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Pixel canvas thread - Mare Bread Anonymous 11/28/2021 (Sun) 19:55:50 No. 5609
Pixel canvas thread - Mare Bread >News - Border is complete (Kind of) - Ponyville project slow but still growing and cute as hell - Canvas mostly back to dead ( <50 IPs ) >Resources Vandalism Detector: https://mlp-pixelcanvas.herokuapp.com/ Offline version: https://github.com/Pownylover/PxCT/releases Spriting Guide: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/8a519954a29d6ac1418ab2b200b82a06 Minimap Script: https://mlppx.neocities.org/minimap/minimap.js >Quick FAQ Are we using bots? : There is no "we" here. Just a group of headless hen drawing cute pones and working together from time to time. Can I use a bot? : Whatever m8. Just keep in mind that it will be reverted on day or an other. Can I use proxy? : Same answer. Where is the discord channel? : Kek might as well make one here to see what happens
>>5609 Tranny jannies ban you?
>>5609 Have some fag reported you guys for GR4?
>>5609 Never got into the pixel canvas thing but it always reminded me of YWOT.