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(780.59 KB 1125x791 TummyBallast.png)
Pony Mods Anonymous 11/17/2021 (Wed) 01:58:58 No. 5306
Post some of your favorite pony-related mods for games.
>>5306 The only pony mod I can really think of is that one Sulphur Nimbus one. It seems ok, I didn't play very much of it. I don't really play a whole lot of games. There is the pony game "Twilight Escape" that I remember (https://timeshield.neocities.org/). A bit spooky.
(117.66 KB 495x375 ponytype.png)
>barotrauma That shit was so fun before the Steam release. https://minelittlepony-mod.com
>>5306 I play Tale of Two Wastelands mod for fnv with mlp companions mod and also an mlp texture pack. I also play Skyrim with mlp companion mods too.
(109.71 KB 900x506 Earthbound ponies.JPG)
Absolutely love Equestriabound, my two favorite properties together is a dream come true. If there was ever a pony mod of Mother 3 I think I'd die of happiness. After a copious amount of tears, of course.
(2.01 MB 900x780 loe.png)
Not many mods, but some pony games I've tried. Legends of Equestria can be pretty adorable. Fallout Equestria: Remains is amazing, but it crashes too much for me to get far in it. Will try on different computer once that is possible. Ponyvania: Order of Equestria Like the Castlevania games, but with ponies. Equestria at War (Hearts of Iron IV mod) I spent about half of year 2020 on this one. >>5312 >Sulphur Nimbus Awesome, and even better with Rainbow Dash in it.
Waiting is Magic is another pony game I remember. It's basically just RD just in the hospital.
(1.22 MB 1909x1071 TFPone.png)
>>5306 I don't know if you count skins but I like the tf2 mods/skins. Unfortunately the newest pony mods seem to be from six years ago.
(1.60 MB 416x232 1617486872286.gif)
>>5306 I could've sworn someone posted a pony Stardew Valley mod on /mlp/ sometime within the last few months, but I can't find it in the archives now for the life of me. I'm doing a SV playthrough right now and kicking myself for not downloading it when I first saw it.
(13.10 KB 346x392 9223-1628205725-1184807461.png)
>>6940 That looks like the one! Thanks anon. Looking forwards to trying this one out.
>>5775 I remember when that used to be on the app store, used to spend hours playing it.
>>5306 There's a pretty cool Amnesia mod that shrinks your character down to pone size, adds voicelines and hoof clopping sounds, and even custom abilities depending on which character you play as, such as super strength and faster speed for AJ and super high jumps and slow-fall for RD. You know, if you're still playing Dark Descent in 2022. An oldie, but a goodie. https://www.moddb.com/mods/mane-six-mod/downloads/mane-six-mod-v20
>>5312 yes yes old and ancient, my apologies. where the hay can I find this mod for sulphur nimbus?
>>11976 much obliged, kind sir!