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(1011.88 KB 1024x1024 cuddly liddle horse.PNG)
Anonymous 09/01/2021 (Wed) 22:15:58 No. 2447
>>2447 It's like a 3d model of a plush. Is that what it's supposed to be?
(350.12 KB 2655x3008 2214568.png)
(2.98 MB 4032x3024 1307869644673.jpeg)
>>2447 Bootleg thread?
(325.15 KB 741x4229 Rare.png)
(46.79 KB 1419x267 Rare New.png)
(174.49 KB 877x700 1332522.jpg)
>>2457 every morning when i check this board before work i come to this thread to see this image. they look so sad. something about it makes me want to look at it every day
>>3694 >something about it makes me want to look at it every day It's because you're working every day and therefore also sad.
>>3699 i like my job. i think the ponies being so clearly distressed is what makes me come back. why would someone make a product like this? what little girl wants to play with ponies who look permanently sad?
>>3773 Apparently, I posted that here 30 days ago. Didn't think it would so strongly affect someone.
>>3774 me neither friend. but this image just has such a draw to it i can't help myself
>>2457 Check out the metal wire around their necks; it really adds to the feel of the image. It's like some awful G1 troll has taken over dollar store dream castle and is yanking them around be the leash.
(502.84 KB 469x469 1654302586178.gif)
(996.68 KB 1280x720 1650827457685.gif)
(302.70 KB 2000x1250 1655575478305.gif)
This thread is dangerously low on Ponk posts. Have three ponkas to get us back on topic.
(146.37 KB 1941x2048 cute wintery ponk.jpeg)
a cute!
(342.02 KB 1000x952 3175022.jpg)
(540.50 KB 491x687 flour1.png)
(578.80 KB 490x687 flour2.png)
Picked this trading card up at the thrift shop. Was on the brickabrack next to all the used binders, not part of anything else in the store. I think it fell out of a binder. Told the cashier exactly that and said I'd give her a nickle for it, got a "yeah sure" mixed with a chuckle, then just dropped a nickle in the jar and left. Well worth change you can find on the ground if you ask me.
>>16505 nice find, anon!