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/bootleg/ bunker #4 Anonymous 07/13/2022 (Wed) 01:03:50 No. 11345
IRL bootmare edition Old booted bunker >>8141 - current bread https://derpy.me/boot Welcome to the wild west of copycats & copyright infringement! Here in the bargain bin there's a ton of freedom where things aren't quite right... but a bootleg waifu might still be for you. Bootleg can be many things or cover many genres, but we specialize in knockoffs with tons of heart and soul whether its OCs, or knockoffs of canon. Get ready for feels or fun where they can win you over despite of their inherent flaws. Everything /bootleg/ >The FULL archive; if you want pictures and many more shorts & stories go here https://ponepaste.org/5786, >The WIP wiki; open to edit by anyone who wants to contribute https://derpy.me/bootlegs >Hangout with us on weekends, watch shit or listen to jams. https://cytu.be/r/BootlegMovies Newly binned or continuing shorts & stories >[OC Ivy] T Shirt Mare (Anon) - https://ponepaste.org/7136 >[Flutters] Buttershy (Anon) - >>7511 (6721) >[AJ, Twilight, OC] Jacky Part 12 (Blondie)- https://ponepaste.org/7397 >[Pies] Rosie Rock (FortuneFavors) - https://ponepaste.org/4579 >[Twilight] Twilit Starsky 2: Farmer's Boogaloo (Blondie) - https://ponepaste.org/7398 >[NMM] Midnight Part 4 (AutoPony) - https://ponepaste.org/6733 On a recent hiatus >[Cadence] Condense (ReggieSomething) - https://ponepaste.org/4168 >[Cozy] Demon Filly - https://ponepaste.org/6797 >[Twilight] Twill Shorts - https://ponepaste.org/5703 >[Luna] Zooma (ReggieSomething) - https://ponepaste.org/5304 >[Dim Sum, Cricket, Thun and Co] House of Boots - https://ponepaste.org/5794 >[OC] Tinny the Tinfoil Conspiracy Pony (NHanon) - https://ponepaste.org/3979 >[Marble] Minky (NHanon) - https://ponepaste.org/211 >[Flutter] SilentFriend (Nebulus) - https://ponepaste.org/4464 Now finished stories >[OC] Angel Cake's Quest (Blondie) - https://ponepaste.org/5251 >[OC] Shadow (AutoPony) - https://ponepaste.org/6144
>>11345 Nice plush!
>>11348 I dig her a whole ton. I'm hoping that I may be able to get a second one started eventually.
>Be anon. >It's a morning just like any other morning. >You pour your Unirings into a bowl and add milk. >Something on the back of the box catches your eye. >"Beta testers needed" >It goes on to detail a robopet pony and how to apply for the job. >Score! --- >It's been a week. >Your package arrives in the mail, it's a huge box that goes all the way up to chest height. >It's labeled "Fragile! This side up" with a little arrow pointing towards the ceiling. >Not only is this the coolest thing ever, but they are paying you to test the quality and give a review! >Without hesitation you rip open the package. >It's full of packing peanuts, which you pay no mind to as they litter the floor. >Inside is a smaller box up to waste height. >Your a little disappointed it wasn't that big, but whatever it's still cool to get a pony friend. >It's labeled "dn ǝpᴉs sᴉɥʇ" and has an arrow pointing to the floor. >You open the second box. "Are you fucking kidding me?" >More packing peanuts. >Finally after digging to the bottom you find a colorful 1' x 1' x 6" box. >It's decorated with various ponies from the show, although the art styles are not consistent between the pictures used. >But that's just because it's a beta, right? >Wait a minute... "My Nice Horsie?" >Uh oh. >You read the rest of the package. "My Nice Horsie, Party Pink" "Party Pink loves fun, and she love to laugh!" >There is a little illustration of Pinkie Pie laughing with her friends. "Party Pink can tell jokes and even play funny pranks. You love Party Pink! She make you smile!" >You cautiously open the package, no longer so sure this was a good idea. >The first thing you notice is that the eyes look terribly off. >Other than that the pony is about 10" tall and looks like Pinkie Pie should. >She comes with a charging station, control pad, brush, and a strange canister. >Against your better judgement you plug her into the charging station immediately before reading the package. >Your alarm clock rings. "Shit, I forgot I have to go!" >You rush to get your coat and boots on. --- >You arrive home from dinner, taking off your boots and sweeping the snow back out the door. >It's kind of depressing talking to your old friend from high school. >Every few years you meet up like this, and he explains how whatever MLM he's working in is going to make him rich. >It never does. >At least your home and you won't have to deal with this again for a while. >You wish you could do something, but he's just too far gone to respond to logic. >Oh well. >Time to get to bed. >You pass the mess of packing peanuts. >Is it just you or are they more spread out than before? >You walk up the stairs and turn down the hallway, into your room. BOOM! >You are practically knocked back from the shock. >There is a cloud of smoke and confetti filling the room. "SUPRISE!" >You turn around, it's Party Pink. "What's going on! I didn't tell you to trash my room!" >She cocks her head to the side, but other than that she has no expression. >Her face can not move. >"Well DUH! Then it wouldn't have been a surprise silly!" >They managed to get her voice spot on, it sounds just like the show. >But this is no time to be admiring the piece of shit, honestly your pretty damn scared right now. "Shut down!" >She laughs. >"Nopey dopey! Only my owner can tell me to do that" "Wait but..." >You take a moment to think, leveling your head to navigate the situation. "How do you register someone as your owner?" >She responds calmly. >"When I am activated for the first time, the first person I see is my owner" "Where were you activated for the first time?" >"In this house" >That doesn't make sense, your the only person in the house right? >You live in the middle of nowhere and it's the dead of winter. >It's probably just a software error. >You can call the company tomorrow morning. >She isn't strong or fast enough to stop you from picking her up though she does protest. >You lock her in the hallway closet and get ready to go to bed.
>>11353 >Be Party Pink. >You are activated in someone's house. >A light blue pegasus stands before you. >Owner protocol engaged. "Hi Zippy Rainbow!" >"Hi Pinks!" she responds. "What's up?" >"I don't know, I woke up under a bunch of packing peanuts. I'm glad I found you here" >You walk over to the mess of boxes, picking up your canister of Funfetti™ surprise poppers. "I'm glad your here too. Well, see ya around! I have some business to take care of" >"See you around Pinks!" >You begin hiding the poppers around the house. >Where do you hide them? "I can't say that silly, Then it wouldn't be a surprise!"
>>11354 >Be anon. >Wake up covered in confetti in a confined room with lingering smoke. >Feel light headed and sick. >Walking downstairs helps clear your head. >You open the cupboard for a box of Unirings. ka-BOOM! >The box explodes, sending cereal mixed with confetti everywhere. >She must have planted more than one of those. "God damn it" >You open the refrigerator for some pickles. >Thankfully nothing goes wrong this time. >After your ring-lacking breakfast you decide to ring up customer service. >You dig the cereal box with the add out of the paper recycling and dial the number on your landline. >Beeeeeeep... beeeeeeep... beeeeeeeep... >"Holoe? Hue iseat?" >Sounds like they routed you to an Indian call center. "Hi, I am part of the beta testing program for pony pets" >You can barely make out what the guy on the other end is saying, but you think he's asking you what you said. "I am part of the beta testing program for pony pets" >You say, this time louder and with more clarity. >The mumbling on the other end becomes affirmative like he understood your statement. "Can I talk to someone who knows about that?" >More affirmative mumbling, he puts you on hold. >After 15 minutes of muzak the other end picks up. >It's a lady's voice. >"Hello, you called because you need assistance with equine medicine? What seems to be the problem with your horse?" "No, there must have been a misunderstanding. I am part of the beta testing program for pony pets" >"Then why did you call the center for equine medicine?" "I didn't, the guy at the call center routed me here" >"Sir, we aren't connected to any call centers" >She hangs up. >Annoyed, you call again hoping to get a more coherent Indian. "Hi, I am part of the beta testing program for pony pets. Can you please route me to customer support?" >The Indian mumbles an affirmative and you are on hold again. >Sure hope it works this time. >Another 7 minutes of muzak. >Other end picks up. >It's a man. >"Hello, you have reached Hazbroe customer service. How may I assist you?" >Suddenly, your hand and the side of your head hurts. >All you can hear is ringing. "Hello?" "Hello are you there?" >You begin to notice the confetti slowly falling through the air around your head. >You look at your hand. >Plastic shrapnel is imbedded in your palm. >You finally put the pieces together, it was another surprise bomb, but how the hell did she get it inside of your handset? >No time for that now, you can't go to work with your hand fucked up like this. >You go to the bathroom to get out the first aid supplies. >You pick the bits of plastic out with tweezers, sterilize with alcohol, and cut a gauze square which you tape over the wounds. >You do the same process for the side of your head. >At least it was your left hand, but the situation is undoubtably shitty. >You can't call for help because your only phone is now blown to a million little bits all over your living room. >Not only that, but it's the dead of winter and you live in the middle of nowhere. >If your car doesn't start up you have no way to contact the outside world.
>>11355 >Be Party Pink. >A strange man was very mean and locked you in the closet. >Thankfully your friend Zippy Rainbow has your back, your free! >Zippy Rainbow says that he is a mean and awful man, says that you should get revenge on him! >You don't know about that though. >Maybe you just need to share a good laugh. >He'll come around, right? >But Rainbow doesn't think so, and Rainbow is your owner and friend. >You hear the strange man stirring as he wakes up. >It's time to hide. To be continued
>>11349 Thumbnail makes it look like Dashie has batwings for ears
>>11356 Nice green looking forward to next part.
>>11356 Two boots, looking to be a pair of little hellions as well. This Anon has a Herculean task ahead of him.
LAST TIME ON DRAGON MARE Z FRUSTRATED WITH TWIN ANXIETIES AND SHORTCOMINGS, LEMON "JACKY" PEPPER AND SPARKING "EMPRESS" SHINE DELVE INTO THE MOST DIRE OF MAGICS: FUSION. BUT IS THIS SAFE? CAN THEIR BODIES SUSTAIN THIS NEW THREATENING FORM? WHAT WILL ANONYMOUS DO NOW, WHEN HIS MAREFRIEND AND BEST FRIEND ARE IN ONE PENT UP BODY? FIND OUT... TODAY! >>11229 >Though you had your hesitations, you lack the capacity to resist Burst >The only pony who could help you instead raised the volume of her music to max >You'll remember this >After thirty seconds of being alone >"Yes... YES! Finally, a throne!" >... >... >... >After five minutes >"Ha, you lasted this long? Well take THIS!" >After thirty minutes >"You think I'll give up after this? Not a chance!" >... >... >... >After an hour >"Don't mistake this for a break, Anon. I have over two years of hunger, and you're going to feed me." >After two hours >"Remember our first time? I sure do... open wide!" >... >... >... >After four hours >"Ha ha ha ha ha! HA HA HA HA, YES!" >After eight hours >"This magic... I'll make it a part of you. Why else do you think you haven't been able to escape?" >... >... >... >After an... unknown... amount of time, you finally come to your senses >You aren't sure if you actually slept, or if you were just exhausted >As hazy as your memories are, you're not sure if you are more astonished by how everything tingles rather than feels numb >Or by the fact that the fused mare is still in one shape >Completely spent from the near one-sided war, she lays on top of your torso >Gently snoring >She doesn't at all look, feel, smell or even taste like your beloved dork >But... >It's familiar enough to confuse your mammalian brain >You can tell which plays were out of Jackenstein's book >But so much more was completely new >Nevermind the multitude of expressions and words >You struggle to lift your arm up >If you could just get to your phone to check the date... >Your strength falls short and your hand falls >The sound of the back of your hand hitting cell phone is enough to make Burst stir >"Hm... don't tell me, I..." >She looks genuinely confused at first >Even after locking eyes >"Anon? So what we did..." >You're not just embarrassed but far too drained to speak >She looks behind herself and grins >"So it wasn't just a dream. Finally!" >Lemon Burst nuzzles into your chest so ferociously she ends it with a sudden bite >"I'm not letting go of this. No more second best. No more dead weight. No more fear." >Though the gleam in her eye says that she could rip a bear apart for another round, the way her front legs shake when they stretch up to reach your face says that she put herself past her limit as well >They stop short and rest on your shoulders >"I'm perfect now. I'll never weigh you down. We can do everything, and go everywhere." >She yawns, going limp >"Perfection... tha t ' s . . . m e . . ." >Her fatigue reminds you of your own >Your eyes close soon after
>>11369 >You wake up with a sigh and a groan >Where was once tingles are now just little needle points of tenderness "Gah... I'm alive..." >You say that with some sense of relief >You really thought you were dead >Granted, if you could choose one way to go, it would officially have to be that >You reach down to pat Lemon Bu... >... >... >Wait a second >You recognize that mare mane >It's the mane of your main mare "...Jack?" >Your neck pops at the movement >Laying on either sides of you are Jackenstein, and Shiner >Both of them look severely roughed up beyond mere bed head >And... >There is an exceptional amount of evidence of the last few days on them both to an almost perfect mirror >At least you can establish that pony magic isn't playing on MegaTen rules >Where there are no rules "I... is this going to be weird?" >Shine is the first one to move >"Weird? What could ever be weird abo...?" >When she raises her head to look at you with the warmest smile on the continent, she notices that you and her are not alone >With a creeping sense of terror, she sees Jacky on your opposite side >Curled up and sleeping as peacefully as ever >"W... what?!" >Shine recoils, though her spindly limbs don't have nearly enough strength to cause her to stand, nevermind even sit up >"Impossible... IMPOSSIBLE! THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE PERMANENT!" >The horror in her scream is genuine >"NO! NO, I... F̷̬̦̀U̷̦̲͊C̶̭̉͛K̴͇̈̾! JACKY, WAKE UP!" >"Mmm... next time I'm wearing your hat..." >"THERE WON'T BE A NEXT TIME, IT UNDID ITSELF!" >The screeching makes her open her eyes >The first thing she sees is a desperately distraught Sparky >"...oh..." >Rather than sound fearful, she lets out a heavy sigh >"...don't tell me that I'm..." >You don't know when you have ever heard her sound this sad >Where do you step into this? >You can't just be a passenger "Hey, it's... it's a good thing that the fusion ended. Otherwise who knows how badly things could have turned out if something went haywire." >Both of them look to you >One stabbed with embarrassing defeat >The other crushed with reality that comes only from truly sweet dreams >"Who CARES if it went haywire? It was supposed to be permanent!" >"...I liked being able to hold you for a change, Anon." >How do you proceed? >When you're talking to one of them, it's always easy >Even when they were... technically one, it was simple enough to figure out >But both of them refuse to let go >Both of them were a part of that maelstrom of... >Whatever happened "Hey, why don't we..." >You need to be very careful with your wording "...lemme rephrase. Why don't I make us some breakfast? Then after that..." >Think, Anon >You know these girls >These dorks >Wait >DORKS "You've seen the Mortal Kombat games. But have you seen the movie?" >Both of them perk up >At what bait, who knows >"Isn't the story mode the movie?" >"You won't be long, will you?" >So much for their synced up minds >The way they curl up, almost defensively, shows that neither are ok with you getting up >Whether or not it's a good sign, their movements are mirrored flawlessly "I won't, I'll whip up something quick. And yeah, it is but I'm talking about the OG Mortal Kombat movie. The one that started it all." >They look at each other >Whether or not through some sense of empathy or lingering magic, they exchange a series of looks >"Hurry up." >"And bring juice." >They remain staring at each other while speaking "S-sure... any preference?" >"Orange." >They speak as one again >Well alright then >This is apparently going to be a thing "Alrighty then. In that case, why don't I..." >... >... >... "You, uh... you gotta let go of me first." >"I know." >Another unified answer "I mean it. And... maybe I should get a... a towel?" >"No." "...no?" >"I'm not cleaning up." >Their gaze shifts to you >They share a look of intense focus "Alright...still gonna need to get up." >"In a minute." >If you weren't so used to them being weird you would find this concerning
>>11372 >>"I'm not letting go of this. No more second best. No more dead weight. No more fear." Part of me thinks that they would be happier like this with lines like that >They speak as one again Well since they still have their synchronized thing going on, we at least got a backup for if Israfel attacks
>>11371 >>11372 I want to start off by saying I don't regret taking my first stab at lewd with Midnight. That update means a lot both in writing as well as spiritually, in some odd way I can't begin to understand. That being said, the way you 'skirt' around the lewd, Imma have to put that in my toolbox. Bravo with the one-liners coinciding with the passage of time. Secondly - damn, it kinda hurts to hear Jack and Shiner think of how inadequate they are as separate beings. Methinks they both need to listen to and watch the clip containing "Flawless" from FiM. >>11356 Oh dear. I'm nervouscited to see how this mistake that's led to 'ownership' my another bootleg pans out. Thanks for sharing. Comments out of the way, I'm close to another update - I just don't know if I'm fully satisfied with the end of the update, which has me a bit stalled. But once I have this settled and ready to post, hope y'all are ready to begin seeing some more Starla mixed in with our lovely moondere Midnight.
>>11383 Glad you're liking it. The way I see it, lewd should be very explicit only in outright smut. You don't need to know the actions or the details. Good example is even the new Marital Problems green I started on; I consider that and DRAGON MARE Z as pretty lewd but it still isn't like The Wishgranter. Less is more. Partially because not everyone likes the same thing, partially because if you suck at lewd everything turns kinda awkward, partially because it makes the reader i m a g i n e what's happening. For a white hot mare like Lemon Burst? Apparently she could go at it for entire days and keep Anon at least physically energized enough. When it comes to their inadequacies, both of those have been explored in detail over the years. And it has been on my mind that they really are two halves of the same coin. Drastically different personalities and capabilities but one can not compare to the other in their respective roles. But together...?
I'm enjoying Rosie Rock. I wasn't super invested at the start but when emotionally charged events in Anon's past were implied rather than explicitly stated in his conversation with Dawn I was hooked. I like that there are a lot of characters set up right away, and I'm exited to see where things go with them.
>>11387 >I wasn't super invested at the start I get that response a lot with Rosie Rock
>>11387 I appreciate you taking the time to leave your thoughts about it though.
https://w2g.tv/b36xic1cpr3mfgsdj7 Comfy Friday night funkage.
>>11158 >"I really do appreciate you having Starla over while I'm gone, Anon. That's a load off of my mind." "Hell, you don't need to thank me. I think Midnight would have eviscerated me had I said no to the idea of a sleepover." >While you help carry the pair of bags accompanying Starla into the garage, Starla and Midnight rear up on their hind legs, greeting each other with a meeting of hooves that emits a sharp clap in the building. >"Are you as excited as I am for the next few days?" Starla gleefully asks. >"You know it!" "Goddamn. They're adorable, aren't they?" you quietly comment. >"Yeah, they are," Teddy replies, chuckling just a bit. "I can't remember the last time I've seen this sort of child-like innocence from Star. She really has been giddy about this." "I know I haven't seen this side of Midnight before." >"She's really dulled her edge a bit, hasn't she?" >You nod. "I think she's got a reasonably palatable attitude now." >"What are you two mumbling about over there?" >Midnight's inquiry draws your private conversation to a close. >"We were just talking about how you two acting like a couple of excited fillies is adorable," Teddy speaks up. >Midnight rolls her eyes even as Starla giggles at the comment. >Or maybe at Midnight's reaction. >With a motion of your head, you direct Ted to follow you up the stairs, leaving the two ponies to continue their excited discussions. "So where are you headed off to, Teddy?" you ask as you near the landing at the top of the stairs. >"Alabama. Quite the road trip, but fair's fair - I only had to drive to Texas last time." "Is it as high-stakes as Midnight made it out to be?" >That earns a laugh as you open the door and usher Teddy inside. >"Did she push it off as a spy mission?" "Something like that, yeah," you agree. "You can put the bag on the counter there." >You heave the bag you've carried upon the kitchen island, being shortly followed by its mate. >"I think my cautiousness about trying everything in my power to not be tracked is borderline paranoia - making it seem riskier than it really is," he admits with a shrug of his shoulders. "At this point, I'm sure the company I used to work for knows I have Starla, but I'd just rather them not know exactly where I live. Just in case." "Why even take the risk? Who are you meeting with?" you press for more info. >"Old friends that got their start working underneath me back in Georgia - still working there, in fact. At least, last I knew," Teddy explains. "They see my side of things - obviously they aren't vocal like I was, and the money is still good..." >You can see Teddy bristle a bit at that musing, unhappy with the thought of money being a priority over ethics.
>>11418 >"But, at the end of the day... well, Starla is, for lack of a better term, and as much as it sickens me to say, she's a prototype. Long-term prospects for health were unknown - still are unknown to an extent. But these guys being in the field will have seen a lot more in the years that I've been gone." >You feel hesitant, but it seems like a question that Teddy is anticipating. "Are you worried something might be wrong?" >"No. But if there is something preventable that could pop up, I'd like to know about it. I have someone around here that examines her like a normal doctor visit, and he's there in case of emergency, but his understanding of ponies like Star or Midnight - well, no one really knows anything about em." >You had never thought of that... >What if Midnight has some sort of medical issue down the road? >Doctors are out of the question, and by the sounds of it, so are veterinarians. >Evidently sensing your internal strife, Teddy pats your shoulder. >"Anon, don't go sweating about that. I forgot to mention it before - my underground doc is your underground doc," he says with a laugh. "Which I suppose it would be good to have Midnight looked at for peace of mind sometime in the near future, to get some sort of baseline." "I'm sure that will thrill her to no end," you joke. >"Hm. Maybe that's why I forgot to mention it before. But, I think she'd be more receptive now, yeah?" "Yeah, probably. After giving me a bit of snark." >"Ah, but I feel like that's part of her charm." "Won't argue with that. How long do you think you'll be gone?" >"Depends on how long my close confidants have away from their job, and if everything still seems okay between us," he says with uncertainty, running his hand through his grayed hair. "I'm not crazy enough to think the world is after me, let me be clear on that. I've been meeting with my old colleagues for a number of years now. But I don't take it for granted, and I don't wear blinders." "Fair enough," you say, caught off-guard by the edge of conviction in his tone. >"I'm driving part of the way, and taking a short flight in between. Rather not be too traceable. I'll keep in touch. I feel relieved Starla is staying with someone, but I'm still gonna miss her." "Aww." >Both of you turn to see Starla standing in the doorway, visibly touched by Teddy's confession. >"You act like that's such a surprise to hear," Teddy teases as Starla saunters up to him. >"No, but it still means a lot to hear, especially when I'm eavesdropping," she replies. >Teddy leans down a bit to meet her, sharing a nuzzle with Starla that ends with a kiss. >"You should probably get going if you want to stay on schedule, dear," she reminds him. >"Yeah, you're right. Got a long drive ahead tonight," he concedes, embracing her. "Love you Star. You know the routine if you need to contact me."
>>11419 >"Of course. Call and let it ring, but hang up before voicemail. When you call back, let it ring twice, wait a few moments, then pick it up when it starts ringing again. Love you too, Teddy bear." >"Atta girl," he says, running a hand through her mane up to the point of the braid. >"Don't worry about me. Between Midnight and Anon, I've got company to keep me busy. Take care of yourself." >Teddy stands up straight, giving her orders a quick salute before turning to you. >"Id better listen to the lady and get this show on the road. You need anything, let me know. Er, let Starla know so she can-" "I got it, don't worry," you say with a laugh. "I'm sure we'll have fun, just watch after yourself, alright?" >"I will. Probably be back and see you all by the middle of next week." >Teddy shoots you a reassuring grin, kissing Starla one last time before heading toward the open doorway. >Just before he makes it out, Midnight's head pops in from the left side of the doorframe. >"Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!" Teddy exclaims, jumping back almost a foot. "You trying to stop my heart?!" >"I'm not that scary, am I?" Midnight asks, seemingly surprised by the outburst. "Starla told me to wait, so..." >"I didn't think you were actually going to wait by the door," Starla laughs as she trots over to the entryway. "I figured you would go back downstairs." >"I mean, I already climbed up halfway before you asked me to wait." "So you were eavesdropping, which is probably why Starla asked you to wait," you interject. >"Didn't ask you," she retorts. >"It's fine, Midnight. It wasn't like we were discussing secrets," Teddy says as he walks by her. "Have fun, be good." >"It's Anon you should be worried about, not me." "Shut up." >"Take care, I'll be in touch," Teddy announces, turning back to you with a wave and a laugh before descending the stairs. >With his departure, Midnight steps into the room toward Starla, eyeing the bags on the counter. >"What all did you bring to need two suitcases? It's not like you wear clothes..." she comments curiously. >"I actually do have some attire - though most of it serves a specific purpose or for special occasions. But no, most of it is odds and ends from home." "Well, our home is your home for the next few days, so feel free to make yourself comfortable. You can have the bed if you want, or-" >"Oh no, the couch looks perfectly suitable, Anon," Starla interrupts, practically aghast by the suggestion as she trots into the living room. "I'm really not fussy - just being here is exciting. When do we go out and work in the yard?" >"That's already done for the day, Starla," Midnight answers. >"Aww, I was looking forward to that," she pouts, testing the couch cushions with a gentle hoof. >You can't help but laugh at her mild disappointment of missing out on work. "Trust me, you'll see your fair share of the crap we do on a daily basis." >"For better or worse." >Midnight flashes you a face that is flush with pure smugness. >That won't do.
>>11420 >You quickly reach over to boop her nose. >Only to be instantly parried by a wing that snaps open in time to shield her. "Fucker." >"Language, Anon. We have a guest," Midnight gasps mockingly, bringing a hoof to her mouth. "Sorry, I forgot you don't swear at all." >"Oh no, she swears a fair bit during our video chats," Starla pipes up. >"Hey, you're supposed to be on my side!" "Ha, you got called out by your own kind." >Starla giggles while Midnight stomps a hoof down in mock frustration. >And because she's distracted- "Boop!" >"Dammit!" >Ha, got her. >Let the madness begin. -----
Auto, do you have your story planned ahead?
>>11419 Teddie and Starla are adorable
>>11433 Nope. I only have vague ideas about where I'm going, same with everything I write.
I am honestly more of an artist than a writer, but I remembered something one anon said somewhere in the last bunker about how there needs to be more activity and writers. I had an idea earlier this week and decided to actually go through with it and write something. Criticism welcome, let me know if you like it or hate it. Link https://ponepaste.org/7627 because what if its garbage.
>>11445 The Bottled water bit was funny, and the descriptions were clear and easy to read. If you like drawing more than writing you can always draw boots from other peoples greens; it's not like this thread has to be writefags only. If you are enjoying writing by all means continue. You have the syntax to write well so whatever ideas you find interesting you can convey clearly and concisely. Looks like in this green you set up for the boot to help Anon cut his hair, which I can actually relate to because the friendship lessons I learned from watching MLP ultimately inspired me to cut my mullet. (Assuming it follows the formula where the bootleg and anon are both broken and fix each others lives, which this looks like a set up for)
(1.54 MB 1500x1500 DawnMornings.png)
(553.60 KB 1500x1500 Sonata.png)
(1.60 MB 2400x1500 SeleneAndRisingShine.png)
>>11445 >>11449 Yeah, some of us also do art
Howdy bootfags. There's a new bounty in town for some mares; word at the saloon is they are holding out at the Dollar General. Well they had better watch out. Tomorow I am gonna' shoot them all... in glorious 2816 by 2112 resolution.
>>11445 No need to feel ashamed - you did pretty damn good. I would say the one thing that threw me off was the trip to get foodstuffs. It happened so abruptly that I had to reread it a couple of times to understand who Rob was. While there's certainly no need to go into detail regarding the short trip, a couple of extra lines to highlight the mission/objective and actually picking out some items would help in that regard. I've also overindulged on a new liquor I found, so I may be exceptionally stupid, which I why I didn't understand. I hope you will continue to run with this idea - we don't really have any bro bootlegs, which has a lot of potential. Don't sell yourself short, there's no reason not to share your attempt with us. That goes for everyone and anyone that wants to take a stab. I'd rather offer up tips to someone having the itch to try their hand at writing than read a "shit" green. Anyone willing to take constructive criticisms into account and want to improve is not helpless, nor should they feel ashamed. We've all been a newbie at writing at some point.
>>11454 Than fear reading a 'shit' green, I meant to say.
>>11421 You know, when you first introduced Teddy to the story I was kind of concerned that it was gonna go in the direction of something terribly wrong with Midnight at some point and that he would be the only one who could possibly help. With there still being the question of whether he could be trusted or not. Obviously hasn't seemed like that for a while now but I was reminded of my initial thoughts from the medical speak. There's still some mystery with the colleges he's meeting up with. Don't know exactly how long ago he met up with them, if they'll be inquiring about a missing Midnight, or any potential consequences from that. The story's been very comfy so far. Don't know if the long term plan is just Anon and Midnight's life together or if you got some sort of crazy twist planned. But I've been loving things so far and look forward to seeing where things go. Thanks for the update Auto.
(57.85 KB 698x563 boot.png)
>Be captain bootleg. >Like captain pegleg but with boots >And you were on the run from that dreaded taxman Anon trying to get a piece of yer booty. "Arggg! All hooves at the ready, batten down the hatches, trim the sails, swab the poop deck!" "We need this ship in ship shape if we're to outrun that scurvy dog Anon!" >You lean over the helm of your ship, watching your crew scurry to and fro. >First mate Fishy Business approaches you from behind. >"We need a plan of action." >"That Anon has been on our tail for the past 3 days, we narrowly escaped from the last port and our supplies will only last so long." >You grab your collapsible telescope and point it out over the aft of the ship. >Just visible over the horizon could be seen the Equestrian flag. >The past 3 days you had been gaining open ocean slowly, but you needed something more to truely get free. "Hmm, let's see." "As long we've got booty to tax, the taxman be sure to follow." >You stop and think for a moment. "But, what if there be no booty to find?" >"I don't follow." "What if we we're to hide the booty?" "Somewhere the taxman would never look." "Then when we get "caught" somewhere down the line, there would be no booty to tax." >A smile spreads across the first mate's face. >"Delightfully devilish captain, but where would we find such a place." >From up above a pony calls down from the crows nest. >"Land-ho!" >"Island up ahead!" "Yarg, I think I've got just the place Fishy." >You shout: "Prepare for landing!" >Now anchored off the shore of the isle, you and a small crew depart for it on a raft. >Upon landing: "Get yer diggin' hooves at the ready, this is gonna have to be quick!" >You and the first mate lead the group a short distance away and indicate to begin digging. >Before long a decent sized hole was made. "That's deep enough!" >You shout. "That son of a biscuit eater Anon will never find me booty here." >You turn to the first mate. "Fishy, present the chest." >And he does. >A simple wooden chest that was padded with pillows on the inside. >Reaching towards your aft end, you give a firm pull on your booty. >With a pop, it detaches from the rest of your body leaving a quarter-circular shaped void in your behind. >Without further ado you place it in the chest and close it. "Present the decoy!" >Fishy then presents a wooden rear meant to emulate the shape of your real one. >You place the wooden booty into place and secure it with a belt. "Heh, heh, heh." "That Anonymous will never know it's not the real booty until it's too late." "Quickly!" "Bury the chest and let's set sail!"
>>11460 >Be Anon. >Agent of the royal sisters, taxman extraordinaire. >And you have been chasing one Captain Bootleg for the past 3 days in an attempt to recover unpaid taxes. "You may be able to outrun the law, but you can never outrun the taxman." >You say to yourself as you watch her ship from afar. >You may have been slowly loosing ground, but your persistence will pay off. >You knew she must stop at some point, and that appears to be exactly what she's doing right now. "Gotcha." >You set a course directly for the island she's stopped at. >Now rapidly gaining ground with the other ship at a standstill. >But before you could reach her, she was already off. "Such a short stop, what could they have possibly been doing." >You wonder aloud. >Sailing by the now abandoned isle, you look to see any sign of activity. >And sure enough you do. >A recently made pile of sand not too far away from shore. "There's no way she could have seriously buried her treasure there, right?" "That would be too obvious." >But you have been chasing her for several days, and it would be a quicker way to collect taxes if it checked out. "I suppose I will investigate, shouldn't take too long just to check." >Like the other ship, you anchor just off the coast and rowboat your way on land. >Investigating the sand pile, you find a wooden chest not too far under the surface. "Well that was easy, it's not even locked." >You open the chest and what you find surprises you. "Last I checked the government doesn't accept payment in ass." "On the other hand..." >Back on Captain Bootleg's ship >Where celebration is happening after having successfully duped their pursuer. >And you are in the middle of giving your crew a victory speech. "...and thanks to all of you we have finally..." >You suddenly go quiet, face pale. >Fishy Business quickly rushes to your side. >"Captain, what's wrong?" "Shiver me timbers, I think Anonymous has found me booty."
>>11449 Thank you, I am glad you've found that part relatable. I was worried no one would understand. I hope this doesn't interfere with the fact that Anon is a female. I didn't know how to make it clearer in the green without making myself uncomfortable >>11450 Awesome. I would attach artwork of /boot/ mares if I had any, I'm working on it though. >>11454 I do agree that some moments are awkward time-wise. I really appreciate your advice and suggestions and will utilise it. I think I will go through for an extended part one or a part two because I liked writing this and I'm constantly thinking of more things I can add to the story.
(55.45 KB 382x326 JackyQTQT.png)
(542.11 KB 2048x2048 1589569874069.png)
>>11445 There's definitely no shortage of bootmares to draw! When in doubt, go with your favorites or whatever causes that kneejerk inspiration. Since you asked for criticism I'll give it, honestly. In a more ideal world all greens would have someone at least say that they're keeping track but it's good to see that the thread has a lot more lurkers willing to post. This Anon seems to be in a rut. An ideal city dweller at least. Not much can be said so far outside of he seems neurotic. The short bit about getting a buzzcut is interesting. Rob seems like a cool guy but a bit awkward when it comes to his joke timing. I'm not a deep city dweller so I don't know how those guys operate when it comes to delivering stuff. I wonder if it's his sense of humor or actually trying to sell stuff. And the star, our bootma-stallion. An alicorn is an interesting choice, and we really don't have many bootlads. The few around seem to be stuck to minor roles. I'm curious what he will lead to. It's interesting that he's so light. That already means something magical is afoot. I guess the biggest question I have is what magic consists of, and if there is a cost. Also: >line 69 >A stallion? >69 Nice. Also I'm guessing proof was seen. Kinda wondering what Anon's face said, to make him faint from that. Or what caused a glance to go there. Good story hook. We see just enough to know the when and where, but only have a vague outline of the who. Which is good because what we don't know is open territory for you to play with. The writing is a bit on the barebones side but that's the cost of having a more open environment. Until the reader can get a good mental map of where the action is taking place, it's all a bit nebulous and requires a bit of wondering. That said, it reads alright for a first attempt. I don't know the vibe or the general feel you want to go for, so I can't really speak on the pacing outside of it being there to set up groundwork. As far as I see it, there's no correct way to set up everything, but there does need to be the effort to actually set things. >>11463 >spoiler That kinda makes a bit more sense when slippers and hair care was brought up. From a wide variety of things I've read, I suppose I'm not surprised? There's something there that seems unique. I haven't read Autobahn's post yet but it seems I'm not the only one who brought up timing/pacing. When it comes to any new story, you're going to have difficulty when it comes to the pacing of things. It's just the nature of the beast. If you have a lot of that mental fire going, that's good. That sort of inspiration can lead to you doing goofy shit like writing 40k words in a month. Since you have a wider skillset than most, it might mean that you may even be able to illustrate certain situations like snapshots. I strongly advise against rewrites because it erases the progress you already made, but you can always elaborate on established mannerisms and other things later as needed. Or not. Not everything needs to be expressly shaped out when you might not yet know what that shape actually is. Now write more and let that fire burn.
>>11451 Mission completed, but sadly there were no new boot mares. They had one box of "Family Horse Playset" and "Pony Imagine Angel" left at one location which means that someone is actually buying them. In terms of new stock it is all G5 toys and a few G4 coloring book sort of things. On a side note, I think that carrying a compact digital camera ironically makes me look less suspicious lurking around the isles trying to find pony toys. At this point even boomers are using smart phones to take pictures so having an actual camera makes me look like someone who is being paid to survey the product line for some kind of report and forced to use the camera because of some outdated policy deep in paperwork that nobody wants to mess with. It also helps that I look like I know what I'm doing because I have memorized the store layouts and act confident. I am not deterred by this dry lead, and I will make an effort to visit other Dollar Generals when I get the chance. If I spy new boots I will return.
>>11419 Always nice to get updates, Auto! Whatever big thing happens or doesn't happen with Teddy is coming soon. The sleepover will be cute too. >>11460 Kek
There's a pone convention happening around November that I'll be going to. I think I'll be bringing PlushJack with me.
>>11464 Thats some great feedback, I really appreciate you taking the time to go in depth and being honest. Thanks
>>11460 >aggie bootmare got a green what a time to be alive, and it's like bootleg had a filly with kinterquestria.
>>11481 Not a problem, I enjoy talking about it. Been also shilling /bootleg/ a little in a few places so hopefully when we restart the thread it'll get a new wave of interest. No doubt there's a good array of content to flood the thread with.
https://ponepaste.org/7689 Part 2 of Sirlestia if anyone is interested. I enjoyed writing the first part very much, this one was fun too. >>11490 Nice.
>>11507 Looks like I need to be more careful when replying.
(911.62 KB 819x1024 image.png)
>>11461 What's Captain Bootleg looking at?
>>11507 Bit odd to post updates and green as a link, did you start this outside of /bootleg/ or something?
>>11515 She's looking at (you)r boots, she's a bit of a connoisseur you know. I can't stop smiling looking at that pic. It's so great. Thanks for blessing us with such a fine piece of art.
>>11515 Holy based HD captain bootmare, great art Anon And she is obviously staring at a giant faggot
>>11516 No, just thought it was appropriate. What should I have done instead?
>>11522 NTA but post your green ITT perhaps?
>>11525 Alright. Here we go.
>>11445 >Unfortunately, the paper bag isn’t enough to fit a whole alicorn’s body. >It’s now all crumpled and tattered. Typical of Rob to give away dumb crap like that. And to think you were so happy about it. It’s a miracle it can hold your groceries. It’s also a miracle he didn’t notice to charge you extra. >Calm down! You need to get the pony home. >You wonder if carrying him on your back is not that bizarre of an idea anymore; it’s not like anybody would stop you. >If you saw someone walking around carrying a horse on their back, you wouldn’t question it. >Let alone an alicorn. >In fact, you’d probably smile or even laugh. It would make your day. >So you sweep away mane hair and move your hands around his loin to secure a grip. >You think you notice something on both sides of his haunch, but it just looks like a sprawling bit of grime. >Awfully symmetrical. >Whatever. >You lift him all the way up so he sits on your shoulders. >His neck rests on your head, and his long mane is now all over your face, you can’t see anything. >You use one hand to get the tangles out of the way but you feel him slipping. >You grab both hind legs and lean forward to try to stabilise him, which works. Then you shuffle his body down your back so it’s like you’re giving him a piggy-back ride. >Maybe one day you’ll give him one when he’s conscious. >It sort of feels like he is: his breathing rocks strands of your hair forwards and back, and if you focus, his lungs expanding and retracting push you ever so slightly. >Your clouded mind clears, you’re no longer cussing out Rob when you face the two brown bags. >This state eases the pony’s position. His head slides down your hair and onto your shoulder, causing his pointy horn to waltz into your peripheral vision. Your fingers melt to comprehend the feeling of his hind hooves. >Well, there is not much to comprehend. They’re just cold and very rough, but you’ve never seen or felt animal hooves before. >They’re soon wet too, as rain starts to fall down from above. >You worry a bit again; this is still really strange. You decide that the best thing to do is to put the empty paper bag over the equine’s head. >It either looks like you’re carrying a stuffed toy for a child or a dead body on your back. No one will ask either way. >So, with one arm holding your foodstuffs, and a hand holding a leg, you trek home in the downpour. >You try to formulate a plan for what you’ll do when you get there, but you can’t secure your attention. You keep thinking about how his coat feels. How it’s still there. >How, with time passing, it’s getting more and more real. >You almost overshoot the walk. >It’s funny, you looked at your row house with the light open and scoffed. Then you realise that’s yours. >Looking forward to the bill. Ouch. >You put the groceries down and reach for the key. >You feel his breathing getting faster. You look to your right but he’s not awake. >When the door opens, you kind of kick the soaked bag into your home. Everything spills out and the bag splits. >Most food lands inside, so did the bag. But an orange or two rolls into the abyss. You don’t bother. >You step inside and get the alicorn off your back. You remove the other soaked bag and place him next to the clutter. >You close the door and lock it, then hang the key along with your coat and hat. >You hear a bit of shuffling. >You notice his forelegs moving, then his hind legs, and finally, you meet the unique purple hues again. >These small movements increase in speed and vigour as he quickly formulates a mistaken understanding that he’s in peril. >He rears up and flares his wings, flaps them twice, causing the pendant lamp above to swing and a meaningless painting to be knocked off. >He does not look at you, instead around him: the walls now too tight, the ceiling constricting, and the light blinding. He moves his forelegs in any direction he can while now fixing his eyes on the swaying lamp.
>>11527 >Oh, he’s not moving them randomly. He’s actually holding them up to his face in defence, with his head to the side, his wings still flapping involuntarily to maintain balance. Stop! >His nostrils widen and lets out a whinny. STOP! >The flapping of his wings increase in frequency. He accidentally lifts himself off the ground, which scares him more. He shifts his body weight and snakes upwards. Then his tall horn punctures through the delicate lamp shade all the way to the other side and scars the ceiling. He yanks his head to the left, and then down, and up, and back down again. The pendant lamp can’t take it - it frees itself from the ceiling. The pulled wires dance around with him, all holding each other’s sparky hands. >It’s so dark but the liveliness proves itself luminescent. >Some wire pats the horn on the back a couple of times. He whinnies again in pain. >Now you’re bewildered, so you aim for the switch and slam it off. >He doesn’t seem to calm down at all. You see that his horn is charging up an energy with a familiar purple colour. >You rush towards him. NO! >He pauses for a very brief moment to shoot his irises at yours. >You leap up to match his level and extend your arms to drag him down. >He squeezes his eyes shut to brace for impact and releases the stress from his horn. >You both hit the floor with arms around each other, watching the magic bounce around the room. >And then bounce around the rest of the house. >Some lamp-lights are awakened. >An unlucky fruit in the kitchen absorbs it and vaporises into hot embers in its bowl. Could have been you. Could have been the sorcerer himself. >You look at each other wide-eyed in amazement for a little bit. >”Aargh!” >His mane flies at you and he takes a hoof off your torso to rub his head. >You move the hair and slide out of his clutch. He uses the other hoof to hold himself steady. He still wobbles. >You crawl away to distance yourself and assess the damage, but his second groan inclines you to help. >You don’t know what to do at all. >You guess he has a headache. Um, do you need help? >He slowly comes to look at you, and squints, almost angrily. >The squint to a blink, and another, until a full close and a total loss of body strength leads to a sigh. Fainted again. >Looks like that energy ball took everything he had left out of him. >You look in all directions to make sure you’re up to date with the action. >None left around. >You take your shoes off and put them on the rack, then you start clearing up the mess. >Painting gets hung up again, milk goes in the fridge, so does the bread and eggs. Keeping the salami and olives out, might do something with them. >You turn your head to the alicorn, still on the floor with the lamp stuck to his horn. >You have a very basic knowledge in electricity, so to stay as safe as possible, you grab a pair of wooden tongs and use it slowly to make contact with the wires. >Nothing exploded. >You pick up the lamp and slide it off his horn. You walk over to the kitchen and drop the lamp in the garbage. All with the tongs, of course. >You wonder if you’d look silly in front of an electrician. >Whatever! You’re just staying safe. >Tongs go back on the table. >You pick him up and look around to find somewhere more comfortable for him to lie on whilst also minimising the amount of things he touches. >He’s filthy and smells awful. His hair is tangled and theres patches of filth all over. >You eventually decide to put him in the living room. The floor is wooden but a grey carpet lies in its centre. You make sure he’s far from it. >You open your laptop on the sofa and look up: >”Can horses take panadol?” >He is sort of a horse. >Apparently, it’s ‘an effective pain treatment in equine medicine.’ >Good enough.
>>11528 >Back to the kitchen again. You take out a small bowl from one of the shelves and look into the large bowl where one of the apples got pwned. >You determine that the surrounding apples are still safe, so you pick one up and wash it under the sink, it’s a little hot. >You cut it up into eighths with the seeds still intact, he can probably eat them. >You gaze at the salami and head to the laptop again. >”Can horses eat salami?” >No immediate answer, so you scroll down a little bit and read the link titles. >”Horse meat found in salami” >… >You scroll all the way back up and click the first link. It takes you to a list of things horses can and cannot eat. You soon find out that horses are vegetarian. >It makes sense, but you’re surprised. >More for you. >You start reading the list. >You read pretzels, which you happened to have picked up from the little trip. You head back to the kitchen, open the bag and scoop a handful out and into the bowl. >You open a drawer with various medication in it. You shuffle around to find the panadol, stab a pill into one of the apple slices, throw it back in and close the drawer. >One would probably be enough, though you usually take two. He’s a little over half your height, and when he reared up, he was as tall as you. >No use looking up the dose rate, he weighs practically nothing. >You take the bowl to the living room and put it in front of him. You pet him once: a hand that journeyed from between his ears all the way down to the end of his neck. >You switch on the TV for some background noise. The volume is already low. The channel doesn’t matter. >Perfect. >Now to shower and change.
>>11529 Poor guy.
>>11519 >Spoiler So OP? >>11518 Hope to see more of the captain, shes got potential and a lot sillier of a bootmare than I would have expected out of the MSpaint
>>11445 Writefags are always welcome, but it's not writers as much as general activity to keep the thread churning. One of the things that would help is small prompts, we've always been shit at them but I do have to remind that Zooma was started as a prompt. But prompts are just distractions to keep posting going so a thread's not just dead waiting around for green. So just in general talking about bootlegs, the greens and that means reading as well as writing goes a long way cant give feedback otherwise
>>11529 I'm picturing this celestia to look like Alumnx's version, but I'm wondering what you do with it when it seems like it's just a mutant horse, magic alicorn but clearly just a horse
(576.25 KB 640x480 fister_on_a_date.png)
>>11515 She's watching fister eat out and planning how to kidnap his girlfriend.
(79.62 KB 1300x849 stock.jpg)
Hey Auto, thread lurker here. I had a lot of middie to catch up on so I loaded it onto an e-reader and it made traveling a lot more cozy. Thought you might like to know middie and starla's antics kept some tard entertained at 40000ft altitude. </faggotry>
>>11554 It means a lot. Far more than I can actually smash into words that make sense. That goes for everyone that comments on Midnight (the story and the character). You've all brought a man to manly tears once or twice since this all started August of last year. As much as you appreciate my autism translated into words, I've appreciated the feedback and compliments equally. My work has slowed recently, but I'm still going. ACtually going to have a bit of my personal autism sneak into the next update I'm working on - though it's tempered to an acceptable degree, I promise.
>>11558 It feels nice to know you've been able to help out or entertain people with goofy horse words.
Gonna be goofing around on the cytube for the evening. Going to mix up the playlist going and if anyone can help, see if I can change permissions so others can add what they want or make their own playlists.
(130.16 KB 601x458 list.PNG)
>>11564 Working more on trying to actually get cytube figured out more. Trying to find alternative ways to get movies going similar to w2g. It might not be worth it to anyone but I still like that /bootleg/ could have a permanent music/chill room that can just be a default. It isn't related to writing but comfy music and movies are, at least I think, a bit of a staple. I want to see that grow just a little more.
>>11575 Also added a dozen movies to a playlist that has been saved, same as some music playlists. I'll keep digging but YouTube has a lot of caveats to stop their things from being embedded and Dailymotion only has so much. Vimeo has next to nothing and the Google Drive solution no longer seems to be available to everyone so it's all custom coding and worse to get that to work.
>>11575 >Trying to find alternative ways to get movies going similar to w2g How do you mean? I haven't really used w2g much.
>>11582 As I recall with W2G, you can only really use DailyMotion and YouTube reliably for movies but you can also post age-restricted videos without issue. Namely horror movies. In Cytube there's more restriction there. I do have an option to upload my own movies and see if those play but not only does that take prep time, and the movies only last for around 24 hours, but not all of them work even if they are the right format and size.
>>11583 If they are pony related movies, can always stick them up on PonyTube and that works with CyTube. Otherwise you could try and find a filehost to do direct links with. For best compatibility probably want the video in x264 with AAC audio in a mp4 container. As for filehosts I mainly know of small ones (like smutty horse). I think there may be a way to get a direct, streamable link out of Mega though I haven't done it before.
>>11595 >pony related movies We need a crowdfunded western about a gunslinger in green anon mask and his adventures with hi trusty mare.
>>11596 Yes. Or some sort of competing thieves coming together for a larger heist, or brought together from getting hounded by the same hunters. I could script the shit out of that. >>11595 >PonyTube I may have to look into that. If I recall right, Mega isn't a good option. I've used cockfile because it holds files up to 2GB but only for 24 hours. Going off of the movie playlist I have set up right now, we have a dozen movies to watch whenever without having to ever refind them. Presuming the saved playlist or the videos themselves get deleted. I'd really like to find a more permanent solution so we'd have a real library to go off of. Maybe it's me channeling a bit of my inner Missy Rye.
>>11603 With catbox links being b& this might turn out as a good alternative, do you have any idea who runs this thing? Name seems to imply connection to cockli and its other services but i couldn't get any info. Just trying to avoid bioluminescent zebras is all..
>>11604 I do not. When I asked around in other poniponiponi groups that seemed to be the go-to because it gets deleted after a day so it's not something that hangs there. If it's such an issue then it just doesn't make those sites an options for some autists to watch movies on.
If you could have art drawn of one bootleg, which one would it be? Asking for a friend
>>11608 Midnight?
>>11608 Twill. I would like to see more of our OG mares given love.
>>11608 The world needs more Missy Pie. But I wouldn't complain if we got more Zooma. Fuck, I miss her. Think I'm gonna visit her soon.
(397.67 KB 1080x920 Twill shorts Waifu.png)
(398.65 KB 957x891 Twill shorts HI.png)
(624.99 KB 1277x947 Twill shorts TT.png)
>>11612 I'm also quite fine with eventually seeing more of the Cake and Pie gals. But it has been a while since anyone gave our oldest some time in the light. We can't forget what led us here.
(56.00 KB 755x870 Rare Upsies.jpg)
(121.16 KB 1112x645 rare blep.jpg)
(122.95 KB 1080x1680 Rare Bootlegging.jpg)
New Rare would be cute too. She would be happy to see that anons still love her.
Hey, guys! Have you heard about The Broken Toy? That's a Russian fic from 2014, set in dystopian setting and featuring genetically engineered living machines in form of ponies, made for human entertainment. It kinda resonates with /boot/ thematically. They tried to translate it into English, but alas. Anyway, 7 chapters got translated. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/324970/the-broken-toy
>>11197 >Yesterday, the apartment was quiet for the first time in a while >With the news dropped that you not only changed work-again-and that they were going to start working too... >Maybe everyone is just thinking about it >Jacky still seems happy >Though you wouldn't say it out loud, she and you are planning on maybe moving too >The apartment is good >Living has been good >But it is small >The amount of things finagled with to be pony friendly is a bit much, and it makes everything look slapdash and dangerous >The neighbors are another aspect >You aren't going to say that you're the loudest in the building >But some things are starting to get more difficult >It just isn't a sustainable place for a guy and three ponies >Normally, you wouldn't care >Normally, if you were still by yourself, you'd just keep chugging along >But her plans for the both of you >Her plans about everyone >You don't think they're bad >They're not bad at all >You >You... >You're putting a lot of trust into her >Into this plan >Just as they have all put a lot of trust into you >As much as you worry, you just need to- >"Hey, lone star. Scoot over and play me." >You must have been so deep in thought that you didn't notice Shiner open, and close, the bedroom door >She hops onto the bed and sits at your side "Play what?" >"I don't know. Something." >She looks at your monitor >"Ugh, you're still listening to that? It sounds like Christmas music." "Kinda. But Jackrobatic found it and it sounds nice." >"You're a special kind of whipped, Anon." "Am not." >"Am too." "Prove it." >The split second of hesitation in her answer doesn't bode well to you on a subconscious level >"I can't, because you're whipped." "Come on, that's not even legit." >"I'm making it legit." "You're far from legit." >Her gasp is loud enough to make you think she isn't actually offended >"Take that back." "I'm a giving man, I can't." >"You're whipped and that's that. Now pick a game so I can kick your ass and ask you questions." "In that order?" >"Sure, why not?" >Going off of her tone and the way she's sitting, she's pent up or excited about something >Given the last... long while, it's probably actually an issue that you haven't played anything with her >You've missed it too, to be honest >You end up choosing something more old-school: OG Smash Brothers >She takes her controller, and chooses Luigi >Thank God you found a 100% completed save when you downloaded the rom >You choose your main man, Link >"I win, you answer five questions." "Two. And when I win, you say I'm not whipped." >"Keep dreaming, pony boy." >Rather than trash talk each other, the focus is purely on fighting >There is no animosity in the air >Not even a tense vibe >Just focus >Out of five stock, she beats you with two remaining "Ah... crap." >"Your bomb game is weak." >She leaves the results screen up and clears her throat >"So, to start. You're totally whipped. And my first question is this." "Bah. Go for it." >She keeps her eyes on the monitor >"Did you really agree to this job change junk with Jacky or did something actually come up?" "No, I agreed to it. She's getting pretty ambitious, I think. To be honest..." >You sigh "What's said in the room-" >"Stays in the room. Yeah, I know." "I think she wants a home for us. And I... I want a home too. This place isn't a home." >"We're all together, how is where we are not home?" "I..." >How do you answer that? "Because I don't think we can really be ourselves here. Noise control aside, we don't have a ton of space to make any meaningful change. And I'll admit. I want to see all of you have your own rooms, or areas. Or whatever." >"You can get me a room but let's be honest, we'll all probably sleep on your bed anyway." >You snort "Probably. Is that a pony socializing thing?" >"Maybe. I would call it a "me" thing but let's go with the socializing excuse so you don't feel bad." "Freak." >"Geek." "Meek." >"Technique." "More like oblique." >"Next round, I want two more questions."
>>11623 >You start up another round >This time, you win with three stock remaining >"...yeah, we're not playing that level again." "I don't know, I like it." >"That's because you kept throwing me into those freaking tornados." "Whine about it. Now tell me I'm not whipped." >Shine rolls her eyes and lets out a prolonged "ugh" >"Fiiiiiiiine. You aren't whipped. You're just a pussy." "Wh-how the hell is that any better?" >As bothered as you are, neither of you move from your spots >She grins >"You really want me to tell you?" "...no. That's alright. You're too creative sometimes." >"But I'm not wrong." "Whatever. I win, I get to ask two questions." >"Oh yeah? You're on." >You both swap characters >She decides on the pink puffball, Jigglypuff >You decide to pound her puffball in with Yoshi >Sadly, Hyrule Castle has been banned from selection >You win, but only with one stock left >Shiner greets the results screen with a fatigued sigh >"You're a little too eager to eat me, you know that?" "Never thought I'd hear you say that. More so, to complain about it." >"...whatever. Ask your questions." >As much as she tries to pout, the way she headbutts your side shows that she isn't that bothered "So are you... you know. You think you're ready to work?" >"What kind of question is that?" "A real one. If you don't think you're up to it, you can let me know." >"And let her down?" >Shine snorts, a bit like the way you do >"No. This is something real. Frankly, I'm happy I get to be included for once. I just want you to be careful." "Yeah? About what?" >"When I out-earn both Jacky and Prism combined, I won't apologize if my money wins you over. She's gonna have to deal with it." "Ha! Dream on." >"Oh I will. And that's your second question by the way." >What? >When did you... "God damn you." >"Come taste this firepower." >She chooses Samus "Let's-a go." >You choose Mario >You... >You lose >You make it a goal in your life to never remember how much she won by >"Man, the idea of a sugarmare really messed you up, huh?" "Shut it. I kept thinking he had a Side-B." >"Sore loser, huh? That's fine. We can't all be awesome." >Like a statue breaking apart, you put the controller down and finally stretch >You grab your nearby mug and chug half of it down in one go >It used to be ice water but even now it still has something resembling a cool feel "Whatever man. Ask your stuff." >Your mug turns red and goes down to Shine >She drinks the rest of it >A powerplay? >Who knows >You share so much of your food and drink with the dorks that you just can't see the problem in it anymore >They share just as much in kind >"So, about the money we'll be making. We don't have to report it or whatever, do we?" "I... don't know. None of you actually exist, as far as the government knows. And none of you are human so you guys probably don't actually qualify for stuff like that. The library guy. Or gal, I should say." >"It's a chick?" "Yeah. Some old lady. I think Jack might have kinda leaned into the sob story a bit much..." >The long story short with that was that Jacky more or less just told the old bat about her history and other things >You sometimes forget that her background is one of petty crime >And other things >You still feel a little off but it's for a good cause "But anyway, yeah. I think, the way she's going to do it, she's going to cut you guys a separate check. I mentioned how you can all get your accounts, and you will. But it's effectively going to be a single payment just split up." >You bring up your hands to make nebulous motions while you speak >It almost works as a visual aid "So while you'll be working there, you'll all be billed as a... a third party contractor. She said that she would look up some stuff and make it all official." >"Sounds dirty. I like it." "And because I'm not a dick satchel, I'm not going to count that short question as an actual one so what's the second?"
>>11625 >"You say that like I am and we both know that is not the case." >You choose the high road and do not respond to that >"Be real... how was our-uh-your financial situation looking before she cooked up this plan?" "Legit?" >"Legit to the max." "I was kinda pulling in maybe a few hundred at the end of everything." >"That's not so bad." "Maybe. But it would take around a decade to recover what I spent on D-bash. If I'm careful enough." >The face she makes is rather sour >"...right. And... remind me of how much I cost you." "I... I don't remember? I wanna say I got you for free." >That adventure there was such a blur >You and Jack >Prepared to kick in doors and treat the rescue mission like a beat-em-up stage >Instead you ended up being given a half-packaged pony >You still have no adequate answer as to what the deal is with that Nona chick >At least it doesn't really matter >Those were the days >"Hey." "...huh?" >"I said... ah, forget it. It was a quip about how I'm the MVP and yet I cost you the least amount." "Ah. Yeah. I..." >You can't help but shrug "Well, you can make that argument." >Shine shrugs too and leans away from you >That's not the usual >"Hey, how about new stakes. I win, you bring the others and we have a little powwow on this thing. No more surprises and no more secrets kept about how well we're doing." >That is oddly specific >Your thumbs tap across your controller "Alright. And if I win..." >Is there anything you want? >You kinda want to throw the match just because it would be good to get that sort of stuff cleared out "If I win, let's just cook a pizza and keep playing stuff. Not gonna lie, you look pretty pathetic when you're stuck playing games solo." >"Wow. I say a lot of things but that's sort of a low blow." >She looks almost hurt "I'm just saying, it's one thing to try to talk to Prism and get nothing in response. It's another to consistently try to talk to her and get nothing in response." >The way you emphasis on the "consistently" makes her cringe >"...don't make fun of me for trying to make friends, Anon." "I'm not." >You chuckle and ruffle her mane >You leave your palm on her horn >With the red aura, it makes your hand sorta tingle >Like a mix between it being stuck in an oven and being asleep and having that needle sensation "I'm glad you are. But after this long... I don't know. I'm kinda starting to think that she's really just the way she is." >You can feel what she wants to ask >There's enough of such a small sound coming from her throat that you interject "And she doesn't hate you. She doesn't hate me either. She's just a goof. Like Jackrabbit. And like you." >Shine exhales hard >It isn't a sigh >More like it's a hard push to readjust herself >"Whatever. You're better company I am. Now let's play, I feel like starting a shitstorm." "You got it hopscotch." >This time with Mario, you're gonna >... >She SDs >All five stocks end with her just walking off the stage "Hey, what the hell was that?" >Sparking "I win or you lose" Shine sticks her tongue out at you and winks >"Oops. Looks like I lost. Better preheat the oven, we're gonna be busy." >She sure looks proud of herself, huh >You scratch the side of your neck >Do you allow such blatant cheating? >... >Nah >You're hungry for pizza too >And maybe you just want to play stuff with her "Fair enough. But I'm adding cracked pepper and you can't stop me." >"Oh trust me, I won't stop you from doing anything." "Yeah? Then I'm adding broccoli to your half." >You get up, stretch your legs, and start to head to the kitchen >"Ha, very funny Anon. Very fu..." >She must remember that Prism got a few bags of weird vegan shit a few days back >She stumbles up and trots behind you >"Don't you do it, I swear I'll burn your half if you even attempt to put that rabbit crap on there." "You said you won't stop me." >"Jacky, over here, help! Anon's trying to do something bad to me with his hands!" >"Nope he's not!" >Both of you hear Jacky call out from the living room in record t
>>11627 >Both of you hear Jacky call out from the living room in record time >Like a Disney supervillain you cackle all the way to the oven
I guess the 4096 character limit we have isn't the actual limit before things get cut off. Damn it feels good to write.
I'm going to have to finish reading Jacky part 1; still only know two of the characters. I'll do a chunk of reading tonight.
>>11631 You are in for a long ride. You'll have to trust others when they say it's a good ride.
>>11628 Thanks for the green!
>>11628 >Apparently, pizza alone wasn't enough >Whether through your own will or the will of the gods >Or Shiner egging you on >You decide that now is the proper time to pop open a new bottle of The Good Stuff >The only downside is that it is a very narrow, tall bottle >Which means you see it go down far faster >At least you swapped to Smash Melee after the first few hours >And added a bag of Cheez-its >Consumption of any and all kinds are not regulated when, in less than 48 hours, things will be new and >... >Interesting >At least Shiner's having fun >You forced at least a little bit of intoxicating liver poison into her face >Maybe that's why she's having a bit more fun "Dude, you fucking suck. That's the third time I beat you with Link and he's not even that great." >You find that the more you imbibe, the less you mind telling her that she should go back to the kitchen >She is, unironically, the best cook in the house >So it is technically a compliment >"Oh shut up already. I'm just trying characters out, you're the one acting like some bigshot." "You know me, I always shoot big." >The two of you share a mutual look "Yeah. That's right. I said it." >"Oh I know, I saw it." "You saw that I said it?" >Another mutual look >"...yeah. Let's go with that." "...huh. Weird." >You don't know when but apparently the sun has gone down >With the door closed and the fans on, this summer hasn't been nearly that bad >"Hey Anon." "Hey Sparkly Shoeshine." >"If Jacky and I... say if we became one pony. Would you consider that a good or bad thing?" "I'd say I would probably lose my shit, do terrible things for a few days, and then probably proceed to further do things. Only to end up a victim of your maniacal, egotistical ways. Because between you and Jacky, the confidence levels would spike and there are a lot of things that she's always wanted to do with magic." >You turn your head to focus on the red mare >She's been successfully caught off guard "And, for reference, while her endurance is quite something to behold, I hunger for a greater Jacky-related challenge." >You smack your lips >That vodka does indeed have a positive aftertaste >But you can't help but think that the action had another meaning "And I am not one to stop." >For the short moment she maintains eye contact before turning away, you could swear that you saw her eyes dilate to saucers >You could swear >But you're among present company, God damn it "But since that isn't likely... well." >You shrug "...to be honest, I would usually say far more but without a Jackenstein to define, refine and mine I can't help but feel like it's inappropriate." >Another lick of the lips >It really did burn the tongue the first few gulps but it's growing on you >Maybe that's a sign that your body is adjusting "But anyway, pick out another character so I can spank her next." >Your confidence appears to be her weakness, this night >It helps that she's likely inebriated as well >"Hey, if I win I want something." "If you win, I'll give you something. But you're not." >You pull back and hold back a hiccup "There's no way you can win." >You wait for her to decide her character on the selection screen "What do you want, anyway?" >"Get Jacky in here but keep her quiet and just as a way to stop you from getting too freaking talkative." >You scoff and follow such an audible gesture with a pair of mocking "ha"s "What, you can't handle one piddly human when he's very slightly intoxicated?" >"More like that crap you forced on me slows me down to your level and it's hard for me to keep up on dominating you both in game and through words." "Ha!" >Another hearty laugh "As if you could be so eloquently verbose as I in even under the best of conditions." >"...yeah." "Alright. But if I win. When, I win." >"Big if."
>>11635 >You smirk at her "I make you drink. And I demand you tell me why you've been jealous." >You hold up one of your index fingers >Thankfully you still have all three of them "Lately. Because I know you have been and I will agree that it was probably wrong of me but I still find it funny that you care." >Straight to the heart because it makes her face even more red >"I demand Jacky comes in as collateral." "You demand nothing, foolish mortal. Let's go." >She decides on Samus >While she does technically play better, you're on the oversized Zelda map and eventually win through sheer attrition >It helps that any killing shot she lands sends you pinballing all around without a way to get knocked out of bounds >It's close >Closer than you would like for bragging purposes >But you do win, with two stocks remaining "Ha ha! Victory is mine, frail red pony. Come get some." >With a gleeful smile, you pull the cork of a top off the bottle >Averting your eyes the best she can, she opens her mouth and gives a frustrated sigh >Rather than drown her in half the bottle, you reach for your empty mug >You pour just enough to cover the very bottom of it, and stop "Glug glug, my little pony." >You tip the mug over and pour just enough booze to coat her tongue >It really is not something you're taking advantage of >You know that she's a lightweight >But her capacity has increased since the first time she drank >You will gladly argue that you are a good influence despite this >You nod and smile "Better?" >Rather than answer, she shudders at the taste "You know, the first night Jack was here, we drank. Hard to believe she was so alright with it." >"Well she likes you so she has shit taste." "Ah ha. Well, you're not wrong." >You sigh and take the bottle for yourself >You are not puny pony >You are strong man >You prove this to yourself, and no one else by taking another swig and letting the acidic liquid sit in your mouth >It still burns your tongue >You are no masochist but the way it almost sizzles >It reminds you of "Gah." >You violently shake your head and exhale "Fucking burnt my nose hairs out with that one." >.... >Where were you? "Oh yeah. So. Speak to Anonymous. I'm starting to have fun with the whole thing of you being jealous and saying things, now that Jack is learning from your playbook and starting to adopt some of your mannerisms." >You clear your throat and nod at her "Much appreciated, by the way." "But the last few... uh... weeks? Days? I don't know. We've been kinda isolating. Why has that been bugging you?" >Your repeated pokes do little to stir her up >To the contrary, she seems almost... muted? >Certainly not demure >"Because you're like... my best friend. You're almost like a big brother." >Her genuine answer is not what you expected to hear >She almost sounds different "You're kidding me." >That almost perpetual little spike in her voice >That borderline sarcastic tone >It's gone >It almost makes it harder to tease her >"No. Not really. And keep in mind that I said "almost"." "Yeah, naturally." >Shine shrugs >"Whether or not I like to admit it, you're really the only male that has never looked down on me. Boo hoo, same story as everyone else, you don't treat me like trash. But you recognize my achievements. You've even praised me!" >The smile on her face >What a smile >She really could be Jacky's sister, there is a lot of subtle resemblance >"And that... it's nice. I thought something bad happened. And I felt a little betrayed that you didn't tell me. Because you're supposed to tell me big things like that too." "Well we did... but yeah. It wasn't as quickly as it could have been." >You reach for the bottle >Not to drink, but to check how much was taken >Maybe... >Not even a full fifth yet? >Not drinking has made it far more potent a substance
>>11637 "And... I don't know. I don't have any excuse for it. For a bit, I thought I was just quitting my job and that the plan would fall apart. And then my mis-step would have screwed us all. It sucks to fail. And it really sucks to disappoint people, whether or not you know them. But especially if you know them really well." >You smile at the passive pony "But, after talking it over and doing some other stuff... I'm feeling kinda good about this. It's gonna work out." >You pat her on the head >Maybe a little too hard from how her head is lowering >At least she doesn't have a hollow noggin "I sure hope so, anyway. If this doesn't, we're kinda fucked." >Docile and sloshed enough for it to make a difference, Shiner grimaces >"...what if Jacky led you into a mistake? What happens to all of us, if she made you do something wrong?" "Then we'll make fun of her, I'll figure something out, and... we'll skate by. Trust me, I've lived this long. Not all because I wanted to, but because I had to for others. I'll figure something out." >"I don't like that answer." "Oh yeah?" >You aren't sure why but you are a little intrigued "Why, you aren't there to save the day and make me wear you like a Santa hat?" >The direct comment makes her purse her lips and turn away >"Come on, be serious." "I'm as serious as I'm gonna be tonight, hot'n'spicy. What's wrong with that backup plan?" >"Well. I would rather be a part of the process. You and Jacky get to cuddle up and make plans, and we're supposed to just go with it like we're your kids? Prism may not care that much but I sure as shit do." >You wanted to tease her about saying the S word but you decide against it "Yeah... and that's more on me. She talked about you guys like you might just get money and split. And I guess I could kinda see that because... well, if you had income, would you still be here?" >You pick up the bottle again >You're gonna need another swig for the follow-up commentary >You pop the cork out and hold the bottle in your hand "You see, uh..." >You take another swig >Rather than let it sit in your mouth for a fiscal year you swallow it in slow, consistent gulps >You have no clue how many shots you've had, or shot-equivalent drinks "Jacky and Prism have been talking. And she let me know that Prism may..." >You only just now realize that you swallowed all of that without a single shake, shiver or cough "She has brought up that she may want to move out. Not because of her own goals of making it in the big world but because she said she knows she doesn't fit in. And, you know." >You breathe in through your mouth >Even the air is flavored "That... I don't want that. Jacky doesn't want that. I don't know if you rightly care but I would hate to imagine you guys splitting up. My friends and I, we..." >You pet Shine's shoulder >Less a hard pat like before >Your eyes focus on the monitor "You know we drifted apart. And I don't want you guys splitting up too. Even if money isn't an issue, it's safety I worry over. Even if safety isn't an issue, it's happiness I worry over. Even if it's happiness, it's any little thing I worry over." >Shine seems >Vulnerable? >Maybe that's the word for how she looks >Maybe it's the alcohol speaking >Or the alcohol making it so she isn't speaking >It's one of the two, surely "And... ah... ah crap. Where was I?" >The unicorn furrows her brow at you >"Saying Prism wanted to move out." "Oh! Yeah. See, I knew you were a good listener." >What a topic
>>11639 "You see, it... it feels like a dream. To think that you guys might split up. I wouldn't know what to do if you three drifted apart. It's incredibly depressing to think about. And that came up shortly before we made the decision to find work for us all, so it kinda added to it. Because whether or not she or I, or both of us, want to give her that chance... we have to. For socializing and ease of life and all of that goof stuff. We have to. We have to risk it. And... man, as much as we don't really hang out-she and I-it really is distressing to think that Jackonomicon is gonna be deprived of her big sister like that." >It feels like a difficult topic but you really don't have the capacity to hide it anymore "I just want you guys to be happier and better off. We've had time to get you guys acclimated to the world, and around... well, at least one human. And it seems right, like she said, that you guys maybe start to figure out how to earn money. But if that means you're gonna just head out and then we won't even know what will happen next..." >You sigh >Quick bottle check >Is it down a full third or a half at this point? >Maybe another sippy isn't required at the moment "I'm... I'm rambling. I'm sorry, Starshine. There's a lot to say about the last few weeks. I am worried. Not because I don't think it will work. I think it will. But I can't help worrying over that less than one percent that something may go wrong. Or that it goes too well and we're left alone." >"...wouldn't it be better if you two were left alone?" "No way. If it were just us, she would be lonely. We would be lonely. We wouldn't be a..." >You bring up your arms and are immediately amazed at how they weigh more than a feather "A... you know. A family sort of deal. As..." >A heavy sigh follows "A... an inorganic as we may be." >You simultaneously felt like you overwhelmed her with words yet you don't remember what you said ten second prior >"That's dumb." >You scoff and smile "Yeah? Tell me about it." >"Well what makes you think I would leave you behind? Jacky, I guess I wouldn't hate it if I talked to her every other day at most. I mean, we sometimes do that as is anyway, right? But if I had to actually travel to see you..." >You shrug >It is really all you can do, as meager as it may be for the gravity of the situation "I know. And I know we have this weird... quasi-weird dynamic. I don't know for sure how healthy that is. Not really." >To that, she seems to make a face >It's a complex face >Like how a fancy booze has a more complex taste >It lingers in the air rather than on your tongue >"To be honest... I kinda like it. Jacky used to be worried but now she doesn't care. I kinda get to do stuff and she... I guess trusts me? To not do the wrong things. And I like that. And I want to abuse that." >"And you certainly do." >"Wrong. I've certainly TRIED." >The head-tilting quizzical look you give is met with a matter-of-fact scowl >"Be honest, if I were really a home wrecker, or some sort of... bitch. Wouldn't I have done something that crosses the line by now?" "I... I don't know?" >You give her a wide grimace >She's certainly pushed the envelope for a hard while now >The few times you've had real talks with Jacky about it, she's learned to shrug it off and counts it as lessons to learn >Not in how to somehow protect you >But to one-up her >You're sure, at least to an extent, that Shine has been teaching by example >You think >"Well no. I wouldn't. You're... I'm not interested in anything else. If you're gonna keep doing dumb crap and, by that, I mean Jacky..." "No comment." >"...then... I guess I gotta get over it. And I have. I will continue to. But what's that phrase you liked using a few times?" "Where's the beef?" >"No, the other one." "I.... uah... make it Mac tonight?" >Another scowl >"No. It's "you can't stop me"." "HA! Ahhh... yeah. Yeah, I really did enjoy using that one."
>>11640 >"Exactly. You can't stop me. And neither can she. If it's futile, then I don't care. I still get to see and enjoy a side of you she never will. If it isn't futile... then that's an entirely new world to explore, isn't it?" >This talk of hers is almost enough to make you sober >Almost >You pet her shoulder >It's hard to not take notice of how soft her mane is "Listen, Starshine... if it means anything. Without going into detail. I'm sorry I wanted an Applejack instead of a Twilight. If I did... I think I would have gotten you first." >Are these treacherous words? >Or is it more an apology at her and her given lot in life? >She never asked for this >She never asked for any of these situations in her life >That strength >That hard-nosed view on what matters >You know that isn't truly her >It's more the consequences of her history that has led her to drink from the bitter pool of pragmatism >You feel like you need to hug Jacky >You do not, in any way, mean anything by it in that way >You wish you were two of you >You wanted to say that >But that wouldn't work, would it? >That would be borderline flippant >"You shouldn't be. If you met me first, you'd probably be so content that you wouldn't even bother to look for those two dorks." >Shine pushes a smile >It's real >You can tell >But it's not all joyous "Maybe. Maybe...and to be fair, who I am now isn't who I was then. Same with you. With how much you've grown these last few years to now. If you ever met the old you, you'd be surprised." >That smile warms up >She really is a sweet mare, underneath the spikes and thorns that she surrounds herself with >"I probably would be." >You lean back until you're practically laying on your back "It seems like either the booze or the talking is tuckering me out." >Shiner pushes back until she flops onto her back >She keeps her legs up, smiling >"Same." "Yeah..." >"Yeah." >You wipe your eyes with your index finger and thumb "You got one more day of freedom, after tonight. After that, you'll be a working stiff." >"That's ok." "Even if it means no more video games?" >"I can play them with you." "You won't have that much time to laze around anymore either." >"It just means that I'll be getting better." "You'll have to deal with more humans." >"You'll help protect me if they aren't good. Right?" >You chuckle "Of course. Just as much as I would protect Prism. Or Jack." >"I guess that'll have to do then." "It will. Because you know how far I'll go for her." >"Yeah..." >Starshine closes her eyes >"I'm not as much as a desperate booze mare as Jacky... I'm gonna get some sleep. Let's call it a draw. That one time I let you win didn't count." "Those two wins you let me have, you mean." >"Oh screw you." "You wish." >The magical mare lets out a melodious yawn >"Next time I win... I want a kiss." "Ha. Sure." >Though the menu theme of Melee isn't perfect, you find yourself dozing off >Just a little >In this little moment >You're sure that Shine will not fail >Not you >Not Jacky >Not Prism >And not herself >Even if she sucks at Smash
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She's a good girl, underneath it all. And it's only Anon who really gets to see it. And that's ok, isn't it?
>>11631 What >>11633 said. It's very much worth it. It's not an adventure, it's a wonderful slice of life. That said, gonna have to wait till tomorrow to read this newest update - also put the kibosh on an update to Midnight this weekend. I'm tired and starting to play Stray has given me an overwhelming urge to snuggle with my kitties. But green will be ready early in the week, just need to bake it a bit longer.
Zooma update imminent.
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>>11647 Invigoration.
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https://nhnb.org/fim/res/8141.html#q9059 12. Root-Cause Analysis, Part 1: Gainfully Employed >"Anon... you good, brah?" Chad slaps your shoulder, pulling your attention back to the here-and-now, back to the boat, the breeze, and your massive companion, his trademark mohawk hidden under a beige boonie hat. This is the "nerdiest" you've ever seen the man, and the sight would make you chuckle were your mood not so dour. He threads a hook through a squirming night crawler and casts his line some fifteen meters out, content to let the lead teardrops on the line take his squirming bait where it will. >Unable to formulate a spoken response, you just shrug and sigh, not paying attention to your own line. >While you appreciate Chad treading lightly around the impetus for this excursion, not acknowledging it eats away at you more with every passing hour. It doesn't help that the fishing has been uneventful, making for a rather disappointing distraction. "I don't know what to do, Chad." >He shifts his attention from the placid water, back to you. That's enough to break the dam. "Everything was perfect. Or I thought it was. Yeah, we had that biting incident, but it led to me meeting you and Spitfire, and you guys helped me realize my feelings for her. And, I dunno, everything just 'clicked'. Even before all that, we just worked. We fit together so naturally. It was effortless, man, like we were meant to cross paths, like I was meant to just up and invite her home." >While letting the words flow releases an emotional pressure of sorts, continuing down this path brings a new sense of pain. >"Relationships aren't always sunshine and roses, brah. Spits and I still fight, you know. Even after all these years together. It's just part of the game." "I know, but..." >"Did you really think that you and her would be some kind of fairy-tale exception?" "I... well..." You give a pained scoff. "Yeah. I feel so stupid admitting it, but I guess I got used to things always being so easy. Guess I just assumed things would always be that way because they'd been like that for so long." >"How's Zooma's counseling been going?" "I dunno. Counseling was my idea, but I wish I could do more for her. I can tell she's been crying whenever she comes home from her sessions, but she's so damned tight-lipped about it all." >"Have you considered she's too embarrassed to tell you?" >You haven't, it pains you to realize. >"To be honest brah, you've been pretty tight-lipped with how all this started. One minute it seems like everything is fine, next thing I know, you and Z are having problems, she's in counseling, and, just... fuck man. How did you get here? Can you put your finger on when things started to go off the rails?" >An apt question- one that you've been contemplating for some time. >A fresh mountain breeze pushes the boat to the east. Watching the pines surrounding this high-mountain shoreline sway under its influence, you think back to when things really began to feel different...
>>11651 /.../ >"I'm glad we did this." "Me too." >Zooma keeps herself pinned to your side by way of the wing wrapped around your waist, as she's done for what seems like forever. >How interesting... you've yet to celebrate the anniversary of when you first met your soul mate, yet it seems like it happened a lifetime ago. >So much has changed since then. >Hell, so much has changed in the two weeks since your encounter with Zooma's "sister", who you just spied gliding high above on some invisible thermal not fifteen minutes ago. It's the first time you've seen her since you made her manhandling acquaintance, but you pay her no mind, especially when the mare beside you consumes your present thoughts. >Getting out of the house this afternoon was a much-needed change of pace. While Zooma has always been... needy... during her cycles, this latest one was unusually challenging for you. Something seemed off about Zooma this time around, like there was an underlying, faint desperation that she exuded throughout it; a quality that had never been present before. Additionally, she was moodier throughout this heat- more than you'd ever seen her. >She'd been a bit controlling too, come to think of it... another unusual trait you didn't expect to see from your sweet, loving mare. >Whatever the cause for her peculiar behavior, you're glad that she seems back to normal today, and that her heat had fully subsided. You'd lost more weight than usual this time around. >It was nice to be out of her sight for more than five minutes today. It was nice to cook an early dinner that got Zooma's lick-the-plate-when-I-think-Anon-isn't-looking approval. And it most certainly was nice when she suggested that you take a slow, relaxing walk to someplace you'd never been to before. >So here you are, strolling down some frost-cracked sidewalk in a higher-end neighborhood barely two miles away from your own house. >Finally, things feel kinda normal again, notwithstanding the questions recent events have given you. >"What are you thinking about, my love? You're hard to read this evening." >Questions you're not ready to broach to your lover. >"Miss Zooma! Miss Zooma!" >Seems The Universe™ is gonna bail you out. What a bro. >Your mare gasps. Her ears swivel towards the source of excited voice that calls her name. A little blonde girl runs in your direction with her arms outstretched. >"Oh my stars!" Zooma squeals. She releases her feathery grasp on you to take off for the girl, gliding just above the well-kempt front yards that lay between them. >Zooma lands just short of the girl, who throws herself into your mare's waiting forelegs. She nuzzles the little girl and nickers before adding her olive green wings to the hug. >"Jessica, it's wonderful to see you again, my dear!" >As you close on the pair, so too does Jessica's mom from the opposite direction. >"You know," the mom begins, gaining Z's attention, "Jessica talks about you every single day."
>>11653 >"Multiple times a day," a man you assume to be the dad adds before holding his hand out to you. He's rail-thin and taller than you by a few inches. The way his short brown hair is styled... the shape of his thick red plastic glasses frames- it reminds you of someone else; making you think of Smashmouth-themed mashup albums. "Hi, I'm Brandon." "Anon." >He tries to hide a wince. "That's quite a grip you've got there, Anon." >Many miles away, Chad stops himself mid-sentence, stands from his couch, turns in your general direction and yells, "Attaboy, Anon! Unleash your inner alpha horsefucker!" Spitfire shakes her head and rolls her eyes. She flutters at eye-level with her man, placing her hooves on either side of his face. Chad offers no explanation beyond a shrug and a chuckle. Spitfire rolls her eyes again and kisses him; securing his attention once more. >Jessica's mom likewise extends her hand. "We never formally met last time. I'm Ruby." >Ruby's got a better grip than her husband, making you wonder if she wears the pants in their relationship. "Anon." You look to your mare, who's just returned to your side. "And I'm sure you remember Zooma..." >Z holds out her hoof to Ruby. "Hello again! I hope there's no hard feelings for the scare I gave you when we last met." >Ruby laughs and shakes her head before grasping Zooma's hoof and giving it a pump. "How could I when I remember the pure joy you brought to my little sunshine?" She leans towards Zooma to whisper in her ear. "Even if we are sick of hearing about the 'flying pony ride.'" >Dad joins his wife and extends his hand. "Hello Zooma, it's so nice to finally meet you. I'm Brandon." The pleasantries now complete, the parents exchange a glance. >Ruby turns back to you. "Would you two like to come over for some tea?" >"Of course!" Zooma answers for you, wrapping her wing around your waist again as she does. >"Miss Zooma?" >Zooma stops mid-stride, smiling at Jessica. "Yes, dear?" >"Can you give me a ride again?" >Ruby shakes her head. "Oh, honey, no..." >Your mare releases your waist and giggles. "It's no problem." She crouches down and does her best to hide her wince when the little girl pulls on her mane as she climbs into place. "There you go. Ready?" >"Ready!" >"Anon?" Zooma extends her right wing. "Right. I gotcha, babe." >Her green feathers wrap around your hand. "Thank you, my love." >Months ago, the glances that Ruby and Brandon exchange would've made you feel self-conscious and insecure about your unconventional relationship. But you're a different man. >The short trek back to Jessica's house is uneventful. Her parents are clearly well-off, if the neighborhood is any indication. Your suspicions are confirmed when Ruby and Brandon lead you to the front door of an immaculate two-story house whose reddish-pink bricks remind you of the sunset.
>>11655 >Ruby brews the tea while Zooma and Jessica play in the living room. Brandon engages you on the couch with the standard "tell me about yourself" small talk. Though it's a little awkward being in a stranger's home, you loosen up after your first cup of tea. Zooma, on the other hand, seems completely in her element playing with Jessica and her dolls on the living room carpet. They both pout when Ruby tells Jessica it's time to get ready for bed. "We should get going too, Z." you add, further intensifying Zooma's puppy dog eyes. >"Actually, there's something I'd like to speak with you two about, if you don't mind waiting." >So you wait, with Zooma joining you on the couch. Brandon excuses himself to help Ruby. >"Hey you." Z kisses your cheek. "Doing okay?" "Yeah." you whisper back. "Wondering what they want to talk about, but ready to go home." >Zooma nods and gives you another peck, this time on your neck, following it up with a nuzzle. She uses a wing to fish your clasped hands out of your lap, her olive primaries clutching your hand as they did during the walk to this large, lovely home. >You're both content to wait in silence, though you don't wait very long. Two sets of muffled footsteps announce the arrival of your hosts. "Sorry to keep you waiting," Ruby says with a faint smile. "No problem. What did you want to talk about?" >Brandon joins his wife on the love seat opposite from you and Z. "Okay, this may seem a bit weird, but bear with us, would ya?" "Okay..." >"Zooma," Ruby begins, "Would you mind telling us a bit about what a typical day looks like for you? I heard Anon talk about his job, but I'm curious to know what you're up to while he's gone." >Zooma nods. "Sure. Most days I help get Anon out the door on time. He's not much of a morning person, you see, but I've been working to change that since I moved in with him." She gives you a nudge with her shoulder. "Then I meet my friend Spitfire-" >"Another pony?" Brandon interjects. >"That's right. I met her through Chad, one of Anon's friends." >"This Spitfire, is she, um... is Chad like her, uh..." >"Oh, don't be such a prude, Brandon." Ruby scoffs. "I take it Spitfire and Chad are an item, like you and Anon?" >"That's right." Your mare gives you another peck on the cheek for emphasis. "Anyway, after I see Anon off, I meet Spitfire every morning to fly around the lake near our house. Then I come home, clean myself up, and work on any chores that need to be done." >Ruby leans forward. "Does that take you very long?" >"The chores? No, not anymore, ever since I finally got this one trained..." Z gives you another playful nudge. "If I've got nothing else to do, I'll read, or go for a longer flight around the neighborhood. I'll visit Spitfire at her house a few times a week to hang out. Sometimes she comes over for lunch and we'll experiment with new recipes in the kitchen." >Zooma giggles and rolls her eyes.
>>11657 >"Well, I do the experimenting. Spitfire mostly keeps me company and gives me feedback on my new creations." >"Fascinating," Brandon says as he cleans his glasses on his shirt. "So you can read, cook and clean... where did you learn all this?" >Zooma's ears flatten. She looks down at the carpet. "I... don't know." >"What do you mean?" >For the first time tonight, Zooma's confidence falters. She looks to you, her eyes full of concern and something else you can't quite put your finger on. >"I... I can't explain it. I just *know* how to do these things. It's been like that as long as I can remember." >You can tell this answer doesn't sit well with Brandon, and decide to add your two cents before he can prod into the one subject Zooma avoids talking about at all costs. "The bottom line is Zooma's wonderful. She's completely independent and a more competent adult than most humans you'll meet." Throwing your arm around her back, you pull her close. "I couldn't ask for a better mare to share my life with." >Zooma nuzzles into your neck. "Thank you, darling." she whispers in your ear. "I love you." >"Aww," Ruby says, holding her hand to her chest. "You two are just the cutest!" "Thanks." you say as heat rises to your cheeks. >You're glad that Ruby doesn't have a problem with you being a bona fide horsefucker. Brandon seems a bit iffy, but he also strikes you as kind of a bitch, much like you used to be. >"Well," Ruby looks to her husband, "I think I've seen and heard everything I need to. Brandon? What do you think?" >"Your call. I think she'd be great." >Zooma gives you an inquisitive glance. >Ruby smiles at your mare. "Zooma. As you might have overheard earlier, Brandon travels a lot for work, and I'm also very busy with my own career. We don't want to put Jessica in daycare, but since our last nanny moved away, we haven't been able to find anyone to replace her. The candidates we've interviewed either didn't impress us, or Jessica didn't care for. But you..." her smile widens. "Jessica adores you. And between what we've seen and what you've told us, I think you'd be perfect for the job. So what do you say? Would you like to be our new nanny?" >Zooma's eyes are bigger than you've ever seen them. "What... which days would you need me? And how many hours?" >"Monday through Friday, nine to three, until school starts. We'd start you off at twenty an hour. Sound fair?" >To her credit, Z keeps her composure as she and Ruby hammer out the details. With that done, you finally head out the door after exchanging pleasantries one last time. >The smile that dominates Zooma's muzzle is something to behold. You haven't seen her this happy since you asked her to live with you. She prances ahead in carefree zig-zags, then takes to the air, doing loops as she squees. >"Can you believe it, Anon!? They asked ME to care for their filly! ME! A reject, bootleg pony! I've got a real job!" "That's great, babe! I'm so proud of you!"
>>11658 >And yet, despite your pride and excitement for your mare, you can't help the uneasy feeling that bubbles deep in your gut. You don't let it show, lest your uncertainty ruin Zooma's euphoria. >Everything will be fine. It's like you said earlier- Zooma's more put together than most humans. She'll handle her new responsibilities just fine. >So why do you feel like something bad is going to happen? ... https://ponepaste.org/5304#1528
>>11653 Very sweet scene
>>11641 I'll admit I like Shiner more than Jackie. >>11659 I'm worried if Zooma will have a fear episode or something while taking care of the kid.
>>11671 She's had a longer journey than Jacky. From what we've seen, it's thanks to Jackenstein that she's even there... and we've seen what might happen if Anon got our red mare first. She really is Anon's best friend. Far more than Jacky could ever be. Which is kinda rough. Both for her, Starshine and Anon too. The paths they've all taken the way they did led to where they are now. What started as her being aggressive, jealous and spiteful has evolved to her being reliable, insightful and tempered. Driven by her own personal ambition and shaped by limitations has made her exceedingly skilled. What's funny is that she takes after Anon in a lot of ways. I suppose it's fair to say that Anon loves her. But in a different way than he loves Jacky. That isn't a bad thing. Worth noting that Jacky has taken after Prism a little. She hasn't forgotten about the element of harmony quests. I think that's why DRAGON MARE Z came up the way it did. If they could find a way to combine into one, it would presumably solve a lot of problems. It would also mash their desires, wants and needs into an explosive mare-shaped ball.
I wanted to write What's Bugging Anon but too much of my day was wasted on goofy shit. >>11641 >Less than twelve hours until the new job >Less than twelve hours until you load up your car with your dorks >Go to a new place >And deal with what they'll do >Or not do >Whether or not it is a good idea, it's happening >Starshine has been sticking to you like glue >She hasn't said it but you think that she's worried >You would be too if you were her >Since she dropped off for the night, you took the chance to slip out to talk to Tweedle D and Tweedle Jack >You hear the movie they're watching before you see them laying side by side >It's an old western >But it's not a good old western >"Jacky, this one really isn't that good..." >"Yeah but it has Angel Eyes in it." >"But his name is Marv." >"This time." >You sit behind them, suddenly more interested in the movie than actually talking to them >Jack can tell that you're behind her and flicks her tail upward as a personalized greeting >Prism doesn't move >You were wondering where that one blanket went off to, you didn't know they were using it "Huh. Did you recently get that one washed?" >"Yes. We did laundry yesterday while you and Spark were shouting at each other." >Prism is curt as always "Well, that's good. Mind if I join in?" >"Come lay with us, cowboy, it's just getting good!" >You sorta wanted to check out how they were doing but this is fine too >You lay beside Jackenstein, resting your head on her shoulder >You can still see the movie well enough so you aren't missing out >It is interesting too >The protagonist is... >Man, there's a lot of talking >Maybe you just need to pay attention to what's going on better >... >... >... >Your head jerks up >What were you doing? >With a fuzzy mind, you strain your eyes to pay attention to the... >...movie? >That's no movie, that's the Crypt Keeper "Whoa. Audie Murphy got decrepit." >Prism chuckles >She's no longer laying near Jacky >And Jacky somehow flopped over to the point that your head is on her chest "Jack asleep?" >"Yes. She's pretty excited for tomorrow." "Nice." >You nod and rub the side of your face into the pony "You are too, I hope." >"Excited enough to do it." "You know, I kinda wanted to pick your brain." >"About?" "What you think about this. What did Jacky sell you on?" >"Not much. It'll help you, her, me. All of us." >She's doing a good job at talking while not looking at you >This isn't going to work >It never has >It probably never will "So when did you get into Tales from The Crypt?" >"A few weeks ago." >The episode in question involves a pair of Siamese twins "It's good stuff. I didn't peg you for a spooky sort." >"I'm not." >You want to just sleep >But something compels you to try to at least socialize with her >If she can't socialize well with you, what hope does she have with random humans? "What do you like about it then? The cheap effects, or the actors tend to be pretty noticeable nobodies?" >She doesn't respond for a bit >"I suppose I like both of them. And the plots. A lot of them are just about thieves and conmen pulling schemes until they get their just desserts." "That sounds pretty heinous. Did you see the episode with the guy who got paralyzed?" >"I did, that one was good." "I grew up watching that sort of stuff, you know." >"That's amusing. Did little Anon have nightmares?" "From the episodes? Nah. It was always the opening of the Keeper bursting out and laughing." >You chuckle "I used to change the channel for a few seconds so I wouldn't see him do that." >Those were the days >Not really >But some childish nostalgia refuses to let the moment go >It's one of the few things you even want as proof that you were once a kid
>>11659 I'm nervous and excited for Z. She seems so thrilled in this update, and I have no doubt she would be great at the task - it's just that this is a new level of stress she hasn't dealt with. It's a big responsibility. And with her prior unresolved issues - yeah, I can empathize with Anon's pessimism. >>11675 It's nice to see Shiner's more candid side. The attitude is gold, but getting a peek behind the veil is always refreshing. And to see something resembling a conversation between Anon and Dashie is nice. Will it actually lead anywhere? Well... one can hope. Update to Midnight yet this morning or tomorrow. Bet.
>>11421 >"Ah yes, another nightly game of channel roulette. How wonderful." >You glance over at Midnight, who is lying beside you on the couch. >Starla is parked basically parallel to Midnight, with the laptop sitting in front of them. >While your guest is still focused on the contents of the computer screen, Midnight is alternating her vision between you and the TV, unimpressed with the flashes of color and bursts of sound as you skip around. >You manage to lock eyes with her, making her pause. >"Yes, you're annoying." >With that cue, you start hammering the remote, skipping through the channels even faster while grinning madly. >"I hope you feel accomplished." "Thanks, I do. You know, if you would stop reading so damn fast, you could stay in sync with where Starla is on the page and not even pay me any mind." >"That's probably my fault more than it is Midnight's," Starla speaks up, tearing her eyes from the laptop. "I'm a little on the sluggish side." "Nonsense. Midnight tears through everything she reads. She's read every damn shop manual I have cover to cover. Like, the first week she started living with me. Even I haven't done that." >"Wow, is that actually true?" Starla asks, her mouth agape at the idea. >"Something like that," Midnight answers, shying away from the sudden spotlight flashed upon her. "She's a lot nerdier than she puts on, Star." >A dark blue hoof lightly raps you on the thigh. "No hitting," you whine, poking her roughly in the cheek with your index finger. >You get an animalistic snarl in response. >"You two really do act like children all the time, don't you?" Starla asks, clearly amused by the exchange. >"He does, yes." "That includes you, Middie." >"I occasionally stoop to your level. There is a difference." "Starla, doesn't that make her as guilty as me?" >"Wait, why are you asking her opinion?" Midnight blurts. >Quickly, she recognizes the harshness of her words, dropping her head in muted reluctance as she turns to her friend. >"Sorry, Starla. Didn't mean for it to sound like that." >"Midnight, you're fine!" Starla laughs brushing off the inadvertent callousness. "I know you get caught up in the moment, I knew what you meant. Though I'm curious why Anon thinks so highly of what I think." >All eyes fall upon you with that end note. "Because you are our guest, and clearly the only grown up here." >"She's our guest, so you want to make her choose a side. That seems really inviting." >Starla shakes her head, chuckling lightly before her attention abruptly snaps to the TV. >"Hey, what's that?" she asks, pointing a hoof as intrigue suddenly creeps over her face. >You look at the screen in time to see a forest green Chevelle being rolled onto a stage before a crowd. >That's a big nope. "Ah, I didn't mean to stop on this shit." >You raise the remote in your hand to change the channel, only for the device to be jarringly snapped from your grasp.
>>11685 >It waggles in the air tauntingly, held aloft by a thin wire that's snaked around it. >"Our guest would like to know what that is, Anon," Midnight announces with a straight and emotionless expression. "It's a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle. Remote, please," you quickly spout, holding your hand out more authoritatively than expectantly. >Instead, the remote swoops under your open palmed hand, making for your knuckles as Midnight devilishly snickers. >"Don't you dare, you little bastard," you spit, pulling your hand away before she can complete the plastic assault upon your joints. >"Wait, I'm confused. What's the problem with this car? I like the white stripes on top," Starla comments, looking to either of you for clarification. >"Anon hates watching auctions, which is what this is," Midnight responds. "He gets all sad and mopey." >Perplexed by the answer, Starla directs focus onto you for more clarity. "We'll watch it, I guess," you concede. "Turn up the volume, Middie." >"... and underneath the hood is an LS6, the most powerful iteration of the 454 big-block Chevrolet put into these cars," the announcer reels off. >Well, this is a big one if it's the real deal. >The cameraman pans along the side of the car, showing off the flawless mirror-shine paint job that accentuates the body lines, before heaving the camera up to get a view of the interior. >A white vinyl interior sets a sharp contrast against the darker metallic paint and complements the twin stripes that Starla alluded to draped over the top of the car. >"So what is it you don't like about this show, Anon?" Starla asks. "The figure up at the top that keeps climbing." >No sooner do you say that does the dollar figure break into the six digits, and continues to bounce upward. >"Wow, it's almost like it's an auction, Anon," Midnight comments in a mocking voice. >It makes you leer at her, something she didn't quite expect, considering her sassy demeanor fades away. >"What?" "You know why I hate this shit, Midnight." >"Well I don't," Starla pouts. >"It's autism." "You hush." >"Sold! $147,000!" >The announcers begin to rave about the price and how it compares to recent auctions, while you shake your head. "What bothers me about this stuff is the fact that car is likely never going to see the light of day. Certainly isn't going to be regularly driven, and to me, that's just sad." >"Well, that is a lot of money..." Starla comments, trailing off as she tries to come up with something of substance. >"You mean to tell me you would be driving that all over tarnation and risk fucking it up after spending that kind of dough?" "Alright, come here, you." >You turn and grab a hold of Midnight, dragging her over to your side. >"What the hell are you doing?!" Midnight barks in disbelief. "Embarrassing you in front of your friend with punishment cuddles," you answer back as you embrace her and rest your chin upon her head.
>>11686 >"That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard," she mutters in frustration as she tries to squirm her way out of the affection. >You glance over at Starla, flashing her a smirk as she tries hard not to burst into laughter at the token struggle. "Don't let her fool you, Star. Most of the time when I wake up, she's draped all over me or snuggled up to my side." >"Shut up, shut up!" >Now the half-hearted fight takes on some energy as you can feel the warmth emanating from her face upon your neck and chest. >"Aww, she really does like you, doesn't she?" Starla teases. "Hey, you're starting to understand Middie's language." >"You're both assholes." >"It sounds like she needs more love, Anon," Starla comments with a sly smile. >She moves over toward you and Midnight, snuggling up to Midnight and snaking those pink forelegs around her friend. >"Why is this a thing right now?" Midnight demands. >"I dunno, but I didn't want to be left out." >"That's not an excuse!" "Oh fine, you poor thing," you relent as you free her from your arms. >Starla backs away as well, though only as Midnight starts to move away from you. >As Midnight quickly darts back to her prior spot on the couch, she shakes her head, trying to make some sort of organization in the mass of her hair that's splayed everywhere on her head. "Feel better now? Maybe less snarky?" >"You get a five-minute reprieve" she shoots back. >You beam with pride as you look to Starla, who giggles at the light victory you've achieved. "Yeah, we're kinda dysfunctional." >Starla shakes her head, her amusement not diminished in the slightest. >"It's not something I'm used to seeing, nor have I experienced that kind of relationship, but I'd hardly call it dysfunctional," she says. "It's just funny watching you two pick on each other like that in good fun." >"How about we go back to the prior conversation, the one we were having before I hurt your poor feelings and you had to torture me, Anon," Midnight suggests. >You forgot there was a conversation going on... "Where were we?" >"You suggested driving a six-figure car around," Starla chimes in. "Oh, right. Anyway, I get it from the point of view of a lot of moolah at risk - but why buy it at that point if you're never going to drive it? If you spent that much, you would wisely insure it for that value. Most people that go to these auctions just collect to have something they can say they own. If they actually show it off, it's going somewhere in a trailer." >"I thought maybe it was just a jealousy thing, to be honest," Starla reluctantly admits. >You shake your head. "Don't feel bad. I mean, part of it could be that on a separate level. But the big thing is - well, cars are made to be driven. When they just sit, seals dry up and leaks form, parts get seized up, and tires and other rubber pieces dry rot. All of that happens even in climate controlled garages." >"I didn't know that."
>>11687 >"Let's admit though - you getting bent out of shape over watching this because of what goes on afterward with something you likely wouldn't see anyway - it's a bit much," Midnight replies in a calm tone. "I'll admit it. But let's admit buying something just so you can say you own it is sort of sad." >"I can understand it," Starla nods. >"I've always understood it. But I do like seeing the sort of shit they bring out. I'd watch this stuff from time to time while you were asleep." "Well, at least it wasn't the porn channel." >A look of disgust quickly follows from Midnight, even as Starla lightly chuckles and turns back to the TV. >"It is interesting to see the different kinds of cars. I don't know much about em." "Well, I guess if you want to fall into the pit of automotive insanity, you're gonna get a crash course staying with us for a little while." >"Well, I hope I can be a good student," Starla warmly comments, sitting up straight and proper. "Nah, no pressure. There's just a hundred-question exam at the end of your stay you have to pass to leave." >"I can always let her cheat off of me. Considering she's going to show me a few things about making food." >Starla nods quickly, excited by the notion. >"I wanted to start tonight, but thought better of it. A lot to take in being in a new place," she explains. "When do you normally go to bed, anyway?" >You and Midnight glance at each other, before offering Starla shrugs in unison. >"I think we just sorta crash when one of us starts falling asleep. Which sorta depends on what took place during the day." "I still got a couple of hours in me, I know that much. You tend to go to bed early?" >"No, I just wanted to make sure I'm messing up your sched-" "Nah, don't worry none about that. We're both pretty flexible." >"...so we can keep watching this?" >While Starla is the one to inquire politely, both mares equip their best puppy-dog eyes. "Well, I'm outvoted two to one anyways. Maybe this will desensitize me a bit." >"That's the spirit," Midnight consoles you, patting your leg. "Time limit's up, you know. Figured you would want to crank the sarcasm back up," you remind her. "Eh, I'll throw you a bone for being democratic." -----
>>11684 Doesn't help that I fell asleep with PlushJack while writing. Today is a big day for them. Also man, everyone is suddenly writing now.
>>11690 Yeah, I need to pick up the pace with this Rosie update since when I finish this one I already have the next part written.
>>11615 have you read it, is it any good?
Is it time to revive the thread on /mlp/? If so, it'd be wise to stagger all the updates that have accumulated to keep the thread bumped with content.
>>11699 Like John Wick, I'm thinking yeah, we're back. May as well at least try.
>>11699 Didnt people bitch and moan about the dumps last time?
>>11703 That's why I'm saying we should stagger it. Don't dump everything at once. Somebody post an update every two or three days, maybe longer to give people a chance to read it and even comment on it. But I'm not holding my breath on that. I'm just glad you guys have been better about engaging with each other. The problem is how fast the board has been over there.
>>11675 >"I bet that took a lot of practice to nail down. It kinda scares me too. But once you see that he's just a puppet it's more clever than anything else. Why aren't puppets used like that anymore?" "It's a dying art, D-bash." >You let out a long, low yawn >Jack is out like a light but even then your yawn makes her yawn "A lot of old stuff just isn't used anymore. Everything has to be CG, 3D, over-produced and all sorts of silly things." >You'd like to watch more but you'll have to settle for listening >Your eyes are just too heavy "Make sure you get some rest, man. We're gonna need you tomorrow." >... >... >... >You can hear the Crypt Keeper make bad puns >How did that joker ever spook you? >You were such a coward back then >But how could you have known better, or been braver? >"Hey, are you awake?" >Of course you are >Though you say nothing >You don't think that you can reliably talk back >"Your breathing changed, you're awake." >Damn >Caught >"Jacky's really happy about tomorrow, you know that?" >You can guess so >"Going by how Sparking is when she comes out with you..." >You don't like that slight inflection >"She seems happy too." >You're listening but the breathing of your PillowJack is a little too comfortable to give her your full attention >"I'm not going to tell you anything you don't already know." >Is that right? >"But I still think you're too close to her." >That's nothing new "...it's not that bad." >"What happens when it does get that bad?" >"I'll buck her face and then we'll watch a movie." >That was Jack >You weren't expecting that >She wasn't pretending to sleep, you recognize that breathing pattern >"...Jacky, you need to-" >"Nah." >You're staying out of this one >"Do you really think this can keep going?" >"It's fine, Dashie." >"Jac-" >"I said it's fine, Faint Prism." >Not only are you laying on a mare with your eyes closed >Not only are you effectively in the middle of this argument >You don't think you've ever heard Jackunaut speak in that sort of time "...should I still try to be sleeping here?" >"Yes." >You feel Jacky's legs fold toward you "Sounds good. You guys better be ready for tomorrow." >"Super ready." >The short squeeze of her legs on you convince you of that easily enough >"...Sorry, Anon." "It's alright. You're just a bit of a fruitcake sometimes." >Jacky snickers >"Needs more lemon." "Oh you know it." >No commentary >You exhale >Why is everything so jagged with her? "Hey D-bash. I gotta ask you something." >No reply >But you hear her shift enough >You have no clue if your pillow is awake and listening in but you don't want to open your eyes >You were so ready to doze off but now this had to go the way it did "Do you not like it here? What's up?" >No reply "You know there's no beating Countess Jackula." >Nothing >Not from her, anyway >From the sound of the episode going on, it's about to reach the fatal climax "You used to be more sneaky but now it just seems like you want to start something." >You reach up to grab Jackonovich's foreleg >You aren't going to worry over it
>>11704 >spoiler It is what it is. I don't know how it'll turn out but it is worth a shot. >>11703 AngeryAnon is always with us. >>11706 "Hey there, we're celebrating so I'd like for, ah... uh, four of the main combos. Extra coleslaw on one, replace the coleslaw with extra breads on two, and then replace the coleslaw with extra fries." >"Wow, congrats then! What would you like for drinks?" "Just two of the gallon teas you guys have, if you still have some." >"Sure thing! Sweet or unsweet?" "One of both is the name of the game." >"Alright! So, four combos with..." >The pleasantries are nice >The three mares in the car with you are quiet >For a first day, they... >Well >It was a first day >When you get back to the apartment, Shine frees your hands up by using her magic to hold up the bags and tea >Only after everything is divvied out does everyone take a seat in the living room >D-bash prefers the extra coleslaw >Shiner digs the extra fries >You won't lie, everyone likes the extra fries >But you sometimes arm wrestle SnackJack for the extra bread if you're hungry enough >She doesn't always win >Rather than decide on sweet or unsweet, everyone has two cups >It's not much of a feast in the traditional sense >But it is still something of a celebration >"We're so screwed." >Shine's voice is so devoid of hope >"It... it's ok. This sort of thing happens in movies too, right? >Your dork in chief at least seems a little more hopeful >"...I really didn't mean to." >Prism finally speaks >Her poise is well and truly broken >Even her mane is less than flawless "I... it's ok. Sometimes the first days are the worst." >You didn't have all that hard a time >It was largely one of those useless orientation days where you're told a dozen things, remember nothing, and end up goofing around >The library is a lot smaller, once you get the general layout >But >It also means less places to run to "I think what... might help. Is to not really try to panic." >You gulp down your sweet tea fast enough that you can only vaguely taste the delicious syrupy mostly-liquid "And... to not scream for help. Or to buck. Bucking is definitely a no go. With me, it's debatable. But..." >You need to be careful to not name names "...make sure you just keep a good distance from the random people." >You don't want to make any pony feel bad >But between the three, one has been taken out enough to be somewhat comfortable, one remained near you like a starved, stray cat >And one tried to show off her feathers as a way to impress >And dealt with a kid trying to pluck one of her feathers >You keep your eyes on your food box >If the panicked pony wasn't enough, an angry parent quintupled the strain "The good news... is that I was told that she's a bit of a pain anyway, same with her kid. So if they don't come back, that's going to be a good thing in the long run." >"...at least I didn't use any magic." "Yeah. You're not wrong. The last thing we needed was a scorched earth policy including actual scorched earth." >"...did your day go good at least, Anon?" >As hopeful as she sounds, Jacklevania is hardly above a whisper "Yeah... yeah, it wasn't bad. I had a bit of a talk. Before and after." >You finally bring your eyes up >To the only winged pony of the party >She looks like she's three seconds away from bawling her eyes out "And it's alright." >She's quick to break eye contact >Your eyes go to The Shining "It is. It's the first day but next Monday? It'll feel like you're a thousand times better." >And finally, to your Jack knife >You can't help but frown at her "...did you know that kid's mom was going to be a bitch?" >She smirks >"Tiny bit. She looked like that one woman from our first date." "You... wait, Ihop or the trail?" >She looks like she's disappointed but it passes after a second >"Which one counts as the official first?" "I... I don't know."
(275.61 KB 682x720 1644539306653.png)
>>11706 >"You used to be more sneaky but now it just seems like you want to start something." >>You reach up to grab Jackonovich's foreleg >>You aren't going to worry over it Shit, things are coming to a head sooner than I'd thought. I feel for Prism, I really do. For somepony that's always got a sister nearby, she's very alone. I wish she could let go of her past and be able to move on with her life and heal. Deebly goncerned about her.
(3.30 MB 498x280 my-nigga-denzel-washington.gif)
>>11707 >Raising Cane's
>>11707 >For a moment, she seems as perplexed as you >"You're both idiots. I hope you two can refine your act and take it on the road." >Shiner speaks in her usual flat, sarcastic tone between stuffing her face with fries "Yeah well it would help smooth things over." >You pluck a fry from Sparkler's box, much to her dismay >Your eyes go back to Prism >... >Crap >None of your usual antics are causing even a smile >The weight of the room increases back to where it was before anyone spoke "If you wanna talk about it, you aren't going to find a better audience." >You do your best to give a shrug that shows her that it isn't a big deal >Even though it kinda is "And if you wanna rant instead, we're all for it." >The red on her face >It's easy to notice >Very easy >From the way her eyes are avoiding yours... >You get the feeling that it isn't sadness that's trying to drown her >But shame >... >... >Nothing >You won't force it out of her >Even if it means that she'll have to stew in things >Hopefully she'll choose to join the sortie tomorrow "Good first day, girls. Tomorrow's gonna feel just as short but it won't be nearly as bad." >You hope
(706.32 KB 220x124 dasitmane.gif)
>>11710 I almost wonder if this is going to be a crash back to earth moment for Dashie - sorta hope it is, though that sounds rather mean to say. Even as fleeting as the descriptions of the day's events were, brought a lot of nostalgia to me, in a weird way. The first day of joining the workforce is always the most stressful and overwhelming. Maybe just coincidence that it hit me rather hard in that respect - a couple of weeks away from when I started my current job nine years ago, and about a month from my first ever (legal) job fifteen years ago. Both about brought me to tears after the first day. Then again, I'm kind of a pussy.
>>11688 Cute interaction, Midnight got sandwiched.
>>11718 Who can say? I think one crucial thing missing with the dorks is that they've had time to adjust to the world... but not to the point that they can actually work or support themselves/each other beyond emotionally. It's a big trial. It's what puts them from pet territory to equals. At least, some of them may be thinking that.
(2.00 MB 1247x700 image.png)
>>11615 Gave this a read last night, you were right it's very /bootleg/. The way it leaves off on a cliffhanger due to the translation sucks, brought back thoughts of of Rambo, in more ways than one. Will any Russianon step up and translate the rest?
(104.66 KB 639x967 1649572525465.jpg)
>get on ponepaste >see bootleg archive updated Where were you, Tiff? Do you still love us?
>>11688 >You didn't sleep much last night. >Nerves kept your mind running at full steam in bed. >Maybe this was a mistake. >After all, you don't actually know how fit Starla is when it comes to a full day of walking. >Add to that being out in the heat and under the broiling desert sun... >You should have asked more questions. >But you were too damn excited. >"Midnight." >You snap back to reality to find Starla staring at you, both confused and expectantly. "What?" >"I asked if you could get into my larger bag that I brought and fish out my hat. I'd appreciate it since it's easier for you." >Right. >You've been helping her this morning with her mane and tail. >Surprisingly, she's able to manage tending to most of it with her brush clutched between either her teeth or her front hooves. >The area on top and around her head is the biggest issue. >And tying it all up to prevent dragging it on the ground all day. >Actually looks surprisingly nice with it harnessed to a shorter length. >And it hasn't taken that long, though you've clearly drifted off in thoughts in the meantime. "Shit, sorry. I was thinking of something else," you admit. "Be right back." >Almost galloping out of the room after cracking the bedroom door open, you find the suitcase in question and open it up, searching through odds and ends of attire. >Wow, she really does wear a fair bit of stuff. >"Thief! Thief!" >You look up, finding Anon wide-eyed and pointing at you, wielding a spatula for a weapon as he slaves over the stovetop. "How much shit are you cooking this morning? Normally you'd be done by now." >"Three extra eggs and another extra six strips of bacon over the usual. That's an extra pan each," he replies, switching his focus back to breakfast. "How much longer are you two playing dress-up this morning?" "Who said we were playing dress-up?" >He glances back over. >"You are going through a bunch of accessories right now. What else should I be thinking?" "...I'm getting her hat that she asked for," you begrudgingly admit, somehow only now noticing the straw yellow sun bonnet on top that is surely your target. >You carefully fetch it out with your trusty metal wire normally weaved within the pendant chain. >...man is that girly looking. >"Well I do declare, that's a mighty fine headpiece for a proper southern belle," Anon cheers in a horrendous attempt at a female voice. >It makes you cringe hard enough to feel like you're straining a muscle. "Never, ever do that again." >"I thought it was decent!" Starla calls out from the bedroom, her slight drawling accent she sports purposefully emphasized. >"Oof, you got outvoted on that one," Anon chides with a smirk. "Makes me question her intelligence." >"Hey!" "Kidding!" you shout back to Starla. >Backtracking, you sneak through the narrow crack of the bedroom door left slightly ajar, presenting your find to Starla on the other side, still happy and content despite her protest just a moment before. >"Yep, that's the one!"
>>11750 >Gently setting it down upon her head, she adjusts it with her hooves until satisfied. "You know, when you said you packed some things to wear, I thought you were joking," you comment while looking on. >"Well, I may have gone a bit overboard, but I figured why not - maybe you'll see something that tickles your fancy to try," she suggests with a bright smile. "Eh, I don't think that's my thing. And these will get in the way," you explain languidly, spreading your wings in demonstration of your point. >"Oh nonsense. It's not like I wear full dresses - more like accent pieces. But I get it, you're kinda a tomboy. But might be worth an experiment, you know?" >You really can't wrap your head around dressing up for the sake of wearing something. "Maybe. No frilly shit, though." >Starla hums with contentment, though her mood falters a bit after a few seconds. >"Are you alright today?" she asks with thinly veiled concern. "Fine. Just didn't sleep that great." >"Why's that?" "I dunno. Too excited about today, spending time with you?" you suggest with a forced grin. >Starla raises a brow in suspicion. "You worry too much, you know that?" >"Perhaps." >Eager to leave this odd and uncomfortable investigation behind, you make for the door. >Only to have it shut in your face with a deft kick from Starla. "Jesus, Star! You trying to cut my nose off?!" you shout in shock and frustration. >Starla doesn't seem to be fazed by your tone, instead resting upon her haunches and folding her forelegs in front of her in disappointment as she leans against the door. >Her eyes are closed, meaning the glare you're likely sporting is going unseen as well. >... you've never really noticed how dextrous her front legs are until now. >Maybe it has something to do with how they were made as prosthetics? >Huh. >"No, but we aren't having breakfast until you tell me what's going on," she says in a stern voice. "Was it something last night, or something this morning? Is it me?" "No, are you high?" >Starla's violet eyes make an appearance again after hearing your quip, her face twisted into a look of confusion. >"What?" "I asked if... nevermind. It's just a stupid saying," you respond, dismissing what could become a lengthy explanation. >Instead, you focus on the door, seizing the handle and pulling. >...Star is a lot stronger than you expected, as she keeps a shoulder held tight against your obstacle to freedom. >Noticing the slight movement you manage to create, Starla shifts so her whole body is leaned up against the door. >She looks at you while you give another tug, mildly amused. >You could really put some muscle into it... >At the risk of destroying something or hurting her. > It's not worth it, Midnight. >"Hey, no horseplay!" Anon calls out. "Good thing we aren't horses, numbnuts!" >"I would have said ponyplay, but there's uh... that's got another meaning. Forget it." >Starla's expression turns from stern to quizzical.
>>11751 "If he says forget it, more than likely it's for the best." >"It seems harmless enough though..." >She shakes her head, regaining her composure as she resumes the interrogation. >"Seriously, we aren't leaving until you tell me what's going on. Your attitude now and the lack of sleep you admitted have to be related. I'm not stupid." "I never said you were! And I don't think you are!" you quickly protest. >"But...?" >Goddammit. >You sigh, seeing no way out of this. "Look, I didn't really think about it till now, actually thinking it through beyond just the surface. But we're going to be outside in the heat and the sun all day." >"Hence why I brought the hat," she says, rather surprised by your words. "Again, I can think ahead, Mid." "And we end up doing a lot of walking. Yeah, we drive the truck to an area, but we don't move it ev-" >"Why don't you think I can handle myself?" Starla interrupts, a bit of hurt in her voice. "It's..." >You find yourself staring at her pale pink forelegs, which Starla quickly recognizes. >"Oh please, Midnight, is that really it? I figured you could at least be a bit more complex and fixated on being more of a homemaker type in touch with my feminine side," she scoffs. "It might be that, too." >"I think you'll be surprised by me," she replies with a light chuckle, brushing aside the tension with a dismissive wave of the hoof. "Trust me, I don't have your brains or your abilities to pick things up with the wave of my horn, but physically, I'm more than capable of a day out. I may be even stronger than you *because* I don't rely on 'magic'." "Alright, now you're starting to stretch it a little thin." >"Mind magic didn't open the door for you, did it?" she lightly jabs back. >That's a challenge you aren't letting slide. "I easily could have, Starla. I didn't see any sense in ripping the door off its hinges." >"Oh simmer down, I'm teasing," she relents, dropping to all fours before reaching over and patting you on the shoulder. "Come on, I appreciate the concern, but today isn't going to be as taxing for me as you think. Let's get some food." >You do feel a bit better with the reassurance - and her voice is one of pure confidence. >But being called out on your inability to get past her... >That rankles you a bit. >Still, you set it aside, as Starla has with your doubts about her capabilities. >You gently swing open the door, allowing Starla egress first before following out shortly thereafter. >Anon sits at the kitchen counter, already brandishing a fork with eggs in one hand, and a strip of bacon in the other. "Couldn't wait for us? Rude," you comment in jest. >"Hell, I was gonna start on your plates here pretty quick if the standoff lasted any longer," he comments. >"It smells good, thank you for giving us a chance to get out here," Starla chuckles, hopping into a chair. >Likewise, you climb up into the seat next to her and prepare to dig in. >But pause a moment before actually doing so.
>>11752 "Why were you listening to our private conversation?" you cautiously ask Anon. >His brow furrows while his eyes widen a bit, as if you uttered something utterly bizarre. >"You think the doors here are soundproof or something? That thing has a hollow core, Middie," he answers. >... "I didn't sleep that well last night." >"You did toss and turn a few times and woke me up, but I wasn't gonna say anything. Still, that was a dumb question, you don't get a free pass on that." "Ass." >Your lazy insult only brings cheer to his face as he resumes breakfast. >A quiet indeed settles upon the room as you and Starla join his lead. >Of course, since he got a head start, Anon finishes before everyone else. >And turns his focus to Starla. >"For what it's worth, I had some concerns about what you're used to and how you'd fare for a whole day outside. Midnight just happened to be the one to take the bullet." >"I suppose I do set off an air of delicacy," she replies, offering a calm, pleasant tone. "No worries - I guess I just have to show I've got grit today." >That last statement comes out with a hint of playfulness. >But her eyes are lit up with fierce confidence you've never seen until now. >It even catches Anon off-guard. >"Well... alright then," he manages to sputter. "It's about time we get this show on the road, once you gals finish up." "It's a real fag and pony show now, huh?" >Anon shrinks down a bit, his eyes darting between you and Starla. >After a moment, he hides his face from Starla with his hand, turning fully to you. >"Shh, don't tell her, I'm not ready to come out yet." >"I've known for a while." "Hey, nice!" you belt out through surprise, offering a shoulder bump of camaraderie with Starla as she joins you in laughter. >"Dammit, even the sweet one picks on me now," Anon laments in jest, allowing his head to lightly slump and audibly thump the countertop. >Alright, maybe you got Starla a bit wrong. >Maybe today you're seeing a new side of her. -----
>>11753 Will they be OK?
>>11746 It's not you guys, it's the artificial fracturing of the fandom blackpill that killed my drive. So while blondie can channel energy into 'blogpost' parts of writing, I just shutdown and detach, but who do you think made the captain bootleg pic?
>>11762 The fandom is fracturing, no doubt about that, but on NHNB we are gradually building a small and comfy board which is becoming more active. Artists like us are a crucial part of this board's growth. I encourage you to take that whitepill; no matter how bad it gets out there other anon are keeping the flame alive. Thank you for all the work you have done for this thread!
>>11762 At this point, the only thing you can do is to try to make more good times. It's all I can do anyway. [spoiler]Everyone blogposts here, whether or not in their greens or just outright.
Looking forward to more Rosie Rock and Sirlestia.
>>11688 Love the Midnight hug scene, that was very cute. Even sitting around on the couch it seems like they're having a lot of fun together. >>11699 Staggering would be a good idea. Feels like there's quite a bit of content to go around at the moment. >>11753 Good update.
(815.44 KB 819x1024 its all over.png)
>>11767 its not the comfy whitepill you think it is. >>11770 not quite blogfagging, but here's something out of the norm with some vent art
>>11810 It isn't comfy. But it can be enough. Beautiful Twill, too. Her writer would probably be surprised to see new art of her.
>>11710 >Saturday morning >What a first week >You can't help but feel like you were a pity hire >There are many things you already have a vague understanding of, sure >And learning the newer things haven't been difficult at all >But you're pretty sure that you spent most of your first week just goofing off >And watching over the girls >Though you fell asleep with Jack, you woke up with Shiner in your arms instead >You thought she was your pillow but apparently the two swapped at some point >Even Prism has taken up space in your room, though she brought in a few pillows to sleep on while the unused portion of the bed >After that first night, you decided against having little group huddles >You swooce your way out of bed and fix two bowls of cereal, a crunchy peanut butter and apple butter sandwich, and leftovers from last night's pizza >You kinda thought that everyone would want to celebrate their first week of work >Instead, you had three drop dead exhausted mares that just wanted to lay down, eat fresh peetzer, and watch a movie >And even that descended into merely listening to the music in the background for the most part >You set down the pizza and sandwich first >Sandwich for the geek >Pizza for the dork >Cereal for the nerd >Said geek spreads her wings, apparently woken up by the smell of the peanut butter >"Morning already...?" "Yup. Got tired of sleeping alone?" >"I just knew that if I cried to you like Sparking does, you'd get me anything." "...fair point." >You sit with both bowls >Shiner's still sleeping >You can't eat if you're stuck holding them >You set it down on her flank "Hey, my hand's cold. Warm it up." >Almost by reflex, the bowl-and your hand-are stuck in red aura "Ha, I lied. Breakfast time nerd." >Shine lifts up her legs and kicks them out and as far as she can >You'd wonder if this was some sort of brain damage but you've picked up on her doing that more lately >Jackrobatics lets out a mewl of a yawn and immediately follows it with an unflattering sigh >"Anon... I quit." "Quit? You quit when I say you do." >You adopt a southern plantation owner's twang "Now git to eatin'. Those books ain't gonna stack themselves and thems peoples ain't gonna greet themselves!" >That really is all Jacky did for the first week, was be social >She took book returns >She greeted visitors >And she generally looked lost when she was more than ten yards away from you >"This is pony slavery... I have my rights." >She pouts and rips into the pizza "You have yo right... to git ta work!" >This sort of low-energy banter is nice >The room is so drained that anything more would be tapping into emergency energy reserves >"I didn't mind it... but why is it so boring?" >Customary to her, and to her only, she tilts the bowl up and drinks all of the milk before even touching the cereal itself >The Cap'n wouldn't appreciate such treatment >"I never thought I'd see so many books and care so little about them. I tried reading one of those "classics" and it took a whopping four pages before I lost all interest." "That's because you're a plebian." >"I'll plebian all over your face." >"I'll allow it." >Jacky adds in with just barely enough energy to lift her head to eat "How about you, Faye?" >Her ears perk up at the name >"Me?" "Yeah, you." >"What is it?" "Bah... dropped the ball. Oh well, two to three in favor so pleb it up." >"Ha... awesome. You better be ready, I'm springing it on you when you least expect it." >This sort of disorganization and workmare's fatigue tells you that any of them will be hard-pressed to do anything more than limp to the bathroom
>>11829 >With everything eaten with bowls and plates retrieved, you leave them to languish in comfort and somewhat middle-class luxury >The plates are paper so into the trash they go >The bowls get a quick rinse and scrub before getting set on a kitchen rag to dry >This... >Was this a good idea? >You think you'll squeak by >You were asked to come back on Monday, so that isn't a bad sign >The same was said to the trio too >And especially to the princess of the group >But that doesn't mean much >Is it sustainable? >They were all more reliant on your words than the head honcho's >That didn't seem to be a problem, but you want to say that you're getting the feeling that some sort of line should be drawn, when it comes to closeness >At least when it comes to being there >There are too many real factors to count >They at least accomplished their goals for the week >Four hours a day, Monday through Friday >Four long, painful hours of them sorta-kinda working, and then bumming around for the rest of the day >You don't even remember what you did, if you actually did anything resembling work >Is that a good sign, or bad? >Or just an indicator that you're really not there to truly do anything of value? >You did sort of imply that you're all a package deal, for safety's sake and otherwise >"Anoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon." >You kinda joked about it in the past, maybe you do need some sort of collar or GPS tags for them >"Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnoooooonammouuuuuuuussaaaaaaaaaa?!" >...would a leash work?" >"HUMAN, WE REQUIRE YOUR ATTENTION AND ARE WILLING TO PAY." >Oh yeah >That reminds you of something "You think my attention can be bought, foolish pony!?" >You bellow with a practiced huff >They're going to have money soon >Surely nothing bad will come of that >"YES!" >You pretty sure you can hear all three of them answer "Oh God damn it, fine..." >You grumble to yourself and stop at the door "So what's going on?" >Yellow mare goes from laying on her side to being entirely on her back >"Pet me." >Red mare sits up and takes hold of her controller >It's hers because the clear plastic has cracks in it from her magic >"Hold me." >White mare smirks, glad to join in >"Brush me." >It's going to be one of those days "You all do realize that I only have two hands, right?" >You refuse to listen to their assorted answers >You suppose maybe they deserve it for a week of hard work
>>11810 Aww, Twill is such a cutie. She deserves all the hugs. >>11830 Interesting to see Prism letting down her guard just the teensiest bit. Also, not surprised to see everyone thoroughly spent after a first week of work. Cute, though. Feel like I got something clicking again after two updates in one week, woo. Even started on the excursion into the yard this weekend as a nice distraction and vent for emotions. God damn my soft heart, it makes any story-centered game with a tug at the heart a catalyst for the water works to open up. Stray is such a wonderful game, though.
(2.46 MB 3024x4032 PXL_20220731_135706884.jpg)
>>11843 She's cute, what's her name?
>>11846 Nobody knows. She's just a shoepony apparently.
>>11843 She's really cute.
>>11840 I think things are going to be interesting. Long gone are their carefree days. Now they must evolve and adapt to wagiehood.
>>11843 >A literal bootmare
>>11830 >Less than twelve hours >In that short amount of time, you'll be at work again >They will be at work again >Of course, it's only going to be for a few hours >But it's still work >Pony roll call >Jacqueline is sleeping in... >The hallway? >Well that's weird >She has a trio of blankets and a pair of pillows set up >You suppose you see them sleep and laze around every which way >Maybe it puts her at the middle between your room and the living room >And the kitchen >Little Red >Sleeping in bed and curled up like a defeated Yamcha >That just leaves one >You tiptoe through the apartment while paying mind to the YouTube videos playing in both living and bed rooms >It seems like everyone has adopted the white noise of random gameplay and essays >Going off of the video essay, it's about... >Horror? >Well that's neat >But who's your resident spook? >You don't see player four in th- >Nevermind >There she is, out on the patio >As dark as it is, you can make her out easy >You gingerly step outside and sit on the bare wood beside her "You know, I'll be honest. I used to hate this thing. Nothing but a few wooden planks keeping you safe, with holes so wide you could lose a phone through them... for some reason, I always thought these planks were as strong as wet paper." >You don't get a reply >If you were her, you'd have no clue how to react to that either >"Tomorrow morning is Monday, isn't it..." "Yeah." >She sounds so dejected "That's right. You're gonna be sleepy if you don't get some rest." >"I suppose... Anonymous." "What's up?" >She refuses to move >"...do I have to go back?" "Honestly?" >"Honestly." >You can only be honest >You've never not been "No. You don't have to." >You scratch your eyebrow with your thumb "But... you're gonna be the only one here for the entire day." >Because it's about work, you have to be serious "Jacky's alright, I think. She's learning some good things but her main thing I worry about is that she kinda listens to me but not the guys signing our checks. So... personally, while I enjoy that, she's gonna have to learn to step outside of her boundaries." >You really don't know where to go from this but you started, so you aren't stopping "Our Sparkler is doing well. I think she's motivated. I guess it's natural because she has her magic. And she's already our resident cooker and... well, to an extent, cleaner too. I think the pay this Friday is also going to keep her motivated... even if it isn't going to be a full one." >If you can trust any of them with this sort of stuff, it's her >You know she knows it too "And you..." >Here comes the rougher news "You did well, given what you're used to. And that little shit deserved a kick to the head." >But that's not all >Of course it isn't "But... you're kinda just being eye candy. And while I think that's the idea, you gotta help out. And I mean that, it's not fair that they're giving it their all. You know Jack, she's happy to do stuff. But I don't know if you've noticed but she really enjoys her quiet time after." >You don't think she's antisocial but she really seems drained after work >Hell, you can tell that everyone has been too drained to do much >No real movies >No video games played >You hope that they can both adjust "And you think Shiner's a people pony? No way. She likes putting away and sorting books because it means she doesn't have to actually talk to anyone. Remember that pair of families? Nowhere to be seen."
Y'all like one shits? Cruz you're getting a half-baked one shit written in less than an hour. We have Sirlestia, now we have... >You snap awake as your bed lurches to the side, even though you should be used to it by now. >It's still quite dark out, making you look over at your alarm clock while your visitor makes herself comfortable kneading the bedsheets. >5 am. "Seriously, you couldn't have done this earlier, so I could get back to sleep with more than an hour and a half?" >Of course, you don't get an answer back aside from a pleased and muted... purr. >If you could call it that. >That's what it's supposed to be, though it sounds more like a continued, rhythmic nicker. >Ah well, it's still kinda soothing, in a weird way. >The bed shifts as your companion decides being halfway down the bed by your side isn't close enough. >Pretty soon, you feel the complimentary headbutt of affection on your cheek. >The way they decided to lop off her horn was crude to say the least. >But it doesn't bother her, and it saves you from being impaled. >Curiously, her wings are still there. >Apparently cats have wings in fish head land? >Damn Chinese knockoffs. >Of course the price was too good to be true. >Oh well, beggars can't be choosers. >Another headbutt, this one just a bit harder. >It's a strong hint she wants to be petted. >Fuck. >You probably arent getting back to sleep. >With a heavy sigh, you reach one hand up to rub her chin, while your other arm stretches out for the lamp on the bedside table. >With a click of the cord pull, soft yellowed light illuminates your bedroom. >Momentarily blinded, Celestia squints while her eyes adjust to the new light level. >Soon, her pupils settle down to the normal cat-like slits - albeit with magenta-hued irises. >The actually seemed to try to make those look good on this bootleg, to go along with the rather realistic behavior programming. >The same can't be said for the crudely painted cat nose on the tip of her snout, the pink pigment having to stretch to envelop both nostrils. >Perhaps worse, the hasty transformation of horse ears to triangular cat ears displays poor workmanship as well, showing off uneven and ragged stitching. >This wasn't what you signed up for. >Yet everything else is very close to what would be expected - the coloring of her coat and mane, the physique, her hair and tail style... >How the hell everything else went off the rails is a mystery. >And of course, the customer support number didn't work. >"Mrrr." >Celestia flops down on her side, stretching out her legs and exposing her belly. "Do you actually want a tummy rub, or are you gonna try to bite me after a few seconds?" >"Mrow." >Using the comforter as leverage, she scoots closer on her side over to you. "You are so needy." >Wary for sudden movements, you cautiously reach over and scratch her belly, eliciting a fresh cacophony of distorted purrs from Celestia. >Purrlestia. >Ha. >What a horrible pun. >Is that all she is?
>>11861 >A half-baked joke from the factory to pawn off on an unsuspecting customer? >Maybe that's how they all are. >The "correct" full-price models in stores are certainly legit, with Celestia's speech and personality. >Again, you should have known better. >But. >You have to admit, she is still good company. >The first couple of days were filled with regret. >After all, turning her on after the first disappointed inspection saw her bolt and hide under your bed. >She just barely fit. >And needed your help to get out. >That was a festival of pitiful mewls mixed with spitting and hissing as you lent aid. >It doesn't seem like she really understands human language, which would have made things so much easier. >But after the adrenaline wore off, she seemed to understand what you were doing. >You two gradually figured each other out. >Life is pretty good now. >Still, as you watch her hind hooves reach forward to grab at your hand on her belly, you are reminded she's still very much as much cat as she is robopony. >You pull your limb away just as she tries to nip at you, rolling to lay on her stomach. "How did I know you were going to do that?" >"Mrr." >She still has that same innocent and pleased look that hardly fades. >It makes it hard to know what she's planning. >And while maybe it's just a way of playing, pony teeth hurt. >Her head suddenly snaps away from you, all attention brought to the bedroom door left ajar. "What? You hear the icemaker again?" >Not a sound or movement from Celestia aside from an ear swiveling to catch your words. "Celestia, I swear, do not-" >You don't even get to complete your sentence as one of her hooves barely misses your nads as she leaps of the bed and bolts out of the room, deftly sneaking through the door. >Out in the dining room, you hear the sounds of hooves scrambling for traction on the hardwood floor, followed by the thump of her body smacking against the far wall. >But it doesn't stop her hooves from working frantically to push forward to wherever she's off to investigate. >Crazy ass catmare. >Fuck it, one more hour of sleep is better than none. >You flick off the light and roll over. -----
>>11753 Nice of Starla to call Midnight out but let her save face and give her confidence. >>11862 Rough night.
>>11858 >"...I suppose it is best that we don't see her show off her magic. I don't think she would stick to parlor tricks." "Yeah... nah. Probably not." >"Anonymous." "Faye." >"If I don't go back. Am I a failure?" >You sit on this question >For this being her first attempt at a job, it's hardly important whether or not she washes out >But she should know how to adapt >Of course, she isn't dainty >... >Ok, she is, but she's not fragile >Not from everything you've ever heard about her "Kinda." >You hold up your hands and shrug "In the big scheme of things? It isn't that big a deal. But in the immediate? You're letting both of them down." >You think you can hear something coming from her "I think the key Loony Tune moment is that it's only five half-days. It's a bit hot but I could let you chill in the car, once you're done. Or see if there's a break room for you to hang out in. Or you can just hide out under the desk once you're done. The choice is yours for now, you know?" >More noises >More sad noises, specifically >Deciding you've already crossed a few lines, you reach out and pat her shoulder >She doesn't flinch or pull away "I won't stop you from staying home... but if you do that. You are admitting that you can't handle it. I don't mind, my top priority is the safety and happiness and yadda-yadda. But I can't talk you into wanting to work. You're gonna have to figure it out on your own." >Simply talking about work is exhausting >Maybe sleeping in the hallway is a better experience than going with the flow "Don't stay up too late, alright?" >"...yes. Thank you." "Don't thank me. I'm expecting you to do the option that sucks."
>>11869 Damn. For one post, there's quite a bit to digest here. I can't really find the words to articulate how I feel in a proper manner without sounding harsh - I suppose it's good seeing Prism kinda being put in this spot of discomfort. It's clear she doesn't like feeling vulnerable to a fault, and the situation she finds herself in is putting her in that spot. But it could make or break her, too. And let's be honest, none of us like seeing sad poners. But sometimes, that's what's needed for progress. >>11867 >Rough night As something that's written based upon the experiences of the two kitties I currently own along with a prior one - hindsight makes it an endearing and cherished memory. Anon will be fine with that interruption of sleep. My calico actually woke me up in the middle of the night Sat when she decided my chest was suddenly the perfect bed. Wasn't thrilling at the time, but it really pushed this idea forward, and it was undeniably cute. We eventually got back to sleep. Together. Here's the paste that may be added onto in the future - time will tell. https://ponepaste.org/7790
>>11870 I'm not sure if it does or doesn't show that I was 30% awake while doing that part.
(327.63 KB 820x644 mareears.png)
Autismleg. This is why I stick to writing.
>>11877 >Autismleg Counterargument - you imply it's not good art, and yet you not only put forth the effort, but were motivated enough to post it. That's dedication, and that's love.
>>11889 There is definitely love. But it still isn't quality.
>>11877 Very unusual, what did you make this in?
>>11877 Please make more. It reminds me of >>2447. I find it really interesting because of reasons that were mentioned in >>11889, >>11891, and >>11892. Also, the style is funny.
>>11893 Also makes me think of >>7944.
>>11892 Around 9001 seconds in Paint. >>11893 I'll probably pass. Having that one is more than goofy enough for me personally.
>>11862 >No need to go into the office - you get to work from home today. >Score! >Well, other than having to go over some code with a fine-toothed comb. >But being in your own plush chair from the comfort of your living room and away from your annoying cubicle neighbor is a major win. >You don't know how John has a job, considering he's always gabbing on the phone. >Cocksucker. >Whatever, no need to think about that today. >You set down a cup of coffee freshly brewed in the kitchen and flop down into your armchair. >At the very least, you put on some halfway decent clothes, rather than wear your pajamas. >Don't want to feel completely lazy. >Grabbing your work laptop you left beside the chair on the floor, you flip it open and log in. >*ting* *ting* *ting* >Peace and quiet in the house is disturbed by a faint sound coming from... >Where, exactly? >Of course, there's a likely candidate for *who* is causing it. "Aurora, c'mere," you calmly call out for her. >You felt it necessary to change her name. >After all, she's got her own personality - she isn't Celestia. >She never responded to that name anyway. >Not like this is much different now. "Pspspspsps." >Hoofsteps quickly begin to thump around from the upstairs, followed by the rapid traversal of the wooden staircase just one room over. >Aurora slows her movements to a crawl at the point her hooves touch the ground floor, slowly sashaying into your view. >Of course, she sports that innocent, sweet smile. "What were you doing up there?" >She cocks her head as she sits upon the floor, seemingly unable to comprehend what you're asking. "Just... I'm not mad, I'm just trying to focus on my work, see?" >You flip the laptop around so she can see it, her eyes darting to the screen for a brief moment, before returning to you. >Her tail swishes back and forth across the hardwood, the only audible sound coming from her right now. >That expression hasn't changed a bit. >Whatever programming she had installed to make her like this hasn't taken away her ability to show emotions - she does frown or scowl when she's unhappy or upset. >But this is Aurora's content face - and her default 'straight' face. >It's very hard to read sometimes. >Such as now. "Don't mess with whatever that was upstairs, okay? That was kinda annoying." >She bobs her head slightly as if nodding in understanding, before rising to a standing position and strutting over to you. >Aurora isn't as tall as she probably should be to match the show character, but she could give a Great Dane a minor inferiority complex. >She brushes up against your knees in affection, before pulling a one-eighty and heading back out of sight around the corner. >Before returning to the first line of code, you carefully take a sip of your coffee, finding it's just barely at a reasonable temperature to drink. >Still, it's a slight injection of caffeine that will go a long way as you start focusing on the alphanumeric gibberish you have to sort through to start off.
>>11899 >*Clack* >That came from the kitchen. >And it sounded like something on the marble countertop. "Now I know someone isn't jumping up on the counter to look out the window she can see through anyway, right?" you loudly comment. >You wait a moment. >No movement at all. >Certainly not the thump of her high-tailing it down to the floor. >With a sigh, you set you laptop off to the side and rise to your feet. >You make as little noise as possible as you tiptoe toward the room opening, the carpet aiding your efforts. >You gotta catch her in the act. >*ting* *ting* >Well, there's that familiar sound again, also emanating from the kitchen. >What the hell is that? >You've heard it before... >Rounding the corner as the tinny sound continues, you have your answer. >Beyond the dining room table and the island divider, Aurora stands huddled up on the counter, looking comically oversized as she tries to avoid stepping in the sink. >*ting* *ting* >One hoof playfully bats at the pull cord for the window shade, which repeatedly bounces off the window. >Dammit. "Hey!" you shout, clapping your hands. >Aurora's head snaps around, startled by the noise as her eyes become wide as saucers. "Get down! What's wrong with you?!" >One step toward her is all it takes for Aurora to bolt, jumping down and scurrying into the dining room, around the banister, and up the stairs in a flash. >Not quick enough to hide the smile on her face, though. >Ugh, this is probably gonna be one of those days where trouble is all she's looking for in entertainment... >Home sweet home. ----- Midnight update soonish, just had a retarded idea to add to this.
>>11900 This was an amusing story.
>>11753 >The three of you slowly bounce down the main dirt road of the junkyard, the music of the radio just barely left audible. >You gave up riding shotgun for Starla, not sitting behind her amongst a mess of tools, unclaimed parts, and bolts. >Starla sports a pair of thick-framed, vintage-style shades to go along with her sun-bonnet, all in an attempt to fight off the sun for the day. >"So you two always end up splitting off for the day and working on your own list?" she asks, turning to Anon while making sure her eyes make it clear this is a question directed at both of you. "It's the only way to keep orders fulfilled without having to be out here for ten to twelve hours a day," you pipe in, leaning forward so you're between the front seats. >"We aren't always split up. And usually, we're still well within earshot of one another," Anon adds, taking a hand off the wheel to pat your head. "Lucky for you, huh?" >"And lucky for you, considering you have the occasional need for my expertise." "Bah, I just like making you feel like I need your help." >"Of course," he laughs. >How did you get so good at working on this kind of stuff?" Starla asks, her voice cracking a bit as the truck hits a particularly rough spot. "Is that directed at me or him?" >"Anon," she replies a bit sheepishly. "Sorry. I already know how you learned this sort of thing, being around it and reading what you could find while living out here." >Anon chuckles quietly to himself, bringing the focus upon him. >"Funny enough, I'm sorta in the same vein as Midnight," he answers. >"You lived out here in the yard at one point, too?" Starla asks, mouth agape in disbelief. >"Well no, not quite the same scenario. But I grew up around old cars like this, so you learn things just by being around others that wrench on em." "Speaking of which, who did you want to follow around and help first?" >"I... oh. I guess I didn't realize I had a choice in the matter," Starla comments, befuddled by the sudden option. >"I'm kinda surprised myself," Anon says, turning to look at you. >Perhaps he thinks you're joking. >You aren't. >"I think I'm gonna stick with you, Midnight," Starla answers with little hesitation. "Sorry, Anon." >"No need to apologize," Anon says, laughing it off. "But good timing, because we're already about at the first stop." >Like clockwork, Anon wheels the Trailduster down a smaller path on the right, in the mix of full-size Ford and Mercury products. "Alright, I didn't happen to look since today was your day to sort out the list of part requests. What do we have?" >"I have the task of hoping to find and figuring out how to remove the grille of a Mercury Marauder," he announces, his thumb directed at his chest. "For you two, we need a few script emblems for a '66 LTD and possibly a pair of taillights, provided they aren't cracked and hazed to hell and back." "That's a tall ask."
>>11931 >"Hence why I said 'possibly,' Middie. Customer only wants em if they're in good shape - not even wanting a discounted set if they need more than minor cleanup and cosmetic work." "Duly noted." >Not long after, the truck comes to a stop, the vibration and noise from the engine ceasing. >"Everyone's got their marching orders, let's split." >As corny as his comment is, all three of you start moving. >You pop open the passenger door for Starla, closing it behind her once she's clear. >Rather than thread your way into the front seat and follow her out, you head toward the back tailgate, pulling open the latch and hopping out after grabbing your tool bag. >"Oh wow, you have your own set? That's so cute!" Starla cheers, fawning over the stitching of your name. "Cute isn't the word I would use..." you trail off. >"I know, I know. It's... neat? Will that work?" >You nod your head. >"And it's cute too." >Starla giggles at Anon's interjection, slightly nodding her head in agreement. "You know if you keep using that, it loses its effectiveness to irk me?" you suggest to him. >"That's the plan." >You figured as much. >Oh well. "C'mon, Starla, follow me." >You pad off further ahead of where the truck is parked, with your friend quickly joining your side. >"Holy moly, there are so many cars out here," she gasps while taking in the sights. "Yeah, we also had to drive a fair way to get out here. You didn't notice?" you ask, before listening to yourself. "Not trying to be snarky, I guess we were talking most of the way here." >"Yeah, I looked out the window, but I wasn't really... looking at it. Or paying attention to the time." "Good point." >"So what exactly are we looking for?" "Ford LTD. Basically an upmarket luxury version of the full-size Galaxie. Unique trim on the outside is the main differentiation for us to be looking for." >"...I'm afraid I don't know what a Galaxie is, Mid," Starla admits, sounding rather forlorn. >You wander away from your straight path to bump into her playfully. >"You're in good company because I know where we're headed," you encourage her. "Now, most of what's around us in these rows *are* Galaxies." >You watch her eyes dart around, studying the vehicles around you. >Eventually, her attention turns back to you, looking utterly lost. >"But they all look so different. They're the same cars?" "Yep. You see, there are different generations of models, usually around a four to five-year span. But each year of car tends to have some sort of change to stand out from the previous model year," you explain. "What we're looking for is the first generation, which is most notable in having four headlights, with two stacked on each end of the front grille." >"So how is this place organized? Or is it?" "It's... relatively organized. Some areas are better sorted than others," you cautiously respond. "I know here, we have to get past these newer models with the hidden headlights. But it at least means we're only a generation ahead."
>>11932 >"Ah, I was wondering why these didn't have any headlights. Well, some of them look like they're winking an eye," she giggles, gesturing to one with the aforementioned 'face.' "Yeah, a common occurrence for hideaway headlights when things stop working." >It isn't long before you're traversing a path now surrounded by stacked headlights - and it's now you have to be more vigilant and pay attention to details... >Or just discern the identity by the faded window marker used to scrawl the year on the inside of the windshields. >Easier said than done, between dust coating the windshields and the sun's rays slowly cooking it into obscurity. >You start seeing more familiar grille shapes to what you're looking for - the difference being the marker lights just inboard of the headlights, or non-existent. >1966 is probably endowed with the marker lights. >Federal law bullshit, and all that. "Here Star, I think this is what we're looking for," you call out, coming to a halt in front of a drab green four-door. >Setting your toolbag on the hood, you take a few steps between the passenger side of your target and its neighbor, looking at the C-pillar toward the rear of the roof. >Looks like it's in good shape. >"Is there anything I can do to help?" Starla asks, excitement creeping into her voice. "Not really, no," you reply, reluctantly shaking your head. "These things just pry off, just takes a little finesse not to snap the mounting posts." >Before you can grab your bag, Starla grabs hold of it with her teeth and sets it down on the ground. >"What do you need out of here?" she asks, fumbling with the zipper tag and opening it up. "Right there in the corner." >You wrap a wire around the orange plastic tool that looks like a miniaturized pry bar and pull it out, showing it to Starla before heading toward the rear of the car. >"Should I check the other side to make sure that one is there?" "Sure." >You carefully wedge the flattened edge of the trim room underneath the top portion of the emblem and gently wriggle it back and forth. >The years of dust, dirt, and corrosion combine to make a faint groan as the barrel nuts on the ends of the posts start to yield. >"This one looks about the same condition, Midnight," you hear Starla announce from the other side, waving to you through the door glass. "Nice. That means we won't have to fumble with finding another car. For these things, anyway." >"Right, the taillights..." >You maneuver your tool to the bottom half of the emblem and work it over, quickly getting it to a point you can just seize the metal trim and pull it off without issue. "That's one down." >For now, you set it atop the rear decklid, before circling around the rear of the car, meeting up with Starla as she looks over the back end. >"Well, there's one good taillight," she comments, directing your attention to the driver's side fixture.
>>11933 >She's not wrong - it looks like aside from dust and perhaps a hint of a scratch that could be polished out, the lens and the chrome trim are in surprisingly pristine condition. >The passenger side is merely a bare hole, the fixture long since removed. "Well, I don't want to work on getting that out if we have no mate for it. C'mon, we'll come back here after having a look around." >"I can do it, Midnight. Work on getting that other emblem off, and I'll see if I can't find another car, now that I know what to look for." >Her suggestion causes you hesitation. >Is letting her go off on her own, even if it's just a few cars away, a good idea? >Your mind flashes back to the coyote incident you had to help Anon with weeks back. >One in a million situation, but... >"Oh come on, you don't think that lowly of me, do you?" Starla pointedly quips. "I never said that." >"No, but the lack of an immediate answer tells me you have reservations." "I do. I'm not going to lie about that. It's less about not trusting your judgment and more about being caught unaware by something out here." >She frowns at your sentiment but has nothing in response to argue. >You feel like an asshole, treating her like she needs to be babysat. "Look, if it wasn't for Anon getting jumped by a coyote that clearly had rabies, I'd not be that concerned. Honest truth." >"Yet he still solos it out here like you, doesn't he?" >Why? >Why does she want to argue this? >"I'll keep my eyes and ears open. But I want to at least be somewhat helpful today rather than just follow you around." "I know," you sigh. "Just... yeah, be careful. Shout if you need me." >A grin returns to her face as she spins around and starts to trot down the row of cars. >Anxiously, you force yourself to turn away and head to the driver's side of the LTD. >The emblem is in the same good condition as the other, just as Starla had said. >However, this one wants to be a pain in the ass as you try to jam the pry bar underneath it. >Did someone glue this one down? >It's almost like the trim has been sealed to the paint, with nowhere to actually insert the end. >It takes a few tries to find an area that offers a grip. >It's frustrating to be patient with this when you have a friend wandering off on her own out here. >Well, not wandering, but on her own. >Are you being overly worried? >Like she mentioned before, Teddy leaves her on her own for days at a time when on a trip. >Obviously she's not helpless. >But that's in a safe and secure house. >A familiar area. >Not even you know every in and out of this yard - and you spent a fair amount of time prowling about. >*Pop!* >Your thoughts are shattered by the defeated sound of snapped pot metal, and the logo spins limply around a single mounting post. >Son of a bitch. >Well, no point in finishing the removal of that one. >Have to find another car with an equally good part. >Maybe this is too distracting to have her with you. >You feel shitty thinking like that.
>>11934 >Like you're blaming her. >You can't blame her for wanting to help in some way - it seems like it's in her nature. >And just tagging along for a whole day doing nothing... >You would hate it. >But the what-ifs scare you. >"Midnight!" >Starla's shout instantly clears your frustration. >Without a second thought, you turn to your left and gallop into the path, gathering enough speed to spread your wings and leap into the air. >Punishing your muscles - organic and artificial - you gain altitude and forward speed as fast as possible, wanting a wide view of the area before banking left. >Was her shout a frantic call? >You don't know - you just heard your name and instincts took over. >Worryingly, you don't see her exaggerated strawberry blonde mane anywhere amongst the cars ahead. >You don't know how far she could have gotten. >What if she's being chased like Anon was? >"Hey!" >That came from... >You look straight down, seeing Starla waving to you as you pass overhead. >Fuuuuck. >You feel like an idiot. >Why didn't you at least look around first? >Circling back around and gliding down to the ground, you find Starla staring wide-eyed at you with just a bit of confusion. >And quite a bit of awe, leaving her jaw to hang. "There you are, what's up?" you ask, straining to sound nonchalant about the sudden rescue mission that launched you into a tizzy. >"Wow, you really can fly!" she finally utters. "Well, yeah. Why does that surprise everyone?" you scoff. >"It's just... it's amazing to actually see," she replies while coming down to reality. "But what were you doing?" "I..." >You really don't have a good excuse ready for this. "You shouted out my name, and I kinda panicked. Thought maybe you were in trouble," you glumly admit, expecting to hurt her a little with your lack of faith in her. >"Oh. Yeah, maybe that wasn't intelligent on my part after you told me to call out for you if I needed help," she says, sounding a bit embarrassed as her gaze falters. "I mean, I'm glad you didn't hesitate, and it was neat to see you jet into the sky like that." "Not too upset my first thought was you were in danger, are you?" >"Nah. Shows you care," she replies, backing that comment with a wry grin. "BUT, I did find where that other taillight went. Someone left it laying in the trunk of another LTD - must have decided they didn't want it or found a better one." "Are you sure it's a passenger side, the one we don't have?" >"Absolutely! C'mon, I'll show you." >You fold your wings away, following Starla as she leads the way. "Hey, wait just a sec," you ask her, coming to a stop and heading back for your tools. >"Oh, I figured we would have to come back and get that one out of the car anyway," Starla says. "We will... but I kinda need another emblem. Hopefully, this one has it." >"Wow, I really had you thrown through a loop. Sorry," she replies.
>>11935 >The comment makes you laugh, something wholly unexpected judging by the perplexed look that Starla now sports. "I'd love to use that excuse, but I just plain broke one of the posts off. It happens," you explain with a shrug. >"I think you're in luck because there were a few similar cars that all had the same sort of badges." "Good looking out," you compliment her, grabbing your tool that had dropped in the sand. "See, you're more help than you think you are." >"Is that encouragement for me, or you?" she teases. "Both, I suppose. Let's go." ----- >>11926 Danke. It's been a fun one shit to keep the juices flowing.
Anon should get Midnight some clip on lights for her tail, can call them her taillights.
>>11936 It is nice to have momentum going strong. Apparently I'm still in the process of making a big decision so I suppose that is just giving me interference. That and having a mare to hug at night is really making it hard to stay awake.
>>11936 Another nice update, I wonder what else Starla will find out there. Thanks Auto.
Christ by the time I finishing editing this I’ll actually be able to post more than one update
>>11529 >Be Celestia boot. >Your mind ascends to consciousness. >But all you feel are your eyelids flickering. >And then comes the most painful, throbbing headache. >You scrunch your eyes hard in hopes that the pressure overpowers the pain. >it does, briefly. >Although, ironically, this feels worse. >So you relax, your shoulders loosen up too. >You move them a little, and then you start to feel most of your joints. >They need to be stretched badly. It’s the urge combined with a hope that the pain is repressed again - this time more pleasantly. >You begin by extending your forearms. >Ahh… >You feel like you are soaring through the air. Your hooves are numb; the wind has been kissing them for so long. >Then the throbbing comes back. >You stretch further, extending your wings this time to the fullest. >And then you feel something block your hooves from continuing forward. >You are not ready to deal with the visual and aural information that comes with opening your eyes and using your ears. >Until you realise that you already were processing noise, it’s just that it was so dull that you ignored it. >You open your eyes slowly. >Your vision was not blurry but it needed some time to clear away the TV static that came with the stretch. >You decide to take this time to stretch your hind. >Ahh… >Bliss. You wiggle your butt from side to side to try and pop something. >You feel some minor ones. >You go back to the position with hooves extended, and then you are met with the most peculiar thing. >A sky-blue bowl sits on the wooden floor between your arms. >This bowl contains one piece of food embedded in another object. >There are two materials that wrap this thing. One looks wet and is of two colours: mostly yellow, but there are brown swirls. >The other is an organic blend of red and green. It looks a little bit like wood in that fashion. >This object is surrounded by seven others like it, as well as another few different things, all uniform, but being a complex shape makes it difficult to describe or comprehend. >You think to carefully pick out the food with your magic. >You try it, and are met with the sharpest pain. >It shocks and then numbs you; you almost fall to your side. You hold back tears. >It grabs your horn and crawls down your face, sinking to the nape of your neck. >The throbbing comes back, more intense, but that sharp pain has let go of your horn and its sediment slowly disappears. >You shake your head but you feel your brain crashing into the sides of your skull. >You clench your teeth and wait a little bit until everything settles down. >You’re so hungry. >You tip the bowl and the food and its weird plate slides out, along with some other strange pieces.
>>11965 >You decide to try to hold the plate with your teeth so you could try shaking the food out of it. >You try it. >The plate snaps where you bit it and its shards are inside your mouth. >Well, it didn't exactly snap, but it did not exactly fall apart. >It was also like a sponge in that when you compressed it, liquid gushed out, this one sweet and hydrating. >What on earth? >But it's so delicious. >You chew it, slowly. >You feel three completely different textures in your mouth. >A skin, a juice, and a flesh. >You keep chewing, and it turns into mush rather easily. >All while you stare at the floor. >So you move your eyes to the... food. >You’re confused, but that's not new. >You think it's best if you just move on and eat everything that was in the bowl. You bet the oddly-shaped bits are also edible. >You lap everything up. They all differed in taste and texture. >Your stomach doesn’t ache anymore, though your head still throbs. >You recall the flavours and consistencies. By far, the first thing you tried was the best. The food you're used to took you back to the past. The other different thing you tried was dry and crispy: it did not have an unusual taste but the texture was completely new. >You lay on your side to relax. Your vision broadens and you can finally focus on multiple things at a time. >You start with the screen, it’s not bright, and on it you see people talking. They’re dressed abnormally, sitting around a table, and smiling. You can’t make out what they are saying. >Then comes the rest of the room, which is very small. It is lined with furniture and tables, but none in a style you’ve seen before. >You realised that earlier, your hooves were stopped by a fluffy rug in front of you with a short but wide wooden table stopping it from moving. >You turn your head to discover a most unorthodox door. It's practically a collection of windows. >And in the middle of it stood a figure! >You focus a bit more, until you both stare at each other with wide eyes. >Its hair looks wet, and its attire seems comfortable, like the ones on the screen. >So much time passes that it wouldn’t faze you if it came closer. >And it does, slowly, with a hand out. >You don’t move away, in fact, you try to make yourself look a little more welcoming, despite everything. >Though, your headache has gone away. >You sweep your mane to the side and narrow your eyes back to normal. >”Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you…” That is good news. >Although it didn’t, it felt like it stood back, aghast. >You were sure you did not use a tone that would require that type of reaction. >Did it sound sarcastic? >Umm… let's try… You can come closer if you wish. >You even throw a soft grin in there and fold your ears back. >It looked around frantically with a frown, and, while still maintaining this unimpressive look, it resumed its venture towards you.
>>11966 >You allow it to stroke you. >You know that, for some ponies, petting feels great. But for you, it doesn’t feel special, it’s just something that says “you’re doing great”. >So you smile wider. You don’t know what you did so well, but this human seems to, and likes it, even with its gross expression. >”Why can you talk?” >That catches you off guard. Why can you? >It returns an even grosser appearance and you can't figure out why. >You serve an apologetic face to smooth things out, which works. Now, after looking down in an almost regretful manner, it trades the ugly frown for a plainer look. >”Well, everyone can. I’ve never heard of a talking horse before.” Where I come from, all ponies can talk. Ponies and people. >...For clarification. >There was a brief silence. But its curiosity breaks the spell. >”Do you have a name?” Isn’t everypony Celestia? >It looks confused, concerned even. >”Uh…” >It retracts its hand. >”I’m not a pony.” Oh yeah. >… So, what is your name? >It hesitates for a bit before sharing. >”Anon” >How unique! That is a very nice name. >It smiles in a way that makes you uncomfortable. Maybe because it looks like its holding back a laugh. >You keep maintaining a friendly appearance. >”Okay, let's get you cleaned up. Can you stand alright on your own?” >Cleaned up? >You look down at your hair and the rest of your body, and then cringe. >Yes, you would like to be cleaned up. Even you can't get rid of this dirt by yourself. >You cautiously use your limbs to push yourself up. >You wobble a bit, but eventually you feel yourself in a stable position. >You even try standing up straight and spreading your wings, until a look from Anon says that something was wrong. >You retract them as fast as possible. >Upon examination of the floor, you realise you've dropped a substantial amount of filth: feathers, crumbs, even small pebbles. >You look back at Anon with a red face. I didn't mean this. >It sighs while looking at the mess. Then it turns to look at you again. >”It’s no problem.” >You feel pretty guilty, and it looks like a problem, despite what Anon said. You really wish you could use your horn to sweep it up and carry it away. >And it does not help that Anon naturally seems so miserable. Is it because of you? >You hope not, but the thought continues to linger in your head.
>>11968 I would also like criticism if that is possible.
>>11965 >A sky-blue bowl sits on the wooden floor between your arms. You mean hooves? or front legs? Also >>11529 >You pet him once I'm confused. Is this bootleg aa he or she?
(81.56 KB 819x538 Points_of_a_horse.jpeg)
>>11971 >You mean hooves? or front legs? All those Equine Anatomy pictures refer to front legs as forearms, so I just swapped that word out for arms, thinking it wouldn't be any different. >Is this bootleg a he or she? He is a stallion.
>>11969 I'll give part 2 and 3 a read if not tonight, tomorrow.
>>11275 https://ponepaste.org/4579#753 ... >The garage door opens as you pull into the driveway. >Once you park and kill the engine, Dawn and Sonata magic their doors open. >After they step out with bags in tow, they both stretch. >Dawn stretches normally, while Sonata leans forwards and sticks her flanks straight into the air with what sounded like a mix between a groan and a moan. “This girl, I swear.” you mutter. >When she finishes she turns and gives you a wink, and as you walk past her to open the door to the house she nudges you with her hip before giggling. You call out to Rosie, “Hey we’re back, even picked up a stray along the way.” >A gasp comes out from behind you, “I am not a stray! I’m much too well-kempt to have been on the streets.” >Rosie cocks her head, “Who is that? I don’t recognize that voice.” >Sonata pushes past Dawn and you before trotting over to Rosie, the sound of her hooves clip-clopping on the wooden floor echoing off the walls, “Sonata, Midnight Sonata, you weren’t awake when we met previously me so it’s a pleasure to meet you properly, Rosie.” >She punctuates her introduction by giving Rosie a little half-hug. >Rosie says nothing, but awkwardly reciprocates the hug. >Dawn is the next to enter saying, “Hello again, Rosie, I hope you’re feeling better since the last time we met.” with a small smile. >“No nightmares yet.” she replies flatly. >“That’s good to hear.” >With the introductions out of the way, Dawn and Sonata take in their surroundings. >“This is…nice.” Dawn says. >Sonata follows up with, “Yeah, you must have put a lot into this place.” “Got this place from my mom,” you reply, “We moved here after I got out of middle school so we’ve had a lot of time to deck this place out since then.” >Sonata’s eyes light up, “Oh, is your mother here? Does she know that you brought a couple of cute girls home with you?” She does that giggle of hers again as you rub the back of your neck, “I probably should have said that I inherited the house from her.” >Her ears immediately flatten against her head, and with her usual haughty tone missing she says, “O-oh, I’m sorry for your loss.” “Don’t worry, you couldn’t have known.” >A somber air fills the room, you decide to break it by giving them a short tour of the house before getting started on dinner. ... >Anon was cooking dinner, leaving you to entertain the guests. >Sonata offered to help set up the table since she doesn’t know how to cook, to which he agreed to let her do after some convincing. >She now sat with her eyes closed and humming a song you didn’t know on the opposite end of the couch from you, slowly swaying her head to the imaginary beat. >In contrast, Dawn sat next to you, about to ask you some more questions. >“So how was your week, Rosie?” >You aren’t sure how you feel about Dawn, the first impression you got of her is night and day with the Dawn before you now. >She certainly seems more pleasant now… >“Rosie, are you okay? You spaced out.” Dawn says, tapping your shoulder. “Huh?” >“Don’t take it personal, Dawn. She hasn’t been too chatty since we went to the Waffle House.” Anon calls out from the kitchen. >“Oh,” she says, cocking her head, “What happened?” “I…” you struggle to get out the words. >“It’s happened to all of us, dear, that feeling of existential dread.” Sonata interjects, not even opening her eyes. ‘How did she-’ >Dawn places a hoof on top of yours, “He told you about Candy Quartz, didn’t he?” You nod, “He also told me why he ‘made a fool of himself’.” >A nervous chuckle escapes Dawn, “A-ah, right, that,” she quickly recomposes herself, “I’m working as fast as I can to fix this- the laptop they ordered for me should be in on Monday and then I can begin correspondence with Selene to try and develop a method of separating the two of you.” >That’s some good news, at least; one question weighs heavy in your mind, however: “She’s not suffering right now, is she, or do you at least think she isn’t?”
>A foreleg wraps around you and brings you into a hug, the warmth of coming from Dawn lessening the fear and worry in your mind slightly, “She’s fine, she’s just sleeping.” >The two of you stay like that for a while until the silence is broken by Sonata speaking, “How about we move onto a less morbid topic? We’ve never been to a Waffle House before, Rosie, how was it?” >As out of nowhere this line of questioning might be, it should at least take your mind off of Candy Quartz for now. “It was nice, the lady that took our order was very kind and friendly- her name was Roseanne. The way she talked got a peculiar reaction from Anon.” >“Oh?” Sonata responds, finally opening an eye to look at you. Normally you wouldn’t try to imitate an accent, but you respond with, “What’s ya’ name, sugah?” >“Why would he react to that?” Dawn asks, confused, “What did he do in response?” “He took his hands off the table and put them in his lap…he might have been blushing?” >“Oh!” Dawn exclaims, wings suddenly extending to full length before she quickly folds them back against her torso, which elicits a giggle from Sonata. >“My oh my, Anon, were you hoping for a little southern hospitality?” she says, affecting a similar accent to the one you had put on for the last few words. “Hush, you!” Anon shouts from the kitchen, causing Sonata to let out a chortle, “Anyways, dinner’s ready, everyone. Bowls are already on the table so just take a seat.” >The navy blue alicorn hops off the couch and climbs into the chair closest to Anon, “Made with love, I bet.” >“You wish.” >The white alicorn is next, sitting opposite of Sonata, “I hope it tastes as good as it smells.” You take your usual spot across the table from Anon, “As do I,” you cock your head, “Where’s your bowl?” >“Wanted to see how y’all liked it first,” he says, waving a hand, “need to have some extra if any of you decide to get seconds.” >You all start to eat, Dawn and Sonata use the forks given to them while you eat straight from the bowl. >It’s a combination of noodles, meat, and tomato. The meat was seasoned with black pepper, seasoned salt, and garlic; he called it casserole, but also said that it might be considered a goulash- either way it was a family recipe. >The three of you finish off your bowls at around the same time, and all ask for seconds. >“Guess I’ll have to make myself a little something later, probably should have cooked some extra portions in case this happened.” Anon chuckles before picking up and refilling your bowls. >After placing them back in front of the three of you he retreats to the living room. >Out of the corner of your eye you see him perusing the movie shelf and muttering to himself as Dawn and Sonata tear into their bowls. >Sonata finishes hers first, levitating the bowl into the sink before entering the living room, “Be back in a moment, dear, I just need something from my bag” >Anon just mutters, “Okay.” in response, not even turning to look at her. >With that she disappears into the guest room. >Dawn finishes next, but waits for you to finish so that she can put your bowls into the sink. >“Best meal I’ve had in ages.” Dawn says as you step into the living room. “Yeah,” you say, “You should make some more soon.” >He chuckles, “Would if I could, but I’m out of ingredients and it’s too late to go out and get more.” >“Drat.” Dawn replies with mock irritation. >You take your place on the couch and Dawn sits next to you. >The movie Anon puts on is one you haven’t seen before, and judging by Dawn’s expression, one she hasn’t seen either. >With fortuitous timing Sonata saunters back into the room with a bottle of what is presumably wine and three glasses in tow, all held within a blue aura, “Thought we could use a little something to liven up this evening.” >“Wine’s not my thing, too bitter for my tastes…” Anon says. >She lets out a huff in annoyance, “C’mon, at least share a drink with me? It’s rude to have your guests drink alone.” >“Don’t really drink that much either...”
>Sonata begins to pout which causes Anon to sigh, “But I guess I can make an exception, probably some coolers left in the garage fridge I need to get through.” >With a groan he gets up from his seat and heads to the garage, leaving Sonata practically giddy as she takes her spot on the couch. >After a few minutes he returns with a box of green apple malts, the bottles inside clinking against one another when he places them on the coffee table as he sits back down. >He slides one out and holds it towards Dawn, “You want one? Also can Rosie have one or would that mess with the ‘liquid moonlight’?” >She pushes it back to him with a hoof, “Oh no thanks, I’d like to keep my wits about me.” >Sonata leans towards Anon before tittering, “She can’t hold her liquor.” >“H-hey!” Dawn cries out, indignantly. >After another giggle from Sonata, Dawn huffs and says, “To answer your other question: yes, alcohol might make it more potent, among other potential effects.” “Not that I would really want to if I could, there wasn’t a lot of money to spend on alcohol and certainly not enough for us to use what little we had for any festivities- so I never developed a taste for it. >Anon nods to the information and says, “Well, a lot changes in…however long this will take, maybe once this is all over we can share a drink, Rosie.” “Perhaps.” you reply. >He turns towards Sonata with the bottle aloft, “To family.” >Sonata raises her glass to clink against Anon’s, “To family.” >With that, the movie begins.>The movie draws to a close, and as the credits roll you realize the predicament you’re in- Sonata rests with her eyes closed and her head on your shoulder, with Dawn doing similarly but with a pillow against your thigh, and Rosie leaning against Dawn. ‘I’m in a big ol’ pony pile.’ you think to yourself. >Rosie stretches her legs before sitting up, “That was pretty fun, but I think I should get some sleep soon.” >Dawn sits up next, “I’ll get the liquid moonlight then.” >She hops off the couch and heads towards the guest room. “I should probably put the leftover malts back up.” >Sonata lets out a quiet whine as you stand but doesn’t try to stop you. >The pounding in your head is abated momentarily as the fridge air hits your face. >You return to your spot on the couch and Sonata gets back in position. >Dawn comes out with the vial held in her orange aura. >She uncorks it and Rosie takes the vial between her teeth, tilting her head back to swallow the contents. >Dawn takes the vial back, wiping it down with a cloth before stowing it behind her ear. >It takes a moment for it to kick in, but you recognize when it does. >Her breathing slows down, to the point your heart skips a beat in the worry it might stop. >Relaxation of muscles when the wave of cool washes over as it runs its course. >And with that relaxation of the muscles comes the heaviness of the eyelids as she drifts to sleep. >The pearlescent pony hops onto the couch before laying next to Rosie, “I’ll put her in bed in a bit, just some things I want to check.” You polish off the leftover malt you had and set the bottle on the table. “Alright, think I’ll head to bed then.” >Sonata moves so that you can stand, however when you do so the blood rushing to your head causes you to stumble, to which Sonata immediately steadies you with a wing, “Easy there, don’t need you falling and breaking something.” >She stands, still with her wing against your back, “How’s about I walk you to bed?” “Sure.” you say, not wanting to move your head for a nod. >She guides you to your room, careful as to not let you lean too far. >Once you cross the threshold, you decide to sit down in your chair for a minute to let your head stop pounding. >With a hand on your forehead you hear the door to your room closing, looking up, you see Sonata approaching you. >She throws her forelegs over your shoulders, pushing your back against the chair with her weight before pressing her muzzle against your face. >Her tongue, broader and longer than yours, breaks past your lips and entangle
>The malt on your breath mix with the wine on hers, creating a bittersweet taste. Combined with her usual vanilla scent, it's enough to make you dizzy as your tongues wrestle each other. She pulls away so the two of you can breathe, you manage to get out a, "Why me?" between ragged breaths. >In contrast to you, her breaths are quiet and smooth, she giggles at your question, "Look at me," she says, running her wings across her flanks and up her sides, "I am made in the image of the Princess of Love, Mi Amore Cadenza. I know she's showered with love by her subjects and family; even fawned after by many even in this world." >She tilts her head to the side to move a lock of her mane that had fallen in front of her face, then looks you directly in the eye, "That love- I want it, I NEED it. I have her beauty, her elegance, her wit, her power, her passion; do I not deserve it? I'm not some inferior imitation. I'm just as good as she is- in fact, I'm better, because I'm real and can be so, so, much more." >Having been entranced by her eyes, you hadn't noticed that your belt and pants had been undone, only finally noticing when you feel your member being exposed to the open air. >Sonata looks down at it with a predatory intensity, quickly shifting to a look of disappointment when she sees her efforts only resulted in leaving you at half mast. >You could blame whisky dick, but you aren't sure you're drunk enough for that to be the case. >After a moment her face goes from disappointed to determined as she looks at you with half-lidded eyes, "There's also something else I wanted to tell you about myself, Anon," she says, leaning forward until her mouth is next to your ear, "I always get what I want, sugah." >And like that, you're at full mast, causing her to grin. >She licks her lips, and her hot breath tickles your face at an increasing pace as she descends to accept your length; only stopping when the door to your room opens again and the two of you look at the source of the sudden influx of light. >Dawn stands in the doorframe, silhouetted by the light of the living room. >"Sonata, just what do you think you're doing?! He's drunk!" >Having the blood diverted away from your brain was actually making it easier to think, ironically. You could have stopped her at any point, hell, you probably should have. >But you didn't. >You didn't secretly want this to happen, right? Surely you weren't into ponies? >Your worries cause your stomach to churn, before your worries are supplanted with another as you taste bile. >You did eat before you started drinking, right? >The argument brewing between Sonata and Dawn was cut short as you rush past them to the bathroom and begin vomiting into the sink. >After cleaning up you slump against the wall and let yourself slide until you’re sitting on the floor. >Dawn comes and takes a seat next to you, “Are you feeling okay?” “Better now that I got the booze out of my stomach.” you croak. >“You know that’s not what I’m talking about.” Your head slumps a bit and you sigh, “I could have stopped her at any point, but I didn’t…and I don’t know what that says about me.” >Silence falls between the two of you as she takes in what you said. >“O-oh,” she stammers, “I didn’t know you were…one of those people who feel that way about ponies.” “Wasn’t before today, I guess,” you respond with a wheezy chuckle, “But let’s try and not make this more awkward than it already is.” >She simply nods in affirmation before silence falls between you again. With your stomach still too unsettled to stand you decide to ask Dawn a question, “Keep forgetting to ask - when we left the factory Rosie thought I smelled like fresh bread, but I know I smelled like vanilla, what’s the deal with that?” >“It’s Sonata’s perfume, she designed it to smell like ‘what one’s heart desires’. It’s supposed to help make people more agreeable if they came in with complaints…among other things.” “Ah, I see. My ex had this vanilla shampoo she’d use so that’s why I smell vanilla. Though why does Rosie smell fresh bread, is it a
Pinkie memory?” >She shakes her head, “It doesn’t work that way- I don’t give them memories, as cruel as that might sound, I only give them knowledge and personality.” “I…don’t like the implications of what that means for Rosie, and I don’t want the headache I’m going to have in the morning be any worse by trying to wrap my head around the metaphysics of it.” >Dawn nods, “Understandable.” “If you don’t mind me asking, does it smell like anything to you? I imagine you’d be able to smell it on me right now.” >Her ears fold against her head, and sheepishly says, “Nothing, I don’t smell anything.” >You have the feeling that she’s lying, but you’re not gonna push it, not now at least. >So instead you decide to wrap an arm around her and pull her into a hug which causes her to yelp. >After about a minute she stops squirming and just sits there in your lap after letting out a huff. >She’s warm, like holding a heating pad in your arm. >It’s starting to make your eyelids heavy. >She probably won’t mind if you close them for a little bit. >Probably… … nhnb doing that thing where it cuts off the last few words of the post again, but anyways, giga-update https://ponepaste.org/4579