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(63.19 KB 600x525 1326288450823.png)
Anonymous 07/05/2021 (Mon) 22:23:13 No. 213
What a neat site, it could use a Lyra.
(673.15 KB 1241x1365 1621641442884.gif)
(107.84 KB 900x900 1402254425285.jpg)
>>214 I LOVE HER
What do you think she's thinking about?
>>273 Probably oats
(70.39 KB 880x646 lyra.png)
(1.37 MB 4628x4972 1624769008885.png)
>>273 (You)
>>415 Well, that's fine because now I'm thinking about her.
(15.11 KB 315x397 Lyra Fact.png)
>>213 I love this mare. I love her excited whinnyings. I love her tender snoofs. I love her soft minty coat. I love her beautiful, shining eyes. I love her ponut. [spoiler]I love her!
>>418 Do you think she has a minty ponut?
(152.60 KB 334x422 Swetty mare.png)
>>419 Imagine using it to freshen your breath
(230.14 KB 2000x1333 SorryBonBonIDontGiveCredit.png)
Loira really let herself go after she started selling oats
>>424 That's a big shid.
>>421 Absolutely delightful.
>>418 >>419 I wanna kiss her ponut and dock and then eat her out for hours. I want my entire face to be bathed in her mare juices.
(7.88 KB 11x14 tiny lyra excited.gif)
>>462 Is this a Lyra for ants?
>>463 All creatures deserve to be blessed by the divine presence of a lyra.
>>465 >Somewhere in the world, a lone bacterium cuddles his microscopic Lyra plush
(152.02 KB 273x338 WowPrettyMare.png)
I like Lyra, she's really pretty
Oh god oh fuck I made a Lyra tulpa but she just stole my dick and ran away cackling maniacally what do I do pls send help
>>478 Attempt to barter for it back with oats. If this fails fire is the only option. Nothing else can stop the pretty mare.
>>478 Let her have it, she'll put it to better use than you.
(121.84 KB 274x505 2440914.png)
>rough day >see Loira >day improves
(45.61 KB 348x439 1332938674201.png)
>>487 based. >normal day >see lyra >day improves regardless
(379.70 KB 1876x1244 lyra looting your house.jpg)
I really want this thread to be the most active one in the catalog. >be anon >get up earlier than you usually do >go to make breakfast >hear the sound of something big rummaging through your pantry >not again >it must be one of fluttershy's giant rats >pick up a pan >slowly creep up on pantry door >see this what do?
>>494 um... hit yourself with a pan?
(97.25 KB 347x332 2077021.png)
>>494 >Lyra thinks if she stands still she won't be detected
(97.46 KB 270x300 2077022.png)
>>505 Boo
>>505 Not only can she use magic, she is considered unusually talented at it as well.
>>511 >she is considered unusually talented How do you think she got so talented? Do you think it's from her oat stealing shenanigans?
>>508 Spooky
(82.84 KB 1139x1600 1490303980280.jpg)
>>490 Fillies have swag. Mares have class.
(1.23 MB 1280x710 large.png)
So how does Lyra always get herself into all of these weird situations?
(226.85 KB 400x360 1439760696052.gif)
>>540 *sip*
>>494 >close door >turn 360 degrees >walk away
>>542 >blob na she looks like a banana-pig hybrid here m8. would still fap tho.
(40.70 KB 185x200 Excitera.png)
>>563 >Lyra is the new spoiler Lyra website
>>578 >>Lyra is the new spoiler it makes perfect sense considering how slutty she is.
>>582 how is she slutty?
>>583 all gay lesbians are naturally slutty by default. why would she be any different than the rest?
>>584 >all gay lesbians since when is she lesbian?
>>585 Lyra and Bon Bon? dyewts? they got horse married.
>>586 shit fanfiction, bro.
>>586 >they got horse married. source?
(279.98 KB 1305x840 1.png)
>>590 lol is that a collage from Ponyville Confidential? those fucking foals need a good whipping if you ask me.
>>590 damn that's a shitty looking fan animation
>>586 That just means that they're really good friends, like, the bestest.
>>591 sure, all foals needs to be spanked (hard and often). but the point still stands and your wrong as always anon.
>>596 you are the type of guy who goes into ponk threads spamming about "muh cucking". please stop, it's embarrassing.
>>596 lol ok >>>fimfiction.net
>>596 hah, next you're going to tell me ponies can magically sprouts wings and the treebrary is gone.
>>597 >>599 Jeesh, tough crowd tonight. Everyone's so antsy kek
>>600 Well... twiggles got wings so... yeah.
(50.53 KB 523x399 1424222400489.jpg)
>>602 you gotta lay off those fanfics, they're rotting your brain. why would twilight get wings, her talent is in magic? why would lyra marry her friend? that's some bad writing.
>>601 >Everyone's so antsy kek sorry anon. I may be a bit upset at the state of /mlp/ where half of the catalog is filled with ebin bait
>>605 heh, typical s1-2 purist. you're in for a rude awakening one day good sir! >>607 >where half of the catalog is filled with ebin bait that or human/eqg crap. awful state.
(688.86 KB 1848x697 reee.png)
>>608 >awful state. Tell me about it.
(1.41 MB 1920x1080 lyra.png)
>>608 Seems to always be atleast 10-15 eqg threads up at any given time there. like why the fuck would you go to a pony board to discuss humans? makes no cunting sense to me.
(308.29 KB 891x897 ggg.png)
>>610 Very aggressive horse sex with Lyra?
(44.49 KB 256x256 Gasp.png)
>>612 Lyra had horse sex with herself?
(66.73 KB 200x200 oh.gif)
>>614 Hah! Meant to say Bon Bon there. Shit I didn't even realize. How embarrassing.
(56.73 KB 720x720 6151166.jpg)
How is this thread more active than recent ones on /mlp/?
>>616 someone tests waters probably
>>613 >pic lol wut?
(2.15 MB 2150x1725 150.png)
>>616 3 (I think) anons talking to each other
(140.23 KB 900x957 345345.png)
>>617 >>619 >>620 Na mang its all me. Just a schizo talking to myself. The rest of you are simply figments of my imagination responding to myself. Like little good tulpas that you are.
(69.12 KB 500x500 371.jpg)
>>621 can confirm, tulpa here
>>623 Jupp, I figured as much. Alright myself im'a go fap to best pone. Then sleep. And I should probably do that too. True dat, Aight then. Good night other me.
(837.31 KB 1280x720 Snoof snoof.png)
Bros, why is the IP counter stuck on 1? it's a glitch right?
(840.11 KB 1500x1000 124.png)
>>625 oh god oh fuck
>>625 That's the page number.
>>625 >>626 Hmm. does that mean I'm not a virgin anymore? If the other me tugs me off? Thats how that works right?
>>627 oh, crisis averted then. all is well and sound.
(905.84 KB 2800x1875 243.png)
>>628 ...I'd rather not think about it
(529.41 KB 838x1024 hands.png)
>>630 lyra is good with her hands tho
(836.90 KB 497x919 lel.PNG)
>>632 Yes.
(2.27 MB 3000x2000 1001.png)
>>634 on a second thought, this looks like anthro. have pic instead
(101.11 KB 345x320 Lyra is disgusted.png)
>>634 That is very anthro
(1.47 MB 2000x1224 590.png)
>>636 shh, you didn't see anything.
(9.41 KB 86x112 1335269940865.gif)
>>616 It's not, the last recent one was plenty active it just had an early death thanks to spam. Same thing happened to other threads too. It's kinda nice to post around here too, nothing moves too fast and I can post whenever.
>>637 tis proper horse cunny. ty anon, much better.
(176.02 KB 1000x800 1475051950379.png)
>>614 Yes, she had sex with her anon tulpa. Fuckin weirdo manschizo.
>>640 Anon isn't real. Maremeds, now.
(1.34 MB 1324x915 Lyra schlorp.png)
>>638 I hate waking up and searching the catalog with no Loira to be seen
(46.24 KB 900x540 1437284575148.png)
>>641 >he's real in my head and he loves me! >two more weeks and he'll come through the portal
(2.54 MB 2380x3619 oct.png)
>Anon, p-please breed me...
(160.92 KB 1280x720 1000.jpg)
>>644 jeez that's lewd.
>>644 her rump looks so soft and inviting, probably better than lyras.
(26.45 KB 900x900 225.png)
>>646 Earth pony superiority.
(727.55 KB 1280x781 1617333817080.png)
>>644 >>645 >>647 Go home Octavia, this is Lyra territory.
(28.86 KB 358x397 REEEEE.JPG)
>>646 >>647 I thought we were friends Donkbros
(336.31 KB 646x813 ohno.png)
>>649 Sorry anon.
>>648 >>649 Well, lyra would be a "tighter ride" than with an earth pony. So she has that going for her. Anal would be amazing with her no doubt.
>>651 >Anal would be amazing with her no doubt. Seed that does not impregnate your marefriend is seed wasted.
(75.73 KB 626x626 1417417998520.gif)
>>651 >anal >not immediately going for the horse pussy and putting a baby in her
>>652 >653 Silly anons, humans cant impregnate mares. Thus no "protection" is needed. Fuck raw everyday, anal often too!
(207.34 KB 345x495 Lyra pout.png)
>>654 >Humans can't impregnate mares They can. I did my own research
>>652 >seed wasted. also i get the feeling lyra would be into oral alot. would you deny her swallowing your seed? how cruel of you anon!
(262.18 KB 716x525 37.png)
>humans cant impregnate mares. my own theory says something else
(117.39 KB 850x922 171261 cryshl.png)
>>654 Lies. Men were made for mares and I will shoot inside of her as many times as it takes until she becomes pregnant.
>>655 >>657 >>658 guess im outnumbered here lol
(109.10 KB 635x556 seed demon.png)
(237.96 KB 857x661 133.png)
I'm running out of donk lyra images. Sad.
(22.50 KB 312x385 Lil shid.jpg)
>>653 Imagine having lil shids with Lyra
(333.44 KB 1254x955 354.jpg)
>>667 so tiny
(125.59 KB 1049x635 1417216827128.png)
>>667 Imagine Lyra's plump barrel, perfect for rubbing and pressing your ear to, listening to the foal kick inside
(68.10 KB 921x684 aaaa.png)
We managed to hit a new site record. Pretty cool desu
(567.45 KB 1080x901 793012.png)
>>670 She's going to need oats for two >>671 Wow!
(30.69 KB 356x307 1489353964358.jpg)
>>671 Nice >>672 >that belly button hnnnng I wanna kiss it
(737.34 KB 1007x1100 1406046366561.png)
>these lyra videos will be privated on youtube tomorrow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCNV_-wIIJE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rv6TeBY__c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkGfpcB1lPE post soon to be kill videos
>>676 I really hope all the lyra videos get saved. This pretty mare doesn't deserve to be forgotten in any capacity.
>>677 Then I would say do what you can to save them yourself. That's the only way you can be sure they will be preserved. It's always good to keep a local copy of something if you like it.
>>671 Where did all these new frerfs come from? Did the site get advertised somewhere?
>>678 Done, I saved those three. If you know of any other Lyra videos that need saving, any videos at all, please do let me know.
>>684 Good to hear you've started archiving some yourself. Best to just save things as you come across them and then you never have to worry about it. > any other Lyra videos that need saving, any videos at all Unfortunately I don't have too many that come to mind. But here's this one at least: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sD-qWX_E_yE
(1.17 MB 1280x799 SNOOOOOORE.png)
>it's back to being slow again What a weird site
>>724 To be expected until word gets more spread about it. In the mean time, can always post more mint mare in thread.
(160.61 KB 1024x1024 Mint stare.png)
>>725 Of course
>>727 That Lyra looks like she's seen some things.
>>728 She saw you staring at Colgate and got jealous so now Lyra is trying to imitate her.
>>730 >Colgate >Toothpaste pone >Toothpastes are often minty You would think they'd be good friends.
(289.44 KB 1000x888 1417658427993.png)
>>731 They are, they're very good friends as a matter of fact. That won't stop them from fighting over who gets to stare at (You).
(3.39 MB 1000x1000 2254426.gif)
She's waiting for (You) to wake up
(1.45 MB 1135x1352 Guilty.png)
(740.21 KB 980x956 1404706213605.png)
>>783 She's awake and excited now! >>>/mlp/37311804
>>656 Can confirm, I have a Lyra tup sniffing my balls 24/7
>>727 I love making extended eye contact with Lyra She has very pretty eyes.
>>836 Sniff sniff snoof
>>836 Do you hear a random "phew" throughout your day?
>>841 >>842 She's insatiable. Impossible. Impractical. Improbable. This mare is but an omen of the Lyrish tide unstoppable.
(673.15 KB 1241x1365 1627729915552.gif)
>>847 What sort of things would make Lyra this excited? Other than oats and humans.
>>885 Bonbon ^:)
(1.93 MB 502x285 931213.gif)
>>914 It's always nice to have a good friend!
>>914 With fresh candies to share with her friend no doubt.
>>915 It's always incredible to think just how many of these cute scenes are hidden away in the background.
(1.69 MB 234x185 93416.gif)
>>933 I know! The old seasons are a goldmine for cute background interactions
(2.02 MB 639x360 1434269598182.gif)
>>944 >edited
(56.58 KB 218x235 1639565.png)
The spam threads on the board are getting ridiculous. I'm glad there's a nice alternative site
(261.27 KB 1348x816 wow!.png)
>>975 >blatant baiting is allowed >discussion about it is removed I hate this moderation so fucking much
(1.23 MB 1280x818 Toot.png)
>>976 Poor Tavifags. I hope Lyra isn't the next victim of shitty prompt threads
>>976 That's a good thing. Co-opt one of the bait threads for calling him out but don't waste good posts in an actual pony thread on an autist. It's the same spammer that's been plaguing the board for a while now, exact same posting style and threads. He'll go back to whatever after all those threads 404. >>977 They've tried it before but lyrafags are surprisingly good at either redirecting them or ignoring them.
(46.16 KB 815x219 ahahhahahah.png)
>baiting is allowed >threads like pic are removed what a joke
>>978 >Co-opt one of the bait threads for calling him out They delete that too. Threads are allowed, discussion about them isn't.
>>981 I always been telling that its own mods hate /mlp/ and want it to be destroyed just for shits and giggles and because they can.
(162.13 KB 560x630 hotpocket.png)
>>982 fresh oc
(51.23 KB 660x660 1473021893958.png)
>>981 Jannies being mega faggots is nothing new. What a shame. Guess you just gotta wait for the shitposters to get bored, I don't think anyone thinks it's real tavifags.
(656.70 KB 1691x2257 1547382180613.jpg)
>Lyra, the oat pirate >Stealing oats on the high seas
>>982 The worst part of /mlp/ is that the mods set the agenda for whats allowed to be talk about. Remember when they banned anonfilly discussions? Its not their fucking place to tell us what we can and cannot discuss. Draconian niggers the lot. Its too bad the anons there are so used to it.
>>983 Love what you're doing, anon. Keep drawing.
(43.74 KB 187x183 Lyroooo.png)
>>983 >He's still improving Can you draw Loira?
>>1018 I can try, but after sleep it's 2AM and the donk drawing took me like 4 hours due to my autism in photoshop lol
(97.17 KB 936x911 lyra recieves a package.png)
>>1020 I recommend instead of spending /lots/ of time on singular images, try to draw a lot of simple ones. Especially if you're looking to draw for gartic or other quick sketch situations (like whipping up a sketch for a joke in a thread). I started out by just doodling and making a ton of cartoony pone faces, now I can make something like this in 2 minutes or so. I have drawn a lot of Lyras.
>>1022 >I recommend instead of spending /lots/ of time on singular images, try to draw a lot of simple ones. Not that guy, but I should probably do that as well. I think I usually spend around 3 hours per draws.
>>1022 Looks like a wrong address delivery to me.
>>1040 True, this pretty mare has enough snowpitys she doesn't need more.
>>1041 Maybe they're for Bonbon? Maybe she had them shipped to Lyra cause she is insecure about hers.
(287.31 KB 1119x628 cool hat.png)
>>1018 Delivery
>>1044 Cute and very good.
>"Alright I'm giving up on this game anon. Give me your fingers." >"I need you to take your entire fucking hand and stick it in my mouth." >"I want to be your glove, anon. When you're sitting at sugarcube corner eating a bagel I want to be under the table sucking on your free hand." >"When you go to bed at night I want to be slowly licking your palm for 8 hours and feeling your fingers twitch gently in my mouth as you dream of me." >"On our wedding day I want to put a ring on your finger and I want you to put a ring on my tongue. And those two rings will never be more than an inch away from each other ever again because I'm going to be deepthroating your digits for the rest of your mortal human life." this post from /mlp/ has been on my mind for days now and won't go away (not that I want it to), mint horse is too strong
>>1096 She wants (you) Anon.
>>1096 Holy moly I never expected that my silly little green would have such an impact. She's a very pretty mare, you know. I sure do. What about this little green affected you so?
>>1096 >>1121 I will also admit that it wasn't actually me who wrote that but rather it was my Lyra tup, she really likes Lyraposting
(346.05 KB 509x787 1764878.png)
>>1122 I can't tell if you're joking or not. It seems like everyone has a tupper these days
>>1122 There's something very peculiar about the concept of tulpas creating content. >inb4 an Anon tulpamances up an entire animation department to revive the show.
>>1125 I'm not. I've got two of them and I love them very much. And because tulpas are a new thing to me I post about them whenever I can. Lyra especially makes me want to post about her! Where were you seeing others tupperposting?
(354.16 KB 184x239 300238.gif)
>>1128 Quite a few people talk about their tulpas in the rewatch stream. You're the first Lyra tulpamancer I've seen
(125.25 KB 715x882 excite.gif)
>>1129 Oh, neat! I've talked about my tulpa there a few weeks ago, back when she was new. Lyra was actually the one posting there this week, rather than me. She loves seeing all the frerfs. She's a curious mare, and a boundlessly excitable one.
(375.41 KB 441x461 Cryra.gif)
>>1130 I want a curious excitable mint! I could never do a tulpa, but it's interesting hearing other anon's experiences with them. Is it as wonderful as having a real Lura?
>>1132 I don't know, I've never met a real Lura. The guy I learned it from would say that the Lyra you have in your head is the real Lyra--unlike silly real-life people where they can exist both in your head and in reality, ponies only ever existed within our minds. I don't think quite like that, but I think my Lyly is pretty dang neat nonetheless. I didn't actually start making a tup with Lyra initially in mind, but once my tup started thinking about the kind of mare she wanted to be, she chose Lyra, and she's been a mad Lyrish wonder ever since.
>>1121 How to put it without sounding very sad. Its such weird behaviour but extremely intimate. Lyra doing that demonstrates a level of intense desire and love without being directly lewd either. Not caring about anyone else noticing her doing it further reinforced the commitment from it. Point being is Lyra would have to be completely and 100% in love with anon to choose to do that, and it really struck a cord with me reading it. It such a forceful and can't really be taken as anything else other than love action. >>1122 My thanks to your tulpa then. You are fortunate indeed to have her.
>>1140 Lyly says, speaking on behalf of the tulpa you don't have yet, that she loves you. A lot. She may be just a silly mare who writes silly greens, but she hopes her silly greens will inspire more anons like this one inspired you.
(87.40 KB 512x512 mlfw5132-lyra-cook.png)
>>1151 What is she cooking?
>>1151 You shouldn't cook ponies. Ponies are friends, not food.
>>1153 expensive imported oats
(3.44 MB 2160x1666 42700small.png)
File was slightly too large. The original higher resolution version can be found here: https://www.ponybooru.org/images/42700
>>1284 Lyly has nice floof.
(77.76 KB 1280x960 1417364584128.gif)
>>1122 Tell your tulpa I said hi. >>1125 >>1129 There's been lots of new tulpafags since /mlp/con. I don't want one, I want a real Lyra that lives with me, not inside of my head.
(797.06 KB 1080x1240 lovely Lyra.png)
(nothim) >>1334 >There's been lots of new tulpafags since /mlp/con Wait, really? How can you tell?
>>1334 The 2020 one or the 2021 one?
(40.70 KB 185x200 lyra likes your post.png)
>>1334 Lyly says you have excellent taste in mares, for she is an excellent-tasting mare.
(2.55 MB 2560x1440 brushiebrushie.jpg)
>>1336 not him, but I can confirm since I helped most of them make tulpas >>1337 this elite post number will never happen again, check em 2020 brought in a bunch, but I think it warmed people up to the idea and 2021 was the turning point for more people. Both year's tulpa panels were a pretty big success.
(40.70 KB 185x200 lyra likes your post.png)
>>578 I would like everyone to know that I really like this post. I will remember it forever. The simple words, "Lyra website," along with that image, will forever fill me with gladness. I love Lyra, and I think this is a pretty darg neat site.
(244.56 KB 1896x1419 0416.jpg)
(41.38 KB 600x336 62gif.gif)
(189.31 KB 226x226 scared ball.gif)
I did a thing. Not sure how it worked out.
(38.06 KB 326x285 ok.png)
>>1815 It worked out perfectly.
(153.79 KB 1478x1536 6237657.jpg)
>>1816 I know it works. I wanna know if it looks silly to my fellow Anons
>>1817 Perhaps I wasn't clear. I didn't mean "it works" technically (which would make me seem a little daft, its rather obvious), I meant "it works" in terms of conveying silly Lyra fun.
>>1815 This Conveys Silly Lyra Fun.
(1.50 MB 1102x1102 lyra falling down hole.gif)
>>1822 >>1845 Ah, good, cus I have no idea what I am doing with this big bag of tools here except trying silly stuff. Now why are her eyes transparent for the starter frame? Why Lyra, Why?
>>1815 speeen
>>1815 I love it
(650.98 KB 3463x4400 0262.png)
(181.65 KB 1342x1340 0832.png)
(917.50 KB 1800x1400 0995.png)
(1.01 MB 1280x1143 0999.png)
(3.83 MB 1658x2457 1084.png)
(353.60 KB 1137x932 2533202.png)
Lyrabros... why did you let it die again...
(61.94 KB 484x345 1406059362577.jpg)
>>2498 >sleep in once so I can be well rested for interview >it dies bros...now I feel bad. It was getting slow, like no one wanted to post and bring it to bump limit. Too bad it worked the opposite way.
(642.94 KB 768x768 1378354136844.png)
thats sad the lyra thread died I was going to post this
>>2501 That's cute seeing all the emotions. Might be interesting to rig one of the flash puppets to cycle through all the emotions.
>>2501 >"The many faces of Lyra Heartstrings" Yes, I like this.
My headcanon is that Bon Bon makes Lyra swallow her marecum once per day. Then pegs her anally on Thursdays before dinner.
>>2503 yeah that would be cool like a gif of her changing expressions
(108.79 KB 600x600 1604767.png)
>>2509 but that's gay, anon
(33.06 KB 980x670 art11402.png)
>>2526 A lil gay never hurt anyone ;D
>>2528 I support the Muslim option.
(165.96 KB 500x574 art9571.png)
(399.53 KB 1280x720 art9360.png)
When will new bread be done baking? I need my fill of lyro.
(190.24 KB 914x1106 1589975985166.png)
>>2539 I think early October, then it can be the usual comfy autumn lyly, anniversary, and it should hopefully give enough time for the G5 wave to slow down. I'm already feeling the need for a lyra fix
What if Lyra farted
>>2549 Ponies would wonder why things got so minty all of a sudden.
>>2549 Angels would sing.
(1.39 MB 2500x1962 art9491.png)
(98.16 KB 1078x1024 265259.png)
>>3086 Clean mint
>>2549 Would it sound like a lyre?
>>2501 The g5 shitposting has been fucking with a lot of threads. Just sucks it hits threads like the Lyra thread which has hiatus' to compensate the lack of activity. Thank fuck for nhnb.
(14.57 KB 355x323 2930388.png)
(86.06 KB 556x405 crycry.gif)
>>2540 Dangit, when I heard that the Lyra thread would be away for a while I thought that would be perfect timing to work on a project of some sort, and I'd have it ready for when the thread came back, but I never started. Lyra would be disappointed in me.
>>3484 What type of project were you thinking of?
(25.90 KB 908x869 1434679839674.png)
>>3484 >tfw I've done that for like the last six threads It's been a year and all I have is a pile of partially completed projects. I'm a disgrace. I still got a few days though!
(364.68 KB 1280x1440 art10630.jpg)
Why did she betray Queen Chrysalis? I didn't make this.
(61.85 KB 744x770 Leeru.png)
Will the next Lyra thread survive all the geefiveposting?
(647.52 KB 1232x1374 1631918792677.png)
>>3648 I tried to keep the makeshift one alive but it died while I was sleeping, at least we can still appreciate her here.
>>3648 No, and I'm really worried. I actually really liked the slow content filled threads of 2019. I didn't think it would end so soon. And it looks like it's just going to get worse before it gets better. >>3688 This.
(118.76 KB 1280x1110 1627527338394.jpg)
>>3648 It's slowing down now. Give it a few more days to gauge and we should be fine. Post rate has been pretty normal today. >>3688 I didn't bother to save that thread. It could have lasted.
>>3501 I wanted to make a game with Lyra in it, or maybe write a lood green. I even planned out said potential green, but the project seemed to big to start. :(
>>3920 >but the project seemed to big to start. :( Things tend to get easier once you've got it started. Haven't really made any games but you could probably ask around in TEMPO, get some feedback maybe get some help depending on what it is. I've written a couple lewds, just short 3-4 post things but they seemed relatively well received. For that I would just say to write down the fantasy as it comes to your mind. I think I spent maybe an hour or so per short? So it doesn't even need to be a big time commitment and starting out small is probably for the best anyway.
(377.94 KB 796x726 I.png)
(538.17 KB 796x726 LOVE.png)
(538.18 KB 796x726 THEM.png)
>>3920 >>3940 This. You just got to break it down into more digestible portions and set a daily goal for yourself. Looking at a project as a whole and fussing about what you want the end result to be before you even really start helps no one. >>4050 I LOVE THEM!
>>3940 Another thing that may or may not help out, I at least prefer to do my writing in the most basic of text editing applications: Notepad. Makes it as simple as it can be, no word count, no being bugged about misspellings (these can be dealt with after you're done), just you and the writing.
(13.88 KB 763x266 notepad.png)
>>4086 I like using notepad++ best. It has the same visual simplicity but you can use a dark theme and set the language to "diff" so you can keep an eye for greentext related errors. I also like how it opens all the files where you left off everytime you open it. You can download a plug-in to autosave everytime you click on another program and/or every couple minutes or spellcheck.
>>4091 I have Notepad++ as well and it definitely is useful, but I still prefer to write my stuff in the regular Notepad.
>>4092 I also tend to use notepad for writing. It's kinda nice how simple and minimal it is, even if I make a fuck ton of mistakes.
>>3940 Oh, I've already made some games, I just wanted to make a Lyra one. Maybe I should just do something simple, to get back into the habit of making stuff.
someone make a lyra thread, it's about time.
>>4114 gib link
>>4187 I made a game about a certain long-necked princess. And some others.
(740.21 KB 980x956 1404706213605.png)
I love Lyra. Let's do her something special this next thread, she needs it. We need it.
>>4496 Yeah, no kidding.
>>4203 Woah, Necc. I love your stuff. Absolutely based.
>>4496 >this next thread I've been thinking about that a bit. I wouldn't mind the thread staying down for longer if it means we can get some content ready; don't want things to be premature while we're all still dead and all. I doubt there's many of us left, which doesn't help matters.
>>4512 you traitorous son of a bitch!
(588.22 KB 723x680 Lyra dot.png)
(545.62 KB 723x680 Lyra dot 2.png)
>>4512 There's a good bunch of us still around. It's just not enough to combat the autism that is the g5 shit posting. I've been mostly camping around nhnb lately save for Tempo.
(117.21 KB 617x600 1408128524273.png)
>>4512 Let's keep up the usual pace. Can't keep waiting and waiting otherwise there will never be a thread. Gotta reign in everyone and let a little spontaneity take heed. There's enough of us and enough other anons to take interest. Let's make a proper one today. Autumn and Nightmare Night are the theme.
A shame both the Lyra and Colgate threads died, I love my minty ponies. Actually, it could be nice having a thread shared between them, might inspire some kind of crossover and help the thread stay up longer.
(77.40 KB 954x473 1384958298.png)
There it goes again. Not surprising, but disappointing nonetheless
(668.57 KB 2000x2000 Lyra Shartstrings.png)
Amusing art from the drawthread
>>4950 The board was moving rather fast, couldn’t bump it at work unfortunately. Still, there was interest at least, that gives me hope.
>>4953 >there was interest at least, that gives me hope Sure, but I wish the bar didn't have to be set that low. Maybe it's just me, but it feels like the thread's been on life support for some time.
(299.79 KB 700x700 1434686833351.png)
>>4949 >>4950 >sleep in just once >it dies >colgate thread also dies Everytime. Just fucking kill me already. >>4954 Nah it was going along pretty well, lots of new doodles and three pieces of music. That's great. 250 posts in two weeks is a fine rate too.
(335.86 KB 825x638 1635723658973.jpg)
>>4956 Sad they both died, though aside from cute pictures the only thing the Colgate thread had going was my little story. I was more surprised the Lyra thread died since it had cute drawings and even music.
>>4958 Peculiar. I was never a regular in the Lyra threads but they always seemed fairly active.
>>4954 >>4956 >>4958 Art and music are nice and all, but I think it's the lack of green recently which makes it feel off. That, and how most prompts/discussions never really end up going anywhere.
(3.52 MB 1627x1208 IMG_8536.PNG)
>>4961 I got that vibe too, I popped in occasionally to see what was being done, and it seemed to be doing well. >>4962 >spoiler That's a problem that plagues quite a few threads, there's not a lack good prompts and ideas, but only so many people try and make something out of them. I'd love to take on more greens but I'm a very slow writer, and I'd hate to take something on and leave it dormant for long periods of time.
(2.82 MB 5000x5490 lyra curious.png)
you bloody bastards, who let the thread die next time we better do that drawing thing where we all draw Lyra, I'm itchin do draw this shid
(503.83 KB 500x275 Sad Lyra.GIF)
>>4972 My fault, sorry Anon.
(346.66 KB 2160x1972 lyra is excited!.gif)
>>4973 No worries, I draw her nearly every day anyway lol
>>4980 >I draw her nearly every day anyway lol Always good to see people practicing their skill like that. Cute gif.
>>4980 That's great, I was practicing drawing poners for a bit but stopped after getting frustrated, I need to get back to that since I want to contribute to those draw collages.
>>4975 No no no, your contributions are just fine the way they are. You shouldn't feel pressured to adapt your content because the mark of a good thread is defined by its variety and lack of repetition. One should feel free to post anything they want to the Lyra thread, as long as the post is Lyra (pony)-related and the quality isn't extremely low it should be fine. And just remember that there's lots of lurkers who never post anything so don't be discouraged if nobody replies to your contributions. I think plenty of people like what you post, myself included, so don't stop doing what you love.
(30.38 KB 112x112 mcakrckacft.gif)
>>4975 You're too harsh on the threads and yourself. I love your content for exactly what it is, I was anticipating something. I didn't get a chance to sit down and read through the poetry with the music yet, but I really liked the song. You should at least try the green, I remember some of the ones you did to accompany one of the songs way back and it was lovely. >>4962 >>4970 I wish I didn't hate my own writing. I get too critical and end up eternally revising. >>4961 They are. They're not the fastest but they tend to get a good amount of actual activity and discussion. It's faster than they used to be too, lasting only a bit over a month when they used to last almost two.
(952.65 KB 3840x2160 1441646722770.jpg)
>>4972 We could make the next one in a week or two and make the draw compilation themed, either for Fall or Christmas. I'm mad we lost the thread before getting lots of comfy autumn Lyra. It just started to get cold here.
>>4975 I loved your poem, your style is beautifully eloquent, and your song was also very beautiful, sorry I didn’t respond in the thread, you’re very talented. >>4986 I’ve got the same exact problem with my writing, I doubt myself too much, even when I’ve had anons say nice things, I think I spend more time revising than actually writing.
>>4986 >>4991 >>4992 A link for those who lives here?
>>4984 Getting frustrated is part of the fun, Anon! You feeling uncomfortable means that you're improving.
(131.64 KB 1191x670 1423042794696.png)
When is the next thread? I have a need for Lyra and she's doing pretty well in miss /mlp/ so far.
>>5099 Could always make one. Now's a good a time as ever.
>>5100 Nah, it's too early. Next hiatus would likely land over Hearth's Warming and New Years in that case. Give it time.
>>5100 >>5101 I need my Lyra damn it. The other one shouldn't have died!
>>5105 >I need my Lyra damn it. How do you intend to get your daily dose of Lyra?
What do you envision married life with (You) and Lyra being like?
>>5121 She'd probably want to take you out to all sorts of places. Though I'd say you might want to be prepared for a bit of weirdness because she can be a bit of an odd pony at times.
>>5121 She will make you oatmeal cookies
>>5124 You must be very special to her if she's sharing her oats with you.
Guys, can somebody bump MS paint thread on /mlp/? It has Lyras and is on page 10. I got banned.
>>5127 Sure thing.
(1.01 MB 6783x11135 70553.png)
>>5128 Thanks anon!
(1.29 MB 8000x8839 Someday.png)
>>5121 I don’t think life as man and mare would be much different than how it’d be as friends or partners. The difference is that from there we’d have devoted ourselves, and we’d be closer through most everything big and small, thick and thin. We’d likely (still) live the humblest of humble lives in the background of Ponyville, a far cry from the life neither I nor she was used to back then. Lyra’s a mare of simple circumstance, and one who doesn’t bargain with expectation; life in the moment is just that much more enjoyable. Any given morning, she could excitedly get me up to greet the day, or she could insist on enjoying an embrace under the covers for just a few more minutes. For most days, we wouldn’t know what to do. Perhaps she’d decide to go on an adventure, from lilac woods to lush valleys, for time spent surrounded by Equestria’s grace and blessed by hers. We’d go foraging or exploring without hesitation nor worry. She might spend some time grazing here and there, chasing butterflies, sniffing flowers, and when she’s all tuckered out we’d settle in for a rest beneath the stars. Perhaps we’d simply make a day in the streets of this comfy little town. Greeting ponies as we wander about hand in hoof, chatting with friends, or maybe helping them out with the daily routine...She’d certainly be eager to try new things, from gardening with Carrot Top, to baking with Bon Bon, or maybe even a few drinking games with Berry Punch. Of course if I by some luck weren’t in some other trade in the town, we could even busk together, making music which lifts the spirit for a town so happy and free. And after it’s all settled down, we might sit on a bench together and just talk about anything on our minds. Maybe I’d brush her mane if we were feeling frisky. Sunrise to sunset, an intimate bliss it would be. How do I envision married life with Lyra being like? Well, no matter the weather, each day spent with her would be something special, something new. Life together would be spent living in our own little spotlight without chasing fortune or fame - for together at her whims, only time would tell where we’d go, what we’d find, and where her love would take us next. Someday...
>>5131 That's beautiful, I love how much thought you've put into it.
>>4949 I kind of like this idea, I wouldn't mind sharing a thread with Colgatefrens, a temporary merger called /mint/ or something.
What have you done?
>>5131 This is an excellent post. She isn't my waifu, but I have deep respect for the love that you clearly have for this mare. Very wholesome.
>>5131 This is honestly quite beautiful Anon. Thank you for sharing.
(1.00 MB 930x860 1459842248844.png)
>>5121 Lyra is a very attached, committed pony, it'd be a very tight relationship with lots of things done together, especially the mundane. Lots of mane brushing, hoof filing, shared grooming as is custom in a pony society. Many meals together- coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon, and wine, beer at night. Snacking on an apple together on benches in those effortless, idyllic Ponyville days. Eating Bonbon's freshly made marshmallows in the afternoon after all the school fillies have pilfered her store. Walks and strolls under the canopy of trees well nourished in Equestria's fertile soil, galloping and trotting through pastures and moorlands in the bright, spring and summer days when the sun gives her that extra bit of life. And of course, a lot of music. (You)'d have to be at every performance possible, as your own obligation. One, two, maybe even three foals who, at her insistence, would be gently brought to sleep each night. (You) rock the cradle while she plays sweet little lullabies on her lyre. She'd be a very dedicated mother, fully guided by her own instincts and intuition, as she acts herself. And in this kind of relationship, the routine would create comfort and dependency and passion, which is of course the ideal of married life.
(1.83 MB 1920x1080 1598717360932.png)
>>5161 Damn this is comfy, Anon. I love how strong the imagery is, and how the diction is so well-suited to it. I got some real heartburn thinking about her - thank you for the inspiration. How come posts like this (and >>5131) don't show up in the Lyrathread these days?
>>5163 It's all the same anons, perhaps we're just not feeling so sappy and sentimental at the times of the main threads, it's good to strike a balance between sentiment and shitpost to stay self-aware and all. You need the right post/prompt to reply to too. I think fall and the winter months bring out the most sentimental posts cause the cold days and warm clothes make me think of Lyra and a big fuzzy mare to hug.
>>5163 I've noticed this phenomenon that in general, post quality is far higher here than on /mlp/. There's a lot of reasons why this might be, but I think I've boiled it down to the following... On the /mlp/ side: The unfortunate truth is that the board is as infested with chronic trolling and shitposting as it's ever been, coupled with the fact that it's still a somewhat fast board means that anons may be less inclined to put forth the effort to make long, heartfelt posts that could very easily end up glossed over. On the /fim/ side: The opposite spectrum of board speed applies here. Because of the low amount of posters, threads are glacially slow and are in no risk of falling to the depths of page 10 in a matter of hours. Because of that, it's easier to make a longer, more thought out post since it's guaranteed that the effort that goes into producing it will not immediately go to waste. Another factor is that NHNB itself is a filter. It's an uphill challenge to get someone to deviate from what they're familiar with to try something else, which is true for many things, but in this case I think most of the anons who come here are either among the most disgruntled with the state of /mlp/, or are among the most passionate about ponies and FiM, who would be naturally more inclined to produce quality posts. That's just my autism and personal observations though, doesn't really matter if it's true or not. tl;dr /fim/ is slow, peaceful and comfy, /mlp/ is faster but more chaotic
(673.15 KB 1241x1365 loira.gif)
I get the feeling sometimes that my idea of the character of Lyra is a lot different from other Lyrafags. In my mind she's much less a mare of the everyday, for quietly living life together, and more like an absolute dynamo, a bountiful overflowing spring of beautiful mad ENERGY that never stops. She crashes into your life and turns it upside down, with her everything is new, everything is bright and beautiful and nothing will ever be the same. My love for her is a reflection of the mad hope for humanity that lives within me. Chaotic and bright.
>>5172 I just like the staff doesn't hate its own users.
Remember to vote for her if you haven't already. She's doing pretty well this year so we need all the help we can get.
>>5193 What are her chances like?
>>5194 It all depends on who her next opponents are. This pageant has been pretty surprising so far with only two mane six characters making it to the round of 16 so I'm fully convinced that anything could happen at this rate. Maybe it's not a guarantee that Lyra will win, but the mere fact that she has an actual chance this time should encourage you all to do your best for her, so let's give it our best shot.
>>5200 It's odd, but I definitely feel like the bg characters have a decent chance this year.
>>5194 She has a pretty good shot. I fear Colgate a bit since there's been a few upsets but Lyra has been doing well. Derpy and Twilight will probably beat her unless some kind of big upset happens but I believe. As with last year a part of me worries she might get top 4 and be barred from competing next year and I like seeing her on these runs. >>5200 Honestly I'm always happy to see her compete and do well. She's surprisingly popular, which really feels good cause background ponies don't get much love anymore and it's not infamy or loathing or anything. Top seed last year and 5th this year is quite good, means anons like her.
>>5194 Given the competition, Lyra hasn't really got an easy path to the end. >QF Most likely Roseluck - 1st seed and just as strong if not stronger than Minuette as a contestant. >SF If by some miracle either Octavia or Marble pulls through, where the former has a slight favorable precedent, she could stand a chance. Lyra's 99% dead on Derpy. >F Best odds against Berry, maybe Twilight or Pinkie given contrarianism. Tougher luck against Trixie or Cadence. Verity could be a tossup for both obvious and complex reasons. The stars may have to align, but I believe in her. May the best mare win.
(637.93 KB 1990x1720 lyra blep.png)
blep always many Lyras in the ms paint thread
(172.68 KB 890x898 1599052861963.png)
>>5208 Well, now that the results are out we know that if Lyra wins against Roseluck, the opponent after that is either Octavia or Derpy. Lyra may have a chance against Octavia, but if she's against Derpy it's game over.
(1.12 MB 1354x900 art11472.png)
(223.63 KB 2048x1430 1636669102000.jpg)
>>5220 Welp, that does it. Here's to better luck in 2023.
(86.44 KB 540x510 1434336233801.jpg)
>>5267 You have to believe, anon.
(588.22 KB 723x680 image.png)
>>5220 Are you ready for mint overload if it does happen though?
It's over. So who are you gonna root for now? I'm team Verity for sure. Because she's /ourdaughter/ and because I want Loira to have the privilege to be the first background pony to win miss /mlp/ in the future.
>>5309 I'm going Verity as well. Derpy's a fine horse and plenty deserving, but so is Verity. I feel like Derpy will have another good chance in the future but I'm not sure how well Verity's chances will age.
>>5309 Verity no question. She deserves it. Derpy is overrated.
(723.58 KB 1500x1051 1637058761974.png)
Remember to vote Lyra for third place.
(243.74 KB 1400x840 oats-flakes.jpg)
What does Lyra like the most, whole oats or flakes? What about barley?
(1.12 MB 1500x1200 Jiggy mint.jpg)
Bronze, baby!
>>5366 This was a good year for all. The top 4 were all good pones.
(2.69 MB 1729x1243 cute poners (sfw).png)
>>5366 Third is good. The fact that she got this far at all is a feat. 4 years ago she would have never been as popular but she's really grown. Makes me happy to see her top seed last year, 5th seed this year, and secure a comfy third. Now we just have to build up energy to really take it in 2023. I'm really glad Verity won, she absolutely deserves it.
(436.58 KB 1176x728 2879939.png)
(451.48 KB 2000x2000 image.png)
>>5409 >Just don't burn down the house while I'm gone
When the next Lyra thread? It's time.
(152.80 KB 1100x744 95487056982.jpg)
(3.29 MB 5146x3783 2970088.png)
(1.55 MB 7000x11500 2971633.png)
(48.09 KB 300x323 bon.webm)
(100.25 KB 533x300 lyra.webm)
>>609 Unless I'm really fucking blind literally nothing in that pic is eqg related. What do you find wrong there anon.
>>5635 I don't really see anything there either. Perhaps he means that those are the only threads he hasn't hidden?
New thread is up.
(138.78 KB 693x1484 56643.png)
(67.11 KB 800x697 1626749374118.jpg)
Silly Lyra.
(90.38 KB 579x451 l1.png)
(74.06 KB 454x317 l2.png)
(561.96 KB 750x682 sad.png)
Why is she sad Anons?
>>6837 She's waiting for (You) to snuggle up with her.
>>6838 We could all use some pony snuggles.
(691.72 KB 1280x1568 image.png)
(206.90 KB 800x485 image.png)
(172.38 KB 894x894 1413711867403.png)
(546.94 KB 750x682 2163709.png)
>>7672 Why did it die
>>7698 Because it ate too many oats and had a colic.
>>5173 I know this post was five months ago, but I was catching up on this thread and was wondering why no one responded to it - I put effort into it, I put my heart into it, but clearly no one cared for it. Why? Why do quality posts in the Lyra threads, here and on the main board, so often go (you)-less?
>>6706 Incredibly lood, too. I like that combination.
(1.30 MB 329x428 93430.gif)
>>7710 >I get the feeling sometimes that my idea of the character of Lyra is a lot different from other Lyrafags I thought the consensus is that she is wild and energetic, that's the whole point of L.U.L.S and what most of the fanart I see of her is about. It's also how she appears in crowds.
>>7710 It's an interesting enough post, I guess it just doesn't really call out for a response though. I do agree that she seems to be an excitable mare.
(9.24 KB 392x290 frisky whiskery mare.png)
Did you know that Lyra has tickly tickly whiskers and warm moist breath? She gives very good kisses.
>>7729 Do you think she ever tickles her own whiskers?
(88.32 KB 894x894 1443191499047.jpg)
>>7698 I didn't even sleep in this time, I woke up regularly and it was kill. >>7710 Because I think he/you made that post in another thread and I replied to that. Also I don't have anything to add, not really my idea of Lyra, even if it is a fun one. I always said she was like a less energetic version of ponk, but a pony to rival ponk's energy seems a bit wild. We can humor it. It has the same appeal, getting tackled when you walk in the door, eager to hear about your day, making even the mundane feel a little bit more alive and special, because it's (You), and even if it isn't something new, it is something new to her! She'd be a TIGHT hugger, not afraid to put that passion and energy into motion. Everyone likes a tight lyra hug. A few accidental pokes from the horn when she gives you a swift peck on the cheek before eagerly dragging you away to the next bit of fun. Always conscious to ask which direction you want to go, always just as eager to follow as to lead. That's an excited mare. As far as posts going unrecognized, they seldom do I personally just wait to respond or don't bother unless I have something meaningful to say. Granted, I've been trying to post more since it makes anons happy. I wouldn't let (You)s be your only sign of validation, there's always twice or thrice as many lurkers as there are active posters. I try to only use this thread for random lyra posting because it feels rather peripheral.
>>7729 Lyra is better without the whiskers nonsense.
>>8743 Lyra makes me think that too. God, she's so pretty.
(1.11 MB 5000x8324 648928.png)
4chan is dead but I must post Lyra.
(219.80 KB 459x393 2869538.gif)
(645.42 KB 1080x1080 2863256.gif)
(540.52 KB 885x533 2735776.gif)
>>13767 She's a good mare.
(571.16 KB 1788x2385 IMG_20221127_172352131.jpg)
>>13767 mint horse transcends the digital and cannot be taken down
(26.96 KB 250x167 thumb.png)
(293.52 KB 1229x1024 large.png)
(199.14 KB 1280x960 full.jpg)
>>13767 nice hoodie
(750.08 KB 304x304 NumgetBop.gif)
>>13767 This is our new home
is this it
So much Lyractivity this is cool
>>13773 This is the Stable 13, yes
(582.61 KB 285x220 1154116.gif)
(320.92 KB 720x904 1658169248675484.png)
Opinions on this?
>>13780 Very highly.
(1.30 MB 800x450 2061233.webm)
Lyra! (with sound!)
>>13783 I want to take a balloon ride with Lyra.
(162.31 KB 1083x863 187475.png)
(1.02 MB 2746x2825 2911332.png)
(3.00 MB 3186x3462 2967332.png)
>>13783 Very cute, I wonder where she's going?
>>13786 Out of Kansas.
(962.30 KB 982x710 lyryneightor.png)
>>13787 >>13783 "Oh my gosh HUMANS! I didn't know they were so small... cute!"
>>13788 a little pony for little humans
(1.67 MB 2448x3264 1669756082215.jpg)
>>13787 >>13788 so that's where Dorothy came from. Lyra must've given her a ride over here
Another dead day on /mlp
(136.73 KB 846x702 1595228773185.png)
>>14321 Indeed. I wonder when it'll be back?
(3.10 MB 2500x4559 1.png)
(3.89 MB 2500x4363 2.png)
(2.16 MB 2500x3010 3.png)
(2.03 MB 2500x2951 4.png)
to whom it may concern: thank you for everything. https://files.catbox.moe/it3zfx.wav –10/10/22
>>14668 beautiful
>>14668 Wow, very soothing! Has a kinda Legend of Zelda feel to it.
>>14668 Fantastic as always.
(266.42 KB 1839x1419 lyrant_pilk.png)
(56.13 KB 250x250 1611767255164.png)
I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her
>>15803 Imma get a Lyra plushie. I NEED HER!
(1.38 MB 2500x2220 2986241.png)
>>15803 She loves you
(19.22 KB 667x849 lyraxis.png)
Drew a quick Lyra before bed.
>>17242 This came out really nice Anon, thanks for sharing.
>>17242 cute. saved.
(475.53 KB 2550x2149 1440939217116.jpg)
Happy Hearts and Hooves day, Lyra
>>17270 why is she alone?
>>17271 She's waiting for (you).
(270.15 KB 815x723 she's actin' doubles.png)
Have been very busy for a while. Would like to draw more pony. Keep hearing the clip-clop of hooves behind me. For now, here are two Lyras: 'For those about to rock' Lyra, and Lyra who you caught snacking on oats in the middle of the night (you are crossing your arms and smiling smugly because you dared her to go a full month without oats and now she has to make the kids' lunches for two weeks straight).
>>17312 Adorable Lyras! You definitely need to draw more, anon. Very cute.
(2.26 MB 2694x2450 1686377414450670.png)
>>17312 The Lyries make me happy!
(253.11 KB 1284x1281 6704155.png)
we're back
>>17559 She looks like she just got through rolling in a field of mint.
>>17561 She would smell amazing and fresh after that.
>>17312 You cannot keep Lyra away from the otes
>>17621 If you hide the oats from her, she will find a way to get them. She's very clever, sneaky, and dedicated when it comes to getting the oats.
(323.73 KB 2000x2000 6988059.jpg)
>>17631 I too, wish to relax in a hot tub of baked beans.
(34.04 KB 1425x672 Screenshot 2024-07-09 153039.png)
So glad nhnb is back up. I really dig it here. Oh by the way, I need everybody's help on something. This weird horse-like creature (pic related) keeps following me around, telling me she's trying to do some sort of thought-projection on me (not working so far). Do you guys have any tips on getting her to scram?
>>14668 Lovely. Pleasant and nostalgic, but not saccharine. Feels very alive.
>>17656 drop otes on the ground and run very fast
>>17656 Try holding her hoof, it might intimidate her.
(727.84 KB 1152x864 hokuspokus.gif)
>>17672 Okay, so good news and bad news. I tried the hoof-holding thing and she seemed pretty bewildered by it...but now she won't let go. Thoughts?
>>17673 What's the bad news?
>>17673 Just keep holding it, she'll get bored eventually