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(2.68 MB 3603x4663 1922282.jpg)
Princess Luna thread Anonymous 12/15/2021 (Wed) 12:46:30 No. 5939
Let us bask in her gentle moonlight.
(3.70 MB 1600x1959 A-0199.png)
(845.88 KB 1920x1256 A-1027.jpeg)
(3.18 MB 1299x2126 A-1110.png)
(2.94 MB 1920x1080 1781571.png)
What are the best fanfics with Luna you've read, Anon?
(2.80 MB 600x600 1474926401372.gif)
>>5942 My Little Alicorn was a particularly good one.
(612.36 KB 1280x1325 A-0483.jpg)
(2.25 MB 1842x1337 A-0051.jpg)
(1.33 MB 1600x1969 A-0577.jpg)
(1.70 MB 4032x2268 A-0154.jpg)
(627.70 KB 1662x1107 A-0937.jpg)
(247.40 KB 1280x956 A-1194.jpg)
(1.43 MB 2728x2623 image.png)
>>6004 I hate magnaluna
>>6020 Meh. Most artists are pretty awful people. But they draw a cute Luna. That's all I care about. Or do you mean you have a problem with the style?
>>6021 I'd like to know too. For example, I fucking HATE Silfoe. Wonderful talent wasted on LGBTWTFBBQ garbage.
>>6021 >>6022 I haven't been keeping with the drama, I simply hate his style. It reeks of furfag and resembles anything but equine form.
(858.27 KB 1280x960 b1.png)
(1.67 MB 1800x1440 b2.png)
(1.95 MB 2000x1600 b3.png)
(509.88 KB 1200x1600 A-0368.jpg)
(298.32 KB 1952x2036 A-0374.jpg)
(2.06 MB 1440x3040 A-0565.png)
(892.62 KB 600x338 1539921149120.gif)
>>6027 Is that a pony LSD?
(691.84 KB 245x271 249541.gif)
>>6030 She is so beautiful!
(780.21 KB 1131x707 1439276651888.png)
It's her special day today! Happy winter solstice, moonfriends.
(1.61 MB 1000x1300 A-0195.png)
(966.38 KB 1500x844 A-0314.png)
(315.68 KB 1250x1750 A-0689.jpg)
(521.01 KB 2462x3300 1628801557858.png)
(585.28 KB 2100x1500 Photoshop Thingy.png)
I did a thing.
(167.38 KB 680x383 a9f.png)
>>7273 "Holy crap, it's Princess Luna from My Little Pony!"
(696.04 KB 1200x800 696443.jpg)
(1.28 MB 1480x1280 1652135246335.png)
I love moon horse! I want to stay up late at night and do astronomy with her. I imagine she must have her own personal observatory staffed by astronomer ponies.
(101.98 KB 1330x861 3945.jpeg)
>>12955 I too love moonhorse. I think that she, as the mistress of the night sky, knows every star so she needs observatory not for herself but to teach willing ponies about the treasures of her night.
>>12965 I think both ideas are wonderful. 1. Luna has immense knowledge of the heavens and uses an observatory to teach ponys. 2. Luna is immensely curious about the heavens and builds an observatory to study it and commission research. Either way, I like the association of Luna not only with the moon, but with stars too. I imagine her offices in Canterlot full of star charts, and other astronomical instruments as well.
(189.99 KB 837x955 full.png)
Breathe in breathe out
Let's post some fascinating facts about Princess Luna. Every poster add a new and interesting fact. I'll start: 1. Princess Luna looks fabulous in yellow.
>>15764 2. Princess Luna has a pet opossum.
(1.91 MB 1536x1536 1690165352108967.png)
>>15771 3. She can magically vanish into shadows and reappear from other shadows. Like, shadow teleportation. Maybe there's even a shadow realm she can move through; she's very mysterious that way.>>15771
>>15898 4. Princess Luna can split a mountain and make it collapse
>>15899 5. Owls, wolves, bats, raccoons, and other nocturnal creatures revere Luna. When she is in the forest at night they greet her, play games with her, and protect her. Also, ravens like her because of her association with the dream/shadow realm.
(1.53 MB 2084x2204 3139466.png)
I just really like this.
>>15972 It's a lovely picture, Anon. Did you make it? >>15933 6. Though she can enter any dream she desires, she chooses only to enter the dreams of those that legitimately need her help and care. She also enters the dreams of the enemies of Equestria in order to perform espionage and inception.
>>15985 7. Luna prefers donuts to cake.
>>15972 lovely use of color. I would love to see more creative uses of color like this in Luna's illustrations
(106.32 KB 600x848 luna1.jpeg)
Luna is sexiest pony! Anyone who says otherwise is a damned liar! >>16059 8. Despite being socially awkward, Luna is, ironically, a master of seduction.
>>16084 >being socially awkward >a master of seduction That's like saying what,person with poor motor skill is a good weapon shooter,this incompatible things.
Dark Queen Luna
>>16142 How is Dark Queen Luna different than Nightmare Moon? >>16129 I think she can be socially awkward in large groups, where there is a lot going on. However, she can be a master of seduction with the stallion (or Anon)she wants when in a one-on-one situation where there are no other distractions.
>>16146 That's a really good question. I guess the rose colored energy must be different than the dark corrupting energy that turned her into Nightmare Moon. You can see by her expression that it hasn't corrupted her internally.
>>16084 9. Princess Luna is a horse, not a pony.
>>16151 Does that mean that Celestia is also a horse? >>15771 I remember this. What was the opossum's name?
>>16159 >Does that mean that Celestia is also a horse? Yes, Cadence too. Never Twilight though. >I remember this. What was the opossum's name? Tiberius
>>16148 Maybe it's something like dark energy is Luna's strength (in opposition to Celestia being light). It's not evil in an of itself, it is just the opposite of light. So, Dark Queen Luna is not evil or corrupted. She is just representing the fullness of her dark power. Kinda like how being nocturnal does not make a wolf or an owl evil. It just makes them different and mysterious. They just operate in different ways. Luna just operates differently than Celestia.
>>16256 Luna's face when all out of donuts and bananas. >>15764 10. When Luna wears jewelry it emits a cool (like, temperature cool) ethereal glow.
(3.15 MB 1920x2300 2086411.jpg)
moonposting until morale improves
(266.67 KB 1600x1200 1671916156055001.png)
>>16714 What's happened with the morale?
(884.80 KB 1200x900 402212.png)
>>16715 It's sinking. Captain Luna has to get the crew in order!
>>16719 Better break out the rum then.
>>16257 >>16719 >>16726 11. Rum is Princess Luna's alcoholic beverage of choice.
(524.61 KB 1308x776 1430098048170.png)
>>16728 I'm a fan of rum so she's the Princess for me.
>>16728 What sort of rum would she like the most?
(1.54 MB 845x824 drunk_luna.png)
>>16735 'Navy Rum' since it is the best for improving the morale on ships and a favorite of scruffy sailor ponies. Plus, it probably tastes good. Downside is that it is apparently expensive and rare. However, since she's a princess she can probably afford it.
>>16714 That's an amazing pic. I love it.
(3.72 MB 3000x3000 2086422.compressed.jpg)
(357.10 KB 1062x709 698704.jpg)
goodnight moonfags
(134.69 KB 1024x1024 1704649246464941.jpg)
>>17128 Goodnight!
>>16728 12. Princess Luna can fall asleep in any position.
>>16740 I have some navy rum but to be honest I think I prefer spiced rum. I'm drinking Lamb's rum, I've had both navy and spiced versions. They come in nice hexagonal bottles. I don't think navy rum is rare, at least it isn't in my country, unless navy rum is something different to what lamb's says it is.
(98.50 KB 1155x1155 Luna on a Tuna.png)
>>17394 How in Equestria did Princess Luna end up riding a giant fishie?
>>17276 Do you think she is prone to somnambulism?
(1.23 MB 1920x1080 1351093.png)
wake up moonfags we have eternal night to bring
>>17562 Do you think she could tell her sister to turn down the sun?
(1.77 MB 680x382 1302730.gif)
>>17563 no, it is too late to ask for permission
>>17562 I'm tired of that damned sun giving me headaches, how do we get started?
>>17276 13. As Princess of the Night, Luna is the foremost expert in navigation by the stars. As such, she is the head governmental authority regarding sea and land navigation at Equestria's military academies.
(228.58 KB 800x860 1716853051578542.png)
She is so beautiful
(1.61 MB 1200x1436 1960721.png)
>>17577 step one hide away from the sun step two swear your allegiance to the moon step three praise the moon every night step four await for instructions in your dreams
>>17641 I've been doing the first step most of my life, this shouldn't be too hard.
(2.43 MB 1800x2152 1714558127120748.png)
>>17562 Yes. Embrace the night! Love the stars! Glory in the moon! Dance under the atomic fire of the galaxies!