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(15.27 KB 191x264 Pon.jpeg)
Newfriend 09/20/2021 (Mon) 16:47:17 No. 3023
Hello Nhnb, I just migrated from 4chan /mlp because that place has become awful. Is there anything to do here worth mentioning?
>>3023 >Is there anything to do here worth mentioning? Just poni poni poni. Also, welcome aboard!
(766.32 KB 1280x1745 1617471654006.jpg)
>>3023 MARES!
(1.44 MB 2378x2199 yeehaw4.png)
>>3023 welcome and enjoy your stay. May I ask how you heard of this place?
>>3026 Through /mlp ad.
>>3024 >>3025 Awesome, Mare time!
(945.71 KB 325x279 1600985587793.gif)
(70.14 KB 500x418 pinkie posting.png)
Make good posts, don't make bad posts.
(139.73 KB 476x472 1602346557858.png)
>>3032 Never!
>>3027 I did not know there was an ad on /mlp/. Cool!
(291.79 KB 728x90 ad.gif)
>>3023 We have /clop/
(2.02 MB 1186x1800 1813148.jpg)
What is this place? I came here because G5 over ran /mlp/
>>3236 Same. So I hope to keep getting my dose of soulful mares here.
>>3238 I hope you enjoy your stay.
(88.79 KB 1280x732 o5rhN.jpg)
>>3236 This is a FiM board. In a nutshell, it's no G5, no humanized/anthro/EqG(and characters that originate from there), and no soyjack/frogposting. Few other things but you get the idea. It's basically like what /mlp/ was in the early years.
>>3240 What about /clop/? Is humanized allowed there? I legit couldn't tell.
>>3242 anthro/eqg/humanized is banned site wide, including /clop/.
(232.52 KB 800x463 1612463753436.png)
>>3244 ^:)
>>3240 >It's basically like what /mlp/ was in the early years. /mlp/ in the "early years" had way more tripfags. And humanizations, not that there is anything wrong with them.
>>3247 Unfortunately due to barbie cancer, it can no longer be separated.
>>3248 Sad, but true. Regardless, most of them were anime face/coom anyway.
>>3247 There is everything wrong with humanizations. They aren't equine.
>>3247 Humanisations were always garbage. And EQG is merely the corporate reflection of that. So in other words, they helped to actively make the official content far worse.
>>3252 >Humanisations were always garbage. Not really. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Z7UnO66q9w >they helped to actively make the official content far worse. This is just retarded. Do you seriously believe that Hasbro didn't just copy Monster High/whatever show children were watching back then?
>>3253 I'm not clicking that. And they literally said they were inspired by fanart.
>>3253 Of course they did see it as an opportunity to compete with Monster High/whatever.
>>3023 Welcome! One thing worth mentionning is this board allows tulpas and plots, unlike /mlp/. And the milkmare is allowed on the /clop/ board. My personal favorite is the 'Mods are alseep' thread with real horses, some funny pics there.
>>3267 Milkmare of Trottingham is okay anywhere as long as you don't display her luscious, life giving teats.
>>3267 >My personal favorite It also has an important poll