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(239.01 KB 1279x853 1591134625986.jpg)
(548.22 KB 2500x1663 1586205358389.jpg)
Mods are asleep. Anonymous 07/04/2021 (Sun) 05:48:58 No. 147
Post irl horses.
(83.96 KB 600x400 hugs.jpg)
>>147 >post irl horses >posts humans At least post something nice then.
(453.90 KB 2000x1333 1584621275440.jpg)
(166.78 KB 1000x604 1584577963728.jpg)
need to expand my 'horses sitting like dogs' folder
>tfw you will never be as cozy as the horse in this photo
(74.01 KB 551x551 horse_horse_horse.jpg)
(207.16 KB 1000x667 1584735420995.jpg)
(30.36 KB 394x700 1590254027680.jpg)
>>173 >Glimmer Can you rather not?
(2.99 MB 960x1200 1593168374681.webm)
>>176 Glimmer website
>>184 That's a hot horse.
(106.87 KB 881x914 glimshit.jpg)
What's your favorite breed, guys? Mine is Ukrainian Riding Horse.
(101.85 KB 1200x675 Pretty horse.jpg)
(125.25 KB 715x882 2078470.gif)
>>345 Shire horses. They're big and pretty and have big fluffy fetlocks
>>345 Don't actually know that many horse breed names. I wonder what breed is >>191. Looks like a cute horse.
>>347 Shire horses are pretty pretty pretty, I wanna hug one
(154.25 KB 1280x851 1625613704425.jpg)
(193.87 KB 1024x768 1617937745453.jpg)
I really want to get a wide-angle lense and take pictures of horse snoots
(650.83 KB 210x374 1621077598951.webm)
(1.17 MB 854x480 1551719839082.webm)
>>363 Thicc
(1.19 MB 462x424 1621080270002.gif)
(2.41 MB 426x240 horse ear.webm)
Let's tell horse related jokes. I'll start with a Russian one: >A man comes to sexologist. "Comrade doctor, I think I love horses" >"Well, horses are beautiful, majestic creatures. Many people love them. What seems to be the problem? "I mean, I attracted to them sexually." >"Now that's interesting, comrade! Please, describe your- >Oh, by the way, who do you attracted to the most -- mares or stallions?" "Mares of course! AM I LOOKING LIKE A FUCKING FAGGOT TO YOU?!!!!11"
(80.84 KB 212x250 1620417641189.png)
>>397 Good one! Have another: >Cowboy trots near a saloon and sees a VERY BEAUTIFUL girl outside. >He thinks: I'm gonna trim my mare's tail and mane and when I'm gonna ride near a saloon next time the girl's out she's gonna ask why my mare have a trimmed mane and tail and I'm gonna say "For you to notice. We should bang, by the way!" >He does so. But girl doesn't pay attention. >He thinks then: I'm gonna draw wings on top of my mare's coat and when I'm gonna ride near a saloon next time the girl's out she's gonna ask why my mare have a painted wings and I'm gonna say "For you to notice. We should bang, by the way!" >He does so. But girl doesn't pay attention. >He thinks then: I'm gonna paint my mare's coat with cerulean colour and her mane with rainbow colours and when I'm gonna ride near a saloon next time the girl's out she's gonna ask why my mare is 20% more colourful and I'm gonna say "For you to notice. We should bang, by the way!" >He does so. And the girl this time says to him: >"Maybe we should bang?" Fuck you! Look how beautiful my mare is!!!
(131.61 KB 800x600 full titters.jpg)
I was reminded of this aptly named image so here ya go.
>>413 post webm
I managed to make OP for horse general on /an/ with a pic of my favorite breed. Feels good.
(1.03 MB 266x232 1565808424339.gif)
>>822 Nice.
(2.50 MB 960x960 1627438148347.webm)
(355.86 KB 425x334 1627437121675.png)
>>853 >Step bro? Why are you unzipping your pants?
>>833 Horstitution
(2.10 MB 460x820 ladder_lad.webm)
>>147 The man on the vid is a fucking idiot
(126.30 KB 1501x1000 horsewife.jpg)
Horseanons, what was your best and most memorable experience with a horse? pic unrelated
(162.85 KB 885x498 Horse break.jpg)
>>147 Sleep? Sounds good.
(244.64 KB 462x447 1613339980706.png)
I kissed the snoot today. And combed the tail. And the mane. Feels good.
(109.42 KB 1160x435 1628547687138.jpg)
>>1921 Is that a singular horse in the group on the other side of the front zebra?
>>1922 Yeah, it's the token minority.
(724.59 KB 2592x1936 jerry-oats-seed.jpg)
I managed to make new OP for horse general three times in a row. Feels very good.
(86.01 KB 640x640 1630355211675.jpg)
(2.68 MB 1280x720 1630678739002.webm)
(2.51 MB 608x1080 1630678816471.webm)
(1.07 MB 972x544 enviousmare.webm)
(1.87 MB 548x1936 1613371456897.png)
>>2876 Mares in heat are scary
Guys, have you ever thought what an estral mare's urine tastes like? Poll: https://strawpoll.com/6k7wpfpxo
(137.94 KB 720x960 Horse Butt.jpg)
(537.23 KB 629x750 art9598.png)
Our ancestor
>>3500 Horny little colt.
>>3502 Button Mash irl
(408.42 KB 922x690 1615876606706.png)
(1.22 MB 580x860 chillhoers.webm)
(2.23 MB 480x480 1580507644264.webm)
>>4745 Smart horse.
Original content
>>4833 So how'd you two meet?
>>4834 I ride at weekends. And I always take time to threat a lady with a pasture and through grooming.
>>4835 >threat fucking autocorrect
>>4835 Very nice. She seems quite pleased with the meal provided to her.
(1.05 MB 1836x2448 art2719.jpg)
(78.25 KB 1231x621 image.png)
>>2903 I would like a storytime from those two.
(1.57 MB 904x690 thefuckareudoing.webm)
(2.54 MB 460x692 TinyHorse.webm)
(295.29 KB 843x804 HIGH IMPACT.png)
An anon in Mr. /mlp/ thread made a tribute for The First One
(31.84 KB 400x366 budenny_kon.jpg)
(893.05 KB 1018x707 1615163840586.png)
(119.12 KB 960x640 o-o.jpeg)
(1.34 MB 2896x1944 1643179106765.jpg)
Saw this one the other day. Such a tiny horse.
(2.80 MB 798x454 1642574042641.webm)
>>6957 That aren't happy ears. At all.
(560.33 KB 1119x885 image.png)
(2.78 MB 868x658 MUSCLEMARE.webm)
(50.93 KB 400x266 1644458159348.jpg)
>>7223 >Peacefully_Farting_and_Snoring.jpg
(2.06 MB 772x434 honrymares (2).webm)
(33.53 KB 453x576 horse book.jpg)
>>7714 That is a cool horse.
Horse thread on /an/ is being raided
>>7755 I missed it, what happened
(119.12 KB 960x640 o-o.jpeg)
(138.04 KB 982x505 cher-neigh-byl-430818.jpg)
(76.27 KB 960x749 Hair mare.jpg)
The retard raiding horsegen has an oddly familiar style.
>>8250 >Man and Mare
(66.58 KB 475x369 ponypaint.jpg)
(225.79 KB 1068x801 5179167.jpg)
(55.98 KB 800x533 1363686809_p1cg_niocl8.jpg)
(19.86 KB 400x283 flicka.jpg)
I love horses best of anybody else
What's your favorite breed. guys?
(209.65 KB 1200x1120 fries3.jpg)
>>10532 Freisian (pic related) for most beautiful in my opinion. But, favorite horse to ride, so far, is Saddlebred.
(2.45 MB 2100x1528 Vannerroll.jpg)
Hair you go.
(834.63 KB 1250x718 1539981989993.webm)
(380.20 KB 560x569 274782.png)
(82.30 KB 933x510 cher-neigh-byl-430816.jpg)
(1.19 MB 618x726 fake horse.webm)
(69.31 KB 533x800 wedding horse.jpg)
>>11819 They have exactly the type of radical mane I would expect a radioactive horse to have. >>11953 Like an undercover horse fbi.
(184.75 KB 1280x720 Luna (forgive me Princess).jpg)
(133.46 KB 950x657 waifu.jpg)
(225.79 KB 1068x801 5179167.jpg)
(724.59 KB 2592x1936 jerry-oats-seed (1).jpg)
Do you like oats, anons?
(54.19 KB 960x639 hay.jpg)
>>12502 I am a rolled oat enjoyer
(77.53 KB 267x239 image.png)
Anyone has a working Mister Ed torrent?
Does anybody know any good horse-centric movies?
(183.63 KB 800x533 822381.jpg)
>>147 reminder that bitfags get the rope.
Just saw a real life horse sunday You never told me thems was big as fuck
>>12692 Ever seen a single movie with horses? Ever noticed how they are compared to the man on their back?
>>12692 Being from the West, the notion that anyone could go through life without ever seeing a horse is strange.
(2.74 MB 686x580 here.webm)
(1.28 MB 576x1082 1666287234025478.webm)
(993.35 KB 472x848 SnowPone.webm)
>>147 I'm back. I made this thread long ago, and actually forgot this site existed until someone mentioned it elsewhere.
>>13395 Welcome back!
(142.73 KB 750x991 1665361367284811.jpg)
>>13397 Thanks! I deleted this reply once already, because I called you out for posting a duplicate image, when attached to my relpy was also a duplicate image. I see this site lacks the dupe checking feature of 4channel.
/mlp/ nigger jannies removed zoolee's bait from the horse thread and left it alone, which led to nice horse posting and interesting discussions A day later they decided that was too good and pruned the thread No words can describe how much I hate those subhumans
reposting I know a guy with a mare. The mare literally chases away other mares from him if he does something on the meadow. Also hates women and gets pissy if one of them talks to her guy. One time he had to feed a neighbour's mare when her owner was in hospital. He had to keep extremely quiet and not to say anything. Unfortunately, during one of the feedings he stumbled on a cat and swore. When he returned to his own barn, which is adjasent, his mare bit him by the shoulder.
>>13617 I saw that in the other thread, pretty funny.
(761.26 KB 570x751 festive.png)
Happy Holidays!
(2.87 MB 720x480 buddy.webm)
I love to brush mane and tail
(312.70 KB 578x597 Fohr Free.png)
wish this place were more active the thirdie janitors and mods over at /mlp/ only do their jobs when you call one of those burritobending crossdressers a faggot or call eqgspam what it is.
(1.27 MB 900x719 image.png)
>>13969 >wish this place were more active me too, anon
(751.29 KB 533x800 image.png)
(966.59 KB 736x588 image.png)
>>13969 >>13971 i like it here just not sure what to talk about honestly
(334.42 KB 597x1024 irl sunbutt.jpg)
anon from /mlp/ here ate a ban because the mods are letting the eqgflutterflaggot determine what's "trolling" and what isn't, again
>>14099 That site is so shit nowadays. The only reason I keep going back is because I love ponies.
>>14099 Welcome to nhnb then. Unfortunate the situation that brought you here, but hopefully you enjoy your stay nonetheless. Also, nice hoers.
>>14099 Hi anon!
>>14104 Now I need a real horse doing the Hi Anon! face.
(450.89 KB 1024x682 image.png)
>>14110 >Hi Anon! >You feeling alright? Pretty good Anon.
(1.76 MB 1547x1069 image22.png)
>>13971 Nice photo. I tried to paint it.
>>14579 sovl
(2.06 MB 1920x1080 image28.png)
>>14579 >>14580 oh fuck, i'm sorry, that was an atrocious photo
>>14582 Better color saturation and detail on that one. Did you use oil or acrylic paint?
>>14584 it's 1.5 dollar gouache
(518.98 KB 736x477 image.png)
(2.00 MB 1920x1080 bump.png)
>>14691 Charming
>>14691 Did (you) make this?
>>14723 Very cool.
>>14620 This is probably the Fabio of horses. It's either that, or the Inigo Montoya of horses. I can't really decide which.
Anyanon here rides?
>>14776 I've been learning to ride. Up to a canter. I want to be able to gallop a horse around though. Hard to train consistently when you live in a gigantic soulless city.
>>14779 Do you take care of the horse that is assigned to you?
>>14795 I don't take care of it in a day-to-day sort of way. When I go for a lesson I brush it down (which is remarkably soothing, by the way), inspect for injuries, look for signs of illness, etc. Then, I tack up the horse (put on the saddle, bridle, etc.). After riding you gotta take off all the equipment and brush it down again. I want to start volunteering at a horse rescue farm to start learning more how to take care of them in a more complete way.
>>14828 Do you ride a mare or a gelding? Besides brushing, hoofpicking, taking/untacking I also love to take horse to the pasture after a session. While she's grazing I walk along and chase off insects, so they don't pester her.
>>14829 Do you lunge her when you're in the pasture? It's fun to canter with them on the ground.
>>14829 Sounds nice, Anon. Sounds like you're much further along than I am in that case. I'm still just learning. I ride mares and geldings, just depends on the day. Surprising the difference in personality between the two. Mares seem to be a bit more complicated in their personality. I feel like it takes a little longer for them to accept you as the rider. Is that your experience, or maybe different?
>>14832 It's a well known thing that mares are temperamental and complicated. Some people don't ride them because of that. It's because mares have their hormones and geldings don't. Stallions have different hormones so they are difficult in other ways than mares.
(3.30 MB 4000x3000 20230511_093555.jpg)
>>14831 Nah. Pasture is a work-free environment. She should have her private time. >>14832 >Is that your experience, or maybe different? Yea, mares are their own class completely. I love them so fucking much, it's not even a meme. It's always an intellectual sparring match with them, as well as physical sometimes. With geldings, not so much intellectual, although there are some bright souls here and there. But I've never met a stupid mare yet. You need to show a mare not only that you can be assertive, but also that you can be a good partner. That's why I always spend as much time as I can with the horse.
>>14833 >>14837 Yeah, I've heard similar things about mares, stallions, and geldings. I'd like to get good at riding all three (heard that I should wait to try riding stallions until I have much more experience though). Taking lessons is fine and all, but frequently riding different horses makes it difficult to connect with them. Maybe it's a good idea to just get good enough and then rent a horse to practice so that it could be the same horse every time?
>>14865 Definitely worth renting one; the bond with the animal is actually more important than riding skill. Even a mediocre rider can ride a hot blooded horse if there is that connection.
>>14865 >I'd like to get good at riding all three What's your goal? Recreational riding or sports?
>>14871 Sports. Wanna do this (horseback archery): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gumuNn2PAQo. I've got a long way to go, and maybe I'll never achieve it, but I wanna try in any case. >>14869 Thanks for the advice! I'll look into renting. I think a few more lessons before I'm comfortable being on my own though.
>>14876 A subjective advice, but still: always regard your horse before yourself. Always pay attention to horse and think about horse more than yourself.
(2.04 MB 1920x1080 wip10.png)
>>14971 Funny horse! Nice posture but legs are a little thin.
>>14975 That's actually my attempt at >>345
>>14977 Ooh I see. I like the shading too. That velvet shine effect on horses coats is nice.
(122.23 KB 1000x750 reckless.jpg)
>>15043 Single-hoofedly won the war.
(589.51 KB 602x514 archery.png)
Imagine this music, from the Russian province of Tuva (where there is a strong historical culture of horsemanship), playing while you ride your favorite pony in battle and take out the enemies of Equestria with a bow and arrows. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8sF9kom648
(3.05 MB 1600x1125 Reckless.png)
(1.41 MB 1363x1092 image.png)
Reckless, from photo
>>15612 Does Reckless have any medals?
>>15617 She actually does. She has: >Dickin Medal >Purple Heart (2) >Navy Presidential Unit Citation (2) >Navy Unit Commendation >Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal >National Defense Service Medal >Korean Service Medal (4) >United Nations Korea Medal >Animals in War & Peace Medal of Bravery
>>15625 Wow, quite well decorated! Read that she got to freely roam the camp and pretty much did her duties without direction. Imagine it's a cold night and she comes into your tent for warmth; that's so sweet.
(74.94 KB 1000x666 IMG_20230407_214629_115.jpg)
(512.38 KB 620x785 image.png)
(3.55 MB 1199x1597 Recklessfield.png)
>>16021 another shitty attempt
>>16153 The supply mare
(692.56 KB 625x630 atreyu.png)
Atreyu and Artex
>>16362 dont remind
(3.63 MB 1292x1400 urbportrait.png)
(97.33 KB 300x290 urbface.jpg)
An attempt has been made.
>>16418 That one's pretty good; shading conveys the geometry well. I like the mane.
>>16398 But Artex came back at the end; better than ever even. Imagine riding Artex through the Crystal mountains, guided by the Orin. Imagine hunting the purple buffalo using bow and arrow, from atop Artex's back.
(187.92 KB 1200x787 IMG_20230407_214706_993.jpg)
(3.39 MB 1200x1514 008.png)
>>16788 pretty
Horses are sexy
(74.50 KB 610x960 natural beauty.jpg)
>"Anon! It's a pity your waifu isn't real. >"But I am! I too love my mane brushed and you can do that with your very hands! I too love hugs, and you can hug me! >"I love boops, I enjoy a warm clear day, I can be happy or sad. >"Do not let your love and tenderness of your heart go to waste. Equines are real!" >"Please, volunteer at your nearest horse rescue or spare some coin to a true and verified horse charity!"
(195.39 KB 800x800 1670810600454681.jpg)
(2.93 MB 450x800 1655159735831.webm)
>>13395 I have returned again. I swear I made this post like last month. Wtf. >>13969 agreed >>14099 it grown worse even since this post. I feel like there are some trolls pretending to be doomfags as well. The stealth furry/scalie threads are awful.
(1.99 MB 325x222 1592595180832.gif)
>>16892 >Anon gets a mail-order bride
>>157 >"Looks like a load a' hogwash to me..." >"..." >"What's her name?"
(812.81 KB 630x484 1670480766110327.png)
(28.35 KB 400x600 1699615838494357.jpg)
pretty mare
(50.29 KB 450x600 1688352620364032.jpg)
>>16998 Caught trying to sneak into Canterlot Palace.
>>16996 Do you actually know?
>>17013 I wish!
>>17015 How do you know it's not a gelding?
(2.04 MB 1080x1920 pretty.png)
>>16996 pretty mare
(348.41 KB 1200x1600 IMG_20240117_231451_775.jpg)
(352.20 KB 1600x1200 IMG_20240117_231516_745.jpg)
I took requests in /horsegen/
>>17162 That's a pretty sweet hat.
>>17162 Nice! Now give her a fancy top hat.
I love horses. Do you love horses?
>>17190 They're pretty cool.
(3.19 MB 1525x1137 015.png)
>>17202 Looks like they're having a fun time at the beach.
(3.21 MB 1280x1574 Bellis.png)
>>17209 I like her mane.
(3.23 MB 450x800 [CfismmpibfQ].webm)
>>17162 your posts in /an/ are a treasure
>>17232 Did that horse get stuck rolling over?
>>17236 yes. fairly common for them to get stuck somewhere when there isnt enough space to roll.
(1.73 MB 1080x1617 amarewithacap.png)
A request from /horsegen/ I knocked over a bottle of paint like a fucking idiot when taking the photo, so had to include the area with name
this webm has audio >>17253 hilarious, still kino
you're going to want to hear the audio on this
(1.53 MB 1600x1178 018.jpg)
I painted one of the Fallen Oak horses
>>17315 Came out great Anon. Do we know a name?
>>17320 Her name is Sierra
(1.85 MB 450x800 🤯.webm)
webm with audio, very loud angry snorts
>>17419 What is this contraption she's trapped in?
>>17419 Hate the threadmills. The groundwork should be done in person
(922.02 KB 450x800 [jffYKbk5y8A].webm)
>>17420 horse generator, converts horse power into electric watts
>>17419 why u mad bro?
>>17446 she is trapped in the belly of the machine, and the machine is bleeding to death
(1.51 MB 800x450 [MAdFxEQ4UFU] 2.webm)
>>17453 Look's like the horse is having some fun.
what a childhood
(3.39 MB 1086x1526 026.png)
(3.31 MB 1510x1097 036.png)
The board is back. Nice!
>>17568 >New art A-mare-zing
(1.88 MB 1042x2312 horse.jpg)
(1.78 MB 1156x1964 caballero.jpg)
(3.57 MB 800x450 sleepy filly.webm)
>>17568 repostan the sleepy filly that got lost in the restore
>>17764 This horse needs some Mexican Mariachi theme music.
>>17670 This horse has reached the highest state of zen. >>17765 Super cute.
(1.82 MB 1603x1080 pony3.png)