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(283.69 KB 1081x1500 art5145.jpeg)
Pony Dreams? Anonymous 11/22/2021 (Mon) 11:52:48 No. 5450
Does anyone else feel Princess Luna on the edge of their dreams? Like in the last seconds of the dream, right before I wake up? It's just been third time this month for me. In all three, my own form is poorly defined. The first one was a vague pony dream. I had no senses per se, but I know that Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were there, as well as some others. I could talk to them. I do feel Luna's presence at the end. The second one was old memories, as in from a younger age than most of my dreams, but heavily randomised. In the last part, there was something actively opposing Luna. It was making explicitly described violent hostile threats toward her. The third started as a pony dream, cuddling with some mare I didn't recognise. I fall asleep with her, then false awaken in a human dreamscape. My first thoughts are concern for the no longer present mare. Then I see that there are at least one adult and four children, possibly more of each, in some park. Two of the children are in some cartoon character costume I don't recognise. At least other two are playing with toy magic wands. I'm still worried for the vanished mare, and I can't tell these characters about it. I begin defying the dreamscape. I just start moving in one direction. The location quickly becomes a rather crowded downtown city. I come to a building with two lines of people standing in front of service windows. I defy this too, and walk straight through the solid looking wall between the two windows. The dreamscape disappears and I feel Luna's presence again before really awakening. So anyone else have any pony dreams they want to share?
>>5450 I rarely have any memory of dreams, but I do like to think about the ponies as I'm going to bed.
(367.82 KB 480x270 2508331.gif)
>>5450 i once had a nightmare where i was going to a private swimming pool at a party with Applejack and i threw her into the pool (as a playful thing) and then she drowned, for 30 seconds i was struck with the overbearing dread of being responsible for the death of my waifu before i woke up drenched in sweat and tears
>>5459 Wow. That's harsh.
I had kind of an interesting dream last night. I'm not in it; everything is viewed from an abstract third-person perspective. There was a group of Fallout Equestria style wasteland ponies trekking across the land. They were very dreary, but they were singing an upbeat song. When I tried to pay attention to the lyrics, I found that they made no sense as they were literally just random words (like if you selected entries from a dictionary with a random number generator).
This one starts I'm at some large open pit mine. There is a logging truck, and a large pile of logs at the edge of the pit. I'm not in the truck, but I control it to crash through the pile of logs and fall into the pit. Then in the second part, I am definitely a unicorn. I'm now in a ruined city, it has narrow streets and there is debris everywhere. And rats, countless rats. I don't want to waste my magic on them, so I just start crushing them with my hooves. It is gruesomely violent, but also a lot of fun.
Yet another wasteland pony dream. I thought I was playing a computer game, but had no awareness of anything outside it. Everything was clearly visible, but looked like primitive 3d games where pixel-art 2d characters are moved closer or further from the camera. Something like Doom 1993, but in a third-person perspective. The player character looked like Blackjack, but this may have been from character customisation before the part I remember. There was a health bar in the bottom left corner. Status effects would be indicated above that. The first part I remember was a boss fight in an underground bunker or stable. The boss puts some sort of curse which would kill after an amount of time; this is indicated by a skull icon over the health bar. I beat this boss before the time runs out, but just barely. At that point the skull icon is replaced by a gun icon. Then a bunch of guard ponies escort me to the exit. The camera is in a fixed position for the next part. The guards are in the foreground, so they look particularly large. In the background I see the open door and several ponies, some inside and some outside. The player character (Blackjack?) walks away from the camera toward the door. The walking away from the character animation is somewhat awkward. This game seemed really cool. I'm kind of disappointed that I can't play more of it because it doesn't exist.
The first part I remember is navigating a maze full of weird bird-shaped traps. And then suddenly being chased by a vicious "goose". Then I'm in a strange bedroom, trying to close the window. But the physics are all wrong, so the window just ends up floating in the air instead. I go down into the basement where I meet "something". I'm supposedly planning some kind of party, I have all sorts of brightly coloured stuff. "Something" begins talking to me, saying that Pinkie Pie would be insulted by this mockery of her craft. At that point Pinkie arrives with at least one other pony. I show her this big card thing, printed on one side and blank on the other. We go upstairs and find ourselves in front of a cabin in the forest. There is a very light rain, but the wind has started. I insist that that card thing is super important, but then I realise it is already destroyed. The wind is getting faster and faster; the trees begin to bend over. We all start to panic. I'm literally picking up garbage now; expired documents, empty bottles, and so on. I seem to think this is more important than anything else. The wind gets faster and faster ad infinitum; I don't even look as everything is blown away. And I sit alone in the mud with my garbage. The end.
>>5459 >nightmare The only kind of nightmares I ever have are about being on Top Gear, every time I have a bad dream it's because Richard Harmond, James May, and the worst one Jeremy Cuckson are torturing me in my sleep. I wish I was joking. I'm not even comfortable discussing the worst dream I had about that. Even as an anon. Back on pony topic I often see ponies in the background of my dreams but they are not usually the focus. Sometimes I used to dream about being Rainbow Dash. I distinctly remember one dream about being Rainbow Dash and climbing a rope latter into a hot air balloon. It was very hard to climb and stressful. Don't know why the fuck I didn't just use my wings. It's weird because for a while sometimes my mind just seemed to replace me with her when laying in bed without really trying to. Hasn't happened since I turned her into a tulpa. I'm still more concerned about the Top Gear dreams than what that last paragraph means about my sanity.
Most of my "pony" dreams are actually kinda memories of a happy Brony past that never happened. It's mostly me (often specifically teenage me) walking around a convention and being very sociable, having lots of friends, or me strolling thru a store full of high quality pony merch. The pony fandom in my country was tiny and mostly composed of furries with a flying interest in MLP. So yeah, I've never really made any friends in the fandom (the few that I made abandoned pony completely or only care about porn), so it's kinda depressing. Another dream I had like two months ago is a straight-up "lost media" creepypasta plot. Maybe it'll seem silly to others, but it was quite soul-crushing to me. I'll tell it now. I've decided to rewatch the entire series, so I downloaded a torrent will all the seasons. I play the first file, season 1 episode 1. The intro "once upon the time in the magical land of Equestria…" sounds the same, but the visuals are changed: there's no "storybook" animation, but rather random shots of Equestria landscape, random cities filled with ponies seen from the sky, very pretty. The first part of the intro ends and now it's supposed to be the shot of Twilight by the river, reading the book and going "elements of harmony, I know I've head of those before…" but instead the camera pans in some random point in the sky and from the bottom alicorn Twilight in full princess gear flies triumphantly and shouts "but now Twilight's the princess and everything's cool! " and cheerful music plays. After a moment the music stops, Twilight flies away and the camera pans down (still from the top view). We see a small pond and a pony drawn in G3 style walking around it. The camera zooms on the pony who looks very depressed and goes >I remember when Twilight was just a foal, Equestria has changed too much and I don't fit in anymore, it's time to die Rainbow Dash lands next to the pony. They talk for a while (you can't hear it) and suddenly they both start crying. They cry in a very cartoonish manner (like, idk, Pinkie at the end of S01E02 when Luna apologizes) and Rainbow Dash uses some kinda magic (perhaps she's even an alicorn here?) to redirect the stream of her tears to fall behind the other pony, flying over his/her head. It's meant to be a comical moment making fun of Rainbow Dash acting tough and being afraid to show her emotions and using this absurd magic instead, there's even a happy jingle playing in the background. It's still very grotesque and "dark comedy" to me. That's where the dream ends.
>>5450 Why, I had a nightmare just tonight that I plan on posting on /mlp/'s version of this thread when they unblock my 5G ISP, but for now I suppose I can subject NHNB to my misery just to make myself feel better. It isn't SFW by the way The nightmare was was that someone was doing some sort of shitty fetish comic with ponies (mostly marecocks) and that as a result of me making a post about being lucky Twilight wasn't in it, there was a comic made (the creator was a namefag, "JGC" I think) with Twilight being unsatisfied with sex with Anon and fucking Pinkie with a marecock instead. Fortunately, my mind removed the image from the dream via deletion from dream /mlp/ once it realized it fucked up, then reintroduced it under the guise of archive on twibooru and let me put my thoughts on it, and I quote, "Not only did you fucking make this gay as shit already with marecocks, but then you proceeded to try cucking me. Fuck you and good day sir". I hate the image, luckily it's not AS vivid in my mind but I can still picture it.
>>5450 I have never dreamt of Luna before, but I did once have a rather silly dream about Celestia. I was standing before the throne which Celestia was sprawled over. She had one leg hanging off the armrest, and Rarity--sitting on the dais beside the throne--was kissing the hoof and using a generous amount of tongue. I stand at attention waiting for a command. Celestia looked down at Rarity and asks, "What shall we have our slave do today, my pet?" Rarity gives me a devious smile and says, "Let's make him watch the first season again." Celestia laughs and says, "A marvelous idea!" She address me, "You will do so, slave, and then you are to write another chapter in that silly story of yours." Rarity snickers. "Yes, my queen," is all I say. Celestia dismissively waves me away. "Off you pop then." I bow and leave to the sound of the two of them laughing at me." I am convinced that my subconscious was actually making a joke at my expense.
>>5450 I had a pony nightmare last night. It started with me in a dark industrial factory with dim red lights everywhere. I explored the factory until I saw Rainbow Dash,she was strapped into a machine being tortured and killed over and over in very graphic ways I ran over to her to try and free her from the machine. When I was freeing her she said weakly while crying that it was a trap to lure me in. Then I looked back and saw a tall dark humanoid figure behind me then I woke up. That was probably one of the worst nightmares I ever had I couldn't go back to sleep for two hours. I have nightmares all the time of me being chased by some unknown creature or tortured in some horrible way but seeing it happen to a pony made it 1000x worse. I did have a normal pony dream as well before the nightmare it only lasted a few seconds but I saw a mare,she was talking to me but I couldn't understand what she was saying we where in a city but it was just me and her nobody else was there. She motioned for me to follow her but when I tried to it just faded to black.
(305.49 KB 1000x1000 2460162_BAIGAK_jh.png)
>>10604 Did you read "Cupcakes" before that, or soemthing?
>>10614 Not at all,I don't like seeing pones get hurt. I think I had it because I've just been stressed out the past couple months.
(1.45 MB 1867x2160 2278459.jpg)
>>10604 >>10622 That's rough, anon. I hope things improve for you soon. You deserve a hug from Luna.
I just woke up from a dream about Twilight Sparkle making a bet with some creatures that looked like Diamond Dogs that the show wouldn't become shit in the later seasons. At some point it got to an episode so bad that she had to concede that MLP lost it's magic. When that happened the creatures used magic to vanish her out of existence completely. They traveled back in time and changed all of the mane 6 cutie marks, completely erasing the magic of the show.
>>11017 How very literal.
My dreams from last month have mostly only been tangentially related to pones, and I've had about 3, each one after the next. The first one was a dream where I had an app on my phone that functioned like a save state on an emulator, but also sent me to a different place each time I used it, and for some reason was always being chased when I used it. It involved turning on my phone's wifi, which charged it up slowly, and then I'd press a button in the corner of the screen to teleport/load my save state. One of the places I visited must have been sweet apple acres. Applejack and Apple Bloom were picking up apples that had fallen and for some reason Applejack made a game out of it, and I managed to grab the last apple before her, causing her to scrunch in a cute way. However, it ended when we got chased by these weird shadowy figures. The dream ended right before I could press the button to load my save state, but I like to think we got away. The second one was pony centric, and mainly concerned Rainbow Dash of all ponies. We apparently lived in a house together with the rest of the mane 6, and we were looking in the attic for something where Dash's old bedroom was. Blue fast for some reason owned multiple phones, and they were all password locked. After trying to open them to no avail, I used a weird device that reminds of a bluetooth earbud to reset the password and let me in. It was at that point that I realized Pinkie was in there with me, which surprised me enough to fall back onto Dash's bed, and fall into the lower part of the attic, then turned around to see Applejack and Twilight as well, with the blue mare herself. I explained myself (and I still don't remember what I was looking for, but apparently it was important), and bluefast seemed to understand, but still complained her old stuff nearly got broken. I'm still trying to figure out if there was any meaning behind the attic dream because it was for some reason more detailed than my other two dreams. Hope you enjoyed the read.
I had a semi lucid dream were I started to think about ponies and I wanted them to appear in my dream but none did so I got mad at myself but it just made me wake up.
I had a dream where the CMC were in prison but I kept breaking them out to play with them.
I had a dream last night I was floating in a black void I had nothing with me except a 4de Dash plushie. Then it slowly transitioned and I was lying down on a exercise map in the middle of a pitch black warehouse. I still had the 4de dash plush with me and I hugged it because I started to get scared. I also became sort of lucid during the dream and I thought I was dying. When I woke up I was still really scared but I calmed down a moment later.
>>12094 That's freaky, I hope you have a better pony dream tonight. This thread is fun. I'm going to start writing down my dreams again and praying to Princess Luna for pony dreams. Would be extra fun to practice lucid dreaming and have lucid pony dreams every night, anyone got tips? Of course that necessitates I learn how to fall asleep which isn't all that easy.
>>5450 I had a dream where I was in some pony village and it was nighttime. Apparently Nightmare Moon had taken over the town and all the ponies had disappeared. It was like a video game there were save points and there were also purple chests that you could take your favorite pony out of to help you investigate. I felt that I had to find out where all the ponies had gone and also stop Nightmare Moon. I was walking aimlessly through the town when I saw a policemare she saw me and came over to me. She had floating hearts around her and hearts in her eyes. She asked in a seductive voice if I wanted to help her "investigate". I said yes because I thought that I would actually help her investigate the town. But instead she pounces on me and take my pants off then starts sucking me off. I lied back for a few moments and let her do it. Then I remembered my waifu and I pushed her off me and went into a building, it had one of the purple chests in it. I wanted my waifu Rainbow Dash to come out and she did. She wanted me to follow her to a back room then she turned around and immediately started to suck me off. It felt really good then she wanted to ride me but I really wanted to fuck her from behind so she let me but before I did she said the only way for me to defeat Nightmare Moon was to impregnate her. So I started to fuck her and it felt like the most amazing thing ever but I woke up before I could finish.
>>11290 Sounds like a fun dream! Why were the CMCs in prison though? I had a dream that I was a raven with magical powers, and that Celestia teamed me up with a Daring Do type adventure mare to go retrieve a magical artifact and save the world. I would ride on her back while we traveled and scope out the way ahead by air. Then we got into a Legend of Zelda style dungeon and had to solve puzzles to make it through. I want to eventually write a green about it.
>>12928 Fun! >Why were the CMCs in prison though? It's a dream, there doesn't have to be a reason. I almost forgot about it.
Princess Luna must really hate me. Most of the dreams I have are so lame I can't remember them which is no big loss but in the past couple weeks I had dreams involving the ponies. The first one was so lame that the only reason I remembered it was because I woke up almost immediately and realized it was my first pony dream in over 10 years. Otherwise, it was So lame. I didn't even get to see them that I remember. Instead, I was told that the ponies had to be relocated from Equestria but they could not be relocated to Earth. The reason for this was that they had tried to relocate to the Dragon Ball Super's Universe Eleven (the one with the Pride Troopers) and it didn't work out. This was because the people in Universe Eleven didn't like the ponies and treated them badly. Because of this now the ponies did not like Earth humans and had to be settled somewhere else. I can't remember the one that I had this morning but I get the sense that it sucked just as badly..
>>12934 I never have any recollection of my dreams.
(95.75 KB 398x264 1653752673303.gif)
If anybody's interested, I'm going to post a story here that I wrote based on a dream I had about Fluttershy. I'm posting the same one over on /mlp/ in a writfag thread, but wanted to post it here since this thread is about dreams specifically. It's a little long to build up, but the point coalesces near the end. I'll put my interpretation of the dream in a spoiler at the end if anybody wants to read that. The format is different from a usual green. Hopefully, you all forgive me since I have trouble getting my thoughts out in accepted green format (and I admit that I'm a little wordy in order to try and convey a more complete picture). Anyway, I'll post it gradually over the next few days. Cheers; love you all.
>>13402 I'll be sure to check it out.
>>13402 Sounds cool Anon.
>>13402 Awesome
(180.74 KB 920x868 1665196521916291.png)
>>13402 Dressed in his finest and most formal suit, Anon entered the courtroom of The Superior Court of Ponyville. Momentarily awed by the splendid old murals on the walls, stained glass windows, elaborate copula painting, and intricate woodwork on every bench, table, chair, and door, Anon looked for an open seat in the audience section. He found one at the end of the first row in short order. He politely excused himself and offered pardons as he moved past the smiling mares seated there and sat down at the end. >"Um...good morning." said a bashful yellow-coated mare next him. The early Spring sun caught her mane and sent a vibrant pink into Anon's eyes. "A good morning to you too!" he replied with a smile while lifting his fedora hat in a gentlemanly manner. While he thus exchanged pleasantries with this delightful, but very quiet blue-eyed mare, he could hear others around him whispering about the salacious details of the case that was about to unfold in the court. It was a case that had set the town on fire in speculation and shock. >"Ehem! All rise, if you please! The Superior Court of Ponyville County is now in session, the Honorable Judge Fluttershy presiding over the case of Their Majesties vs. Miss Shy." said the Bailiff softly. She looked adorable in her dark blue ponice uniform with matching hat and big silver badge. The uniform had lines of shiny silver trim at the seams and sleeve ends. A pair of handcuffs and a baton were stuffed into her belt. The uniform complemented her yellow coat and pink hair beautifully. Anon arose from his seat, along with everyone else, to show respect for the highly revered legal sage who was about to make her appearance. He reminded himself that he had a special role to play in this trial and he was prepared to do his best. Accordingly, he had reviewed pony court procedures, and made his suit spotless and lint free to show respect for this important institution. >Judge Fluttershy entered through the great oaken door to the side of the court and timidly made her way to the judge's stand. Her head slightly down and her eyes glancing about, she occasionally stumbled upon her slightly oversized robe. Her stumbles were accompanied by "Oops!", "Oh, dear!", and the like. >Having scaled the steps to her perch at the top of the judge's stand, Judge Fluttershy first peered over with just her eyes showing. Then, she gingerly took the gavel in-mouth and gave a gentle tap upon the wooden desk. Everyone accordingly took their seats. "Curt ith im sethon." said Judge Fluttershy with the gavel still in her mouth. Now seated, Anon was intently focused. The stakes in this case were truly profound. He knew he needed to pay attention if he wanted to truly understand what was happening. >"Um, miss Clerk? Please read the charges, if you will." said her judgeship, after laying down the gavel. She had spoken to a pony sitting at a little desk to the right of the judge's stand.
(104.04 KB 1097x640 1665430360616990.jpg)
>>13411 >"Oh, certainly your honor!" said the blue-eyed Clerk in a half-whisper and a smile. She tossed her pink mane against her dainty yellow wings and began. "The accused, one Miss Shy, is...um...accused of nefariously, and...um...most egregiously defiling a batch of the most wonderful cupcakes...by, um, unleashing an unruly goose upon them...and...uh...Mare Tipping." She paused shortly, then continued. "Um, actually that's  it." Having finished, she delivered the papers detailing the charges to the judge. 'That amounts to 3 charges of destructive meanness in the 1st degree, 1 charge of assault with an unruly goose, and 1 charge of Mare Tipping. The punishment could be as severe as banishment and imprisonment in the place of banishment.' thought Anon to himself, recalling what he had read about the case in the Ponyville Post, and from his own investigations. >”Mmm, very well" said Judge Fluttershy as she gingerly put on a pair of spectacles and read the documents. "Mmm hmmm. I see." she said thoughtfully. >As this was happening, the accused, who was sitting with her lawyer at the defendant's table, adopted her most innocent look. This was not difficult since she was naturally cute and huggable. She was arrayed in a pretty pink dress, nearly the same color as her mane. >Meanwhile, the Court Recorder, a pegasus with a sunny yellow coat and pink hair, white shirt, brown vest, and one of those transparent green visors accountants use, was busy typing the events as they occurred on an old rickety typewriter. "Ticka tacka ticka tacka, DING!” it went as she recorded what everyone was doing and saying. >Her document review complete, Judge Fluttershy glanced upward through her spectacles toward a mare at the prosecutor's desk. Known only as Prosecutor X, this mysterious mare was known to Judge Fluttershy only by reputation. And what a reputation! It was said that she was the most fierce prosecutor of all time. >"Miss Prosecutor X, um, would you please give your opening statement, if that's alright?" >"Y-yes...of course your judge-ness" said Prosecutor X's infamously sweet voice. Anon watched Prosecutor X as she left her seat and went to the center of the court. He was impressed by her black business pony dress and the ruby studded gold earrings she wore. Her dress contrasted sharply with the yellow hue of her coat, only visible at her wings, legs, and upward from the neck. The overall effect was to enhance her fierce visage, and her mystery. He leaned forward in his seat as she began to speak in whispery confidence. 'Her apparel itself is a statement of confidence and power.’ he thought.
>>13411 >lifting his fedora hat in a gentlemanly manner lol >>13438 >Everypony in the court is Fluttershy Dream logic, but in real court this would be conflict of interest like that NWA song where Dr. Dre is the judge in a case involving his posse vs. the police dept.
>>13440 >Dream logic True, but this is all in good fun.
(70.64 KB 800x976 1650937782815.jpg)
>>13438 >Prosecutor X began her statement in savage whispery-ness. "Your honor, mares of the jury - here she paused to dramatically glance at the jury, a sea of yellow and pink with pencils in-mouth scribbling away at notebooks - mares of the court,...and Anon. I intend...I mean...I WILL show that Miss Shy destroyed those cupcakes with premeditation...because, um...she's a big meanie, and a terribly jealous cupcake coveter! And, she tipped over an innocent Ponyville mare, because she’s not nice!” She paused for effect, then spoke again. "The evidence WILL showbthat Miss Shy unleashed havoc using a goose, with whom she conspired, because she couldn’t have the cupcakes for herself!" Prosecutor X now turned her nose up, shut her eyes, adopted a smug expression and uttered a dainty "Hmph!". Peaking momentarily at the jury through one eye to see the effect of her speech, she then slunk away in satisfaction. Anon noted the electric gasps and whispers that now arose from the audience. A yellow pegasus a few seats down in the row behind him with stunning blue eyes and a pink mane done up in a bun was heard to say "Oh, my!". He reflected on Prosecutor X's opening statement. 'What power! What mastery of the ability to psychologically affect the jury! Such fierce presence!' thought Anon. >Judge Fluttershy sat agape for a moment, as stunned as everpony else in the court. Presently, she regained her composure and turned to the defense lawyer, a mare only known as Miss Defender, who was nearly as renowned as Prosecutor X. Addressing the accused's lawyer in a near whisper, she said "And now...um...the statement from the defense, if you mind?" >Appearing startled, the defense lawyer got up and made her way, looking like a scared bird, to the center of court. She glanced around as she nervously shook and bit her lip. Her delay drove the suspense up to the ceiling. At last, she took a deep breath and spoke with downcast eyes while making a gentle circle with her front hoof against the swirled marble floor. "Um...my client isn't a meanie". She looked to the jury, but then shut her her eyes tight as she saw their intent stares. "She's nice, and kind, and loving...and, uh...well...she didn't know the goose would attack the cupcakes. Also, she's sorry and won't bring a goose near baked goods anymore. Also, she tipped over the poor mare by accident. Thank you." Her statement struck Anon and everypony else like lightning. Who knew that this little yellow and pink mare in an unassuming blue dress with white trim and matching sapphire earrings, would display such resolve! 'A masterstroke! An appeal to compassion and slight-of-hand to shift blame to the assault weapon itself - the goose - all in one shot!' thought Anon. Apparently, this trial would become a battle of two legal titans. He doubled his efforts to pay close attention. >Both lawyers having returned to their tables, Judge Fluttershy indicated with a nod that Prosecutor X may call her first witness.
What is the best way to achieve pony dreams?
>>13488 Try meditating on ponies and relating your everyday experiences to them. Basically try training your mind to think in terms of ponies. That way when you sleep and your brain is analyzing and storing the days data, it uses pony as the tool to do it. Worked for me, but I suppose everyone has a different method. Only way is to try different methods and find the one that works for you.
>>13488 Back when I watched a few episodes of MLP before going to bed every night I had dreams about ponies regularly. Try getting into a state vulnerable to psychic suggestion and watching an episode before going to bed. The goal is to have your mind partly asleep during the episode; I'd describe it as a sort of delirium where the wall between Equestria and reality is muddled. It's fun because if you do this the show will imprint itself in your mind with no conscious effort. >>13485 This is getting good
>>13491 An interesting idea. >>13490 Even when I was doing nightly watches of the show I never had any pony dreams. But it does sound like a good of an excuse as any to watch some pony.
>>13491 Thanks, Anon. Will post more soon. Then, at the end, I'll post what I think the dream meant.
What do ponies dream of?
(118.98 KB 600x754 Fluttershy_1.jpeg)
>>13485 >"Your greatness, if it's ok, I call Pinkie Pie to the stand." said Prosecutor X. >Confetti suddenly burst forth from the witness platform with a bang. With a squeak-like "Eeeep!", Judge Fluttershy dove for cover behind the wooden panels of her stand. Others in the court, even the lawyers, did similarly. At length and before she resumed her seat, the judge cautiously peered over the edge of her desk to make sure everything was safe. On the witness platform now stood Ponyville's favorite party pony, Pinkie Pie. Anon had also been caught by surprise and jumped slightly in his seat. He then watched as everypony slowly re-emerged from their places of refuge behind chairs, desks, and benches. Thus looking over the court at all the timid yellow mare pegasai taking their places once more, a thought suddenly occurred to him. 'There is something vaguely familiar, vaguely similar about the mares in this courtroom. Certainly something warm and cozy.' Anon furrowed his brow trying to put his finger on it but the conclusion eluded him. Anyway, his thoughts were interrupted by the resumption of court proceedings. >Judge Fluttershy had turned to Pinkie to read her the oath. "Pinkie Pie. Do you swear by all that is pony to tell the truth and not be a liar-liar-pants-on-fire?" >"Yep! Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye", at which she produced a cupcake from her mane and jammed it into her face, as was customary and normal for the whimsical pink mare. >Approaching the stand, Prosecutor X began. "Um, Hello Miss Pie." >"HI!" said Pinkie with an infinite grin. >"Hi! again! Are you, in fact, a baker?" >"Yeah! The best!" was Pinkie's enthusiastic response. >"Oh? Elaborate...uh, if you please." demanded Prosecutor X. >Pinke inhaled a huge breath and began speaking at the speed of light. "Well, as everypony knows, everypony likes my cupcakes best, and then there was that time I won the Ponyville baking contest five consecutive times because each time I made tasty cupcakes that nopony ever tested before because I used secret ingredients, some of which may or may not have been magical, plus on everypony;'s birthday, everypony asks me to bake cakes, and cupcakes, and pies, and turnovers, and not only that, when I travel to Canterlot, ponies like my baked goods there too and..." >"Um, objection please. Well...the witness is speaking in a run-on sentence...and also, relevancy?" said Miss Defender, before quickly sinking back into her seat once all eyes turned to her. 'A well-timed and meaningful objection by the defense! But no doubt, Prosecutor X has a plan.' thought Anon. He watched Miss Defender, her face filled with uncertainty, await the judge's decision. >"Your judgeness, I am establishing foundation...if you will" Prosecutor X meekly protested.
>>13622 A lot of excitement happening in the courtroom.
>>13622 I'm glad this is continuing, I thought it was abandoned.
(2.24 MB 900x1245 Fluttershy_2.png)
>>13622 >"Hmmm. Very well, Miss Prosecutor. I'll allow it." Judge Fluttershy turned to Miss Defender to render her decision in a most gentle manner. "Overruled. Sorry Miss Defender." Then, turning to the prosecutor and Pinkie, she said, "But, if you please Miss Prosecutor, please move it along. And...um, Pinkie? You have to speak in correct Ponish in the court, ok?" >"Sure, Judgy!" said Pinkie with an apologetic smile and a wink. >Prosecutor X turned to scowl and stick her tongue out at Miss Defender, causing her to sink deeper in her seat so that only her eyes peered over the defendant's table. Then the triumphant prosecutor continued her line of questions. >"On the day in question, what was the quality of your cupcakes?" asked the crafty prosecutor. >"They were the most yummy yummy I ever made; raspberry-cream-marmalade with vanilla sprinkles!" >"Um...did you advertise your cupcakes?" came the follow-on question in smokey timbre. >"Oh yes! All over Ponyville! I told everypony and put posters everywhere! I even told the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees!" said Pinkie with cryptic enthusiasm and bugged-out eyes. >"And did you mention the special cupcakes to Miss Shy specifically?" asked Prosecutor X. >"Yep, the day before at the spa." >"What did she say when you told her?" asked the prosecutor with a raised eyebrow. >"Well, she said something like 'Oh, those sound wonderful! I simply must get some!' and then she wrote it down. Then, I said 'Better be early or they might run out!' Then she said 'Oh, I'll get some one way or another!'" said Pinkie, using her best Miss Shy impression. >"Pinkie, if you don’t mind, why was it so important that she write it down?” ventured Prosecutor X. >"Objection. Um, calls for speculation?” chimed in Miss Defender with a some hesitation. >"Oh, sustained. Terribly sorry Prosecutor X, you'll need to re-phrase the question or ask a different one...if you please.” Judge Fluttershy announced in her lovely soothing voice. >Prosecutor X glanced over to Miss Defender in time to see her stick out her tongue and smile brightly in triumph. Prosecutor X responded by frowning and rolling her eyes. Meanwhile, every teal-blue eye in the audience and the jury was fixated on the events taking place. Scarcely had anypony present encountered such drama. The "ticka tacka, ticka tacka, DING!" of the typewriter recording everything made it the more tense, and even though the audience and jury was a sea of sunny yellow, the overall mood was somber. >After taking a deep breath, Prosecutor X thought of a different question. "Miss Pie, what did Fluttershy write it down on?" >"It was paper! Duh! Actually it was a small piece of paper, like hoof-sized!" said Pinkie holding up a hoof.
(93.72 KB 1024x574 Fluttershy_3.jpeg)
>>13631 >Now Prosecutor X spun around toward the jury and the judge, causing her black dress and sweeping pink mane to twirl upward delightfully, and proceeded in her trademark dramatic whispery-ness. "I see! Your honor...um...prosecution wishes to enter into evidence, Exhibit A...'em if that's ok. It's the paper found on the defendant after the event, and...uh...it says 'Raspberry-cream-marmalade cupcakes with vanilla sprinkles - Must Get No Matter What!' in the defendant's own writing." >"Um, ok." said Judge Fluttershy meekly. "Bailiff, if you will, please let the jury examine the paper." Anon watched as the Bailiff picked up the paper and carried it by mouth over to the jury stand. He could not but be impressed by how her blue eyes matched her uniform and how professional she was. He was broken from this distraction by Prosecutor X launching her next question. >"Now Miss Pie, did you end up selling any cupcakes to Miss Shy?" >"No, not one." said Pinkie sadly. Gasps from the audience, and whispers to boot. Anon glanced around momentarily at the sudden disturbance and then brought his attention back to the witness platform. He noted how the platform, which was merely an elevated sort of wooden pedestal open on all sides, sat at an angle to the judge's stand, jury stand, and the audience. 'Probably so that everyone would have an unobstructed view of the witness' thought Anon. >A gentle bang of the gavel rang out. "Oh, order please...order in the court if you don't mind." came the calming voice of the judge. Once quiet was restored, she nodded to Prosecutor X to continue. >"Why didn't you sell any to Miss Shy? Isn't she your friend?" asked Prosecutor X. >"She IS my friend, one of my BEST friends! Well I didn't sell her any, but I wanted to, but I couldn't because I didn't have any more. So, I couldn't sell her any, even if I wanted to...which I did, I REALLY REALLY REALLY did!" explained Pinkie. >"Well, um, who did you sell the last cupcakes to?" >"It was Trixie!" said Pinkie brightly. >Prosecutor X turned to the judge and stated coolly, "No further questions your lawfulness." Then walking back to her table she directed a comment to Miss Defender out of the corner of her mouth, "Your witness. Hmph!" Anon watched as Miss Defender got up and made her way over to the witness platform. Once again she shook like a leaf in the breeze. Her cute pink mane, done up in a ponytail, shook with her. 'Now we'll see if she's any good.' thought Anon. Judging by the whispers among the yellow-coated mares near him, many had the same thought. >Miss Defender closed her eyes and drew a deep breath to settle her nerves before speaking. "Pinkie, please tell me if you have ever known Fluttershy to be a meanie." >Pinkie squinted and scrunched her nose as she searched her memory. "Hmmm. Nope! Never!" Anon looked over to the defendant in time to see her nod her head and smile sweetly in agreement.
(56.32 KB 900x521 Fluttershy_4.jpeg)
>>13644 >"Pinkie...um...you said you didn't sell any cupcakes to Fluttershy. Did she ever learn that you ran out of cupcakes?" >"Yeah, she came in after Trixie left and I had to tell her we ran out of cupcakes. She was sad, and I was sad too. We were sad together, but I gave her a balloon to make up for it!" said Pinkie with a frowny face, and subsequently a happy face. >Miss Defendant looked confused a moment. "What shape was the balloon?" she asked seemingly out of pure curiosity. >"Objection, relevancy." said Prosecutor X. >"Well...uh...sustained" concluded Judge Fluttershy. Anon had to agree that this was the correct call. Balloon shapes really had no bearing on the case. >The defense and prosecution once again exchanged smug expressions before Miss Defender continued. >"Now Miss Pie, if you like, please tell me, was there anypony with her when she came into the store?" >"There was nopony with her...but there was a goose! When it came in, it when 'HONK!'" said Pinkie, using her best goose impression - which was pretty good, all things considered, she even got the accent right. >"And what was the attitude of that goose after that?" >"Cool as a cucumber, even though it was a goose and not really a cucumber!" replied Pinkie >Miss Defender continued with her questions, now more at ease but still shaky and unable to meet the gaze of anypony but the witness. "Did you have any cupcakes in the store at that time, any at all?" >"Nope! The only cupcakes we made that day were the raspberry-cream-marmalade with vanilla sprinkles ones, and we sold out. All we had left was pies, and cakes, and turnovers, and more pies, and more cakes, and more turnovers, and some lemon bars." >"Mmmm! That sounds yummy!" said Miss Defender in another moment of weakness. >"I know!" responded Pinkie, loudly licking her lips. >Predictably Prosecutor X's objection rang out. "Objection, the defense is leading the witness to make yummy sounds in court!" >"Oh, sustained. Miss Defense, I'm afraid you can't do that." >Miss Defender bit her lip slightly and apologized meekly, "Sorry, your greatness." After recovering, Miss Defender turned once again to the witness. >"One last question Miss Pie. Did they cause any damage to Sugarcube Corner?" >"Nope, they just left." >Miss Defender turned to the judge. "No more questions your lawfulness." She then made her way to the defense table to sit down. >Judge Fluttershy smiled at Pinkie. "You can go now Pinkie." >”Okie dokie artichokie!” Pinkie smiled and then disappeared in a cloud of confetti. Anon could only speculate what it all meant. On the one hand, Prosecutor X was establishing a motive - Miss Shy really really really wanted those cupcakes, perhaps enough to prevent others from having them by force. On the other, he was not certain what Miss Defender was trying to accomplish. He tabled this thought for now so that he could focus on the next witness.
>>13651 This is picking up. It's interesting going through the flow of events this way; I wonder what the next witness has to offer.
(70.38 KB 1232x649 Fluttershy_5.jpeg)
>>13651 >"Your honor, prosecution calls Trixie as a witness, if that’s alright?” said Prosecutor X. >There was a dramatic silence that filled the court as everyone waited for Trixie to appear and make her way to the platform. But, noting happened. >"Ehem!" said an angry voice from somewhere. Pink manes and blue eyes swished this way and that, looking for the source of the sound. >A sudden realization came to Prosecutor X. "Oh!...sorry...Your honor, prosecution calls The Great and Powerful Trixie as a witness." >Upon the corrected request there was a tremendous "POOF!" sound, and a cloud of purplish smoke enveloped the witness platform. This was followed by coughing and hacking coming from within the smoke. The sound caught Judge Fluttershy by surprise and she again darted for cover behind the panels of her stand. >As the smoke cleared, a blue mare with a cape and hat was revealed. "It is I! The Great and Powerful Trixie!" she said with utmost pinash and a twinkle in her eye. >Judge Fluttershy, still shaking a bit, took her seat again and read Trixie the oath. "Trixie, do you promise by all that is pony to tell the truth and not be a liar-liar-pants-on-fire?" >"Of course judgey! The Great and Truthful Trixie never lies!" said Trixie smugly. >Judge Fluttershy gently tapped her gavel on the desk. "I'm sorry, but smugness is not permitted in the court from the witness." >"Aye, aye your lawfulness. The Great and Humble Trixie is never smug!" said Trixie, without smugness this time. >"You may proceed, Miss X." said her judgeship after giving Trixie the stink-eye just in case. >Prosecutor X had meanwhile sauntered up to the witness platform. "Miss Powerful, did you buy cupcakes from Pinkie Pie?" >"Yes! They were necessary to appease The Great and Powerful Trixie's mighty appetite." >"Miss Powerful. What happened after you bought the cupcakes?" asked Prosecutor X with extreme politeness. >"Well, I was on my way back to my Great and Mobile wagon, when a goose whooshed out of nowhere, grabbed the cupcakes and smashed them on the ground!" Trixie paused and put a hoof over her eyes before proceeding. "It was awful! The Great and Powerful Trixie was shocked!" >"Oh no!" said Prosecutor X with a tinge of sympathy. "What happened next?" >"Ugh! Then, Miss Shy galloped out of nowhere and knocked me down, causing me to have a Great and Powerful booboo!" >Prosecutor X scrunched her cute nose. "Disgraceful! So, it was only the goose that smashed the cupcakes?" >"Objection...um...Prosecutor X is leading the witness, I think.” said Miss Defender meekly. >"Sustained." Judge Fluttershy agreed softly. Then she gave Trixie another stink-eye for good measure. >"Wha...?" began the surprised Trixie, only to be silenced by the gavel. >"Prosecutor X, please continue. Only...um...don't lead the witness, ok?” soothed the judge. >Prosecutor X nodded and continued. “Please elaborate on how the cupcakes got smashed.”
>>13669 Some great and powerful evidence to be sure.
(121.57 KB 1224x653 Fluttershy_6.jpeg)
>>13669 >"He simply threw the Great and Tasty cupcakes on the ground and started destroying them in a goose-like way! So rude! After Miss Shy knocked me over, she helped the goose! Ugh, can you believe it?” said Trixie, pointing a hoof at the defendant, who slouched into her chair in response. The courtroom had become very tense at the accusations. Anon wondered if each pony present believed or disbelieved the testimony. Looking around, he had a hard time telling. Trixie was known to exaggerate, but on the other hand she had given the sacred courtroom oath. 'She dare not violate such a sacred oath. She must at least believe what she says is true.' Anon concluded. >"No further questions, your judgeness." >Judge Fluttershy signaled Miss Defender to begin. >Miss Defender, though shaky, began her line of questioning with vigor this time. >"Miss Great, while you were knocked down, how close were you to the cupcake massacre?" >"Close enough that frosting was landing on me. It was dreadful!" responded Trixie with a disgusted tone. >"And could you clearly see the goose?" asked Miss Defender, shutting her eyes tight as she caught the glance of a yellow mare in the audience. >"Well I...well, sort of." Trixie admitted. >"Um...what do you mean by sort of, if you please?" probed Miss Defender. >"I could see part of the goose through Miss Shy's legs." sighed Trixie. >"So...um...well...would you say that Miss Shy's Great and Powerful rump obstructed your line of sight?" >"Objection, it hasn't been established that Miss Shy's rump is, in fact, Great and Powerful. Only Trixie's...um...rump is known to the court to be Great and Powerful. Also, leading the witness." said Prosecuter X in whispery anger, her fiery earrings dancing about in fury. >Trixie nodded in agreement. Her rump had indeed been registered with the court as great and powerful. >Judge Fluttershy's eyes opened wide at the outburst. "Well...I...um...sustained on the,...on the rump part. But, overruled on the leading." At this exchange Anon looked over to Miss Shy at the defendant's table. She glanced at her own rump, graced by butterflies as it was, and adopted a somewhat dejected look. 'Poor thing. If not Great and Powerful, her rump is certainly scrumptious, maybe even the most scrumptious rump I've seen.' Anon thought. >Miss Defender re-asked her question, without using 'Great and Powerful'. >Trixie sighed, then answered. "No, I couldn't see around Miss Shy's rump." >"What did you hear while this was happening, if you please?" >"I couldn't hear what Fluttershy was saying if THAT'S what you mean. The 'HONKING' was dreadfully loud." said Trixie with a sarcastic tone. >Another bang of the gavel. "No, sarcasm from the witness please." said Judge Fluttershy while giving Trixie the stink-eye again. >"No more questions your lawfulness, if that's fine." said Miss Defender. >"Oh, ok...you're dismissed Miss Great and Powerful.” >Trixie rolled her eyes and disappeared in a poof of smoke.
(3.14 MB 3500x2705 thoughtsketch_by_isleepnow.jpg)
I experienced a 'pony vignette' in my sleep this morning. I recently drew a sketch of a hypothetical scenario involving a real life schiz from the 1890's named Mary Sweeny. She's in the movie 'Wisconsin Death Trip'. In the sketch I have her paying schizer horse Orchid Gaze a visit. So anyway, I was reviewing the sketch and I was thinking about the part where the ponies start flipping their manes in response to Mary Sweeny flipping her hair the way that she used to. Then suddenly, the thought came into my mind, >"they always do that" Then I saw ponies like on the show flipping their manes. I don't think they ever actually do that on the show. (Not that I can remember..)
>>13706 >Mary Sweeny Is she the one that killed her parents with an axe?
I had a pony dream last night. I was Rainbow Dash and I was flying behind Fluttershy. We were flying low over a creek and the air pressure she created was making the water splash up and make Rainbows. She was super fast and it was hard to keep up with her, and we dived straight down where the creek became a waterfall. In the other parts of the dream I was myself and it involved a clop NFT and cutting my head off and still being alive. Like, I could see from my eyes while holding my head it in my hands and moving my body. Shit was fucked up.
(1.04 MB 800x449 Maneflip.gif)
I just remembered, there was an episode where the mare does alot of mane flipping. It was Coloratura: https://youtu.be/VjbqrWrhQbo I can't believe I forgot about it because I really liked this. >>13707 You're thinking of Lizzie Borden. Mary Sweeny was known as the Wisconsin Window Smasher. Supposedly she did around $50,000 worth of damage back in 1896.
(56.32 KB 900x521 Fluttershy_7.jpeg)
>>13697 >Prosecutor X had just finished placing some marshmallows in the hot cocoa she poured for herself while Miss Defender was cross-examining the Trixie, when Judge Fluttershy indicated that she could call her next witness. >"The prosecution calls Agent Sweetie Drops.” said Prosecutor X with a dramatically raised hoof. >The doors behind the audience opened and a terribly mysterious cream colored mare with a blue and pink mane and peppermint candy cutie mark trotted in to the witness platform. Nobody could tell her true identity because she was wearing sunglasses. >The judge made her recite the oath and Prosecutor X gave her line of questions. >"Um...Are you in fact a secret agent?" >”Yes. I am an agent of the utmost secrecy; so secret it’s not even a secret.” said the mysterious mare mysteriously. >"Um...do you know about forensics." asked Prosecutor X with a hint of uncertainty. >"Yes. I am the foremost expert on forensics in Equestria." said the agent bluntly, while adjuster her sunglasses. >"What was your assessment of the crime scene?" >"Miss Shy's hoof marks were all over the ground, indicating significant movement. Also, the goose's webfoot marks were everywhere surrounding the ruined cupcakes. Frosting was found on both Miss Shy and the goose. Moreover, Miss Shy's hoof marks were found on the goose. The pattern of marks on the ground is consistent with deliberate destruction of the cupcakes and use of the goose as a weapon." the agent explained flatly. >Prosecutor X again executed a dramatic spin to the jury; again her dress and mane twirled up. "Prosecution would like to enter into evidence Exhibits B through E. They are the hoof print casts of Miss Shy, the webfoot print casts of the goose, frosting samples containing the hair and feathers of both Miss Shy and the goose, and a forensic diagram of the crime scene." >"Well...ok. Miss Clerk, if you will, please allow the jury to view the Exhibits." said Judge Fluttershy softly. > The clerk executed her duties perfectly and returned to her cute little flower engraved desk. >"And...um...in your expert opinion, was...um...any other pony involved with the destruction of those cupcakes?" continued Prosecutor X. >"No." said Agent Sweety Drops with zero emotion. >"No further questions your honor." 'What damning testimony!' thought Anon. He contemplated how Miss Defender would counter that. While he thought it over, Miss Defender had made her way to the witness platform and was about to start her questions. >"How can we know that you are, in fact, a secret agent and a forensics expert?" asked Miss Defender, shaking more than normal under the gaze of the agent. >"By my secret agent certification." >Miss Defender picked up a paper from the evidence table in her mouth and held it up so Sweetie Drops could see it. "Ith 'dith 'ur eecret adent 'ertipicathon?" >”Yes."
>>13714 >Mane flipping It was indeed satisfying.
(76.06 KB 900x660 Fluttershy_8.jpeg)
>>13717 >Miss Defender tried to copy Prosecutor X's dramatic spin, but stumbled clumsily and nearly fell over. Speaking with a wobble in her voice after the embarrassment, Miss Defender addressed the judge. "Defense wishes to enter into evidence Exhibit F, the secret agent certification for Miss Sweetie Drops...um, please" >After the document was viewed, Miss Defender continued with a shocked tone. "Is this document totally redacted?" >”Yes." >Miss Defender replied with a confused tone and a raised eyebrow. ”So...nopony can read it?” >"Correct" >"Well...um...how do we know it is actually your certification then? Or that you are even a secret agent...or...um that you know forensics?" >Sweat began to roll down the agent's face. "I...well...I...that is..." Sweetie Drops started. >To prevent a coherent answer, Miss Defender ended right there. "No more questions your greatness." 'Interesting. Unable to counter the agent's substantial forensic analysis, Miss Defender instead chose to attack the agent's credibility. It was a gamble, considering that the certification document bore the unmistakable, and unforgeable, magical seals of the Princesses. I suppose Miss Defender is hoping the jury will mistakingly overlook those seals.' Anon reasoned to himself. >Walking back to the defendant's table Miss Defender smiled brightly until she caught the annoyed stare of Prosecutor X. Then her head slunk down as she got into her chair. >After rolling her eyes, Prosecutor X stood up again. "I call Mr. Goose as a witness!" >The Bailiff opened a window and in flew the goose to the witness platform. >”Mr. Goose, are you, in fact, a goose?" asked the prosecutor. >"Honk!" >"Did you destroy the cupcakes?" >"Honk!" >"I see. And why did you destroy the cupcakes?" >"Honk Honk honk, hOnK hoNk honK! HONK! HONK! HONK! Hissss! QUACK!!!" admitted the goose. The courtroom immediately became an uproar of gasps, whispers, and discussion. The delightful mare sitting next to Anon fainted, into his arms. Interestingly enough, there was a smile on her sweet face as he held her. 'What an admission! Can it possibly be true that Miss Shy bribed him with bread to destroy the cupcakes for her because she couldn't have them? What a scandal if true!' thought Anon. >In the chaos, the Court Recorder looked confused. Then she shrugged and proceeded to record the uproar. “Ticka tacka, ticka tacka, DING!” >Judge Fluttershy was furiously, but gently, banging the gavel. "Um, order please. Please everyone quiet down. Oh my! Oh, order, if you will." >While the judge was trying to restore silence, Prosecutor X continued. Holding a paper in her mouth she had picked up from the evidence table, she asked "Ith 'dith 'ur 'ost rethent 'ank th'tatemunt?" >"Honk!"
>>13721 >Calling the goose as a witness lol. It makes sense considering everypony in the court is Fluttershy and can understand goose speak.
>>13750 Thank, Anon. I'm glad the joke landed. That the entire court could understand the goose was part of the gag. Only flaw is that Anon is there in the court too, but he also understood. A little oversight on my part I guess. Maybe I should change it so that Anon needs to ask an audience member what the goose says.
(858.89 KB 1200x774 Fluttershy_9.png)
>>13721 >With the court still in an uproar, Judge Fluttershy nodded and continued banging. The clerk circulated the document to the jury. >"No further questions your honorableness." Prosecutor X returned to her table beaming triumph at Miss Defender, who in turn looked timid and uncertain; her sapphire earrings accentuated her trembling. "Your witness, Hmph!" >Gazing at the goose, Miss Defender thought a moment and touched her front hooves together upon the table. She noted that he was shifting his weight from foot to foot. At length she got up and went to the witness platform. >"Mr. Goose, are you in pain?" >"Honk!" >"No? Then why are you shifting your weight like that?" >"Honk! Honk!" >"Maybe a little pain?" Miss Defender scrunched her nose and asked her next question. "Um...what's that at the top of your legs?" >Mr. Goose craned his neck to look at the top of his legs. "Honk! honk hOnk." >"Just a little rash? Is that where the pain is?" >"Honk!" >"I see. Um...if you please...would you walk from the witness platform to the jury stand and back?" >Mr. Goose swallowed hard and began walking. He limped terribly and winced in obviously awful pain as he went. Finally, he returned to the platform, gasping for breath due to the exertion. >"Clearly you are in a lot of pain Mr. Goose; a lot of pain for such a small rash. Mr. Goose, where actually is your rash?" >Prosecutor X stood up with a look of concern and spoke at this point. "Objection, Miss Defender is badgering the witness." >"Um...your honor...the witness is being evasive...and um...request to treat him as a hostile witness, if you will? And besides, the witness is a goose, not a badger." >Judge Fluttershy considered a moment and made her decision. "Overruled Miss Prosecutor." Then, turning to the goose she said, giving him ‘The Stare’. "Mr. Goose, you must not be evasive. If you continue, I will find that you have contempted the court, and you will need to be restrained and arrested. Do you understand?" Anon looked at the goose and then over to the Bailiff. Holding a pair of fuzzy pink cuffs in her mouth, she was ready to pounce if given the order. >Prosecutor X sat back down disappointed, and Mr. Goose swallowed hard again. >"Mr. Goose, I'll ask again. Where is your rash actually?" said Miss Defender sweetly. >"honk honk." said Mr. Goose with reservation and obvious embarrassment. >"Down there!? How did that happen?" >"honk hOnk hoNK HOnk." the goose stuttered. >"I find that unlikely!" >"Objection, how is Mr. Goose's...um...personal...rash relevant?" >Before Judge Fluttershy could rule on the matter, Miss Defender spoke. "Your judgeness? Um...I'll show how it's relevant, but...uh...I need to call another witness....If it's not too much trouble...can we have a short recess so I can get the appropriate witness?” >Judge Fluttershy considered it with upturned eyes. Turning to the prosecutor, the judge asked, "Miss X do you have any more witnesses...or, do you have any reason to block a recess?"
>>13799 I wonder which witness Miss Defender is going to call in.
(1.37 MB 1200x926 Fluttershy_10.png)
>>13799 >"Um...no" said Prosecutor X reservedly after some frantic thought. >"Ok, then we'll have a short recess.” said the judge before banging the gavel and leaving to her office. >As soon as the gavel came down, Miss Defender rushed out of the court to find her witness. Meanwhile, Prosecutor X sipped her hot cocoa and contemplated the events. During the recess, Anon once again cast his eyes across the court and puzzled over the somehow familiar, somehow similar faces there. The yellow pegasai were all talking amongst themselves. Blue eyes everywhere were filled with curiosity and speculation about what would happen next. Pink manes swished this way and that as heads nodded in agreement or shook in disagreement at what others were saying. The Clerk and the Court Recorder were having a conversation, it would seem, about flight as their cute yellow wings flapped occasionally. Still, Anon could not put his finger on what connected them all. The more he thought about it, the more he obsessed over it. 'Why can't I put it all together?' he thought in frustration. >"Ehem! Attention please everypony. The recess will continue for a bit longer. Please don't go too far from your seats." announced the Bailiff happily. Anon continued scanning the room. Eventually, he looked over his right shoulder and was stunned to find somepony very different than the others. She was a deep blue mare with a flowing mane full of sparkles, as if it was the night sky, and kind emerald eyes. Upon recognizing Her Highness, Anon brightened up and turned in his seat to speak with her, for she was ever so friendly. "Oh! Princess Luna! Have you been here the entire time? I hadn't even noticed you when I came in, otherwise I would have said hello. Please excuse my oversight.” >Luna smiled in benevolent radiance. "Not to worry, Anon. Actually, I arrived after the proceedings commenced." Then, with a sly smile she added. "You could say I was in the neighborhood and found the events here to be of particular interest." "Really? I would think a case like this would be rather dull compared to those up in Canterlot." said Anon with some surprise. >Adopting a face that conveyed clandestine meaning, Luna replied in hushed tones. "Well, my dear Anon, it is not so much the case, but the rare and unique circumstances that connect the individuals in this room, that peaks my fascination." Anon furrowed his brow as he tried to process her meaning. He glanced once more over the mares in the court and said "Yeah, I did notice some kind of connection going on. Everypony here looks so familiar somehow; like I've always known them, even though I can't say I've ever met any of them. There's also a strange similarity between them, but I just can't exactly wrap my mind around it. I noticed it earlier and I've been puzzling over it ever since." Anon was just about to ask her what it might mean, but she broke in before he could.
Ponk made a voiceover cameo in my dreams this morning. I was steaming and scooping up kale over something like the grill at a Mongolian Hot Plate type restaurant and I heard Pinkie Pie but I didn't see her I can't remember what she was talking about but it had something to do with Gummi her pet alligator.
>>14233 She was probably asking Gummi what he was ordering.
(2.36 MB 1856x1141 Luna_2.png)
>>13846 >Luna giggled. "Oh yes! There is most certainly something to that, my little human. Yet, I have only seen such connections very infrequently during my life, but they do sometimes occur. They operate upon threads of magic deep in the fabric of Equestria, and such magic is very poorly understood even by my sister and I. To witness it and be part of it makes you blessed indeed." Anon wore perplexity on his face as Luna's words bounced directly off of his intellect. "I'm afraid I don't follow your meaning, Your Highness. Do you mean that all these mares are connected to each other by ancient magic? But, what does that even entail? Aside from what I mentioned, there doesn’t seem to be anything obviously unusual about them, nor sinister." There was a pause for a moment after he spoke, and he anxiously awaited her sage response. While waiting, he noted a change in Luna's resplendent countenance, as though she was a parent that was amused by the cute misunderstandings of a child. 'I suppose she is taking her time trying to find a way to make something profound comprehensible to me.' Anon thought. >At length, and with a caring voice that penetrated Anon's soul, Luna delivered her cryptic response. "Not sinister, Anon. Far from it! It is something pure and wonderful that connects individuals across time, space, and thought; whether near or far, whether awake or asleep. Such individuals are like light and shadow, inherently part of each other. Finding each other in the vast darkness, they melt together. They remain separate entities, but in the realm of magic they are one." Anon tried to comprehend, but could not. He politely shook his head and smiled to show that he still could not grasp her wisdom. Nevertheless, Anon was not frustrated. It was often like this when he had the fortune to have discussions with Her Highness. On those occasions, her mysterious words became lodged in his mind only to be understood much later in a luminous moment of clarity. "Afraid I still don't follow, Your Highness. Please forgive my ignorance." said Anon with a laugh. >Luna laughed with him. "Do not worry, Anon. The meaning will invariably come to you, perhaps sooner rather than later. I can promise that you will be all the better for it, as well as the individual on the other side of the thread." Then, nodding to the witness platform, she changed the subject. "So, I understand that you will play a pivotal role in this case." "So it would seem. I received a court summons saying that my presence here today was of the utmost importance as a witness. I have not been called to the platform yet, but I suppose it will come soon. Will you wish me luck? It would settle my nerves a bit."
>>14794 Meant to read this sooner but it's been hectic lately. I thought this green was dead! It's nice to see a recent update.
>>14933 Not dead, just hadn't had a chance to post. I'll post a bit more today.
(513.20 KB 736x601 Luna_Moon.png)
>>14794 >"I wish you all the luck in Equestria, my little human! I am sure you will play your part perfectly in this matter." Luna shifted her eyes toward the center of the court before speaking again. "Now remember this, Anon. There is a current flowing through this court. When you are called up, you may find yourself in its stream. In that case, do not fight it. Rather, flow with it and let it carry you wherever it will." Anon glanced into Luna's friendly eyes. They spoke trust and all the loving concern of a benevolent sovereign. Anon simply smiled and replied, "I'll do my best, even if I don't understand!" Continuing to ponder Luna's words, Anon thought 'I suppose, she is being cryptic because the thing she wants me to understand is something I need to come to on my own. Perhaps what she said was just to nudge me in the right direction.' Just then, the Bailiff stood up to make an announcement. >"Everypony, attention please, um, if you will, please take your seats. The court will now recommence." said the wonderfully cute Bailiff. >Judge Fluttershy once again made her way up to the judge's stand, sometimes tripping on her robe along the way, as before. Giving the desk a gentle bang with the gavel, and smiling at everypony present, she announced, "Um, court is now in session. Miss Defender, are you ready for your first witness?" >"Y-yes, your greatness." breathed the out-of-breath mare, having made it back to court just in time. "If you don't mind, I call Dr. Fauna, expert veterinarian and, um, just a really nice mare." >Dr. Fauna entered the doors of the court, along with a small entourage of fluffy thankful critters she had healed. She stepped up to the witness platform surrounded by her animals. >Miss Defender fixed up her ponytail, brushed off her dress, took a deep breath and launched her first question. "Dr. Fauna? Are you in fact a veterinarian?" >"Oh yes! I've had the pleasure of being Ponyville's veterinarian for many years!" >Miss Defender smiled brightly and continued. "Um, are you Mr. Goose's veterinarian?" >"Mmm hmm." Dr. Fauna nodded. >"And, well, does Mr. Goose have any allergies?" asked Miss Defender. >"Oh my, yes. But only one. He has a terrible allergy to frosting. It simply leaves him in hives and a very painful rash." >"Oh? Well, have you advised him to stay away from frosting?" >Yes, certainly and on many occasions." said the veterinarian gravely. >"I see." Turning to the evidence table and pointing a hoof at a document there, Miss Defender made a request. "Defense wishes to enter into evidence, Exhibit G. It's Mr. Goose's medical record and, um, it's redacted except the important parts. >Flipping through the document, Miss Defender commented, "It seems, based on this record, that Mr. Goose comes to see you on a regular basis for frosting rashes...um...in certain…sensitive…places. If you don't mind, Dr. Fauna, why is that?"
(1.91 MB 1200x968 Fluttershy_11.png)
>>14950 >Dr. Fauna shook her head. "Well, even though he has an allergy to it, he manages to always come into contact with frosting. You see, he has a certain...mighty need, that he must...that he must satisfy." >Miss Defender put on a confused face. "Satisfy? How?" >Dr. Fauna looked about nervously before responding. "Well, he has a certain physical attraction for cupcakes. That's why...that's why his rashes are always, very frequent, and always 'down there'." Gasps at the salacious detail filled the court. Anon's eye's opened wide as this revelation hit like a ton of bricks. >"Objection!" cried out Prosecutor X. "How are the mighty needs of Mr. Goose relevant to the case? It seems Miss Defender is simply trying to defame Mr. Goose...um...it's not nice!" Prosecutor X followed up her objection with her best frowny pouty face. >"Miss Defender? Um, please explain yourself." chimed in Judge Fluttershy. >"Your judgeness, in my next question I WILL show how it is relevant." said a shaky Miss Defender. >"Well, ok. But, don't make a mockery of the court, ok?" Turning to Miss X, the judge rendered her conclusion. "Overruled, I'm sorry.” >Having recovered from her shakiness, Miss Defender took the opportunity to stick her tongue out at the prosecutor. >Prosecutor X sat down in a huff and glared at Miss Defender, who smirked smugly back at her. >Miss Defender now asked her final question. "Dr. Fauna, does Mr. Goose have any self-control around cupcakes?" >Dr. Fauna knowingly shook her head. "He simply has none. As soon as he sees a cupcake, he cannot stop himself from having his goosely way with it." >"No more questions, your lawfulness." said the exhausted defense lawyer with a sigh. >"Miss Prosecutor?" the Judge asked, to indicate the start of cross-examination. >Prosecutor X scrutinized Dr. Fauna from across her table a moment. Then a sly grin worked it's way on to her face. The clever Prosecutor gave a sidelong glance at Miss Defender with an upturned nose. Then she got up and strode to the witness platform; clearly she had a plan. >"Dr Fauna, is it easy to tell geese apart?" >Dr. Fauna hesitated. "Well, the males from the females certainly,..." >"What about the males, Dr. Fuana? Is it easy to tell them apart?" probed Prosecutor X with her sly grin. >Dr. Fauna adjusted her glasses. "...For males, well, there is some uncertainty, I suppose.” >"Some uncertainty? Well, is it not also true that male geese all tend to go by the title ‘Mr. Goose’?” the prosecutor continued. >”Y-yes, that does seem to be the case.” replied the good doctor. >”I see.” said Prosecutor X, looking back at Miss Defender with sarcasm on her face. But, then she hesitated a moment, as if deciding whether or not to take a gamble. Seeming to come to a conclusion, she asked another question. “Dr. Fauna, how common are frosting allergies in geese?” >”Oh, fairly common. It’s just that Mr. Goose’s only allergy was for frosting.”
(2.72 MB 2000x2500 fluttershy_c.png)
>>14984 >”Um, Dr. Fauna, if you will, how can you be sure that the Mr. Goose you saw at your clinic is the same Mr. Goose that ruined the cupcakes, considering that male geese are so hard to tell apart, typically adopt the same title, and commonly have frosting allergies?” >Miss Defender drew an inward gasp. “Oh! Objection, um, um, argumentative. The prosecution is, well, drawing and expressing her own conclusions.” >Judge Fluttershy shut her eyes and shook her head gently, “Overruled, I’m afraid.” >”Dr. Fauna?” Prosecutor X pushed. >Looking a little flustered, Dr. Fauna paused before answering. "I suppose I can't be sure, not 100% anyway." >"No more questions, your honor!" said Prosecutor X as she trotted back to her table, grinning mischievously at Miss Defender as she went. Now it was Miss Defender’s turn to put on a frowny pouty face. 'What an interesting turn of events!' thought Anon, shaking his head in amazement. He took a moment to take stock of the entire case thus far. With Pinkie Pie, Prosecutor X established a motive - if Miss Shy could not have the cupcakes nobody could. Then with Trixie, Prosecutor X placed Mr. Goose and Miss Shy at the crime scene. The prosecutor had followed this up by strong forensic evidence and a damning admission from Mr. Goose. She had built a compelling case against Miss Shy. On the other hand, Miss Defender had clearly established, via Pinkie's account, that Miss Shy was not a meanie. Also, she showed that Mr. Goose caused no damage to Sugarcube Corner - probably because there were no cupcakes there at the time to tempt him. Then, Miss Defender demonstrated that Trixie could not tell for certain what exactly Mr. Goose was doing with the cupcakes. Combining this with evidence that Mr. Goose could not control his mighty urge, Miss Defender had cast doubt on the idea that Mr. Goose had destroyed the cupcakes because Miss Shy had bribed him. Finally, Miss Defender had cast doubt on the authenticity of Agent Sweetie Drops' forensic analysis. Then again, Prosecutor X showed that we could not be certain that the Mr. Goose at the crime scene and the Mr. Goose who was Dr. Fauna's patient were one and the same, meaning that Dr. Fauna's account may be of no value. As far as Anon could tell, everything was still very much uncertain as to which way the case would go. The two legal titans had emerged dead even. 'What a tremendous effort by both lawyers!' was Anon's prevailing thought. >Miss Defender, seated next to Miss Shy at the defendant's table, shut her eyes a moment and took a calming breath. "Your honor, the defense calls Mister Anon as a witness, if that's ok. He's the foremost expert in Equestria on who-done-it-ology." Anon straightened his tie and started to get up, but the sudden presence of a gentle hoof on his right shoulder caused him to pause and look behind him, and into Luna's magnanimous eyes.
>>14991 >More shocking revelations. >Anon is called as a witness. This is getting good.
(736.26 KB 965x828 Fluttershy_12.png)
>>14991 >"Good luck, Anon! And, remember what I said. Do not resist, simply flow with it!" said Luna with a gracious smile while tapping Anon's shoulder. "As for myself, I must soon depart. There is a..." Here she turned her eyes upward and twirled her other hoof in the air as if considering the right words to use. "...there is a growing primal intensity here that makes it inappropriate for me to stay." This time she had spoken with a sly grin and suggestively bit her lower lip. Anon smiled and nodded. He still did not truly understand, but he deeply appreciated Luna's care and concern; he had faith that whatever meaning she was trying to convey would hit him eventually. He was grateful for both Princesses in general. They had shown him nothing but kindness since his arrival and he had been made to feel welcome and at home among their little ponies. 'I must remember to send Her Highness a thank you note once I figure out what she means.' Anon reminded himself. >Princess Luna removed her hoof and watched Anon as he walked to the witness platform. ‘Such a wonderfully blessed pair!’ She thought to herself. Anon removed his hat, as was customary, as he passed through the swing gate into the main part of the courtroom, past the lawyer's tables, and to the witness platform. As he did so, he could feel all eyes fixated upon him, and a respectful hush filled the room. After stepping up to the platform, which was more spacious than he originally thought, and turning toward the judge, lawyers, jury, and audience, this feeling became more pronounced. Every eye was locked on him, seemingly in deep fascination, and there was a momentary dead silence as if something significant had occurred. Anon was a bit unnerved by this, but took heart when he saw Princess Luna joyfully waving to him from the audience. Presently, he cleared his throat to break the silence and looked up at the judge. "Good morning, your judgeship" >"Good morning, Mister Anon!" said Judge Fluttershy with a radiant smile. "Are you ready for the oath?" >"Yes, your honor." said Anon with a nod. >"Mister Anon do you swear by all that is pony that you are not a liar-liar-pants-on-fire?" >"Objection!" cried out Prosecutor X as she posted her weight up by her forelegs on her table. Turning to Anon with a cunning, yet mischievous, smile and scheming eyes, Miss X paused before giving her reason. Keeping her eyes on Anon, she gave it at length. "Anon cannot take the sacred legal oath since he is not from Equestria, not from our world." Shaking her head gently, sending her ruby earrings dancing and sparkling through the afternoon light, she continued. "Hence, nothing he says can be trusted in this court!"
Anybody had any good pony dreams lately?
(18.44 KB 370x196 195526.jpg)
>>15059 As a matter of fact, I sort of had one last night. I was a janitor at a mall. My boss was in the dream, and there was also part on a hill with a violent turkey. There was a gelding flirting with a mare past the grove the turkey was in, and he got her dripping. After that he said hi to me by sniffing my hand. Gustavo Fring owned a movie theatre at the mall and personally invited me to watch My Little Pony in 3D with sterio glasses. There were also parts with strange geometry and I don't remember how anything went chronologically.
>>15064 Interesting dream, Anon. Have you tried to figure out what it means?
(470.49 KB 500x281 giphy.gif)
>>15068 Nah, I probably would have forgotten it if not for the prompt. Seeing Gus was my favorite part. He had the most polite and inviting personality, the impact of which was amplified by it being a dream, so it felt very surreal talking to him. I am still fascinated by the prospect of re-making MLP G4 in 3D. If we had access to the original flash animation we could assign each layer a depth and shift them accordingly, easily making sterio pairs. I really wish we had access to that it would be so easy to make 3D MLP if we did.
I don't remember any pony dreams except this one, it's not even much pony related until the last moment (even then it's kinda questionable). But it's also the first time I ever had sleep paralysis (I think) >Move into new flat, finally living alone for the first time >Finally I can sleep with my Twilight plushie without worries >no problems for over half a year >One night I have a nightmare that someone got inside the flat (it's on the first floor and the windows are 1m from the ground) >only hear a few steps and then the door opening >Suddenly someone puts pillow over my head and I can feel it's hard to breathe >managed to open my eyes (not really, still sleeping) >I can see clearly the whole room, even though I feel the pillow on my head, I feel the person pressing it against me, it's hard to breathe and everything. It was weird >Try to fight back, but cant move hands >This goes on for a few seconds >Suddenly I see my plushie just levitating in the air next to the non-existing pillow, with her default smile, looking at me >wtf >realize it's a dream >remember that this could be sleep paralysis I read about some time ago >warm feeling of peace washes over me >it's not real >everything will be okay >Stop trying to resist and just wait for the paralysis to go away >breathing goes slowly to normal, no more pressure >feel that I'm becoming awake but I won't open my eyes for few more minutes because I don't want to see hallucinations >slowly open my eyes >I get the same view as before, but without the fear, nonexistent pillow and the levitating plushie >turn to on my side, Twilight is there, with her default smile, looking at me >Hug her tightly and thank her It felt pretty ridiculous when I was replaying it in my mind later ngl. I'm not sure if it qualifies as sleep paralysis as I never had one before. (Usually when someone depicts sleep paralysis, they always say that they already had opened eyes, but I remember that I opened them slowly after everything was "okay") Anyway I fell asleep after that, with a feeling of inner peace, knowing that everything would be okay because she's there.
>>15059 No, I had one that supposedly had Queen Chrysalis in it but I can't remember anything about it except that I didn't even see her.
>>15071 Really cool dream, Anon; scary, but cool that your Twilight plushie appeared in it to reassure you. I sleep with my plushie too. It's very comforting somehow. Never have bad dreams when I do. There's probably some deep psychology about projecting protection on to the plushie, or whatever, but I just love her. Never had sleep paralysis; sounds very unnerving. Have had the feeling of trying to fight things off in my dreams but not being able to move.
I just had a really cool pony dream that had the attention to detail of the early seasons. The context was that there was a My Little Pony game based on the Sonic Mania engine and I was watching a video breaking it down, but that's not the interesting part. The best part was being in Equestria at nightfall. In the dream there is a constilation of stars that blinks at the start of every night, each star growing extra bright before fading to look like all the rest. It was very beautiful and felt magical to watch the lightshow in the sky that starts an Equestrian night. There were other stars that glow extra bright for a few seconds too, like the first star of the night and some smaller constilations. I really love this idea and it practically feels like the spirit of the early seasons possessed my dreams last night. The only pony I saw in the dream was Twilight Sparkle.
(127.49 KB 330x351 Erpd_1.png)
>>15493 Posting here what I also posted on /mlp/ I had a dream last night that was pony related. I was in a huge 1980s style video arcade. It had gift shops scattered throughout and in those shops was tons of super comfy mlp merchandise. They were made by many companies, but the most prominent one that made the very best merchandise was a company called "Derpy Studios".
(3.24 MB 1440x2048 Fluttershy_a.png)
>>15031 Whispers erupted and Anon was in shock. To his surprise, he saw many of the yellow mares throughout the court, including the judge, smiling and nodding in agreement with the objection. Fixing his gaze on the audience, he was just in time to see Princess Luna wave to him before opening the courtroom door, revealing some sort of magical portal on the other side, and pass through it. The door closed on its own behind her. ‘Why a portal and not just teleportation?’ thought Anon. But, he didn't have time to consider that peculiarity before another objection rang out. >"I object to that objection!" said Miss Defender, likewise pushing her weight up by her forelegs on the table. She smiled brightly at Anon and continued, but she kept her warm gaze upon him. "Mister Anon's words can be trusted provided we use the ancient human tradition of 'Testimony'". Anon was confused. He had never heard of 'Testimony' being an ancient human tradition that could be used in lieu of an oath. While musing, he noticed that neither lawyer had removed her gaze from him. >"Um, the prosecution and defense will approach the bench to discuss the meaning and use of 'Testimony'." said Judge Fluttershy. Both lawyers did so and for a moment Anon only heard their whispers. The only thing he could make out was the judge asking Prosecutor X if she had any further objections, to which the wily Prosecutor coolly shook her head. >Both lawyers trotted back to their tables and Judge Fluttershy gently tapped the gavel to her desk before standing up to address the entire court. Anon could have sworn that the judge was blushing deeply before she spoke. >"Ehem." began the sage judge. "Both objections are sustained. Therefore, given, um, the unusual nature of Anon's origin we will proceed to use the human tradition of 'Testesmony' in lieu of the sacred legal oath. This will ensure he tells the truth." 'What is she even talking about? She's not even pronouncing 'Testimony' correctly.' thought Anon as he tried to figure out what was happening. He held his peace while the judge continued. >"As explained by Miss Defender and confirmed by Prosecutor X, it is known by magical means that in ancient days on Earth...where, um, Anon is from...human males would hold their groin when acting as a witness. This was called 'Testesmony'" continued Judge Fluttershy with a little giggle. "This imbued their words with absolute truth, since that's where a human male hides all his truth, um, it would seem. So, by my decree, Anon will now take out and grab his groin to proceed with his Testesmony in response to questions." Whispers of approval echoed through the court and many of the cute yellow pegasai present were heard to exclaim “Yay!" Anon was stunned.
>>15765 >TESTEmony. LOL This green is like Duke Nukem forever; it's been almost a year and I thought it was just going to be a short one. I hope it gets finished someday as I'm invested in it.
>>15773 Hope you like it, Anon. I'll post some more in just a few moments.
(1.01 MB 800x888 Fluttershy_b.png)
>>15765 >The judge now turned to Anon with a smile and pointed a hoof at his crotch. "Mister Anon, if you will, um, if it's not too much trouble, will you please now take out and grab your groin so that the court can verify that you are telling the truth? You can use either hand, or both." Anon stood aghast for a moment before replying. "Your greatness, surely you can't be seri..." >A gentle tap of the gavel interrupted him. "Oh, um, you have to comply Mister Anon. It's the law." said the judge gravely. "But this is silly, and besides, that's not what 'Testimony' means!" protested Anon. "Really..." >Another tap of the gavel. This time Fluttershy turned to the Bailiff. "Well, um, Miss Bailiff please prevent Mister Anon from being unruly." >"Of course, your lawfulness!" said the clearly eager Bailiff. She pulled the baton out of her belt by mouth and, trotting over to Anon, proceeded to give him a series of gentle whacks on his legs. Anon observed her, unhurt but in disbelief. After a few more whacks he watched her put the baton away and look up at him with a big, beaming grin. He turned again to the judge. "You judgeship, I..." >Yet another gavel tap from Judge Fluttershy. "I'm truly sorry Mister Anon, but I find that you have contempted the court. You'll need to be restrained." Turning to the Bailiff she spoke again "Bailiff, please restrain Mister Anon." >The Bailiff whipped out her fuzzy pink cuffs and looked up expectantly at Anon. With the cuffs in-mouth, she spoke. "Um, M'ifter Anon, um, 'oo 'eeed to 'ake off 'oor 'acket an' 'irt." “Take off my jacket and shirt?!" In amazement Anon looked up at Judge Fluttershy, who instead of banging the gavel now looked at him with pleading eyes and sad anticipation, like she had been rejected. He looked out over all the other yellow mares and saw similar expressions. >"Please?" pleaded the judge. Anon met her imploring gaze and hesitated in his frustration. Suddenly, Princess Luna's advice came flooding back to hime. ‘Flow with whatever was going on in this court beneath the surface.’ is what she had advised. "Ok, your lawfulness." said Anon with a sigh. He resigned himself to just go with it. After all, Her Highness had assured him there was nothing sinister here. >"Wonderful! Miss Clerk, will you please assist the Bailiff?" asked the judge turning to her right. >"Oh yes! I would love to!" said the enthusiastic paper pusher. Anon removed his tie, jacket, and shirt. He handed them off to the Clerk who, in turn, tossed them joyfully by mouth, one by one, into a pile behind the platform. Anon then held his hands out for the Bailiff. >The Bailiff hesitated. "Um, 'eehind 'ur 'ack, 'ip 'ooo p'ease, M'fter Anon.". Upon complying, she cuffed his hands behind his back, ever so tenderly. Anon was surprised at how soft and comfy the cuffs felt.
(301.04 KB 820x974 Fluttershy_c.png)
>>15782 >"Objection, your honor! While cuffed, Mister Anon can neither remove his groin from his pants, nor can he grab it. So, um, he can't give his 'Testicle-mony'. said Prosecutor X with just a hint of ironic sarcasm and a devious smile aimed at Anon. "Prosecution requests remedy." >"Defense agrees with the objection, and also seeks remedy, if you please." said Miss Defender sweetly, with a wink at Anon. >"Oh dear! Sustained, of course!" Judge Fluttershy put a hoof to her chin and shortly arrived at a remedy. “If it’s ok, consistent with Mister Anon having contempted the court, he shall be forcibly de-pants'd; defense and prosecution shall assist the Bailiff in this. Moreover, since Mister Anon cannot do it, the defense and prosecution shall hold the components of his groin aloft during questioning. 'Aloft', for the purposes of this trial shall mean any point higher than that at which his, um, parts, usually dangle." The judge paused to see the effect of the pronouncement. "Shall this be satisfactory to the defense and prosecution?" >"Certainly!" said both lawyers in tandem with approving nods. Prosecutor X additionally licked her lips while eyeing Anon. 'This is crazy! I can't believe this is even happening!' Anon thought. He sighed and reasoned that he must go through with it, given that what he had to say would prove vital to the case. After all, justice hanged in the balance, so a little humiliation would need to be put up with. Once again, he noted nods, smiles, and exclamations of "Yay!" from the audience of winged yellow mares. The jury did the same, only they were also taking notes. >The Bailiff and lawyers, who had trotted over to the witness platform while Anon had been lost in thought, went to work removing Anon's shoes, socks, belt, pants, and boxers. Between the three of them, and using a bit of teamwork, they managed to render Anon totally naked. In the process, Anon was certain that he felt Prosecutor X push her nose into his scrotum and the Bailiff sneak a tongue lick over his penis. While the Bailiff trotted back to her station, she looked back at Anon, made a lewd gesture with her tongue and gave him a wink. >Speaking civilly to Miss Defender for the first time during the trial, Prosecutor X suggested, "Um, well, would you like to hold the upper part? I, well I, would like to hold the lower part, if you like." >"Mmmm hmmm!" replied Miss Defender. Prosecutor X was the first to hold her portion aloft. As she raised her hoof, Anon felt his balls come to rest neatly in the hollow formed by her upturned hoof and horseshoe. Contrary to what he expected, it was pleasantly warm and he felt his pulse quicken. Miss Defender then raised her hoof beneath his penis. It came to rest, like a sausage on a platter, across her horseshoe. Again, it was unexpectedly warm and Anon could feel himself start to harden. >Both mares smiled at each other and let out little giggles. Prosecutor X then looked up at Anon. “Um, Don’t worry Mister Anon, we know they’re sensitive. We’ll be careful with them; promise!”
>>15875 That escalated fast
>>15879 >Escalated quickly Yeah, I might go back and draw it out a bit maybe. Appreciate the feedback, Anon! >The way I thought about it when I wrote it. As long as Anon was not the focus of attention of the collective conscious of the Fluttershys (that is, as long as he stayed off the witness stand, which represents the focus of her mind), he went effectively unnoticed. He was on the periphery of her unconcious. Once he became the focus, the Fluttershys recognized him and her love overflowed at his unexpected visit. It then manifested itself as the collective actions of multiple Fluttershys. I think the next few posts will make it all clear. But would certainly welcome any suggestions, since I'm always tryi g to improve!
>>15885 I didn't say the pacing was a bad thing I thought it was funny but do what you want to do. >The way I thought about it when I wrote it. >Unexpected visit. I wonder what Anon is to Fluttershy outside of this courtroom. You haven't said anything about the intended meaning of the story up until now so it's interesting to see a small glimpse. Just don't give it all away I like the mystery and want to figure it out by reading the green.
(2.71 MB 2048x2048 1669722045013468 (1).png)
>>15875 In this configuration, bound by fuzzy pink cuffs, his balls resting in Miss X's hoof, and his penis upheld by Miss Defender's, Anon surveyed the court. The yellow mares were all in various modes of activity. Some raised their eyebrows suggestively, some winked, others licked their lips or made lewd gestures with their tongues, still others gazed dreamily at him, while still others blew kisses. Looking down at Prosecutor X, he was met by a truly salacious, but also truly endearing grin. She was gorgeous in her black dress and ruby earrings. She jiggled his balls and gave him a wink. Then he turned to look at Miss Defender. Equally lovely in her blue dress and sapphire earrings, she beamed back at him with a sensually suggestive, but warm smile. Leaning in, she gave the tip of his penis a brief teasing lick. Looking to Judge Fluttershy, he beheld her warm, loving expression. >"See Mister Anon? No need to be bashful!" the judge said with a laugh. Suddenly Anon's understanding expanded and he realized something monumental. 'There IS something special going on here! Princess Luna was right! All these mares are Fluttershy! Every last one of them! Not only do they look like Fluttershy, they ARE Fluttershy; I can sense it in every fiber of my being! They are all my beloved Fluttershy! How can that be? How did this happen? How could I have missed it all this time?' was Anon's internal dialog. "Fluttershy? It's you! Isn't it?! Wha...? How is this possible? Why didn't I recognize you before?" >Judge Fluttershy smiled true love in response to Anon's realization. "Yes, Anon! It's me! It was so wonderful when you came into court to visit me! Um, I was really surprised, but, um, pleasantly! You've never visited before. I mean you were here sometimes, but not YOU you. It was a different, not real you." Anon was beside himself in astonishment. He was about to speak more, but Judge Fluttershy interrupted. >"Are you ready to ask your questions, Miss Defender." said Judge Fluttershy laughing happily. >"Yes, your greatness. I only have one." Miss Defender responded. "Well, Mister Anon? Who-done-it?" Anon was overcome by the novelty of seeing his wife all around him. 'This must be the beginning of the moment of clarity when I start to understand what Princess Luna said. The magical connection is between me and Fluttershy; it is the thread connects us. Where are we? Somewhere in time, space, in thought? It's just as Her Highness said. Through whatever void separates us, we have come together here and now, wherever that it!' >"Well, Anon?" Miss Defender probed.
(2.26 MB 1260x1260 1678876070426873.png)
>>16186 Anon's heart swelled with love for his wife and he was overjoyed to play this intimate game with her. Discarding his prepared analysis, he answered based on his feeling of the direction of the game. "Well, I confess that I done-it. I bribed Mr. Goose with such a huge amount of bread that getting a rash could not deter him. Miss Shy was just the unwitting vehicle of the weapon that would destroy the cupcakes!" >Judge Fluttershy smiled and laughed. Then she banged her gavel and turned toward the jury. "Miss Jury Foremare, have you reached a verdict?" >"Yes, your judgefulness! We find Anon guilty of reckless goose bribing!" said the Miss Foremare. >Turning to Anon, Judge Fluttershy made her final declaration with a teasing smile. "Um, well, in that case all charges agains Miss Shy are hereby dropped! Anon, your sentence shall be to kiss, and hug, and cuddle, and um...make love to Fluttershy, to make up for ruining the cupcakes!" No sooner had the sentence been passed than the Bailiff uncuffed Anon. As the cuffs fell to the floor, Anon observed the court room structure turn topsy-turvy and recede in an ethereal manner into the surrounding ether. In the twinkling of an eye he found himself in a small forest clearing surrounding by trees, flowers, sunshine, the sounds of a distant stream, and the singing of birds. Beneath his feet was a lush, soft bed of leaves and flower petals. As with the courtroom, the jury, Bailiff, Clerk, audience, and Court Recorder, had coalesced ethereally into the lawyers and judge. Both lawyers were still as he last left them, holding aloft his groin as before. Before him stood Judge Fluttershy, beautiful, smiling, and radiant as though she was the source of the sunshine itself. Anon stood amazed at the transformation, yet ridged due to the familiar touch of his wife. "How is this all possible, Fluttershy?" >"Um, well, anything can happen here Anon, especially when it's the REAL YOU and not the NOT REAL YOU! Since it is the REAL YOU, well, um, only the best things can happen." said Fluttershy with eyes half-lidded. Anon laughed in happiness at her response and at the wonder of it all. But, no sooner had he done so than Prosecutor Fluttershy slurped up his left testicle. Rolling it around playfully in the warmth of her mouth, she began gently tugging it downward. Anon complied and came to his knees into the bed of leaves. >Meanwhile, Judge Fluttershy and Defender Flutterhsy were removing their robe and dress to reveal ornate lingerie beneath; black for the judge and light blue for the defense lawyer. Gently pressing a hoof against Anon's chest, Judge Fluttershy indicated her desire that he lay on his back.
(1.01 MB 800x888 Fluttershy_b.png)
>>16189 in hypnotic rhythm. After significant teasing, and gazing with bedroom eyes, she slipped it into her mouth and worked it relentlessly in and out. Occasionally, she let it flop out of her mouth, only to caress it with her tongue and invite it in once more. >Letting Anon's saliva coated testicle drop out of her mouth with a 'plop', Prosecutor Fluttershy began removing her dress with the assistance of Judge Fluttersy. Dress removed, she stood gloriously in bold red lingerie and a mischievous expression. After blowing Anon a kiss, she went back to work on his balls, letting one rest on the tip of her tongue before drawing it in through pursed lips for a round of rolling, squeezing, and tugging. >Finally, Judge Fluttershy turned her attention to her husband. Sauntering up to him with sway in her step and love in her face, she stepped over and straddled Anon before letting her weight come to rest on his chest. She felt Anon's arm wrap around her and his other hand come to rest behind her head. He tenderly pulled her in and she showered him with passionate kisses. Anon was lost in this extraordinary sexual encounter with his beloved wife. Her expressions, her warmth, her methods, were all familiar to him. Yet, it was deeper, and he felt as though he was making love directly to every facet of her consciousness in this magical place. He felt surrounded by it and enveloped in it. He could feel it move over him and through him as though it were a tangible thing. He reciprocated. >Judge Fluttershy drew away a bit and looked down into Anon's eyes, her gaze now intoxicated by sexual desire. "Mmmm! Touch me all over, Anon...if you please!" Then she went back to kissing. Anon let his hands travel over her body, exploring every hill and valley. Finally they arrived at her scrumptious rump, the same he had seen Miss Shy examine dejectedly during the case. He squeezed, teased, and caressed it under her lingerie. He peeled the panties down and Fluttershy stood so that he could take it off, which he did slowly before she laid back down upon him. Now Anon let his fingers venture further to stimulate her most sensitive areas. Anon felt it, hot, slick, and winking. >Judge Fluttershy, Prosecutor Fluttershy, and Defender Fluttershy began breathing hard and emitting soft moans which mixed with the natural sounds of the forest and warm air surrounding them. The lawyer Fluttershys intensified their work on his balls and penis. Judge Fluttershy's kissing became yet more passionate. At length, Anon felt the Fluttershy's get up slowly and he watched as they moved to the side. Before his eyes yet another transformation occurred as the three coalesced and became one Fluttershy. She was glorious in beauty in Anon's eyes, though her hair was tussled and she was sweaty from sex. This was his Fluttershy, the very one.
>>16190 Must have been a fun dream; I wonder how close this green is to your actual dream. Obviously you had to make up things like dialogue and details, but there must be a general gist you are following and elaborating on to convey how the dream felt.
>>16211 >Rambling answer. Sorry. It was a fun dream. Most dreams I have are kind of hazy and nebulous. This was one was pretty vivid. The dream had the multiple Fluttershys (lawyers, judge, jury, but I added the audiance and the bailiff) and I remember how the courtroom looked. In the dream I saw things in the first person, but in the story I moved it to 3rd person and made it Anon. I did flesh out details about how things looked (clothes, mannerisms, etc.) and dialogue. Even though she wasn't in my dream, I had Luna make an appearance as a sort of nod to the idea that it was a dream (made her leave before things got lewd because I always thought Luna would let others have their privacy in dreams). I thought it would be interesting to have her advise Anon in a cryptic way. In my dream I didn't know what the trial was about, so for the story I had to create the case, the witnesses, the procedures, and all the associated absurdities. The dream felt comfy and good, like I was visiting Fluttershy in her own dream. So, I made that a part of the story (see next parts). Also, in the dream I remember hugging and kissing Fluttershy at the end. The lewd parts were just an impression or feeling I had about the dream. So, in the story I decided to make it like the lovemaking between a husband and wife that loved each other unconditionally (the kind of deep love where they are comfortable playing and teasing each other). Anon wasn't making love to multiple different Fluttershys. It was all the same Fluttershy. It's just that in her dream she was multiple ponies and Anon was visiting (and not a manifestation of Fluttershy's dream) within her dream. So Anon, while dreaming, finds himself within the dream of his wife Fluttershy (who is also dreaming). He doesn't know exactly how he got there, and he doesn't even recognize Fluttershy until he feels the attention of all the Fluttershys simultaneously. Moreover, Fluttershy does not recognize him until he becomes the focus of the dream by taking the witness stand. She subsequently spends some time teasing him. I decided to turn this dream into a green because I really liked the idea that two individuals could love each other so deeply and cleanly that their dreams become entwined and they visit each other in those dreams, like they can touch each other on planes beyond physical existance. That's the kind of love I imagine could exist with an mlp pony. So, the dream stuck out in particular as being meaningful to me. >Would welcome any criticisms or suggestions for improvement by the way.
(652.33 KB 860x980 cuteflutters.png)
>>16190 >"That was nice, Anon!' said Fluttershy with a dreamy gaze. "It really was, my love! replied Anon. >Fluttershy then adopted a sensual smirk and giggled. "Well, um, do you want to continue?" With that, she spun around, braced her forelegs, cast her tail to the side, and looked back at Anon over her body with a smile. Anon let his hands move over her rump before clamping down. Slowly he thrust into her pussy. Slick as it was, it was tight but he could feel her tissues gradually give way for his shaft. >Fluttershy winced at the sexually delightful pain as Anon's penis entered her, and she let out a soft squeak when he hilted. She let her moans and squeaks come easily as Anon started thrusting in a rhythm that set her insides on fire. Seeing Fluttershy in the depths of pleasure satisfied Anon deeply. Still pounding her, he reached in front of her back leg and under her body to fondle her teats. They were soft, warm, and a little fuzzy in his palm. Their pronounced nipples had become hard. Moving a bit beyond, he stimulated her with his fingers, touching her most sensitive parts. >Fluttershy was now entirely intoxicated in pleasure. Her moans became louder, in her whispery voice, and more frequent. She turned her head back and watched Anon, over the length of her body, as he worked her over. She was near climax, the tingly sensation increased and soon it would overwhelm. Anon too was near climax. Fluttershy's moans serenaded his ears, mixed as they were with the sounds and smells of nature around them. He felt her body suddenly tighten up and clench around his shaft. The orgasmic moan she let out set him off and he pumped rope after rope into her. >After a few moments of recovery, Fluttershy pulled forward, allowing Anon's still rigid member to slide out. She turned around only to be captured in Anon's arms as they both flopped down into the bed of leaves and flower petals. She felt the warm glow inside her and smiled in contentment as Anon held her tight. Anon smiled, inhaled her scent and ran his fingers through Fluttershy's hair. But, he noticed after some time that his vision of the scene began to fade into darkness. Gradually, something else came into focus. It took a moment but he finally recognized the rough hewn wooden beams that held up the ceiling of their cottage; he had cut and put them into place himself. Aware that he was on his back, he looked around in surprise. He saw the window, dressers, and cabinets of the familiar bedroom of their cottage. It was still night time. Next to him he felt the warmth of his wife, Fluttershy. She was cuddled up next to him with her head on his chest. "Had it all been a dream?" he mumbled to himself. >Fluttershy was peacefully asleep. She was emitting barely audible, cute little snoring sounds and was drooling ever so slightly on Anon's chest. Her hair was in slight disarray, but still pretty. Everything about her was small and cute in this manner.
(734.81 KB 860x860 fluttershy_tears.png)
>>16226 'Even her flaws are cute!' thought Anon as he saw the sleeping state of his wife. Then he became aware of a pointed pressure on his body. Looking down toward his feet he beheld that one of Fluttershy's fore-hooves was resting comfortably upon his groin, pressing down on it with its weight. Anon let out a slight chuckle. "Well that explains a lot actually." he said, a little louder than he meant to. >Fluttershy stirred. Opening her sleepy eyes, she looked up at Anon. "Oh, did you have a bad dream Anon?" "Not in the least! It was a very wonderful dream actually, but I woke up when it came to an end, it would seem." replied Anon as he ran his fingers through her hair to straighten it. >"Well, that's good! Um, I had a good dream too, but I don't remember it very well. I was a lawyer of some kind and I was arguing a case in court, something about a goose and some cupcakes. At the end, I was holding up something warm and squishy, maybe a little lumpy too. I think it was evidence." "Oh?!" was Anon's surprised and singular response. >"Mmm hmm. But then, and um, I don't remember how it started, but we were making love together in the forest. It was really nice!" Anon laughed and placed a hand on her cheek. "Sounds like a perfect way to end a dream!" Yet, this set off a whirlwind of thought in Anon's mind. His thoughts flowed rapidly, ’This must have been what Princess Luna meant about the magical connection, the thread in the fabric of Equestria that connects individuals. Fluttershy and I have become inherently linked across time, space, and thought. We don't simply see each other in out dreams, we ourselves ARE in each others dreams. I guess Princess Luna left when she did since she could sense the way things were going. Very kind of her to give us our privacy.’ >"Mmm hmm. It was a really good dream, and really vivid." Fluttershy smiled, squeaked and cuddled closer to Anon. Noticing the position of her hoof she moved it up to his chest and giggled. "Sorry Anon. Um, somehow my hoof wandered down there. I hope it wasn't uncomfortable for your, um, balls." Anon gave her a loving glance. He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her in tight. "Not at all! Probably it was there because of your dream." >Fluttershy thought for a moment and changed the subject. "Um, Anon, if you like, we can have waffles in the morning. Wouldn't it be fun to cook them together?" "It would be fun! Let's do it as soon as we wake up." replied Anon. >In response Fluttershy squeaked in happiness. Then, she grinned mischievously and looked up at Anon. "Um, and then, um, after the waffles that is, let's have sex, um, a lot of it!" "Sounds like a really wonderful morning, my love!" Anon held her close and they gradually fell back to sleep together, both anticipating a fantastic morning.
>>16227 ...The End
(56.27 KB 210x277 breakfast-donkey-web.jpg)
>>16227 >In the morning I'm making waffles Hey that's Tavi's line!
>>16230 Kek. Everypony likes waffles though...followed thereafter by sex.
(1.78 MB 400x396 pony-rainbow.gif)
Been terribly sick lately. Dreams have been extremely vivid and colorful. Does that happen to anybody else when they're sick? No, I wasn't on psychotropic medicine; just normal stuff like acetaminophen, aspirin, etc.
(17.85 KB 296x281 1657646945076.jpg)
>>5450 I don't remember the last time I dreamed about pony, but I almost never remember dreams anyway. Usually when I go to bed I'm too tired to think about anything.
>>16488 I don't really have any recollection of dreams either. Perhaps I am just too tired to dream. But I do think it would be pretty cool. Probably the closest you could get to them in this world.
>>16489 >>16488 You most likely have dreams but forget them. The only way to remember a dream is to wake up during it then make menta; note of it when your awake. The easiest way is whenever you realise your awake and remember a dream write down some key details about it and go back to sleep. When you wake up again you should be able to remember more of it from the key details if you processed it at all when awake.
(236.04 KB 1280x604 1693862668844985.jpg)
Dreamed I was having tea with Luna on a terrace of Canterlot Palace. It was overlooking Canterlot and the mountains beyond. It was the middle of the night and we were just discussing things. Can't remember what we discussed though.