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Mare Time Thread Anonymous 11/29/2021 (Mon) 10:21:40 No. 5629
Discuss how you would spend time with your mare and what you would do with your mare
(1.14 MB 1920x804 art1159.png)
What's so great about mares is that it could be anything. It could be cuddling and tea parties one day, and dangerous adventures the next. And there is in that no contradiction of character; she wholly remains her adorable self through all of it. Whether it's fun, relaxation, tragedy, or all of the above; it's always worth going through it for her.
(870.00 KB 773x898 image.png)
>>5629 When she isn't busy leading Equestria, cuddles. Lots and lots of cuddles. Probably spend some time with her wondering the royal gardens with her, go with her to help out in various places in the kingdom, maybe even do some tea tasting with her. As long as Celestia's there it's going to be good time.
(208.92 KB 357x353 1983075.png)
>>5629 working on the farm
(81.41 KB 390x389 Berry snugs.png)
>>5629 It would be hard to restrain from constantly kissing and snuggling her
(167.82 KB 1280x909 2361862.jpg)
>>5629 Imagine picnic with your mare
(148.93 KB 450x450 2987834.png)
(1.36 MB 3000x1687 83894.png)
(566.56 KB 609x512 902929893.png)
I would assist her with her work, waking up early and weeding and maintaining her flowers or moving them to grow beds and maintaining the garden. After that we'd cool off with some water, followed by what would obviously be a round of intense, passionate snuggling followed by companionable silence as we appreciate each other's company. Then we'd share a laugh, and take a bath. I'd brushie brushie her coat and comb her mane and tail until it's smooth and immaculate; not a tuft of fur or a hair out of place. Then I'd kiss her on her cute little muzzle and brush her mane out of her eyes with my thumb and index finger. After that, we'd share a smile and go on a stroll through Ponyville and have lunch together at our favorite place; For me, a cucumber sandwich with a small Caesar salad and an apple pastry from the local farm. For her, whatever she likes, although I imagine her a simple mare that would be content with a daisy sandwich and some hayfries. We'd wash it down with some tea, or perhaps more freshly squeezed iced lemonade a filly is selling, and visit her friends around town, sharing our time together and delighting in learning what everypony's been up to recently. When we get tired of walking around, we'd take a pleasant stroll through the park together, sitting down under the shade of a flowering tree and watching the foals play together. We'd chat for hours about nothing in particular until the sun sets, and we'd rest our heads gently together on a park bench, sharing witness to Celestia's conclusion to the day.
>>7187 Sounds very nice.
(711.75 KB 5000x5000 1648307500726.png)
(245.90 KB 1280x720 sleepytwi.png)
(243.84 KB 1280x960 book.png)
I'm going through a bit of waifu confusion but most of my domestic fantasies center on Twilight and are mainly pre-alicorn shit. Mornings are usually either one of two outcomes. The more common outcome is Twi wakes me up in accordance with a schedule. The less common is just taking it slow in the morning and cuddling, I feel she'd be open to that every once in a while. Anyways, once we get out of bed and do our morning routine (hygiene, clothes, etc.), Twilight gets out her checklist and our tasks mainly depend on the day, but a mainstay of it is usually library related work such as organizing the books, taking inventory, checking up on loans, that sort of thing. Basically, what Twilight does on the daily with me helping her and some of my own things in there. Once we get done with her weekly checklist, we're finally able to relax and have some time to ourselves. Our outings would consist of relatively quiet restaurants, star gazing, and reading together under the shade of the trees. Other days could also be spent solving friendship problems ranging from minor to major, and we would grow closer with each new lesson we learn together. Having spent the day with each other, we would eventually tire and return to the Treebrary, climbing up the stairs and to her room. Of course, she would now have a bigger bed by use of magic to fit both me and her on it, and we would snuggle real close. I can imagine it now, sharing breath with her, the warm feeling of her own breath on my face, the cute little moans she makes as she adjusts herself to better lean against my chest, the fluffiness of her fur easily outmatching the softness of her bed. Falling asleep with her would be much easier. I love this purple pony and her friends, but most importantly I love her. She is what keeps me going when I'm feeling worthless or not good enough. She is what keeps me going when I fall on hard times and am on the edge of giving up, and I will always be grateful to her for all she has done for me by simply existing.
>>9910 Thanks for the writeup, anon. It's very nice. I miss Treebrary like you wouldn't believe