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/yandere/ bunker thread Anonymous 05/06/2022 (Fri) 20:54:59 No. 9233
A thread dedicated to ponies/humans who love you(maybe a little too much). >alone inside a bunker edition. StoryBin:https://pastebin.com/XRzCQ1eb (embed) Thread template:https://pastebin.com/kpYwqr4t (embed) >TO ALL CURRENT/FUTURE WRITE FRIENDS!!! All stories/short one-shot greens will be added to the bin if following requirements are met.. >the story must be a minimum of 2 posts or more. > it must be complete, or you must notify it with, "end" at the end of the final post..(I could also just figure it out on my own, but I would really appreciate it if you did this.) >must have it binned or screenshot. If these 3 conditions are met, your story will be added to the doc under the appropriate character or category. I hope this is fair for all of you. thank you
>>13983 >Anon smiles. A: “It can be a crazy place. You just might fit in. Why do you hate ponies so much, anyway?” C: “Their incessant friendliness and positivity are overbearing. They disgust me.” >Anon chuckles. A: “You’ve been pretty friendly yourself, recently, Chryssi.” >She scoffs. C: “A Queen is expected to provide for her subjects.” A: “I’m not one of your ‘subjects’.” C: “You’re my King, and as Queen it is my duty to-” >Anon’s laughter interrupts her, and he sits up, shaking his head. C: “W-what? Why are you laughing?” A: “Since when am I a King?” >Realizing the implication of what she just said, Chrysalis begins to stammer out a response, but Anon interrupts her, his tone becoming serious. A: “I’m not a puppet. I’m not gonna roll over and let you control me, Chrysalis.” >There is silence between them for several minutes. >Emotions swirl through Chrysalis’s head, and she can’t find the words to express what she wants to say. C: “Anon…” A: “Yeah?” C: “Why do you want to go to the Crystal Empire? I thought… Do you really desire conquest?” >Anon looks up at the stars. >”I just want to be free of this curse.” He thinks to himself. “Right?” >He looks down at his hand. >”But… Do I really? I’ve never felt so powerful. I’ve never felt so… Alive.” >He clenches his fist. >”What *do* I want? Maybe… Maybe this is what I’m meant to be. Maybe I’m…” A: “I’m a human. Conquest, war… That’s sorta what we do.” C: “So humans are a race of monsters, after all. You’re only following your nature.” A: “No, that’s… Not quite right. At least, I don’t think so. Humans in general are… Well I wouldn’t call them monsters.” >Anon looks back towards the sky, just in time to see a shooting star. >A wicked smile creeps upon his face. A: “But me?” >He points at himself with his thumb, and looks down at Chrysalis beside him. A: “I’m definitely a monster.” C: “So you’re not lying when you say you want to take the Crystal Empire?” >Anon thinks to himself for a moment, and then suddenly stands up. A: “I’ve decided.” >Chrysalis looks up at him. A: “I’m not going to take the Crystal Empire.” C: “You-” A: “I’m going to take everything.” C: “Oh?” >Chrysalis’s growing concern and broiling despair suddenly begin to fade, as she watches Anon look out upon the night, an odd fire in his eyes. A: “This world… This perfect little world…” >He raises his arm, hand outstretched, palm facing upwards. A: “I’m going to make it mine.” >His fingers curl into a fist. A: “No more living like a hermit. No more running away.” >A vision of Twilight and the other ponies flashes through his mind. >“No more pain.” He thinks to himself. C: “Anon…” >Chrysalis is breathing heavily, staring at Anon with glittering eyes, enraptured by his ambition. >He looks down at her. >He’d got so caught up in his own thoughts he almost forgot he was talking to her, and not to himself. >”This curse…” He thinks. “No. Fuck the curse. This is what I want.” A: “That means you, too.” C: “W-what?” >Chrysalis’s expression is a mix of arousal and worry. >The dark flames in his eyes frighten her, but at the same time, he’s everything she wanted him to be. >No. >He’s more. >What is this she’s feeling? >This isn’t love… >Is it? >He steps closer to her, standing directly over her. C: “A-Anon!?” A: “You’re the first. The first thing in this world I’m taking.” >He kneels beside her, and reaches out a hand to touch her chin. A: “You’re mine.” >A jolt of fear shoots through her, and something finally snaps. >Chrysalis regains a bit of her composure, and her pride. >She stands straight up, and knocks Anon’s hand away. C: “Don’t get ahead of yourself! I am a Queen! I belong to nopony!” >Anon stands tall, and crosses his arms. C: “You-!” >She hesitates. C: “If anything, you belong to me! I’ll use you to take my revenge on those detestable ponies!” A: “Go on then. Try it.”
>>13984 >Silence. >The two stare each other down. >Anon stands tall, with a stoic stance and evil smirk. >Chrysalis stands in a fighting stance, with a defiant glare, horn beginning to blaze with magical fury. >After several painful seconds, Anon finally moves first, but before he can finish lifting his hand, green electricity explodes from the Changeling Queen’s horn, striking him in the face. >Chrysalis’s eyes spark with energy as she asserts her dominance using her magic. C: “Bow before your Queen!” >He laughs. A: “No.” >With a loud *SNAP* her magic flashes brightly and explodes, and the backlash sends her tumbling backwards. >Anon stands, unscathed, unmoved, still staring her down. >Chrysalis jumps up and gets back into a fighting stance as quickly as she can. >She looks into Anon’s eyes, trying to understand what he’s thinking. >What he’s feeling. >Pride. >Greed. >Lust. >Chrysalis’s eyes widen as his wicked emotions overwhelm her. >Her shoulders slump, her body relaxes, and she lowers her head in defeat. >She is prepared for painful retribution from the Human Monster before her, and closes her eyes as he approaches. >Anon gently trails a finger down the side of her face, and lifts her chin. >With ragged breath she nervously allows him to tilt her head up to face him. A: “Chrysalis.” >There is no anger in his voice. >She slowly opens her eyes, and he smiles. A: “You’re mine.” >Anon kisses her. >She closes her eyes again, savoring the taste of his cruel love. >He breaks the kiss, and she nearly collapses, but he catches her, and leans down, slowly allowing her to regain her footing. A: “You want me to be your King?” >She blushes. C: “Yes…” A: “Good.” >He leans towards her ear and whispers. A: “Because I want you to be my Queen.” >Chrysalis’s body shudders at his words. She can feel the power emanating from him. >She never imagined he’d grow in power so quickly. >There’s no way she can control him now. >There’s no way she can resist him now. >But… >She doesn’t want to control him anymore. >She doesn’t want to resist him anymore. >She wants to be controlled. >She wants to give in. >She wants him to take her. C: “Anon…” >Gently, he pushes her down. C: “Anon, please…” >His fingers trail down her neck. C: “Take me… >He leans over her. C: “Make me yours…” >His hands grasp her waist and pull her closer. C: “Please…” >He teases her with soft kisses on her neck, spreading her legs with his hands. >She gasps. C: “Please!” >Anon looks into Chrysalis’s eyes. C: “Give me your love!” ~~~~~~~~~~
>>13985 Interesting.
>>13985 I'm glad this is still getting updated
>>14177 This
(1.36 MB 2048x1536 2623900.png)
>>13985 This was a great read, it's nice to see anon take his curse as his own. Hope to see more
>>14290 God I love Nymous's Eris stuff.
(2.24 MB 543x401 awkward.GIF)
eh worth a shot any one got an archive of the dot story?
>>17477 Here's what I see from a quick search through Desu. Is it any one of these? Can you remember any more details about the story? https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/37189748/#37274209 https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/38458236/#q38489243 https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/40385931/#40420476