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(286.66 KB 864x927 2542972.png)
Distractions needed Anonymous 08/12/2021 (Thu) 17:29:37 No. 1290
I need something to keep myself occupied while the majority of the shit blows over. Trailers ruin everything. Time to play Noita with the ponies mod and all of the Castlevania games a shot ( thanks >>1209 ). Maybe even straight up re-read comics and pictureless-comics. Got any more recommendations? More good pony = better, obviously.
(1.39 MB 1933x2329 1616696709557.png)
>Got any more recommendations I played some D'LIRIUM and it seemed fun enough. You can try it out. >Trailers ruin everything Hate that shit. But there is no sign of g5 on nhnb, so I guess it's safe here.
(2.89 MB 2100x2000 1608847095400.png)
>>1293 Its actually banned. So is MLP:Go and Barbie. This is a pure FIM board.
>>1295 I thought only barbie and anthro were not allowed. But it's great that g5 is banned too.
(681.17 KB 1280x720 lyra_puke.gif)
>>1293 I just tried watching the trailer. I couldn't even make halfway through it. Its trying way too hard to be Pixar/Disney on design, let alone the political minefield that is probably hiding under the surface.
>>1293 G5 looks awful but shitposters are pretending to like it and spamming the board just as predicted. Theres a significant lack of EQG's daily spam to coincide with the fact that its them.
(80.23 KB 642x799 Queen C.png)
>>1298 Oh for the love of my hunger, why did they let you out of that cave again? EGADS, they are multiplying
>>1301 What the fuck are you on about?
(124.72 KB 672x468 2292225.png)
>>1298 >>1300 I detested it myself. Soulless, ugly. Its going to be a long few months ahead. >>1290 Perhaps download and read some of the books? They are quite charming. The Princess ones are very good.
>>1290 If you like sewing there's an anon in the TEMPO thread who's made a plushie pattern for laying mares you can use, sewing kills a lot of time
>>1290 Play Stellaris with pony mods. Play Foe:Remains. Play Starbound with pony mods Read those IDW issues where Big Mac wanted to repair gazebo, they are actually good. I think it's 9, 10 and 11.
>>1307 I couldn't believe just how GOOD FOE:Remains was. It could have sold retail for $25-30 and made a mint.
>>1297 Check the /fim/ board rules
>>1307 There's also Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron IV. Not perfect, but it still far surpasses the base game.
>>1313 It's shit and full of griffins
>>1313 Isn't that being run by an unironic commie?
>>1314 But it can be rather fun to drop nukes on those gryphons. And the gameplay is generally better than vanilla. >>1315 Yes, but russian commies aren't so retarded. I'm more bothered by the fact he is an unironic furfag.
>>1290 >Castlevania and pony Maybe check out Ponyvania: Order of Equestria.
(525.50 KB 792x600 1612780440616.png)
>>1313 EaW is super fun. I have never even played hoi4 without this mod enabled. >>1315 I didn't notice anything special about commie nations in my campaigns. And the most fun nations to play are either supremacist or harmonic -Lunar/Solar Empire, Changelings, River Republic, Hellquill, Dread League, etc. So I guess some people manage to not let their politics affect their art (too much).
>>1290 Play Banned From Equestria Also this >>1308
>>1307 >Play Stellaris with pony mods. Are those in the workshop or elsewhere?
>>1318 >Ponyvania: Order of Equestria And here I was only aware of the other Ponyvania. Looks pretty neat.
>>1323 They're in the workshop. The primary mega mod is https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2499458187&searchtext=mlp Everything else is supplemental to improve the experience.
>>1326 Thank you! Now all I need to to is learn how to actually play Stellaris. >>1307 >Play Foe:Remains. based on what >>1308 said, I am curious. I know nothing about FoE. Would playing this blind be a good thing or nah?
>>1328 I don't think you need to know anything about FOE. FOE:Remains doesn't follow the original story. It borrows many of the characters and other elements from it, but they are all recontextualised.
>>1328 >How to play Stellaris Imagine Civ V in space in realtime, not turn based. >Remains Doesn't strictly follow the story. But I would recommend reading it anyway. I avoided it because of perceived >dykery, but it wasn't actually that prominent or central to the story. I found it quite compelling.
>>1329 >>1330 Can't see myself ever reading FoE or anything, I've always seen it as an abomination to both franchises, but the game looks fun, I'll try that. >Imagine Civ V in space in realtime, not turn based. Shouldn't be too hard then.
>>1330 >Imagine Civ V in space in realtime, not turn based. Don't worry too much about it being real time. You can perform actions while the game is paused.
(277.38 KB 952x1000 4426.png)
>>1302 Look at that picture, now back at mine. Then recall that Lyra was once a bridesmaid, from this point onwards I guess I should apologize for doing that setup/joke poorly. Then just before I could hit the button I saw another one pop up also going into 'The Trailer that shall not be acknowledged' As such "egads, the bad stuff is multiplying"
(498.03 KB 1794x1806 735798.png)
>>1349 AAARGH! Diz Game!!!
(3.00 MB 1168x896 1.png)
(3.00 MB 1168x896 2.png)
(3.00 MB 1168x896 3.png)
>>1290 Here's something different. Link to the Past Randomizer https://alttpr.com/en/start There is even a pony player sprite available as one of the many.
(2.27 MB 720x404 sulphur nimbus flying.webm)
(2.77 MB 960x600 sulphur nimbus jackal.webm)
Shit seems to have mostly blown over by now but you should still play Suplhur Nimbus with the RD mod installed. https://oddwarg.itch.io/sulphur-nimbus-hels-elixir https://mega.nz/folder/vt4GASjA#00LoxOCK9jSmOhnf8xbARg
>>1609 this sulphur nimbus is so good as a pony game that even without RD in it, it still ``feels`` like a pony game. I played it the first time without any mods and it scratched the pony itch; though looking at RD's cute butt the whole time is amazing.
(176.81 KB 1561x878 8397-1625989162-821483003.png)
I wonder if there is a pony mod for Stardew Valley. Oh, Ohno. Please. There has to be a better one hiding somewhere.
>>1686 AFAIK, there can't be one. It has something to do how character's hitboxes work for the scripts or some shit. A quadrupedal character would break the game.
>>1687 >making a game that doesn't work with quadrupedal characters What an absolute fag
(1.57 MB 400x257 906690.gif)
(181.28 KB 1500x1704 art4167.png)
(124.14 KB 1350x1823 art3996.png)
>>1686 That is just plain disgusting. >>1687 >>1689 So, Stardew Valley's programming is fundamentally shit. Got it. It's a shame, really. I feel that it is very close to what would be the ideal type of gameplay for an MLP game. And I'm attaching a couple cute vectors to cleanse our consciousness and remind us what Pinkie actually looks like.
>>1686 I get what they are going for but that is so wrong.
>>1690 >art4167.png Ponk is so precious!
(2.96 MB 597x336 310043.gif)
>>1705 Ohh, I could hug you for finding that.
(30.32 KB 246x215 megapony select screen.jpg)
>>1609 >>1666 Just tried this. It's a really cool game. Thanks for posting the links. >looking at RD's cute butt the whole time is amazing This.
>>4712 It is pretty neat. I was a bit concerned about how the rd nodel would look, but it looks better in motion than in stills I think.
why do you use diaper fetish art cropped as a reaction image
(110.24 KB 277x288 1436367897505.png)
>>8605 Why do you bring up such off-topic crap? Can't you bump like a normal person?
>>8605 Nothing wrong with cute diapers.
>>1290 This again, I can't post on /mlp/ due to an ip range ban but even if I could, the board is being shitted up by G% posters due to Make Your Mark and we've got to wait for it to blow over again.
>>10073 Yeah, /mlp/ has been especially shitty lately. I've been seeing several anons post in the past few days that they're getting close to just walking away from the board, either for awhile or for good. Can't say I blame them. If it wasn't for a few threads that I still care about, I would only be checking in there maybe once a month at most.
>>10077 Has it ever occurred to you that the shitfuckers want us to do exactly that? To give up on board. It's not just spam, it's an attempt at hostile takeover with a total moderation approval to boot.
>>10079 Can't really do shit when I've been effectively forced to give up posting on /mlp/ for at least a year because the chucklefucks in charge of moderation at 4chan banned an entire cell tower in an attempt to ban one person, which is basically shooting a guy using others as meatshields
>>10090 Get a proxy. You shouldn't be raw dogging the internet anyway. Although, it will be difficult to find a proxy that hasn't been banned for CP on 4chan already. You may have to make one. Using airport IP addresses works well.
>>10173 It's exactly as you said: most proxies have been banned already. I could get a 4chan pass but I don't really want to give them my hard earned shekels
>>10180 I can't imagine going to a honeypot like nu4chan without a proxy. Fuck dat shit.
>>10180 If you have minimum linux knowledge, cheap vps + wireguard.
>>10182 Contrary to popular belief, your fellow anons usually aren't actively attempting to track you down or steal your personal information unless you give them a reason to
>>10188 But who was talking about anons?
>>10185 Yeah, it's better than nothing, even if Wireguard and OpenVPN are an open book to the 14 Eyes. At least you will be able to dodge most of the corporate spy shit that Newmoot has flooded the site with. If you have bux, >>10090, get a VPN router with L2TP/IPSec. But holy shit are those things expensive.
>>1290 This is cropped diaper porn
>>1290 My waifu's thread sucks now filled with g5fags and there's also an annoying g5 flaggot that keeps posting in there too. I think I may have to abandon ship.
>>10582 That's very sad to hear Anon. Who is your waifu out of curiosity?
>>10583 Dash
(267.80 KB 1043x783 1435394097591.png)
(157.96 KB 1280x1070 1615723506351.png)
>>10585 That's unfortunate Anon, your waifu not complete trash. You can always post here for a bit, or even on the /clop/ board. Few images I liked