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(519.50 KB 2560x1626 1845974.jpeg)
Royal Sisters appreciation thread Anonymous 06/30/2021 (Wed) 11:54:38 No. 64
Say something nice about them
>>64 Best ponies in all the land.
(484.87 KB 900x900 1613539175326.png)
(91.93 KB 1326x856 majestic.jpg)
(800.60 KB 245x300 151565.gif)
Seems like she's cooled off a bit today. Wasn't as hot as it has been.
(284.71 KB 1280x1811 1624804021879.jpg)
I'm obsessed with them.
>>114 What kind of supplements do you think a mare would have to take to get a neck like that?
(289.22 KB 2250x2250 2415448.png)
>>116 Viagra
(222.26 KB 2048x2048 2500094.jpg)
(399.08 KB 1359x868 celestia_by_Cherry_Violet.jpg)
(10.96 KB 779x780 1492297536600.png)
>>64 Celestia is my wife and I love her Luna is a nice pony too
(516.84 KB 1476x2048 2434393.jpg)
(1007.03 KB 4490x4980 stars and alicorns.png)
>>221 Best Sisters get
(376.83 KB 554x622 1446385.png)
>>64 They have great assets.
>>222 based
(78.96 KB 893x909 1430265071312.jpg)
I wonder how their manes would feel. If it would feel like a normal mane or something more magical? Like being underwater but without the wetness.
(566.72 KB 1920x1080 6032938.png)
>>372 Can you really blame them? They're both extremely kissable.
(73.69 KB 951x704 1626652882290.png)
Fresh from the other sun thread.
What are your favorite fics or greens about Sisters?
(1.87 MB 1800x1200 936f5760fcfd_SolarWine.png)
>>573 This one is nice, sweet lil Celestia and Anon story. Even has an art. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/481054/even-princesses-have-wants
>>579 >Ever since being relieved of the majority of her major duties Yeah, no.
>>64 They're just perfect. Back in 2013 they literally saved my life. Even now they're a big part of why I get up every day. >>573 The White Mare is a classic. It's an AU which tells the story of E01&02 in Equestria where Princess Celestia exiled herself to Everfree after banishing Luna. I'm not generally a fan of AUs but this one managed to successfully keep the characters acting in-character despite everything that changed. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/150611/the-white-mare
(361.76 KB 901x1300 1627201124521.jpg)
What do you think the princess' favorite types of pizza is? Do you think they like pineapple on their pizzas?
>>772 I think Luna would love cheese pizza, while Celestia would love something spicy, like chili.
(251.20 KB 1000x1362 598420.png)
Princess Celestia is 7 feet at withers, built like a Percheron, weighs a metric ton, very majestic and beautiful mare!
>>811 That's a big hoers
(572.83 KB 2000x3200 1542798795050.jpg)
>>811 I always imagined her to be around the same height that I am with most other ponies being a bit shorter.
Princess Celestia is the perfect size to hug.
(1.28 MB 1600x1522 Anon Celestia Itchy.png)
(2.16 MB 4000x4000 Celeduck.png)
So I was thinking, since this thread is about both sisters what time would be the best to praise both at once. /sun/ has Sunday, /moon/ has Monday. Then it hit me. Since both days are right next to each other, it would surely be Sunday at midnight. Right between their respective days. What do you guys think?
>>994 Would be better to just do it when the sun and the moon are both in the sky. That would be like those religious holidays that have a rolling date.
>>997 Interesting. Would make it a bit more special as doesn't happen as often.
(366.93 KB 900x700 1628650279012.png)
>See this Wat do?
(1019.63 KB 2520x1420 1628653042759.jpg)
(2.50 MB 2500x1406 art5298.png)
(2.51 MB 1000x3000 741503.png)
(1.17 MB 1000x1000 741504.gif)
>>263 Yes
>>1176 >Wat do? Initiate the experimental interspecies breeding program immediately.
>>1296 What if the experiment is a success?
>>1350 Be proud you sired an alicorn vice-queen to rule Earth in the name of Celestia
(3.24 MB 1024x1365 enlightened cosmonaut.png)
(1.99 MB 2560x1600 art5493.png)
>>64 I know this is image is supposed to be creepy, but I just want to hug her.
>>1517 Other than the weird black eye thing I could definitely see cuddling with her in the old castle while reading some books. Also, is it just supposed to be the standard black magic type thing or is there some other reason for it?
>>1527 I don't actually know anything about where this came from. But I'm fairly certain the location isn't just the old castle. With all those slimy tendrils, it looks more like something out of an H.P. Lovecraft story. I guess in that context, Celestia with weird black eyes is the closest to comforting thing there, especially with how soft her coat looks. And the black eyes just make her look sad. So, I still just want to hug her.
>>1532 >But I'm fairly certain the location isn't just the old castle. With all those slimy tendrils, it looks more like something out of an H.P. Lovecraft story. I don't know that slimy tendrils would necessarily be that out of place in the Everfree. But they do kind of look like they're coming out of the books. Could be somewhere else entirely, Castle of the Two Sisters is just what I thought of when I saw it. >I still just want to hug her. Me too.
(29.62 KB 640x360 1161467.jpg)
>>1533 >I don't know that slimy tendrils would necessarily be that out of place in the Everfree. They wouldn't. But we've seen the castle library in the show. I'm not against that interpretation; I just don't think these look like the same place.
(201.42 KB 1920x1080 2832284.jpg)
>>997 Almost forgot to mention, but the sun and the moon have both been in the sky recently where I'm at. I think they usually are around this time of year in the evenings. Just thought it funny that we were just talking about it and there is was.
(3.57 MB 3600x2309 2888569.png)
(634.42 KB 800x1280 1606253021277.png)
(332.92 KB 1250x1900 art4972.jpg)
>>1876 That is a nice plot.
(417.00 KB 1600x1940 art5004.jpg)
(2.57 MB 3508x2480 1614785010087.png)
(791.06 KB 1497x1809 art5840.png)
>>1947 Quality over quantity.
(2.51 MB 2000x1311 1612473103791.png)
>>1948 Sorry. Celestia clearly has the superior ass.
(292.53 KB 4094x1737 art5112.jpg)
(115.52 KB 1200x1175 1430905513304.png)
It's Sunday!
(573.79 KB 744x1000 1612140098326.png)
(269.02 KB 900x1178 art4926.jpeg)
>>1960 She seems kind of surprised here.
(224.48 KB 1800x1300 z1625587938725.jpg)
(1.65 MB 800x800 1611314188989.gif)
>Royal Sisters being cute
(893.09 KB 1167x1083 art5817.jpg)
(403.60 KB 800x1831 179209.png)
(702.53 KB 1650x1500 art5647.jpg)
(249.54 KB 2200x1400 art5743.jpeg)
(320.62 KB 2700x2010 art5812.jpeg)
(2.81 MB 2500x1407 art5156.png)
(3.14 MB 2944x2204 811799.jpeg)
(352.35 KB 2330x2480 1430179093756.jpg)
>Partners in crime
>>2591 >the heist of the century.
(567.56 KB 1300x1500 1609499348702.png)
(124.59 KB 1096x747 466655.jpg)
(408.74 KB 1280x720 [navy seal copypasta.png)
/sun/ gaaaang
(654.33 KB 4410x3211 1631692352165.png)
(1.18 MB 1560x4400 1609755676483.png)
>>2593 More Royal Cuties
(1.41 MB 1200x1500 6076283.png)
They were never ruined by Hasbro because Hasbor never explored them much. That's what I appreciate
(1.89 MB 1920x1080 1571080966341.png)
Luna's tiny castle is exciting.
>>2993 >her tiny castle excites me so This is from the alternate timeline, right?
>>2994 Yeah, technically it's alt-Nightmare Moon's castle.
>>2997 Looks like the capital wasn't moved to Canterlot in that timeline. Is it a rebuilt Castle of Two Sisters?
>>2998 It might be. It has that same gorge in the lower right.
>>3000 It's not 'might be' ,it is. Twilight says so in the show.
(866.40 KB 2000x2000 1632119054289.png)
>>3016 So it is. Also, new NAWA.
(481.33 KB 3840x1080 art4751.png)
There's a new /sun/ archive now. Reposting it here: https://ponepaste.org/4028 Exciting stuff, there's a lot to look through.
>>3161 Very neat and organized
>>3164 >>3161 Ditto this. If the Anon who made it is reading this, you are doing Celestia's work. Keep it up. The Sun smiles upon you well.
(1.65 MB 1280x1130 2835337.jpg)
(94.03 KB 880x908 1411351897273.jpg)
(1.28 MB 3000x2000 135349857343.jpg)
(482.10 KB 1299x1340 1415077534471.jpg)
>>3319 How long do you think the royal regalia has been around? Do you think they had a previous version of them?
(452.97 KB 997x561 Storybook-1.jpg)
(422.92 KB 995x560 Storybook-2.jpg)
(352.59 KB 997x559 Storybook-3.jpg)
>>3320 That's an interesting question that I had never really thought about before. You would think at least a thousand years old. Something I noticed when I looked back at the depiction of the Princesses in the opening story book is that they had no regalia at first, then Luna gained some in the form of her transformation as Nightmare Moon, followed by Celestia wearing it once she started ruling by herself. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean anything. One could ask why Luna returned to normal with her own regalia after being blasted by the elements a thousand years later.
>>3322 I wonder if they came from when Celestia first wielded the elements (similar to the mane 6), Luna could have just copied later on.
>>3322 It looks more like they had no regalia at first. Then Celestia wearing the Element of Magic which has a crown shape and Nightmare Moon wearing a helmet and peytral. Then Celestia ruling alone wearing normal crown and peytral. I wonder if they to her represent the weight of that banishment? And it's not like we've never seen the elements conjuring jewelry from nowhere.
I bring princesses in battle armor, and an alternate depiction from the way back when times of... 2012 or 2011 I believe. Though we may have some of their canon origins at this point, I've grown so used to the ones presented earlier one that I am more partial to them than not. I've always liked the idea of the princesses emerging from humble stock, and growing to encapsulate all of the three tribes over time. This comic in particular was promising, but it died out early on its development. Still, I distinctly remember it being what got me into the concept in the first place. With this in mind, have a few throwbacks from the past. They aren't in canon compliance to be certain, but I find them to be good fics regardless of that fact. Just a few things from the wayback times you might enjoy. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/164355/temporal-visitor >Twilight had just invented a spell that can temporarily take something from the past and bring it to the present day in front of her. As she was testing it in front of Celestia, the solar alicorn could not believe what, or more accurately who, came to visit from the past. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/367424/a-crown-of-blood-and-iron >Princess Solestia, older sister to Princess Noctis, and an unnamed colt. At least, she was until this morning. Now, Solestia is going to take out whatever took her brother away. She is not the head warrior of her village for nothing. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/286938/the-end-of-the-day >On a dark and stormy night, centuries in the past, Celestia and Luna walked into a bar. They came looking for knowledge. They found a little more than that.
(694.01 KB 3018x2604 1628000038502.jpg)
>>3359 Nice. All the old fics are incredible works of art. Some of the sadly unfinished ones too. Night's Favoured Child, and Sunshine and Fire.
>>3360 I know of the latter at the very least. It's been a while since I last read it. It's one of the reasons why I am not as partial to the canonical nightmare version of Celestia, or Daybreaker as canon has christened the form. The name is definitely nice, but having only seen pictures of the form, it feels very off to me. It's probably due to years of consuming many a fan theory, interpretation and fic about the variations on what if Celestia turned bad, but Daybreaker strikes me as a just a cartoonesque version of a baddy from a Saturday morning cartoon, which considering the show at that moment in time was probably the point. I doubt the ones behind her creation had more thought in it than just getting the concept out the door, for which I do not blame them for seeing as they were just doing their job. Still, this depiction is all I see these days when it comes to evil Celestia, be it in discussion or fanfiction. No offense to anyone who does like it, just not to my tastes as someone who got to experience the other depictions before canon buried them for good. Just one more thing to add on to the pile, and one of the disadvantages of being an old fag coming in early on into the ride. In a way, I got a real taste of what the original trilogy fans of Star Wars probably felt when the prequels came along, and doubly so when the sequel trilogy hit and managed to taint what happened in the original trilogy. At least some of the content of the past remains, even if it is slowly being whittled down by being deleted for one reason or another. I still need to get around to archiving my personal bookshelves on FiM, just haven't found a way to do that well since they are literally in the thousands. On a site note, it appears two of my images I meant to post were rejected due to their file size. Pity, seeing as they were some of the better ones in my library. Guess I'll need to find a decent way to bring down the file size without ruining them in the process. I guess a JPEG might do the trick, maybe.
>>3365 https://www.fimfiction.net/story/5523/nights-favoured-child Celestia lost the first battle a thousand years ago.
>>3365 Even if following the (decrepit) canon, there is no legitimate reason an evil Celestia would need to resemble that. Daybreaker is literally just Starlight Glimmer's bad dream about possible outcomes of the episode's events.
>>3367 I was going to suggest much the same about Daybreaker possibly only being a figment of Glimmer's imagination. >>3365 I haven't read up on to many origin stories but one that does stand out is in The Exchange. As a side note, do you think Celestia was more pink prior to alicornification?
(72.26 KB 760x1051 1404983392830.jpg)
>>3369 I am firmly in the camp of "Pink Mane Celestia"
>>3369 >do you think Celestia was more pink prior to alicornification? Yes. She drank so much bleach that it turned her coat white and made her immortal.
(522.30 KB 3662x2749 1294821393198.png)
>>3369 >>3367 I was going to post the Exchange, but I thought that one had already been posted by now. Not to mention it was already popular, so I erred on going for the more obscure stuff I could find in my archives. Still a good fic though, definitely. As for Celly, that may be true, but it still doesn't change the fact is that's the dominant evil Celestia now roaming about in the wilds. Be it in discussion circles or in fanfiction, it's Daybreaker and no other. Once canon has made something evident, that is what usually dominates in the fandom's zeitgeist. I imagine if something like the Lunaverse were still ongoing, they would probably have attempted to include Daybreaker, hell or high water no matter the damages it would have inflicted on that universe's mythos and lore. As it stands, a cursory search has revealed nothing for Solar Flare, Corona Blaze, or any of the other names for evil Celestia save for Daybreaker these days. Still, we do have the old stuff at least, for whatever that is worth.
>>3359 Cool stuff Anon. Thanks for sharing.
(2.10 MB 1400x1344 art5727.png)
(1.07 MB 1024x1153 1449057771934.png)
(1.13 MB 7529x4235 2665943.png)
>>3403 What is that and what happened? Looks like something took a bite out of whatever that was.
(3.45 MB 500x500 647605.gif)
(278.85 KB 1280x720 636780.png)
>>3404 It's a role reversal of scene in season 4 premiere. See that same platform thing on the right here.
(2.39 MB 384x384 spin2win_16.gif)
>>3373 mmmmmmmm yus
>>3494 I really disliked the hook sections of the level, I could rarely get the hang of it consistently and trying to propel rubberbandlestia was a struggle
>>3534 >I could rarely get the hang of it consistently and trying to propel rubberbandlestia was a struggle That's kind of the main point of the game, isn't it? ^:) It takes a while but it is possible. I think I beat it once a while back.
>>3539 >That's kind of the main point of the game, isn't it? ^:) I guess but it would be alright if the ending had a little something more at the end. Maybe a cake or something
(69.42 KB 861x742 912926__tbc_placeholder.png)
Looks like it's going to be a sunny day today.
(709.46 KB 1200x1200 1346533101315.gif)
(63.82 KB 411x489 8130.jpg)
(44.88 KB 407x369 8126.jpg)
>>3758 Those two are too cute.
(1.36 MB 3459x2943 6215285.jpg)
>>3910 Thanks, anon
(75.45 KB 1280x722 extreme_disgust.jpg)
Some retard at /mlp/ is trying to bait /sun and /moon/ against each other again, as well as sowing hate for the two threads in general.
(3.25 MB 1267x679 7448.gif)
>>3935 >that episode delet this
>>3959 Yes, it is one of the shittiest episodes for Our Goddess, but that moment is cute
>>3962 This.
Happy /moon/day! Here's an absolutely comfy story posted in /moon/.
(160.43 KB 1280x1423 1441755690842.jpeg)
>>4024 Lulu is unamused by Tia's antics
>>1366 based
A blast from the fandom's past. There was an S1 Luna thread posted to /mlp/ over a few weeks ago, so I figured I might as well drop some of the images I didn't get to post here. Luna was a different princess back then, but much like with many a background pone, the fandom's artisans filled in the void with their own interpretations of what could be. Admitably, much of it has not aged as well as it could for reasons not related to what happened in canon besides, but that Luna will always have a place in my heart. Sadly for those like myself, this is more or less a dead interpretation. Nothing past 2012 has it, being long superseded by whatever Luna has since turned into. I've warmed up to the current Luna, but she'll never be what initially drew me to the younger princess. At least some of the archives with the character still exist for the time being. Who knows? Maybe one of these days I'll get off my ass and actually write something worth a damn about the character. I haven't had the inkling seeing as hardly anyone here or elsewhere would recognize the character, seeing as there are few oldfags left hanging on. But perhaps a small drabble or two shall suffice. Just need to check back with the older stories that haven't yet been updated to suit modern canon and figure out a decent prompt in which the two meet. -
(137.21 KB 640x1136 1770518.jpg)
>>4045 As a total newfag I started in season 4 I'm curious about old Luna. I hear about her but just checking out old fan works I'm not entirely sure what her character is supposed to be. Could you describe what it was that you liked about her old portrayals? I'm genuinely curious.
>>4045 Thanks for sharing the images, they are pretty nice. Also curious about your thoughts on old Luna.
(379.70 KB 1044x749 winter_by_grayma1k-d6yfrqc.png)
(445.98 KB 1400x1200 loonah_by_ponykillerx-da352lt.png)
(818.57 KB 884x1100 our_night_by_skyeypony-d9t5e3u.png)
>>4046 I'll keep this short for the time being, since I am on the verge of dropping dead on the bed, but I shall return with more detail as question arises. Put simply, S1 Luna arose in a vacuum during the interim between the end of S1 and Luna Eclipse. She is the offspring of a process that is responsible for the creation and proliferation of fan discussion, fanon, and the like back during the early days of the fandom. S1 Luna was a mare that could not be created at any other period during the fandom's history, being made at the sweet spot where the show had just enough of a foundation for its fans to speculate and build upon, but more than enough mystery for them to fill in the holes. We didn't have nine seasons worth of episodes and lore that filled in any and all of the blanks you could ever possibly want, rendering any further creation of fanon and show discussion pointless and moot. Think of it like this. How do you think things like the background ponies came into prominence like Octavia, Vinyl, Derpy Hooves, Carrot Top, Colgate, and so on? Simply put, they were distinctive elements that popped up repeatedly and/or in certain unique scenarios for a fandom rampant with speculation as to who and what they were, leading to the creation of many a fanfiction, fanon, art, and so on to fill the void. As such, a large part of their personalities and collective "lore" (Otherwise known as fanon or one's personal head canon.) was created during these initial stages. And since they came on early, they were able to build a momentum that other background ponies that came later on could not compete with, not to mention the show filling up more and more holes at that point in time. Why is it that later background ponies did not get the same treatment? For one, we already had background ponies who did quite nicely and had an ample supply of content for any would be waifuer and whatnot to latch on to for digestion, the same not being true to the same extent for anything newer. And two, the show was filling gaps to such an extent that there was simply little to no interest in them, to say nothing of the other stuff the fandom could be interested in at the time, say a controversy or two, other episode discussion, or leaning away from the Mane 6 in general. So, with all that being said, how does this relate to S1 Luna? In essence, she is, or rather was the quintessential dark horse for the franchise during its budding days. Besides Nightmare Moon and the lore episode 1 provided, we have but two lines of dialogue and a single scene with her. Yet speculation about her was *rampant* in those days, as well as to her sister Celestia. Interpretations and the like arose that would not survive to the present day were present, including stuff like this below.
>>4053 https://youtu.be/sf0tYs5U5RI There are only a few images in this video, but they give a hint as to how the fandom at large perceived both Celestia and Luna at the time. While by no means the only ones out there, they were among the dominant few that rose to prominence during the S1 and early S2 days. For the fandom, they saw Luna as an underdog. For Celestia, they saw a tyrant. I must stress before I continue however that they were again not the only ones budding around at the time. There was definitely a few other floating around, such as that Luna was an unrepentant bitch plotting in the background, waiting to get back at Celestia just at the right moment. Or that Celestia as an immortal goddess still grieved for her own sins against her flesh and blood. Regardless, Luna took her place as the cute woobie, and seeing as how a lot of the fandom's younger audiences could relate to that, it was inevitable that she took off. She had the perfect mixture of things going for her to propel this Luna to dominamce over her older sister, who in contrast managed to take an episode of a light bit of teasing with Twilight, and warp that into her being an absolute tyrant. Mind you, this was just a meme at the time, and only the most austistic and dysfunctional morons actually thought she was that. Or God forbid, taking their fanon as canon. But regardless, a lot of people latched on to such interpretations like a tyrant Celestia and a wounded, broken hearted Luna, and ran with it, similar to how the Pinkie Pie was depicted early on with Pinkamena, some of which also had to do with the internet zeitgeist at the time that allowed for the creation of such stuff. As for what I liked about her, I must concede I was a fan of the fandom at the time on top of being a fan of the show when there were no such things as the Twilicorn or Equestria Girls to get in the way of pony. For me, the fan content was an excellent bonus on a show that was shaping up be a very promising thing in a similar vein to Avatar: The Last Airbender. Oh, if only I knew what I was getting myself into when I jumped on the ride, but I digress. As I was saying, I like S1 Luna because she was cute and had a few good stories and art to her name which I liked. Not to mention there was plenty of fan content for her in the first place to be enjoyed. If the fandom had remained creatively sterile and somehow managed to resist the urge to create *any* fan content for the show, then quite simply S1 Luna would be even more of an obscure footnote than she already is. But as it stood, S1 Luna was a *very* popular character, popularized by fics like Progress and the like. Speaking of, here's a decent catalog of fics from back in the day preserved in their original format. https://www.deviantart.com/jlryan/gallery/36883186/ereader-ready-ponyfic-pdf-s
>>4054 I suggest you browse through these to get an idea of how it all was back then. Word of advice, go into these fics by pretending anything past seasons 1 through 2 never happened. It'll be easier for you to immerse yourself that way. We may not have the videos or fan discussion of the way back when times any more, but there still exists the fics, and even some of the comments for back then. Many of those fics linked here will also provide a link to their Equestria Daily articles, which should give you a clue on the discussions happening in their comment section at the time. A snapshot of the fandom's history. Overall, while some may have disdained the woobie interpretation of the character and consign it to the dustbins of history, she was nonetheless a mare that exist in the fandom's heart, if only briefly in the time she was with us before being sent to the Jossed pits of oblivion. And a couple old Youtube vids as a bonus. https://youtu.be/TkpRUhdVNmU https://youtu.be/h0l28Qmj9MY Speaking of jossed, it still annoys me at the fandom's collective inability to compartmentalize shit. It was my thought that while S2 Luna would come to be the dominant one, I at least thought that the original interpretation that so much work went into would still persist along with many other things. Needless to say, I was wrong. Dead wrong. And thus my slow resentment for the show began. While I did not outright hate the show, I began to fear other episodes of the ilk like Luna Eclipsed. If the fandom was so eager to jettison stuff like that from the past, what else would they get rid of? And come Equestria Girls and Twilicorn, plus the random introduction of Cadence and TWilight's brother who we had *never* heard of before the very episode they appeared in, it was easy to see the cracks that led to the finale that was S8 and S9. Perhaps things could have been averted, but S2 was where I more or less jumped ship and only occasionally popped my head in to see what was up, preferring to dabble in the fanfic side of things to keep it up, at least for a time. Some of what came after was enjoyable, but the taint of things rushed too soon, ala Twilicorn, or the stuff that should have never made it into the show because it diluted the essence of what made the ponies special, ala Equestria Girls, ala every fucking high school girls drama airing now and eternity, and the show filling in cracks that did not need to be filled... Well, there isn't that much left for a sentimental oldfag like myself. But I still remain, because I love pony. Perhaps it would have been better to jump ship while I still had the chance, but I am afraid that pony hooked its claws far too deep for that to be possible. I feel like a damned original trilogy fan watching their beloved franchise slowly be warped beyond recognition by the prequels, and then the horrid sequels for the Star Wars franchise. I got a taste of that early, before the sequels were even a thing. If you want to find out more pony fiction, Fimfiction and the Pony Fiction Vault are good places to start if you keep yourself to anything published in 2011. Fimfiction less so since a lot of the fics there did eventually update themselves to suit S2 canon and beyond, like Past Sins. But it's good as a general rule of thumb, and if you look at the completed stuff with anything above thirty to fifty likes, you should be good. Anyway, I must retire for now. This post went far beyond what I expected to, but it was nice to reminisce. Enjoy the pony, and make merry with it all. Also, have this vid by Aurelleah. It captures my headcanon for S1 Luna's voice quite well. https://youtu.be/ubOM_gDCLPQ And as an added bonus, have this topical HK song. https://youtu.be/xtGCR7HrRlI
>>4055 Wasn't expecting such a detailed response. Overall an interesting read through. So I'm assuming the whole New Lunar Republic thing was a part of all that? I never really read too much of it so I don't really know.
>>4055 I'm kind of embarrassed to reply to a post so much better than anything I could write. But I need to say that even though I came in after season 2, your post parallels my melancholy. There really seemed to be much smaller of an abyss between us and pony back then.
>>4053 >>4054 >>4055 Woah man, I was expecting like two paragraphs. Thanks for the great response. I'm too tired to really read this right now but I'll be going through all of it first thing tomorrow for sure.
(1.22 MB 1186x1826 2952431.png)
>>4058 The NLR was part of it all, yes. I only managed to capture a small part of the greater fandom at the time. There is still so much more to explore, but I figure you should browse some of the stuff of the way back when era to get a feel for it. As said, a lot of what made it special was what was coming out at the time. Seeing as how that it is lost, it isn't really possible to experience it. Not to mention all the deleted stuff on top of that, either because of the YouTube purges, accounts going offline, or for other reasons. Still, some of it is there if you know where to find it, like so. https://youtu.be/Pznlw6mpTJ8 This was a nice gif of dancing Luna, in particular when paired up with one of those Nightwish songs long since purged off the internet. I happen to have a copy myself, but seeing as how I know not which platforms to upload to, nevermind the copyright fiasco, it sits alone in my hard drive. Still, you can find stuff, and I'll be happy to answer any other questions as they come. >>4059 Just do it. Might as well have others to pile in to reminisce about the time so long ago. No harm in doing so. Besides, I am curious as to hear what an S2 fag has to say coming in. >>4062 Glad it was worth something. Hope it was decent.
>>4059 >>4147 I happened to click on random link which led to clip from "Hearth's Warming Eve", the summit of the three leaders. I immediately fell in love with ponies generally, it was otherworldly in a way that no other media ever has been. Within about a week, I had already watched every episode of seasons 1 and 2 at least twice. I same week started saving fanart including suggestive pony images to my hard drive. For me, Princess Luna was always defined by "Luna Eclipsed". I occasionally would see arts of the season 1 design, but I simply never had a conception of any other characterisation. I can't say I'm the most dedicated reader though, of fanfics or otherwise. Then season 3 aired and I watched every episode as it aired. And I was very open about my enthusiasm. I feel like I experienced the last days of the golden age. I had a lot of naive delusions about the fandom, though. I really assumed that people were generally into FIM because they perceived something similar to what I did; I didn't realise at the time that I was (part of?) a tiny exception. So when EQG came out, I recognised it as a worthless cash grab without needing to watch it. And I assumed the fandom would similarly reject it. I watched season 4, every episode as it aired again. Then came the second EQG film, which the fandom absolutely loved. I watched both at that time, barely containing my vomit, then wholly seperated from the fandom. I still loved pony, but I felt frustrated like there was no longer content to reflect that. It made me resentful, even angry sometimes. Over next few years, I would go long times without pony content. However I would occasionally catch up to all the latest episodes. I watched seasons 5-8 like that. I did notice a decline in quality. Any way, I burnt through what worldly entertainment there is, and reached my unimpressive limits of worldly accomplishment. So when the final season was about to start, I viewed it as last chance to have the experience of watching the new episodes live. Even though season 9 episodes are far from good, I quite enjoyed this. Then came the post-FIM reconsideration. I began to question what makes the difference between early FIM and late FIM feel so different. I began to seperate the good from the bad. I began regularly rewatching the show. And then events of 2020-present totally discredited anything worldly. And my love of pony, though somewhat damaged, was the one thing far enough from reality to survive that.
>>4147 >I know not which platforms to upload to https://smutty.horse/ https://catbox.moe/ https://litterbox.catbox.moe/ This site also allows uploading MP4s and WebMs, max 4MB.
(641.65 KB 1221x3778 101 Spells.png)
A cute story from the other thread.
>>4178 Well thanks Anon. I appreciate it. Now behold, something from the far past of 2011. I used to listen to this on the bus over to high school during the waking dawn from night to day. My how times flies. YouTube was a different place back in those days.
>>4199 Pretty cool Anon. Just look at her dance! Song kind of reminds me of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDWlCYzV478
(1.32 MB 3240x3000 1634377031232.jpg)
(1.19 MB 4000x2500 250783.jpg)
(339.38 KB 2556x2612 1573303.png)
I love Luna so much I wish I could be with her in Equestria.
(533.56 KB 2000x2000 image.png)
>>4663 Same but with Celestia.
(230.15 KB 1800x1286 2968127.jpg)
(1.58 MB 1315x894 image.png)
(647.68 KB 2460x1555 1526800841943.jpg)
(832.08 KB 1280x960 image.png)
(776.17 KB 1280x873 image.png)
>>4756 The really are best sisters.
(460.36 KB 1250x900 1635456772136.png)
(623.91 KB 750x625 1635390253151.png)
(746.82 KB 820x803 image.png)
Looks like janny's gone off his rocker in /moon/.
>>4782 News at 11: Water is wet Honestly, at this point I think both /sun/ and /moon/ would benefit by including a link to this thread in their respective OPs, like what some of the other generals have already done.
>>4782 >>4786 https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/37666614 This exact same bullshit happened in /sun/ and /moon/ and Rarity last year. Literally identical
>>4764 Morning coffee with Celestia sounds divine. What sort of things do you suppose she'd talk about over breakfast?
>>4801 >Ah, lovely coffee, don't you think, Anon? >I remember, when five hundred years ago those merchants from Hind brought it to Canterlot, the first cup tasted much different. >But then I figured out I can add sugar...
>>4821 She probably would have just gotten done with raising the sun, perhaps she might discuss some subtle touches done to that days sunrise. I wonder what they might be? >But then I figured out I can add sugar pic rel
(529.00 KB 642x616 image.png)
Happy Sunday and a happy halloween!
(1.20 MB 1500x1078 2644540.png)
>>4855 Thanks anon!
(2.63 MB 3508x2480 42219.png)
>>4865 She's looking pretty hot there.
(357.88 KB 1000x1402 1615664.jpg)
(996.31 KB 2000x2000 1635808791456.png)
Something new from /sun/.
(131.54 KB 750x750 1635830772818.gif)
(106.87 KB 1000x1000 image.png)
>>4933 Hello Princesses!
(331.16 KB 600x600 1374123632204.gif)
>>4910 The detail on the dock is really a nice touch here.
(234.44 KB 2000x1710 image.png)
(1.37 MB 1920x1080 art5052.png)
(230.49 KB 1754x2500 celly_judging.png)
Got banned from /mlp/ for posting lewd Sunbutt. Jannies fear the Goddess.
(573.51 KB 1280x828 image.png)
>>5086 Sounds like they forgot to praise the sun.
>>5086 I require this lewd sunbutt in /clop/ for close examination
(437.77 KB 1200x1500 1547604184348.jpeg)
>>5090 Great! Got some praising to do
(408.74 KB 1280x720 [navy seal copypasta.png)
(190.29 KB 928x563 1636904890089.png)
>cuddles with sunbutt
>>5276 I love this picture so much
(1.31 MB 3000x1605 image.png)
Me too, can never get enough Sunbutt cuddles.
(1.45 MB 1868x1804 1434163764296.jpg)
(711.01 KB 1860x1662 1637180283635.png)
(21.20 KB 687x834 1637405802860.png)
(2.19 MB 3000x1605 snuggly sunhorse final.png)
>>5288 Yay for colors.
>>5419 I've really been liking these /sun/ draws.
(538.32 KB 1000x1000 image.png)
(2.78 MB 2395x2384 image.png)
(752.72 KB 1764x1877 1637655958696.png)
(1.04 MB 3000x2000 1637656106102.png)
So I guess NAWA and Enonnymous did an art trade and this was the result. These are great!
(849.48 KB 3000x3000 1637743719310.png)
Happy Thanksgiving! Here is a turkey Celestia I drew a while back.
>>5525 Cute!
(1.39 MB 3000x3000 1637826698009.png)
(1.03 MB 1000x927 image.png)
Looks like someone made a Lunar turkey too.
(810.16 KB 3000x2000 1637906415820.png)
(3.43 MB 2400x2400 1638086371077.png)
(1.21 MB 3000x3000 1638179664062.png)
Hello, I wrote a poem about Luna. Reposting from the main thread. https://ponepaste.org/6124 >Pristine white, frigid gold. >Raven black, argent-hot. >Two eternal thrones. >Kneeling, for stand they dare not. >"Griffins are gnashing on our bones!" >Crimson wine, scarlet carmine >Eldrtich, piercing thunder. >"Matters not, whose is the grass, when everypony lie under." >"Hast thou not been enough fighting for the pastures?" >"Fallen heroes will not raise, lost in pointless sqabbles--" >Teal depths, long black wave. >Stirred endless abyss. "Matters not, who is in the wrong, matters who survives." "Sick We got, to balance the lot," "No matter the sin, persih will not, those who We care about!" >Wings of blue, lance of light >Blast, displaced air! >Empty throne. >"Sister, no!" >Silence was Her only answer. >Mountain peak, tall and bleak. >Wretched ghastly fortress. >Lion's guts, eagle's beak, >Wings and paws. Ugly freak. >Talons hold a bloody morcel. >Cages, corrals, dull wide eyes. >Fear, blood, filth and anger. >"Those weak, they must feed the strong one's hunger!" >"Griffins feast, as they please. Tis' our rightful prey and plunder!" >"By the will of the gods we all live under!" >Swirl of stars, black cuirass. >Cold, contemptous laughter. >Cobalt scorn, looming storm, >Not a word, a mere thought, >A defeaning strike of thunder. >Grumble, wails, clatter, crash, >Bloody mist and cracked ground. >White and fluffy, mixed with ash, >Feathers whirl around. >And the former proud peak is now a mere mound... >Fierce beauty, harsh firm gaze, >Regal face full of disdain. "Abject losel, hast thou sought to threaten Us with Our domain?" "We are reigning in the skies! Two of Us -- no one else around." "We are reigning in the skies, and over those on the ground!" >Broken fences and corrals, >Cages, splinters, snapped chains. >Timid steps of saved herd. "Come, Our children! Do not fret! "No filthy creature have survived." >Pristine white, frigid gold. >Raven black, argent-hot. >Two eternal thrones. "Why, o Sister, why is that "They see nightmares, but with griffin bones?!" >Snowy wings, enfold and hold. >Noble eyes, genuine tears. "Saved them are We not?" >"Sister, have, or not, We told?" >"But Thou didst not listen..."
(787.92 KB 655x928 image.png)
(2.32 MB 1600x2560 image.png)
>>5682 Never really been one for poetry, but seems interesting enough. Thanks for sharing!
>>285 You know that feeling you get when your foot falls asleep? That's what their manes feel like.
(349.68 KB 1007x1090 image.png)
>>5691 Are the princesses immune to it?
>>5691 >>5713 This has me thinking of thier manes being like jellyfish, kek.
(289.26 KB 888x1024 1638676425418.jpg)
(251.20 KB 1000x1362 598420.png)
>>5753 Alicorns are bigger
Any ideas for short stories about these two?
>>5776 Celestia and Luna fighting the Dragon Lord and that's the reason the Badlands are a scorched wasteland?
Apparently deusexequus drew some shitty Season 9 comic, full of >muh poor golly! >muh Tyrantlestia! and now fagbooru has another lets-shit-on-Celestia session in the comments. Just fucking great!
(64.67 KB 640x1136 1291336833134.jpg)
>>6069 Praise the Sun
(3.38 MB 2000x2000 image.png)
>>5668 The time is now!
(2.11 MB 3600x2100 art245.jpg)
(674.04 KB 1151x1455 2992692.png)
(670.23 KB 1151x1455 2992690.png)
(1.00 MB 800x831 202239 (1).png)
(16.34 KB 250x250 1461035.jpeg)
>>6283 [Verse 1] Od Kanterlota do Ponivilja, do Ponivilja Ekvestrija napadnuta cela, napadnuta cela [Refrain] Celestije vodi Poni svoje, vodi Poni svoje Nek se vidi, nikog se ne boje, nikog se ne boje [Verse 2] Joj da vide grifonske pederovi, grifonske pederovi Ne dirajte vi ognjište naše, vi ognjište naše [Refrain] Lune vodi Poni svoje, vodi Poni svoje Nek se vidi, nikog se ne boje, nikog se ne boje [Verse 3] Iz Kanterlota krenuli su kraljevske gardisti, krenuli su kraljevske gardisti Čuvajte se grifoni i zmajeve, grifoni i zmajeve [Refrain] Celestije vodi Poni svoje, vodi Poni svoje Nek se vidi, nikog se ne boje, nikog se ne boje [Verse 4] U odbrani svoga ponskog roda, svoga ponskog roda Borimo se, drago nam grugarstvo, drago nam drugarstvo [Refrain] Lune vodi Poni svoje, vodi Poni svoje Nek se vidi, nikog se ne boje, nikog se ne boje Nek se vidi, nikog se ne boje, nikog se ne boje
>>6288 Pretty funny Anon. Now we just need you to sing it ^:)
(588.35 KB 1500x1500 image.png)
(649.70 KB 1000x1000 image.png)
>public hoof holding
>>6288 Translation: From Canterol to Ponyville, all the way to Ponyville Equestria is under attack, under attack Celestia, lead your Ponies, lead your Ponies Let everyone see, they aren't afraid of anything, aren't afraid of anything Look out griffin faggots, griffin faggots Don't touch our hearth, our hearth Luna, lead your Ponies, lead your Ponies Let everyone see, they aren't afraid of anything, aren't afraid of anything Royal Guards are moving out from Canterlot, Royal Guards are moving out Beware, griffins and dragons, griffins and dragons Celestia, lead your Ponies, lead your Ponies Let everyone see, they aren't afraid of anything, aren't afraid of anything In defense of our Pony kin, our Pony kin We are fighting, friendship is dear to us, friendship is dear to us Luna, lead your Ponies, lead your Ponies Let everyone see, they aren't afraid of anything aren't afraid of anything Let everyone see, they aren't afraid of anything aren't afraid of anything
(768.96 KB 2430x1540 1498445379985.jpg)
(3.30 MB 1224x1693 1547327947792.png)
>>6069 Even derpi niggers know that comic is ass.
>>6584 For the wrong reasons, you colossal sungoddess hating faggot.
(406.56 KB 1000x1083 Way to a mare's heart.png)
>>6569 NCmares draws some nice plots.
(222.40 KB 1016x1000 CUTE.png)
(70.46 KB 1014x753 warm.png)
Been feeling cold today, wish I had a sunhorse to warm me up.
>>6638 Imagine the wing hugs.
(2.99 MB 3000x3000 image.png)
>>6639 YES
(453.70 KB 1278x899 1642646690479.png)
Such a pretty pony.
(3.41 MB 1024x576 Dancelestia.webm)
Look at her go!
>>6771 >webm with sound That caught me off guard. I'm so used to the webms on 4chan(nel) having their sound stripped for unknown reasons.
(435.34 KB 2413x3337 1301812311727.jpeg)
>Attempting to carry your new cake-laden bride across the threshold
>>6782 >carrying 2x10^30kg bridal style Anon is a superhuman
>>6782 Love will carry us through. With maybe some help from her magic.
>>6782 Imagine the heft.
(434.99 KB 1650x1275 image.png)
>>6792 Perfect for cuddling.
(14.15 KB 125x70 mfgzuhnfhrp.gif)
>>6795 >wing hugs oh boy..
(1.29 MB 2000x1125 1411074405889.png)
>>6782 >>6795 How bad is it that a major appeal of Celestia to me is simply how big she is? Unlike a normal pony, you don't have to look down to look her in the eyes, you don't necessarily have to be the big spoon all the time, and she has the weight to hold you down when she wants five more minutes together in the morning. Many such reasons. Celly is truly built for human-sized cuddles.
>>6807 As long as you love her for the pony she is as well. She is an extremely cute and cuddly pony, so of course that's part of the appeal as well.
(50.97 KB 1000x1000 the sun has been doubled.png)
(2.20 MB 1280x905 image.png)
(3.97 MB 3000x3500 1643257459457.jpg)
From the drawthread.
(1.03 MB 1680x1420 image.png)
>>6936 >>6989 >ywn be Luna's favorite guard
(637.31 KB 1280x960 image.png)
(2.82 MB 2464x1791 image.png)
(473.02 KB 1836x3264 boop.jpg)
(1.32 MB 1280x907 sun.png)
(221.13 KB 1280x853 1641810524132.jpg)
>>7409 Cute celly. Do you thing /sun/ and /moon/ should link to this thread?, it could offer a bunker if their activity drops more.
>>7410 I think it's up to their OP's.
>>7410 I think it wouldn't hurt, /bootleg/ and /bug/ already do this. But in the end >>7411 is right. Can suggest it in those threads if you like.
(1009.16 KB 3200x1800 50.jpg)
I found this old painting that looks like Versailles.
(2.43 MB 4032x3024 2022-02-25 13.35.09.jpg)
What do you think Celestia would think of my mug?
(73.44 KB 500x661 1395483012382.jpg)
>>7468 First thing I thought of was pic related.
>>7469 Kek. Do you think she likes peppers? Grows them in the royal garden?
>>7469 Why is she deep throating the pepper instead of just eating it?
(1.11 MB 1250x1250 2632464.png)
(773.26 KB 250x250 1645022858016.gif)
(1.20 MB 1280x1423 image.png)
>>7713 >The night will last, 12 hours! (Equinox in 5 days)
(228.91 KB 1110x703 image.png)
Today is the Spring equinox.
(314.87 KB 712x650 2638119.png)
(2.80 MB 600x600 fattest.gif)
(542.56 KB 1837x1773 image.png)
(246.49 KB 1454x1562 6383206.png)
>/sun/ fell from page 10 I hate you all
>>8403 It fell off the catalog in like 2 hours.
(2.86 MB 2134x1524 6406069 (1).png)
(1.56 MB 1280x1082 764317.png)
>>9023 This is very cute.
>>9023 cute catmare tia
>>64 I come bearing young filly princesses to be. Only but as mere but humble earth ponies. On that note, I know canon wise we more or less know of their origins, but I was always more partial to the two coming from humble origins and ascending to become the beloved princesses we know today. That, or actually being something else. Even have a gryphon Celestia bumbling about in my mind, waiting to be written. But in anycase, does anyone here have any such stories and art they are willing to share? I am fairly certain I have more or less scraped the bottom of the barrel for fics and art in that regard since canon has more or less defined them at this point into what they are now. Been stuck trying to figure out how to write something to fill the void, but no dice.
>>9384 I lied. Have two more. On that note, I do like in the upper series of images, Celestia being ever protective of her younger sister. If only that set was actually completed. Oh well, it's still nice.
(61.45 KB 497x313 2042080.png)
>>9383 >homoshit >cute princesses
(910.70 KB 1024x968 2108981_peregrine_luna_.jpg)
>>9404 lel deal with it.
(202.07 KB 1039x1024 1950198.jpeg)
>>9406 Get a load of this, scum
You seem upset. Here, have a nice picture of the princesses being perfectly normal siblings.
>>9406 I wonder if Luna knows about Twilight's dreams.
(240.43 KB 1000x1000 fbb4f9448fe1f83f23264b1c9eb0dbe9.png)
>>9456 Or what that moment when she discovered them was like.
(261.74 KB 1711x894 1408586576462.png)
(1.39 MB 1884x2776 1408589155344.jpg)
(373.41 KB 1359x868 1411099363818.jpg)
(267.25 KB 1024x722 1410146553708.jpg)
(482.10 KB 1299x1340 1415077534471.jpg)
(214.40 KB 600x600 1414623340138.png)
(119.74 KB 979x816 1423782110866.jpg)
(923.96 KB 3724x1482 1435984524240.jpg)
>>9998 you saged, fag let me help you
>>9383 Wow I hate Silfoe even more now. This makes me want to start copying her style and draw Luna with Anon, just out of spite of this dike shit, and I’m a sunfag.
(1.57 MB 1024x1389 6059795.png)
(463.65 KB 944x830 image.png)
>>10108 Do it.
>>10192 I want to be booped by the royal hoof
(643.48 KB 800x800 image.png)
I'd like to sit next to Celestia.
>>10202 I want to kiss her cheek and hold her hoof.
(167.77 KB 939x1200 1182655.jpg)
Happy Summer Sun Celebration!
(838.45 KB 500x281 123281.gif)
>>10792 I had a big, elaborate post typed up, but you beat me to the punch kek It's a beautiful, sunny day over here.
(484.84 KB 2294x3612 6456147.jpg)
(501.02 KB 700x880 36122.png)
(913.20 KB 773x898 image.png)
Celestia is a wonderful pony.
(29.59 KB 512x512 1431402830160.jpg)
(74.23 KB 800x800 6462851.jpg)
(1008.61 KB 4996x3908 32314.png)
(772.28 KB 1678x825 image.png)
(214.16 KB 778x471 Sun.gif)
(3.25 MB 2100x1196 1425589.png)
>>11948 I like those
(168.69 KB 1150x900 Filly Sisters.png)
(73.46 KB 1024x770 Chimerical Color Demo.png)
(64.78 KB 709x1126 1614355771957.jpg)
Random headcanon: young Celestia's mane wasn't actually pink as we see it, but self-luminous red. And Luna's coat (or at least the darker coat she sports as a grown mare) is stygian blue. Their coloration in artwork is merely an approximation due to the limitations of human eyesight. Colors we would consider impossible or imaginary are visible in Equestria.
>>12005 I like that. Royal siblings are eldritch and fascinating.
>>12005 Interesting. You know, I bet it would be possible to make fan art in that color by shaping the fatigue template differently. I'll try editing Filly Sisters.png to be in the colors you are talking about.
(370.06 KB 2167x2141 canon_colors.png)
>>12010 Done. It works very well with filly Celestia but not at all with filly Luna; I think it would look good for Midnight though. With this proof on concept it is clear that these colors could be used for art. They would work best if a piece was made to naturally focus at the point where the X is so the image is seen as intended and not blurred out by lack of focus in key areas.
>>12012 Wow, anon, that's excellent work. I didn't expect someone to whip something up so quick, and it actually works! When I'm looking at the fatigue templates I can tell when my eyes have just about adjusted because the chimera color will start fading in like an aura around the outside edge of the template. Also, now that I'm seeing the stygian blue actually superimposed on Luna, it looks kind of close to Nightmare Moon's coat color actually.
(225.13 KB 1240x556 536.png)
(2.24 MB 4263x3228 6216073.jpg)
(166.75 KB 750x675 1423374375368.jpg)
(1.19 MB 1688x1425 2776598.png)
(53.50 KB 464x300 image.png)
(2.39 MB 1811x1791 2750537.png)
>>12344 Woon is precious
(1.16 MB 1119x1289 A million tiny hugs.png)
Short Luna green from the /moon/ thread.
(600.39 KB 1500x1500 2730150.jpeg)
(438.21 KB 450x451 1160201.gif)
>>12472 See the horizon, the dawn is new It was never our last adieu
(1.29 MB 2000x1600 1661788315176.jpg)
(720.93 KB 1024x1024 image.png)
(1.10 MB 1024x1024 Royal Flower.png)
I wonder what Celestia's favorite flower is?
(540.55 KB 772x1063 1843643.png)
>>12586 sunflowers nice one, anon
(104.83 KB 640x640 862.jpeg)
(690.13 KB 1024x768 686173.png)
(1.21 MB 1802x1664 1652986485839.png)
>>4147 >>4055 >>4054 >>4053 >>4046 >>4045 >Early works by the Fandom on Luna's lore when less was known about her, that it has sadly disappeared, and that the later seasons aided that disappearance. I feel you Anons. I have only been on the ride for less than a year. Must have been great back in the day. Do we need to be so constrained by "canon" though? I love the show. There are even elements of the show past season 5 that I like. What I don't like I just take as a suggestion, a stepping off stone for my own imagination to explore further and reformulate. Then, that new reformulation becomes my own MLP. I don't think we need to stop imagining and creating things based around S1/S2 Luna just because the rest of the show exists. All the people that shout "canon!" in response. we can just ignore. Right?
>>13047 >I don't think we need to stop imagining and creating things based around S1/S2 Luna just because the rest of the show exists. All the people that shout "canon!" in response. we can just ignore. Right? I definitely agree. A lot of creative potential was lost in the later seasons (a big example of: the everfree). I think a lot of people do actually do that, we just have less writing overall these days.
>>13048 I just got on the ride in Jan. of this year and I want to contribute in writing stories. Maybe I can figure out how to write stories along these lines. What did you mean by potential lost in the Everfree Forest? Seems like an interesting idea.
>>13067 Not that anon, but what he means is probably that in later seasons mysteries and danger of Everfree were drastically diminished. In the first two seasons Everfree Forest was that ominous, eldritch place where magic run wild, nature governed itself without any help from ponies and all kinds of actually dangerous monsters lived. All of this without any explanation of it's origins. It was fun to explore all the possibilities and lore implications that later were flushed down the drain in later seasons by making the forest into basically just a spooky theme park.
>>13067 Basically >>13068. In the early seasons there was a lot of mystery about the Everfree. Anything could be lurking in there and it was always a danger to enter it for any reason. All the more surprising for Zecora living there. In the later seasons this all was basically dropped and it was treated just as another forest. Another thing that I felt was lost in later seasons: something that seems to affect a lot of movies and tv shows, the plot always became about "save the world/all of Equestria". There was less of a focus on things just affecting Ponyville, as though that weren't a big enough problem. Of course there were episodes early on that was about "the whole world" but even then the scope of things didn't feel as large as they would become. I don't know, just another thing that I sort of felt.
(1.34 MB 1200x600 latest (5).png)
>>13068 >>13071 Sounds like a really cool era of speculation in the Fandom. I kinda like the idea of Everfree still being a magically wild and mysterious place full of monsters, danger, and lore. Makes me want to go back and rewatch the show to find more instances like that wher, if you ignore follow-on episodes, there's potential for exploration.
How many wing power does Celestia and Luna have?
>>13091 All the wing power is belong to them.
>>13092 >able to make hurricanes with a few flaps of their wings
(1.91 MB 3024x4032 sunhoers perfume.jpg)
>>13094 You bought some, right? What does it smell like?
(1.28 MB 755x1024 image.png)
Found on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwaO-WQ0rh0 1. When Equestria first was found, naught but dissension was abound, discord alone was to reign. there were many martyrs, but none could free the land, till arrive our queen, our saviour crowned. Rule Celestia! Celestia Rule The Day! Equestria Never, Never, Never Shall Be Slaved! X2 2. Still more majestic shalt arise, born from the starry night skies, a midnight mare; the commander of the moon. thus she arrives, our princess of the night, and may she reign forever more. Ruleth Luna! Yes, Luna Rule The Night! Equestria Never, Never, Never Shall Have Fright! X2 3. Thee haughty tyrants ne'er shall tame; the mighty friendship that dwells in our hearts, no dreadful evil shall ever have our command. we shall arise, arise victorious, even without a foe slain. Rule Celestia! Celestia Rule The Day! Equestria Never, Never, Never Shall Be Slaved! Ruleth Luna! Yes, Luna Rule The Night! Equestria Never, Never, Never Shall Have Fright!
(2.38 MB 2500x2500 2792494.png)
The cutest!
(188.85 KB 800x700 1665946126736283.gif)
>>13222 I love Luna's enthusiasm for doubling fun. Imagine her reaction if the fun was tripled.
(459.22 KB 1000x1000 209.gif)
>>13225 moonhorse is precious
>>13225 How many huzzahs would that get? Does doubling the fun equal double the huzzahs? Or is it exponential?
>>13230 Dunno, but I would've loved to multiply her fun to test that
(2.93 MB 1776x1000 1653761948213.webm)
>>13230 >>13236 If the rate of increase of huzzahs is directly proportional to the number of times fun is doubled and if that fun yields a certain number of huzzahs per unit fun, then the number of huzzahs would definitely increase exponentially. Like this: Let H(t) = # of huzzahs Let F(t) = # of fun doublings Let k = proportionality constant (call it the "huzzah rate constant") Then... dH(t)/dt = kF(t), But... H(t) = nF(t), where n is a constant (let's call it the "huzzah yield"). Hence dH(t)/dt = (k/n)H(t) we get (after some calculus)... H(t) = A(e^(kt/n)), where A is the initial amount of fun. Collecting k/n together, so that p = k/n (we can call p the "fun time constant"), we get... H(t) = A(e^pt), hence huzzahs grow exponentially as fun doubles.
(33.32 KB 406x238 88146.jpeg)
/moon/ are you okay? This is the second thread to die before reaching the bumplimit.
>>13348 /moon/ sometimes doesn't shine, but it's always there. It's going through the New Moon phase, getting ready to shine again!
(2.96 MB 3000x3835 2808657.jpeg)
>>13389 >Entire Earth boops Celestia A fitting and comfy tribute to Equestria's benevolent soverign!
>>13389 This is very cute. I wonder who the tiny flying pony is supposed to be?
>>13405 Flurry Heart, I think.
>>13405 I'd guess Luna orbiting the earth by context. All of the colors are at least a little off in the image so it makes the most sense.
What do you think Celestia's first sun rising was like? Do you think she got it on the first try or did it take her a while to get used to it and the daily cycle?
>>13524 That's a good question. Did she gain the power? Or inherit it? Something must've happened in the year 0 where she first raised the sun. Either way I don't think she would've nailed it in the first try, just like how Twilight did in one of the episodes.
>>13525 >just like how Twilight did in one of the episodes shit fanfic
>>13525 >year 0 There's also the possibility that Equestria is timeless, and the royal sisters are eternal beings that have no beginning or end. In that case there could have been no first sun raising.
>>13527 Didn't the unicorns raise the sun prior to princess Celestia?
(1.40 MB 3186x1810 1595012942286.png)
Another /sun/day gone.
(1.39 MB 1074x1024 image.png)
(257.76 KB 410x600 1650052306782.png)
(3.85 MB 2040x2040 1611385407642.png)
>>15060 Ah! They are so good to each other. Cute!
>>15060 They take "breakfast is the most important meal" very seriously. I bet the mornings with them are wonderful.
(664.20 KB 1361x975 1610937931998.png)
>>15127 I've always liked the idea of Celestia mentoring Twilight. I just wish we got to see an episode of Celestia doing that before Twilight was sent to Ponyville (I don't mean like when she got admitted to the school; just real legit mentoring).
(2.36 MB 464x261 2998701.gif)
Happy Summer Sun Celebration! Celestia reigns!