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Edgehorse thread? Anonymous 08/22/2021 (Sun) 18:03:53 No. 1951
How about some Fizzy posting?
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(988.71 KB 1174x2400 605622.jpg)
Sounds good to me.
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(510.94 KB 1080x1440 art6086.jpeg)
(886.57 KB 1606x1267 art6520.png)
And the legit ones.
(903.25 KB 4150x3100 1611335209713.jpg)
She was pretty hot.
her broken horn triggers my 'tism and puts me off her
(1.48 MB 1920x806 Tempest24fps.webm)
>>1955 What a fag. You broke the gaydar.
My favorite headcanon is that she becomes the Captain of Twilight's Personal Guard.
to this day i havent seen the movie.
>>1979 Not missing out on much. The new characters and settings sucked as you might imagine, but even ignoring that the movie itself was just kind of bland. Also wasn't a fan of the new art style, made it feel like a cheaper knock-off of something that was supposed to be better.
>>1956 She's the only mare I don't like, sue me.
When is the perfect time to watch the movie again? Last episode I saw was S7E1 "Celestial Advice"
>>1995 The movie fits in right after Season 7.
(1.15 MB 2448x2995 1549928.jpeg)
>>2000 Lets see, 2 episodes per week, every Saturday. November 6th. Looks like I got a plan. Unless if I would rather go watch S8 and S9 before the movie so I can use it as a cushion since most Anons tell me I need one. Aparently the Rewatch Stream wont even touch those seasons
>>2015 I would tell any anon to judge for themselves. I do assure you, 8 and 9 are trash. You can count the good episodes in both seasons on one hand.
(35.07 KB 600x600 1524319.jpeg)
(86.18 KB 1000x562 114578.jpg)
>>2016 >You can count the good episodes in both seasons on one hand. By the rainbow scented whiskers of the chaos god of terrible jokes. On one hand? Why is Ace Ventura on my mind right now? I'll figure it out. The questions will probably only get tougher in the future anyway, such as "Why do I think this plushie looks badass even though I have not seen the movie yet" which will warp into "comission one?" after I saw it I am sure.
>>2015 The Season 8 premiere directly follows after the movie. If you need a cushion, maybe "Best Gift Ever" would be better for that. In case you're unaware, it's a double-length Hearth's Warming special that came between seasons 8 and 9. In my opinion it's very cozy, and the best episode to come out in the post-movie era.
(1.63 MB 1375x1100 Tempoost.png)
It'll be different bros, I can fix her
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(3.18 MB 2578x3438 0188.png)
(2.00 MB 3840x3840 0257.jpg)
(602.03 KB 1200x1200 1100.png)
(1.20 MB 3700x2500 2274482.jpg)
>>1979 If you don't plan on watching the movie, go watch the clip for "Open up your eyes", the song which features edge horse here (SPOILERS, duh).
>>2326 And the rest of the soundtrack for that matter. Only reason worth watching.
(2.34 MB 2000x2400 2916742.png)
>>2470 She looks sad. Now I'm sad.
(1.06 MB 3000x3000 25312.png)
(675.62 KB 2000x3000 25579.png)
(675.62 KB 2000x3000 25579.png)
What could have been..
>>6282 She should have been the one to create, organize, and lead Twilight's royal guard.