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(30.82 KB 560x373 laurenfaust_3174.jpg)
Lauren Faust thread Anonymous 09/10/2021 (Fri) 20:29:50 No. 2747
A woman who made at lest two generations of young men want to fuck horses
(2.67 MB 2500x3188 art5071.png)
(1.41 MB 1200x1500 6076283.png)
(2.69 MB 3992x7190 Lauren Faust Legacy.jpg)
(67.99 KB 640x232 Zardos.jpg)
She saved countless young men from the villainy of women. >mare is good! >woman is evil!
>>5766 Ironic, considering she was a feminist and all that.
>>5767 More than that. Her detached-from-reality optimistic strain of feminism was absolutely necessary for such a depiction of mare to appear in this world.
>>5767 2010 Lauren and 2021 Lauren are different people. IIRC 2010 Lauren even made jew jokes
>>5772 2010 Lauren was still a feminist, just a more light-hearted one.
>>5766 Maybe that wasn't her original plan. But when the Fausticorn was created Lauren's original intentions were hi-jacked and her intentions twisted to serve pony needs by her OC doppleganger.
>>7066 >Fausticorn is the physical manifestation of Faust's original hopes and dreams for the show
The best thing about the show is how genuine and pro-social it is while being respectful to the audience. The characters are very likeable and easy to feel empathy for and the humor is fast paced and in character. People disillusioned with the social interaction in their lives find it refreshing because it provides something they were not getting.