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Horrible Pony "Art" Anonymous 05/08/2022 (Sun) 22:33:55 No. 9309
A thread dedicated to laughing at the God-awful artistic abominations birthed from Twitter, DeviantArt, and other such shitholes. Unofficial edits also welcome! I was really enjoying the /mlp/ thread on bad artists until it got jannied out of the blue, but I'm not letting Scruffy get between me and laughing at these visual dumpster fires. You can check out that old thread here: https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/38568585/ If possible, try to link to the sources of any images posted here. The image descriptions are often hilarious in their own right. >Image 3 https://www.deviantart.com/frozensoulpony/art/El-rom-Twilight-Estrella-Sparkle-912447793 The image itself started as Twitter garbage, but the original description goes on to describe "Twilight's" numerous gay lovespawn. I'd forgotten how much I'd missed classic dA trash like that.
(731.91 KB 2575x1125 1357590015637.png)
(85.04 KB 1274x1393 1352599355921.png)
(201.76 KB 1274x1393 1575236086396.png)
>artist:cassettepony These transexual landsharks sent my sides into low earth orbit the first time I saw them. I don't think I've ever seen "Twitter art" encapsulated as well as this, but I'm always open to being proven wrong. Big ups to the edit thread over on /mlp/ for turning these crimes against nature into actual qt pies.
(132.38 KB 1578x1549 1651685513230.png)
(409.13 KB 1450x1549 1333431362326.png)
(60.48 KB 1242x1060 1539660156583.png)
>>9310 Minor correction above, the actual artist tag is >artist:cassettepunk That's what I get for blindly following the *booru tags. You can also find some prime cuts of garbage Barbie art under their tag, but I can't post it here for obvious reasons. Though if you like hot garbage as much as I do, I'd encourage taking a look!
For what purpose? Unless you want to start an edit thread, what's the point in having this atrocities in catalog? is that your fetish, anon?
(293.65 KB 2000x1200 1444412796209.jpeg)
(263.12 KB 1920x1080 1494540058107.jpeg)
(544.24 KB 2000x2000 1315768049879.jpeg)
This artist doesn't seem to be on the boorus, but reverse image search turned up their Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/eveeyuwu Your guess is as good as mine about whatever's going on with their noses. You could hang a raincoat off of those things. >>9314 I just enjoy laughing at trashfires, and want to share my joy with others. It's always important to marvel at the bad in order to appreciate the good, you feel me?
>>9312 >cassettepunk >"horrible" Compared to 'Tell Your Tale" this is eyewash. It might not be something you want to be the main style for anything but this is 2022 and franchises have managed to define new levels of horrible.
>>10767 Trying too hard