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Anonymous 03/24/2022 (Thu) 20:27:31 No. 7944
Do you like my art? It took me approximately 3 minutes but I am really happy with it. I used a touchpad and eyed the colours. Please provide CONSTRUCTIVE criticism for I am a little bit unhinged at the moment.
cute bon! Though i feel she is staring right trough my soul..
>>7944 It is the essence of mare.
>>7944 expressionism?
>>7944 etre moderne
(112.79 KB 756x663 1297621460134.png)
>>7944 It's not very remarkable.
>>7944 Cute. But try adding more detail to the eyes and doing an outline around the body as it seems to blend in to the background too much.
(102.15 KB 767x377 rainbowdash538.png)
>>10259 I took your advice to heart and I went ahead and made rainbow dash. Please tell me what you think. I also added a colour I accidentally made because I thought it looked nice. This one took longer because I added more detail but I hope it was worth it.
>>10338 Nice impressionist Dash
>>10338 Honestly i think i preferred the bonbon its less defined and leaves more to imagination.
(83.61 KB 683x631 flushy.png)
>>10364 I can't help but agree. I have made fluttershy now. I added some detail but I don't think I added too much. It might just be one of my best works yet.
>>10546 Looks good. I like how you accentuated the eyes, is that to highlight her STARE?
>>10626 Thanks, and of course. Though I do, however, feel like this might be my worst work yet. It is not my style, much like the rainbow dash. I will re-do it at some point.