go down >That pillow is... shiny >They go down further >Speaking of, Shiner is awake >She looks completely satisfied with herself >"Do what you need to do, Jacky. I've already won." >Jacky gives an angry snort >The death squint she's giving you >It... >It... >Something about it >It's kinda working for you >Shiner gasps and looks at you >"W-what are you doing? Now? Seriously?!" "...I'm not doing anything." >You lock eyes with the Count Jackula >"J-jacky, get him off of me! He's waking up." >"I know." >"You know?!" >Rather than sound angry, she sounds downright horrified >"He's WAKING UP!" >"I know." >That tone and that stare >She leans back and lifts up one of her hind legs >She's aroused >The stone-cold death glare does seem especially sharp >Is it due to that? >"...the deal was that I let Anon do this and you'll make sure I can have foals. Right?" >"What the hell are you talking about, I can't feel ANY of my body, get him off of me he's a freaking animal!" >"Anon?" "...y-yeah?" >"You're gonna get it. But first, SHE is gonna get it. And what you're gonna do is more than I ever could." >"W-what are you saying? W-we're sisters, right? Best friends?" >"That's right. But Anon tends to catch his second wind in the morning. And the harder the night went, the harder he would bounce back." >Shine starts to genuinely struggle underneath you >Maybe not... genuinely >Her hips are vigorously curling upward in an attempt to swallow more of you >You can see the gleam in her eye >This isn't some sort of game to her >Is it? >"G-get him off! I'll trade places, I won't do it again!" >"Too late for that, Sparky. Get 'er, Anon." >With the door open and the cat out the bag, you begin to work yourself against Sparking Shine >The longer it goes on, and the more you watch Jack >The more a sadistic smile creeps along her face >"By the way, when you're done, remember that we're now only an hour late for work." >You can hear Prism casually speak and trot by, as if this entire situation somehow isn't beyond the realm of possibility to her >"You hear that, Anon? We're calling in sick." >The frantic screaming and squelching from the unicorn carries throughout the entire apartment complex ... ... ... >Three days later, you get a series of strongly worded letters under your door that range from threats of calling the leasing office to calling the police under the excuse of murder >You ignore them >It was only attempted murder
https://ponepaste.org/8003 XXX Scenario N: Neglected. Let's see how much interaction this sort of thing gets.
>>877 >I'm surprised we haven't had one sooner. I'm not. What does /clop/ have 4 posts per month? It makes /fim/ look like light speed... no, dare I say ludicrous speed.
>>882 That's brutal. Here's hoping that maybe this will encourage a few people?
>>883 I am busy as hell, but maybe I will find time to drop some porn. Who is your favorite character?
>>884 Mane six or otherwise? Trixie holds a close place to me.
(218.71 KB 787x900 001_NitSP.jpg)
>>885 Trixie it is then. Are you Flarefag? Post-Starlight Glimmer or pre-Starlight Glimmer? Comedy or no? Pinecones or no pinecones? Solo act or lovely assistant?
I dig a flaremare, yeah. Never watched beyond S3 so I don't really know her with Glimglam. She's a pretty comedic sort so it fits well with her. No clue on pinecones but she does her best work when bouncing off of someone else.
>>887 I don't know what a "flaremare" is, but I copy the rest loud and clear. I will get to work. Fair warning: I will be a while. Internet history: "Flarefag" was what Equestria Daily website owner Sethisto was known as before Gen 4 came into existence. He was strangely fixated upon a single drawing of a one-winged dragon called Flare which he repeatedly posted on 4chan's /co/ and /tg/ boards. He would later fixate on Cynder from the Spyro video game series and then on Trixie when FiM aired. He was the source of much lulz and a significant amount of rage when other Anons started posing as him to troll the afore-mentioned boards.
Looking at how /fim/ makes an SFW art pack, maybe we should try and make NSFW art pack? If not with drawings then maybe at least with stories?
>>888 Flare mare meaning futa. That is quite a show though. >>890 I did think about joining in on the SFW pack by writing a thing but nothing really struck me as a story idea that stuck. I didn't see a big deal in me being a part of it or not. If there's a lewd pack, I wonder if Neglect would work for it. Casual, short lewd read. Not sure what the standard would be.
>>891 Perhaps we could pick a common theme and write a couple of short snippets under that premise? Like "You, your waifu and cunnilingus" where each of anons picks his waifu and writes about how would their session of lovemaking would look like?
>>892 That would be interesting. I'm sure the only way most anons would be interested would be due to art. Can't think of any that are chomping at the bit to read.
>>893 Maybe a short read would inspire some one to draw at least a doodle?
>>894 Like a visual aid to a scene? That would be cool. I just don't know many artists. Outside of a few shitpost requests, I don't think I would be able to request something selfish like that.
>>890 We were barely able to rally the forces for the art pack on /fim/ as is; I don't see it working.
>>898 Sex usually sells better?
>>899 If that was the case /clop/ would not be dead.
>>899 >sells I wouldn't want to do anything for money. I think it would be cool to do a pack but it should just be for kicks. Screw those sorts of guys who refuse to do anything unless there's financial incentive. >>900 That's true too. I didn't realize how little traffic this board got. I partially blame sticking so close to my /bootleg/ home.
>>901 >I wouldn't want to do anything for money That was just a figure if speech. Never wanted to dip in anything involving money either.
>>888 >The Great and Powerful Trixie was a mistress of True Magic >True Magic was illusion, and it was very different from what the laypony would call "magic" >To him, magic was what unicorn fillies did when they levitated an empty ceramic bowl before their parents' faces to beg for a second helping of ice cream >But True Magic, definitively, was making what is impossible happen >Thus, it was wholely in the wonder of those who witnessed it >To make the impossible happen to the wonder of all--only that feat deserves the moniker of True Magic >For what could one call the impossible made real except "illusion?" >That some simple folk would call illusion fake magic only betrayed their inability to understand the nature of truth >Trixie had long endured such ignorance >At every town in which she had performed her act it would inevitably rear its ignorant head >It had done thus at her most recent stop to terrible effect >Those two bubble-headed boobies had summoned an actual Ursa Major due to their own inability to comprehend the difference between illusion and historical record <"Guh!" Trixie grunted as she pulled her recently-repaired wagon up the last leg of the Canterhorn Trail that terminated upon the gate of the great walled city before her--Canterlot >The uneven cart wheels creaked as she pulled them through the great stone arch just as they had since she had begun her trek up this interminable mountain >The guards who were ceremonially manning the arched gate to the city wall barely spared her and her cart a dismissive glance as she trundled by them >With a flick of her heard, she tossed the broad brim of her magician's hat back and affected the proud posture of a great prestidigitatrix--one who had most certainly not spent the better half of a day scaling a nearly vertical road with a huge cart latched to her back <"Hmph," she scoffed at the guards, her nose pointed skyward >Glancing from side to side around her upturned nose, she noticed that the throngs that patronized the nearby stalls and shops likewise had their noses in the air, and many wore elaborate capes much like her own albeit less spledidly magical in appearance <As she pulled the creaking wagon onto the cobblestone city street, Trixie said to herself, "Could it be that Trixie has at last found ponies after her own great and powerful heart? For these ponies I shall deliver my most astounding performance to date!" >A few subtle inqueries made in which Trixie most certainly did not sweat or pant in exhaustion led Trixie to the great square located directly in front of the royal palace enterance >here acts of all manner would be performed for the entertainment of all free of charge save for any donations generously offered >It was also a great place to be noticed <"Surely here any number of potential wealthy patrons will happen upon Trixie's magical spectacular and be awed and enchanted--so enchanted perhaps that one will offer Trixie a place in his manor so that she may entertain his household?" >Performing traveling shows paid for food and lodging but little else >For an artist to live her best life, she needed a wealthy benefactor to take her into his care >A hopeful grin spread across Trixie's face as she went about setting up her stage amidst the cacophanous bustle of a crowd that knew well to expect and avoid construction in the royal square >Trixie had much experience assembling her stage, and it was well before dusk when she finished >It was a simple pinewood affair with a purple heavy woolen drape that would both add to ambiance and to cover certain unwanted sightlines that might betray the illusions >trapdoors were surruptitiously set under the guise of setting up the fireworks pinwheels >She placed a plain-looking wooden table with a star-spangled box on top of it stage left >A tall black cabinet--well taller than a normal pony--she stood stage right >She confirmed that the usual necessary props were hidden within secret pockets in her cape and hat [spoiler]More to come, I know it's a slow build-up, but I want to
>>899 >>900 Kind of funny the way things worked out. >>903 It's an interesting start.
>>903 >Most ponies in the square offered the stage only a passing glance as they trotted on their respective ways >A scant half-dozen stopped to loiter with casual interest >From center stage Trixie took quick stock of her audience >A couple peons likely without more than a bit to spare >A few ostentatious merchants with money but likely no inclination to part with it >A petty noble, likely a squire, who may be generous with the donations even if he could almost certainly not afford to keep an entertainer on retainer >Trixie sighed under her breath <"Show time" >She sashayed to lower-center stage with her tail swishing the hem of her cape behind her to add a subtle hint of sexy to her act that she hoped the squire would approve of <"Fortune favors you, Canterlot, for tonight, and tonight only, you will be permitted to witness jaw-dropping feats of magic that can only be performed by the most amazing unicorn in all of Equestria: The Great and Powerful Trixie!" >With a magical spark she ignited the pinwheels and a pair of skyrockets that flew into the air from behind the stage >Though the sun was still up, the long shadows cast by the tall towers of the city provided a fine backdrop for the colorful sparks to stand against >Trixie drew herself up on her hind legs and kicked her forehooves >The move had the double-benefit of adding to the drama and of showing off her toned underside and pink, foal-like teats >As unpleasant and demeaning as pulling a large wagon around the country was, the exercise had certain physical benefits >The audience watched with casual disinterest, including the squire >A crack in Trixie's stage persona nearly took form on her face when she spotted a strange couple of ponies from the passing crowd who were stopping to watch the show >Both mares were fairly tall and had uncommon angular features that made them appear not unlike the stone statues that one would find in old manor homes or in ancient mausoleums >The cobalt blue unicorn in an uncommonly large and anachronistic winter shawl that hid most of her body from sight was bouncing in excitement and coaxing the white pegasus with a pink mane and an enormous sun hat that was laden with a full bouquet of flowers over to Trixie's stage >The white one obliged with an indulgent smile and, when the blue one trotted in front of her, gave her a lover's nip at her neck >The blue one yelped and looked about in fear before realizing that no one on the street had taken note >The pair giggled happily like children who had gotten away with mischief <"All across Equestria," Trixie declared with a sweep of her foreleg, "The Great and Powerful Trixie has bested all of the great magicians!" >Bold claims raise the expectations of the gullible and raise the ire of challengers who might make fun foils on-stage <"Indeed, Trixie knows no rival in the realm of magic save... " >She looked across the square at the royal palace, its pale walls tinted orange by the setting sun <" ...Princess Celestia herself!" >The tall couple who had found a place in front ot the stage noticibly perked up >The white one wore a playful grin and the blue one rolled her eyes <Jackpot, Trixie thought >Producing a long-stemmed rose from a pocket of her cape in such as way as to make it seem as thought it had emerged fromt he thin air between her forehooves, Trixie stalked left and right across the stage, making a show of scrutinizing the audience members <"To perform the feats of wonder that will soon grace this stage, The Great and Powerful trixie will require a lovely assistant from the audience." >She wheeled about and flourished the rose at the white pegasus with the big hat <"You, miss. You will do nicely. Please join Trixie on-stage" >With a smug grin that told of a secret, the white pegasus alighted the stage >Trixie stuck the rose into her giant hat as she climbed up, adding it to the bouquet atop the pink-haired pony's head >Concern gnawed at Trixie as she watched the pegasus climb, her long legs flexing and her pink tail flagging
(2.38 MB 2250x1800 2512818_DEVO87_trixie_show_2.png)
>>905 >Perhaps this lovely assistant was a bit too lovely >It wouldn't do to have her outshine the star of the show >As quickly as the thought entered her mind, Trixie tamped it down >As if anyone could hope to upstage Trixie >None the less, this new assistant was most certainly trying >After throwing the audience a coquettish glance over her shoulder, she turned about to face them like a model on a runway and offered them a graceful Canterlotian curtsie that earned her the first round of subdued applause that the audience had offered that night >It also favored Trixie with an obtuse view of a svelt and fillyish set of hindquarters in a shallow bend >The pink undertone beneath a bright white coat, the childish cutie mark of three smiling sun faces in a triangle, and the only-lightly padded muscle beneath her unblemished flesh reminded Trixie of a very old painting of idealized youth >The Mistress of Illusion had the beginnings of a suspicion that another illusionist stood before her >Trixie narrowed her eyes and scrutinized the too-perfect body of the white pegasus hoping to find some flaw >"Enjoying the show, Miss Trixie?" the mysterious assistant whispered as she flipped her tail from one side to the other as if satisfying a nervous itch >A deep blush tinted Trixie's cheeks--all four of them--a visible purple >She tore her gaze away and turned to the audience >one of the merchants was snickering <"Whu-? Trixie has no idea what you mean, lovely assistant" >Swallowing her embarrassment she reared up again and announced <"For the show has not yet begun! Now, lovely assistant tell us all your name." >"Oh, my name is Sunny Buns, Miss Trixie," the white pegasus said >Her blue unicorn companion snorted so hard that she went into a coughing fit <"Sunny Buns," Trixie repeated around a narrow-eyed, unamused frown >Sunny Buns' face remained the perfect image of honest innocence I'll be back later. Work beckons. I had hoped to describe Celestia in a form similar to what Luna looked like at the end of "The Elements of Harmony," the idea being that she would be trying to go incognito along with the recently-freed and still relatively unknown Luna as a pair of foreign travelers.
(163.19 KB 521x288 109497.gif)
>>906 Thank you, writefren!
>>906 <So, she is merely a comedian >Trixie would have "hmphed" were she not in front of an audience >Well, if this comedian wanted a laugh, then Trixie could adapt to that like any great performer such as herself would >Her routine did seem to be warming up the previously ice-cold crowd, after all >Trixie would allow "Sunny Buns" one act and then get her off of the stage before she could make it her own <"And are you ready to expereince for yourself the awesome and terrifying magic of The Great and Powerful Trixie?" she said over a sly and malevolent grin. >"Why, I can hardly wait," Sunny Buns responded in one fluid exhale. Her magenta irises glinted like flame in the orange light of the setting sun. <"Then follow me, Sunny Buns," Trixie said as she swung around behind Sunny Buns with a dramatic swoosh of her cape and glided stage left on quick hooves, "to the Box of Certain Doom!" >Trixie, looking like a a model on a game show presenting a contestant with a fabulous prize, held out both of her forelegs toward the star-covered box standing upon the strategically mirrored wooden table >Sunny Buns followed with practiced grace in her long limbs that reminded Trixie of a countess who had attended her show in Baltimare >She circled the table and stared at the box with wide eyes, looking every bit the part of a curious and excited filly who was seeing True Magic for the first time >Trixie was not fooled >She lifted the lid of the box to display its black velvet interior to Sunny Buns' eager eyes <"You can see, my lovely assistant, that the box is both empty and solid on all sides" >Playing the part well, Sunny Buns reached a slender forehoof inside the open box and sounded her hoof twice against each interior surface of the box before nodding to Trixie <"Then, if you dare, alight and lay yourself within its magical confines," she ordered while using an accompanying flourish to disguise her left hind hoof striking a latch on the table to unlock the spring-loaded bottom inside the box that would give downward under the weight of a pony >"Do you want me inside your pretty box, Miss Trixie?" Sunny Buns asked with a maddeningly earnest expression <"Yes," Trixie deadpanned, still stuck in her dramatic pose >Trixie heard one of the peons in audience say, "I bet she does" to the laughter of her friend >"I can think of nothing that I would like more," Sunny Buns teased with a sly wink that she kept hidden from the audience by turning her head such that the wide brim of her flowery hat covered her face >The lovely assistant stepped up onto the table and then layed upon her back inside the box with her long and slender neck resting on the padded hole so that her head poked out the end of the box, her great sun hat looking comical as it continued to stick fast to her head <"Allow me," Trixie said as he lit her horn for the first time on stage >Her magical aura gripped the brim of Sunny Buns' hat and gave a soft tug >The hat continued to cling to Sunny Buns' head >"No!" Sunny Buns yelped and stared up at Trixie with pleading eyes >"This hat was given to me by my dear sister who has only just come home to me from far away. I simply can not bear to part with it." >She turned a tender gaze into the audience and found the eyes of her blue companion who silently mouthed "I love thee" back to her <Ah ha! She is an illusionist after all, Trixie thought. I should reveal the fruad now. <She thought twice, But that would spoil my own act as well as hers >Trixie looked at the audience and saw that it had grown larger since she last looked, and they were watching closely, fully invested >She looked back at Sunny Buns lying on her back in the box and, for the first time, looking completely vulnerable >Her tightly-furled wings--which Trixie noticed for the first time were quite large--hugged her flanks >Her long legs were drawn against her body >Her preternaturally perfect pink flesh showed on her belley where her coat was thin >Trixie's eyes trailed downward
>>909 Stupid character limit cut the lewd sequence in half! Gay. I will continue tomorrow.
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>>909 >Sunny Buns' body had slid into the hidden recess created by her weight on the springs which allowed pale grey shadows to thinly obscure her deepest recesses >Althought Trixe had, of course, closely examined many sets of lovely feminine neathers before- <When was the last time I bedded a groupie? Oh right, never. Wait! Do roadies count? >Trixie decided that they did >Althought Trixe had, of course, closely examined many, many sets of lovely feminine neathers before, Sunny Buns' were captivating--a soft curve veiled in shadow and openly hiding secrets >"I say, what manner of show is this?" came an indignant call from the audience >Trixie jerked her head up from the Box of Certain Doom, looking very much like a foal who had been caught with her face inside the cookie jar, and found, to her crushing dismay, that it had been the squire who had spoken >The Great and Quick-thinking Trixie declared, <"Trixie was confirming with her own expert eyes that the weight of my lovely assistant's hat will not unbalance the delicate magics inside the Box of Certain Doom. <One can never be too safe when dealing with magic of such power," she finished with forced confidence in her voice <"The Great and Magnanimous Trixie has confirmed that you may keep your hat on," Trixie said to Sunny Buns with a condescending nod >The crowd giggled and murmurred >The teasing smile was back on Sunny Buns' face, but Trixie found that it had softened >"Thank you, Miss Trixie," she said with disarming sincerity >Trixie could not help but grin back, but she quickly mastered herself <"Do not be so quick to thank Trixie, for it is now time for... " >Trixie's horn lit, and five gleaming--but secretly dull--sabres floated on-stage from behind the heavy purple curtain <" ...The Blades of Certain Doom!" Trixie announced to the audience, projecting her voice as far as it would carry >The audience whispered amongst themselves, wondering if this bawdy act was actually going to have some magic in it >The sabres took their respective places around the box and pointed menacingly at the prone figure trapped inside >Trixie secured the lid of the box over her lovely assistant with locks giving audible clicks that disguised her covering Sunny Buns' legs with a sliding panel >Sunny Buns asked with a nervous voice that helped to disguise the fact that she knew that her body was nestled safely within the hidden compartment, "Oh, Miss Trixie, is this going to hurt?" <"Fear not, my lovely assistant," Trixie said in her stagey voice, pleased that Sunny Buns was playing along, "For though your flesh shall be pierced most savagely, you will feel not the slightest discomfort." >Sunny Buns turned her head to the audience and deadpanned, "I've heard that one before." >groans and laughs in equal measure responded <"Since you like jokes so much, Miss Sunny Buns, here's a punch-line" >With a flourish of Trixie's horn, the five sabres slammed into the box with such sudden force that it shocked the breath out of the audience which had gotten accustomed to watching a pure comedy routine >The genuine gasp of surprise that Sunny Buns uttered in the moment imbued the air with such drama that the square was struck silent >Without a word, Trixie used her teeth to forcefully rip the sabres out of the camoflagued pre-made slits in the boxes walls and spitting them upon the stage >As she did so, she surruptitiously retracted the inner panel, and, when the last sabre was removed, she released a second set of springs under the compartment that lifted Sunny Buns' body back into the box <Trixie struck a pose and shouted into the silence, "And now, Canterlot, behold the magical protection of the Great and Powerful Trixie!" >Her horn lit once again, and the latches that had been holding the box together fell apart >The walls of the box fell down to reveal a whole and unharmed Sunny Buns lying on the table, her great wings falling open from relief to be out of t
>>911 >The walls of the box fell down to reveal a whole and unharmed Sunny Buns lying on the table, her great wings falling open from relief to be out of their confinement >hoof-stomping applause rolled from the audience, and it was the sweetest of musics to Trixie's ears Dumb character limit.
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>>912 >Sunny Buns was similarly affected by the applause >She rolled off the table and onto her hooves before throwing herself into a wing-assisted backflip and landing center-stage >Trixie bowed while allowing her hat to hide the stink eye that she was giving Sunny Buns <Time to get rid of this scene-stealer >Trixie gave Sunny Buns a none-too-gentle hip bump that got a playful giggle in respose <"Thank you for your assistance, Miss Sunny Buns. Now, if you will retake your seat," Trixie said as she pushed the troublesome assistant stage-right and back toward the spot where her blue companion was sitting in the audience, "Trixie will continue her show." >"Oo, what does this box do?" Sunny Buns said as Trixie continues to hip check the larger pegasus across the stage <"That's the Cabinet of Realms," Trixie turned to her audience mid-bump and announced, "which Trixie shall demonstrate next!" >"I wanna see," Sunny Buns said as she hopped away from Trixie and up to the cabinet <"Get away from that," Trixie said, stumbling from a missed hip check >Heedless, Sunny Buns opened the tall cabinet door and slipped inside, the brim of her wide hat squeezed upward by its tight walls <"Hey!" Trixe tried to stop her, but Sunny Buns closed the door before Trixie could catch her >Trixie stomped a hoof in frustration >Except for the blue unicorn in the large shawl, the audience laughed, thinking that this was part of the routine >Seeing an opportunity to keep the show going, Trixie wheeled about to face them and annouced, <"The dimension-bending magic of The Great and Powerful Trixie shall get her out of the Cabinet of Realms" >She reared up on her hind legs and waved her forelegs as though she were casting a spell >As she was about to step on the hidden lever that released the trapdoor inside the box, its tall door yawned open >"Gotcha!" Sunny Buns siezed Trixie by the shoulders and yanked her inside the cabinet, the door slamming closed behind the pair >Outside, the reactions in the audience were varied >The blue unicorn sighed and rolled her eyes >The squire looked uncomfortable as he watched the enthusiastic cat-calling of the peons >The merchants and the newcomers laughed and offered one another the occasional knowing nudge >Inside the cabinet that had been built for one, Trixie and Sunny Buns were pressed against one another chest-to-chest with their forelegs propped upon one another's shoulders >Sunny Buns, being the taller, stared down her nose at Trixie with a teasing grin >Quite cozy in here, isn't it?" she said while wiggling against Trixie <"Release me at once! You are ruining Trixie's show," Trixie complained while thrashing about, the resulting thuds and wobbling looking far less than innocent from the outside >"I think the show is going quite well," Sunny Buns said in a breathy whisper that tickled Trixie's ear >Trixie stilled, the intimacy taking her out of the moment >She felt the warm breath on her neck and the steady beat of a heart against her own, smelled the bouquet of flowers above their heads, heard... >Trixie heard the audience outside whistling and making lascivious remarks, their laughter teasing >Trixie heard no awe, no wonder >A sob pushed its way up her chest and past her lips before she knew it was coming >Her past failures and her now-dashed hope of finding a benefactor took center-stage in her mind >Sunny Buns' grin melted into a frown of horror and regret >Trixie was angered by the sight <"If you had wanted to be a partner in Trixie's act, you could have asked her before the show," she said while striking her forelegs upon Sunny Buns' shoulders <"Of course, Trixie would have said 'no.' And if you had truly wanted to bed Trixie, I... " <She held back the words I am so alone >Trixie hung her head and allowed tears to streak down her face >Sunny Buns' voice dropped several tones, "Oh, my little pony, I am so sorry," she said in a warm, motherly voice that Trixie had to look up to confirm belonged to the same mare >"I will not ask you to forgive me un
>>913 >til I have made this right."
>>913 Liking this quite a bit! Please, write more.
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>>915 I am glad to hear it. Honestly, I was not sure how a feelsy bit would work in the middle of an innuendo-heavy comedy. I'll keep going on this until it gets done. Don't worry--Trixie has a happy ending in both senses of the phrase. But first, work and sleep.
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>>913 >Sunny Buns removed her forelegs from Trixie's shoulders and braced herself against the door and the back wall of the Cabinet of Secrets >Trixie was surprised to find that she missed being held >A muted golden light that seemed to come from Sunny Buns' flowery hat illumunated the dim interior <So, the trick that her ridiculous hat was hiding was a horn! ...But I saw her flip in the air. >Before Trixie could puzzle through the illusion, the trapdoor beneath the cabinet fell open, and she fell through it with a squeal and landed beneath the floorboards of the stage >Trixie pushed her own hat back and stared upward through the trapdoor at Sunny Buns'long pink tail >Reddish eyes peered down at Trixie around the flowing hair, and Sunny Buns said, "Meet me at the gate." <"What?" >was all Trixie got out before the golden light in Sunny Buns' hat re-ignited >As an Aura enveloped Trixie, Sunny Buns flicked her tail to the side and gave Trixie a parting wink before the world around her imploded into a speck of light the size of a pinhole and then burst out around her again >Trixie first registered that she was laying on her back on top of soft, warm sod >There were manicured topiaries and flower beds on either side of her, and in a courtyard behind her, a marble statue of a pony seemed to be prancing atop her pedistal in the middle of a seashel-decorated rococo-style fountain >Trixie was in the most beautiful garden that she had even seen >The notion that Sunny Buns had accidentally killed her and sent her to Elysium had just entered Trixie's mind when she heard a great gasp coming from a crowd beyond a tall white wall >The palace wall >Trixie is inside the palace garden! >Looking about frantically, she saw the arched gate with its pair of armored guards >The square where she had been performing was just on the other side >Trixie galloped to the gate and peered around the corner at the great square >Half of the crowd was sitting back on the cobblestone in shock, and the other was bowing their heads >There on-stage, the empty Cabinet of Realms behind her, stood Princess Celestia sans regalia >To Trixie's horror, she looked annoyed >The princess' pillow-soft voice carried across the square, "It looks like Trixie has done it again." <Trixie's knees shook But it wasn't Trixie! It was that Sunny- "Wait, how does the princess know Trixie?" she said while the pieces in her teleportation-addled head fell into place >"Now, if you will all excuse me, my little ponies," Celestia said as she flared her enormous wings, "I have a very important date to prepare for." >With a single beat of her wings, the princess was in the air and flying over the crowd in Trixie's direction >Trixie suddenly realized that she had actually struck Princess Celestia upon the shoulder and ducked behind the gate >Celestia brought herself to a stop mid-air before the gate and turned back to the crowd >"I suppose, since I'm already out here, I should get this taken care of," she announced with a playful lilt >Brilliant light radiated from her, casting the square a shimmering gold, and the sun completed its journey downward and beneath the horizon >As Celestia's magic faded, darkness shrouded the square before gas lamps upon poles puffed to life and cast their warm orange glow upon the assembled crowd >Without another word, Celestia swooped under and through the arched gate >The two armored guards on either side of it were non-plussed as though the princess' antics were not any manner of oddity >Once beyond the gate, Celestia swung around behind the wall and landed right in front of Trixie's hiding place, giving the little magician a start >Trixie backed her backside up against the sun-warmed wall and stared slack-jawed at the undisguised form of her lovely assistant >Celestia bit her lip impatiently, listening to the excited rumbling of the crowd beyond the wall >In a flash, she vanished and "Sunny Buns" appeared in her place
>>917 Yay, Princess Molly!
>>917 >The re-disguised Celestia, still in her flowery hat looked Trixie straight in the eyes and said in her playful Sunny Buns voice, "I've been a very bad girl." >The forbidden fantasies that every adolescent entertained about their deific ruler flooded Trixie's mind >The palace wall that Trixie's hindquarters were pressed against felt cold of the sudden <"Bad girl," Trixie mumbled while staring back into Celestia's eyes >"My inexpert fiddling with the delicate magics inside the Cabinet of Secrets caused us to re-emerge inside the Princess' boudoir," Celestia dictated <Is Trixie being invited into the Princess' bodoir? >Trixie trembled in excitement >The wall now felt wet as well as cold >"You only hope that the Princess doesn't find out what we did. She would be most upset given how forgiving she was the last time that this happened," Celestia finished with a playful smirk >This didn't fit the fantasy at all <Oh! She is giving Trixie stage direction. The show! >Still trembling with nervous arousal, Trixie nodded <"Trixie understands." Trixie's expert stagecraft will simply play off this shaking and blushing as fear of the Princess' divine wrath >Celestia winked. "Good, let's go" >She rounded the wall and trotted with anxious steps ahead of Trixie >She made a show of wincing away as she passed the completely disinterested guards >Following Celestia's lead, both in terms of direction and in tone, Trixie snuck out of the gate and back into the great square >"I am so sorry, Miss Trixie," a pouting Sunny Buns said in a voice that was loud enough to carry when Trixie caught up to her, "I didn't know that it would send us there." >In the most dramatic voice she could muster in her knee-shakingly aroused state, Trixie shouted, <"Foolish assistant! Your, um, inexpert fiddling with the delicate folds of Trixie's- magics! inside the Cabinet of Secrets caused us to emerge inside the Princess' hot chamber- bed chamber. Trixie hopes that the Princess doesn't... " >Trixie trailed off as she noticed that every pony in the square was bent to the ground in a deep bow save the blue unicorn who had arrived with Sunny Buns <Trixie has received boisterous applause before but never bowing. Could this be how Canterlot lauds its best performers? >The blue unicorn sputtered and laughed >"Foolish sister," she called, "Ne'er did'st thou remove thine bonnet from off thine head! Verily, all do know 'tis thee!" >Sunny Buns sighed and slumped >"Would you prefer that we play along, Your Majesty?" asked the squire, daring to look up from his bow >"The jig is up, I suppose," Sunny Buns said before a flash of brilliant light that illuminated the sqaure replaced her with Princess Celestia, the flowery hat still upon her head >As Trixie gazed in awe at Celestia revealed, she felt something that surprised her: sadness that she might not see Sunny Buns again <She was the worst assistant that Trixie has ever had on-stage! She was a scene-stealer, an ad-libber, a comedian. <But she also loved the stage, the applause, the True Magic. >Trixie stared at Celestia's sun hat with its bouquet and the one rose stuck still within it as the Princess spoke again >"Forgive me, my little ponies," she said with a shallow bow. "I am afraid that I have quite spoiled Miss Trixie's performance." >She turned a benevolent, motherly gaze down upon Trixie at her side >A glint flashed in the ancient gem that was her eye, and for that brief half-second, Trixie saw Sunny Buns again >Addressing the crowd, the Princess finished, "From now on I shall leave stage magic to the experts." >While reading a crowd had never been Trixie's forte, she could tell what this one felt by the somber tone of the murmur that rumbled through it <"The Great and Powerful Trixie does not share the stage with other experts," Trixie announced, drawing a questioning glance from Celestia, "She only requires that her assistants be lovely." >Their eyes met again, and they shared an understanding
>>919 Sorry for taking so long. Life sucks.
>>919 Pretty good so far. Nice pic.