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(193.48 KB 1024x686 The only right choice.jpg)
There is nothing more pure than the love between a man and a mare Anonymous Global janitor 06/29/2021 (Tue) 06:47:32 No. 8
To the everlasting glory of Cadance, shines the name, shines the name of Fulvius Stellus!
>>10 Shit, I forgot to hit save settings Can't edit it out, I'm sorry.
Edited last time by Estrus_Flask on 06/29/2021 (Tue) 07:12:27.
>>12 It's alright man, we're all feeling out this new place.
(153.62 KB 991x609 1623194219652.jpg)
mmmmm mares
(20.73 KB 1250x158 Our hero.png)
He could so can you!
Edited last time by Estrus_Flask on 06/30/2021 (Wed) 08:21:18.
>>49 Cringe and shitpilled Do you know they used to kill her afterwards? I'm glad William the Conqueror wiped those fucks out.
>>52 >Do you know they used to kill her afterwards? Sad to hear. Originally was thinking the pic was of Fulvius (before I actually looked up the pic), but was wrong.
>>54 >the pic was of Fulvius Anon, I... It's, like, explicitly says 'Ireland' in the pic.
>>55 >before I actually looked up the pic
>>56 >tfw I actually read the second part of your post Oops, my bad.
You know, I never did make it much into /nmp/. Is it high in sweet pony hugs content?
>>58 As long as it's only between you and your waifu the answer is probably yes.
(141.50 KB 600x900 1624523267338.jpg)
>little sister's birthday >we found a place where we can go on horseback rides >I'm coming too obviously, not gonna pass that up >driving there I'm fucking nervous thinking about pretty mares, and how not to spill spaghetti in front of half my family >(thanks for the fucking autism, mlp) >arrive at the place >there's ONLY stallions Fun day. At least they were bros, and riding was very fun. But I wanted to stare at mare ass and all I got was horsecock. (Probably even geldings too, given how they were super docile and used for giving rides to children and such.) I also had to constantly stop myself from bringing it up whenever one of the boomer ride organisers made small talk with me. Imagine >arrive at stable >"soo, I noticed you don't have any mares, what gives" It's a miracle I kept all my spaghetti in. So anyway, mares! Of which I didn't see any today.
>>85 The fuckers turned a stable into a gay bathhouse, a shame. You totally should have gone full 'wtf, dude, where are the mares, dude?' mode and ask for a refund.
>>85 Never been on a horseback ride. Lot of horses where I live though.
(139.74 KB 640x480 1590688184683.jpg)
>>85 Poor deceived anon. Have a mare ass.
>>85 kek they knew
>>91 A nice horse you got there.
>>91 That's a nice mare ass, thanks anon.
(1.13 MB 5000x6535 1615746657268.png)
>>58 We love mares here of course.
>>254 That is such a cute picture. I always love when somebody posts it. >Of course pony hugs This makes the Anon happy.
(59.87 KB 344x344 Cereal mare.png)
Mares are the pinnacle of creation
>>254 Always liked this image of Roseluck even if it is a bit meme facey.
>>529 I don't even think it's that memey, it's just extremely cute.
>even on the new board /nmp/ is at the bottom of the catalog sad
>>2140 The board is picking up. I love my waifu!
>>2141 Who's your waifu, anon?
(465.74 KB 1280x1671 2393811.png)
>>2142 This adorable recovering sociopath. No, I'm not shitposting, I love her. What I lack now is a lifesize plush.
>>2143 How can anyone waifu her, aside from being a sociopath himself? Genuinely curious. What do you love her for, anon? Why do you love her?
(218.10 KB 682x1171 27h3f846fb28754.png)
>>8 >To the everlasting glory of Cadance, Candyass is lowtier horse tho, do better next time jannykun.
(10.20 KB 200x200 508795.png)
>>2148 nice one, bro
>>2148 Also when you banned me a second ago there for posting "rl bestiality". That was a link and nowhere in the global rules does it say that links are prohibited. You should probably add that to the rules before banning anons. Not even 4chan prohibits links to shit.
>>2150 4chan bans for bestiality links tho. Believe me, I know.
>>2151 Rly? I haven't tried in awhile so I might be wrong. I have been successful before tho. I just figured that the mods here would be abit more "delicate" as they've stated before. Spoiler or just remove it. Not hit me whit a long ban outright. Guess I was wrong to expect anything else.
>>2152 >long ban The logs say you were warned, not banned.
>>2153 >No, on my screen it clearly said I was banned. I have switched vpn now so I cant re-check it. Sry. I should have probably screencapped it first. My bad.
>>2154 Inb4 I get banned again for global rule 3: "You will not complain about site moderation outside of /qa/." Id rather not waste my vpns here so id better shut up for now. Feel free to remove my salty posts above. Im not into threadshitting or drama. Sorry for being shit at everything.
(470.23 KB 800x800 599.png)
>>2155 Relax, have a mare.
(1003.85 KB 2000x2000 984852.png)
(192.41 KB 512x512 1359609225804.png)
>>2156 Mares are good, I like mares.
(1.35 MB 2500x2184 1609468165634.png)
>>2158 Needs more mare.
>>2159 I'd massage her rump for a while.
(316.02 KB 670x429 the_flower_trio.png)
>>2159 but mare needs more (you)
(816.12 KB 4800x4800 715937.png)
>Hi Anon! Boop!
(243.74 KB 1400x840 oats-flakes.jpg)