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Crystal Ponies Anonymous 09/27/2021 (Mon) 15:59:55 No. 3428
How come no one ever talks about them? What is their day to day like? Where they all earth ponies before hand? Because I don't think there were any crystal unicorns or pegasi until the games episodes. Also, how transparent are they? Are they like a block of acrylic without any blemishes inside, making them perfectly clear, or can you see their organs and stuff?
(1.46 MB 434x454 1879073.gif)
Crystal ponies seem to be a result of long-term exposure to the Crystal Heart. The show ended up just flooding Equestria with crystal crap. It should really have just stayed in the Crystal Empire to be an interesting exception instead of overwriting the original organic aesthetics elsewhere. And when the show did go to the Crystal Empire, the focus is solely on ponies that came from Equestria. The crystal ponies receive little attention, and they generally come across as rather stupid when they do. I think they are one of the largest missed opportunities in FIM.
>>3430 >I think they are one of the largest missed opportunities in FIM. Agreed with this, along with Cadance this was a really missed opportunity to really expand the different locations of Equestria. Instead of those equestrian games episodes I'd rather like ones about Cadance investigating more about her own Empire and people since they have a different culture than the rest of Equestria.
>>3432 My Little Pony: Missed Opportunity
>>3433 That actually wouldn't be bad for some fanmade episodes about these things we're talking about here kek