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Anonymous 11/22/2021 (Mon) 06:05:28 No. 5432
>board already overrun with generals bros we'll never make it off /mlp/ will we?
I still don't understand what is the difference between a general and any other thread. Can someone explain?
>>5433 >I still don't understand what is the difference between a general and any other thread. I suppose any thread meant to cover all green/art/stories/whatever for a certain topic vs one off threads about a single thing. Traditionally when people said "generals" they referred just to the really big threads like AiE, but it seems people now use general to refer to even waifu/character threads which I feel is a bit too far. Now while generals are perhaps not inherently bad (drawthread for example), there is a danger to them: people who only browse their specific general and not the larger board. This is bad for the broader community which is why generals are often looked down upon. Unfortunately these days even on /mlp/ we don't often get a whole lot of one offs with any amount of follow through. The green threads of old used to be great but they were largely killed off by Scruffening 2.0. While the ban on prompt threads has been reversed there, the writers never returned. >>5432 If you have an idea for a thread, why not make it? Discussion here is largely taking place in threads with active content production as you would expect. But a new thread could always bring new discussion subjects to the board.
(1022.53 KB 1823x877 Prompt Trash.png)
>>5432 >"NOOOOO!! YOU CAN'T HAVE CENTRAL THREADS FOR DEDICATED TOPICS AND DISCUSSION! NO! NOOOO!" >"YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO FILL UP THE CATALOG WITH EIGHT THREADS OF THE SAME THING! NOOO!!" >t. OP, a faggot Please leave and never come back. I'll never understand this newfag mindset of perpetually whinging over something that has been a staple from the beginning. >>5433 >>5434 Beat me to the punch while typing this out, but yes, "General" is the all-encompassing term for threads that are devoted to a single subject or topic, usually one that is popular and produces multiple threads over a long span of time. For example: /sun/, /moon/, /bootleg/, /bug/, fimfiction thread, griffon thread, /mppp/, etc. You get the idea. While there are definite negatives to generals, as the other anon touched on, the bigger problem is that the prompt threads that we have now are significantly worse. Don't get me wrong, I used to love prompt threads; still do to a degree, but times have changed, and so has /mlp/'s board culture with it. The no-prompt era dealt a wound that never really healed. Prompt threads used to be all about fun and creativity, but now they're more of a vessel for trolling. These days on /mlp/ I've been averaging around 112 threads hidden at any given time. Around 30% of those are prompts/one offs which have nothing to do with fostering creativity or quality discussion, and everything to do with filling the board up with inflammatory shit that is just made to make people angry and farm (You)s. tl;dr: threads that are producing anything enjoyable and meaningful outside of generals are growing few and far between these days, and it seems to only be getting worse. Whenever I see posts like OP, I can only imagine someone who is unironically the type who wants pic related to return as the norm.
>>5438 >112 threads hidden at any given time >Approximately 75% of the board Impressive.
>>5468 That's about how many I have filtered at any one time. Its nearly always at least 100.
>>5434 >people who only browse their specific general and not the larger board. And how many here do that? /clop/ is basically a series of fetish generals but I think a lot of people still just stick to the generals of nhnb >Unfortunately these days even on /mlp/ we don't often get a whole lot of one offs with any amount of follow through. The green threads of old used to be great but they were largely killed off by Scruffening 2.0. Greens take a lot longer to write up and people have less time these days so I don't think you can just point to one thing.
>>5729 >>5438 wow anons, I only have about 30 these days and I get really stressed out when it reaches 40
(20.02 KB 243x184 aggressive shift clicking.gif)
>>5785 I also have around 105 threads hidden at any time. Do you browse or care about every single one shown? That'd be 120 threads on a good day. If not, why even have them on the catalog?
>>5787 I ceased interacting with /mlp/ entirely. It's changed too much, and I found myself angry and frustrated more often than not.
>>5787 Damn so high? If it was that high for me I could not post there either I only filter on OP image and/or if there is something retarded in the preview text And this approach has not changed but the number of filtered threads has increased incrementally
>>5789 You better have a good hobby to spend your time on then. >>5799 I doubt you're the guy I replied to but still. Do you browse or care about all (or most of) the threads shown on your catalog or not? I hide stuff that I'm never going to open and never going to reply to. It's actually mostly generals, so I still manage to catch those spontaneous threads that sometimes turn into something decent, which is the only downside I can imagine to hiding so much stuff. >If it was that high for me I could not post there either Why not?
>>5802 No I don't browse the majority of the threads in the catalog. I pretty much nuke human and g5 pony life etc on sight and thats the number it comes out as. I try to catch those spontaneous threads like you said, but I don't mind if they end up sticking around like snowponies.
>>5806 I only hide G5 and human as well, the number is usually 20-30 on good days, so I guess I still find worthwhile posts more often than not.
(354.91 KB 1216x1061 1630352604275.png)
>>5433 I'm going to make it simple for you: generals are threads that are made with the idea that a new thread will be created when the current one is archived. At a basic level, it's just that. It is not so much a topic, because every thread has a topic, be a question, a point of discussion, a joke, or even one that is proposed as random things. Obviously, a general is not a bad thing, that just depends on whether your brain relates it to something bad because in circles that you don't like you hear the word "general" frequently. Actually, this place is much more comfortable for generals, because it's much quieter and with people much more focused on mlp related things and who like "comfy" things. I also don't understand what OP wants exactly, does he want more meme threads that aren't taken seriously? In a place where there isn't much traffic, it doesn't make much sense to have meme threads with few or no responses for weeks, and if you want that funny feedback, literally /mlp/ is the best place because most of the people are there just for meme. Does OP feel uncomfortable that things feel more "serious" and "organized" and therefore less spontaneous than in the old days? Understandable from a nostalgic point of view but personally I don't see the bad side. I think that as long as you talk about what you are supposed to talk about in a certain thread, any "method" is good. Do you want a place to feel "less /mlp/"? Literally don't create conversation topics related to organizational issues and linked to tastes. The more you formalize the idea that "there are problems" around how a board should be organized and act, the more you normalize the fact that things are wrong, and you probably create divisions that didn't even exist in the first place. It's like implementing sex education for children to combat teenage pregnancy or things like that. Sure, in times like this it's surely better than nothing, but it's undeniable that you normalize that children and adolescents are more connected to sex, you are not saying "concentrate on things of their age and don't live thinking about sex, close your legs", you're saying "think about sex all you want 24/7, just don't do it the wrong way." It is not something of "let's not discuss anything", think of it this way: When someone creates a thread that raises a discussion point (whatever it's) and another click on it because the first thing that comes to his mind isn't: "oh, surely there will be the guy who thinks that x is total garbage, the autistic who always puts x topic in every discussion, the doomer who says he hates this place and it's posters but never leaves, the one who doesn't stop treat others as if they were secret spies created to annoy him, all this personalities that you saw in just the last week in other discussion threads". Let's just enjoy ponies and this beautiful show. The old days were good because we all had this mindset and were happy with little. Sorry for the blog, and my shitty english.