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(1011.88 KB 1024x1024 cuddly liddle horse.PNG)
Anonymous 09/01/2021 (Wed) 22:15:58 No. 2447
>>2447 It's like a 3d model of a plush. Is that what it's supposed to be?
(350.12 KB 2655x3008 2214568.png)
(2.98 MB 4032x3024 1307869644673.jpeg)
>>2447 Bootleg thread?
(325.15 KB 741x4229 Rare.png)
(46.79 KB 1419x267 Rare New.png)
(174.49 KB 877x700 1332522.jpg)
>>2457 every morning when i check this board before work i come to this thread to see this image. they look so sad. something about it makes me want to look at it every day
>>3694 >something about it makes me want to look at it every day It's because you're working every day and therefore also sad.
>>3699 i like my job. i think the ponies being so clearly distressed is what makes me come back. why would someone make a product like this? what little girl wants to play with ponies who look permanently sad?
>>3773 Apparently, I posted that here 30 days ago. Didn't think it would so strongly affect someone.
>>3774 me neither friend. but this image just has such a draw to it i can't help myself
>>2457 Check out the metal wire around their necks; it really adds to the feel of the image. It's like some awful G1 troll has taken over dollar store dream castle and is yanking them around be the leash.