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Break out your finest MS Paints Anonymous 07/08/2021 (Thu) 07:37:19 No. 290
We're doing one of these. Get the individual parts in the zip below: https://u.smutty.horse/mbzfrewrnil.zip Post them in thread once you've done them and we'll see what sort of magical creation we've made. I've even done one already.
>>290 I'm not opening that shit, OP
>>291 What piece do you want then?
>>292 Preferably the one that doesn't plant a trojan in my PC and sells all my clop to Mossad
>>293 I mean, tell me which piece you'd want me to upload directly here.
>>294 You could've started with explanation what the fuck is this, OP. Just saying.
>>296 It's a collage of sorts. Every Anon does one piece (ideally) and then at the end we put it back together and find out what it looks like. See the 3rd pic in OP as example. It's the piece in the upper left corner.
>>297 Didn't get any clearer.
>>299 It used to be done on /mlp/. I can't remember the exact name so I'm having a hell of a time trying to find an example. Mosaic may be a more accurate name. See pics. Basically, just pick on piece of the image and draw something to fit in there and replace it. You follow the general shapes but you can add in other stuff to make it interesting.
(7.16 KB 404x227 wtf.png)
>>301 Nice.
(23.74 KB 404x227 3.png)
>Probably the laziest part I could get. lol
>>290 Is it ok if we post other ms paint-tier drawings? I miss the ms paint threads on /mlp/.
>>436 I don't see why not. Well done MS Paint drawing always had a certain charm to them.
>>436 Let's get that started then.
(27.34 KB 404x227 6.png)
take my humble painting of part 6
(269.86 KB 404x227 9.png)
>>1700 >>1701 >It's not dead Nice.
(83.14 KB 1350x755 part 13.png)
>>290 Like this?
(20.06 KB 404x227 11new.png)
>>1713 Just like that.
>Here's how far we are Done: 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 11, 13 Remaining: 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16
We now have page 8!
(3.92 KB 288x170 10.png)
>>300 Sad to see this thread die before the shitty mosaic is complete, I can't let the plight of so many anon to be in vain! Let us revive this thread and assemble the pieces like they were always meant to be. Here is number 10.
>>7574 Nice. Now we're halfway there.
(267.66 KB 3508x2500 4.png-autosave.png)
>>12827 based necromancer
>>12827 Yay! Maybe now that it's bumped some more anon who haven't submitted yet will help? We're so close guys!
(7.33 KB 404x227 7.png)
>>12829 Ask and you shall receive
(169.36 KB 3508x2500 5.png-autosave.png)
>>12829 5! >>12835 Thanks anon.
>6 remain
(213.32 KB 3508x2500 8autosave.png)
(22.52 KB 404x227 12edit.png)
(11.78 KB 404x227 15a.png)
OP are you here?
>>13192 Yes. I think it's just 14 and 16 remaining. Very nice to see this come to completion.
(36.43 KB 404x227 14a.png)
>1 to go
(12.79 KB 404x227 16a.png)
(232.77 KB 1614x908 mosaic.png)
>>13211 >It's actually done Amazing work Anons!
>>13212 It's a masterpiece! Picaso wishes he could paint such a poignant piece.
>>13212 Epic win
sir may I please have another?
>>13212 based thank you Anon
(41.83 KB 1351x864 1708264359727411.png)
I have missed this board so much! Welcome back!
>>17584 Such a cute pony.
let's do another one?