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(126.81 KB 446x612 1Year.jpg)
(109.13 KB 1178x179 The Post.jpg)
NHNB 1 Year Anniversary Anonymous 06/28/2022 (Tue) 20:53:15 No. 10953
It's hard to believe how quickly time has passed, but here we are. From the time of the first post >>1 until now, one year has passed. Happy anniversary, NHNB! I want to offer a big thank you to our based board owner, who stepped up and made this board at a very difficult time for /mlp/. I know that at least for me personally, if this place didn't exist I would have left the ride for good a long time ago. This is the only place left where the spirit of old /mlp/ still lives on to some extent. Either way, I hope that you're happy with how the site has fared in its first year. Let's have another good year!
>>10953 It's hard to believe just how fast time has past. It certainly doesn't feel like a whole year's gone by. >Let's have another good year! I fully support this notion. Here's to another good year Anon.
(238.78 KB 161x211 1620313713108.gif)
>>10953 Oh wow, I didn't even realize. Thanks the board owner for the comfy place to stay indeed!
(1.61 MB 1600x736 HappyBirthdayNHNB.png)
>>10954 >>10953 As a temporary /mlp/ refugee, I also support this. Here's to another (and hopefully more active) year on NHNB
(1.37 MB 520x293 2895635.gif)
Thank you to the board owner; to another good year of NHNB!
>>10953 Woohoo!
Thank you everyone who's posted here. I'm happy to see what you guys have done and I'm excited to see what will be. >>10953 >Let's have another good year! Absolutely.
I'm two (probably three) days late and have generally only lurked but yes another year of this or better would be amazing it also helps to have a bunker if jannies on /mlp/ go full utter terminal no-backsies retard and do something like allowing anthro or making it a red board (or trying to ban FiM from it)
(573.18 KB 720x720 Pinkie_Pie_animated_hug_1.gif)
Happy 1 year!
(126.23 KB 280x280 1621384614753.png)
Time to celebrate!
(498.89 KB 3973x3000 2794802.png)
happy belated!
(58.46 KB 250x250 2157604.png)
(116.06 KB 315x450 2Years.jpg)
(115.38 KB 550x450 439430.gif)
It's already that day again! Happy year #2! Let's make this next year the best one yet.
>>15379 WOOHOO! Happy bday NHNB!
>>15379 Yay!
(454.31 KB 1403x2093 2262949.jpg)
>>15379 Hapy birthday NHNB!
(509.80 KB 1280x720 1479571.webm)
(509.80 KB 1280x720 1479571.webm)
>>15379 2 yays I wonder how many nhnb anniversaries we'll be able to fit in a single thread.
>>15384 >I wonder how many nhnb anniversaries we'll be able to fit in a single thread. Ouch
(80.36 KB 345x425 1569931150698.jpg)
>>15379 Happy anniversary!
(32.92 KB 182x181 numget_birthday.png)
haby birday frens