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(921.33 KB 1280x910 1606198347984.png)
Marecon planning thread 08/18/2021 (Wed) 19:39:54 No. 1775
Hello, I wanted to continue planning for marecon but the thread got bumped off the board. Please see here for details: https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/37236171/ The theme of the con is synthwave and I'm currently making a playlist on Youtube of retro vaporwave tracks (preferably MLP related)
I accidentally put the subject in as name, I'm not the organizer of the con, just a panelist
>>1775 Make sure to read the global rules first. Nothing related to EQG or G5 is welcome here, keep that in mind.
I read them and /mlp/ doesn't like that stuff either. G5, in particular, looks really underwhelming...
>>1778 What's your panel about, anon?
>>1778 You've got mods here that actively hate the usurpers and aren't tolerant of bullshit troll artists trying to force division. Pure FIM baby.
Well, I have two ideas for panels or maybe I can make an animated glitch intro using some programs. One was making a video and the other was drawing mares and ponies to vaporwave, taking requests from the board. If anyone has a request, drop it off in this thread and I'll see what I can do.
>>1783 Drawing panels are usually pretty comfy. Just be sure to keep an eye on the chat.
Marecon is still on for mid January, yeah? Been a while since I heard of the con in general, was about to ask in Tempo on /mlp/.
>>5546 I think that was the agreed upon time. Haven't heard anything about it for a while now.
>>5547 Hopefully it'll be talked about soon, because if so there's like 2 months left and that's cutting it pretty tight as far as con planning goes.
>>5554 Someone should probably make a thread soon then. I can't remember if the previous OP said he would make it a certain time out or what.
>>5557 OP or some of the thread goers also said they'd lurk in Tempo in the off times so posting on there might also have some merit.
>>5571 Did this a couple days ago, no luck. Please don't be cancelled. I want a whole con full of cute mares.
I'm scared bros. Less than a month to the con and it's been another 10 days since his last post in tempo, with questions completely ignored on the board itself and still no dedicated thread up, nor any posts in this thread either. Less than a month till the con as well. I hate to be a doomposter but it's not looking good. Maybe we can organize something with the rewatch Anons if shit hits the fan?
>>5954 I was sceptic about the organizer since him forcefuly hijacking Roguecon's rebranding and then giving a cold shoulder to Rogueanon when he offered to work together. >I hate to be a doomposter but it's not looking good. It will be either an epic "lmao losers you really wanted to do something? hahahaha suck off!" trolling or a simple incompetence and another example of discord ruining everything.
>>5959 I'd put money on the latter.
>>5959 The /mare/con organizer is from the same offboarder group that organized /mlp/con. Some instances of him being called by his server name offhandedly, and one person being mildly miffed at how shit he is at organizing after he had to remind him to do something. So uh.
>>5989 I believe it. I heard it from some other Anon too. Is there a chance we could do something ourselves in a cytube, even if it's small?
>>5989 Things aren't looking good. Have there been any sightings of the guy outside of that one TEMPO post recently?
>>5994 No. I searched on desuarchive to make sure too.
>>5999 And in general now. Because OP hasn't been responding to any questions, it seems like other people haven't been talking about in these last couple days either. That one conversation about it in Tempo a good couple days back is pretty much it, if you even want to count it as such since it's just talking about the drama with Roguecon again and not towards actual panel planning or anything like that.
>>6105 >Spec falseflagging to make his shitty """"Mare""""con look respectable lmao
https://boards.4channel.org/mlp/thread/37989674 New thread's up and it looks like a rando Anon is doing everything OP should have done months ago, but in a single day. Looks like marecon's back on the menu, boys. Hopefully he can keep the momentum up.
>>6197 Can panelists still whip something together if the organizer will prove to be an incompetent retard?
>>6198 https://boards.4channel.org/mlp/thread/37989674#p38001658 The Anon making the Cytube here is asking for the panelists to email him because he's getting a schedule together soon too. If something happens we can just use that and carry on. I'd shoot him an email whether or not you think the con will still happen. He's done a lot so far and if keeps going I think things will work out. Even if it's just 3-4 panelists on a schedule, I bet it'll still be fun if it has the usual rewatch stream goers. Maybe we can just fill in with fun pony videos Tempo has made over the year, or play PPP song audio if there isn't enough. Maybe we should get a backup lust of things to play together to help him out if the panelists die.
>>6199 just not be surprised when some discord shitters will suddenly show up bragging about what a splendid con they have organized, usurping all the anons' effort.
>>6200 That is a guarantee.
>>6200 I wouldn't be surprised if the original OP was a bunch of Discord troons, seeing as how he's incompetent and has gotten fuck all done,. He hasn't asked for help and started the threads during the peak of the holiday 2 weeks before the con. He's been dead on the board for months and never provided any way of contacting him through email. Even a throw away one in the forms would have worked. Cytube Anon hasn't been around 15 hours and he's already gotten a good amount of legwork done. I just checked the marecon cytube and sure enough, it seems pretty well setup and does have imported emotes. The fact that it looks like the imported emotes are from the /mlp/con cytube does worry me but here's hoping he fixes it. If all works out and he turns out to be a discord nigger too, I'll thank him and then tell him to fuck off.
Interestingly enough, it look's like "Rogue Con Presidente" has resurfaced in the /Mare/con thread. Apparently he was in Aussie jail for a while.
(1.32 MB 1379x1379 1439715085432.jpeg)
>>6473 Was probably outside without a mask.
>>6489 Rhorse's panel was a treasure. I hope someone recorded everything and chat
>>6512 I got it, the whole con's recording will be available here: https://pony.tube/videos/watch/playlist/e7943113-d525-46c6-8e5f-0faff2eacb34 Unfortunately there won't be a recording of the second stream as I did not know there was going to be a second stream and so did not set up another computer to record.
>>6513 Thanks anon!
(316.93 KB 1149x719 image.png)
>>6513 um, what does it mean? Is it still uploading?
>>6515 It was just uploaded, it takes a little bit of time for PonyTube to process and transcode the video.
>>6515 If you really don't want to wait it looks like you can still direct download the video even though it's still processing.
Rhorse's panel was the best panel in history of any con ever!
>>6519 It was definitely fun and interesting to see how things could be tailored to equines. We got some cute art out of the slides and the horse pussy was a bonus.
>/mare/con is over Well that was a lot of fun. Things came together in the end, hope to see it again in 2023.
>>6549 Yeah, with a new OP this time.
>>6550 Somebody will definitely need to be a better OP next time around, whether it's him or someone else.
>>6519 rhorse is a retard who thinks worldbuilding is just horse biology facts. it had nothing to do with MLP
>>6596 Where did she say that exactly? All she's said is that she has compiled a list of horse related facts that people can use to include in their story if they want.
>>6597 There are assholes jealous of any kind of hard work and success.
>>6597 The panel was literally called worldbuilding and went on and on about her autism on how anything that aligns with her views was "horse worldbuilding" and how everything should be more like IRL horse to suit her autism. >Remember that one time Twilight had hotsauce and freaked out?!" >Well lol thats related to how horses cant handle hot stuff!" A complete retard that went on for 3 hours about IRL horse-shit trying to force it onto cartoon Pone when the rest of the world knows that drinking hotsauce accidentally is a classic gag in any cartoon
>>6596 ??? The panel was horsey facts and worldbuilding. Horsey facts was one part of it, and she got into the worldbuilding in the other part. She talked about how the FIM world was designed around ponies, and how to build your own world around the needs of equines.
(35.38 KB 400x400 Derpibooru.jpg)
>>6625 >It's not the one who says /AiE/ was ruined because they didn't swallow irlhorse shit pozzing up ponies >No no, it's clearly the one who points out all of the autism
>>6633 >irlhorse shit pozzing up ponies >irlhorse >pozzing https://www.101knots.com/hangmans-knot-noose.html here is your (you)
With /mare/con over and /mlp/con on the way up, any thoughts you guys have on it? Is Twifag still running it or did he hand it over to the person who offered? Do you think things will get better or worse than previous years?
>>6636 The things will get better only when fucktards will understand that voice chat isn't an fucking absolute must to plan things.
>>6649 /mare/con is actually a good example of this I think. Not only were things done on the board, but they were done in the absolute last possible moment. So actually doing the planning ahead of time should be absolutely doable.
>>6673 No thanks to OP though. A couple of anons took the reins and kitbashed the con together while marecon OP was being even bigger faggot than OPs usually are.
>>6634 Horsepussy is where the line is drawn, if you wan't IRL horse corrupting the ponies then you're a zoophile.
(4.21 KB 546x546 692196.jpeg)
>>6704 >Doesn't like horsepussy Why are you here
(112.96 KB 2550x3144 1518624611793.png)
>>6710 Horses are sexy.
>>6709 You can't read at all. Horsepussy doesnt reduce their sapience to animal zoofaggotry
Unfortunately it looks like /mlp/con will be forcibly including both EQG and G5 according to the new thread.
(777.50 KB 1570x4012 1540616573073.jpg)
>>6832 /mlp/ is pozzed to hell and has been for a long time.
>>6833 I'm just pissed off at the con situation in general. They have the audacity to say "We're keeping it FiM" while not even a full post later talking how they intend to have entire sections of the con dedicated to non-FiM stuff. It's bullshit is what it is.
>>6834 How long until people complaining about it not being FiM only are banned?