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Episode ideas Anonymous 01/24/2022 (Mon) 07:32:13 No. 6856
Writing fanfics may be difficult, but coming up with general ideas for stories is much easier. If you could write an episode, what would be the plot? Don't worry about the canon however you define it (besides not creating an entirely different show) or chronology (like exploring the events before the first episode). Back in the days of season 1/2, I remember thinking a lot about cutie mark crusaders, how they would be handled. I'm not sure if it was my idea or something I've read, but there was even some speculation about cutie mark crusaders getting their own spin-off show. A few ideas I have for them are: >they never get a cutie mark and there's some moral that kinda goes against the entire idea of cutie marks and goes something like "we can't be put in a box" >they do eventually get cutie marks the regular way, but each one at a different time, it leads to jealousy and such Another bag of ideas is exploring the background characters, but I don't have anything specific in this category. I feel like Derpy, Lyra etc. could go in a different direction than they did in the Hasbroverse. A pretty cool idea I have is this: >in the pilot episode(s) (alternatively it can be done with different characters in a similarly catastrophic scenario) one of the Mane 6 is a terribly lonely pony (and unlike Twilight, she doesn't like it), the whole mission against Nightmare Moon is the first time she has company and she doesn't want it to end (she's afraid that the group will disband after the mission and she'll be left alone), so she sabotages the mission, trying to extend it, which is eventually found out and yada yada…
>>6856 I wanna TV-MA spin-off about the Princesses and their coming to power millennia ago.
>>6856 Maybe something happens with the Everfree and a rescue mission must be mounted to Zecora's?
>>6871 If we mount Zecora's ass that would be XXX
>>6856 Maybe not necessarily an episode idea, but I'm sure there's probably a bunch of interesting tunnels and whatnot below Canterlot. Would be interesting if there was a plot that brought the ponies to explore within them.
(449.38 KB 1500x1500 13532001371.jpg)
>>6872 Based
>>6856 Twilight catches the stupid and the rest of the mane 6 have to help her find where her smarts went.
>>6902 The comics did that in one issue, check out the mirror arc. It's by Katie Cook and Andy Price so the art is good and full of fun references. The plot is a little divisive though because it involves a mirror world, but it's not some gross EG shit it's a version with evil versions of good characters and good versions of evil characters.
(182.58 KB 635x592 Twilight.png)
>>7170 So like Nutty Professor 2? It had better have a split bitch personality she tries to extract and ends up removing her smarts with and has to re-absorb and lots of uncouth jokes.
>>7183 Haven't seen the movie, but that sounds about right.
The Cutie Mark Crusaders go on a trip to Manehattan with Rarity to hang out with Babs Seed and try to get their cutie marks. They wander into the wrong neighborhood and meet a drug dealer and sell drugs for the whole episode. At the end an angry client attacks them because the drugs they are selling are cut with cheap shit and Rarity saves them and gives them a stern talking to. They renounce the hustle and decide they will get their cutie marks some other way. The last gag is the dealer who set them up initially getting his flank kicked.
I once had this idea in my head about a Pinkie Pie centric episode where she meets a depressed pony with nothing to live for, it would delve a bit into her character with her connecting to them using her own experiences at the rock farm, as well as showing them various reasons to keep going including her own. None of what she does seem to work, until eventually near the end she tells this one story about how she helped her family reconcile with some long lost relatives, which encourages the depressed pony to reconnect with his own estranged family. Then I realized that was basically "A Friend In Deed" but with less steps. I'm not very creative, it turns out.
(251.40 KB 1000x1000 2449715_BAIGAK_beebe.png)
I have wanted to write one where the upstart Spike challenges two-time Ponyville champion Rainbow Dash for the title in this year's Extreme Napping Competition, MC'd by traveling announcer Vicar O'Mano and local color commentator Pinkie Pie. Spike and Rainbow Dash have dueling training montages featuring napping skills (there is an obstacle course and various other silly things designed to awaken competitors prematurely), but their personal competition gets interrupted when legendary Extreme Napping Hall of Famer Granny Smith comes out of retirement at the behest of Applejack who thinks that Rainbow and Spike are getting too serious about something that used to be just a light-hearted local event.
>>8159 This could be pretty funny. Have them get arrested when they get their cutie marks because coke and heroin show up on their asses.
>>9167 Does Princess Luna judge the competition? Maybe it's part of Equestria's 'Sleep Day'
>>10769 >Does Princess Luna judge the competition? That's a good idea. Maybe it's her first time participating as a guest judge. She would be good at sniffing out the fakers who only pretend to be asleep. >Maybe it's part of Equestria's 'Sleep Day' It's the biggest party in Equestria where nobody wakes up with a hangover!
>>9167 I love this idea. There could be epic background music playing during the nap training montage.
I know the idea was explored somewhat with the side quest against the changlings with Discord, Trixie, and Starlight, but I always thought it would be good to have an episode where the mane 6 were absent from Ponyville (off fighting baddies somewhere). Then, some major problem would come up. Some background mares (background 6, maybe?) take it upon themselves to solve the problem in ways that turn out to be unique, cute, wholesome, and funny, etc. Maybe Amethyst Star could be the leader, since she's the 2nd best organizer in Ponyville.