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/gryphons/ Anonymous 09/23/2021 (Thu) 19:13:50 No. 3119
Gryphons, griffons, and more griffins. If you got em, post em.
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>>3121 But there is no /trash/ board here.
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In lieu of being the (first?) gryphon thread here on the board, I'll be posting a discussion prompt to get things start. As a writefag that jumped on to the ride early on into the show's life cycle, I've always been interested in the direction the show would take when it first started off. One key point of interest that for the longest time remained unanswered was that for the gryphons. It wasn't until we got to the Griffonstone episode did we see what they were like to mixed results. On one hand, we *did* finally get some meat and lore as to what the rest of Gilda's speceies were like, as well as aspects on their history and culture. On the other, it left much to be desired, and disappointed just as many as it may have pleased for one reason or another. Regardless, the canon within the episode stands, and whatever expectations before passed into the sands of history. That being said, I've always been curious as to the other takes on gryphons before the episode occurred when put into the hands of fan writers and other fan creation creators. I've seen them being shown as the remains of a dying species whos numbers are at best in the mid hundreds, to having a great and powerful empire to rival that of Equestria. In at least one instance, I've seen them shown as traveling nomads, always on the move, going where the winds take them in hawking their wares. With the episode's debut however, much of these depictions have vanished on the wind, fading into the background like so many other things as the show progressed. All that in mind, I wish to document and record what remains of those memories before they go to so much dust. The Griffonstone episode is fine despite my own issues with the episode, but I'd also like to see what came before preserved, if only to stand as a testament to what came before and to give me some further ideas for writing material. So, if you have em, show em. That said, if you have anything you would like to share post Griffonstone, feel free to drop it here. Nothing wrong with it, just some more to add to the pile.
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(2.73 MB 3840x2160 art10656.png)
>>3125 Sadly I don't have much of a response. Only pre-Griffonstone fanfic with gryphons in it that I remember clearly is Fallout Equestria where they are like mercenaries. It sounds like an interesting topic though. I also quite like these arts.
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>>3129 Anything is welcomed Anon. Seeing as the question has been asked, I might as well drop my own to help contribute to it. In terms of my own ideas before the episode popped up, I had a few separate ones that had been brewing up until that point, and only recently got back into to try and write a fic featuring Roseluck and Gilda. In terms of diverging from the more common interpretations that presented them as being a unified rival to Equestria, I was thinking of incorporating something more akin to a confederacy for my own work, made up of various city states being led by one great one, taking inspiration from the tribal Native American tribes that populated the Americas, with a dash of the holy Roman Empire mixed in to put a bow on it. It's an unusual mixture, but it would allow for a variety of depictions since the natives themselves were quite diverse if you include both continents. It's been somewhat of a slog, but I've been chipping away at it on and off in my head and trying to put it all to digital paper. Doing the research required for such an endeavor has been a pain thus far, but the idea is novel enough that it has promise. A skittish earth pony having a chance encounter with Gilda and forced to travel due to circumstances putting them together, I found the idea too intriguing not to develop. Not to mention a good excuse to put those other ideas in my head into action. Still, it's only at the early stages, and it'll be a while before I can get something solid out of it. Main issue is capturing both Gilda and Roseluck in the essence they were seen as back early on, while both providing my own take on them and getting a dynamic between the two together. It's not easy, but it's all in the name of actually creating something rather than just merely consooming on and on and on. Might as well try to give something back after all this time.
(1.06 MB 3400x1957 art10233.jpg)
>>3133 Sounds like a good concept. Just curious though, how have depictions of Roseluck changed since then?
(1.51 MB 1544x2003 art10603.png)
(104.83 KB 640x828 2878450.png)
>>3134 As far as I can tell, very little if at all. She's one of the few background ponies that have remain stable, at least as far as common "fanon" personalities are concerned. That said, I am trying to capture her more skittish nature and have it mesh with how it would interact with Gilda, at least the one we saw before Griffonstone. I did not personally like how they just brushed under the rug with Gilda's last interaction with the M6, so my aim is to make a transition for a gentler Gilda more "natural" for the lack of a better word. What better than to be forced to travel with a pony due to some circumstance that forces them together? Or better yet, something that would force them both into an uncomfortable situation. Say, perhaps being transplanted into each other's species and having to deal with the physiological ramifications of that. Something that requires some research and what not to get right. A fish out of water story where a gryphon and a pony must make do with the situation dealt to them, while trying to remain sane and not kill each other in the process. Or at least, something to that measure at least. There's a lot of working parts, and all I have for it are just hot air at the moment. I am thinking I might as well bite the bullet and just write certain scenes in my head to get it out of my system and then see how it fares by submitting them here.
>>3135 >tfw no birb waifu to feed birbseed to
>>3145 Where would you get birbseed while having a regular cock? Unless you're a tfag.
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>>3166 I'm pretty sure a regular cock would have more of that kind of birbseed.
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>>3170 Flutters also likes to play with balls
(512.05 KB 981x982 birbseed.jpg)
>>3166 You misunderstand. See pic related; birbseed.
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>>3175 But how will you cum sunflower seeds?
(986.30 KB 2469x1610 2278977.jpg)
More gryphon posting (and zebras, who got even less lore).
(340.35 KB 842x1682 2244091.png)
>>3272 >Post zeebs
(524.12 KB 753x800 1164707.png)
>>3273 I made Zecora thread >>>/clop/187
>>3274 Awesome, definitely will take a look.
>>3144 I made something for practice on the /fim/ thread to try and demonstrate a scene and writing abilities. Hopefully it is okay. - Roseluck halted, her eyes widening as the gryphon before her did the same. The moment of silence between the two did not last as the gryphon's eyes narrowed. "Oh great, of all the damned places to run into a lameo pony, it had to be here." Roseluck's eyes sharpened, forcing down the fear that threatened to crawl out of her throat as her ears splayed back. "The feelings mutual." Roseluck said, putting her body at an angle to an escape route as she positioned her hind legs towards the gryphon, while her tail crept up to the dagger hidden in her saddle bag. Gilda raised an eye at the display as something in her memory ticked, blinking as memories of a a shy mare of her exact form rose out of the murkiness of her mind. For a moment, she considered her options before shrugging, tapping her staff on the ground before taking a quick glance around to see if there were any others besides her around. Satisfied, she looked back at the mare as Gilda took a relaxed stance, mindful not to brush her bruised wing as she leaned against the outcrop of a rock wall. Roseluck blinked, surprised at the non aggression of the gryphon. The last she saw of this she bitch, the oversized vermin was terrorizing the denizens of Ponyville. When the gryphon did nothing to respond to her after a few moments, Rose slowly relaxed her guard as she pulled the scarf covering her face to reveal her muzzle. She glanced around, wondering if there were any other gryphons in the area before shrugging it off. There didn't appear to be any in the immediate vicinity, otherwise they would have surrounded her already. "What're you doing here dweeb?" Roseluck jerked as the gryphoness cut into her thoughts. Blinking, she saw the gryphon yawn as she leaned into her travel staff. Roseluck paused, considering her next words before speaking. "I'm here to find rare and exotic wild flora to add to my collection. Nothing more, nothing less. What about you, Miss I Am Too Cool for Ponyville?" At that Gilda rolled her eyes, sighing as she bit back the cascade of words that demanded she put this pony into her proper place. "I've heard better insults from newborn chicks dweeb. For the record, I am just here to grab something for a client. Nothing more, nothing less. Capiche?" Roseluck considered her words before shaking her head. "You're going to need to be a little more detailed than that, considering you acted like such a bitch-" Roseluck flinched as the gryphon growled. "For your godsdamned information, all I wanted was to have a good time with Rainbow, maybe play a few harmless pranks while we were at it. At least till you losers came up and ruined it." "Ruined it!?" Rose exploded. "I don’t recall us inviting a filthy gryphon into Ponyville to harass us, steal our produce, and Celestia knows what else. You're the one that waltz into Ponyville and started shit with us! If anyone ruined anything, it’s you!” She said, pointing a hoof at Gilda. It was then the practical side of Roseluck reared its ugly head as the gryphon reared back a couple steps, stunned. *“Oh dear Celestia, I just insulted a gryphon. If I wasn’t dead before-”* To Roseluck’s surprise, the gryphon took a deep breath and sighed. “You know what? You gotta point. I was being an utter bitch, I got what was coming to me.” Gilda said, ignoring the sensation curling in her stomach before shooting an icy glare in return. “But did Pinkie Cake or whoever really had to go and get in the way of Dash and I? I just wanted to have a good time with her. I was a bitch, I realize that now. But-”
>>3390 “But what?” Roseluck shot back, taking a few steps forward. Gilda reared, taking a few steps back. Emboldened, Roseluck stomped her way until she was right in the gryphon’s face. “If you wanted to go hang out with Rainbow Dash, why didn’t you just say so? Heck, I can get playing a few pranks here and there. But what you did was just *wrong*. Like, why in Celestia’s name did you think would happen when you started playing those pranks on us? Did you think we weren’t going to poke back? Sorry if Pinkie had to take you down a notch, but we Ponyvillians look after our own.” She said, poking a hoof into her chestfeathers. Gilda should have been angry at this, outraged beyond belief. But that was the Gilda from a couple years before. The Gilda of now just took a deep breath, and sighed, running her claws through her feathers before giving a glum look to the earth pony beneath her. “You made your point. I was a bitch, end of story. Happy now?” She said, unable to stop the exhaustion in her voice from bleeding out into the open. Roseluck stared, giving the gryphon a once over before stepping back. “I… Yes? I kinda expected you to fight me more on this.” Gilda shrugged. “Let’s just say things weren’t good for me after I left Ponyville and leave it at that. Suffice to say, I’m just here for a job. I’m surprised to see someone like you out and about. Last I checked, you ponies are usually too skittish to be out and about on your own.” Roseluck grimaced, pawing at the ground beneath her. “Well, touche. I had to toughen up a bit to come up here. I need the bits, and I heard there was a special artifact out-” Roseluck’s hoof shot up to her muzzle, but it was too late, the gryphon raising an eye as she dipped down to eye level. “An artifact huh? I wouldn’t suppose it would happen to be one associated with gryphon fertility and agriculure, right?” With the cat out of the back, Roseluck nodded, unable to come up with a lie on the spot. Gilda sighed, running her paws down her face as she stifled a moan. “Fucking typical. So we’re both after the same thing. Where’d you even hear it from anyway?” “W-well, I heard it from a strange gryphon merchant that dropped into town while browsing my wares. I said something along the lines of needing something to bolster my profits or some such thing, and he mentioned this artifact out of the blue, and… He wouldn’t stop talking about it. Then he gave me a map to its rough location, and then disappeared after making a purchase before I could ask him about it further. I thought nothing of it at the time, but… The crops failed, and I was desperate, so I had to come here in hopes of finding something. So here I am.” Roseluck said with a helpless shrug. Gilda stared for a moment, processing what the earth pony said before cocking her head to the side. “Seems a little arbitrary if you ask me, but far from me to interrogate you on it.” “What about you then? Why’re you out here?” “More or less the same deal, if not in the exact same way. A gryphon’s gotta put food on the table, and some gryphon’s tribesman mentioned some rare artifact that they needed to be salvaged out here on these mountains. Said they’d pay a pretty artifact, and they didn’t have anyone else they could spare since the discovery of it. Paid a pretty penny up front too, so who was I to question it?” - This is what I have for now. Just something basic.
>>3390 >I made something for practice on the /fim/ thread to try and demonstrate a scene and writing abilities. Hopefully it is okay. Seems pretty good to me.
>>3391 Interesting text. I'm thinking it might be better to move the paragraph breaks so they group the actions of a character with the same character's speech. I don't have anything to criticise about the words themselves.
(260.19 KB 1024x1221 1408385158833.png)
>>3390 >>3391 I like this dynamic of slightly tough pony with slightly soft griffon. Good stuff Anon.
>>3415 >>3414 >>3416 I did it for my own sake of readability, but I'll experiment in other works to see if I can weave it in the way you described. My "style" is somewhat unorthodox to say the least, and by the time I learned the proper way of doing things, I've more or less ingrained the habits. My primary concerns are making at least somewhat readable, and then focusing on the story, because getting rid of age old habits that quite frankly are harmless, plus editing everything else that I have written is just a pain. Still, I'll consider it in the future. - I am glad to see these two posts are decent. Just wrote it down for the hell of it, not having that much to go on other than the vague ideas going on in my head. I'd figure my Gilda might have learned a bit and had a bit of time to do some soul searching, perhaps on the advice of her elders on the matter, while Roseluck is doing her own thing to toughen up, perhaps a merry suggestion from said gryphon merchant to go out on adventuer to toughen her up a bit, perhaps with a bit of guidance at first before letting her go out into the wild. In retrospect, perhaps I should have had a gryphon elder to accompany her, seeing as this would be Roseluck's first major outing outside Ponyville, much to the horror of her sisters. Perhaps with Roseluck having a kernel of ambition to go out on an adventure being watered by said gryphon with just the right honeyed words, which eventually prompts her to go out into the world, unknowing of the gryphon's true purpose for getting her out there. At the end of the day, I am just another dime a dozen amateur trying to write his way into horse words with a mental fog the size of Kansas filling my brain whenever I try to write more horse words. Or any other words for that matter when writing fiction. It's just easier to discuss said ideas than to actually write them. That said, I have started trying to work on the next update despite the feeling of some smallish kidney stones, slight nasuea and other stuff chipping away at me. Might have something for tomorrow, might not, we'll see. I've got three Anons I know looking forward to this, so I might as well see what happens. Pity that the post didn't even get a response on /fimfiction/, but that's to be expected. Now if you'll pardon me, I need to shotgun a glass or two of good old H2O to force the little bastards into the toilet bowl.
>>3458 "Perhaps it was *you* who was the wronged your friend." Gilda's head shot up, staring daggers at the Elder who kept that infuriating, punchable gaze of neutrality, his tone modest and calm as Gilda's feathers fluffed. "Like hell it was! It's not my fault those namby pamby flip flops couldn't take a a prank or two. What, am I suppose to go back and grovel to those shitheads? Fuck that noise. If anything, it's Dashie and her lameo 'friends' who have to apologize." At that, the elder shook there head, loosing a sigh of disappointment as he took a long puff of his pipe before giving Gilda yet another one of those disappointed stares, just like all the *other* elders she had come across. She just didn't think her gramps would be the one to give it to her though. "Was it so much a surprise that your friend Rainbow Dash would take umbrage with you? Stealing valuable produce, scaring an old mare, terrifying and bullying the town, was it any wonder that you have gotten the response you did? No young eagle, what happened to you was inevitable from the start." He raised a paw to forestall Gilda's response. "While it is understandable you wanted to keep a lone company with your friend, surely you would understand that she had made other friends in the meantime, friends of which you surely pushed away with your demeanor and attitude. Not that I do not sympathize with some of what they did to you of course." Gilda held her glare for a few more moments before dropping her head to the ground, a groan of frustration escaping her beak as she stared into the fire. "Then what'd do you suggest I do gramps? I don't wanna go back there and get on my haunches begging for forgiveness... Fuck, would they even forgive me? I did piss em off." At that, her grandfather tipped her head up with the tip of his talon, running it below the edge of her beak as he offered her a small smile. "Perhaps, perhaps not. But surely these lot are a forgiving sort if what I heard about them from the grapevine is any indication. If they truly embody their personification of spiritual harmony with the world, then surely they would extend the olive branch to you and take you into their fold. If you but explain your own reasoning and ire of what they accrued, perhaps you and they may make some amends and reforge what once was to be even stronger." He shrugged. "That being said, some time is needed to mend those wounds. You still need time to mature a little bit more. With that in mind, I do have a task that would be the perfect fit for you my young Gilda." At this, Gilda raised an eye. "Oh? Like what?" Her gramps chuckled, fetching a scroll from under his wing and unveiling it to Gilda. Taking a moment to examine it, she saw some strange looking crystal jewelry along with a small map. "This... This is in the Eastern Mountains." She mumbled, taking a moment to study both the map and sketch. She blinked for a moment, the artifact in question not arousing any recognition. What was it her gramps wanted her to do- Her eyes widened, veins pulsing red hot as she shot up from her position.
>>3463 "Wait, you want *me* to go out on a fetch quest? Pardon me gramps, but isn't that a little early for me to do? Why send me out there?" At that, her gramps only chuckled, shooting a coy smile down at her. "I have seen in a vision that you will do much in the times to come Gilda, should you choose to take this quest. Suffice to say, I believe it may prove pivotal in your development, or so the strands of fate may say." Just when Gilda was about to roll her eyes and snap a witty remark, her gramps pulled open her talons and placed something down into them. She blinked, a chill running down her spine as a well decorated dagger was clutched into her grasp. She eyed it up and down, feeling the weight of history behind it as she palmed the blade, looking between it and her gramps multiple times. "Wait, why are you giving me this gramps? Couldn't you give it to someone like my older siblings? They'd do better with it than I have. And what's this stuff about a vision quest? I mean, it's in the godsdamned Eastern Mountains. It's in the middle of monster territory for crying out loud!" She squawked, trying to ignore the hum of magic emanating from the blade. At this her gramps let out a warm laugh, patting her on the back. "That is for you to find out my young eagle. But suffice to say, I have a good feeling you'll make good use of it. My vision said so as much." "Augh, gramps..." Gilda moaned, shaking her head as she thumbed the family crest on the center of the dagger. She sighed, sheaving the blade within the scabbard it came with. "I... Can I think about this? You've dropped a huge load on my wings." Her gramps nodded, pulling himself up as he cupped her with his wing. "Of course my little wing. You'll have plenty of time to do this quest. We can discuss further details over the next few weeks if you wish, but I do believe it shall not do to think on it on an empty stomach, no?" "I'm not hungry-" Right at that moment, Gilda's stomach growled. Her gramps loosed yet another good hearted laugh as he patted her yet once more. "Your gizzard says otherwise." He said, pushed her out of the tent with one of his wings, blowing a sizzle of smoke from his beak before stuffing his thumb down his pipe to extinguish the flames. "Come now, our tribe made a decent kill of a hydra not too long ago. We shall feast merrily, and discuss this further in the morning. Now come along now." Gilda looked at him, a part of her feeling the urge to discuss this moment a bit more before looking between the dagger and his expecting face. Shrugging, she pulled the dagger over her neck and joined him as they took their stride out of the tent, her mouth watering as the scent of good meat entered her nostrils. "Okay gramps, we'll talk shop later then. But I am holding you up to that, alright?" He nodded. "Anything for you, my beloved granddaughter. Anything." ---
>>3464 And out of the blue, something struck, and I pounced on it to the best of my ability. Rushed as hell, with some moments not making as much sense as I would like. As you can probably tell, I pulled a lot out of my ass on the fly. I was making shit up in order to force the narrative along, with mixed results. I can feel the errors within it, but know no means of correcting them other than writing shit. Usually I take a lot longer with works like these considering the fact I absolutely despise editing, and would rather head such things off at the pass than deal with the pain of editing the damn thing later, especially since my works tend to balloon far greater than you average works. Usually somewhere between 3000 to even 20000, as per my last submitted works to placed like Fanfiction.net. Still, I forced myself onward and didn't feel the urge to fuss as much since this is just a demonstration and little more. It isn't like it'll feature anywhere in an "official" work if I can get around to writing the damn thing proper, hence the lack of effort. (My apologies, it's getting late here as well, so I rushed it.) But in any case, I hope it'll be decent for you folks to give a rough idea of what I am going for, and maybe be a bit entertaining in the process. For now, I shall hold my tongue and await further feedback.
>>3465 Seems alright for the most part, I'm assuming this is prequel to your previous post. Gramps comes across almost like an old indian chief which is a little odd. >I can feel the errors within it, but know no means of correcting them other than writing shit. See, that's the wonderful part about writting greentext. There's very few expectations. As long as the story's good and people can understand you, you're probably fine.
>>3473 A possible prequel at any rate. Just something I cooked up real quick to get it out of my system. No telling if something like this will actually make it into the story proper. But at least it isn't god awful. As for greentext, I usually don't do that sort of thing. My style leans more towards the prose side of things than not due to early habits and aspirations when I started off writing fanfics over a decade ago. Even then, sometimes I can find it surprisingly difficult to get started on a greentext when it suits my fancy. I've only ever written... Maybe two or five over my lifetime, seeing as my writing is infrequent as it is. With regards to the project, it's still in doubt whether I can get it off the ground or not. Chances are it'll end up like many of its peers, dead and/or on permanent hiatus for one reason or another. Which is where posts like this comes into play. While I am normally not one for writing oneshots, it's more feasible to get some content out this way in working with the sporadic nature of my update schedule and loss of novelty for a project over time. Once interest is lost, it's hard to maintain momentum unless you have the discipline to write on schedule at least every week bare minimum. I've heard the advice that you need to write every day if you are serious as a writer, but frankly this is just a hobby to me. If it starts to become work, what's the point? That said, persistence is something that can get results if done correctly. Just need a way past all those brick mental walls that keep popping up when writing. (I.E: Just forcing it until it works and maybe fixing it later.
>>3485 Well hopefully you find something fun to work on. I don't know about your past works but what you've posted here seems to have some potential.
(482.03 KB 1247x682 1360421753.xeshaire_gilda.png)
>>3496 Maybe so. We'll just have to see. On a side note, I've been browsing some of my old notes on a hard drive back from 2014. Turns out, I had plans for having both Gilda and Roseluck together as sisters of all things. (Or Fluttershy and Gilda, there was another doc snippet mentioning that.) Even back then, the idea lingered, and went into hibernation, slowly biding its time until it decided to rear its ugly head up yet again. No greentext unfortunately, but it was fun looking at some "old" 4chan stuff. (At least for being a newfag long after the Scruffening that is.) The only other thing was a greentext featuring the then Anons into ponies sort of deal that was going decent until it mention "OH HO SO SPECIAL ME ADHD" horseshit. To my credit, I didn't cringe out of my skin, but I can definitely tell that was bad writing. So... Progress? At least I've gotten better when telling my past stuff was utter shite.
(20.56 KB 500x400 Gryphon Princess.jpg)
Hark, I have returned with more content. Not related to GildaLuck content from above, but it does have Gilda and Celestia in it. Originally meant to post it to /sun/ till one of the anons there took umbrage with it. Hence, I decided to post here for a lack of a /gryphon/ thread on /mlp/. Enjoy. ----- There were few things in life that Gilda could say that have outright floored her. She was a jaded gryphon, always making sure to rip out the mystic and wonder out of any little thing that these ponies always seemed to fret over. She was a gryphon for Lioara's sake! Gryphons don't do impressed. Gryphons don't do being left outright speechless that their beaks risked falling off. Gryphons don't do existential angst about who they are in life. Yet... There she was. Within Gilda's talons, a crumpled photo of herself as a chick nestled between her father and- *her*. There was no mistaking her identity. Her form may have been that of a proud gryphon, but even still nobody but the dumbest dweeb could mistake that multi-colored mane of feathers that streaked across her white body. She stared, the warmth of her smile emanating through the photo as if she were really there with her. Wings the envy of any gryphoness wrapped around a familiar chick, cuddling up to her mother's neck, egg shells littering the area around them. To her right, her father stood proud in an *equine* form, bereft of wings or even a horn to call his own. If not for the scar running down his cheek to his neck, she could almost pretend that very same pony was not her father. She shook her head, backing away from the drawer as her chest tightened. A chuckle left her beak, crumpling the photo even further. "T-this has to be some kind of prank. T-there's no way on Freya's green earth am I related to her. Or my father was ever a fucking pony- She stopped, feeling a sharp presence enter the room. Gilda froze, the blood in her veins turned to ice as her muscle went rigid. She had only been near that presence once, and that was at the Grand Galloping Gala when she had to attended due to some unrelated duties. While she ever only managed to get a glance of the princess from afar, you *knew* you were in her presence when she came into play. Slowly, the gryphon turned, hoping against hope this was all some awful dream- The photo slipped, floating down to earth until a golden hued magic aura took hold of it. It lifted into the air, ascending until it stood in front of the face of- "Hello Gilda." She spoke, the warmth of her voice sending a chill down Gilda's spine. Her beak opened, then closed, opening again before she clamped it shut as she took a reflexive step backwards.
>>3560 She had just been here because some letter said some matter of inheritance of great importance from her long deceased mother had to be discussed. That was all it was supposed to be. Get a package, get out, then done. Yet that was not to be as the alicorn strode forward, Gilda paralyzed to the spot as the sun princess took a bow and sat next to Gilda, cupping her face with a wing. "It's been a long time since we last met my daughter dearest. Oh how have you grown into such a proud gryphoness." She giggled. "It-It can't be. My father said my mother died during child birth. Y-you can't be my mother, this can't be real. This is just some sick dream or shit like that made to fuck with- Gilda squawked as a blinding flash of light lit the room, raising an arm to shield her sight. She blinked, getting the spots out of her vision as the light faded- Her heart stilled. No longer, did the alicorn from before inhabit the room. In her place, a gryphoness greater in size than all but the Queen Regent of Graphos stood tall and proud, towering over Gilda by over several inches. The gryphoness churred, running a wing to cuff the smaller gryphoness below her as- She flinched, a warmth that she did not know forgotten flooding back into her as Gilda leaned into her touch. Something warm peeled down her beak as she pressed into her, a scent long forgotten filling her nostrils as a desire wrought within her heart pushed her towards the hen Gods. There was no mistaking it, that scent of a hot summer's day in a field of flowers pressing into her very being. There was no mistaking it. Only one gryphon had that scent, and- "Mother..." She whispered, her heart stopping as she felt the gryphoness's beak run down the back of her neck. She groaned, collapsing into her as the gryphoness went to work preening her from top to bottom. Gilda's eyes closed, purring as thoughts of disbelief, shock and denial emptied from her mind, replaced with ones of want and desire. She could feel it, that subtle nudge in the back of her head that did nothing to mask its presence. But Gilda for the life of her could not give one damn even if she tried. She was home, nestled between the wingspan of her mother, uncaring that she had been an alicorn moments before. Before long however, the gryphoness's beak lifted. To Gilda's shame, she loosed a whine as the bottom of her beak was lifted up by the tip of a talon. The warmth of the sun once more shined bright into her eyes, Gilda's beak trembling as she managed to muster the presence of mind to say a few words. "You're mother. But how, why-" Her mother giggled, a finger laid on her beak silencing her. "Oh my sweetest daughter, you shall know in time. But for the time being, I wish to bask in this moment. Won't you deign to give an old hen this much at least?" There was so much to ask. So much to examine. So much to find out that the inquistive side demanded she do. The rest of Gilda told it to fuck off as she leaned in, crooing on instinct as she gave her answer. Celestia smiled, and went to work, grooming Gilda until the young gryphon dame fell asleep as night fell.
>>3561 Drawing her beak back, Celestia yawned as she looked out the window, her sister's moon high in the sky. Nobody knew of this moment, nobody but her, her sister, and... Right on cue, she felt the touch of a hoof into her back. She twisted, nuzzling the handsome stud of a stallion on the muzzle as her locked with the beiged colored earth pony. "So, here at last Aurelian. Took you long enough." He shrugged, pecking her on the beak. "Well, it has been a while since I last been in this form. Forgive me for acquainting myself with it once more *Celeste*." Celestia rolled her eyes, giving a playful smack on the back of the stallion's head. "You and your little name for me. I should come up with something suitable for you one of these days." He laughed. "Only when you find something suitable with my namesake." He paused, dipping his muzzle down to Gilda, pressing a kiss into her cheek before taking his place besides her. "How... How is she taking it?" He asked, lips furled as he wrapped his tail around his daughter. Celestia shrugged. "Well enough to be expected given my light dash of warmth. She'll have questions in the morning, but she won't be screaming her beak off at every which way in utter denial, panic, or both." Aurelian frowned. "I see. Then all that we must do is wait until she awakens I suppose. Then it will be to our business as proper parents. Are you sure your sister will be able to handle your abscess?" She nodded, looking up into the moon above them. "My sister will manage. She needs the practice and time anyway to get our subjects used to her. I've been ruling alongside her for the past couple of years, and now it is high time my subjects got used to my sister in a singular fashion. I have prepared them all the best I could, and now all that remains is to wait. She... Is not pleased to know that I had bedded one such as you, but I managed to keep her quiet for the time being." Aurelian sighed, leaning against his beloved. "I suppose that much we should be thankful for. The question now is what are we to do tomorrow?" Celestia shrugged, looking down at her daughter. "Being proper parents for one. Neglecting Gilda to such a degree that she..." The gryphoness shook her head. "No, I will not dally on the follies of the past. I've done enough of that for several lifetimes." "Indeed." He said, uttering a yawn. "All that remains is to wait for tomorrow to do the best for our child, and perhaps forge something new between our two empires." He said, giving her a soft smile. Celestia giggled, nuzzling him in turn. "Mmmh." She said, giving off a yawn herself as she tucked her way next to Gilda's form. "I just look forward to getting to spend some quality time with her. Oh how I wished the day lasted so much longer, but for now we must sleep." Her wing extended, bring in Aurelian as he did the same with his tail. Snuggling up to each other, the two shot one last glance between each other as a slumber spell pulled their eyes shut. Then, all was darkness. --- Not completely happy with this, but it's the best I was able to get out in short notice. If I were to spend more time on it, I could probably make it better, but at the risk of loosing the creative spark I had. It's relatively shit dross I would presume, and I am not sure my attempt at a comfy fic went well at all. Nonethless, I hope it did something good if nothing else. For the time being, I shall retire for the night.
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>>3624 Why is birb chained up?
>>3635 I have no idea if either of these are accurate, but... According to a comment on the deviantart page: The story goes that this particular gryphon managed to board an Equestrian warship and turn its weapons on another Equestrian warship in order to defend his home island. The prison cell he is in is an old ill kept cage of a room in central Canterlot. And description on ponerpics: The war to conquer Equestria didn't shake out quite as planned. Fortunately, the Princesses were merciful to those they captured.
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>>3463 >>3464 >>3559 >>3561 >>3562 Whoops. I just now noticed these. I quite like these. First one is very comfy, and reminds me of how much real life sucks, because >ywn be innawoods innamountains smoking pipe and sharing stories with the old birds while meat roasts over the fire kind of feels. The only oddity that really jumps out at me on the first read is the first line. >"Perhaps it was *you* who was the wronged your friend." >was the wronged your friend What did he mean by this? I don't really understand this wording. Rest of it is good stuff though, really comfy. Second one is some fun alternative worldbuilding. Reads nicely. Don't really have much more to add besides that.
>>3754 I am back. Glad to see these weren't a total waste. It's basic bitch world building for the first one. Just throwing shit at the wall until something stuck. Testing the waters to see if it worked. Now that I know it does, I might expand upon it. Perhaps even touch upon the greater city states unified in some Holy Roman Empire esque thing. Maybe. We'll just have to see. >What did he mean by this? I don't really understand this wording. Rest of it is good stuff though, really comfy. He was referring to Gilda's actions in Ponyville, pointing out she had been acting quite a bitch back there, basically telling her that might be in the wrong here. As for everything else, I am currently on a lull and waiting for more feedback. Thus far you are the only one to provide it. It's small, but with a board of this size I can't be surprised. Sure would be nice, but I'll live with it.
>>3129 >Sadly I don't have much of a response. Only pre-Griffonstone fanfic with gryphons in it that I remember clearly is Fallout Equestria where they are like mercenaries. It sounds like an interesting topic though. Funny that. Quite a few old crossover fics with gryphons have decent world building about them. While I can't quite name any at the top of my head at the moment, I do distinctly remember there were a few floating around having them as a major factor. I'll have to dig into my favorites to see if any of them are still there. Either way, they were quite something to behold.
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>>3963 All those houses remind of a bunch of seagulls perched upon a rock.
My fingers ache. My fingers burn. My fingers creak. But at least, the effort has left to yet another drabble of sorts for Gilda and Roseluck. Just another experimental scene continuing on with the two. Went into it with the bare minimum of planning, with a rushed ending as my fingers were just about at the breaking point, and seeing as I didn't want to lose that spark of inspiration, I pushed through to at least complete it. If time permits, I may fancy at doing a little editing and tidying it up for the ponepaste. All in all, it is around 4000 words or so, so 2000 short of my record of writing 6000 words in about six to eight hours. Didn't expect it to blow up the way it did, but I had to write more and more to make sure it all led with and made sense. In any case, I hope you Gilda/Rosefags are happy. Without further adieu, enjoy. -----
>>4138 It was a quiet, peaceful night. With nothing but the stars and moon above to light their little campsite, the whistling of the wind, and the crackle of the fire to keep them company, the two individuals within sat in quiet as they ate their meals in peace. Gilda was content to keep it that way, not all that much interested in conversation with the peculiar earthen mare that stood a few paces away from her eating her own meal in silence. She sighed, poking at her own meal of foraged wild potatoes, berries, various edible flowers, and the skinned hare sitting nicely upon her tray. She cut at it, getting a nice slab of meat before plucking it into her muzzle, savoring the taste of spice and muscle on her tongue, the teeth within her beak chewing for a few seconds before swallowing. An audible groan loosed from her throat, taking a deep breath before looking towards the pony opposite her, the mare shooting her a soft smile before going back to her own meal, tossing a piece of *meat* wrapped in the flora gathered into her own muzzle and chewing. Gilda blinked, her sights set upon the strange mare as she reminisced upon the events of a few hours earlier. ----- Gilda's stomach growled, causing the gryphon to wince as she and Roseluck set about their hunt for a proper campsite for the night. The two had been at it for the past forty minutes or so, neither of them talking to each other much save for the occasional line or two, but nothing more. Yet as the sun started upon its final descent into the horizon below, Gilda's hunger made itself known. She had not eaten much since her flight to the mountains a few days ago, save for poking at the pre-prepped meals set to stave off the pangs in her search for some proper food and a decent campsite. Even with the ability to fly, Gilda kept to the ground to conserve her energy. It wasn't as if Gilda couldn't maintain it for so much longer, but she needed to preserve her energy and emergency foodstocks out here in the mountains. Food was scare, and she needed to make her energy last out here every bit she can. Yet to her frustration, there was not much to go around, save for the more unpalatable stuff that just *barely* kept her fed. Roseluck was nice enough to share her own supplies without prompting, the earthen mare mentioning she was able to better forage out here by the merit of her biology. Yet the topic of meat had yet to arise, and Gilda just about had it with the greens they managed to nab thus far. As far as gryphons went, Gilda was one who was not too picky about what her food was, unlike many who scoffed consuming fodder better meant for mere prey. Food was food, and her parents taught her well to appreciate it all regardless of what food was set on the table. While Gilda's family was not poor per say, troubles with the harvests and the like made her appreciate to take what she could get when it was available. All that said, she *is* a gryphon. She needed meat damnit. Never mind the fact her body was better able to process it than other food sources, it just tasted so *good*. She liked greens, even loved them, but a bird had to get some meat on them bones. She clicked her beak, steeling herself as she took a moment to stop. "Listen, can I ask you something real quick Roseluck?" The mare paused, glancing back at her as they stopped at a path. "What's up?" Gilda looked around for a moment, taking a deep breath before staring Roseluck in the eyes. "I'll cut it short and to the point. While I can subsist on these greens we've managed to gather-" "You need meat, right?" Roseluck said, cutting her off. Not expecting her to cut to the heart of the issue, Gilda gave a dumb nod.
>>4139 "Uh, need is a strong word. But yeah, I'd like to hunt for some meat. I just need to know if-" Roseluck shook her head, raising a hoof. "If you're worried about me moaning in horror at the fact that a pred such as yourself needs meat, then I'm afraid you'll need to find another pony for that. I'm not one of them." Gilda blinked, her beak slightly agape as she took a moment to process the pony's casual nonchalance. "Not even-" Yet once more, Gilda was interrupted as something brushed against her leg. Her eyes widened, seeing two furry hares blizting out of an outcrop she did not notice in Roseluck's direction. She cursed, wings flaring to her sides as she got out her throwing knives to- A squelched filled the air as two hooves slammed on top of the hare closest to Roseluck. The throwing knives in Gilda's palm clanged to the ground as blood splattered on Roseluck's coat. Before Gilda could even process the moment, the mare's tail whipped out in a blur, slamming into the other one with a loud thump. The hare sailed into the air for a brief moment before slamming into the ground right at Gilda's talons. The hare twitched for a couple moments, yet Gilda could see the animal was already dead before it had even it the ground. She gawked, looking between the corpse and Roseluck as she saw her tail swish in an unnatural fashion. Upon closer inspection, Gilda saw a glint of metal flash in the light as Roseluck pulled her tail forward and unfastened a rope woven to match the patterns of her tail, depositing a small weighted ball into her saddlebags. "How... How long have you had that there?" Roseluck was in the middle of putting a fastenr on her tail when she paused, looking back up at Gilda. "Oh this?" She said, gesturing to her saddlebag and the tail. "I got the weighted ball from that gryphon I mentioned to you earlier. Said it would be helped to use my tail more in a pinch. Took a lot of practice to nail down, but you'd be surprise at how much a tail can do if you put your mind to it. I kinda forgot about it to be honest, since I had the thing on my tail for so long that it just feels natural. I actually feel naked without having something attached to it these days." She chuckled, her hooves moving in a quick fashion to fasten a respectable knife to it before she began the process of skinning the crushed hare. She paused, her muzzle turning into a frown before uttering a curse. "Oh Celestia damnit, I hope I didn't get the intestines. That'll be nasty to clean." Gilda continued to stare, her beak still agape before Roseluck looked up at her with a wry grin. "Ah, right. Guess you weren't expecting me to do any of that, did you?" Unable to muster any words, Gilda just nodded. The mare laughed, cutting a small incision from the back of the hare's neck before placing her hooves on the partial intact head. Gilda could only watch as the mare proceeded to mash out the guts, keeping a steady hoof on the head while using the other to force the guts to strew out of the animal's rectum. "I learned a lot from Methos during my time with him. Taught me all sorts of things that I never thought'd I have to learn, and had me doing things I'd never even dream of. Taught me to how to fight, forage, survive out in the wild, even got me accustomed to hunting. Before I knew it, I was hunting rabbits, hares, shrews, and even bigger feral deer and other fauna. Got used to it pretty quickly, much to my surprise. Even started developing a taste for meat." Gilda still stared, trying to work her beak but failing as she tried to process the image of the mare before her.
>>4140 "I-I thought you ponies couldn't eat meat, much less like it." Roseluck shrugged, pulling the head off with her tail before tossing the pelt to the side. It then occurred for Gilda to do the same with the hare at her talons. Wordlessly, she pulled a knife hidden under the armpit of her left foreleg and began the process of skinning it as Roseluck continued. "As it turns out, ponies can eat meat. Even like it, as I come to learn. It isn't like all wild fauna is like what Fluttershy manages to get. It's easier to kill something that's dumber than that bunny angel. They're just... Different you know?" She said, twirling a hoof." Gilda shrugged, tossing the head of the hare to the side as she pulled the inner guts of the rabbit down to the rectum. Without further preamble, she lifted the rabbit into the air before flinging it downward. The guts flew out in between the gaps in her legs, splattering into the rockfaced wall. "Yeah, I guess. But you didn't strike me as the type to even think of it. No offense, but you ponies are rather-" She stopped, unsure of how to proceed without offending the mare. "Skittish, prone to jumping at the smallest of things, running around like a chicken with its head cut off?" Gilda looked up, managing to stifle some of the shock from showing on her face as the mare plucked a pouch from her saddlebag and tossed both the skinned corpse and pelt into it before zipping it shut. "Before you asked, I picked up a few sayings from that old bird. And yeah, I was *very* much like that. Honestly, I don't past me would even recognize myself if she saw me right now. Probably run screaming like my sisters when they stumbled upon one of my practice sessions with Methos." She stopped, her face pinching in a frown for a moment before shaking her head. "That..." She sighed, clopping her hooves together as she looked up into the sky. "Said I had turned into a monster. That I had become like some stupid, meat eating gryphon. Told me to get the Tartarus out or they'd call the Royal Guard on me. Methos tried to defend me, but..." She stopped, looking into the rockface for a few moments as Gilda stopped her skinning of the hare. Something rose up within the gryphon's heart, and before she knew it the gryphon was at Roseluck's side. Acting on pure instinct, a wing pulled out and laid it on Roseluck's back. The mare flinched for but a moment before leaning into it, closing her eyes. Gilda jumped as Roseluck's hooves wrapped around her, an unnatural flutter filling her stomach that she was not sure she wanted to be rid of as the two stayed there for several moments more. Gilda's face screwed up, her beak clicking as the urge to run it down the mare's mane popped into her head. Ignoring the sensation of heat filling her face, Gilda contented herself to running her claws down the mare's mane instead. To her even further shock, Roseluck did not reject the motion of affection, taking a moment to breathe in the gryphon's scent. 'Oh gods. What the hell are you doing Gilda? Why isn't this mare running away or something?' Somewhere in the back of Gilda's head, she knew the answer, an image of Rainbow Dash flaring in her vision in Roseluck's place, the scenery changing for a moment to back in Cloudsdale, back when those pieces of shit thought it was a good idea to smash Rainbow's wings and left her to fall. Her eyes narrowed, curling in on themselves as calls of fillyfooler, coltfucker, and cries of pain filled her ears as claws slashed, blood filling the air, and- Gilda stopped, forcing herself to take a deep breath for a few moments before releasing it, allowing the trembling in her body to halt as she tugged Roseluck closer to her, lifting the mare's head and taking a moment to wipe away one of the mare's tears.
>>4141 "You've been through a lot, haven't you?" Roseluck sniffed, nodding. "Y-yeah. Is it that obvious things didn't go too well back there?" Gilda shrugged, pulling her other wing around the mare as the two basked, the sun's rays shining bright upon them "You have not told me much, but I can tell were somewhat kindred spirits." Roseluck laughed, giving a playful poke at Gilda's chest. "Kindred spirits? Never thought a gryphon would say that about me. But seeing as how I am more like a gryphon these days than not..." She trailed off, looking out into the horizon. Gilda's grip tightened around Roseluck's form, the feeling of anger returning with a vengeance. "Did those dw- your sisters run you out of town?" Roseluck bit her lip, looking down at the ground. "I... No. But they might as well have considering the rest of the town managed to find out. Apparently some reporter managed to catch word of what was happening, and before I knew it, I had the entire town rallied up into an angry mob. I- I didn't even get a chance to talk with my sisters. I had to run as fast as my hooves could take me. I-I'm not sure what would have happened if I stayed, but I figured it wouldn't have been good. Didn't even take time to drop back home to get my stuff, save for what was on my person and with Methos's campsite. I just packed my stuff, and left. Methos tried to convince me, but-" She shook her head. "The found us. Said they were going to drive us "gryphons" out of Ponyville proper." She tried to laugh, yet it came out more as a growl instead. "And to think I was once one of them, like with Zecora, like a stupid fucking pony jumping at shadows." She hissed, stomping her hoof into the ground. Gilda listened, unsure of what to say as the mare continued. "I... All those years with that community, and yet they drove me out after finding out what I was doing with Methos. I know not everyone there was in on it. Twilight, Fluttershy, Applejack, and a few others, but-" "Was Rainbow in on it?" Gilda muttered. Roseluck blinked for a few moments before her eyes flashed in recognition. She shook her head, putting a hoof on Gilda's shoulder. "No, she wasn't. You've been friends with her, right?" Gilda sucked in a breath, something wet dripping down her beak as she shuddered. She felt the pony between her wings and arms stiffen for a moment before the two forelegs tightened around her. "S-sorry, I didn't mean to-" Gilda raised a claw, shaking her head. "It's fine. I fucked up with Rainbow. Made myself a fucking fool, and burned whatever bridges we had left. Nothing but water under the bridge at this point. It's what a monster like myself deserves I guess." She said, trying to laugh it off, yet the attempt felt as hollow as the hole in her heart as Roseluck brought her hooves to her head, pulling her down to eye level. "Listen, Gilda? I haven't been with you long, not even a day. But this moment is telling me anything, you aren't a monster. Neither of us are. You said we're kindred spirits, right? Then that means we can't be monsters. I know I am not, I know Methos wasn't either, and you are definitely no monster. Celestia help me, I know I did some things that Ponyville didn't like as a whole. But we aren't monsters, right?" Gilda chuckled, a small part of her taking humor in the moment.
>>4142 "No. I guess not." She shook her head, loosing a great, big laugh. "Holy shit, this is corny as all hell. I should be cringing at how lame as fuck this all is, but I can't be arsed to give a damn right now. What's next, are we going to start fucking in the middle of nowhere?" Roseluck's cheeks puffed out for a split seconds before loosing her own guffle, the two of them laughing for several seconds and pounding each other on the back before the moment subsided. "Yeah, I guess it is pretty silly. But it's nice, right?" Gilda shrugged. "I suppose. Guess it helps to avoid any and all suspicion between us, right? So much for any plot development or suspense." Roseluck rolled her eyes. "Eh, who cares? We're the only ones here, right? Not like anyone is gonna tattle about us." She said, drawing her hoof around Gilda's chest as she fluttered her eyes. "Though if you want a romp in the hay, I'm all game." A strangled croak left Gilda's beak as her face flushed with heat as Roseluck pressed in on her face to face. "W-what?" Roseluck held that seductive gaze for several moments, and some part of Gilda felt a growing need to reciprocate, while the rest warred in utter horror at the lack of utter proprietary of it all. At least, before a hoof booped her in the beak. Gilda blinked as the mare giggled, pulling back from the embrace as she wiped a tear from her eye. "Oh Celestia, you should have seen the look on your face." Gilda frowned, giving an unimpressed look towards the mare. "Har har. You got me there, dweeb." Roseluck shrugged, shooting her a strawberry. "Oh relax, it wasn't like I was going to screw you on the spot. I've got standards to uphold after all, and this mare is reserved for their special somepony. Or somegryphon if you prefer." Gilda raised a hand. "I'll pass, thanks." She said. For a moment, Gilda thought she saw a look of disappointment flash across Roseluck's face before she nodded. "Eh, understandable. We only just met like what, eight hours ago?" Gilda nodded. In quick order, she resumed the process of skinning the hare beneath her. "Something like that. But I wouldn't mind calling you a friend if you're game for it. And uh... I'm assuming you want us to share in the meat?" Roseluck shot her a sly look. It took a few seconds before Gilda's eyes widened as she shook her head in a rabid fashion. "N-not like that!" Roseluck laughed, fixing up her own saddlebags as she gave a playful flick of her tail, grazing Gilda's beak right at the moment she inhaled. Her claws rushed to her face, holding in the scent of the mare's musk, regret flooding her as even more of the mare's scent filled in from her claws. The mare in question stepped forward with a playful jump about her, gesturing her over with a hoof.
>>4143 "Well, c'mon! We still gotta find ourselves a campsite before nightfall. I think I can sense a good one right around the corner." Before Gilda could respond, the mare giggled as she continued on forth with a snap of her tail. Unable to find any words to respond, Gilda finished the remainder of her task and quickly caught up with the mare, unable to stop herself from replaying the moment of intimacy in her head as she kept her beak shut. ------ It was a strange moment with a strange pony. Looking at Roseluck as she dug into her meal, it was hard to imagine she being *anything* like the ponies from Ponyville. She was too bold, too daring, too much like Rainbow Dash- With a start, she swallowed, shaking her head. 'No, not like Dashie. Even she didn't go about eating meat like Rose is doing right now with a hearty abandon.' When asked about it while setting up camp, Rose just said in some ways that ponies could also be predators. Said something about having forward facing eyes, the ability to digest meat, and even saying there still existed some groups of ponies not affiliated with Equestria proper that ate meat just as readily as any gryphon, in some ways even being physiology different to the common pony, eliciting a simple 'huh' as Gilda digested that little tidbit. And *then* there was the moment of utter intimacy between them that came from the worst romance novels of all time. Or at least, Gilda thought that's what they were from. It's not like this was a part of destiny or anything. Her gramps said nothing about this in his vision about the place- She stopped, pausing for a moment as she reflected on her reason being here. Her gramps said she'd find her true self upon this quest or whatever it was, to find whatever stinking artifact from an age long past. How she'd find herself trying to find some agricultural doohicky was beyond Gilda, but perhaps it might of had to do with the mare sitting across from her. The feelings of affection returned, the desire to get up and close the distance to cuddle the mare filling her mind. She shook her head, forcing herself to bite down on the piece of meat, licking it as she took in those sweet juices as she closed her eyes. Such sweet, succulent meat. Her tongue dancing all over it, with the sweet spices of a spicy mare- Gilda coughed, slapping herself as she grabbed at her water canteen and forced it down. Roseluck looked up in alarm, and before Gilda could even muster a word, the mare was on her, slamming a hoof on her back. Gilda coughed once, then twice, then thrice, before the piece of food lodged in her throat went down. She panted, forcing the water canteen up and down her beak as she drank, drank, and drank some more as Roseluck patted her on the back. "Easy Gilda, try to actually chew your food before swallowing. Can't have you dying on me now, right?" Gilda panted, shooting her an unamused look before sighing. "Yeah, yeah, I get it. Just got a bit too eager to down it all." Roseluck shrugged, taking a moment to sit next to her. She yawned, cuddling up next to the gryphon, causing Gilda's heart to stir. "Well, I don't know about you, but I am feeling rather sleepy. We got a big day tomorrow, trying to find this artifact, wherever the heck it is." For her part, Gilda just nodded.
>>4144 "Y-yeah. I guess." For a moment, neither of them spoke until Gilda coughed. "Uh, aren't you going to start brushing up-" Roseluck loosed a frustrated growl, staring down Gilda with annoyance. "Yeah, yeah, I'm on it. Don't put your panties in a bunch." She said, pulling up to her saddlebag and fetching her equipment. Gilda looked on for a moment before feeling a yawn escape her own beak. Without preamble, she closed the plated disc to save for tomorrow and pulled out her own supplies. Pulling out a toothbrush and a small tube of tooth/beakpaste, the gryphon went to work as she stared up into the campfire went the earthen mare dropped by her side. Taking a gulp of water, she dabbed her brush and proceed to brush, hoof adapter in... Well, hoof as the mare brushed. Gilda looked on for a moment, deciding not to comment as she went about her business, letting the moment happen as she lifted a wing to envelop the mare. 'Fuck it. If she wants to cuddle, who am I to refuse?' The two sat there in silence, the sounds of brushing filling the air as the fire died down. On sync, the two finished and spat the paste into the dirt, flushing it with water before the two looked at each other. "So... Do you want to take first watch or I?" Roseluck paused for a moment, looking out into the darkness. "Hmm. I guess I can do so. But I don't think we have to, seeing as there hasn't been anything out here thus far. For a dangerous mountain, we've yet to see anything more dangerous than those sudden drop offs." Gilda fixed her with a look. "True, but my gramps said things lurk in the dark around here. It pays to be-" Gilda trailed off, her eyes squinting as something danced out of the corner of her vision. Her head darted, claws on staff, Roseluck following her lead without word as she swiped the dagger from her barrel, tail swaying in utter menace as her ears swiveled. "What is it?" Gilda's eyes narrowed, her wings flaring as she pulled her rear to the campfire. She swore, her vision still taking time to adjust to the darkness. "I don't know, but we're not alone. Fucking Helen." Her staff twirled, eyes twitching this way and that as Roseluck's head turned likewise. They waited, seconds turning to minutes, yet nothing happened. Slowly, Gilda relaxed as she sat back down on the ground. "Huh. I guess it was nothing. I thought for sure there was something there." Roseluck shrugged, pulling down to the dirt as she looked at Gilda. "Yeah. I guess-" She stopped, her eyes widened. At that very moment, Gilda's blood froze in her veins as something rushed to her ear. Roseluck screamed out a warning as Gilda twirled, roaring as she swung her staff on instinct. Her heart skipped a beak, yellow eyes and flashing fangs descending upon her as the staff connected with a large sabertooth and- Gilda screamed, utter agony filling her as the cat's fangs sank into her raised arm. She howled, slammed into the dirt as she began to fight the cat in a life or death struggle. She heard Roseluck cry out, launching upon the beast with a war cry as she slammed her tail upon the fell beast, only to be batted away for her efforts. Yet this gave Gilda enough time to fetch one of her knives, pulling it up and slamming it repeatedly into the feline's neck. Blood soaked tears bled through her vision, her beak snapping at the feline's neck along with the dagger as she tore chunks from it. She stabbed, stabbed, and stabbed, the beast weakening with every strike as it splattered blood of both her own and itself, her vision fogging all the while.
>>4145 Then without ceremony, the beast slumped on top of her dead. Gilda panted, her breath ragged as she looked at the dead beast's eyes, before looking to see her mangled arm still stuck inside its grasp. With a start, she realized that part of her shoulder and flank had been ripped open, bleeding red on to the ground. She groaned, collapsing on to the ground as Roseluck rushed up to her with panic in her eyes. The mare's mouth moved, yet for some reason Gilda could not hear them clearly. Her vision was darkening, Roseluck ripping open something from her saddlebag, popping open a glass bottle. Before she even knew it, Roseluck was cramming it into her beak, letting a sweet, cool liquid pour down her throat. Gilda coughed, suckling it for all she could as sweet, *sweet* relief from the pain came forward, and with it a clarity of purpose as her hearing returned. "-Gilda, for Celestia's sake just answer me!" Gilda blinked for a moment before chuckling. "Relax dweeb, I-I'm still here. Go-gonna take more than this overgrown c-cat to kill an awesome gryphon like-" A spike of pain ran up Gilda's arm as she swore. "Fuck! Fuck-" She bit down on her beak, feeling the bleeding slow as Roseluck forced open the cat's jaw, much to Gilda's protest as her arm resumed its bleeding. Yet the mare was quick on the draw, splashing the potion on the wound, causing it to clot before, fetching a needle and driving it into her flesh. Gilda hissed, feeling her arm bubble as the potion injector went to work, the broken bones in her arm beginning the process of mending as Gilda drew in shallow breaths. Bandages wrapped around Gilda's arm, her vision fading as Roseluck placed a firm hoof on her form. "Just don't die on me Gilda, just stay with me, okay?" "I... I'll try, I-" Gilda slumped to the ground, the blackness overtaking her vision. The last thing she heard before losing consciousness was the mare shouting her name. Then, darkness. ----- As you can see, the ending is rushed. By the time I got back to the campsite, my fingers were having those certain pains telling me not to use em. Seeing as carpel tunnel can be a thing, I erred on wrapping it then and there, even if it meant impacting the quality. I can always refined the ending bit later, but overall I am satisfied with what I have. Not perfect, not great, but just enough to be okay at least. It isn't anything to write home about, but it's something to my name. At least I am writing something for Roseluck and Gilda. Did a little implying and stuff, hinting of what happened before, maybe to set up further flashback and stuff like that. World building it still a little iffy. Still need to get in on that stuff. But I'll get to it when I get to it. For now, I hope you enjoy what is on post. Hopefully it'll keep this thread going on and keep you guys inspired.
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Gryphons on motopods, because why not?
What happened to this writefag? Anyone know?
>>5006 Working on other projects at the moment. My gryphon story is on the backbuner for the time being. I didn't get that muc reception to them, so I figured they were not this site's cup of tea. I have other prompts to work with, but for the time being I am focusing my creative efforts on other things. Once those are done, I'll see about returning to get another post in.
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>>3622 tfw no Gilda gf to yell at me in a scarousing kinda way
i feel like i finally found home griffbros :)
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>>6826 New visitor?
>>6827 Not him but yes also
>>6828 Welcome aboard.
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>>9660 neat!
Oh hey, this place has a gryphon thread.
>>10923 Yep, it never gained very much traction though, unfortunately. I've tried mentioning this thread when the occasional grif thread is on /mlp/, but nobody seems to care.
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>>10926 I guess we just can't have anything nice.
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Does anyone have any ideas for interesting things to do with gryphons? The mythology behind them is pretty mixed up and confused so it leaves a lot of room to pick and choose. I saw a few ideas in a post on /mlp/ a while ago but haven't really seen much else since. Apparently their feathers can cure blindness and there was something about their claws or talons changing colour in the presence of poison. That made me think maybe they could have a way of showing trust in each other by covering their talons when they have a drink together or something. There was also something about them being known for slaying evil and wicked people and monsters, and commonly being depicted as protectors and guardians. There could be potential here for a sort of guild or travelling group of monster slaying gryphons that go around researching and killing all sorts of strange monsters. Kinda like the witcher or monster hunter I suppose.
(482.11 KB 1000x1208 1136631.jpg)
>>10958 The concept of the talons changing color due to poison is quite fun; very much like the old trope of testing for poison with silver utensils. There's a lot you can do with that. Unfortunately, as far as ideas involving the physical attributes of griffons go, I don't really have much. That being said, in the story that I've been working on, I've touched more on the cultural/social aspect of them. For example, how there's an East/West divide with two distinct cultures that coexist under one banner as a united country. Also a heavy expectation of a family's trade to be continued from one generation to the next. Things like that. Probably not particularly interesting stuff, but it's something. Honestly though, you can do just about anything with the griffon race and have it stick. Thankfully, the show writers somehow managed to keep their hands off of them enough to still be a mostly blank slate race. You can still explore all kinds of ideas without the burden of dealing with the perception of "canon".
is the griffon thread kill?
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>>11020 >Thread gets a fresh burst of activity >Asks if it's dead Only if you want it to be, I guess. I'm always eager to discuss birbs.
>>11025 gilda´S head looks like a bowling pin
Speculation time: Rarity says that griffons are rare in the episode with Gilda, so maybe they live super long and are solitary for most of their lives. I'm going to throw up a number like say 200 years. They are very territorial. Once every hundred years they are called by a higher force to the breading grounds where they fight for a mate. This is the only time when they interact with other griffons beyond defending their territory.
>>11029 I had assumed that just meant that gryphons didn't go to Equestria very often.
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I had a couple ideas about insults gryphons could use. weed-eater - a pony seed-eater - One who is too cowardly or incompetent to hunt and has to resort to eating only seeds, berries and other safe to gather and grow things. Not to be used against those genuinely unable to hunt as it would be deeply insulting and certain to cause fights. flapper - A weak flyer, one who isn't able to achieve a strong take-off and struggles to fly at higher altitudes and ride thermals. House Cat or Canary - passive or unimposing Any thoughts on a diet based elitism running through gryphon society? Hunting carnivores and meat-preferring omnivores on top and seed and/or bug eaters lower down.
>>11672 Sounds about right. Diet based elitism makes sense as an aspect of griffon life.
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>>11672 >>11695 I don't agree with this one. The show has long established that griffs are perfectly OK with the same vegetarian style diet that ponies/the majority of the world seems to enjoy, though leaning harder on the seeds/grains than vegetables. And really, this is for a good reason. In a setting where the majority of animals, common prey ones included, are usually semi-sapient at the bare minimum if not fully so, the connotations of being a red meat eater are all kinds of fucked up and a big no-no from many perspectives. It's the kind of thing that can only be appropriate in the world of Equestria if you either change the worldbuilding to remove all sapience from animals, or are going for a more grimdark setting. Even then the former is still a bit fucked since equines themselves are still traditionally prey animals. For me personally, I've always viewed MLP griffons as being pescetarians; it's a good compromise that allows them to maintain a bird of prey/hunter culture while avoiding all the moral baggage mentioned above. If Fluttershy has no issues feeding live fish to her animal friends, then I'd say griffons snagging a fresh catch high in the mountain lakes and streams is fair game. On a side note, there's hardly any art out there of griffons fishing.
>>11763 That would depend on how seriously you take the canon depictions within the source material. As far as fanfiction goes, I've seen looser interpretations with how gryphons go about getting their three daily meals, though this has tighten up somewhat as the show progressed into its later seasons. As far as diet is concerned, the sky is the limit provided you play fast and loose with what canon presents. Taken as gospel, we never actually see gryphons eat meat in the show, which taken to its logical conclusion means they never eat meat, nor are they capable of it. At least, until the Word of God says otherwise. In any case, this isn't something I would overthink too much. I doubt the creators of a cartoon for little girls thought all that much about it, so why should we?
man,i miss the griffon threads on /mlp/