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(268.01 KB 1020x977 TACO BUG.jpg)
/bug/ Anonymous 06/29/2021 (Tue) 06:52:59 No. 5
Claiming first user post for the changelings. Post bugs ^:)
(234.81 KB 500x773 242676.png)
Edited last time by Estrus_Flask on 06/29/2021 (Tue) 06:58:09.
(42.95 KB 382x279 1414708058583.gif)
(67.16 KB 847x1024 1409663861154.jpg)
(346.98 KB 239x235 1408610028210.gif)
>You can post THREE bugs at once!
(84.92 KB 670x406 12938389143.png)
(204.43 KB 1183x610 17282030424.png)
(347.43 KB 1600x1200 1420678198738.jpg)
>>14 >Based Anon is forced to prematurely shut down his new board due to exploding bug population
(140.75 KB 1450x1058 770592.jpg)
Bugs on the internet, who would've guessed?
(46.69 KB 1080x555 1973752.png)
chanlig can be your angle or yuor devil
(298.25 KB 970x653 BuggyCYOA.jpg)
Welp. It's happening. I don't know what prompted it, but /mlp/ has really turned into a shitshow this past week with a sharp increase with spam threads, troll posts and rapid page 10 bumping. Sure is starting to feel like a repeat of the no-prompt era when the moderation allowed glimshitposting to kill the board. To whom it concerns, I'm going to try and move BuggyCYOA here. When the main thread on /mlp/ got slid the other day, I decided it was time to start pursuing some of the alternate paths that I could be taking action on. More specifically, a place to have the story hosted. It really hit me when ponepaste went down. Even though I know it's coming back, it was troubling that I had literally no good paste alternative besides that. So, I've mentioned it in the past, but I finally decided to just go for it and attempt to get this on fimfic. Currently waiting to see if it gets approved. Pic related. I have doubts that it will, but I'm trying to be hopeful nonetheless. One thing about the fimfic version is that I had to go in and format things more like a traditional story, so if you enjoy reading "normal" formatting more, you'll be in luck if it gets approved. Wish me luck. Though I'm wondering, if it does get approved, then what? How should I progress things from this point moving forward? No doubt the fimfic readers will want to participate too, but how should I handle that? Fimfic isn't really set up to handle the exact kind of reader participation like I do on an imageboard. I'll have to examine the sites rules more carefully first, but I'm kind of hoping I could do something like link to the current thread here via Author's Notes at the end of the latest "chapter", thus allowing the existing way of input and progression to continue. Let me know what your thoughts are, I'm curious to hear them. Do you think I'm making a good move here?
(28.41 KB 792x1080 1536441907299.png)
>>497 I have no idea how well it'll work on fimfic, but good luck. I've been following your silly little CYOA since the beginning so I'll probably stick around til it dies. And for the time being, I'm still going to try to keep /bug/ going. /mlp/ was never the best board to begin with.
(100.96 KB 613x585 chimpout.png)
>>498 In a twist of fate, this is exactly what I would have said, and I now have nothing to add but still want to say I'm here and I'm watching, which is why I enver contributed to the CYOA to begin with. >>496 That's part of what I like about them, honestly. The lore is so up for interpretation that you can do just about anything and have it make sense. Misunderstood creatures who just want to get along with ponies but can't? Sure. Psychic pseudo-hive-mind bent on world domination? Sure. Insectoid orcs who just kill everything in sight? Sure. The sexy body certainly doesn't hurt.
(324.21 KB 5000x3026 1329306632348.png)
>>498 >>499 Thanks friends. I hope to keep this going until it's complete, not until it dies. Now it's just a waiting game to see if I get fimfic approval or not, since that decides what I do next. Currently a bit over one day into the wait. I've read that it can take up to a week sometimes, unfortunately.
>>501 You can continue here for a time being. Shill it in the bug thread on /eqg/ and anons will follow. Then, when this will get approved on fimfic you can just post anything that came up during.
>>497 When in the latest Twimod sticky I said the mods deliberately want to kill the board using barbie everyone laughed. I guess they're still laughing.
(259.39 KB 1081x1136 1594668858531.jpg)
(165.13 KB 1136x852 1591078446144.jpg)
(248.98 KB 946x1136 1591422473320.jpg)
>>503 In that someone set up a poll and it got 600 for - 150 against banning eqg. Have some Daisy.
>>497 Hey, wherever you decide to host your CYOA, I'll do my best to follow. On the bright side, doing it here means we don't need to constantly worried about keeping it bumped. >No doubt the fimfic readers will want to participate too, but how should I handle that? I dont know but >link to the current thread here via Author's Notes should be kosher
>>506 Did you see the creator of that has returned? There might be more Daisy in the future.
(899.91 KB 1899x2320 the others.jpg)
>>509 It's a resounding "Maybe." Has a job now and as of such: less free time. They did post some other bugs that were presumably going to show up at some point. Or maybe just designs?
>>497 Followed you over from /mlp/. I’m glad you’re going to continue the story, and I’ll be sticking around to see its conclusion.
So I seem to remember some theory or something about how the changelings were derived from rotted wood or something like that? (hence the holey design) Was that a thing?
>>539 It was the comic's explanation.
>>541 Ahh, that sounds familiar even though I don't read the comics. Thanks, I was wondering where that came from.
(173.66 KB 690x664 676063.jpeg)
(625.95 KB 685x480 676065.png)
(677.50 KB 695x563 676066.png)
>>545 If it was true, it would result in nulings being completely impossible.
>>547 >it would result in nulings being completely impossible How so? Curious because I'm slightly rusty in my changeling lore.
>>548 They could look like the nulings all they want, but in order to be the status that nulings have, the attributes, would overwrite 2/3 of their base components and would result in a critical existence failure. Like human no longer having water and sugar in their biology.
>>549 So do you mean more in a "Ship of Theseus" type of way, the changeling would no longer be the same creature?
>>550 No, I mean you cannot translate into one the other, they will break entirely. Translating to the ship of Theseus analogy, it'd be like turning the wood boat into an airplane made of metal.
>>552 I see. The old design was better anyway.
(718.30 KB 960x4676 Why is bug big 1.png)
>>568 I believe so. I always thought of her as some kind of primordial being.
>>572 >comic kek I was just thinking because she's the alicorn equivalent for changelings. Would make sense anyway.
>>581 I kinda love an autistic headcanon that she's a corrupted alicorn of love from an alternative universe
>>622 What if the changelings were like a crashed alien colony or something? That could actually be a pretty interesting idea for a fic.
>>568 No, but from most pony's point of view she might as well be. Pretty good chance she can live for 10,000 years or so. Of course she can be killed, so, no, not immortal.
>>631 >travels from planet to planet looking for love
>>5 Canonically speaking do bugs have genitals or not? I never got that cleared up. Also are all kirins female?
>>688 Canonically it's unclear. Among the fan speculations my favorite is the one where drones are genderless in their bug form and conjure what genitals they need depending on who they are feeding from. Chrysalis has genitals naturally, of course, being a Queen. Also all kirin are hermaphrodites.
>>688 First question: Changelings are confirmed to lay eggs, therefore they must have genitalia of some description. Second question, There are male kirin, they have low sexual dimorphism compared to ponies, with the only in show difference being eyelashes. Before you ask, yes, they sound like mares. Forest Fall in particular sounds like Applejack.
>>689 Kirin being hermaphroditic is fandom and you know it.
>>691 >Canonically it's unclear. Do you usually read posts in reverse?
>>690 >Before you ask, yes, they sound like mares. do they also sound like mares when you rail them?
>>692 Maybe.
>>693 If you do it well enough.
>>689 >drones are genderless >Chrysalis has genitals naturally this seems about right to me. but given that the drones can transform they should be able to put genitals on themselves to ensnare victims and such. so technically even the drones have genitals. my question would then be can they give themselves genitals in their untransformed state? or do they need to change into a pony etc for it? kirins still seem like a mystery to me tho.
>>696 They do not need them in unreformed state?
(1.66 MB 2650x3700 anal?.png)
If the drones can put genitals on themselves can they get pregnant? I'm assuming their biology is to dissimilar for it. Also, do the queen and drones have any sort of exit holes for waste? Like anuses? As both ants and bees have rectums, colons and buttholes. So I'm assuming changelings have them aswell. Thus you should always be able to have anal sex with them in their natural state atleast.
>>697 >They do not need them in unreformed state? True, as that is not how they would normally interact with one another. But assuming you (a human) takes a changeling as a lover. Then youd be interested in knowing if they could. As id much rather love them in their natural state. Well, initially anyways, playing around with transformations can come later kek.
(745.41 KB 979x1024 1619595152398.png)
>>631 My own personal headcanon involves racial daddy issues from being created from a mixture of sinister swamp magic and the blood of an archmage, mixed with centuries of fighting. It's awful, but it's also somewhat hilarious to have the race be created fully formed from geezer blood and bog juice.
(368.62 KB 734x771 1544651019025.png)
My personal headcanon for bugs I think differs a hell of a lot from most people, particularly since I made up an AU pre-Thorax. Keep them kinda more fae-like than full on insect (but certainly with some traits), and slapped a lot of limitations on their shapeshifting. [spoiler]Parts of this are unlikely to come up if I write more about it, but changelings have true forms with their own sexes that they can't really alter and it's actually rather difficult to look like other changelings. They actually have two methods of reproduction, one via the Queen laying eggs, and two changelings could also do the standard mammal thing like a pony but this costs a great deal of love. Changelings can certainly disguise as the opposite sex of various species, but can't get pregnant and in fact tend to avoid sex while disguised this way because it's very difficult to make the parts work correctly.[/spoiler] PSA: If you go the full insect route, then reminder that drone is a gendered term and always means male in nature, workers are the females. 'Worker drone' started with Hollywood.
(133.36 KB 625x574 ohno.png)
(225.22 KB 644x581 1546385467574.png)
>>709 Well shit, how do the spoiler tags work on this board?
(1.48 MB 2501x2900 1616537647114.png)
Update on BuggyCYOA Still waiting on fimfic approval. Starting out with this being M rated is coming back to bite me in the butt, I think. Whoever is supposed to be in charge of reading and approving M rated fics doesn't seem to be very present lately. From what I've observed it looks like there's only about 1 to 4 M fics being added each day. If I'm number 30 or something in that queue then this is going to take forever. I apologize for being so absent recently, but at the same time you have to understand that I'm also using this time as a bit of a writing vacation. There were many times where keeping up the pace of the CYOA was starting to feel like a real slog, mainly when I've been busy with lots of work and other responsibilities, so it's been nice to take a break from that and focus my free time on other things to clear the mind.
>>710 According to https://nhnb.org/.static/pages/posting.html that should have worked. Let's see if these tags are actually working. Bug Bug BUG Bug bug Underbug Notaulix is for sexual
>>711 Has nothing to do with rating or anything, fimfic is just fucking slow on that front, especially for brand new authors. Once one or two fics already published you get the automated process, but brand new ones get looked over by hand. My little thing took about a week to get approved, as I recall.
>>712 In that case I'm gonna guess it's because it was on two lines, syntax probably only works on same-line. **Test Test**
What do you think the changeling's government sturcture is like? We see nobles and other royalty with ponies but we haven't seen anything like that with the changelings. Surely Chrysalis gets some help. What would changeling nobles even look like?
>>721 Their 'government' is just Chrysalis having a mindlink with all the drones and transferring her commands to them remotely or using pheromones for those who are nearby.
>>795 Nice.
>>795 While it's nice you have found a place to archive it, introducing fimfic normies to it may prove to be a mistake.
So what do you guys think of the whole Cadence/Chrysalis/Shining comic thing?
>>820 Out of character but amusing.
>>824 I'll take that over their canon characterization any day
Does anyone anywhere has a stash of Gigeresque or generally zerg-like Chrysalis and her children? Pretty please.
(811.08 KB 1900x1200 1424782937489.jpg)
>>827 I think pic related is the only one of those I ever saved. Old but gold.
>>829 The pony in the gel reminds me of the matrix.
>>795 How long has BuggyCYOA been going on now?
>>874 I can't remember if it started this year or last, but middle of winter sounds right (ish)
(357.22 KB 1756x240 BuggyCYOA_pt1.jpg)
>>874 Just checked desu. It began on November 21st, 2020. https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/36160362/#36186740 Looking back on that simple starting prompt, it's hard to believe that it's still going strong 8 months later at almost 90k words. Plus it's somehow turning out to be a pretty coherent story that people enjoy reading after the fact.
>>878 >November 21st, 2020 Strange, I feel like I've been hearing about it for a lot longer. Also I should get to reading it soon. I usually don't participate in CYOAs but the more I hear about this one the more interesting it sounds.
It's been a hell of a lot of fairly slow comfy slice of life so far. Supposedly there's happenings on the horizon but I hope you like that stuff.
>>894 Is that adult anon?
>>900 Now that you mention it, I suppose he is a little on the small side. Not actually sure.
>>902 I think there were comics about kidanon adopted by Chryssy. The stuff was super cute. Thought this was one of them.
(819.16 KB 1763x556 BuggyCYOA_pt178.jpg)
(520.28 KB 1280x1280 BuggyCYOA_AnonHouse_V3.png)
Well, it's time to get this show back on the road. I know I said this will resume tomorrow, but I'm going to put the current part up anyway just so you guys can activate the almonds and get back into the mood of things. All of you Anons who have been around for a long time know the drill already, but I'm going to share some reminders for anyone who may be joining us from fimfic. Participation is pretty open ended, just reply to the post containing the current part and offer your suggestions or action that you want to take. You can say as little as which number you want chosen, or as detailed with exact dialog and actions as you want. However... 1: Don't get too crazy with super detailed responses. I try to incorporate as many suggestions as possible, but update lengths are generally short, meaning that things generally get done one at a time. If your suggestion doesn't get incorporated in one update, I might revisit it for the next one. 2: Suggestions that are way out of line with the current flow of the story or are too impractical to implement will be ignored. This is the big one; I want to provide you all with as much freedom as possible, but there is still a story that I'm trying to tell through this CYOA, which I want to uphold the integrity of. Basically, if you try and force something outrageous or stupid through majority vote, it's not going to happen. Sorry ^:) That's more or less it. Let's have some fun! I'm also including the current version of Anon's house, though I'm planning on updating it soon™.
>>917 Been a week or two hasn't it, I assume you're just winging it on the suggestions from last time first?
>>918 Starting fresh with new suggestions.
>>917 Breakfast first, I think we were planning another Everfree expedition cause we've been spending more bits than usual. We should go over the saddlebags various things after breakfast first and then we'll see. Also we can see if he is continuing to improve, health-wise.
(295.87 KB 712x1544 1467299024533.jpg)
>>919 >>917 Well all the previous suggestions just said to make breakfast so go bloody well make breakfast. And hug the bug, it's been too long.
>>917 Like the other anon said, we should be looking at another trip into the Everfree today and make the relevant preparations.
>>923 It might be raining.
>>924 Surely we aren't going to let a little rain stop us?
>>925 It depends on how much it is, considering our main means of defending ourselves is setting things we find on fire and using them as a torch.
>>923 I think today was laundry day 2.0 among other things. >>926 Worth remembering that Notaulix can use magic in defense. Reading through the chapters again on fimfic reminded me of that one conversation where Notaulix said his kind can supposedly learn any magic given enough time and love. Magic book for our bug when?
>>928 Eventually, Twiggles will snoop if she finds out we were looking at how to magic books. Notaulix might be in good enough condition that he might be able to defend himself with magic now, should probably ask him about it.
>>925 What if it turns into a torrential downpour? Would have to run for cover at Zecora's.
(671.43 KB 900x1200 773861.png)
So far the fimfic crowd just kind of also wants to be gay with the bug. I guess we carry on as usual.
>>940 >fimfic crowd wants to be gay how fucking surprising!
Food for thought. A changeling Chang to anyone as long as it not to much of a size difference. So. Can he change is body to a rock or soft as a pillow. How about weight. Light or heavy.
Can he go evergreen camo. Ps. I want to see the changeling griffin picture
>>945 >>943 First, stop using a name. Second, there is no picture of Gerson.
>>946 >>946 I mean. I hope to see see a pic. Ok. And plus. What do you mean name?
(1.06 MB 1757x758 BuggyCYOA_pt179.jpg)
>>917 >>921 >>922 Oats and Spice First new bugwords in a few weeks now. Feels good. >>949 He's referring to how your two posts above say "Changeling anatomy", which is what you entered in the Subject field before posting. Putting stuff into the Name and Subject sections is generally unnecessary when posting here. And unfortunately, as the Anon said, there is currently no artwork of Notaulix's griffon transformation. The only fanart around is the one of Anon lifting Notaulix onto the kitchen countertop. Would be cool if people feel inspired enough to draw more stuff in the future.
>>950 Sounds like a good idea. As I've said before, it's important for Notaulix to be familiar with his gears.
>>950 Out of curiosity, what is the proper pronunciation of "Notaulix"? I'm imagining it similar to "nautilus" but with an x at the end.
(1.30 MB 2058x2480 2844534.png)
>>950 Why deny the bug? I'll parrot what the first Anon said.
>>950 Can we ask Notaulix how much more sustenance he gets out of a hug compared to just being around us all day? And then hug him.
>>955 I wonder what it feels like for the changelings to feed off of love.
>>950 I was hoping we could go over it again with him. Should probably make sure he knows how to put it on comfortably as a griff as well.
QManon, how will you handle dice rolls in the future? I don't think nhnb supports it.
>>960 For now, I'll just roll on /mlp/ and post the results here. I've requested that dice rolling be added here at some point. We'll see if that happens.
>>957 Try to brace yourself and not eat half a day, then take a loaf of bread and go somewhere, where someone is cooking some delicious shit that smells tasty. Eat the bread while huffing on that. I think it would be a decent analogue.
>>952 Depending on how you interpret the IPA transcription of the word, you end up with either No-Tall-Ix or No-Tau(taow?)-Lix. With all the different text-to-speech out there, it's about a 50/50 split between which one they use. Personally, when I decided on that name for our bug, I had the former pronunciation in mind. >>963 Based bread huffer.
>>960 Roll.
3, 2, 2 = 7
>>974 Should probably add: Say you wanted to roll 3 dies with 6 sides each, you would enter dice3d6 into the email field. You can also add or subtract numbers from the roll. You could do dice3d6-2 to subtract 2 from the sum of your roll.
6, 4, 3 - 2 = 11
>>963 That actually sounds like a plausible description. Continuing the food analogy, I wonder if certain other emotions would repulse them. Similar to catching a whiff of a bad cook.
>>995 Rolling for Bug Queen best Queen
51 = 51
>>995 Neat
>>1000 witnessed
(1.03 MB 3000x4180 123.png)
>>1000 The 1k post!
(44.90 KB 810x751 187299273634.gif)
>>995 >Feature gets added as soon as it's needed Very based.
676 = 676
Just noticed the archive of BuggyCYOA on ponepaste is available once more for reading. Of course it isn't up to date, but it's there if you prefer it. https://ponepaste.org/4086
I like the idea of Anon encountering a threat in the Everfree that he wasn't aware of, and Notalix steps up to magically zap it into submission on instinct.
>>1010 I like that idea.
>>1010 >Notaulix conquers the Everfree by spamming the stun gun like a scrub
(1.11 MB 1492x857 BuggyCYOA_pt180.jpg)
>>950 >>951 >>954 >>958 Saddlebag Training Basically select which combination of options you want to pursue first, like 3 A, 2 B, 1 A, etc.
(1.87 MB 800x800 1959793.gif)
>>1014 Updated just before my power came back! Our streak continues. I'm gonna vote 3B. He should learn how to use his own gear (even if we'll be around to help most of the time) and he may want to get used to adjusting it for both forms anyway. I imagine though it's easier to go from gryphon to changeling and tighten it than the other way around, since he'd probably have to take it off or get squeezed real bad.
>>1015 Shid I meant 3A, although realistically we'd want to go through the whole list eventually (time permitting).
>>1014 2 A
>>1014 Start with the basics, 3B, then 1 B and A.
(9.46 KB 642x97 p1000.PNG)
>>1000 >Post number 1000 Neat indeed.
>>1014 2A.
2B then A.
>>1046 What would protect anon more. Changeling that dose not know a lot of spells that we don't even know. Witch can help or not. In a battle or other wise. At least a griffin is strong and has talons. Griffin till he gets a good spell book.
>>1047 It's definitely a subject to think about down the road. Maybe Anon could discreetly pick up a magic book or two if he takes another trip to Canterlot?
>>1046 >>1048 He did not learn the way to find books there. Asking now will look weird. Wait a minute can anon learn magic. He is not on earth anymore. Magic here is abundant. The rules of the human world are not here. So try. To ask for a book for yourself.
>>1051 There your reason for twilight. And if not get it for the changeling. Just say your looking for the right magic book for you.
Could Notaulix be the new twilight and anon could be his Celestia. He is so new to the world. Naaa. That would be silly.
>>1051 >He did not learn the way to find books there Well, he's now aware of the card catalog system in place thanks to Twilight, so he knows where to start.
>>1051 Maybe Anon has some other problem he might need magical help with? Maybe Twilight recommends some magic sink unclogging spell and while Anon is in that part of the library he happens upon some more interesting books.
>>1057 What? Why on earth would Anon be looking for any sort of spell at all if he's incapable of doing magic?
>>1060 Could be more of a potion thing? Mix some ingredients and get some magical draino.
What is the connection between changelings and watermelons?
Just an FYI for those wondering where the next update it. I managed to sprain the wrist of my dominant hand real good this Saturday while working. Because of that, using a mouse and keyboard for any length of time has become a rather painful hassle. I'm trying to get the next update done, but I just lose the ambition after 10 or so minutes of pain. That being said, it's slowly getting better. Will try and get it done tonight.
(462.32 KB 420x630 Working through the pain.PNG)
>>1101 Sorry to hear that Anon. Hopefully it feels better soon.
>>1101 Ooof, take care and don't rush yourself anon.
(28.41 KB 792x1080 1536441907299.png)
>>1101 Me and the other fags will be waitin'. Take care.
>>1072 they're big like their butts
>>1144 Dame
>>917 what did you make that cute house in?
(1.07 MB 1747x634 BuggyCYOA_pt181.jpg)
>>1014 >>1019 >>1021 >>1025 >>1046 Crupper Trouble The wrist is almost back to normal, so here we go again. Apologies for the wait. I've also remembered why I try to avoid multiple answer questions. With only a few people here, everyone participating wants to go in a slightly different direction.
>>1219 Tell the truth. The next one goes under his tail and it's kind of awkward.
(135.21 KB 449x368 1544218126552.png)
>>1219 Good thing I decided to take a break or I'd be seeing this more than an hour from now. So we approach lewdness once again! Knowing Notaulix he would be perfectly fine with us getting that close, but yeah I'd go with other Anon and spell it out more bluntly. Might lead to some interesting conversation anyway.
>>1219 Tell him that you have to go under his tail to put it on. Are we getting another peek of his lewd bits?
(54.49 KB 350x350 1547083604294.gif)
>>1226 Unless you're counting the couple of times he had his balls on the kitchen counter, I don't think we've actually looked. When we felt him up as a gryphon we even avoided that area altogether.
>>1219 Tell him where the next piece is going and ask him if he's fine with that.
This is a hard question
Ho. I hope for a scenario where Notaulix. Slips or falls. Accidentally. Giving anon a full hand of him
Finally getting around to actually reading BuggyCYOA. Pretty good so far. Still have a bit to catch up on, but am looking forward to the future of it. >>1259 Pretty good.
(270.06 KB 1000x800 BuggyCYOA_AnonHouse_V1.jpg)
(595.82 KB 1000x800 BuggyCYOA_AnonHouse_V2.jpg)
>>1260 Glad you're enjoying it. Are you reading from the ponepaste or from fimfic? Speaking of, I wonder how many lurkers/posters we've gotten here from fimfic. Doesn't seem to be very many. >>1205 Whoops, I missed this when I was posting the last update. I've answered this question in the past, but for the latest renditions of my maps I started using a free thing called RPG Map 2. It comes with very few assets and has a small learning curve, but it's a very useful tool for someone like me who has little in the way of 2D art skills. Originally I was doing things 9001 hours at a time in MS Paint. Take a look at versions 1 and 2 of the map for a laugh and to see the progression. I'm also including the one map from my ill-fated MoonyCYOA so you guys can see what else can be done. This one is in a night scene with exploration mechanics at work. While on the topic of maps like these, what would you guys like to see? I remember asking this question a couple times in the past, but I've forgotten what the general consensus was. For example, do you want maps for everything? Recurring locations? Important/key locations only? Etc.
>>1305 >Are you reading from the ponepaste or from fimfic? Reading from the FimFic. >>1305 >While on the topic of maps like these, what would you guys like to see? Might be interesting to see where Anon travels into the Everfree/where he found Notaulix.
>>1305 >Recurring locations? Important/key locations only? Yes. I was the one that requested a very rough map of Ponyville, just enough to know how far away everything is from one another. I also really like the "fog of war" mechanic in your MoonyCYOA map, that's something I want to see incorporated (when it makes sense to do so).
>>1341 I do plan on making use of FoW for future map areas. It'll be especially useful for certain areas, assuming you guys choose to venture forth to them. I'm still kind of salty that MoonyCYOA died the way it did. I thought the writing got off to a really good start there. The moonfags at the time literally wanted to bitch about EqG and discuss injections more than participate. Oh well. Gave me more time for you guys. You guys are cool.
(18.44 KB 559x744 1981235.png)
>>1342 /bug/ has pretty much the least amount of EQG, anthro, humanized and G5 fags. Sadly might be why it's one of the least active.
>>1342 >MoonyCYOA I think I remember seeing that. I usually am lurking both princess threads. Main reason I didn't participate is because I don't usually do CYOAs and was kind of waiting to see some other people participate first.
(17.37 KB 393x501 nota.gif)
Here's a quick draw I did of Notaulix chopping carrots.
>>1381 Cute
Can changeling turn themselves into weapons. Like a sword or a shield or other. That would be useful. It magic Notaulix would know how to do. And. It would so be helpful. It would be cool.
(116.70 KB 1181x636 art9613.png)
>>1393 Impressive.
(669.30 KB 1024x870 6223673.jpg)
>>1393 Gorgeous mother of ten thousand young
(2.17 MB 3000x1746 848177.jpg)
>>1393 Is Chryssi going to be OK?
(638.49 KB 639x1263 687825.png)
>>1414 She looks pretty tired when they grow.
(4.96 KB 437x452 2440839.png)
(154.12 KB 1200x1600 2353038.jpg)
(290.54 KB 1112x882 356121.png)
>>1416 Don't think that she thought this through.
(982.18 KB 1818x1233 BuggyCYOA_pt182.jpg)
>>1381 Based. I like how the knife is secured to the hoof. >>1219 >>1221 >>1222 >>1226 >>1244 Geared Up I just realized that I've been forgetting to provide the text for those who don't want to read the images. Sorry about that. "Well, it's just, uh..." You stumble over your words while vaguely gesturing at the changelings rump. "...you know." You continue. "What do you mean, Anon? What do I know?" Notaulix asks you, clearly confused. Feeling your face beginning to grow warm in embarrassment, you exhale loudly before responding. "You remember that this bit needs to go under your tail, right?" You ask Notaulix while holding up the other end of the crupper for him to see. "Yes, of course I remember. Why do you ask, Anon?" Notaulix says in response. "I mean... It's encroaching into some private space. It just doesn't feel right for me to reach under your tail without at least asking." You explain to Notaulix. "Are you actually fine with that? Wouldn't you rather try and put this piece on yourself?" You ask the changeling. "Ohhh... I understand now." Notaulix says before briefly pausing to think. "What would you rather have done, Anon?" He then asks you. You furrow your brow in confusion as you stare at Notaulix before responding. "This shouldn't be about what I want. Look, why don't you just try manipulating this one piece with your magic?" You suggest. "Just remember that it's going to be magically resistant." You quickly add. "Okay Anon, I will try to do that. And yes, I understand." Notaulix says. "Alright then, go ahead and give it a try!" You encourage Notaulix before letting go of the crupper strap, which then dangles against his flank. You watch as Notaulix looks behind at the flank in question before his horn begins to glow, giving off its usual bright green light. Moments later, the green aura of Notaulix's telekinesis magic surrounds the crupper strap. However, as soon as it begins to be lifted upward, it drops back down as the magical aura suddenly disappears, much to Notaulix's surprise. Notaulix repeats this process several times to no avail. Every time progress begins to be made in lifting the small trap, his control over the object quickly fades away. "It's slippery..." Notaulix comments while narrowing his eyes, adopting a look of utmost concentration as the magical aura surrounding his horn increases in size, glowing more intensely than before. "Slippery?" You repeat while Notaulix continues to struggle. This time, he manages to lift the crupper all the way up to where it should be, until his magical grasp disappears once more, making him wince in the process. "Hey, hold on now. Please don't push yourself too hard. We don't have to do this." You say to Notaulix. "But I want to do this, Anon!" Notaulix reassures you. "There's something... I'm almost..." He trails off before levitating the crupper once more. With great effort, Notaulix slowly brings the crupper up, followed by raising his tail and passing the strap underneath it. Once past that point, you notice it begin to shake slightly as the magic appears to waver. "T-Take it, please." Notaulix requests, which you quickly respond to by grabbing hold of that end. As soon as you do so, Notaulix's horn stops glowing as he releases his magic, his head hanging low as he catches his breath. You can't help but stare at the changeling out of concern. After resting for about a minute, Notaulix turns to look at you once more with a happy expression. "I... I did it, Anon! I moved it under my tail!" Notaulix joyfully proclaims. "Yes. Yes you did." You agree with him, giving a nod of the head in the process. While you want to tell Notaulix that you think it was a bad idea to put that much strain on his magic, you don't want to rain of his parade either. 1/2
>>1490 2/2 "Let's clip this in and get it adjusted." You say, moving forward from the incident. After snapping the other clasp into place, you adjust the crupper so that it just comes into contact with Notaulix's dock. Having all the extra pieces of gear in place, you reach out and try moving the saddlebag around on Notaulix's back. Unsurprisingly, the saddlebag has very little play in it now that it's so well attached to its wearers body. "Pretty sure, huh? Try taking a couple laps around the living room." You say to Notaulix. You watch as Notaulix does just so. As you watch him walk around, you can't help but think that he looks like he means business with all that gear strapped to his body. You also notice, especially upon viewing him from the front, that he's looking rather stylish, especially with the shiny new breastplate fashioned after the emblem of the Night Guard. In the back of your mind, you feel slightly proud of yourself for stumbling upon such a good deal during your last trip to Canterlot. Eventually, Notaulix comes to a stop once more in front of you. "What do you think? Does it feel alright?" You ask him. "Yes Anon, it's surprisingly comfortable!" Notaulix answers you in a pleased tone of voice. "This piece feels a little strange, though..." He comments as he looks back at his rump, flicking his tail a couple times for emphasis. "I bet it does. Thankfully, we really shouldn't need to have to use all this stuff. It's just good to know that it all works for you if the need ever arises, right?" You say to Notaulix. "I agree, Anon. I think it's good to know these things as soon as possible." Notaulix says as he returns his attention to you. "Right. Anyway, do you feel like doing more of this?" You ask Notaulix. "Of course! What do you want to do next, Anon?" Notaulix asks you. How do you respond? 1: Test the quick release and remove the extra pieces 2: Check if everything will fit on Notaulix's griffon form 3: Other
(464.23 KB 1500x1098 1544350739608.jpg)
>>1490 As I suspected, he's surprisingly okay with us getting near his privates, must not have much stigma about it. We could ask him about that later in a hopefully not-awkward manner. As to the subject at hand, I'll say 1 then 2.
>>1491 Going with 1.
1 then 2 as well.
Side not. What is other about.
>>1500 "Other" just means that you're free to suggest something other than the options provided.
>>1491 The quick release, then try the gear with the griffon form.
>>1491 I think we should give him a hug after this. bug stressed magic, love recovers magic, hug gives love.
(812.26 KB 4000x6000 1229860.jpg)
>>1508 It's been untold aeons since the bug was hugged. QM has been consistently brushing it off with his no-hugs agenda, the bastard. HUG THE BUG
>>1510 You're making me feel bad.
(302.85 KB 1089x787 1602030083912.png)
>>1524 Nothing bug hugs won't fix ^:) But maybe do it after we're done with the fancy saddlebags. I'd also parrot to reiterate my much earlier idea about asking Notaulix if a hug does more for him than our usual ambient presence. If something that simple fills him up better then we really ought to actually be doing it more.
This is coming from a guy who like to write. Let the story work in favor of the writer. The time will come for that changeling to be hugged.
>>1529 >not wanting every other action to be hug the bug But that does sound about right.
>And so the War of the Hug began. The initial comment was mostly facetious. I do my own writing, and was the first one to state a preference for a slower pace in the case of a romance to not cheapen it. I just really want to hug the bugs, is that so wrong?
(8.55 KB 673x485 nota2.gif)
(1.53 MB 1550x2000 art9472.png)
Maybe the changeling could steal a kiss from a sleeping anon. Or end up in his bed on a cold night. Trying to find a warm spot. Or both. First warm then steal. Without him knowing the kiss
>>1510 >Anon stares at Notaulix >Beads of sweat drip from his brow >Deep inside inside he hears an echo: "Hug the Bug"
(3.45 MB 3840x4320 2386939.jpg)
>>1576 >In the back of Anon's mind, he hears a droning electronic buzz mixed with a guitar >RUB HIS NECK SPINES >Guitar riff >TOUCH HIS TAIL >Guitar riff >HUG THE BUG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLVpyPCEjxU
>>1598 >Chinaman advertises his goods in the /bug/ thread There's humor in this.
>>1603 Bugs attract bugs
I stand alone in a crowd of stars. Knowing I can never stray to far. For if you loved me I would stay. If not. I would leave. But. Apart of me wants you to stay. And just hold me like you care. But I know I am a fool for you. A joke. But I stare. Waiting. Someone else continue poem.
(999.71 KB 1812x1275 BuggyCYOA_pt183.jpg)
>>1490 >>1493 >>1495 >>1499 >>1507 Stumble Bug "We should check and see if all of this stuff will fit when you're transformed as a griffon. But before we do that, why don't you give that new quick release a try?" You suggest to Notaulix. "Okay!" Notaulix excitedly agrees before craning his head over to the strap in question, which is conveniently located by his right foreleg. You watch as Notaulix opens his mouth and bites down on the strap, followed by giving it a firm pull. At first, nothing appears to happen, so he pulls it again while wiggling his body. Despite his best efforts, Notaulix cannot seem to get his quick release to work, leading to him looking at you with disappointment clearly written on his face. "it's not working, Anon! Something must be wrong!" Notaulix says to you, his ears drooping in the process. From your perspective, you can't help but grin in amusement, as you see exactly what the problem is. The quick release worked just as it should, for the main strap. You failed to consider all the other pieces that you added after the fact. "There's nothing wrong; we just weren't thinking about this." You reassure Notaulix as you scoot yourself closer and loosen the forward belly band for him. "How about that? Can you get yourself out of all that now without needing to use magic?" You ask Notaulix while standing back up to stretch your legs. Over the course of the next few minutes, you watch an amusing scene unfold of Notaulix attempting to free himself from the confines of the saddlebag and its attachments. Despite the struggle, he does manage to accomplish this task, and is clearly proud for doing so. "I did it, Anon!" Notaulix triumphantly says as he takes a few steps away from the pile of bags and straps on the wooden floor. "It was very difficult, though..." He adds. "Yeah, I could see that. Don't worry though, I'm not going to make you do that every time. It's just good to know that it can be done." You say to Notaulix. "Anyway, how about you head in to the bathroom real quick and transform? I'll get this stuff ready to fit to your griffon body." You then suggest. "Yes, I will go do that now. I'll be right back, Anon." Notaulix says before walking away, soon disappearing around the corner into the hallway. While you wait for Notaulix to return, you take a moment to put a piece of wood on the fire, then get to work loosening the adjustments for the various pieces of the saddlebag. Notaulix soon returns in his griffon form, making you pause for a moment to stare at him. You find it hard to wrap your brain around the fact that your changeling friend can just disappear around the corner, then return as another race. You wonder how long it will take you to get used to such things, if ever. In the end, you find that the fully equipped saddlebag has no trouble fitting onto a griffon's body. After figuring that out, you remove all the extra pieces, and instruct Notaulix to simply practice using the quick release, first in his griffon form, and then in his natural state. Several minutes later, you lift the saddlebag from Notaulix and place it on the back of a chair, concluding your little practice session. Thanks to the quick release strap, you found it to be quite easy for Notaulix to remove the saddlebag by himself, regardless of his current form. Turning to look at Notaulix, you are about to say something when the unexpected happens... While walking towards the sofa, Notaulix appears to stumble over his hooves, quickly sending him tumbling forward, where he hits his head against the sofa before falling onto his side with a loud thump. How do you react?
>>1535 I like these cute little things. Thanks for them, Anon. On a side note, where did everyone go? Feels like there's been a drop in activity lately, both here and on /mlp/. It's like the G5 trailer hit with the strength of a wet fart and people kind of just vanished. Even EFNW got hardly any attention.
(273.64 KB 900x900 1777907.png)
>>1722 I was half expecting more off-hand lewdness there. Quickly check if he's alright and what happened to make him fall, and rest him on the sofa if he's ```hurt``` hurt. Clearly a hug is in order. >>1723 I honestly have no idea, but I've noticed it too. This thread seemed mostly centered around the CYOA since you moved over, but /bug/ actually had a fairly active-ish thread for a bit and the current one is just dead, along with the whole rest of the board. I think people might be more willing to get off the ride altogether than migrate away from 4chan.
>>1723 G5 has killed and it will kill again. >>1722 Is he still conscious? That's at least a headache in the making. If he is still conscious ask him if he is OK. If he says he is ask if we can look at it the impact site just in case, if there is no visible damage damp cloth or an ice pack would help. If there is damage, need more info in order to decide. If he's unconscious I don't know what to do.
>>1723 >On a side note, where did everyone go? >Feels like there's been a drop in activity lately, both here and on /mlp/. >It's like the G5 trailer hit with the strength of a wet fart and people kind of just vanished. Even EFNW got hardly any attention. I've noticed the same unfortunately. >>1725 >I think people might be more willing to get off the ride altogether than migrate away from 4chan. I was afraid of something like that happening. Was hoping a place like this might give them a chance to continue enjoying FiM instead of simply giving up. I guess we'll see.
(1.39 MB 1383x1238 art10456.png)
>>1729 Very few of us will pass the test.
>>1725 >Off the ride Blasphemy
(1.41 MB 1500x500 pone.png)
>>1722 Nice touch of describing the magic protection as something "slippery" for pony magic. I was thinking that handling the saddlebag then using more magic to transform into a creature bigger than himself could be a tad too strenuous for him... I'm sure he fainted before hitting the head on the sofa (that isn't all that hard anyway). First things first, check if he's still conscious. If he isn't, get something with a strong smell like ammonia (maybe you got a herb like that?) and put it close to his nose. If that wakes him up, tell him you're sorry for asking him to use so much magic at once. Prepare his usual spot on the sofa, and carry to it. He needs love, so carry him in a tender way and give him some hugs, headpats and back scritches when he's settled on his comfy spot. If that doesn't wake him up... well then we'll have a problem.
>>1722 Oh my god! Rush over and check him for concussion or injuries, careful not to move him around too much though.
>>1345 >thread has pretty much only one creator >it's not a request thread >focus is on a secondary race >thread theme isn't a fetish and there is no bug fucking >no G5, no anthro Yeah, it was bound to get to a low movement rate.
(497.33 KB 1557x900 1527118853570.jpg)
>>1739 >thread has pretty much only one creator Hell year has not been kind
>>1722 First, check the bug to make sure he's intact. Don't want any head dents like RD. Then probably set him up on the couch as best you can. Stay close and keep an eye on him, maybe even start to read to him a little if he's out for a while. Maybe it'll help stir him.
>>1732 I like this answer.
(25.90 KB 800x600 nota3.gif)
Here's Notaulix by the fireplace.
>>1750 Damn that's cozy. Are you the guy who did the mspaint mockup of Anon and Notaulix on the bed?
>>1732 I second this
>>1750 Comfy Notau.
>>1766 >Are you the guy who did the mspaint mockup of Anon and Notaulix on the bed? No, I actually just started reading BuggyCYOA recently when I saw it here. Just been having a bit of fun.
(273.17 KB 2000x2500 1755578.jpeg)
>>1782 Oh, well, welcome aboard. That guy really wants to fuck the bug probably.
Ponepaste is back!
>>1784 who doesn't?
>>1786 That's great!
>>1784 Could be worse, could be the vore guy.
>>1789 Talking about that kind of stuff isn't allowed. Why he could be in this very thread, he could be you, he could be me, he could even be-
>>1787 I just want to hug and smooch him.
>>1791 Would you smooch his ponut?
(1.26 MB 896x496 1480463059759.gif)
>>1793 Incredibly lewd!
>>1798 What about his horn?
>>1793 Yes.
>>1802 Acceptable! Wait, which one?
>>1807 Both!
(77.53 KB 612x382 1516304168329.png)
>>1820 You are legally obligated to do it now.
I wonder where we're heading in the grand scheme of things. What's going to happen when Notaulix is introduced to Ponyville? What's going to happen in the winter? Is Anon going to find more bugs? Will Notaulix take Anon on a journey to see his old hive? Who is the queen? Is she evil? Will Anon and Notaulix venture to the old castle in the everfree? Does Notaulix smell like almonds? Is Notaulix a sub or a dom? Will Notaulix become a world renowned chef? Many such similar questions exist. Can you think of any others?
>>1838 >Many such similar questions exist. Can you think of any others? How loud do changelings snore?
>>1838 >Can you think of any others? What do Changeling farts smell like?
>>1843 green apple
>>1852 Green apple bubble gum
(442.65 KB 944x1233 Jelly.png)
>>1843 They're evil made flesh, and there isn't a "smell". If you breathe the air that has been tainted with it, it brings up your worst memories and powerful suicide thoughts will cloud your mind. Stay long enough and you shall hear a chorus composed by the voices of your lost loved ones calling your name, urging you to join them on death. >>1838 >What's going to happen when Notaulix is introduced to Ponyville? Torches and pitchforks >What's going to happen in the winter? Starvation >Is Anon going to find more bugs? Yes, and they shall bring the fall of Ponyville >Will Notaulix take Anon on a journey to see his old hive? Yes >Who is the queen? Is she evil? Not Chrysalis, and yes >Will Anon and Notaulix venture to the old castle in the everfree? Yes, it will be the beginning of the Darkest Dungeon arc >Does Notaulix smell like almonds? Activated almonds >Is Notaulix a sub or a dom? Dom >Will Notaulix become a world renowned chef? No, but his unicorn filly kobe beef will become the ultimate delish on his hive, reserved only for the Changeling aristocracy
>>1860 Hi Thorax, nice to see you're still a treasonous jellybean.
>>1860 >his unicorn filly kobe beef will become the ultimate delish on his hive, reserved only for the Changeling aristocracy I hope we get a taste
>>1891 The idea of changeling farts making you want to kil yourself is funny not gonna lie
>>1860 Makes it sound like changelings would use their farts for torture.
(1.66 MB 1775x1002 BuggyCYOA_pt184.jpg)
>>1722 >>1725 >>1728 >>1732 >>1734 >>1742 >>1747 >>1769 Magic Fatigue https://ponepaste.org/4086#3855 The moment you've all been waiting for, huh? Regaining your focus after staring in a stunned silence, you quickly close the distance to check on Notaulix, though by the time you do so, he is already lying upright again. "What happened? Are you hurt?" You ask Notaulix while kneeling down next to him, your voice full of concern. "Owww..." Notaulix groans as he rubs at the new sore spot on one side of his head with a forehoof. When Notaulix turns his head to look up at you, his ears quickly droop to the side before looking away from you out of embarrassment. "I-I'm fine... I'm sorry for worrying you, Anon." Notaulix quietly says. "There's nothing to be sorry for." You reassure Notaulix. "Are you really fine? What happened there?" You repeat your question. You anxiously wait for Notaulix's answer, which drags out over several long seconds while the changeling simply lays on the floor in silence. "I got dizzy, Anon. I... I think I used too much magic too quicky. I'm not used to freely using so much magic." Notaulix eventually answers. Notaulix's words hit you like a sack of bricks as you suddenly feel guilty. You feel responsible for this happening. Even though Notaulix seemed to be doing much better, you realize that it was still only just a few days ago that your new companion was practically on death's doorstep, starving both physically and magically. Before you can say anything else, you watch as Notaulix rises back onto his hooves. Upon taking a step forward, his balance becomes unsteady once more, prompting him to widen out his stance as you reach towards him out of reflex. "I'm f-fine, Anon, really!" Notaulix says, making you stop your hands right before they touch his body. "Need to..." He mumbles before climbing up onto the sofa in one smooth motion. Once there, Notaulix scoots over to his favorite spot and lays down, closing his eyes as he does so, leaving you kneeling on the floor as you think about what just happened. Eventually, you decide to rise back to your feet. Feeling guilty over Notaulix falling down, you struggle to decide on what to do next, until you settle on simply sitting next to Notaulix on the sofa. Notaulix pays you no attention as you sit down, choosing instead to keep his eyes closed and rest. As for yourself, you choose to look ahead towards the fireplace, staring at the flames dancing within. Left to your own thoughts, the minutes tick on by until Notaulix begins to shuffle himself towards you, catching your attention. "Anon?" Notaulix says while looking up at you. "Yeah? What is it?" You ask Notaulix. "If you don't mind... Can I be closer to you, Anon? Please?" Notaulix asks in response. "Closer?" You furrow your brow slightly in confusion. "What do you mean by that?" You ask him. "It's just..." Notaulix begins, pausing briefly to consider how to answer you. "...the closer you are to someone, the easier it is to consume the love they release, and I... I would like that right now." Notaulix explains. "Oh, so... Closer as in, distance? Are you saying that you want a hug or something?" You ask Notaulix, seeking clarification on what he's asking of you. "Yes, a hug would be very nice right now. A long hug." Notaulix says while nodding his head in agreement. What do you do next?
>>1904 Hugs, headpats and backscritches.
>>1905 Seconding
(146.10 KB 1000x998 1521960774969.png)
>>1904 Cradle that lovebug! And ask him how much better a hug is than simple proximity. We can arrange for more if it'll help him out.
>>1904 Hug that bug, hug that bug, and hug that bug. Should mention that him feeding from us doesn't seem to have any negative effect as far as we can tell.
>>1905 Actually, let's go a bit further. He loves your bed, so take him there. Bridal carry and all. Then, do the unthinkable: spoon him, and hug his neck then give him some belly rubs.
>>1908 >Should mention that him feeding from us doesn't seem to have any negative effect as far as we can tell. Maybe we can ask him about it later.
>>1909 A perfect choice.
>>1909 >Rub his belly and tickle his sheath
>>1909 Yeah, do this. I just hope Anon doesn't pop up an erection.
(331.23 KB 900x900 1544264715236.png)
Gaying early are we?
>>1904 Hug the bug.
>>1904 Well, you heard him, hug the bug! And ask if it'll help if you were to kiss where he banged his head better. Maybe it actually works for changelings.
(258.69 KB 799x902 1557952189171.png)
>>1916 I suppose that's a good point.
(644.14 KB 2000x2000 13282490283.jpg)
>people waiting to post only when updates come out just to comment on them >tfw thread has become what the /mlp/ bug threads turned into before I left there My CYOA really is lethally toxic to the health of a general thread, isn't it? Kind of fascinating in a way. I wonder if activity really would plummet on /mlp/ bug again if I were to start running this there once more.
>>1969 To be fair I don't know how active this site in general is, it seems like the whole place in general only gets like a dozen or two dozen posts a day on average.
(347.43 KB 1600x1200 1576180418534.jpg)
>>1970 Activity is slowly going up, its quite nice.
>>1969 >My CYOA really is lethally toxic to the health of a general thread, isn't it? Could partially be timing. A fair number of Anons are in Uni and that usually starts up again around this time. Take a guess how I know. >>1970 I think I agree with >>1971. It's been a slow but steady build, past day or so maybe a bit slower than usual but that'll probably happen from time to time.
>>1969 Pretty much lurking. Don't tend to start discussions however. Have a bug.
(817.97 KB 1761x1176 BuggyCYOA_pt185.jpg)
>>1904 >>1905 >>1906 >>1907 >>1908 >>1919 >>1923 Snuggle Bug https://ponepaste.org/4086#3879 "A long hug?" You repeat, finding yourself feeling slightly uneasy as you do so. "Well..." You trail off. In your mind, you debate whether or not you really want to do this, and if so, how you would go about doing it. Though in the end, the combination of your guilt and Notaulix staring up at you hopefully, the answer is obvious. "...okay. It's the least I can do for you, right? How should we do this?" You ask Notaulix. Immediately, Notaulix perks up with a happy smile before responding. "Can we be close like when we read a book together, Anon?" Notaulix asks in response. "That's what you would like? Sure, come here." You say while giving the top of your right leg a few firm pats. You feel a slight sense of relief over doing something that you're already used to. Your relief is short lived though, as you watch Notaulix move up and over both of your legs. Lowering himself, Notaulix rests his body on top of your lap, before stretching his fore and hind legs out. The unexpected position is both physically uncomfortable and more than a little awkward for you. While you briefly considered objecting, you stopped when you found yourself looking into Notaulix's eyes. Mere inches from your face, your changeling companion looks up at you with his big blue eyes; eyes full of trust and appreciation. And when those look to your side is when you notice that you were holding your right arm up, hovering it over Notaulix's body. After Notaulix exchanges a few glances back and forth between you and your arm, you get the point and bring it to rest across his back, just like when you read a book together. "Thank you, Anon." Notaulix says, giving you a warm smile before snuggling in closer to you. "You're welcome." You say to Notaulix, a faint smile of your own creeping onto your face. You then watch as Notaulix's horn begins to lightly glow. Confused, you are about to say something when you find the blanket that Notaulix uses being gently wrapped around the two of you. Finally, Notaulix closes his eyes, and surprises you by resting his head up against your chest, making you wrap your left arm around him out of reflex. 1/2
>>1982 2/2 And just like that, there you find yourself: Snuggled up on your couch, holding a changeling in your lap, with a blanket wrapped around the two of you. A week ago, you would never have guessed that this is how you would be spending a morning. You feel your cheeks grow hot in embarrassment as the reality of the situation settles on you. And yet... Why are you so bothered by this? You think to yourself. Is it the close, intimate contact? The love feeding? The fact that Notaulix is a male? Or that he's a changeling? Such questions flow through your mind. Though, you know you won't find any answers immediately. You need time to think and meditate on such things. Thankfully, that kind of time appears to be in no short supply right now. Resigning yourself to the fact that you're doing this for Notaulix's sake, you settle in for the long haul by shifting your position to make yourself comfortable, being careful to not jostle Notaulix around in the process. Soon, all that you're left with are your thoughts; thoughts that mix with the gentle sounds of your snuggle buddy's steady breathing, and the occasional crackle and pop of the fireplace. At some point, you would guess that Notaulix has fallen asleep, if the occasional involuntary twitch of his ears that tickle your chin are any indicator to go by. Breathing in deeply, you exhale and release some of your tension. In the back of your mind, you think to yourself... Maybe this isn't so bad. Approximately twenty or so minutes later, you find yourself nearly nodding off a few times from the warmth of your combined bodies and the blanket wrapped around you. Unfortunately, you force yourself back to attention as you consider one small problem: The fire in the fireplace is nearly burned out. You really want to keep the fire going this morning, but you know that doing so would require rousing Notaulix from his rest. What do you do next? 1: Wake Notaulix up and keep the fire going 2: Let Notaulix rest a little longer and let the fire go out 3: Other
(295.87 KB 712x1544 1467299024533.jpg)
>>1982 Oh dang, almost missed it. Gosh that's a cute image. As for our Anon's apprehension, I've mentioned it before but it's interesting because he's kind of his own man with all our little Anon voices in his head. If he was already a full conglomeration of our thinking he'd likely be openly gay. Has it been terribly cold lately? If not we can probably just get our warmth from this snug bug. If it's gonna make us shiver though we'd probably want to keep the fire from going out.
>>1983 If we let the fire go out it might get pretty cool, so we might need to cuddle him more than necessary until it warms up again but we won't wake him, letting it go out gives us an excuse to hug the bug more later and won't wake him up. I vote for this one.
>>1983 2. This is peak comfy, don't ruin the moment.
You will be this changeling warn pillow slash blanket slash bed. As you keep the cold away from him
>>1904 Stay with him. If he wakes up because of the cold, then you get up and fuel the fireplace.
I want to pet the big boog. I want to pet smol boogs too!
(3.25 MB 585x600 bug.gif)
Just found about this song, and I really like it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fo0wx7OxGg8
>>2008 Do you think she would really chirp like a cricket?
(158.85 KB 422x500 1068928.gif)
>>1982 Gently wake him up and tell him you'll fuel back the fireplace and you'll be right back to him. Also, ask him if he wants some water before falling back to sleep. Also tell him not to worry with waking up too late or anything like that because tomorrow you two are taking the day off. >>1969 In a way, I guess you could say that because it's two different kinds of engagement. General bug threads are easier to engage, thus bringing more people to it, but the engagement is considerably simpler - just post bug pics. Now the CYOA is harder to engage, attracting much less people, but those who do keep engaged on it tend to be more dedicated. However, when the CYOA is introduced to the thread, some people will lose interest on keeping up with it because they won't want to keep up with everything (plus >>1739), and invariably the focus will shift to your story. About returning to 4chan, I dunno. If you bring the CYOA back to /mlp/, I believe the user drought will happen again, and creating a specific thread for it won't last long because of the shift for G5.
>>1983 2) Just enjoy the comfy cuddles on the couch. The cooler temperature will likely bring some closer cuddling as time goes on. By the way, do changelings produce much body heat on their own? Or are they more insect like?
>>2020 Bug is warm, like mammal.
>>2023 Good to know, cuddles should feel real nice then. Also means the blanket was actually doing something this whole time.
I want to snuggle with Notaulix.
>>2111 But what if he feeds on your love?
>>2112 Is that a problem?
>>2115 If he takes all the love, you won't have any left. Gotta ask the bug to share.
(863.86 KB 250x250 pgif773.gif)
(1.39 MB 508x409 1544763945097.gif)
>>2161 >bug has deflated
(86.70 KB 1000x1000 Changeling Cum.jpg)
>>2168 Well, time to start selling bottled changeling cum for a profit. Thanks for the business idea.
I;m thinking about thos Bugs
(626.83 KB 2700x1728 1408693105195.jpg)
Does anyone ever think about the lineage of changeling royalty? I often do. Is Chrysalis a sort of primordial being that has been around for a very long time like Celestia and Luna? Or is she just one in a long line of queens? inb4 muh comics If Chrysalis is one of many, what happened to her mother/grandmother/etc? Such thoughts bring to mind other associated questions, like how long changelings can live, and if different queens produce slightly different changelings, or if they more or less remain the same between generations. What about changeling kings? Can they exist? What role might they fulfill, either alongside or acting separately from a queen? Many such questions exist.
>>2212 What if she was the first Changeling?
>>2212 >>2213 Some other Anon, can't remember if it was here or elsewhere, suggested the idea that the Changelings could originally be aliens to Equestria. I thought it was an interesting idea. Chysalis could have been the one to have traveled from their homeworld.
(1.69 MB 1762x1054 BuggyCYOA_pt186.jpg)
>>1982 >>1985 >>1992 >>1994 >>1996 >>1997 >>2020 Fast Charge Requested https://ponepaste.org/4086#3908 I'm sure tired of every day of the week being busier than normal. I'm very sorry for these slow updates. Although the more you think about it, the more you realize that since you need to go to Ponyville today, you would have let the fire go out anyway. Because of that, you decide to let Notaulix enjoy himself in peace and comfort until the fire burns itself out, at which point you will continue on with your day. And so you wait, holding your sleepy changeling friend close to your body... Several minutes later, when the fire is gone, you turn your attention back to Notaulix in preparation for waking him up. "Hey, Notaulix? It's time to wake up." You softly say while giving him a gentle shake. At first you think your attempt is successful, with Notaulix's ears twitching as he begins to stir. However, you are proven wrong when he simply nuzzles into your chest before resuming his calm, steady breathing. "Notaulix, wake up." You repeat in an amused tone while gently shaking him once more. This time Notaulix responds by breathing in deeply and stretching his legs out, followed by loudly exhaling as he opens his eyes, which quickly focus on you. "What is it, Anon? Is something wrong?" Notaulix asks you. "No, nothing's wrong." You reassure Notaulix. "I need to make a little trip to Ponyville today. The fire just went out, so I figured this would be a good time for me to get going." You then explain. "Oh, I see..." Notaulix says as he takes a moment to glance over at the fireplace before looking back at you. "How long did I fall asleep for, Anon? I'm sorry I made you sit here for so long." He then apologizes as his ears droop downward. "Not that long; don't worry about it." You reassure Notaulix with scritches and scratches behind his ears, causing them to perk back up. "That feels nice..." Notaulix comments with a smile, clearly enjoying the treatment. "So how did this little arrangement work out for you? Do you feel any better?" You ask Notaulix after concluding his ear scritches with a firm pat on the withers. "Yes, I feel much better now. Thank you for letting me be so close to you, Anon." Notaulix answers while moving himself off of your lap, allowing you to stand up. "Glad to hear it. Anyway..." You pause as you take a moment to lift up your arms and stretch once back on your feet. "...I'm gonna go get ready to leave now, alright?" You continue. "Okay Anon. I will be fine by myself now." Notaulix says. With that, you begin to walk across the living room towards the hallway, though you only make it a few steps before you hear Notaulix call out from behind you. "Anon?" Notaulix says, sounding slightly unsure of himself. "Yeah? What is it?" You ask as you stop and turn to face Notaulix. "Could we... do more of this, please? Be close together? It really helped me take in more love." Notaulix asks you. "A-At least until my body has recovered! Please?" He quickly adds, stuttering in the process. How do you respond?
>>2229 Absolutely. Could get in some nightly cuddles when looking through the books. Especially if there are any really cold nights. Thanks for keeping the CYOA going. It's been nice having a bit of good content to regularly look forward to.
(123.46 KB 1139x734 1629694929149.png)
>>2229 Dang, right when I left for my workout. I imagine it's still odd for our Anon to be hearing 'love' in this context, but I'll say to call him cute like an oversized kitten and say it's the least we can do. >>2230 has a good idea, we can just get very cuddly during book reading. On that note though, Notaulix has tried to explain to us before how it is to gauge the state of a friendship based on how the love feels, I'd be curious to know what he thinks we feel about him.
(1.31 MB 2227x3000 art9591.png)
>>2232 How would Anon react if he walked in on Notaulix tranformed into him and hugging himself?
(386.33 KB 816x1200 you know what.jpg)
>>2229 Fang Friday and CYO update n the same day? That's a good Friday. Anyway, looks like you're sleeping with the bug from now on.
>>2244 >Fang Friday The what now?
>>2229 Tell him we can snuggle as long as he wants to. Did I forget something? What errands do we have in Ponyville today?
>>2260 Pick up the laundry at the very least. Probably stop at the marketplace to buy food and do other Ponyville things while we're at it. IIRC we also finished scanning through those race books that we borrowed from the treebrary for changeling info, so we could return those at any time now I guess.
>>2263 I think Notaulix is still using them to read up on the spooky monsters in the Everfree for training actually. It'd probably also be beneficial to read up on gryphons alongside him.
>>2229 I want to suggest taking him to bed with Anon, but I'm not certain Anon would be up for it. Notaulix would be fine with it.
Buganon, can you give a few advices on how one should run a CYOA?
(30.03 KB 237x252 1423948239048.jpg)
>>2300 I don't think I'm a good one to take advice from, since as far as I'm aware I'm pretty unorthodox when it comes to how I run a CYOA. If I had to give some general advice, it would be... 1: Have a plan. At the very least, try to have a beginning and an end point in mind, just as if you were writing a normal story. What is the point of the CYOA? What story are you trying to tell?(besides the completely lolrandumb cyoas out there). 2: Honestly ask yourself if the basis of your CYOA is compelling or not. 3: Keep it simple. I've seen so many CYOAs on /mlp/ start and die because it's immediately sent into the weeds when the thread is over 100 replies in and the character creation or other introductory thing hasn't been figured out yet. 4: Your readers aren't going to do what you want or expect them to do. Prepare for that. 5: Don't be afraid to let go. I started 3 CYOAs but BuggyCYOA is the one that stuck. I didn't try to force the other two along when it was clear that they weren't going to work, either from lack of interest or other reasons. I let them gracefully die and devoted my time elsewhere on more important things. Don't know if that helps you at all, but that's what immediately came to my mind.
>>2322 Thank you!
>>2229 Ask him if he wants to sleep with you in your bed.
(135.67 KB 981x196 200iq.jpg)
I like this guy. High IQ take.
(1.19 MB 1814x840 BuggyCYOA_pt187.jpg)
>>2229 >>2230 >>2231 >>2260 You've Got Mail! https://ponepaste.org/4086#3930 Taking a moment, you weigh your answer in your mind before responding. "Sure, I'm fine with that." You answer Notaulix. "R-Really?! Thank you, Anon!" Notaulix cheerfully answers, clearly happy with your response. "You really don't mind?" He then adds. "Really." You reassure him, giving a light nod and a smile for emphasis. Upon hearing your words, Notaulix simply stares at you with a happy expression while his insect-like wings quietly buzz away. After staring at each other for a few seconds, you turn around and depart into the hallway to begin getting ready to leave. Am I really fine with it? You think to yourself as you do so. Eventually you move that thought to the back of your mind once you lace your boots, don your coat, throw on your backpack and fill up your bit bag to a good sum of fifty bits. Before heading outside, you check in with Notaulix once more, asking if there's anything he would like you to pick up in Ponyville for him or for dinner. Notaulix responds by informing you that he has no requests and is perfectly happy with anything that you get for him. An expected answer, but you decide not to push the matter, since you know now that Notaulix will most likely ask you if there's something that he really wants. Sharing your goodbyes, you depart from the comfort of your warm home into the cool, damp autumn air outside. After locking the front door behind you, you turn and see that the light rain has reduced to more of a fine mist. Feeling pleased with fairer weather to travel by, you step out onto the dirt road to begin the walk to Ponyville, though not before making the customary stop at your mailbox. Opening the mailbox, you discover a small letter waiting for you. After removing it from the mailbox, you find it to be addressed to you and simply folded with a small wax seal, on which is stamped the emblem of the Equestrian Postal Service. What do you do next? 1: Read the letter now 2: Save the letter for later 3: Other
(13.01 KB 500x549 bug la bug.jpg)
>>2388 Oh what timing. I imagine the letter has something to do with our shoes we're waiting on. I'd say read it now, since we're not super big on surprises lately! And to remind myself what we were planning on doing today, was there anything to do in town besides picking up our laundry? Is it early enough in the day to plan an Everfree jaunt or should that go to tomorrow?
>>2388 I'd guess it's probably about the boots as well. I see no problem reading it now in case he needs to go pick them up from the post office.
>>2388 Letters and rain do not mix. Either turn around now and leave the letter back home, or stuff it somewhere about your person that'll keep it dry. >Notaulix simply stares at you with a happy expression while his insect-like wings quietly buzz away. webm related
(906.95 KB 1816x721 BuggyCYOA_pt188.jpg)
>>2388 >>2389 >>2390 Package Notification https://ponepaste.org/4086#3945 >>2393 That gave me a good laugh. Thanks for that. Curious, you immediately break open the wax and unfold the letter to read what it has to say. After all, it's not everyday that you get mail. Once open, the letter reads... Dear Mr. Anonymous This letter is to inform you that a package addressed to you has arrived from Canterlot Please consider stopping by at your earliest convenience to receive your package Have a wonderful day! - Equestrian Postal Service, Ponyville Office Folding the letter and tucking it into a pocket, you take off down the road towards Ponyville feeling quite pleased, since you know this can only mean one thing: Your new boots must be here. In several ways, this news brings a sense of relief to you, as your old boots wearing out has been a long-standing source of stress for you. You know more than ever that a good, solid pair of footwear is vital for moving around the Everfree. It's arguably your most important piece of equipment; especially now that the cold and rainy season is drawing close. Thoroughly distracted by thoughts of what your new boots will be like, you soon find yourself entering Ponyville before you even know it. Looking around, you find the peaceful town to be quite busy today, with ponies going about their regular business on the streets while pegasi fly above. You also see that the marketplace appears to be very active despite the light rain, with many vendors set up to sell their goods. Coming to a stop, you take a moment to collect your thoughts and decide what to do first now that you're here in Ponyville. What do you do next? 1: Go to Bubble Shine's Cleaning Service 2: Go to the marketplace 3: Go to the Ponyville Post Office 4: Other
(118.39 KB 800x578 1488401434551.webm)
>>2400 Lordy I just woke up, what a pleasant surprise. Carrying home groceries, new boots and clean laundry all at once seems very cumbersome, would we actually be capable of the task? If so, I'd put our priorities as 2>3>1 just to make it less troublesome as we go (unless any foodstuffs we buy really needs to stay refrigerated, then the market should be last). >>2393 I say again, that's fucking great.
>>2400 I'd say 2>1>3. Save the boots for last as they're going to be a larger package.
Hard to believe this CYOA is already almost at part 200 with nearly 100k words, isn't it? I wonder where the finish like will be? Part 657? 889? 1736? And how many words? How close will we get to 1 million bugwords? Will Notaulix be married? What about Anon? On a side note, I wonder what the longest changeling oriented fic currently is. I've only personally seen a few examples in the 200k-350k range, but nothing above that.
>>2406 Yes. To Anon.
>>2400 Start with the groceries, then go pick up the boots and lastly the clothes.
>>2400 I agree with >>2409
(2.49 MB 1920x1080 13047392313114.png)
Sure is dead here.
(359.72 KB 1863x1781 1608362955870.jpg)
>>2492 Unfortunately.
(406.00 KB 1200x1200 1544225560095.png)
>>2492 No matter how much anyone attempts to make it otherwise, I don't think you're ever going to get a lively general bug thread with the CYOA on the side. QM was probably doing himself a disservice comparing /bug/ to other General threads when he should have been comparing it to dedicated CYOA threads. When their runners aren't in the process of posting, it's usually just one or two Anons keeping the thread from falling off page 10. Not to mention I'm pretty sure a good portion of the people here still just post in /bug/ on /mlp/, dead as it still is, so I doubt they're going to doublepost for no reason.
>>2492 I'd probably be doing something more if I was as busy IRL, but that just seems to be how it always goes.
>>2492 CY0A threads are pretty much sparse bumps between the weekly updates.
(1.18 MB 1704x776 BuggyCYOA_pt189.jpg)
>>2400 >>2401 >>2405 >>2409 >>2411 Errands in Ponyville https://ponepaste.org/4086#3960 Weighing your options, you soon formulate a route through town to accomplish everything you want to do, beginning with walking in the direction of the marketplace. The cheerful sound of ponies conversing and doing business grows louder as you approach, until you find yourself in the middle of all the hustle and bustle. In the heart of the marketplace, you slowly walk around in a circle to examine what is being sold. While there are many things for sale today, you are specifically interested in what sounds good to stock up on and eat. Though despite your best efforts, you end up being distracted by the heartwarming scene of a young filly dressed up in little boots, splashing in puddles and giggling and carrying-on while her mother buys goods from a vendor. Elsewhere, you observe a group of ponies conversing with one another in a circle, a stallion carrying a basket of cabbages on his back, a colt walking by his fathers side, and a mare wearing a newly purchased hat. Such simple moments fill you with a sense of peace, contentment, and a measure of pride for what you now consider to be your home town. You're certain that you will always find yourself thankful, for however many years you may have left, for this opportunity to live and have a place in this world. Life here is a far cry from where you came from, after all. The more you live here, the more you wish you could simply forget about the crowded towns, the towering cities, the famine, the violence, the politics. And yet, you cannot. How could you ever forget? Before your mind has a chance to become fixated on such negative memories, you happen to notice a familiar face among the vendors. Applejack is here with her cart, loaded with fresh apples and homemade goodies. Seeing all those apples piled high, you recall how on the day you first discovered Notaulix, apples were the first thing that you offered him to eat, much to his delight. With a smile on your face and a plan in your mind, you resume your task at hand as you approach the friendly Apple Family mare. Several minutes of shopping and friendly conversation later, you depart from the marketplace with the weight of your purchases firmly settled at the bottom of your backpack. Since it is the closest to the marketplace, the next destination that you stop at is the Ponyville Post Office; a quiet little building. Not long after entering the building, you depart from it with your new pair of boots contained within a fairly lightweight wooden box, the lid of which is sealed with string and a wax seal of the Royal Guard. You opted to simply carry the box with your hands instead of stuffing it into your backpack, in order to avoid damaging the produce and other goods at the bottom of it. Nobody wants a squished loaf of bread, do they? Finally, you arrive at the familiar dwelling of Bubble Shine, the cleaning mare. Once inside, you discover your clothes to be clean, dry and neatly folded in a stack. After engaging in some small talk, namely over the box you were carrying, you thank the mare, load up your backpack, and exit back out onto the streets of Ponyville. What do you do next? 1: Go home 2: Go somewhere else 3: Other
I was going to comment on my struggles with a bout of writers block, but I don't feel like it now. Posts like >>2536 and >>2541 really just make me want to throw in the towel. Either through stopping or continuing this just as a standard story.
>>2545 >go somewhere else Well since your giving us the option I'm sure there's gotta be something that catches Anon's eye on the way home. >inb4 going crazy >>2546 I do like what you've been doing here, I hope you don't give up on it. >lack of activity If I had more free time I'd love to contribute something more to the thread. Hopefully one of these days.
>>2545 >Go somewhere else Where else could Anon potentially visit?
(842.66 KB 2995x2265 a9f0ff6cdf2716a59290083dc65fa0c2.png)
>>2545 I'm not terribly sure where else to go. If we bumped into Twilight or somepony else I can think of a few things I'd bring up with them in casual conversation but I don't see a need to go knock on their doors for it. Back home it is I'd say? >>2546 I'm sorry you're feeling discouraged, though I know I personally really hope you continue since I've been following from the beginning. Along with the other Anon as well I keep kicking myself for not contributing more, but again it has and continues to be a hell year.
Don't give up do. It for the bug.
>>2546 Dude, don't do that.
>Link this thread in the /bug/ OP >Fags angry this site exists Guess I should've put it in second post like the thread before.
>>2568 Don't worry, it's probably the same shimmerfag who tried to make shit on the alternative site thread
>>2570 It is, 100%
>>2568 >Fags There's only like, one person.
>>2577 I guess they didn't like their waifu being a spiderling hive.
(1.96 MB 2500x1339 2520034.png)
Hey, /bug/ what do you think about the idea of Ocellus evolving into a changeling queen and restoring gay deer into the original cool bug form? She might for example feel the mighty craving and begin whoring herself around, feeling stronger and stronger after collecting love. She might be afraid of that so she secretly goes to find Chrysalys (no, S9 doesn't exist) and has a cool Metal Gear like standoff with her where Chrysalis tells her she can't go against her nature no matter how much she tries to pretend she is somebody who she isn't. Then, after a fight Ocellus evolves and coerces Thorax with pheromones into obeying her while Pharynx joins willingly. She then saves nu-lings from starvation and misery by making them changelings again. Then she imprisons the rest of student shits in cocoons and uses as a breeding factory... And much more like that.
>>2581 Never really liked the students. Maybe Chrysalis rebuilds another hive and goes to war against the gaylings?
(141.08 KB 904x1088 art10563.png)
>>2581 I hate the students, especially the yak. But Ocellus might just be bland enough to be inoffensive, and therefore inoffensive enough to be salvageable. Pic related.
>>2585 >>2582 I hate students as well and that's precisely why they are cocooned.
>>2587 I dislike the students but I also dislike that fetish stuff.
(788.27 KB 553x553 patricklight glimmer.gif)
me when bugs
>>2595 Bad Glimmy! Bugs are your friend now!
>>2599 Those aren't bugs, those are gay.
>>2600 The thread theme isn't gay bugs though. Maybe you should be specific.
>>2601 >more specific bugs are frens, gay are enemy specific enough?
(2.50 MB 2000x2000 1611579469646.png)
>>2602 Old buggy is best buggy.
>>2603 Chrysalis is so pretty
(68.47 KB 700x670 1526078.jpg)
>>2601 Thread seems pretty gay to me. Just not the skittle variety.
>>2605 How is it gay when we hate gay ITT?
(724.97 KB 2400x2743 1618251250552.png)
>>2610 What kind of relaxing things does Chryssy have in mind?
>>2611 there was a fimfic where she hypnotizes Shining into believing she is Cadance and then plays some anal oviposition with him
(681.17 KB 1280x720 lyra_puke.gif)
>>2612 Gross
>>2612 Hot
Are there any wholesome Chrysalis fics? With the actual romance and love, you know.
>>2615 Unfortunately I don't know of any wholesome romance with Chryssy. My favorite fics involving her are Princess Celestia the Changeling Queen, Changeling Space Program, and Queen Chrysalis vs The Hague.
(285.49 KB 1024x853 atyv-1513858645-394631-full.jpg)
(356.45 KB 736x1024 ozao-1476596314-299781-full.jpg)
(362.12 KB 744x1024 07ju-1494361379-334625-full.jpg)
>>2616 >Queen Chrysalis vs The Hague patrician >>2615 Going down the list from my fimfic library... This Nose Knows has a Chrysalis x Royal guard romance as a parallel arc https://www.fimfiction.net/story/394631/this-nose-knows And then there's Changeling Courtship Rituals and its sequel with Chrissy x Twilight https://www.fimfiction.net/story/299781/changeling-courtship-rituals I also have Winds of Change and the sequel in my "liked" shelf, though to be honest it's been so long I've forgotten all of it. I do know it has a slow-burn romance with Twilight though. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/202780/winds-of-change Coming Home by The Cyan Recluse has no romance, rather it's a short story that's mostly about world building and feels. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/301126/coming-home In Sheep's Clothing, again no romance, but an honorable mention for being in general an engaging, well-rounded changeling adventure/espionage fic that may or may not have Chrysalis in a major role https://www.fimfiction.net/story/332008/in-sheeps-clothing.
(93.77 KB 602x600 8qel-1448128738-301126-full.jpg)
(182.44 KB 460x652 lk5t-1465255973-332008-full.png)
>>2617 nhnb only allows 3 image per uploads and silently fails when more than three are added? What bullshit.
>>2617 I forgot about noseverse. >TwixChrys I don't read dykeshit
>>2582 >Maybe Chrysalis rebuilds another hive With Anon's help
(1.84 MB 1430x890 1353246579846.png)
>>2604 Yes she is. While fan interpretations of her and changelings in general can get into the monstrous/geigeresque territory real quick, the usual way she is depicted both in the show and in artwork has a certain beauty to it that is somewhat different from how ponies can be considered beautiful. What exactly is it? What makes it work so well? Her colors? The eyes? Personality? The exotic flair of being insect-like? All of the above? Or maybe we're all just weird
(201.59 KB 975x1024 10gp-1432605492-249397-full.jpg)
>>2633 I think the amount of art that draws her completely accurately is about one in a hundred. She's always drawn with about 3 to 4 times as much meat on her than she's actually got, and more like a regular (if very lanky) pony. Happens with other bugs a lot too, you can always tell when they're drawing a bug-shaped pony instead of an actual bugpony.
One of the show's greatest travesties to bugbutt was not retaining the doubled voice effect.
>>2635 It's probably like the Canterlot voice, can likely use it at will.
>>2641 If I could sound awesome like that I'd do it all the time. Seems reasonable she would, besides, most of the times we saw her she was in a position where using the "I'm an awesome villain" voice would have been cool. I can't imagine why she wouldn't use it.
>>2662 When she was talking to herself in mean six?
>>2667 Everywhere. Especially The Cutie Re-Mark. I recall someone got so upset they redubbed it.
>>2667 If I had a voice like her doubled voice I'd be talking to myself all the damn time.
>>2670 Depends on whether it uses magic or not.
(209.54 KB 1920x800 ryan-gos'ling.png)
>>2685 This gives me cel shaded 3D model vibes. Is it?
(113.51 KB 915x915 1566157138999.png)
I hope the CYOA continues.
>>2690 Same, it's been nice to look forward to.
>>2689 Nah
>>2690 Given CYOAnon's rant in /moon/ thread the other week I'm worried. He probably feels underappreciated.
>>2696 I appreciate him. He's the first long-term green I've closely followed in a long while.
(540.03 KB 502x502 1612316707623.gif)
>>2696 Yeah, he repeated over and over he intended to see this one to its end but last update said he's considering giving up all of a sudden. How come every content creator is depressed?
What are we going to do about the haters in this story. Mmmmm
>>2705 The whomst?
>>2705 Say what?
>refuses to elaborate further >leaves
>>2723 Maybe we just need to make some more bug content to lure him back?
>>2634 I think some people prefer her with a bit more meat on her bones.
(3.60 MB 500x750 1427534540276.gif)
>>2739 >ywn take queen bug from anorexic to thicc by feeding her love Real life sure sucks. Why does it have to be like that?
(114.91 KB 1566x1395 BCS_SadLingScribble.jpg)
>>2739 >Thiccfags
(918.43 KB 1719x1236 BuggyCYOA_pt190.jpg)
>>2696 >>2698 You misunderstand. I've been trying to avoid doing so, but I'll write up a little blogpost later to explain my feelings. >>2635 This was a big surprise to me when I returned to /mlp/ for the final episode finale and saw this fact casually mentioned somewhere. The unique voice effect is all I've ever known. For the unaware who want the authentic experience in their mind's eye, Notaulix has the same sort of voice, but I think the wording I used to describe that fact kind of sucked and should be rewritten at some point. >>2545 >>2556 Home Again https://ponepaste.org/4086#3979 With your foodstuffs and fresh clothes tucked away in your backpack, along with the box containing your new boots held firmly in your hands, you soon depart from Ponyville onto the dirt road leading home. Along the way, you begin to think about those boots held within the wooden box that you're carrying. Will they fit you well? Will they be comfortable? How long will they take to break in? Such questions come to mind. Before you know it, your daydreaming is interrupted as the sight of your humble little home draws into view from behind a stand of trees. Eager to get back inside, you break into a jog and quickly close the remaining distance. Once on the porch, you set your box down to fish for the key in your pocket to unlock the front door. Opening the door once unlocked, you shuffle you and your box inside before closing the door behind you. "I'm home now!" You call out while busying yourself with relocking the door. "Welcome home, Anon!" The somewhat muffled voice of Notaulix responds from somewhere behind you. Confused, you turn around to look down the hallway, where you see that the bathroom door is closed. Assuming that Notaulix is simply in there, you leave your box by the front door as you walk down to the other end of the hallway, where you then enter your bedroom. In there, you remove your backpack and proceed to unload all of your freshly washes clothes onto your bed. You plan on sorting, folding, and putting everything away later. Next, you grab hold of your backpack once more and exit your room, taking a moment to glance down the hallway at the still-closed door to the bathroom as you cross into the kitchen. While unloading the remaining contents of your backpack onto the kitchen counters, you hear the sound of hooves against the wooden floor drawing closer, and sure enough, you see Notaulix round the corner into the kitchen. "Hey there." You greet Notaulix. "Hello Anon!" Notaulix returns your greeting with a cheerful voice. "Did your journey to the pony settlement go well?" He then asks you. "Yep, it did. I was able to hurry right along and do everything that needed to be done. The rain let up a bit too, which was nice." You answer Notaulix. "That is very good." Notaulix comments as he comes to a stop next to you. "Is there any dessert for us, Anon?" He then asks as he watches you finish unloading your backpack of food items. 1/2
>>2751 2/2 You can't help but chuckle at the changelings forwardness as you take a moment to look down at Notaulix with a grin on your face, who in turn looks back up at you with hopeful eyes. "Not today, but I did get us some apples. How about that?" You say to Notaulix in response while holding up one of the perfectly ripe apples for him to see. "Oh! Yes, I do love apples!" Notaulix says, his wings buzzing in approval. "I thought you'd like them." You say while taking the things from the marketplace and putting them where they belong. "Thank you, Anon." Notaulix says to you. "Mhm." You hum in acknowledgment. "By the way, my new boots arrived today from Canterlot." You then say after a few minutes of silence. "Did they? I remember that those are very important to you." Notaulix says. "They really are... I'm hoping they fit me well, because if they do that'll take a stress that I've been holding on to for a long time off of my mind." You say. "That would be a very good thing, Anon. Stress is bad." Notaulix agrees. Not long after that, you finish your task of putting everything away. You then find yourself a glass and fill it with water, which you then begin to drink from while leaning up against the kitchen counter. "Anon?" Notaulix says to you, looking for your attention. "Yeah? What is it?" You ask him. "Could we sit down together when you're not busy, please?" Notaulix asks you. "I have questions about one of the things that you wanted me to study in the compendium; one that you marked with a piece of paper." He explains. "Of course we can!" You reassure him with a smile. "Which one were you looking at?" You then ask Notaulix, curious about what's on his mind. "C... Cockatrice." Notaulix answers you with a slight stutter. "The cockatrice, huh?" You repeat, your smile diminishing as you think about that particular beast. In response, Notaulix simply nods his head a few times, looking slightly troubled. From that point, silence falls over the two of you, leaving you to your own respective thoughts for several minutes. Eventually, you finish off your glass of water and lower the now-empty glass to the counter with an audible clunk. What do you do next? 1: Start the fire again 2: Examine your new boots 3: Fold and put away your laundry 4: Start washing your underwear 5: Sit down with Notaulix and answer his questions 6: Other
>>2751 Oh boy big update. After previous references to private parts and the donut incident, cockatrice jokes seem like low-hanging fruit. Getting the fire going doesn't take long does it? I don't see why we can't do 1 and 5 while also trying the boots on. They're new so they should be clean enough to wear indoors, we can wiggle our toes while hugging our bug tight answering his questions.
>>2753 What jokes?
(570.40 KB 1280x893 1544386203230.jpg)
>>2754 Don't worry about it, my childish mind is reaching a little. Although I wonder where the excessively horny Anons went?
>>2752 I'd probably say >1>2>5>4>3 Fire's good to keep things cozy, the boots probably won't take too long to examine and I'm sure Anon is curious about them as well. Then there shouldn't be any concern about talking with Notaulix for as long as he wants. Laundry could probably even wait until tomorrow morning. I do find it amusing coming back to this and the boots after the snowpone-boot-obsession thing.
>>2752 I suggest taking care of the laundry first, then help Notaulix with hi study. Optionally start the fire if there's a need.
>>2752 Start the fire, take care of laundry, then sit with Notaulix
Do you think changelings would be good at charades?
>>2755 Still here, and I will patiently wait for the oppurtunity to eat Notaulix's bugbutt.
>>2763 Shape shifters like them seem perfect for it.
>>2763 With transforming yes. Without, not so sure, since they might not be able to explain many things that are common in ponylife through charades since they wouldn't understand it. They'd probably be bad at reading what someone is trying to tell doing charades.
>>2764 don't forget to put some glaze or syrup on his donut before digging in.
>>2766 I was thinking that it could be an amusing pastime for changelings in the hive. Transforming into the most bizarre shapes to try and convey what they're meaning.
>>2768 >Transforming into the most bizarre shapes to try and convey what they're meaning. Interesting Also it'd work as training for transformations
(174.46 KB 823x744 1545346102612.png)
>>2764 >>2767 Could've sworn this was already posted in this thread. I think I just assumed that the Anon/Notaulix gay romance would be inevitable because I personally never saw any push-back on the matter. What I don't know is if it will get lewd. Signs point to maybe, with some of the teasing so far, but I wonder if QM is actually gonna be writing gay smut down the line?
>>2771 >I wonder if QM is actually gonna be writing gay smut down the line? Guess we'll find out when we find out, but with or without, I'm liking it. Bugbutts are great, and I wonder how good they would be as a face rest
>>2767 Decorate it as if it were a fine pastry, with as many jams, sauces, and syrups Maybe put a donut in his donut too Maybe even several
>>2764 >>2767 >>2773 But Notaulix poops from back there! Why would you want to do that?
(72.90 KB 600x600 1548536417750.jpg)
I think I made things gay again.
>>2775 Do they poop? What if they only eat love, what happens then?
>>2777 The hole is used for making changeling building slime Tastes like candy
>>2777 I know my writing has it so they don't unless they eat physical food. Makes them pretty clean overall. That's just my own headcanon though.
>>2775 Because I want to make him blush like mad while eating pastries and sweets out of his sugary black butthole.
>>2778 >candy flavored slime and the first thought this gives me is him mounted with his butt out to function like an ice-cream machine so I guess if changelings could do that they could add "candy slime machine" as a possible job
>>2779 >Makes them pretty clean overall. That reminds me, how do you think changelings groom themselves in the hive?
(854.38 KB 805x805 1486341664379.jpg)
>>2782 Apparently certain bugs groom themselves like OCD-riddled crackheads, by just kind of constantly running their limbs through their mouths like you were sharpening a knife. So maybe like that. Being sapient creatures though they may have picked up on advanced hygiene like ponies and use something for soap.
Have you guys considered the possibility that there may be no gay bromance between anon and nota? Are you going to be really sad if it doesn't happen?
>>2784 i've never considered it guranteed, i've only hoped for the possibility of it happening not too much, the story is still good without it, still want his bugbutt in it though
>>2784 Yes No, but I would like it if it did happen
(331.23 KB 900x900 1544264715236.png)
>>2784 I'd honestly be okay if it panned out that way, though as the humongous faggot who was first pushing for the romance in the first place, of course I'd prefer it go through. Course I'd still prefer to keep it sfw, I just won't mind so much if it does turn explicit at all. Given the fimfic entry did put on the M tag, it certainly seems like an option. Honestly I've just never actually seen a proper gay pony-related pony romance story and would like to, most other stuff is just casual gay smut and it's rather dissatisfying.
This thread started from post #5 and now look at it! Do not forget to save the thread locally, because this board doesn't have an archive.
>>2781 I'd definitely eat changeling ass candy.
(1.29 MB 1920x1080 Slush Factory.jpg)
>>2777 >>2778 >>2781 >>2796 >It's pic related but with a row of changeling butts instead >Lift tail to dispense >Everypony rejoices
>>2798 I think there was a green like that. https://ponerpics.org/images/6158334
>>2796 If their ass is for making candy flavored building material, then I'd say it only makes sense that their bladder also helps with making something like that too.
>>2799 Fantastic green
>>2798 Wonder how different each one would be between each changeling other than just flavor. Maybe it comes out cold from some changelings, or they use magic to make it come out cold, that'd be perfect for a hot summer day.
(198.48 KB 974x1005 1544912626113.jpg)
Bug is uncomfortable with the turn things have taken.
>>2798 >>2800 >>2802 Lift tail once for slushie, lift it twice for the hot chocolate ^:) Do not lift the tail three or more times
(1.98 MB 2480x1654 a chance encounter_Guetzli.jpeg)
Fan art of our favorite buggo. Consider this my way of saying thank you for all the amazing work you put in running the CYOA for us, QM. This time experimenting with a more painterly style, mostly to hide the fact that I still can't do live subjects worth a damn (or fine details, or perspective, or composition... you get the idea).
(233.84 KB 648x563 t4eway4teway4wa.PNG)
>>2807 Oh that's amazing Anon! I'm glad we have one artist to pick up my slack. **Which would have more meaning if I'd done anything yet.*
>>2807 Super cool Anon, I like it. Better than what I could do.
>>2807 Very nice.
>>2752 Nice update! We don't want to let the bug wondering why you got tense when he mentioned the Cockatrices, so start up the fire, get comfy and start a study session with him.
>>2803 Hope he's not too uncomfortable with a tongue up his butt.
>>2814 Fags should be lined against a wall and shot. Stop smearing a wholesome story in your shit.
>>2802 Some changeling ice-cream sounds nice
>>2804 now I want to know what happens if I do exactly that.
>>2819 They explode
>>2820 That sounds dangerous
>>2820 Figuratively out of their holes, or literally like a balloon? Cause if it's the latter that doesn't sound good for a changeling.
>>2819 Unknown product comes out from the third hole
>>2827 How many holes does a changeling have?
>>2828 Too many
(1.06 MB 1280x720 huh.png)
Why did changelings become less interesting once they turned into skittle vomit? I think the mysteriousness and danger factor is what gives the classic changelings their appeal, but is there more to it than that? The fact that they were dangerous but could also turn into somepony you know had a lot of unused story potential. Could things be more interesting if only Thorax ended up as a deerbug, the lone outlier who teams up with the M6 against Chrysalis, in some character arc similar to Isaac from The Orville?
>>2851 Another thing is that classic changelings other than Chrysalis were a total blank slate. They could be used in stories with many different interpretations of what they were like. The skittle vomit is instead very strictly defined in the canon, and a less sincere and less attractive cheap knockoff of ponies is literally all they can be. Unless one is actively rejecting the canon; and if one is actively rejecting the canon, then it's better and more likely that one would just use the classic changelings as well. >>2852 Another thing is that classic changelings other than Chrysalis were a total blank slate. They could be used in stories with many different interpretations of what they were like. The skittle vomit is instead very strictly defined in the canon, and a less sincere and less attractive cheap knockoff of ponies is literally all they can be. Unless one is actively rejecting the canon; and if one is actively rejecting the canon, then it's better and more likely that one would just use the classic changelings as well.
(1.47 MB 1622x1808 pharynx.jpg)
>>2853 One thing I've always found strange about the way Equestria works, is that the different species are largely confined to their one home location. Even in the 2017 movie when they go outside Equestria we don't see a second city of unicorns/dragons etc. If there was another hive of changelings elsewhere in the world it could make up for the skittle vomit without having to disregard the canon.
(32.49 KB 1920x1080 bugbutt.jpg)
(503.86 KB 864x486 nyag.gif)
>This is a close-up of Chrysalis butt
(62.03 KB 493x581 382085.jpg)
>>2859 that's one flat ass
>>2883 It's probably just the first person view.
>>2883 I want to tease her about having no ass
(2.97 MB 1500x1917 1704433.png)
Who has less ass, the queen or her drones?
>>2887 The queen probably has more body mass that she can redistribute than the drones.
>>2887 The queen's built like a stickbug, and she has a tiny ass compared to her drones, but she always shapeshifts to make it bigger than theirs when they're in her presence.
>>2888 >tfw queenie and her hive are actually one anomalous entity >she splits herself into drones to accomplish tasks and have eyes and ears throughout the land >she can reabsorb all the drones to become the eldritch horror that she truly is
>>2894 Don't think I've seen that suggested for Changelings before. I have created a character that is pretty much that but on such a massive scale I can't accurately describe it.
>>2894 How big is that eldritch horror's butt
>>2905 It's like a deflated hot air balloon
>>2906 Kek.
>>2883 It keeps her up at night knowing how much of a sad excuse for a butt it is.
(682.13 KB 1302x1042 study session.png)
Late night snuggle study session with Notaulix. I know buggo is a bit on the smol side this time round, but I realized it too late to fix it.
>>2928 I want to give headpats and forehead kisses to the snugglebug.
>>2928 Super cozy Anon, this is great.
(165.13 KB 1136x852 1591420413858.jpg)
>>2928 Top comf/10
(67.05 KB 299x683 384787.gif)
>>2938 That's a bedbug that will bite.
>>2947 If you ask nicely
(472.63 KB 3000x4500 1560309859337.png)
Notaulix sure has been thinking about his cockatrice questions for a while. Must have a lot to say about cockatrices.
(295.82 KB 960x1280 1611877040025.png)
This place sure goes from lively to dead and vice versa pretty quick.
>>2983 Sure does.
>>2780 I want that
(123.54 KB 1028x1508 1545519234896.gif)
I can't believe BuggyCYOA is fucking dead.
>>3041 He just went off to the store to get something. He'll be back.
Surely not
>>3041 It's only been about 10 days. Hope he's not dead at least.
(500.71 KB 3000x1571 1558416574547.png)
>>3052 What happened to this bug?
>>3053 No idea, but I don't think they are supposed to drip green ichor
>>3053 Cadence
(1.05 MB 1764x1464 BuggyCYOA_pt191.jpg)
Sorry for the wait, friends >>2807 >>2928 I love these! The Everfree scene is quite close to how I envision it in my mind. What's wild to me is that my crappy little bugfic has been able to inspire several pieces of artwork in you guys. Even one piece of fanart is far more than the average fic ever gets. This is an abstract kind of feel. I don't know how to express my gratitude, but do know that these things are truly appreciated. It's an inspiration for me to work harder when I get life sorted out again. >>2751 >>2752 >>2753 >>2756 >>2813 Risk Reality "I'm going to get the fire going again for us. How about you go make yourself comfortable on the couch? We'll talk about what's on your mind." You suggest to Notaulix with a nod of your head in the direction of the piece of furniture. "Okay! Thank you, Anon." Notaulix responds in a cheery tone before trotting over to the sofa, followed by climbing up onto it. As Notaulix settles into his favored spot, you walk over to the fireplace and kneel in front of it, where you then grab hold of a metal poker. Taking the poker, you use it to sift through the ashes and inspect what you have to work with. Thankfully, you find that there is still a nice bed of embers glowing orange and hot. You take some smaller pieces of wood and set them directly on the embers. The material soon ignites, at which point you coax and build up the fire until it is back to its full size, filling the room with its heat. Satisfied, you rise back up onto your feet in order to walk over and join Notaulix on the sofa. "What did you want to talk about?" You ask Notaulix as you sit down. Before answering, Notaulix scoots up closer to you while levitating over the old Everfree compendium, which he then opens up to the two pages detailing the cockatrice. "Do these really exist, Anon?" Notaulix asks in response while passing the large book over to you, which you take hold of. "Yes, of course they do. They wouldn't be in this book otherwise." You respond. "Can... Can they really turn living things to stone?" Notaulix asks in a slightly quieter, more tense tone. "Yeah. They can." You answer him with a nod of your head. "How do you know that?" Notaulix then asks you. "I've stumbled upon a few petrified forest critters and a couple timberwolves." You respond as you recall the moments when you found such things. "Nothing more than that, thankfully." You add. "Oh no... I'm glad that you never found a cockatrice, Anon." Notaulix says. "Well actually, I have. I've had the misfortune of running into one out in the wild twice. Quite a scare when that happens!" You say nonchalantly. "T-Twice?! Anon!" Notaulix cries out, catching you by surprise as you find him staring up at you with wide eyes and droopy ears. "What if you were turned to stone when you were all alone, doing these things in the Everfree Forest by yourself? That could have been your end!" Notaulix continues, clearly distressed. You can't help but stare back into Notaulix's solid blue eyes, searching your mind for a response to his unexpected outburst. Yet, you find nothing. "How did you do it, Anon? Where did you acquire the bravery to face such dangerous things by yourself?" Notaulix asks you with a quieter voice; one that almost sounds sad. Several long seconds drag by in silence as you wait to see if Notaulix says anything else, though it quickly becomes apparent that he is, in fact, waiting your answer. Eventually, you allow the old, heavy compendium to rest on your lap, freeing both of your hands to briefly rub your face after breaking eye contact with your changeling friend. 1/2
>>3060 2/2 Lowering your hands, you take a moment to stare ahead and gaze into the dancing flames held within the fireplace. "Dunno." You blurt out, followed by a heavy sigh. "I just... choose to not think too much about things like that. If I constantly thought about everything bad that could happen to me, I'd never get anything done, you know?" You finally answer Notaulix. "I studied these old books for months before I started going deeper into the forest. I decided on a plan of action for whatever I could beforehand." You explain. "What if I encountered a pack of timberwolves? A manticore? A cockatrice? What if I stepped in a pile of Tanglehoof? What if I twisted an ankle? ...I would ask myself questions like those." You continue. "That way, I could react quickly and not panic. That's why I'm not a statue now, and that's also why I want you to learn these things, so that you too can be prepared for them." You say. "Because the reality is, we're going to need to go deeper into the Everfree; at least as deep as where I found you. That's where you have to go to find the best things to harvest in these final weeks before winter arrives." You conclude. And with that, silence falls between you, apart from the occasional snap or crackle of the warm fire. Looking back down at Notaulix, you find him to be staring down at his forehooves. You don't know if he is deep in thought or not, but the fact that his ears are still pinned to the side speaks to you of his emotions. What do you do next? 1: Say nothing 2: Comfort Notaulix physically 3: Comfort Notaulix verbally 4: Other
(295.87 KB 712x1544 1467299024533.jpg)
>>3060 >>3061 Dang, good thing my sleep schedule is absolutely wretched right now or I might've missed the update! I imagine his reading has him a little frightened of going back into the forest, which is only natural considering he surely would have died there if we hadn't shown up. I'd say wrap an arm around her bug (he probably needs the love from physical contact anywhere) and say we're glad he cares for us so much. It's okay to be scared, but he should know that the chance of anything bad happening is far less with the two of them out there. Maybe tell him how we dealt with both cockatrices and assure him that the best way to deal with danger is preparedness. We believe in him.
>>3062 >her Our* shid I can't english.
>>3062 >>3061 He's right, a combination of 2 and 3 would be better
>>3061 Do I even need to say it? Hug the bug!
>>2852 Simply put, the show answered a mystery that did not need to be answered. Not all mysteries need an answer. Not every bit of lore left out in the open needs to be filled in completely. Sometimes it is best to leave certain things open to interpretation, especially if you dally in taking your time to answer certain questions. The changelings were popular as they were because they were a literal blank slate for anyone to work with and impose their own vision of what they could be. Hence leading to a diversity of interpretations and worlds that can florish and cross pollinate with each other. While there were certainly commonalities amongst the many interpretations, they each had their own unique take of what could be. It's also a large part of why the early fandom became as big as it did, because there was so much left unanswered, so much left to explore. We didn't have answers to these questions, so fan creators took it upon themselves to answer those questions. When the show filled it in however, the results were often disappointing more often than not. Look no further than what happened to the gryphons with the Griffonstone episode. Sure, it was okay, but it squash so much mystery about them that there was not really much left to explore save in character fics. In the same vein, the same happened to the changelings. Once the mystery is gone, what else is there left to explore? It's even worse if you came in before the episode became a thing and end up having to slog through a deluge of stuff that strictly abide by the canon established by the show, which is to be expected, but it means all content from then on are restricted to that precedent set by the show. If the episodes in question happened earlier on, say a couple episodes *after* said species were established, thing would have taken a different turn in regards to their development. For better or worse, I cannot say. Just that with their further development, all future fan created content will be affected. It also partially explains why the fandom shrunk as much as it did after S3 up until the end of S9. When you are left with nothing to work with but a canon that is best distasteful for many, what reason is there to remain? I myself never got why so many fan writers and the like were so deadset on changing their own headcanon to suit the show, considering the very fact it's already is already fated to be jossed in one way or another as the show developed. You'd think it would have been possible for them to compartmentalize such stuff separately so it could have coexisted in peace with the show canon, but time and time again I have seen this was not the case for many a fan creator. It's basically makes browsing sites like Fimfiction untenable since the skittlebugs litter that site, and the same applies for the gryphons. And you can forget about anything regarding a unicorn version of Twilight Sparkle, seeing as that has long faded from memory. But I digress. At least in some places like this one, the oldlings persist, and hopefully without being tainted from the show canon itself. No offense to anyone who likes it, but the show took a different direction I found unpalatable back in S3 onward. Something about it just seemed off. I can only be thankful we managed to get content for the oldings as we did before the episode in question showed up featuring the newlings.
>>3060 >>3061 Option 2. Maybe see if you have some other type of short story around to take Notaulix's mind off his worries.
>>3062 Also remind nota that practice makes perfect and that he'll get better at faring the Everfree over time.
>>3060 Not one of the artists, but I'm glad you're motivated! That's what I meant when I was speaking about your threads having fewer followers, but the people following it being strongly invested on the story and characters. Anyway, there's no reason you couldn't do 2 and 3 at the same time. By the way, if he doesn't know it yet, reassure him there's a cure for petrification (if there is, of course).
>>3060 >>3061 It's one of these things that fucks your mind for a while. What if Anon wasn't ready for the cockatrice? He would have been "ended", left to rot as a statue somewhere around the forest, and he wouldn't be there to save the bug from the tanglehoof. Comfort him, I guess. But I wonder, when you're petrified, are you aware of your surroundings? Are you awake? Are you even alive?
(781.07 KB 1200x1000 1457740507986.jpg)
Alright then, I've been reading up the BuggyCYOA on Fimfiction, and thus far it has been holding decent. It's a nice change of pace to see old Sparkle, at least for the time being, even if there are tidbits of lore from the later seasons I rather not see. Still, that's small potatoes compared to the rest of the story thus far, and I have no complaints about it otherwise. Seeing as I have nothing further to add in terms of criticism, all I can say is keep up the good work Anon. Goodness knows I have been scraping at the bottom of the barrel for stuff that's more partial to my tastes these days, at least on that site. Though out of curiosity, how much of the later seasons are you going to feature? I'm at the point in the story where Notaulix is doing his stuff as a gryphon, so seeing the G name confirms you are at least using canon up to that era. Will we be seeing any of the nu-changelings or content from S8 and S9 in terms of lore and what not?
(185.04 KB 1024x710 art10271.png)
>>3118 I'm sure any post-s2 stuff is pure coincidence, since the QM has said he never watched past that point himself, just knows random details he's picked up. Even your given example of G names for gryphons was sort-of-ish established early, since all of the whopping two gryphons we got in the first two seasons had G names.
(859.05 KB 1175x1061 13720956739211.png)
>>3073 This is a really well composed post on the topic. I've tried to explain this concept to people in years past on /mlp/, but they usually either don't get it or don't care. As I've mentioned before, the S3 finale was the final episode that I watched when it premiered. I chose to stop watching for the exact reason that I wanted to preserve the Equestria that existed within my mind as best as I could. I knew that if I continued to watch more, even if I chose to disregard what was presented as the canon, it would still be influencing my thoughts subconsciously. People want to deny this, but at least when you're writing, you're constantly comparing what you're presenting versus what the "canon" is. It's true that I'm aware of other characters and certain key events that happened in later seasons, just from getting exposed to them second hand on /mlp/, but it's much easier for me to disregard those things and not have them effect the Equestria in my mind. Why? Well, consider the following: I know that characters like Glimmer, Ember, Gabby, Yona, etc exist, and I know what they look like, but that's as far as my knowledge goes. I don't know what they sound like, I don't know how their mannerisms, how they act, how they deal with problems, and other such things. I wouldn't be able to write them even if you wanted me to. And as such, the base foundation of the Equestria that I'm trying to present to you guys through my writing is the one that has been cooking in my head for close to a decade now. S1.5+ as I've called it. Basically S1, most of S2 minus the finale, and a few choice bits from S3. Little ponies(and bugs!) in a big, mysterious world. That's the Equestria that I fell in love with. >>3118 I'm glad that you're enjoying it, Anon. What exactly do you mean by "G name"? See my novella above regarding show seasons. Feel free to share any other questions if you have them.
>>3148 Whoops. Just to clarify one thing, though it should be pretty obvious. When I say the S2 finale is excluded, I mean that the Canterlot Wedding didn't happen, nor does Cadence exist in any form. The changeling race, however, does exist within the world. Equestria's past history with changelings has been hinted at with those books that Anon borrowed from the Treebrary in search of information regarding Notaulix's race.
>>3148 I wish I had had the wisdom to stop watching the new canon content at some point. The truth is that even the good episodes from later seasons are in some way damaging to one's perceptions of the ponies and their world.
(1.36 MB 1152x1400 2564165.png)
(176.10 KB 902x720 1382768192443.jpg)
>>3148 I am glad to see that my line of thought isn't entirely out of place. Half the time on places like Fimfic I feel like a bloody schizo seeing everyone there seemingly have no problem with what took place with the later seasons. I bailed pretty early on myself back in Season 3 and never got around to watch it all. I do recall not liking Cadence all that much in the beginning seeing as it felt like they put her there for pink princess marketing purposes, which it was. Shining Armor also felt somewhat iffy, since we never actually heard about him right up until that episode. But they were more or less small fries compared to what came later. >I chose to stop watching for the exact reason that I wanted to preserve the Equestria that existed within my mind as best as I could. Pretty much this for me. Seeing as I did not like the Equestria that was starting to form at around the end of S3, I felt it best to desist from watching at all. And it looks like rightly so, seeing as the show got the Game of Thrones treatment in the end. It's disappointing, but the writing was on the wall for a long while. As for the G name, it appears that gryphons in canon *mostly* have their names start with G for whatever reason, something that's a tad irritating seeing as it appears it was done arbitrary. I am presuming there is a canon reason for it, but even still I must wonder why it was put as that. Not to mention what they did with the gryphons in the show, but that's neither here nor there. >>3149 Well that's an interesting exclusion. I'm assuming something else will pop up with the changelings in due time, correct? >>3153 It is what it is Anon. I would suggest going back in time to read some of the older material, to at least regain some of that old feeling that came with the show back then. It won't be the same, but it might get some of it back. I have an old catalog on Fimfiction that I can pluck through, at least with the changelings I can pick through if you wish.
>9 posts to bump limit
(1.62 MB 1024x1447 2892957.png)
>>3153 >>3156 I already am going back to the older material. But it takes time to overwrite such extensive corruptions in my knowledge of Equestria. >>3157 Then what? /bug/ II: Electric Boogaloo?
>>3165 >Then what? /bug/ II: Electric Boogaloo? Why yes of course.
>>3165 >Then what? /bug/ II: Electric Boogaloo? U know it
>>3165 Bug 2 will probably have to wait a bit, it'll probabaly take a while for the thread to be bumped off even after bump limit.
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>>2791 >because this board doesn't have an archive It doesn't? What's the archives section at the bottom for?
>>3173 The archive here is limited. I believe right now it's set so if there's more than 1000 threads in the archive things will start getting deleted. Files will also be deleted as space is needed.
These fools discussing the degradation of the Fim series while I a true chad have never even watched the show before despite my 5 year old account on fimfiction.
>>3191 >never even watched the show I would still consider it a safe bet that you know the characters better than the writers of the later seasons do.
>bump limit achieved
>>3193 Really?
>>3193 So what happens for now (or for next 40 days)?
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>>3197 We post bugs, of course.
(138.19 KB 799x601 57241.png)
>>3198 I was stupid here, thinking that bump limit meant locked to new replies.
>>3197 Need to decide on the next OP for when it's time.
First bump limit on the site!
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>>3202 Bugs clearly best.
>>3197 Post about giving bugs forehead kisses and bellyrubs. Maybe more
>>3197 We fantasize on what would it feel like to be vored by Notaulix.
>>3218 But I don't want to be eaten, I want to eat him out.
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>>10897 Please throw yourself in the nearest trash compactor, bot.