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A thread to collect those cozy night time mares Anonymous 07/02/2021 (Fri) 10:34:05 No. 108
Always nice to have mares on the mind before bed.
Looks like tonight's bedtime mare is a cute Rainbow Dash.
Princess of the sun tonight. Ready to cuddle you with those nice wings of hers. Look out for that horn though.
I'm going with Luna tonight. As princess of the night, it's probably about time.
(634.30 KB 1024x1024 xlarge.png)
Looks like it's guardmare keeping watch tonight.
Don't have as many sleeping Rarity pictures as I thought. But here's a cute one I found.
(81.41 KB 390x389 1619331849201.png)
>>265 I love this image, have sleepy amre pets in return
Would you let Princess Celestia read you a bed time story?
>>405 arrghh when is moremarespls gonna tag their images, I love their horsey pone sketches
>>459 Had no idea that artist had a tag. Good to know.
>>467 Oh, they don't have a tag - that's just their name they use in the rewatch streams, I think.
>>468 Alright. I like the art though. I've seen it around on a number of the "MS Paint" threads.
>Surprised mare in bed
>>459 >moremarespls You mean hereformares? He drew this. >>432
>>531 >hereformares >1 result I've definitely seen more drawings in this style, I suppose fair chance it's that guy.
(1.34 MB 770x525 1625359430745.gif)
>>534 He also did the art for the Lyrafielf video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWGtZrBK7Ek You can also check the gartic phone galleries in the rewatch threads, he usually does draws in those as well.
>>535 >video Thank you for sharing, was fun. He seems to draw very cute, very horsey ponies and I love them. >gartic phone galleries Had no idea this was a thing, though probably because: >rewatch threads I would love to get in on those but sadly I can never seem to make them.
>>531 >>534 Yes, those are the ones! I love his horsey mares.
>>734 >>735 YES MORE MARES
(836.27 KB 1024x1024 large.png)
I bet it would feel so nice to cuddle up to a pony at night.
(469.46 KB 1000x1000 1235013541376.PNG)
(336.04 KB 1221x1024 1613113379653.png)
>>1181 That's such a nice piece of art, so well done. >>892 Would feel great I am sure.
>>1195 Definitely has that photorealistic type style to it. Very neat indeed.
(794.73 KB 2000x1600 art2860.png)
"Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray." - Lord Byron
(130.59 KB 1200x982 1628822588436.jpg)
(519.00 KB 1000x1400 1854151.png)
>>108 Where are the Nightmares? This is the Nightmare thread, isn't it?
(1.00 MB 2000x2000 art2375.png)
(88.78 KB 300x270 418884.gif)
(476.94 KB 2448x1836 1629350957321.jpg)
Fresh from the drawthread.
(1.11 MB 1920x1080 art4108.png)
(1.28 MB 902x503 1614203097472.gif)
Sleepy horses are the best.
(1.35 MB 1566x862 art726.png)
>>1857 I would love to be cuddled up to a pony reading a book like that. Looks maximum cozy.
(1.11 MB 1500x1500 1629435306605.jpg)
Another one fresh from the drawthread.
(3.21 MB 3554x1613 art5427.png)
>>1811 >>1930 Why post the same one?
(1.58 MB 1600x1200 art2623.png)
(218.30 KB 900x903 47879.png)
(685.58 KB 1821x2639 1631433.jpg)
>>2056 It's not the first time.
(392.55 KB 1960x1080 0672.jpeg)
(508.48 KB 4500x3151 1625.png)
(267.44 KB 1150x700 gif14.gif)
(151.81 KB 2048x1193 art1654.jpg)
(1.82 MB 1024x576 SLEEPING_pony.gif)
(3.63 MB 2000x1422 Twi_cuddle_pillow.png)
(1.30 MB 930x1020 art936.png)
(1.89 MB 3739x1831 art2393.png)
(3.65 MB 1920x1080 pgif333.gif)
(557.79 KB 2449x2449 art2500.png)
A busy day, hopefully I shall be somewhat well rested this weekend to be able to actually work on some horse projects. Sleepy pones, take me away.
(3.19 MB 3856x2985 1630732643610.png)
>Cozy snowmare sleep pile
(869.07 KB 717x1024 large.png)
(1.38 MB 2741x1157 1565348497552.png)
Sleepy snuggles with my waifu
(1.15 MB 1800x1388 art2335.png)
(378.48 KB 805x555 donksleep.png)
(1011.56 KB 2000x1600 art4384.png)
(23.10 KB 646x553 1632615202704.png)
I am happy to see others joining me in posting nighttime mares.
(14.80 KB 441x276 1632966910314.png)
(3.73 MB 3600x3576 Snug.PNG)
(254.80 KB 848x412 1633743360949.gif)
(1.01 MB 1000x1000 image.png)
(1.70 MB 1214x1024 image.png)
A slow day today.
(778.90 KB 1024x768 image.png)
(1.78 MB 1280x905 image.png)
(48.32 KB 656x656 image.png)
(178.19 KB 1280x941 image.png)
(633.49 KB 900x637 image.png)
(957.17 KB 900x691 image.png)
>>4687 restful sleepings, apple
(255.69 KB 1545x2160 1632891969389.jpg)
Pleasant dreams for everyone.
(3.99 MB 480x384 ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif)
(2.00 MB 1280x985 image.png)
(64.16 KB 702x576 image.png)
(1.54 MB 1024x739 image.png)
(673.44 KB 800x600 image.png)
(1.58 MB 1909x1543 image.png)
>>4915 Precious sleepy horse
(254.80 KB 848x412 1616800415559.gif)
>>4943 I like this one because of how comfy and "daily" it looks, but I'm not sure whether to download it because I don't want someone to one day find my pony folders, see that image and think that I downloaded it because of the plot. Does this happen to you with other pics?
>>4955 Not them. But I was downloading plot images the same week I first saw MLP, so I really can't relate.
(1.04 MB 1280x882 image.png)
>>4955 Usually I only make the distinction between explicit/non-explicit, but I don't think that it's overtly lewd. Love the gif by the way.
(1.30 MB 900x626 image.png)
(1.27 MB 979x817 1635988485044.png)
Remember to brush your teeth before bed.
(989.58 KB 1296x1000 1629747693981.png)
>>5043 That's a nice one. Would love to cuddle with soft poner.
(409.18 KB 1880x1099 art2252.png)
(3.19 MB 1800x1420 image.png)
(3.20 MB 2514x2385 2961825.png)
(640.59 KB 1500x988 2941815.png)
(2.00 MB 2000x1125 image.png)
(1.31 MB 1900x1314 image.png)
>>5107 Sleepy whiskeyhorse
(2.12 MB 1280x828 image.png)
(1.03 MB 3000x1816 171344.png)
(677.13 KB 1920x1080 516801.png)
(704.56 KB 1150x850 image.png)
(1.39 MB 1557x2160 image.png)
(2.68 MB 4011x2350 image.png)
(1.71 MB 3768x2736 1360323.jpeg)
(1.76 MB 3490x2150 2877669.png)
(3.95 MB 6435x4180 image.png)
(2.50 MB 1920x1362 image.png)
(64.92 KB 1243x968 1409069043780.png)
>>5422 Lyra's no ugly mare! Yes, I know the image that ones based on
(221.29 KB 1280x920 image.png)
>>5441 She is a pretty pone.
(566.33 KB 1045x967 image.png)
(261.74 KB 1711x894 1408586576462.png)
I want to snuggle with Celestia.
(613.56 KB 1600x1200 image.png)
(279.76 KB 1604x1094 image.png)
(3.09 MB 1420x2350 image.png)
(3.09 MB 1420x2350 image.png)
(657.21 KB 1280x1015 image.png)
(118.62 KB 850x465 image.png)
(829.56 KB 1048x1048 image.png)
(367.93 KB 900x900 image.png)
(40.06 KB 1044x770 image.png)
(163.43 KB 1249x833 image.png)
(839.90 KB 993x1024 image.png)
(1.08 MB 803x1024 image.png)
(824.45 KB 960x720 image.png)
(258.49 KB 846x565 image.png)
(1.52 MB 1626x1227 image.png)
(127.15 KB 500x312 image.png)
(1.92 MB 1237x931 image.png)
(526.15 KB 900x771 image.png)
(473.94 KB 2999x1754 image.png)
(1.12 MB 2033x1475 image.png)
(411.41 KB 1259x849 image.png)
(547.13 KB 1404x819 image.png)
(425.20 KB 1683x1223 image.png)
(184.23 KB 930x600 image.png)
(816.89 KB 1278x1796 art6110.jpg)
(850.15 KB 2361x1589 art6312.png)
(807.87 KB 2000x1600 art6399.png)
(482.63 KB 1280x1280 image.png)
(130.87 KB 918x1090 image.png)
(401.58 KB 2048x1452 art6090.jpeg)
(616.04 KB 1024x739 image.png)
(89.90 KB 889x496 Million butterflies.jpg)
May ponies invade all your dreams. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHhl5VQ0-QQ
(137.49 KB 960x704 image.png)
>>6218 >May ponies invade all your dreams. I hope so too.
(335.52 KB 1868x1488 image.png)
(1.22 MB 1200x800 2022.png)
(371.62 KB 800x800 image.png)
(1.75 MB 1584x1172 image.png)
(253.04 KB 1280x960 image.png)
(219.11 KB 907x760 image.png)
(1.88 MB 3280x3348 image.png)
(418.14 KB 842x555 sleep.png)
(210.32 KB 2000x1620 image.png)
(230.28 KB 1151x529 chainsaws in the distance.png)
(1.31 MB 3000x1605 couch-celly.png)
couch mare to share your dreams
>>6553 Looks like a little slice of heaven right there.
(204.53 KB 563x723 image.png)
(445.87 KB 1616x1260 image.png)
>Jacket now belongs to Dash
>>6571 God thats perfect, it would smell so nice while wearing it
(13.24 KB 404x209 1.png)
(8.98 KB 236x152 2.png)
(2.13 MB 3000x3000 image.png)
(1.62 MB 1920x1080 art1644.png)
(690.74 KB 1339x1355 1523227401414.jpg)
>>6614 A beautiful pic and a wonderful story.
(490.64 KB 1149x1024 image.png)
(1.23 MB 1600x2000 Some OC.png)
>>6614 Whenever I see this, I think back to a lucid dream I had years and years ago involving Celestia in a similar situation.
>>6642 >dreaming about dreaming Some dream-ception there, but it sounds like you got to enjoy some maximum cozy cuddles with her.
(2.01 MB 3264x2448 Flutterpillow.jpg)
(438.82 KB 2024x1996 14532482902.png)
(56.28 KB 400x394 1349302430202.png)
(305.65 KB 2500x2778 13534893242.png)
(315.14 KB 801x1100 14983458345.png)
(891.00 B 256x256 13349832483.png)
(197.96 KB 2263x3344 160348249202.png)
(74.86 KB 532x757 14593284234.png)
(216.55 KB 1861x3026 16400302721.png)
(197.08 KB 1861x3026 16394829403.png)
(213.35 KB 1852x2827 1334903033872.png)
(228.92 KB 1861x3026 135324537802.png)
(214.01 KB 1861x3026 13034748324.png)
(484.47 KB 1013x660 1492493882234.png)
>>6646 It was more than that, the entire experience was very bittersweet. Imagine having everything you ever wanted for a brief, blissful moment, only to wake up and face reality. That's the double-edged sword of lucid dreaming. The dream itself is something I used to share for years on /mlp/, but I stopped doing so a few years back when it got to the point that people started calling my experiences fake and a copypasta, because you could go on the archives and see that the same thing had been posted for years.
>>6670 Well, hopefully you encounter her in your dreams again one day. I know I hope to meet her there one day.
(331.97 KB 1842x1310 1cutedash.jpg)
Happy, sleepy ponies.
(1.20 MB 2096x1659 group sleep.png)
(2.24 MB 2500x2270 image.png)
What a peculiar sleeping position she's got.
(355.20 KB 1381x1024 poniponi.png)
(205.99 KB 750x750 theworldisherbed.png)
(36.07 KB 1023x815 1434425741110.jpg)
(1.12 MB 1214x1024 image.png)
(263.94 KB 761x761 MARE.png)
(614.91 KB 1920x1080 1559307766226.png)
(591.48 KB 1280x904 Maximum Cute.png)
I really like this one.
>>6885 That neck position looks uncomfortable. You'd have to give her a massage in the morning.
(2.06 MB 3187x3984 muffin.jpg)
a lil derpy before bed
>>6886 >You'd have to give her a massage in the morning. Well worth it for coming across this surprise.
(440.16 KB 870x600 image.png)
(1.36 MB 1500x1157 image.png)
(1.08 MB 1300x1300 image.png)
(726.74 KB 1423x1069 image.png)
(41.42 KB 687x834 image.png)
(137.52 KB 503x393 image.png)
>>7019 Excuse me but that's my waifu
(203.35 KB 1280x749 image.png)
>>7031 She's a cute poner.
(9.60 KB 201x137 image.png)
>>7031 You have excellent taste.
(555.43 KB 900x800 41495.png)
>>7063 I wish I had a big plush to snuggle.
(198.07 KB 1200x941 image.png)
(89.00 KB 548x350 image.png)
(1.29 MB 1430x908 Cute boot pone.png)
(690.84 KB 672x997 931507.png)
(424.61 KB 1000x704 image.png)
(252.60 KB 660x620 image.png)
(87.01 KB 486x395 image.png)
(75.19 KB 446x258 image.png)
(194.84 KB 1200x960 image.png)
(253.04 KB 1280x960 image.png)
>>7189 Imagine the smell
(1.33 MB 2000x1273 2369447.png)
feather blanket
(1.27 MB 3000x1780 image.png)
(137.56 KB 1000x720 110337.jpg)
peaceful serene night
(167.73 KB 800x353 appul.png)
(1.03 MB 917x831 image.png)
(200.85 KB 700x700 image.png)
(414.97 KB 1200x941 image.png)
(426.63 KB 1000x714 image.png)
(449.66 KB 1911x2573 image.png)
(2.31 MB 1700x2000 image.png)
(91.19 KB 661x579 image.png)
(12.50 KB 269x170 image.png)
(845.04 KB 1280x720 1256703.png)
(1.62 MB 1920x1080 47.png)
(257.15 KB 523x668 image.png)
(97.31 KB 517x812 image.png)
(46.57 KB 319x307 image.png)
(44.04 KB 350x307 image.png)
(33.04 KB 741x541 image.png)
(24.49 KB 384x187 image.png)
(8.19 KB 173x189 image.png)
(40.21 KB 333x363 image.png)
(845.27 KB 1000x1000 image.png)
(329.20 KB 1500x908 image.png)
(171.97 KB 792x655 image.png)
(3.62 MB 1280x719 lunatwi.gif)
(24.27 KB 321x314 image.png)
(21.70 KB 218x262 image.png)
(495.98 KB 1280x1200 image.png)
(11.83 KB 389x297 image.png)
(36.46 KB 475x335 image.png)
(16.87 KB 353x161 image.png)
(72.12 KB 579x355 image.png)
(54.83 KB 455x363 image.png)
(272.24 KB 1280x1123 image.png)
(1.06 MB 1000x682 image.png)
(608.38 KB 1280x748 image.png)
(47.63 KB 449x307 image.png)
(792.96 KB 946x897 image.png)
(1019.67 KB 3278x2240 image.png)
(1.01 MB 2600x1464 image.png)
(561.77 KB 1000x800 image.png)
(380.45 KB 668x1067 image.png)
(912.65 KB 1280x1280 image.png)
(19.42 KB 209x138 image.png)
(150.90 KB 712x367 image.png)
(294.13 KB 1000x1000 image.png)
(208.68 KB 1664x937 image.png)
(952.27 KB 1252x1024 image.png)
(1.69 MB 1280x900 image.png)
(303.66 KB 726x557 image.png)
(136.99 KB 747x694 image.png)
(88.26 KB 344x506 image.png)
(993.05 KB 1140x1200 image.png)
>>8593 That's a cute Rarity.
(66.67 KB 550x428 image.png)
(102.49 KB 791x545 image.png)
(1.55 MB 1170x964 image.png)
(31.53 KB 313x208 image.png)
(60.68 KB 715x368 image.png)
(14.20 KB 322x249 image.png)
(630.64 KB 923x1024 image.png)
(1.28 MB 1920x1080 image.png)
(530.49 KB 978x654 image.png)
(96.80 KB 954x473 image.png)
(125.70 KB 584x412 image.png)
(466.28 KB 1075x832 image.png)
(125.70 KB 584x412 image.png)
(122.59 KB 764x469 image.png)
(1.36 MB 1176x1024 image.png)
(1.25 MB 1280x823 image.png)
(12.23 KB 400x300 image.png)
(1.59 MB 1650x1276 image.png)
(1.04 MB 1147x1024 image.png)
(390.03 KB 800x800 image.png)
>>9567 Being tired reverses your cutie mark.
(1.70 MB 1920x1080 image.png)
(60.85 KB 843x499 image.png)
(1.43 MB 1280x1024 image.png)
(92.70 KB 386x507 image.png)
(37.18 KB 350x271 image.png)
(15.86 KB 125x178 image.png)