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(733.33 KB 1280x720 1537364717212.png)
The single sexiest thing to come out of FiM Anonymous 09/17/2021 (Fri) 18:33:23 No. 2957
Her potential was so wasted.
(477.62 KB 2161x2508 art6133.png)
>>2958 She wouldn't do that without demanding something significant in return. Sticklight is efficient and ruthless.
>>2959 True. Isn't that the appeal, though?
(3.43 MB 518x389 1619660718616.gif)
>>2957 >Her potential was so wasted. Just a casual suggestion from one Anon elicited a viable story concept. This doesn't even begin to represent all the opportunities missed from not being able to pair her with Cozy Glow
For me, it's this or Dash x Lightning Dust angry sex.
(1018.40 KB 1186x667 362964.png)
bugfags are delusional
(393.08 KB 1216x938 1655202705436.png)
>>2957 Your attempts at converting me are admirable, but from my point of view, nothing beats the original.
(705.41 KB 1280x720 ShotInTheEye.png)
(2.15 MB 719x540 Apple Bloom Bowling Ball.gif)
(424.13 KB 1001x565 LessonZero.png)
If you're going to call something from one of the late seasons that nobody watched the sexiest thing on the show, at least make it Squeaky Belle taking a shot in the eye from a hot dog. Or you use something from one of the good years like Apple Bloom sucking on a ball or Twilight giving a sparrow anal with her horn.
(395.86 KB 1280x720 378036.png)
>>11363 Aren't you forgetting something?
(17.51 KB 500x281 look at her go.gif)
>>11351 >the original >has wings based retard
(694.00 KB 1024x2299 124555.png)
(7.85 KB 188x268 156312.png)
>>11370 Wings or no, it's still the same mare underneath (S3 onward writing decline notwithstanding)
>>11375 Honestly Season 4 was good in it's own way; the Pinkie Pie humor was spot on like the turkey call subplot and being exited about a used patio furniture sale. It's not until the season 4 finale where the show did something I truly felt hurt the world (eyebleed castle). Kind of sucks because other than that the finale and set up for it was pretty good. Season 4 has it's problems like the annoying songs but still has a good number of very solid episodes I enjoyed. Even seasons 5 and 6 had a good episode or two, but I don't tend to watch anything past season 4 because of all the smaller ways the world becomes off adding up. Doesn't sit well with me.
>>11363 abble blimp noh, yull chip a toof
(3.24 MB 450x450 1082875.gif)
>>11380 Not of Zecora can help it. Dentists hate her.
>>11375 Clones aren't original, regardless of accuracy, especially when written differently anyways. I respect your choice, i'm still going to utilize my right to call you retarded for it though.
>>11382 Fair enough, Unicorn Twi is best Twi anyway.
Shout out to Deviant Artist ArcWing who likes doing Evil Twilies plus a truly Gorgeous Princess Twibug by FoughtDragon01 (no amount of boops could do this one justice..)
sh*t, didn't load it. OK, here it is (plus a couple recolors)
>>11392 >Unicorn Twi is best Twi anyway. >not earth pony Twilight >>11365 Good pick. I also forgot Rarity's ball-draining costume from the Nightmare Alt and Fluttershy shaking her ass to the Ponytones. ...And I just remembered what was far and away the single most blatantly sexy thing to ever appear on the show, and it happened in Season 1. I can't beleive I forgot. *Bump-bump-sugar lump-rump*
>>11424 Two more things: >Sunshine sunshine Should have been the most obvious one. And since you like your fillies so much: The scene in show stoppers where the CMC fling their costumes while off screen and then it cuts to their blank flanks.
(187.67 KB 1000x563 BestFriendsBump.png)
(430.04 KB 1000x563 NotGroomingAtAll.png)
(589.26 KB 1000x563 JellyGuy.png)
>>11426 >Sunshine sunshine I don't know that Cadacne and Twilight waving their butts at each other is more obvious than Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon wedging their buttocks into each other's cracks and pushing backward until their hind legs come off the ground, but it is definitely one of those things. >the CMC fling their costumes while off screen and then it cuts to their blank flanks I never thought of that one before, but now that you mention it I can see it. Oh! How about the jelly guy from "Hearts and hooves Day"? I mean yeah, it was played for laughs, and it's not sexy to the viewer at all. It's still a fetishy thing, though.
(97.42 KB 860x507 1345322.png)
>>11424 >>not earth pony Twilight Excellent humor, truly peak comedy.
(111.88 KB 423x331 EarthPonyTwilight.png)
>>11434 >implying it's not objectively true
(711.75 KB 5000x5000 1648307500726.png)
>>11453 >Twilight without a horn is basically surgeon without hands.
>>11471 >In Equestria none of the surgeons have hands
>>11472 It must be fun getting a surgery from a doctor that uses a scalpel with their mouth.
>>11473 Would you prefer to be operated on by Sweetie Belle or Nurse Red Heart? And why are all of my pictures of Nurse Red Heart porn?
>>11487 You know that canonically Sweetie Belle pulled healthy teeth with pliers, right? But sure, please leave your lunch in me when you stitch me back together with your older sister's fashion supplies. Maybe you will get a cutie mark in patient mutilation.
>>11489 >You know that canonically Sweetie Belle pulled healthy teeth with pliers, right? No, what episode was that in? >It's a fact >I'm a quack >The disgrace >of the AMA >'Cause my patients die >Yeah, my patients die >Before they can pay
(1.24 MB 703x1080 235010.png)
>>11492 >what episode was that in? >Implying IDW isn't canon. The first arc of the comics in that last panel.
>>11493 IDW isn't canon
>>11496 At least IDW attempted to maintain some semblance of coherant canon, which is more than can be said for the post-Faust show.
>>11499 >semblance of coherant canon >season 10
(222.14 KB 808x900 1648566846075.png)
>>11493 Accepting IDW as canon means more Twilight character assassination, so no. It's bad enough S9 tried to get us on board with Ruler of Equestria Twilight Sparkle instead of best mage in Equestria Twilight Sparkle
(92.31 KB 863x1024 Glimglam-smirks.jpg)
>>11501 >best mage in Equestria In terms of sheer volume of magic, she's been bested.
>>11502 >donutsteel OC appears yeah, sure
>>11500 >>11501 That notion necessitates that you don't make a distinction between which IDW comics are canon and which are not canon. The joke that Sweetie Belle removed teeth is from the first comic arc and does not assassinate Twilight and is not season 10. Comics like the one about how Shining Armor and Princess Cadence met are very enjoyable and fit in well with the world so I consider them canon. Comics that reference late season stuff? Not canon. >>11503 based
>>11501 Then your "canon" stopped in Season 4 when Twilight's character arc was over and it was clear that she wasn't going anywhere else. Of course, that amounts to nothing but a statement regarding the percieved quality of the narrative. >>11505 Yeah, the Cook and Price comics were good. Even they couldn't patch over the Season 3 plot holes, though.
(2.51 MB 2200x1300 1650519743209 (1).png)
An episode with Good Twilight vs. Evil Twilight, like in the Samurai Jack episode in which he needs to fight the physical manifestation of his anger/frustration, would have been wonderful. Only, it should not just have fighting. It could include the two strategizing against each other, executing schemes to trap each other, etc. Oh well, I can let it exist in my imagination at least.
She sexy!
(1.08 MB 1280x943 show_stopper_sb.png)
>>11426 The show stoppers outfits themselves were insanely erotic
>>15801 ywn hatch machiavellian plots with evil Twilight, and gloat over your enemies when you succeed. Why even live.