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(335.33 KB 768x1024 you cant leave.png)
/yandere/ bunker thread Anonymous 05/06/2022 (Fri) 20:54:59 No. 9233
A thread dedicated to ponies/humans who love you(maybe a little too much). >alone inside a bunker edition. StoryBin:https://pastebin.com/XRzCQ1eb (embed) Thread template:https://pastebin.com/kpYwqr4t (embed) >TO ALL CURRENT/FUTURE WRITE FRIENDS!!! All stories/short one-shot greens will be added to the bin if following requirements are met.. >the story must be a minimum of 2 posts or more. > it must be complete, or you must notify it with, "end" at the end of the final post..(I could also just figure it out on my own, but I would really appreciate it if you did this.) >must have it binned or screenshot. If these 3 conditions are met, your story will be added to the doc under the appropriate character or category. I hope this is fair for all of you. thank you
(261.68 KB 800x600 medium.png)
okay lets kick this shit off!!
>>9233 I suggest making a ponepaste for redundancy
Ponk poster with the Twilight flag here, I haven't been able to post due to switching to 5G recently and now being range blocked from posting. I might continue it on ponepaste sometime soon.
Right on, glad to see this up. I know I've been delaying Painful Magic but with the thread here I can write it pretty freely and not worry about the thread dying. When I post here, I'll also post in thread if it's up.
Whoa. You mean I can type without the frustration of chicken scratch captcha to solve??
>>9240 As long as you aren't a bot, yeah
(126.03 KB 776x600 picking locks.png)
>>9235 >>9236 so i should move all are stories to ponepaste?. or link ponepaste greens in the pastebin?
>>9242 Pastebin is known for deleting pastes which its fucking bot deemed """offensive""". A good bunch of greens were lost that way. So it's better to have an exact copy of the thread template and the thread archive on ponepaste. As for stories, it's more up to writefags to move them or not. Also, afaik Twibooru also accepts text submissions.
(2.22 MB 2048x1536 1651349907106.png)
(1.34 MB 1993x2048 1651505616010.png)
(818.89 KB 1536x1297 1651548684778.png)
This is a nice surprise today! It's good to see some new friends setting up their own bunker here. First /bug/, then /bootleg/ and now /yandere/. Wonder who might be next? Out of curiosity, what prompted this? Admittedly the yan threads are one that I don't check very often on /mlp/. Either way, welcome aboard. Besides being a (currently)captcha-free place to post, as >>9240 noted, this place has a few other posting features that you may or may not be interested in ignoring taking advantage of. See the help page for info: https://nhnb.org/.static/pages/posting.html Besides that, you can post multiple files/images at once. .webm with sound, .mp4 and .ogg sound files are also supported. Can't remember off the top of my head if any other formats are currently available.
>>9244 After seeing how well /bootleg/ has been going here, I'll admit that I was shilling a bit to convince /yandere/ to come over. It's a great feeling to be able to write greens without having to worry about the health of a thread.
Hello yan frens!
(2.36 MB 2500x2000 1874110.png)
Alright, continuing the Chrysalis story from the /yan/ thread. A day late, but not a dollar short. Ch. 3 >A chorus of crickets and frogsong. >Twinkling fireflies. >A twig snaps underfoot. >Anon marches through the temperate jungle, keeping a steady pace. >He looks back for a moment, but does not stop or slow down. >He must have been walking for hours at this point. >Moonlight filters through the canopy, showing his path as he follows the south. >His weariness is starting to catch up to him, but he does his best to hide it. >Even from himself. >Whether it’s legitimate caution, sheer cowardice, or hurt pride that drives him forward, he does not know. >What he does know is that he can’t stop moving until he’s out of this forest. >Another twig snaps. >Anon slows down a bit. >Something is close. >Very close. >He’d gotten the feeling he was being followed about an hour ago, but blew it off as paranoia. >Anon resumes his previous pace. >Whatever it is, it’s been getting closer and closer for the last five minutes. >At this rate it’ll overtake him any moment now. >Anon steels himself for this inevitability, grasping his knife. >He walks a little faster, and a chill runs down his spine. >Behind him he hears a low growl, and something whizzes past his face. >Anon ducks behind a large tree, and three thuds resound next to his face. >Cautiously, he peeks around. >Lodged in the bark are three chitinous spikes, each longer than one of Anon’s fingers. A: “Shit.” >He returns his knife to its place, and instead readies his bow. >Knocking an arrow, he prepares to draw. “ROAR” >A blur of brown and red crashes into the tree Anon is hiding behind. >A massive paw swipes at him around the tree, and he falls backwards, narrowly avoiding the beast’s black claws tearing into the bark. >Regaining his footing, Anon takes a few steps back and points his bow at the creature as it lurches around to face him. >A disturbingly human-like lion face looks back at him. >The bow twangs and an arrow flies. >It shoots beside the beast’s shaggy red mane, and pierces the shoulder. >Blood spurts from the wound and soaks into the beast’s brown fur. >It doesn’t even flinch. >Then it lets go of the tree and drops to all fours, the claws of its lionlike paws digging into the dirt. >Batlike wings outstretch, and a massive chitinous tail tipped with a ball of spikes rears forward over the beast’s back. >Anon’s eyes widen, and he darts to the nearest tree. >He barely makes it before a volley of spikes come flying, some whizzing past and others striking the tree. A: “Fuck.” >He raises his bow, then leans out from behind the tree and shoots another arrow. >The beast, with unexpected agility, sidesteps the arrow. “ROAR” >It charges forward, and lunges at Anon. >He quickly moves around the tree, but the beast turns around to face him just as fast. >It swipes a paw at him, ripping his shirt and leaving four trails of blood across his chest. >Anon winces at the pain, but keeps his momentum and begins to run. >As fast as he can he tries to flee. >He can hear spikes whizzing past him. >Just as he is about to reach another tree, two slam into his left arm. >Anon drops his bow. A: “AH FUCK”
>>9483 >The pain is intense as searing venom courses into his veins. >He stumbles, but doesn’t stop running. “ROAR” >The beast is almost upon him already. >It lunges, and anon ducks sideways, falling into a haphazard roll. >He jumps to his feet, and runs forward… >...straight into a tree. >It hurts and disorients him, but not enough to deter his survival instinct. >Anon turns to face the beast, and draws his knife. >The beast growls, and a volley of spikes hurtles towards him. >He falls flat on the ground, barely avoiding them, and each one thuds into the tree behind him. >As soon as he starts to get up, the beast is jumping towards him. >Anon only has time to roll over onto his back before it’s landed atop him, but it overshoots its mark. >Rather than his neck, the beast’s fangs sink into his leg. A: “AHHHH!” >Anon lashes out with his knife, and instantly blood sprays him in the face. >The beast above him howls, and the taste of blood drives all thought from Anon’s mind. >He stabs and stabs and stabs, and the beast leaps from him, furiously flapping its wings. >Covered in blood, Anon jumps to his feet. >Adrenaline courses through his veins. >His pain is a wail drowned out by the screaming primality that has overtaken him. >He yells and rushes the beast. >It knocks him aside with a swipe of its paw, and he hits the ground hard. >Four lines of red streak across Anon’s right arm, but he does not drop his knife. >He starts to get up again, a guttural groan, full of malice, reverberating through his battered body. >Looking up at the beast, his eyes widen in surprise. >It’s limping backwards. >Away from him. >Anon manages to stand up. A: “COME ON!” >His yell is hoarse and ragged, but loud as he can muster. >The beast, leaning to one side, grasping its blood and entrails with a forepaw, stares him dead in the eye. >Its expression is cold. >Unkowable. >Anon feels a chill run down his spine. “ROOOAAARRRRRRR!” >Anon shuts his eyes for a second as beast shakes the trees around him with its terrible voice. >But he does not back down. >He can’t. >At this point he’s too fucked up to run away. >He stares at the beast. >It stares back. >With a fierce determination that he didn’t even know he had, Anon takes a step forward, barely managing to stay standing on his injured leg. >Instantly, the beast’s resolve is broken. >In a flurry of blood and fur and leaves, the beast is gone, hurtling loudly through the trees. >Anon stands, half in schock and half in joy. >A soft chuckle escapes his lips. >His wounded leg wavers, and he falls to his knees. >A pulse of intense pain washes through his body from his left arm. >He looks at his arm, and winces. A: “Fuck.” >He grits his teeth, and grasps hold of one of the spikes. >He pulls. >Immediately he gasps and lets go. >The pain is too much. >For a few moments he just sits there, panting. >Eventually he collects himself, and takes off his tattered shirt. >He wads up a corner and bites down on it, then firmly takes hold of one of the spikes. >He yanks as hard as he can, and it pops loose. >The feeling of relief is indescribable. >Blood oozes from the wound. >He grits down on the cloth again, and grasps the other spike. >He pulls, and this one comes out easier than the first. >Anon pants, then begins to stand. >His leg wavers. >Anon falls back onto his ass. >He laughs. A: “That ugly bastard…” >Anon looks off into the forest, in the direction the beast ran off. >His expression fades. >A dire realization sets in. >He’s alive, but that isn’t going to last. Not like this. >Any other monsters stumble upon him in his current state and he’s dead. >Looking down at himself, Anon takes count of his wounds. >It’s hard to tell which blood is his and which is the beast’s, but he knows where he’s hurting. >Looking closely, he can see that he’s not bleeding too badly, all things considered. >And he doesn’t feel nearly as bad now that he’s pried those spikes out. >He sighs. >At least he’s alive. >Even if it is temporary.
>>9484 >Looking up at the sky, he wonders what he should do. >The sun is peeking over the horizon, and its soft golden rays reach out over the treetops. A: “Okay…” >Anon stands up slowly, and tests his injured leg. >It hurts. A: “Fuck.” >He looks around. >Unfortunately that monster went running off in the direction that Anon was trying to go. >And he can’t go back the other way. >He looks towards the east. >Towards the river. >With a nod, he hobbles forward. ~ >Chrysalis stares wide-eyed at this horrible, amazing monster that is clutching its injured arm and stumbling through the underbrush. >She never expected him to actually drive off the manticore on his own. >Her plan was to step in at the last second and save him. >Then he’d fall in love with her and be hers forever. >But he cut it open! >She was so surprised that she forgot her plans and couldn’t do anything but watch. >His body looked so small and frail compared to the chimeric beast, she couldn’t possibly have predicted he’d hurt it like that. >Oh, but he did. >Her body quivers as she remembers the look on his face when he was staring down the manticore. >So serious. >Covered in blood. >Sending the manticore after him was a wonderful idea, if only to have seen that face. >She’s practically vibrating with expectation as she stalks him through the trees. >Her green eyes, full of desire, follow his every movement. >She watches him step out from the forest, heading towards the riverbank. >Curious, she gets a little closer. >He takes a few more steps, then stops. >He looks around. >Did he hear her? >Does he know she’s watching him? >Chrysalis hides as best she can among the leaves. >Something speaks. >Its voice is little more than a whisper. >He seems to hear it, too. >He takes off his backpack. >She stares in anticipation. >He sits down. >She breathes a silent sigh of relief. >After rummaging hastily through his torn and dirty sack, he pulls out a book. >The royal insignia of Princess Twilight Sparkle is emblazoned on its cover, a purple crystal embedded in the center. >A faint purple light spills from the gem, and the voice echoes louder and more clearly now. >It’s Twilight Sparkle’s voice. >Anon holds the book, looking at it quizzically. >Chrysalis still can’t make out what the book is saying, but she catches the words “danger” and “home”. >What’s happening? >Chrysalis almost can’t take it. >He’s right there. >Right in front of her. >He’s in no position to fight back. >Right? >So why does she hesitate? >Why does she merely hide and watch? >She shakes her head, and curses at herself for her weakness. >Then her gaze fixates on Anon once again. >Her unblinking eyes blaze with intent. >A wicked grin creeps across her face. >She takes a step forward. >Anon laughs, and then clutches his chest. A: “Oof… Ow. Thanks Twilight. It’s good to hear your voice.” >Chrysalis winces. >A twinge of disgust and a pang of jealousy resound through her mind. >She stands tall, and huffs. >Anon starts to look back, but before he can turn his head a bright purple light shines out and turns to white. >Blinded, Chrysalis squints her eyes and raises a hoof to block her face. >Then the light disappears. >Along with Anon.
>>9485 C: “What?” >The changeling looks around, confused for a moment, then walks over to where Anon was just sitting. >She freezes. >Rage builds up inside her. >Twilight Sparkle. >She did this. >She teleported Anon away. >Why didn’t Chrysalis move sooner? >Why didn’t she stop it from happening? >She screams in frustration. >A pillar of green flame bursts forth around her, and from the flames a great black dragon steps forth. C: “No.” >The dragon’s wings unfurl, and it launches upwards into the air. C: “I will not be denied.” >The scales of Chrysalis’s dragonic form tremble and quiver. >Green flames spill from her maw. >She stares into the distance. >Ponyville. >Her anger grows as memories flood into her mind. >It had been a long time since she’d been freed from the statue alongside her former allies. >That was the last time she’d been in Ponyville. >She shudders as she remembers the feeling of her body turning to stone. >No. >She won’t let that happen again. >She has to be smart about this. >A wave of green shimmers across her body, and her form shifts again. >From a dragon she transforms into a blue pegasus. >She smiles to herself, then dashes off at incredible speed, little more than a blur in the sky. ~~~~~~~~~~
>>9236 Chapter 2 of the Ponk story is done, more coming soon. https://ponepaste.org/7332
>>9486 Cool stuff, I liked Chryssy's slight pang of jealousy towards the end. Would be neat to see a Chrysalis vs. Twilight thing develop. >>9488 This is adorable. I really dig wholesome yanderes like this. Hope she stays cute and loving.
(2.99 KB 125x101 1652298237960s.jpg)
>>9488 >>9486 awesome im going to be reading all of these including the rest of that Dot matrix green later. thank goodness for ponepaste.
>>9486 Happy to see /yan/ crossposted here, lurking this board is a lot more enjoyable. I eagerly lurk in wait of more chrissy green and i'm sure some of /bug/ will be too.
>>9508 /bug/ poster here. Can confirm.
What happened to everyone? There were plenty of anons who knew this thread was going to be a thing.
>>9598 Probably just waiting for stuff to happen.
>>9598 Same activity that we see in the normal threads, honestly. Few posters, lot of lurkers, and green being concocted behind the scenes.
Nice thread you got here, guys. Gotta remember to check here every day too
>>9655 That is a very nice Celestia
>>9486 That was a really nice update.
>>9693 That mare is really cute, and also extremely unhinged.
>>9693 psycho-mare a cute!
>>9693 I wonder what was in that burger.
>>9697 Cheese, lettuce, tomato, and the slightest hint of marecum.
>>9693 Based. I love these little shorts. >>9703 >The Special Sauce
I can't wait to see more of that Dot Matrix story and Chrysalis.
New thread's up on the home board.
>thread died again
(416.97 KB 560x407 1707576.gif)
Man, im really liking the chrissy story, I totally forgot about it until today. Please dont stop anon, u R doing great
>>10641 Seconding this. Please don't leave us faget, that was great writefagging.
I'll try making another thread in a few days, hopefully the writers will find it because I'd like to see more of the Dot and Chrysalis stories.
>>10663 Another thread down. It isn't the greatest but it's kinda just how things are. It'd be cool to see more conversation here but I know that's asking a lot when even the main thread doesn't gain much attention.
>>11741 Yeah, it's really too bad.
>>11741 Hey, at least you guys got to participate in it. Meanwhile I'm just stuck here with no way to post on /mlp/.
>>11903 Got rangebanned?
>>11904 yup.
>>11905 That's rough
Going to try and make a new thread soon, hope it stays up, but the board seems to be dying.
(29.05 KB 442x448 1642302409791.jpg)
>>9486 Okay, so it took me a lot longer than it should have because of real life nonsense, but I've finally returned with the next part of this story. I've got a rough draft for the next few chapters as well, so hopefully it won't take too long for the next ones and I can stop being such a disappointment. Anyway... Ch. 4 “Anon…” “Anon.” “Anon!” >Anon slowly opens his eyes, only to be blinded by white. >He blinks. >As his eyes adjust, he realizes he’s looking up at a ceiling. >A pristine white marble ceiling. A: “Ugh… What…” >He sits up, rubbing his forehead. A: “What?” >Looking around, he sees that he’s in a large white room, laying on a marble alter. >Looking at himself, he sees that he’s wearing a clean white shirt and trousers. >Clothes that aren’t his. >Surrounding him are six pillars, and on the floor are strange runic symbols, arranged in a wide circle around him. >He shifts around and hangs his feet off the side of the alter. A: “Where the hell…?” >He steps down to the floor. >As soon as he puts weight on his legs, they feel like they’re going to give out. >He wobbles in place, trying to stay standing. >A wave of dizziness washes over him. A: “Woah. Okay.” >He sits back down. >He takes a moment to gather himself, then shakes his head and tries again. A: “Alright, take it slow.” >Tentatively, he steps down again. >This time, the dizziness isn’t as bad. >He takes a step forward. >Then another. >He breathes a sigh of relief as any feeling of weakness passes. >A few more steps. >He reaches one of the pillars at the edge of the circle of runes, and places his hand on it for balance. >Looking around again, he becomes confused. >There are no doors to this strange room he’s in. >He walks all around the circular room, feeling the smooth stone walls, searching for some way out, some hidden mechanism. >Nothing. >His heart sinks in his chest. >Then, suddenly, he notices a purple glow from behind. >He turns around, back towards the altar. >The magic symbols on the floor are glowing, brighter and brighter with every passing moment. >Suddenly he is blinded as they flash with a brilliant intensity, purple and white sparks spilling around and over him. >He shields his eyes, but quickly the light begins to subside. >Standing before him, beside the altar, a shadow steps forward. >The silhouette of a pony becomes visible, but its horn and wings mark it as no simple mare. T: Anonymous! You’re finally awake! That voice… A: Uhh… Twilight? T: I was so worried! I thought you might die! >A purple light yanks him forward as the shadowed figure lunges for him. >Before he can react he is pulled into a hug. A: T-Twilight!? >The pony pulls back from the embrace and he finally sees her sparkling violet eyes, her purple fur, her face twisted into a strange expression of simultaneous joy and agony. A: Twilight? What the heck is going on? T: Anonymous… >Tears begin to well up in the mare’s eyes. T: The manticore’s venom, it was… You were… >She shakes her head and steels her voice, chasing away the urge to cry. T: No. You’re alive. I saw everything Anonymous. How you fought that horrible monster. A: You… Saw it? T: I tried to activate the spell to bring you back sooner but you were so far away… The magic took to long to reach you. A: That’s right, you used… That book. >Anon rubs his temple and scrunches his eyes as he focuses his thoughts. >He hadn’t really grasped it until now, but his mind feels like it’s in a fog that he’s slowly coming out of. T: Yes, I placed an enchantment on the book so I could keep an eye on you. It’s a good thing I did! A: Yeah, that thing almost got me. >He tries to force a chuckle, but the memory of the manticore’s horrible face is dragged back into his mind, followed by another vision. >The shadow of a pair of eyes flashes into his thought for barely a moment, and suddenly a sharp pain shoots through his head. >He winces, then looks at Twilight with a half-hearted grin. A: It messed me up pretty good. Thanks, Twi. T: Of course! I’ll never let anyt
(2.03 MB 2250x2741 1656508844676.png)
>>12777 T: Of course! I’ll never let anything hurt you again, Anonymous. A: Uh, yeah. What? >He looks Twilight in the eyes and sees that her expression has changed. >Her face is completely serious. T: I thought sending you away and keeping an eye on you with magic was the best way to keep anypony from getting any ideas, but it looks like I was wrong. >Purple magic flares up and yanks him down by the collar of his shirt. >Eye level with the purple pony, he sees a slight twitch in her face as she seems to stare into his soul. A: T-Twi? What are you doing? T: I saw, Anonymous. A: What? T: Don’t play dumb. I saw everything. >She pulls him closer. Their noses nearly touch and her eyes fill his field of view. T: Everything. A: The manticore? T: No. A: Are you… Angry? T: Yes. A: What did I do? I had to fight, it would have killed me! T: NO! IT’S NOT ABOUT THE MANTICORE ANONYMOUS! >With a sudden burst of purple force into his chest, he is knocked to the ground. >With a grunt he catches himself, then quickly looks up, but Twilight is already standing over him. T: I saw her, Anonymous. I saw the two of you together. A: What? T: I saw you about to give your love to that MONSTER. >Like a ton of bricks, the realization hits him. >Chrysalis. A: I didn’t… What are you talking about? >A hoof slams into the ground beside his head as he lays on the floor. >Twilight leans forward, bringing their faces close again. T: Do you love her, Anon? A: What? I don’t understand what you’re- T: DO YOU LOVE HER!? A: NO! Jeez! Calm down! >Silence. >She stares into his eyes for a long time, before finally he can’t take it any more. A: Why are you mad? I haven’t done anything! >Her expression softens just a little. T: Really? You weren’t… You weren’t going to…? A: No! She tried to use her weird magic on me! Why the hell would I love her? >A pain shoots through his skull as he finishes his sentence, and he can’t hide it as he winces. A: And then I got attacked by a fucking Monster! And then you zapped me out of there with that book! And now I don’t even know what’s going on anymore! I just woke up! >Twilight steps back, and he is able to sit up. T: Anon, I’m sorry, I… A: What the hell is going on Twilight? T: It’s important, Anonymous! >Her voice is pleading, a dire urgency in her tone. T: It’s extremely important! A: What’s important? >His confusion and frustration are mounting, but he’s trying to stay calm. T: You can’t… You can’t love anypony, Anonymous. Especially not her. >He blinks. A: What? T: You can’t! It would be disastrous! It could be the end of Equestria! A: Twilight what the hell are you talking about? >Anon is struck with an odd realization of where he is again. >This strange windowless room. >With no door. A: Where the hell am I? T: It’s to keep you safe. To keep everyone safe. I’m sorry, Anonymous. A: Safe from what? T: From you. A: I don’t understand. T: You’re dangerous, Anon. Your love is… It’s not natural. A: My… Love? >Having a hard time processing what’s happening, and feeling anger build within him because of Twilight’s strange attitude and actions, he stands straight and looks at her as seriously as he can manage. A: Just… What do you mean “not natural”? T: Your love isn’t like a pony’s love, Anon. Ponies are inherently magical creatures. A pony’s emotion, their love, is charged with magical energy. A: Okay… T: This magic, our love, is a part of us. We can’t live without it for long. Not without some other kind of magic to keep us going. But you, you can. You can live just fine without any magical energy at all. Without love. Your Human form doesn’t require it to sustain its functions, but your emotion, the love you produce, is not entirely non-magical. A: Alright, but I still don’t understand.
(808.38 KB 1021x1024 1653692085932.png)
>>12778 T: How do I explain… Your love is like a catalyst. When it interacts with the love of a pony, or any other magical creature for that matter, it causes the other pony’s love to surge uncontrollably as it bounces back and forth between the other pony and yourself. Even the tiniest bit of love shared between you and a pony would cause the love that pony feels to grow and grow until they can’t love anyone else but you. A: That doesn’t… So… What are you saying? T: You can’t love anypony, Anon. It would drive them insane. And the magic entering your body and magnifying, well, there’s no telling what might happen to you. You’re not a magical creature. You might explode! A: Oh… Isn’t there some way to fix it? T: No. No magic spell can reverse the process once it starts. Not without destroying the affected pony’s mind. Trying to remove their love like that might cause them to lose all their memories, or even leave them braindead! A: Damn. >Anon looks down at his hands. >Calluses and scars adorn them. >How fitting. The outside is just as rough as the inside is meant to be. >He can’t help but laugh. And then he sighs. A: Crazy... >Feeling heavy, he decides to sit back down. A: So. How long have you known I’m a walking bomb? T: Anon, you’re not… >The expression of sheer mental exhaustion on Anon’s face as he looks her in the eye causes Twilight to cut the thought short. T: Soon after you arrived in Equestria. >Anon’s eye twitches. A: And you never said anything? T: Yes. I’m sorry, Anonymous. I should have told you before, but I… >Frustration building, he clenches his fists. A: No. No, it’s fine. It’s not like it was very likely I’d be loving anyone anyway, right? >Twilight gives him a worried frown. A: I mean, who could love a monster, right? T: Anonymous, you’re not a monster. A: Then what am I? I don’t belong here, Twilight. I knew I never belonged here. This place is all sunshine and rainbows and little ponies living happy wholesome lives. >His voice gets steadily louder with every word. A: And I’m just a big ugly ape who can’t even be fucking happy without hurting someone. >He laughs, an exasperated laugh devoid of joy. A: This world is so beautiful… Everywhere I’ve been it’s like living in a fairy tale. All the ponies I met were so nice, so… Wholesome. Perfect. Perfect creatures, living in harmony. >Anon looks up, and with a defeated sigh he relaxes, unclenching his fists. A: I guess that’s why I wanted to leave in the first place. I guess somehow I knew, in the back of my subconscious that I wasn’t meant to be here. >Tears begin to well up in his eyes, but he grits his teeth and holds it back. >A few moments pass in silence. Twilight simply stares at him, her somber visage speaking more than words ever could. >Finally, Anon sighs again. A: So it’s back to living alone in the woods again, huh? T: …No. A: What? T: You can’t go back, Anonymous. A: Why not? T: It’s too dangerous. Anon, if somepony like Chrysalis gets ahold of you again there’s no telling what would happen. If she’s able to get ahold of you… With her magic, and a power like that, nopony could stop her. A: So what am I supposed to do, then? T: Well… >A distinct blush becomes visible on her face as she looks away. T: You have to stay where I can keep a better eye on you. To make sure nopony else gets too close. >Anon’s expression turns to an apathetic glare. A: Uhh, what? T: I have to protect you. It’s my responsibility. A: No. T: No? What do you mean, no? A: I mean, thank you for saving me, thank you for everything, Twilight, really. But no. I don’t want to… I can’t stay here… >He looks at her with a sudden longing, and feels like there’s an ocean of distance between them, despite sitting so close to where she’s standing. A: I can’t stay here knowing this. I can’t stay here and look at you ponies knowing this. T: Anon… A: Don’t “Anon” me, Twilight. Please. Don’t say my name like that. I can’t… I can’t take it.
>>12779 T: It’s not like that, Anonymous. Things aren’t so hopeless. A: Yeah. Right. T: I’m serious. You’re being over dramatic. A: Over dramatic? With how you were just acting a second ago? T: I was worried, Anon. Worried about you. A: Whatever. T: Don’t “whatever” me. I’m trying to help you. A: And how are you going to help? By locking me up in a tower forever? T: Not exactly… A: So I’m right. You’re gonna imprison me. T: Anon… A: When I’ve done nothing wrong except exist? T: You won’t be a prisoner. I’ll be here for you. I’ll see you every day. >She takes a step closer and extends a hoof, but Anon turns away. T: Please, Anon. You… We already… A: What? T: The reason I know about you, about how your love interacts with ponies’... >Anon looks at her again and sees tears welling up in the corners of her eyes. T: It was only for a brief time, but… A: Twilight… T: I know you had feelings for me. >Anon’s heart sinks in his chest. That’s something he never even wanted to admit to himself. >Let alone have her find out. T: And I… >His head is spinning. How could she… T: I had… I had feelings for you, too. >He stands up straight and in a rage he punches one of the pillars in the room. T: Anon! >Twilight shouts in exasperation. A: Don’t lie to me, Twilight. Don’t play games with me. >She looks genuinely hurt by his words. T: I’m not lying, Anon. That’s the main reason I’ve been keeping an eye on you the whole time you were gone. I… I didn’t want to let you go. A: You’re lying. T: I’m not, I swear. A: You are. You’re lying about something here. Either my love isn’t that dangerous or you never had feelings for me. T: Anon… A: Which is it, Twilight? T: Your love is dangerous, Anon. A: So you never had feelings for me. T: Anon, I did, I… I do! A: No. And even if you did it wouldn’t matter if I’m as dangerous as you say. Even if I stayed here like you want, I’d still just be a prisoner. We could never… T: I can take it, Anon. >Her voice is full of determination. The tears are gone from her eyes. T: I’m the only one who can handle the magical backlash. I… I want to help you, Anon. A: I don’t believe you. T: I’m telling the truth, Anon! Why won’t you listen? A: I’m tired of this, Twilight. I just want to leave. I just want to leave this place. This world… This awful, perfect world… >He looks at his hand, blood streaming from his knuckles where he struck the pillar. T: Please just listen to me, Anon. You can be happy here. >Anon shakes his head as she takes a step closer. T: We can be happy. >He closes his eyes and grits his teeth, and she places her hoof on his other hand. T: I can make you happy. >Anon relaxes for just a moment, then tightens his resolve again. A: I could never be happy as a prisoner. T: You won’t be a prisoner. We’ll live together. The two of us. A: Just the two of us? T: That’s right! You don’t need anypony else, Anon. >His eye twitches. A: I don’t? T: I can be everything you need. A: Twilight… >Her voice softens. T: I can be anything you need. A: Twilight, please… >She whispers in his ear. T: Don’t you love me, Anon? >Anon snatches his hand away. A: Twilight, for the love of g- >BOOOM
(597.43 KB 800x512 1649637517026.png)
>>12780 >White flame and purple lightning explode into Anon’s chest, blasting him against the far wall of the room. A: AAAOOOORRGGHHHH >Anon lets out a guttural howl as he is pinned to the wall by the blast of magic, his feet dangling nearly a foot above the floor. >He’d writhe in pain, but he can barely move. >With extreme effort, he opens his eyes and looks forward. >Twilight stands before him. >From her glowing horn the stream of destructive magic blasts out and into his body. T: If you won’t love me, Anon… >His face twists in pain and confusion, but he can’t respond. T: I’ll give you what you want. >Clenching his teeth and his fists, he musters every ounce of strength in his body as he attempts to push back against her. T: I’ll help you leave this perfect world. >Through the sparks and tongues of magic flame that fill his sight he can still see her expression clearly. T: If you won’t love me… >Her eyes are wide. Her gaze is cold. She stares into him, through to his very soul. >Those aren’t Twilight’s eyes. >Not the Twilight he knew. T: Nopony ever will. >Looking into those eyes, those slitted pupils blazing with wicked purple malice, suddenly, something snaps. T: Why won’t you love me, Anon? >There’s no more pain. T: We could be happy together. >The stream of magic plows into his chest, but he can’t feel anything. T: I’m sorry, Anon. >No, he does feel something. T: If you won’t stay here where I can keep you safe, keep everypony safe… >He feels anger. He feels strength. T: If you won’t love me… >He clenches his fists. T: Then die for me. A: No… >Anon pounds his fists into the wall behind him. A: NO. >With a surge of primal might he flexes every muscle in his body, and with the sound of a thunderclap the magic slamming into his body explodes away from him, knocking Twilight backwards. >He falls to the ground with a loud thud, but quickly recovers. >His shirt is destroyed, steam rises from his body, but his flesh is unmarred. >As he raises his head to look again at the pony before him, he feels power flowing through him. >Twilight has recovered as well, and stands ready, pointing her horn at him, sparks and dark swirls of energy roiling around its point. T: You see, Anon? This is why you’re so dangerous. >Anon can’t form a response. He’s too angry to think properly. T: Your rage resonated with my own and it’s empowering both our magic. >Anon doesn't care about the fact he had no magic before. >He doesn’t care how he broke free. >He doesn’t care about the details of what is happening at all. >All he cares about is dealing with the pony before him. >All he sees is red. >He takes a step forward. >A bolt of black lightning crashes into his shoulder, shot from the alicorn’s horn. >His blackened flesh quickly heals, and he takes another step. T: Hmph. Then how about this. >Twilight raises her head, and prismatic light swirls throughout the entire room, spiraling inward to a single point just above the tip of her horn. >Anon lunges forward as the rainbow of magic condenses down into a star-like orb. >In a moment he’s before her. >Murderous intent consumes his mind. >He extends his hand, reaching forward to grasp her neck. T: Goodbye, Anon. >Just before he touches her, she lowers her head, pointing her horn and the prismatic star straight at his face. >The star brightens, its light blinds him.
(225.01 KB 1280x1602 1659860890399405.jpg)
>>12781 >And then in an instant it is knocked aside, firing a rainbow that melts a circular hole through the wall behind Anon as a black shape slams into Twilight’s face from her right. >The delayed sound of crashing stone resounds through the room, revealing another gaping chasm in the wall of the room, from which the black shape entered. T: Whaa!? >Twilight skids across the floor from the unsuspected impact, but manages to recover by hastily flapping her wings, landing gracefully and getting back into a fighting stance. >Anon’s momentum, on the other hand, carries him forward and he trips, falling onto his face. T: How did YOU get here!? >The black shape stands tall before Anon’s prostrated form. >Chrysalis, Queen of the Changelings, has appeared from nowhere, and now faces down the Princess of Friendship with a look of unbridled ferocity. >The sheer surprise of the situation quells Anon’s rage a bit, and in his confusion he doesn’t even think to stand. C: How dare you! >Chrysalis screams as green lightning bursts from her horn towards Twilight, but Twilight simply pops out of the way with a teleportation spell, appearing instantly a few feet to the left. C: I won’t let you have him! He’s mine! >Chrysalis’s body shifts and twists into her massive, dragonic form, breaking the pillars to either side of her and crashing through the ceiling. T: No! He’s mine! If I can’t have him, nopony can! Especially not YOU! >Twilight fires a blast of white energy just in time to protect herself from a swathe of green flames spewing down on her from above. >Anon manages to regain his composure as the two are locked in battle. >He stands, his head clearing from the fog of rage that had consumed him. >A pulse of pain surges through him, and he falls to one knee. >Every inch of his body screams with pain, but his mind is his own again. >He chuckles. A: What the hell is going on? ~~
>>12782 Yo my dude im still reading. I hope you finish this i like it. Thanks
>>12782 Glad to see you back
>>12782 Ch. 5 >Anon was surely saved from certain death by the sudden appearance of Chrysalis. >But, “out of the frying pan into the fire”, as the saying goes. >The ruins of Twilight’s tower crumble around him. >Green and purple flames are everywhere. >Behind him is a ledge, with a drop that would no doubt kill him. >Before him are a mad Princess out to kill him for rejecting her, and a wicked Queen who might devour him, or worse. >Anon can do nothing but watch, his body barely capable of movement as the magic that was flowing through him and empowering him earlier has all but disappeared. >”If I stay here I’m gonna die.”, He thinks to himself. >With great effort, he forces himself to limp towards the edge of the tower. >Tentatively he looks over the edge, then stops himself. A: Damn. >It’s too high, of course. >There’s no way. >He sighs. >What’s the alternative? >Die here or die when Twilight gets ahold of him. >As much as he appreciates the intervention of the changeling Queen, Anon knows it’s only a matter of time before she’s brought down by Twilight. >And once she’s down… >He’s next. >Just as this thought passes through his mind, a horrible screech pierces the air. >Chrysalis, in her draconic form, slams to the ground behind him. >Boiling white energy bubbles over her, searing her carapace, as she reverts to her original form. A: Shit. >He was hoping he’d have a little more time, but it’s already over. >Twilight descends to look down at her defeated foe. >She is no longer the pony he once knew. >She is an alicorn of terrible power, her eyes blazing with wicked dark magics. >Black and white swirls of sparkling energy roil around her horn, while a halo of dark purple surrounds her body. >This is it. >She’s gonna kill Chrysalis. >Anon’s mind races. >What should he do? >Should he jump? >Should he fall down and beg forgiveness? >He winces as a sharp pain shoots through his head. >It passes in less than a second, but somehow his vision feels clearer once it’s done. >He looks at the pitiful form of Chrysalis, curled up in a ball. >Like when he first found her. A: God damn it… >He takes a step. A: God damn it! >Before he can stop to think about what he’s doing, he runs towards her. >His body screams at him, but he ignores the pain. >Twilight readies her attack to finish off the changeling, so focused on her dread desire that she fails to notice what’s about to happen. >With a speed he didn’t know he was capable of, he snatches Chrysalis up into his arms without even slowing down. >Twilight’s spell fires, a beam of dark light barely missing him as runs, its heat singeing the flesh of his back. >As he runs, the white magic surrounding Chrysalis’s body burns his arms, but with every step more of it fades away. >He closes his eyes as he hears Twilight roar. T: ANONYMOUS!? >Instinct drives him. >Bolts and tongues of magic fly past him. >Each misses its mark, but that small comfort is lost on him in the moment. >Chrysalis weakly raises her head. C: A-Anon? >He’s too focused to even notice her voice. >He looks at the far edge of the tower’s broken wall, quickly approaching. >There’s no other way. T: I won’t let you get away! >Just as he’s about to reach the ledge, Twilight pops into existence before him with a thunderclap of purple magic. ?: Twilight! >A new voice rings out. ??: Twilight what are you doing? ???: What’s going on? ????: Are you okay? >Several new voices suddenly distract the Princess. >She looks up from the subject of her wrath to see her friends, the Elements of Harmony, standing amidst the ruins of what was once her tower.
>>12861 >Rainbow Dash flies towards her at speed, with Applejack running not far behind. RD: Stop it, Twi! AJ: You can’t do this! >Twilight screams at them, her fury unimaginable. T: I’m the ONLY one who can do this! He’s MINE! >Bolts of white and purple fly out, barely missing her friends. R: We have to stop her! >Rarity shouts, Pinkie Pie not far behind her. PP: Twilight! How can you attack your friends? T: He’s not my friend! He’s… >Her magic falters for a moment as emotions surge through her mind and body. >In the confusion, Anon sees an opportunity. >He leaps from the edge of the tower, holding Chrysalis tightly to his chest. >They fall. >Twilight screams with distinct agony in her voice. T: NO! >But before she can react Rainbow Dash has wrapped one of Applejack’s ropes around her. >She quickly snaps it with magic, only to be met with another from Applejack herself, lassoing her hoof. >Rainbow Dash flies circles around her as a distraction while Applejack yanks her down, with Rarity assisting as best she can with her magic. >Twilight roars again, magic firing wildly in every direction. >With great sadness in her eyes, Pinkie Pie watches on. PP: Twilight… What’s happened to you? >Falling through the air, Anon is certain now, more than he’s ever been, that this is the end. >He clutches the changeling Queen tighter, and only then does it strike him what he’s actually done. >He looks at her, and his gaze is met with her own. >He’s surprised. She looks almost happy. >He sighs, resigning himself to his fate. >But then he feels something push beneath his arms from behind, and hears a urgent flapping of wings. >He looks up to see a pastel yellow figure above him, struggling greatly to hold his weight aloft. >Fluttershy. F: I-I’ve got you! Oh! >She slips for a moment, but quickly catches him again. F: S-sorry! >She can’t stop their fall, but she drastically slows their descent as they plummet through the air. >With a crash the three of them slam into the room of one of the houses below, breaking through and landing, luckily, on top of a large bed. >They bounce off, and Anon, still holding Chrysalis, skids across the floor, while Fluttershy is thrown a different direction. >Splinters and shingles scatter across the room and dust fills the air. >But they’re not hurt. >At least not too badly. A: Ugh… >Anon stands slowly, shaking the shock of the impact off. F: Hurry! >Fluttershy yells at him, her voice uncharacteristically dire. >She points towards the door of the house. F: You have to run. We’ll save Twilight. A: Fluttershy, are you- F: Go! A: Right! >The seriousness in her voice drives all thought from his head. >He does as she says. >He runs. >Out of the house, he runs. >As fast as he can, he runs. >Though his legs howl in pain, and his arms and body feel like they’re burning, he runs. >He doesn’t know where he’s running to, but he runs. >The sounds of violent magic and shouting ponies slowly fade into the distance. >The road disappears into the trees. >The light of the sun dims. >His breathing is ragged. >He’s soaked in sweat. >Blood trickles down his arms and back, from cuts and scratches left by the branches and vines and briars he’s been pushing through. >His feet, too, are covered in blood, and bruised beyond recognition, having no shoes to cover them with. >It is hot, and humid. >The air is stale, and stings his lungs. >But he does not stop. >The pain drives him onward. >The pain is a reminder of why he’s running. >What he’s running from. >He can’t stop now. >He can’t- C: Anon? >The unexpected voice startles him. >Chrysalis. >He’s been holding her the entire time. >He looks down at her, cradled in his arms. >She looks… Smaller. >Her eyes are beautiful orbs of emerald, sparkling in the gloom of the forest. >He shakes his head and looks away, focusing his sight ahead. >How did it end up like this? >Holding the very monster who got him into this mess. >But what was he supposed to do? >He couldn’t just let Twilight kill her. >Could he? >N
>>12862 >No. >She saved him. >But so did Twilight. >A flash of pain rings through his head again, making him wince. >It’s too late to think about any of that now. >There was no other choice. >Twilight had gone crazy. >That wasn’t the pony he once knew. >That wasn’t- C: A-Anon? >Chrysalis. Her voice actually registers in his mind this time. A: Yeah. >His short response comes out with a tone of annoyance that he did not intend. >But he can’t help it. >Not at this point. C: I think… I think I can walk now. >He doesn’t slow his stride. A: You sure? C: Yes. >He looks down at her again. >He sighs. A: Okay. >He stops. >For the first time in several hours, he actually takes the time to look at his surroundings. >This forest… >The trees are old. >Some of their trunks as wide as houses, their canopies stretching so high the shadow hides their leaves from view. >Strange plants with multi-colored flowers, vines covered in wicked thorns, the sounds of birds and beasts. >A pervasive mist that swirls about between the foliage. >He knows this forest. >The Everfree. >It’s nigh a miracle they’ve made it this far in without incident. C: Um, Anon? A: Sorry. >He kneels, and lets Chrysalis down to extend her hooves to the earth. >She stands, and sighs in relief. >Then she looks at him with an uncharacteristically genuine smile. C: Don’t apologize. I don’t exactly mind being held by you. >He winces as he stands back up straight. >Now that he’s not holding her, and he’s not moving, his limbs feel incredibly heavy. C: You saved me again, Anon. >She practically beams at him. >The happiness on her face is almost more painful to him than the soreness of his body. A: I was just returning the favor. >He looks off into the distance, but he can’t see much through the trees. C: I was worried about you. I… The last time I saw you, I… >Chrysalis thinks of the manticore. >If only she hadn’t been so foolish. >So impatient. >”Why am I like this?” She thinks to herself. C: Anon, I… I’m sorry. >He looks back to her, confused. A: Sorry? If you hadn’t showed up when you did, I’d probably be dead. >She looks away in shame. C: No, I… Anon I… >Should she tell him? Should she confess to her mistake? C: I’m the one who… >No. How will he react? >He’ll be furious. There’s no way he wouldn’t be. >He’d never forgive her. >She can’t tell him. >Anon looks at her sideways, unsure of what she’s thinking, with such a serious, somber look on her face. A: The one who what? >She stiffens up. C: I… I shouldn’t have tried forcing you to love me. >He laughs. >It hurts. >He starts to cough, and decides to sit down on a nearby log. A: Don’t worry about it. >He shakes his head in exasperation. >”These damn ponies.” He thinks. “The always know just what to fucking say.” C: I see now there was no need to use such tactics. A: Oh? >As she looks at him all manner of evil thoughts pass through her mind. >Thoughts of draining his love. >Thoughts of bending him to her will. >But another thought drives these wicked ambitions aside. >The thought of him whisking her up and holding her in his arms. >Sharing his love, not because he’s forced or tricked, but because he wants to. >She blushes. >She can’t remember ever feeling this way. >She actually risked her own life to save him. >She’d never do that… >But she did. >Why does he make her feel this way? >Is it just because he saved her first? >No. >That’s the sort of naive kindness she preys upon, uses to her advantage. >A foolishness that she is all too happy to exploit. >But now… >She’s the one who behaved foolishly. >For this strange creature, this monster. >This beautiful monster who would stand against those damnable Princesses. >Would stand against them… >For her. >For her? >Did he really do it for her? >Is he… >Is he using her? >The same way she would have used him before he… >She looks up at him, and meets his eyes. >He’s still staring at her, with a look of curiosity and bemusement.
>>12863 C: Tell me something, Anon. A: Alright. C: Why was she trying to kill you? >He closes his eyes, and sighs. A: Because I’m… I’m dangerous. C: Dangerous? >He rubs his temples, and begins to feel exhaustion creeping up on him. A: She said- Twilight said I’m dangerous. She told me that my… Emotions… Have an effect on magical creatures. >Chrysalis turns her head slightly sideways, as she looks him up and down. C: What kind of effect? A: She says I’m like a catalyst. That if I… If I share “emotion” with a pony that it’ll fill them with magic and drive them crazy. >Chrysalis’s eyes widen. A: And… >The changeling very slowly moves closer. C: And? A: That it’ll fill me with magic, too. And my body isn’t made to handle magic like that. >Anon sighs again, and looks up to see that Chrysalis is standing right in front of him, staring right at him, wide-eyed and seemingly excited. C: So that is why your love tasted so sweet. A: Uh, what? C: You’re Heartfallen. >She says this word with a sort of childlike wonder that catches Anon off guard. A: I’m a what? C: I always thought it was a myth, a fairy tale… A: What are you talking about? C: It makes perfect sense now. You’re Heartfallen. A: What’s a Heartfallen? C: Heartfallen is a curse. An ancient curse. So ancient I doubt there are many who even remember the stories. >Chrysalis seems elated by this revelation. >Her reaction worries Anon greatly, and he begins to get nervous. A: What kind of curse is it? C: You already know the answer to that, Anon. >He shakes his head. A: I guess I do. It’s like Twilight said. I can’t love anyone or they’ll go crazy and I’ll probably explode. >Chrysalis laughs, a hearty laugh that surprises him. >It annoys Anon greatly. A: What’s so funny? C: Oh, Anon. She lied to you. A: What? C: Your love would certainly drive any normal mare crazy. I suppose that’s what happened to the “Princess”. >She says that last word with a venomous tone. >But you will not explode. A: What do you mean? So what will happen? C: You will become powerful. >Her eyes sparkle as she looks at him with what can only be described as wonder. >Anon squints at her. He isn’t sure if he believes what she’s saying. But he isn’t quite sure if he believes what Twilight said, either. A: What’s the catch? C: Catch? A: It doesn’t sound like any curse I’ve ever heard of. What’s the catch? There’s gotta be some other downside or something. >She places a hoof under her chin as she thinks. C: Hmm. Other than driving ponies to obsessive madness, which I don’t see as a downside… >She looks excited again. C: Heartfallen are said to fly into fits of unbridled passion- >Her voice sounds almost like she’s experiencing orgasmic bliss. C: -during which they are unstoppable! >Anon feels uncomfortable at how into this she obviously is. A: Oh, man. This is too much. C: This is perfect! A: Huh? C: I understand why you saved me, now! A: You… do? C: Yes! You need me to help you take over Equestria! >”Oh God damnit.” He thinks to himself. A: No, I- C: The love we give each other will make us both so powerful, nopony can hope to stop us! >She gets right up in Anon’s face, her huge emerald eyes dominating his field of view. A: Chrysalis, that’s not- C: Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be so lucky… >He feels her hot breath on his face. A: Look, you’ve got it all wrong. C: Of course! We should get started right away. >She moves even closer. A: That’s enough. >He stands up, pushing her away. >The look of disappointment on her face is undescribable. >It almost makes him feel bad. C: A-Anon! This is fate! You cannot deny fate! A: Sure I can. >He starts to walk away, but she rushes around to stand in front of him again. C: Wait! Just let me show you. >He stops. A: Show me what? >She smiles.
>>12864 C: Close your eyes. A: What? No. You’re going to try to take over my mind or something. >He starts to step forward again, but her pleading expression makes him hesitate. C: I won’t try anything like that, I swear. It wouldn’t work on you anyway, you’d just break free like last time! >He gives her a cold stare. A: So what are you going to do? C: Just close your eyes, Anon. I’ll show you there is no reason to be afraid of your curse. >He stands silent for a moment, considering his options. >He really shouldn’t trust her, and he has zero interest in what she’s saying is his “fate”. >But she sounds so genuine. >And he did break free of her control once already, he probably can do it again. >”Ah, why not”. He thinks. “I’m too tired to argue at this point anyway.” A: Alright. Okay. >He closes his eyes and Chrysalis’s grin widens to a wicked, toothy smile. A: But if you try anything- >His words are cut short as Chrysalis stands up on her hind legs, places her forehooves on his shoulders, and presses her lips into his mouth. >He is taken aback, and opens his eyes immediately. >Her own eyes are closed as she passionately kisses him. >Strange feelings well up inside him. >”What the hell?” He thinks to himself. >His mind races. >His body feels… >Anon closes his eyes again and returns her kiss, leaning into her, wrapping his arms around her slender frame. >She squeals in delight at his touch, and they fall to the ground together, landing in a patch of soft grass. >Magic flows through his body, his flesh sizzles and steams as his various wounds heal in mere moments. >Suddenly, he snaps back to the reality of his situation, and pulls away, breaking the kiss. >Panting, Anon looks at Chrysalis with a look of shock. >She just gives him a sultry grin and bats her eyes. C: See? Don’t you feel sooo much better? >He can’t even process what just happened, and simply stares at her instead of responding. C: I know I do. >She leans in and whispers in his ear. C: Your love is sublime. >He finally regains his composure a bit. A: Chrysalis, you… That was… >He can’t help but feel entranced by those beautiful emerald eyes. A: That was amazing. >She giggles. C: I’ve never kissed like that before. >They lay there in silence, staring at each other, for a few moments. A: So, uh… What now? C: Well, as much as I’d like to keep going… >She nuzzles into his neck. C: We should rest. I can tell you’re tired. A: It’s too dangerous to sleep in the middle of the Everfree. C: Nonsense. >She giggles again. C: You’re the most dangerous thing in this forest, Anon. Nothing is going to bother us. >Seeing how content and comfortable she looks, he sighs, and lets out a slight chuckle of his own. A: Okay. Good night, then. >He pulls her a little closer, and lays his head down, closing his eyes. >This is not how he expected this day to end. >But hey, at this point, it could be worse.
>>12865 ~ >Anon floats in an ocean of stars. >Alone. >The silence is gentle, soothing. >He drifts along, with a feeling of bliss and a grin on his face. ?: This is not what thine heart desired, Anonymous. >A strange voice resounds throughout the void. ?: Thou hast no evil intent. So why dost thou align thyself with evil? >A winged mare steps forth from the dark. >Her form is slender and elegant, her mane flows like the night sky, and her eyes are azure pools of sparkling magic. >Anon has never seen anything so beautiful in his life. ?: Deny the temptress her prize, Anonymous. >The mare steps towards him, walking on nothing. ?: Seek thee a means to break thine curse. >But as she approaches, she begins to fade away. ?: Find the Princess of Love. >She is almost gone. ?: Go to the Crystal Empire. >With that final word she vanishes. >The void is empty. >The stars are gone. >The silence screams. ~ >Anon is wrenched awake by an overwhelming sense of urgency. >In a cold sweat, he starts to panic. >But when he looks around, he realizes he’s still laying in the grass in the Everfree Forest. >All is quiet. >All is calm. >Chrysalis is curled up in his arms, sleeping. >He looks up to the sky, obscured by the trees above. >Under his breath, he curses at himself. A: I’m so fucked up… ~~~~~~~~~~
>>12866 Ch. 6 >The light of the noonday sun trickles through the treetops. >Birdsong fills the air. >A light breeze caresses Anon’s face. >Laying on his back, he slowly opens his eyes. >He takes in the natural beauty of the forest, breathes deeply the fresh, sweet, air. >A slight grin creeps upon his visage. >In this brief moment, all worries are forgotten. >He lets out a satisfied sigh. >Then he realizes… >He’s alone. >He sits up, and looks around. >All is quiet, aside from the birds. >The ever-present mist of the Everfree hangs lazily among the trees. A: Where…? >Anon’s mind jumps back and forth between possibilities. >He feels as though the trees are closing in around him. >He starts to stand, but a vine shoots from the mist and wraps around his left wrist, pulling him down. A: What the-!? >Another vine binds his right wrist as he attempts to free himself, and yanks his hand to the ground. A: Urgh! >He struggles against the impossible strength of the vines, and with all his might he makes it to his feet. >Then another lunges outward. >The vine slams into his throat and twists around his neck in an instant. >He is pulled down to his knees, the vine barely allowing him to breathe. >He tries his best to free himself, but nothing works. >Fear and anger fill his mind, his instincts scream at him. >The forest is silent. >The mist around him thickens. >All becomes dark. >With one last surge of effort he fights against his bonds. >To no avail. >He hangs his head in defeat. C: Why do you struggle, Anonymous? >A flash of green light pierces the unnatural gloom. C: It’s too late to fight. >A pair of eyes approach him, followed by the black body of their owner. C: You’ve already given in. >The beautiful, terrible creature leans in, close to his face. C: You’re already mine! ~ >Anon wrenches forward, panting. >A cold sweat upon his brow, panic in his mind, he looks at his hands. >His hands. >Unbound. >The vines are gone. >The forest is calm. >It is morning. >He sighs. A: A nightmare… >He looks to his side, to see Chrysalis is still there. >She is sleeping peacefully. >”So weird…”, he thinks to himself. >He shakes the grogginess from his head. >Then he looks back down at Chrysalis. >A creature he knows he shouldn’t trust. A monster who is clearly evil. >”But why is she so…” >He stares at her. >His eyes trail down her form, from the tip of her jagged horn, to the slender chitinous frame of her chest, to her thin black haunches, to her strange holed legs. >”It doesn’t make sense. She’s some freaky bug monster. So why…” >He reaches out his hand. >Her diaphragm gently rises and falls with her breathing. >”Why is she…” >He hesitates as his fingers hover above her face. >Her odd, blueish hair dangles messily. >”Why do I…” >He touches her forehead, lightly brushing her hair from before her eyes. >A slight grin creeps upon her expression, but she does not move. >”Is it magic?” >His fingers slide down the side of her face. >She softly, unconsciously, leans into his touch. >”Am I under some kind of spell?” >He pulls his fingers away as they trail over her chin. >”The curse. It’s messing with my head.” >She lays still. >He sighs again. >”I’ve made some kind of mistake, haven’t I?” >As quietly and gently as he can, he gets up. >”Some horrible mistake.” >Standing, he observes the treetops, and then looks around. >A bird flutters its wings as it alights on a nearby branch. >A bee buzzes past towards a small patch of red flowers in the distance. >Through the mist he thinks he sees the outline of a deer, walking slowly. >He closes his eyes, and breathes in deeply, stretching his limbs. >A slight pain pulses in his head, and he winces. >”That dream…” >He remembers the ethereal mare, wrapped in starlight, who spoke of his curse. >”That must have been Luna.” He ponders.
>>12867 >The Princess of the Night. >He never met her in person. But he knows she enters the dreams of others to assist and guide them. >He tries to remember her words, her warning. >His thoughts instead go to his nightmare. >Of being bound, helpless before the will of Chrysalis. >”No.” He thinks. “I won’t be controlled.” >Luna is right. He must resist temptation. >He has to find a way to break his curse. >To undo the damage he’s already done. >”Poor Twilight…” >Taking in the scenery, he is struck by the realization that he’s lost. >He has no idea where in the Everfree he is, exactly, so getting out isn’t going to be easy. >But at least now he knows where he must go. >A whisper escapes his lips. A: The Crystal Empire. C: Is that where we’re going, Anon? >The voice startles him, but he manages not to flinch or show any sign of it. >He turns around to face her. >Chrysalis is still laying on the grass, her legs folded beneath her body. >Her head is raised, and with wide eyes she stares straight at Anon. >Waiting for an answer. >He doesn’t immediately respond, instead taking in the sight of her emerald eyes. >”I should think she’s horrifying.” He thinks to himself. >She leans her head slightly sideways in a curious manner, a thin smile growing on her visage. >”But I can’t. Every time I look at her…” >He finally answers, with a firm and serious tone. A: Yes. We’re going to the Crystal Empire. >Her smile widens. C: Such ambition! >She stands. >Her long, thin legs stretch and her petite frame creaks slightly. >She steps closer towards Anon. C: Ah, it’s been so long since I’ve seen that glittering city… >She closes her eyes and seems to think of some fond memory. C: So full of love. >Then her expression quickly contorts into one of anger. >Kept by that blasted pretty pink Princess! >She looks back up at Anon, and just as fast her expression changes again. >With a wicked grin and sultry eyes she steps close and looks him in the eye. C: You know it won’t be easy, right? >Anon maintains a stoic stance. A: Of course. >She licks her lips. C: What are you thinking, Anon? A: We need to head there first, before we go anywhere else. >She shivers, a strange pulse that goes from her head to her toes. C: Ooh, I just adore that determination. You’re right, if we go there first… >She walks around Anon as he stands, circling like a predator circles its prey. C: And deal with that *Princess*... >She stops when she’s in front of him again. C: Nopony will be able to stop us! >Chrysalis faces away from Anon and looks back over her shoulder. >Her grin widens into a mad smile and her eyes flash with green. C: We’ll need an army to topple the Empire, Anon. >She sways and her voice takes a song-like tone. C: A new hive! Oh to be Queen again! >She flicks her tail before his nose, and arches her head back. C: Come, Anon! Pour your love into me! Make me your Queen! >She leans forward, keeping her hindquarters raised. C: Sire a new generation of changelings and let us conquer Equestria! >Anon stares at her, his blank expression unfaltering. >In his mind he is taken aback, shocked by this sudden outburst. >It takes all of his willpower not to focus his sight on the subtle, hypnotic sway of her hips. >”She’s crazy.” He thinks, “I can’t tell why I really want to go there.” >He narrows his eyes. >His silence seems to offend Chrysalis. C: What’s wrong, Anon? Hurry and mount me! >Silence. >”I have to resist.” He says in his head.
>>12868 >He sighs. A: No. C: What!? >Her eyes blaze with green flame as she turns around in an instant to face him. C: What do you mean, ‘no’!? >Fury and confusion are plain upon her face, but there is also a tinge of pain. C: Don’t you want to love me!? >The pain in her voice is obvious. C: Are you repulsed by my body!? >But the pain is slowly replaced by more anger. C: I can change into a pony for you! I can change into whatever creature you want! >She’s practically screaming now. C: I would change into a human, but I… I’ve never seen a human female… >A look of disgust takes the place of her confusion alongside her anger. C: Is your species incapable of mating!? >Anon simply sighs. A: No, Chrysalis, it’s not that. You’re beautiful the way you are, and I’m perfectly capable, it’s just... C: Then what is it!? Why won’t you love me!? A: We can’t do this now. Not here. >She looks more confused than ever, and almost seems like she’s about to cry. A: It’s just… We can’t go in there with an army. >Anon wracks his brain for a way out of this mess. A: We have to think about this carefully. If we mess up here it’s all over. >Chrysalis’s expression fades, replaced by a knowing look of disappointment. C: You’re right, Anon. >She falls back onto her haunches. C: So then what would you have us do? >Anon looks up to the sky, obscured by the trees, and thinks in silence for a moment. A: We need to infiltrate the Empire and get close to the Princess. >”So I can ask her about removing this curse.” He thinks to himself. A: Once we have the Princess the Empire will follow. >She turns her nose up. C: Hmph, I’ve tried that before. It won’t work. >Chrysalis huffs and turns away from Anon again. A: You didn’t have me before. >She stops and her ears prick up. C: What are you saying, exactly? A: I’m saying that with both of us together, we can’t fail. >She raises an eyebrow. A: If Twilight Sparkle is anything to go by, it’ll only take a little bit of love for the curse to drive her crazy. C: And how do you plan on making her love you? A: I don’t have to make her love me. I just need to trick her into thinking I’m someone she loves already. C: Oh? An interesting idea. If you could change your appearance. But unlike me- >A wave of green light washes over her body. >Black is replaced by white, and before you Chrysalis now stands in the body of a white unicorn stallion. C: -you can’t do that. Do you know who this is, Anon? >He nods. A: Shining Armor. Cadance’s husband and Twilight’s brother. C: Yes. Have you met him? A: No. >She shakes her head as green washes over her again, returning her to her original form. C: This won’t be easy, you know. Shining is a rather powerful unicorn in his own right, and you don’t exactly bear a strong resemblance to him. >Anon smirks. A: I won’t need to. >She looks at him, puzzled. C: You won’t? A: I remember a little something from one of Twilight’s books. A potion that can temporarily change someone to look like someone else. C: I’ve never heard of such a potion. >”That’s because I just made it up.” Anon thinks. C: And it’s some*pony*, Anon, not some*one*. Your strange dialect will get you caught if you’re not careful. >He laughs. A: Guess I need to practice. >Suddenly, his stomach growls. A: But first, we’ve gotta find something to eat. >Anon turns to look through his bag, and then remembers. >He doesn’t have his bag. >He doesn’t have any supplies at all. >Not even a knife. >In the middle of nowhere in the Everfree of all places, without even a knife. A: Damn.
>>12869 C: What is it? A: I’m so used to having my things, my bag. I forgot I left it behind. >She looks him up and down, a curious grin growing on her face. >Anon sighs, then chuckles. A: I don’t even have a shirt. Or shoes. C: I rather prefer you without your body covered. >She says this in a very matter-of-fact way, then her grin turns wicked. C: Did you mean what you said earlier? A: What did I say earlier? C: Don’t play coy, Anon. >She flutters her eyelashes as she leans in closer. C: Do you really think I’m beautiful? >Anon suppresses the urge to turn away from her piercing gaze, and keeps staring at her. >He reaches out and brushes a lock of hair from the side of her face. >She leans into his hand, but doesn’t break eye contact. A: I think… >His heart beats fast inside his chest. A: You’re the most beautiful creature in Equestria. >Her face twists in a predatory smile, as she moves to whisper in his ear. C: Good. >She pulls back and takes a step away. >Her body shimmers as green light washes over her. C: Now let’s do a little practice, shall we? >Before Anon can respond, Chrysalis’s appearance has changed. >Standing in front of him with an innocent smile is the visage of Cadance, Princess of Love. C: Well? Aren’t I just the prettiest pony you’ve ever seen? >Anon knows anything he says likely won’t be taken well, so he remains silent. C: Don’t be shy, Anon. >She does a little twirl, showing off her body, looking back over her shoulder at him as her tail waves in front of his face. C: This is the Princess I despise the most, you know. A: Oh? C: I lived her *perfect* little life for some time. I learned a lot about her. >She steps towards Anon again. C: Her magic controls love. Makes it grow. >She places a hoof on Anon’s chest, and pushes him gently. >He allows himself to fall, back onto the grass. C: She feels so much love for her subjects. For her husband. >Chrysalis leans in, Cadence’s sparkling pinkish purple eyes staring daggers into Anon’s soul. C: You only need to make her feel a little love for you. Then- >She whispers. C: She’ll be yours. >With a wicked grin, she raises her head and stands over Anon as he sits on the grass. C: The problem, Anon… >She trails a hoof down his chest. C: Is that the love must be reciprocated. >She lays into him, pushing them both to lie down. C: If you don’t feel any love for her, your curse won’t affect her. So… >Her weight on his chest is less than he would have expected. But even still, it’s a weight he couldn’t hope to move. C: I want you to say it. >Their faces are close. Her breath is heavy. >She raises her hooves to rest on his shoulders. C: Tell me you love me. >Her voice is needy with anticipation. >For a moment he forgets his plight. >The world seems to fade away. >All that exists is the temptation before him. C: Anon… >Anon places his hands on her flanks and pulls her closer, eliciting a soft happy squeak. >She pulls her head back just enough to look into his eyes. >Her emerald gaze sparkles like a pair of stars, showing the truth of her self through her illusion. >He can’t take it anymore. >He pushes his lips into hers, and immediately his body is filled with a surge of magic. >Chrysalis moans into his mouth. >Their tongues intertwine. >Anon’s sight begins to fill with flame. >He breaks the kiss and pulls away, panting.
>>12870 >She stares at him with eyes full of hunger. Full of lust. C: Say it. >She pleads. Her body quivers. A: I love you. >She moans loud, arching her back. >On her face is an expression of orgasmic bliss. >After a moment she collects herself. >Anon can do nothing but stare. C: Well. I suppose that will have to do for now. >She speaks between heavy, steamy breaths. C: I’ll go and find you something to eat, too. But when I get back… >She leans in again and gently bites his ear. C: I want more. >Awash with green flame her body shifts and color changes. >Gone is the pink Princess, and in her place is a brown-feathered gryffon with sharp claws and a wicked beak. >With a flap of wings and a flurry of movement, she ascends into the treetops. >After a few moments, he can no longer hear her. >All is silent again. >Anon is alone, lying on the grass. >A bead of sweat drops from his face. A: Crazy… >Anon rises to his feet. >He takes a deep breath. >The magic from their earlier kiss still courses through his body. >He feels potent. >Dangerous. >He looks at his hand, and tentatively curls and uncurls his fingers. >”How does this work, exactly?” He ponders. >”I should test it.” >He looks at a nearby tree. >It’s smaller than most of the others around him, but is still wider around than his torso. A: You’ll do. >He raises his fist, and strikes the tree with all his might. >CRACK >Splinters fly, and the tree comes crashing down. >On top of him. A: Ah! >Anon barely moves out of the way, avoiding being crushed. >As the dust settles, he regains his composure. >Anon takes a closer look at the tree, where he hit it. >There’s a huge chunk missing where his fist made contact. A: Woah… >He starts to walk around the tree, when suddenly he hears a growl from behind. >He turns, and sees a shambling mass of sticks and vines, crudely assembled into the shape of a wolf. >The timberwolf stares at him with vicious intent. >Anon confidently steps forward. >Two dozen more timberwolves appear from the misty treeline to join the first. A: Ah… Fuck…
>>12871 ~ >Chrysalis flies above the forest, unable to hide the joy she’s feeling. >She giggles. >She’s never felt like this before. >Not long ago she thought her life was over. >That she would never taste even the possibility of returning to her former glory. >But now… >With this handsome, terrifying monster at her side… >With Anon… >She feels like she can do anything. >His love is so potent. >Like a drug. >She knows on some level that his curse is affecting her, but she doesn’t care. >The power she’s already received is incredible. >Even with these few short feedings she’s already recovered from her battle with Twilight Sparkle. >No. >She’s more than recovered. >A soft moan escapes as she thinks about how much more power Anon has to give her. >She wants another taste. >She needs another taste. >But not just yet. >No. >His love can be made richer. >Fuller. >More savory. >All she has to do is keep building him up. >To stand behind him, pushing him forward. >But to think! >He’s already thinking about the first nation he wants to conquer! >Oh, the thought of it drives her wild. >She couldn’t have dreamed of anything better. >But he can’t conquer the world on an empty stomach. >She’ll just have to find him something to eat. >It’s the least she can do, after all. >And… >It’ll make him want to give her more of his delicious love. >But what kind of food do Humans eat? >He was happy with the chestnuts she brought. And he foraged for berries and mushrooms. >His palette must be similar to a ponies, after all. >That makes this simple, then. >She’ll just steal some food back in Ponyville and bring it back to him. >No… >It’s too dangerous to go back so soon. >Another town then. >No, that will take too long. >She’ll just have to find something in the forest. >Her feathered wings outstretched, she flies high into the air. >Then, she tucks them close beside her, and dives. >She bursts through the treeline into a small clearing. >With but a few strong flaps of her wings her momentum is halted. >Her body shimmers green as she changes from a gryffon to a deer, and alights lightly on the tips of her hooves. >Yes, she’ll bring him back a veritable feast from the bounty of nature! >He’ll be so grateful… >Give her so much love… >Maybe he’ll even give her a few little changelings, too… >Oh, to be a real Queen again! >It’s finally within her reach!
>>12872 ~ A: COME ON! WHO’S NEXT!? >Broken branches and scattered leaves lay strewn about all around Anon. >Blood drips from a bite wound on his left shoulder. >A trio of red lines streak across his chest. >His fists are clenched. >His eyes are full of madness. >Several Timberwolves encircle him, waiting for a chance to strike. >One leaps forward, snarling. A: RAARGH >Anon’s fist strikes true, and the timberwolf’s head is obliterated, leaving the rest of its body to scatter into simple sticks and twigs. >Just then, two more attack from behind. >He’s able to catch one before it bites him, holding it aloft, but the other’s fangs sink into his right leg. >The pain doesn’t even register, but he howls in anger. >With a swift motion, he slams the timberwolf he’s holding down into the one biting him, bursting both into their component parts. >Anon can feel it. >These strange monsters only feel one thing. >Hate. >Hate for those who disturb their forest. >Hate for all creatures of flesh. >Anon can feel it. >It courses through his body. >Hate. >The power inside him burns. >His sight is red. >The other timberwolves step backwards as their fellows are defeated. A: Is that it!? >The sound of wind spiraling behind him makes him turn around. >Sticks and leaves spin through the air in a whirlwind, gathering all the bits and pieces of the fallen timberwolves. >The pieces coalesce, and the other timberwolves surrounding him are drawn in by some unknown force, flying through the air to join the congregation. >In but a moment, the mass of wood takes shape. >Before Anon now stands a massive timberwolf, nearly as tall as the trees around them. >The monster raises its head to look down at Anon, wooden joints creaking under its own weight. >Anon, blinded by rage, stares back upwards in defiance. A: RAAA- >Anon yells, and is slapped away by a huge wooden paw. >He crashes through the trees, and tumbles to a stop in the dirt quite a distance away, landing in a small clearing. >With a grunt he clambers back to his feet. >The giant timberwolf is already rushing towards him. >As quick as he can, Anon braces himself. >The wolf’s jaws open wide, and slam closed around him. >Anon pushes back against the force of the wooden maw with each hand, barely managing to keep it from crushing him. >”No.” Anon thinks in his delirious anger. “I won’t die here. I can’t…!” >He stomps his foot with incredible force into one of the timberwolf’s fangs, breaking it out of the jaw. >In the same motion, he lets go and stops pushing back with his arms, folding them against his body. >He falls through the opening made by the missing wooden tooth just before the beast’s maw slams shut. >With a thud, he lands on the ground. >Not missing a beat, Anon snatches up the broken fang and chunks it at the monster’s head. >It rams into the timberwolf’s eye, and the beast let’s out a terrible howl of pain and rage. >It swats at Anon again with its paw. >But Anon catches the blow, and is only moved a few inches as his heels dig into the soil. A: RRRRAAAAAAAAGHHHHH >Anon grabs tight onto the wooden paw, pulls, and twists his body. >With unnatural strength, the timberwolf’s entire limb is ripped from its body. >Sticks and splinters fly through the air, as Anon spins around with the beast’s arm before its weight carries it to the ground. >With the added momentum of the spin, he bashes the timberwolf in the face with its own severed limb. >The arm is completely shattered by the impact, and the monster’s head slams to the ground, followed by the rest of its body. >Anon drops the wooden paw, all that remains of the arm, and walks forward. >Heat and steam rise from the bare flesh of his chest, back, and arms. >He looks down at the defeated timberwolf, eyes wide with madness and contempt. >He places his foot on its muzzle. >The monster whimpers. A: I should kill you.
>>12873 >He presses his foot down harder. >It whines. >Something snaps inside Anon’s head. >The beast’s emotions have changed. >Hate has been replaced by fear. >Anon’s own hatred and rage begin to fizzle away, clearing his mind. >For a brief moment pain flashes through his head, his sight goes black, and he feels like he’s going to pass out. >But he fights against the magical backlash, and regains his composure. >He takes a deep breath, and sighs. A: No. No, I won’t kill you. >He takes his foot off the timberwolf’s muzzle. A: I have a better idea. >He crouches down, and looks into the monster’s remaining eye. A: I’ll let you go. If you take me out of this forest. >He has no idea if it can understand him or not, but it makes a short huffing noise in response. >Anon stands. A: Good. >The timberwolf’s entire body shakes, leaves and sticks falling away from it to the ground. >Anon takes a step back, watching as the beast shrinks to about the size of a horse from his world. >The timberwolf, smaller but now restored in body, stares at him. >Anon takes a step closer, and the wooden beast kneels, then lays on the ground. >It looks up at him with pleading eyes. >Anon smirks, and crouches down beside it. >He reaches out a hand, and the timberwolf winces, but then relaxes as Anon simply pats it on the head. A: Good boy. C: ANON! >Anon stands quickly, wrenching his head around in surprise. >The timberwolf, too, stands, growling beside him. >A strange deer with glowing green eyes has approached from the treeline. C: Anon, what happened? How did you get all the way over here? >Anon recognizes the voice. >The deer’s body shimmers with green and shifts, as Chrysalis returns to her true form. >Anon notices two very large leaves, folded over into a sack-like ball, hovering behind her. >Anon laughs. A: Nothing, it’s all good now. I’ve got us a ride out of this forest. >He places a hand on the timberwolf’s head again, and it stops growling. >It looks at Chrysalis intently, and she gives it a glance of confusion and amusement before returning her sight to Anon. C: You tamed a timberwolf? A: Something like that. What’s in the leaf? >Chrysalis smiles brightly, a strange sight compared to her usual sultry or scheming visage. C: I brought you a feast! >She trots over, and the folded leaf floats in front of her, landing gently at Anon’s feet. A: Oh, awesome! I’m starving! >Anon plops down, and sits cross-legged. >The timberwolf folds its legs and lays beside him. >Anon opens the folded leaves, and a large pile of berries, nuts, and mushrooms comes spilling out, with a single odd-looking blue apple atop it all. >Anon does his best to stifle another laugh, coughing instead. >”Most of this stuff is poisonous…” He thinks. C: What’s wrong, Anon? >Chrysalis sits just across from the pile of mostly inedible food. >She stares into his eyes. >She’s trying to keep a stoic expression, but is obviously giddy with anticipation. A: Ah, it’s uh, it’s nothing. >He picks up a raspberry from the pile and pops it into his mouth. A: Thank you. C: You’re welcome. >She beams, and then her expression turns to a haughty, smug look. C: Go on. Devour your meal. And afterwards… >Her eyes flash with green light. C: I’ll devour more of your love. ~~~~~~~~~~
>>12874 Very nice.
Ch. 7 >Anon finishes the last of the non-toxic fruits and mushrooms brought to him by the former Queen of the Changelings. >Licking a bit of berry juice from his fingers, he smiles. >Chrysalis stares at him, unblinking eyes focused on his every movement. >Anon ignores her, and looks up towards the sky. >A soft breeze caresses his cheek. >He closes his eyes, and sighs. >Chrysalis leans forward in anticipation. >Anon slowly looks back down at her. >”She looks so different than when I first saw her,” he thinks to himself. “Or maybe…” >He looks past her to the treeline. A: “Maybe I’m the one who’s different.” >Chrysalis cocks her head slightly, unsure what Anon is talking about. >She shifts her posture slightly, as he simply stares off into space for an uncomfortable length of time. C: “Anon?” >He snaps back from his thoughts. A: “Yeah?” >His flat response almost makes Chrysalis wince, but she suppresses it. C: “You enjoyed the feast I brought you, yes?” A: “Oh, yeah. I was really hungry after tussling with this guy,” >Anon pats the timberwolf behind him. A: “Thank you.” >He stands, looking away from her again towards the trees. >He starts to take a step, but Chrysalis grabs his hand with her magic, gently pulling on him. C: “That’s it?” >She looks at him with wide eyes, attempting to conceal the disappointment in her voice. >Anon looks down at her with a confused expression. C: “Well?” A: “What?” >Exasperated, she stands up and stomps her hoof. C: “What do you mean ‘what’!? I brought you food! Aren’t you feeling… Love?” >Chrysalis slowly lowers her voice as Anon’s blank expression confuses her. >He looks her up and down, squinting his eyes as he seems to ponder something. >Growing irritated by his silence, she yells. C: “Well!?” >Anon smirks. A: “You know, you’re actually really cute when you’re upset.” >Taken aback, Chrysalis blushes and scrunches her face. >Anon kneels down and brushes a lock of her hair from her face, and her expression softens, while her blush deepens. >He leans in and gently kisses her. >Her back arches as she tries to lean into his kiss, to draw more love out of him. >But Anon, instead, pulls away. >He stands again, and looks away from her, eyes on the horizon. C: “A-Anon?” >More confused than before, she tries to read his expression. >His eyes are full of vigor, his slight smile eluding to thoughts beyond her reach. C: “I… I want more…” >She tries to push closer to him, but Anon place a hand on her head, stopping her. A: “Not now. I want out of this damn forest.” C: “Wha-? Don’t defy me! Give me your love!” >Rather than sounding angry, or demanding, her voice sounds hurt. Pleading. >Anon doesn’t respond. >Instead, with one quick motion he picks her up and throws her over his shoulder. C: “W-what are you-?” >Anon walks over to the timberwolf, and it stands up, as if responding to some silent command. >Without a word anon slings Chrysalis onto its back, and then hops on himself. A: “Let’s go.” >The timberwolf shivers, and then takes off at a full sprint. >As the blur of green and brown passes them by, and the sound of creaking wood and snapping twigs echoes around them, Chrysalis cannot help but look up at Anon. >He looks forward, paying the Changeling little mind as they speed through the trees. >His visage is one of determination, of clear intent. >Chrysalis jostles about as the timberwolf leaps across a stream, and is suddenly made aware of the embarrassing position she’s been put in, strewn across the beast’s back like a sack. >She opens her mouth, ready to protest her predicament, but seeing Anon’s face drives the thought from her mind. >Instead, she simply smiles. >”Soon.” She thinks to herself. “Very soon…” ~
>>13982 >The sun begins to set as Anon and Chrysalis finally reach the edge of the Everfree forest. >A great plain stretches before them, flowers of every color dot the sea of green grass, rolling across like waves as far as the eye can see. >On the horizon, many miles away, a twinkling reflection of the evening sunlight reveals their destination. >The Crystal Empire. >The timberwolf slows its pace, then stops. >Anon, with a sigh, hops off. >As he lifts Chrysalis from the beast’s back, she finally breaks the silence. C: “Why have we stopped?” >Anon scritches the timberwolf beneath its chin. A: “We’ll have to walk the rest of the way.” C: “What? Why?” A: “This is as far as he can go.” >With that, Anon nods to the timberwolf. It stares for a moment, then bows its head. >A gust of wind blows around them, and with a flurry of leaves the timberwolf disappears. >After a moment, Chrysalis smirks. C: “So you speak ‘timberwolf’ now?” >Anon just smiles at her mocking tone. A: “Nah.” >He chuckles. A: “I just- I could tell what it was feeling.” >The smirk on the Changeling’s face grows as she gives him a mischievous look. C: “You’re getting stronger…” >She licks her lips. C: “Can you tell what *I’m* feeling?” >Anon ignores her teasing, looking out across the field before them. A: “It’s going to take us a while to get there. C’mon.” >Chrysalis doesn’t move. >After a few steps, Anon realizes that she isn’t following him, and turns around. A: “What’s wrong?” C: “Hmph.” >She turns her nose up at him, and looks away dismissively. C: “Nothing.” >She trots over to stand beside him, while refusing to look in his direction. >Anon sighs. A: “Are you… Mad?” >She doesn’t answer. A: “Tired?” >Her ear twitches, but she gives no response. A: “Hmm. Hungry?” C: “Hmph.“ >Anon grins. A: “Alright, alright. I get it. We’ll take a break here.” C: “That isn’t necessary.” >Her voice is almost a pout. >Anon laughs. A: “Clearly it is.” >He gives a last look over the horizon, then plops down onto the grass. >He pats his lap. A: “C’mere.” >Trying to keep a serious face, Chrysalis silently lays down beside him, and cuddles up close to his side. >A tiny smile betrays her feelings. >Anon smiles, too, and puts an arm around her. >She lets out a quiet gasp at his brazen affection. >Anon closes his eyes and lays back onto the grass, pulling Chrysalis with him. >He opens his eyes and stares up at the stars as he holds her close to him. >He can feel her strange body pulse beneath his grip as she relaxes. A: “The stars here are beautiful.” C: “Hmm?” A: “I’ve never quite got used to how different the sky is here.” C: “What do you mean?” A: “It’s just… The sky is so clear. So pristine. So… I don’t know. It makes me happy just to look at it. But also… It makes me kinda sad. You could never see the stars so clearly back in… Back where I come from.” >Chrysalis looks at the stars, and then leans her head over onto Anon’s shoulder to look at him. C: “Where *do* you come from?” >Anon sighs. A: “I don’t know if you’d believe me if I told you.” C: “Huh? Nonsense. Tell me.” A: “I’m from another world. Another dimension, or something.” C: “How did you get here?” A: “I don’t know. One day I just… Woke up. And I was here. Well, in Ponyville.” C: “Ugh. Ponyville.” >Anon laughs. A: “The ponies were actually really nice to me when I showed up.” >Chrysalis is silent for a moment, looking wide-eyed at Anon as he gazes towards the heavens. C: “So why did you leave? You were pretty far away from that horrible place when we met.” >Anon sighs. A: “I’m not like those ponies. They’re too… Nice. I guess I just felt bad being there.” C: “Humans aren’t nice, then?” A: “Some are. But most are… How do I put it? Self-centered, I guess. Most people are so focused on their own lives and problems they never really stop to think of anybody else.” C: “Hmm. Your world is very different from this one, then?” A: “Oh yeah. Way different. For one, there’s no talking ponies. And the ponies we have look a lot different, too. Not nea
>>13983 >Anon smiles. A: “It can be a crazy place. You just might fit in. Why do you hate ponies so much, anyway?” C: “Their incessant friendliness and positivity are overbearing. They disgust me.” >Anon chuckles. A: “You’ve been pretty friendly yourself, recently, Chryssi.” >She scoffs. C: “A Queen is expected to provide for her subjects.” A: “I’m not one of your ‘subjects’.” C: “You’re my King, and as Queen it is my duty to-” >Anon’s laughter interrupts her, and he sits up, shaking his head. C: “W-what? Why are you laughing?” A: “Since when am I a King?” >Realizing the implication of what she just said, Chrysalis begins to stammer out a response, but Anon interrupts her, his tone becoming serious. A: “I’m not a puppet. I’m not gonna roll over and let you control me, Chrysalis.” >There is silence between them for several minutes. >Emotions swirl through Chrysalis’s head, and she can’t find the words to express what she wants to say. C: “Anon…” A: “Yeah?” C: “Why do you want to go to the Crystal Empire? I thought… Do you really desire conquest?” >Anon looks up at the stars. >”I just want to be free of this curse.” He thinks to himself. “Right?” >He looks down at his hand. >”But… Do I really? I’ve never felt so powerful. I’ve never felt so… Alive.” >He clenches his fist. >”What *do* I want? Maybe… Maybe this is what I’m meant to be. Maybe I’m…” A: “I’m a human. Conquest, war… That’s sorta what we do.” C: “So humans are a race of monsters, after all. You’re only following your nature.” A: “No, that’s… Not quite right. At least, I don’t think so. Humans in general are… Well I wouldn’t call them monsters.” >Anon looks back towards the sky, just in time to see a shooting star. >A wicked smile creeps upon his face. A: “But me?” >He points at himself with his thumb, and looks down at Chrysalis beside him. A: “I’m definitely a monster.” C: “So you’re not lying when you say you want to take the Crystal Empire?” >Anon thinks to himself for a moment, and then suddenly stands up. A: “I’ve decided.” >Chrysalis looks up at him. A: “I’m not going to take the Crystal Empire.” C: “You-” A: “I’m going to take everything.” C: “Oh?” >Chrysalis’s growing concern and broiling despair suddenly begin to fade, as she watches Anon look out upon the night, an odd fire in his eyes. A: “This world… This perfect little world…” >He raises his arm, hand outstretched, palm facing upwards. A: “I’m going to make it mine.” >His fingers curl into a fist. A: “No more living like a hermit. No more running away.” >A vision of Twilight and the other ponies flashes through his mind. >“No more pain.” He thinks to himself. C: “Anon…” >Chrysalis is breathing heavily, staring at Anon with glittering eyes, enraptured by his ambition. >He looks down at her. >He’d got so caught up in his own thoughts he almost forgot he was talking to her, and not to himself. >”This curse…” He thinks. “No. Fuck the curse. This is what I want.” A: “That means you, too.” C: “W-what?” >Chrysalis’s expression is a mix of arousal and worry. >The dark flames in his eyes frighten her, but at the same time, he’s everything she wanted him to be. >No. >He’s more. >What is this she’s feeling? >This isn’t love… >Is it? >He steps closer to her, standing directly over her. C: “A-Anon!?” A: “You’re the first. The first thing in this world I’m taking.” >He kneels beside her, and reaches out a hand to touch her chin. A: “You’re mine.” >A jolt of fear shoots through her, and something finally snaps. >Chrysalis regains a bit of her composure, and her pride. >She stands straight up, and knocks Anon’s hand away. C: “Don’t get ahead of yourself! I am a Queen! I belong to nopony!” >Anon stands tall, and crosses his arms. C: “You-!” >She hesitates. C: “If anything, you belong to me! I’ll use you to take my revenge on those detestable ponies!” A: “Go on then. Try it.”
>>13984 >Silence. >The two stare each other down. >Anon stands tall, with a stoic stance and evil smirk. >Chrysalis stands in a fighting stance, with a defiant glare, horn beginning to blaze with magical fury. >After several painful seconds, Anon finally moves first, but before he can finish lifting his hand, green electricity explodes from the Changeling Queen’s horn, striking him in the face. >Chrysalis’s eyes spark with energy as she asserts her dominance using her magic. C: “Bow before your Queen!” >He laughs. A: “No.” >With a loud *SNAP* her magic flashes brightly and explodes, and the backlash sends her tumbling backwards. >Anon stands, unscathed, unmoved, still staring her down. >Chrysalis jumps up and gets back into a fighting stance as quickly as she can. >She looks into Anon’s eyes, trying to understand what he’s thinking. >What he’s feeling. >Pride. >Greed. >Lust. >Chrysalis’s eyes widen as his wicked emotions overwhelm her. >Her shoulders slump, her body relaxes, and she lowers her head in defeat. >She is prepared for painful retribution from the Human Monster before her, and closes her eyes as he approaches. >Anon gently trails a finger down the side of her face, and lifts her chin. >With ragged breath she nervously allows him to tilt her head up to face him. A: “Chrysalis.” >There is no anger in his voice. >She slowly opens her eyes, and he smiles. A: “You’re mine.” >Anon kisses her. >She closes her eyes again, savoring the taste of his cruel love. >He breaks the kiss, and she nearly collapses, but he catches her, and leans down, slowly allowing her to regain her footing. A: “You want me to be your King?” >She blushes. C: “Yes…” A: “Good.” >He leans towards her ear and whispers. A: “Because I want you to be my Queen.” >Chrysalis’s body shudders at his words. She can feel the power emanating from him. >She never imagined he’d grow in power so quickly. >There’s no way she can control him now. >There’s no way she can resist him now. >But… >She doesn’t want to control him anymore. >She doesn’t want to resist him anymore. >She wants to be controlled. >She wants to give in. >She wants him to take her. C: “Anon…” >Gently, he pushes her down. C: “Anon, please…” >His fingers trail down her neck. C: “Take me… >He leans over her. C: “Make me yours…” >His hands grasp her waist and pull her closer. C: “Please…” >He teases her with soft kisses on her neck, spreading her legs with his hands. >She gasps. C: “Please!” >Anon looks into Chrysalis’s eyes. C: “Give me your love!” ~~~~~~~~~~
>>13985 Interesting.
>>13985 I'm glad this is still getting updated
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>>13985 This was a great read, it's nice to see anon take his curse as his own. Hope to see more
>>14290 God I love Nymous's Eris stuff.