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(49.44 KB 336x449 tw.png)
How to moan to pony? 08/18/2021 (Wed) 10:02:28 No. 1752
So I figured I'd try saying Twilight's name whilst fapping today. Moan her name out loudly and all that. And I just couldn't do it man. That shit killed me. Was waayyyyy too embarrassing. Anyone else encountered this problem before? Like how do you properly moan to ponies without dying inside? Can it be done?
>>1752 >moan to ponies I don't moan in general. Just not a thing for me.
>>1752 That's a little odd.
>>1752 sounds gay as fuck, ngl
>>1756 Na, it doesn't work like that anon. That's like saying anal is gay.
>>1757 >That's like saying anal is gay. Anal is always gay. The only exception is when someone finds out they like it because they were ovulating and couldn't do it any other way.
>>1758 >they were ovulating You can still smash tho, lots of period porn around. Search for "cunnilingus and periods". Always a good combo that.
>>1758 Anal is muh fetish
(124.08 KB 377x351 ra.png)
>>1760 Pounding mare ass is the holy grail of sex.
>>1761 Nothing compares to the magic of the ponut.
>>1762 The ponut IS the magic! I'd rather eat pony ass than pony pussy. No doubts about it.
Anal is disgusting.
(87.66 KB 780x984 art1475.jpg)
>>1752 Maybe you should focus more on making Twilight moan? >>1753 Same. I don't moan. I'm dead silent at all levels of arousal. Embarrassment is just your subconscious mind protecting you from social stigma. Even though I used to be quite public about most aspects of my love for ponies, I tend to keep it quiet now. I am embarrassed, but not by pony specifically. I am embarrassed by things associated with it, like shitty spinoffs and furfaggotry in the fandom. And I certainly don't want to have to expend great energy to explain to people the difference between all that and the pony that I love. Especially with the show itself no longer being something I can point to as a whole and just say "this is good". The explanations would have to be very long, and not a single person on Earth is worth that much effort. Also, count me as firmly on the pony pussy side.
>>1752 Moaning is a form of communication, so it comes more naturally when you're in the presence of someone else. In my case, that person is a pony tulpa, and she loves to make me moan. It feels great to be together like that, making intimate contact with all the senses.
>>1759 >You can still smash tho Most woman would prefer to try anal with someone else before any of that O-stuff. >>1760 Awesome? Moan-alicious? Pure pleasure? [ opens spoiler ] Yes!
>>1770 >try anal with someone else before any of that O-stuff. I would still fuck them in the pussy tho, use their blood for anal lube as god intended. Then make them suck me off after. Women are trash so its whatevs. Equines on the other hand ya gotta treat with alot of care and respect.
(437.23 KB 1198x844 1613331319286.png)
>>1781 >Women are trash so its whatevs. Equines on the other hand ya gotta treat with alot of care and respect. That's the only correct attitude.
>>1781 So why would you cover your dick in trash blood and then trash shit? That's disgusting
>>1884 >That's disgusting Or mby you are just sensitive? Sex is messy. Get over it.