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Student 6 thread Anonymous 09/25/2021 (Sat) 05:22:36 No. 3237
Gallus, Yona, Ocellus, Smolder, Sandbar, and Silverstream. What's your honest opinion on these controversial six?
>>3237 Short answer: They suck. Yona is the worst though. I can't stand that thing. And Sandbar is a direct insult, that shows that the new staff had hostility toward and zero understanding of pony culture. The rest are just uninteresting wastes of screentime.
(2.91 MB 1914x2088 2188161.png)
>>3254 The only redeeming value was Silverstream was nice to look at. Everything else was complete garbage.
>>3237 they suck
>>3257 Silverstream is an archetypical dumb sheltered rich blonde. It's a fucking miracle an sjw-bend staff produced her.
>>3257 >>3265 This. And ocellus was kinda ok, the rest were shit. I don't remember a single student six enjoyable episode
>>3266 I enjoyed The Hearths' Warming Club a lot.
>>3293 The one with Twilight going full A.Y. Vyshinsky, up to the "Personal admission is the best and only proof one needs!" and moral being "it's good to be a snitch"? Man, aren't you have some exquisite taste!
(905.63 KB 1920x1080 1609363946644.png)
The Student Six shall hereupon be abbreviated as "The SS"
(65.70 KB 602x547 1615180.png)
>>15079 I approve.
i dont mind them especially the griffon and hippogriff because they are kewl