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/yandere/ bunker thread Anonymous 05/06/2022 (Fri) 20:54:59 No. 9233
A thread dedicated to ponies/humans who love you(maybe a little too much). >alone inside a bunker edition. StoryBin:https://pastebin.com/XRzCQ1eb (embed) Thread template:https://pastebin.com/kpYwqr4t (embed) >TO ALL CURRENT/FUTURE WRITE FRIENDS!!! All stories/short one-shot greens will be added to the bin if following requirements are met.. >the story must be a minimum of 2 posts or more. > it must be complete, or you must notify it with, "end" at the end of the final post..(I could also just figure it out on my own, but I would really appreciate it if you did this.) >must have it binned or screenshot. If these 3 conditions are met, your story will be added to the doc under the appropriate character or category. I hope this is fair for all of you. thank you
(261.68 KB 800x600 medium.png)
okay lets kick this shit off!!
>>9233 I suggest making a ponepaste for redundancy
Ponk poster with the Twilight flag here, I haven't been able to post due to switching to 5G recently and now being range blocked from posting. I might continue it on ponepaste sometime soon.
Right on, glad to see this up. I know I've been delaying Painful Magic but with the thread here I can write it pretty freely and not worry about the thread dying. When I post here, I'll also post in thread if it's up.
Whoa. You mean I can type without the frustration of chicken scratch captcha to solve??
>>9240 As long as you aren't a bot, yeah
(126.03 KB 776x600 picking locks.png)
>>9235 >>9236 so i should move all are stories to ponepaste?. or link ponepaste greens in the pastebin?
>>9242 Pastebin is known for deleting pastes which its fucking bot deemed """offensive""". A good bunch of greens were lost that way. So it's better to have an exact copy of the thread template and the thread archive on ponepaste. As for stories, it's more up to writefags to move them or not. Also, afaik Twibooru also accepts text submissions.
(2.22 MB 2048x1536 1651349907106.png)
(1.34 MB 1993x2048 1651505616010.png)
(818.89 KB 1536x1297 1651548684778.png)
This is a nice surprise today! It's good to see some new friends setting up their own bunker here. First /bug/, then /bootleg/ and now /yandere/. Wonder who might be next? Out of curiosity, what prompted this? Admittedly the yan threads are one that I don't check very often on /mlp/. Either way, welcome aboard. Besides being a (currently)captcha-free place to post, as >>9240 noted, this place has a few other posting features that you may or may not be interested in ignoring taking advantage of. See the help page for info: https://nhnb.org/.static/pages/posting.html Besides that, you can post multiple files/images at once. .webm with sound, .mp4 and .ogg sound files are also supported. Can't remember off the top of my head if any other formats are currently available.
>>9244 After seeing how well /bootleg/ has been going here, I'll admit that I was shilling a bit to convince /yandere/ to come over. It's a great feeling to be able to write greens without having to worry about the health of a thread.
Hello yan frens!
(2.36 MB 2500x2000 1874110.png)
Alright, continuing the Chrysalis story from the /yan/ thread. A day late, but not a dollar short. Ch. 3 >A chorus of crickets and frogsong. >Twinkling fireflies. >A twig snaps underfoot. >Anon marches through the temperate jungle, keeping a steady pace. >He looks back for a moment, but does not stop or slow down. >He must have been walking for hours at this point. >Moonlight filters through the canopy, showing his path as he follows the south. >His weariness is starting to catch up to him, but he does his best to hide it. >Even from himself. >Whether it’s legitimate caution, sheer cowardice, or hurt pride that drives him forward, he does not know. >What he does know is that he can’t stop moving until he’s out of this forest. >Another twig snaps. >Anon slows down a bit. >Something is close. >Very close. >He’d gotten the feeling he was being followed about an hour ago, but blew it off as paranoia. >Anon resumes his previous pace. >Whatever it is, it’s been getting closer and closer for the last five minutes. >At this rate it’ll overtake him any moment now. >Anon steels himself for this inevitability, grasping his knife. >He walks a little faster, and a chill runs down his spine. >Behind him he hears a low growl, and something whizzes past his face. >Anon ducks behind a large tree, and three thuds resound next to his face. >Cautiously, he peeks around. >Lodged in the bark are three chitinous spikes, each longer than one of Anon’s fingers. A: “Shit.” >He returns his knife to its place, and instead readies his bow. >Knocking an arrow, he prepares to draw. “ROAR” >A blur of brown and red crashes into the tree Anon is hiding behind. >A massive paw swipes at him around the tree, and he falls backwards, narrowly avoiding the beast’s black claws tearing into the bark. >Regaining his footing, Anon takes a few steps back and points his bow at the creature as it lurches around to face him. >A disturbingly human-like lion face looks back at him. >The bow twangs and an arrow flies. >It shoots beside the beast’s shaggy red mane, and pierces the shoulder. >Blood spurts from the wound and soaks into the beast’s brown fur. >It doesn’t even flinch. >Then it lets go of the tree and drops to all fours, the claws of its lionlike paws digging into the dirt. >Batlike wings outstretch, and a massive chitinous tail tipped with a ball of spikes rears forward over the beast’s back. >Anon’s eyes widen, and he darts to the nearest tree. >He barely makes it before a volley of spikes come flying, some whizzing past and others striking the tree. A: “Fuck.” >He raises his bow, then leans out from behind the tree and shoots another arrow. >The beast, with unexpected agility, sidesteps the arrow. “ROAR” >It charges forward, and lunges at Anon. >He quickly moves around the tree, but the beast turns around to face him just as fast. >It swipes a paw at him, ripping his shirt and leaving four trails of blood across his chest. >Anon winces at the pain, but keeps his momentum and begins to run. >As fast as he can he tries to flee. >He can hear spikes whizzing past him. >Just as he is about to reach another tree, two slam into his left arm. >Anon drops his bow. A: “AH FUCK”
>>9483 >The pain is intense as searing venom courses into his veins. >He stumbles, but doesn’t stop running. “ROAR” >The beast is almost upon him already. >It lunges, and anon ducks sideways, falling into a haphazard roll. >He jumps to his feet, and runs forward… >...straight into a tree. >It hurts and disorients him, but not enough to deter his survival instinct. >Anon turns to face the beast, and draws his knife. >The beast growls, and a volley of spikes hurtles towards him. >He falls flat on the ground, barely avoiding them, and each one thuds into the tree behind him. >As soon as he starts to get up, the beast is jumping towards him. >Anon only has time to roll over onto his back before it’s landed atop him, but it overshoots its mark. >Rather than his neck, the beast’s fangs sink into his leg. A: “AHHHH!” >Anon lashes out with his knife, and instantly blood sprays him in the face. >The beast above him howls, and the taste of blood drives all thought from Anon’s mind. >He stabs and stabs and stabs, and the beast leaps from him, furiously flapping its wings. >Covered in blood, Anon jumps to his feet. >Adrenaline courses through his veins. >His pain is a wail drowned out by the screaming primality that has overtaken him. >He yells and rushes the beast. >It knocks him aside with a swipe of its paw, and he hits the ground hard. >Four lines of red streak across Anon’s right arm, but he does not drop his knife. >He starts to get up again, a guttural groan, full of malice, reverberating through his battered body. >Looking up at the beast, his eyes widen in surprise. >It’s limping backwards. >Away from him. >Anon manages to stand up. A: “COME ON!” >His yell is hoarse and ragged, but loud as he can muster. >The beast, leaning to one side, grasping its blood and entrails with a forepaw, stares him dead in the eye. >Its expression is cold. >Unkowable. >Anon feels a chill run down his spine. “ROOOAAARRRRRRR!” >Anon shuts his eyes for a second as beast shakes the trees around him with its terrible voice. >But he does not back down. >He can’t. >At this point he’s too fucked up to run away. >He stares at the beast. >It stares back. >With a fierce determination that he didn’t even know he had, Anon takes a step forward, barely managing to stay standing on his injured leg. >Instantly, the beast’s resolve is broken. >In a flurry of blood and fur and leaves, the beast is gone, hurtling loudly through the trees. >Anon stands, half in schock and half in joy. >A soft chuckle escapes his lips. >His wounded leg wavers, and he falls to his knees. >A pulse of intense pain washes through his body from his left arm. >He looks at his arm, and winces. A: “Fuck.” >He grits his teeth, and grasps hold of one of the spikes. >He pulls. >Immediately he gasps and lets go. >The pain is too much. >For a few moments he just sits there, panting. >Eventually he collects himself, and takes off his tattered shirt. >He wads up a corner and bites down on it, then firmly takes hold of one of the spikes. >He yanks as hard as he can, and it pops loose. >The feeling of relief is indescribable. >Blood oozes from the wound. >He grits down on the cloth again, and grasps the other spike. >He pulls, and this one comes out easier than the first. >Anon pants, then begins to stand. >His leg wavers. >Anon falls back onto his ass. >He laughs. A: “That ugly bastard…” >Anon looks off into the forest, in the direction the beast ran off. >His expression fades. >A dire realization sets in. >He’s alive, but that isn’t going to last. Not like this. >Any other monsters stumble upon him in his current state and he’s dead. >Looking down at himself, Anon takes count of his wounds. >It’s hard to tell which blood is his and which is the beast’s, but he knows where he’s hurting. >Looking closely, he can see that he’s not bleeding too badly, all things considered. >And he doesn’t feel nearly as bad now that he’s pried those spikes out. >He sighs. >At least he’s alive. >Even if it is temporary.
>>9484 >Looking up at the sky, he wonders what he should do. >The sun is peeking over the horizon, and its soft golden rays reach out over the treetops. A: “Okay…” >Anon stands up slowly, and tests his injured leg. >It hurts. A: “Fuck.” >He looks around. >Unfortunately that monster went running off in the direction that Anon was trying to go. >And he can’t go back the other way. >He looks towards the east. >Towards the river. >With a nod, he hobbles forward. ~ >Chrysalis stares wide-eyed at this horrible, amazing monster that is clutching its injured arm and stumbling through the underbrush. >She never expected him to actually drive off the manticore on his own. >Her plan was to step in at the last second and save him. >Then he’d fall in love with her and be hers forever. >But he cut it open! >She was so surprised that she forgot her plans and couldn’t do anything but watch. >His body looked so small and frail compared to the chimeric beast, she couldn’t possibly have predicted he’d hurt it like that. >Oh, but he did. >Her body quivers as she remembers the look on his face when he was staring down the manticore. >So serious. >Covered in blood. >Sending the manticore after him was a wonderful idea, if only to have seen that face. >She’s practically vibrating with expectation as she stalks him through the trees. >Her green eyes, full of desire, follow his every movement. >She watches him step out from the forest, heading towards the riverbank. >Curious, she gets a little closer. >He takes a few more steps, then stops. >He looks around. >Did he hear her? >Does he know she’s watching him? >Chrysalis hides as best she can among the leaves. >Something speaks. >Its voice is little more than a whisper. >He seems to hear it, too. >He takes off his backpack. >She stares in anticipation. >He sits down. >She breathes a silent sigh of relief. >After rummaging hastily through his torn and dirty sack, he pulls out a book. >The royal insignia of Princess Twilight Sparkle is emblazoned on its cover, a purple crystal embedded in the center. >A faint purple light spills from the gem, and the voice echoes louder and more clearly now. >It’s Twilight Sparkle’s voice. >Anon holds the book, looking at it quizzically. >Chrysalis still can’t make out what the book is saying, but she catches the words “danger” and “home”. >What’s happening? >Chrysalis almost can’t take it. >He’s right there. >Right in front of her. >He’s in no position to fight back. >Right? >So why does she hesitate? >Why does she merely hide and watch? >She shakes her head, and curses at herself for her weakness. >Then her gaze fixates on Anon once again. >Her unblinking eyes blaze with intent. >A wicked grin creeps across her face. >She takes a step forward. >Anon laughs, and then clutches his chest. A: “Oof… Ow. Thanks Twilight. It’s good to hear your voice.” >Chrysalis winces. >A twinge of disgust and a pang of jealousy resound through her mind. >She stands tall, and huffs. >Anon starts to look back, but before he can turn his head a bright purple light shines out and turns to white. >Blinded, Chrysalis squints her eyes and raises a hoof to block her face. >Then the light disappears. >Along with Anon.
>>9485 C: “What?” >The changeling looks around, confused for a moment, then walks over to where Anon was just sitting. >She freezes. >Rage builds up inside her. >Twilight Sparkle. >She did this. >She teleported Anon away. >Why didn’t Chrysalis move sooner? >Why didn’t she stop it from happening? >She screams in frustration. >A pillar of green flame bursts forth around her, and from the flames a great black dragon steps forth. C: “No.” >The dragon’s wings unfurl, and it launches upwards into the air. C: “I will not be denied.” >The scales of Chrysalis’s dragonic form tremble and quiver. >Green flames spill from her maw. >She stares into the distance. >Ponyville. >Her anger grows as memories flood into her mind. >It had been a long time since she’d been freed from the statue alongside her former allies. >That was the last time she’d been in Ponyville. >She shudders as she remembers the feeling of her body turning to stone. >No. >She won’t let that happen again. >She has to be smart about this. >A wave of green shimmers across her body, and her form shifts again. >From a dragon she transforms into a blue pegasus. >She smiles to herself, then dashes off at incredible speed, little more than a blur in the sky. ~~~~~~~~~~
>>9236 Chapter 2 of the Ponk story is done, more coming soon. https://ponepaste.org/7332
>>9486 Cool stuff, I liked Chryssy's slight pang of jealousy towards the end. Would be neat to see a Chrysalis vs. Twilight thing develop. >>9488 This is adorable. I really dig wholesome yanderes like this. Hope she stays cute and loving.
(2.99 KB 125x101 1652298237960s.jpg)
>>9488 >>9486 awesome im going to be reading all of these including the rest of that Dot matrix green later. thank goodness for ponepaste.
>>9486 Happy to see /yan/ crossposted here, lurking this board is a lot more enjoyable. I eagerly lurk in wait of more chrissy green and i'm sure some of /bug/ will be too.
>>9508 /bug/ poster here. Can confirm.
What happened to everyone? There were plenty of anons who knew this thread was going to be a thing.
>>9598 Probably just waiting for stuff to happen.
>>9598 Same activity that we see in the normal threads, honestly. Few posters, lot of lurkers, and green being concocted behind the scenes.
Nice thread you got here, guys. Gotta remember to check here every day too
>>9655 That is a very nice Celestia
>>9486 That was a really nice update.
>>9693 That mare is really cute, and also extremely unhinged.
>>9693 psycho-mare a cute!
>>9693 I wonder what was in that burger.
>>9697 Cheese, lettuce, tomato, and the slightest hint of marecum.
>>9693 Based. I love these little shorts. >>9703 >The Special Sauce
I can't wait to see more of that Dot Matrix story and Chrysalis.
New thread's up on the home board.
>thread died again
(416.97 KB 560x407 1707576.gif)
Man, im really liking the chrissy story, I totally forgot about it until today. Please dont stop anon, u R doing great
>>10641 Seconding this. Please don't leave us faget, that was great writefagging.
I'll try making another thread in a few days, hopefully the writers will find it because I'd like to see more of the Dot and Chrysalis stories.