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(1.09 MB 3308x1868 740325.png)
/int/ernational thread Anonymous 02/26/2022 (Sat) 19:11:02 No. 7479
Due to the current situation with the Chinese imageboard nimingban.org the Site owner has allowed the creation of one thread on /fim/ for non-English posting (>>>/qa/371, >>>/qa/379). So here it is!
(29.41 KB 553x428 1349083488196.png)
Gracias chinos, ahora veamos como se desarrolla este hilo.
(14.17 KB 600x688 1186124.png)
Baguette au rapport.
俺来啦!( `д´)
(85.43 KB 800x692 637 (1).jpg)
>>7488 What do Chinese think of Celestia?
>>7489 第一印象当然是很优雅,但其实也很可爱( ´ρ`)
>>7536 Who is a favorite pony overall in your fandom?
(884.38 KB 3840x2660 1646261191962.jpg)
Gdzie są moje słowiańskie kucyki? Chwała, sława i pozdrowienie wszystkim!
So do you international posters prefer your local dub or the English dub of the show?
>>7552 Pole here, definitely English
>>7552 When I joined the fandom there was like just the first 12 episodes in latino dub. Since there I have watched all the 9 seasons in english.
Ну всем привет. Как чувствуете себя? Находили ли какой-нибудь интересный пони-контент недавно?
>>7552 I unironically learned English for ponies. For pony fanfics, to be precise, but still. Regarding dub, i prefer the English one. I don't want to disparage the work of the people who voiced the show, but Russian dub has many problems with translation (especially in early seasons, some examples even became big memes) and VA choices for some characters are questionable.
How do you say Mare in your native language, anons?
>>7881 "Mare"
(22.35 KB 150x150 1533404683362.png)
>>7552 I always go for the originals if I can understand them but the South American dub is pretty good all things considered, except for those 8 S1 episodes where Twilight's VA was replaced with an pretty awful one. Also, "la mare en la luna, Nightmare Moon". How do you even fuck up like that? >>7881 Yegua.
>>7812 >>7912 Probably same way you get: "Ты - лунная пони, лунная пони."
(29.59 KB 512x287 1588881349128.jpg)
>>7914 I don't know Russian but there she just says "You're the moon pony, moon pony" right? In Spanish they translated everything except for the name (which is fine) and mare. They even translate it properly two times before in the same episode. I don't get it. Actually just found out they redubbed one of the proper lines and untranslated yegua for ep. 2's opening recap. From that episode onwards mare is only ever used in names and yegua is said multiple times (first in episode fucking three). I really don't get it.
>>7915 >You're the moon pony, moon pony Pretty much. That was their brilliant idea of translating a wordplay.
>>7915 >>7912 Isn't 'mare' means 'sea' in Latin? Maybe the South American dub tried to actually do the wordplay by alluding to Lunar seas? Which an alicorn silhouette on the Equestrian moon totally is?
>>7925 I think Latin mare is pronounced "mar-ay".
(371.30 KB 1546x2000 bywhitediamonds1536607897493.jpeg)
>>7552 The South American dub is actually very good, and nowadays I always choose it when I want to watch an episode on my own, comfortable and relaxed. However, it's not much of a problem for me to go from one to the other, I remember watching a few episodes of S5 in their original language at the time, and after getting used to watching mlp in another language after a few minutes, I didn't notice a big difference, because of how nice the dub is. As this anon says >>7912 there are some translation problems. The most notorious and annoying for me is when they mix the terms "ponyhattan", "manhattan", "manehattan". Depending on the episode they use a different one, and it sucks. And I'm still not sure if all those "20% cooler" jokes from RD in S6 were part of the original dialogue or changes made by her VA. In any case it's tiresome because of the repetition
(611.80 KB 2876x3466 1603995855008.png)
Have Kirin got popular in China?
Freundschaft ist Magie, meine Freunde
>>7536 Do you read mlp fanfics in Chinese? Are there any untranslated gems? I've learned english to read MLP fanfiction and now i'm unironically thinking about learning Mandarin to read fanfics from Fimtale.
Surprised to see that many latin bros here. The most atrocious mistake from our dub will forever be the missing voices in the smile song. Also can't forget Granny's "apple foot". It has its problems but the voices are overall very nice and I especially like Pinkie's voice. That VA can really sing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2X_YX8O4BI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6BV_o-l2Uk (the way she says "cascos!" is so fucking adorable)
>>8230 well...There is a fiction website for chinese brony,but not so much good stuff in it. https://fimtale.com/ This maybe worth to translate https://fimtale.com/t/8592
>>8105 In brony fandom,yes In normal people,no
>>7540 M6 is the most popular,same as anywhere.
>>8280 Who's among M6 is most popular?
>>8281 Pinkie,based on a Questionnaire in 2019. https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1gb411j7gb/ not so sure it is correct,because twilight have most number of fanfics.
>>8282 Are you from Taiwan or Mainland China? What is the connection between brony communities in these countries, is the fandom united?
>>8307 I'm from mainland china it is sad to say,we used to have many comminicate with taiwan fandom,but when time passed,both side of fandom are shrivel.now we don't have many connection than before.
>>8026 Yeah, it's overall good the latino dub, except for At The Gala and some others songs which I remember were kinda atrocious at first, and probably got redubbed latter. Also agreed, a lot of words in play and jokes lost its meaning, like when Starlight asked Discord to leave and he turns into a leaf or when they translated changelings as "simuladores".
(981.88 KB 1872x1865 1652615301188.png)
(910.49 KB 1250x2000 1477933.jpg)
>>10027 Предпочитаю Принцессу Луну. Я всегда любил ночь, чувствовал странную тягу к этому захватывающему дыхание, испещренному миниатютными точками звезд небесному полотну. Она прекрасна.
I fear for the Russian and Chinese fandoms. I wonder how they handle the the current events.
(477.30 KB 463x450 1564074310246.png)
>>11043 Is there something new going on in China? Explain it with a pony analogy :^)
https://www.nmbxd1.com/f/%E5%B0%8F%E9%A9%AC The chinese pony imageboard has just rebuild,I’m here to share this good news.(^o^)ノ
>>11323 That is good news.
Any interesting fics or greens that weren't ever translated to English?
(385.86 KB 714x1024 when the colors go away.jpg)
>>11734 Yes, actually. https://ponyfiction.org/story/76/ And maybe these two that I've only seen posted but haven't read https://ponyfiction.org/story/71/ https://ponyfiction.org/story/5410/
Finns det några svenskar här?
I tried searching yegua hermosa on YouTube.
>>12210 I love Ico. The animation style is comfy, songs are gorgeous, Preciosa is a cutie and Ico's Mom is beautiful.
/int/anons, do your national fandoms have any pony-related words, terms or memes that are exclusive to your fandom and don't have an English analogue? What are some of them? Can you tell other anons a bit about them?
(302.68 KB 849x477 capture.png)
>estamos hablando de Jennifer Lopez? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RYOP_csUIc
>>12427 >poop hispano
>>12430 Pues sí
(2.92 MB 438x377 snowmare screm.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_zip5ytaGI >10 Doblaje de España en todo su esplendor.
>>12453 I wonder how many languages FiM has been translated into, just how far the spread has been.
Algún otro hispanochad aquí que se entretenía con estas parodias? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0W7J2XfKhdw
(59.33 KB 615x337 aj_radio.jpg)
salut les gars >>7881 la jument
(19.46 KB 922x271 Screenshot_5.png)
>>12905 >la même catégorie Jument Jument Jument Jument Jument Jument Jument Jument Jument Jument Jument Jument Jument Jument Je les adore!
>>12906 est-ce que tu aimes regarder les juments qui corent ? Moi j'aime les juments qui m'embrassent
(25.80 KB 339x338 424440.jpg)
>>7552 English, both my native language dubs (Russian and Ukrainian) aren't good enough. Ukrinian got good in latter seasons, but they're shit so who cares. Russian dub was so unspeakably disgusting on every possible level that it lierally motivated me to learn English while I barely knew it at all. I started in early 2012 and by 2013 I already visited 4chan and improved it quite well.
(19.54 KB 285x252 1684275958091469.jpg)
Any tips on English pronunciation?
>>7479 What's wrong with the Chinese imageboard nimingban.org? I don't follow what's happening internally in China too closely. Has the CCP gone after ponybros in China or something?
>>15018 pronunciation of what? >>15023 it was getting purged or some such
(863.28 KB 1000x950 Self_Boop.png)
Fucking censorious commie-fascist fucks! As if a bunch of cute ponies could topple a communist regime. Honestly!
>>15027 >pronunciation of what? In general, I find it amazing how so many letters aren't even pronounced at all. Would it sound weird to a native if I pronounced every letter in a word?
>>15037 >I find it amazing how so many letters aren't even pronounced at all You would also wanna take a look at French
(454.96 KB 768x1024 277434.png)
(1.16 MB 1230x1271 1679584.png)
>>7541 Zaginęły w akcji.
>>7881 Kumelė.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAVfAm7p0qU Esto está bien pinche comfy wey