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Draw thread Anonymous 08/11/2021 (Wed) 18:35:06 No. 1204
Color me, anon!
(1001.81 KB 2550x3300 002_Scan8_9_2021 11_56_09 AM.jpg)
>>1204 I bought a coloring book recently.
(237.30 KB 800x590 done.png)
>>1204 Alright.
(2.40 MB 2550x3300 001_Scan8_9_2021 11_52_09 AM.jpg)
>>1208 https://u.smutty.horse/mcndmvzjlgi.zip Here's the whole thing. Maybe we can color it together?
>>1204 Alright.
(1.48 MB 2550x3300 006_Scan8_9_2021 12_04_34 PM.jpg)
>>1211 Did this page. Now it's literally impossible for her to go the wrong way.
>>1216 >Now it's literally impossible for her to go the wrong way. Kek. Seems strangely fitting for Fluttershy.
(1.18 MB 1196x1548 Rarara.png)
>>1211 Tried to color Rarity in Gimp. Was a mistake for someone like me, who switched to Linux out of spite. The boutique proved to be too much of a challenge.
>>2144 I did the above Fluttershy page in GIMP. It has everything that is needed, but the interface is awful and keeps getting worse, so it's hard to find the right tools and settings.
>>2164 How did you clean the picture from the scanner artifacts?
>>2165 It has been a couple weeks. I may not remember exactly, but roughly speaking... I copy-pasted Fluttershy onto a new layer. Selected the whitespace with the magic wand select by colour tool and deleted it, there is an option for threshold which determines how precisely the colour needs to match. Then I coloured on the original layer with the brush.
>>2165 Also I looked up the exact colours online.
(2.41 MB 2550x3300 002_Scan8_9_2021 11_56_09 AM.jpg)
>>1208 Two of six colored so other anons can also help to complete the page instead of just one doing all the job
>>2144 try giving krita a go, its foss and a good contender to other art software
>>4927 Krita seems like it might be good, but I have issues with it using a tablet in mouse mode. It screws up the mapping and pressure sensitivity. Apparently it's been a known issue for a while now and has been in the "won't fix" category for many years now.
(1.41 MB 2550x3300 scan8.jpg)
>>11740 Based 9 months bump. Someone had a baby in that time.
(1.00 MB 2550x3300 scan8mylunch.jpg)
>>11745 These aren't Pinkie's colors.
>>11757 Does a four year old using a coloring book care about what the right colors are? Not that you have to consider that the 'canon' path of the thread if you don't want to but no one said you have to do the right colors.
>>11764 >Does a four year old But you aren't a four- >no one said you have to do the right colors Oh. Never mind. You have to be 18 or older to post here, btw.
>>11768 Ha ha, very funny. I made that example because this is a coloring book, but nice low effort bait. Would be sad if you actually false flagged me for that. I used strange colors because I figured it would be more interesting than copy pasting colors from a chart, which I could have done for all the mane 6 in the matter of a few seconds.
>>11769 >t. not baiting in the slightest ok
(1.79 MB 2550x3300 scan8mylunchable.png)
(3.04 MB 1624x2102 scan8whothefuckneedsm6.png)
>>11916 Twilight's mom, lol.
(765.03 KB 2550x3300 004_Scan8_9_2021 12_02_21 PM.jpg)
(799.48 KB 2546x3293 fluttershy.jpg)
(3.00 MB 2550x3300 004_Scan8.png)
>>12000 Right answer 2
>>12036 What are you talking about? It's obviously 3.
(799.69 KB 2550x3300 009_Scan8_9_2021 12_07_43 PM.jpg)
(3.53 MB 2550x3300 night_light.png)
>>12076 I did this with night light enabled on my computer so I can't see any blue wave lengths; I'll get to see how close I got in the morning. Anyone want to finish the image by coloring the condominium?
>>12122 kek it looks like something out of /bootleg/. I kind of like it.
>>12122 Huh, she looked more normal with night light on.
>>12122 she kinda looks like thorax
(214.58 KB 1200x1600 R.jpg)