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(1.62 MB 480x270 Pinwheel.gif)
Anonymous 03/06/2023 (Mon) 12:12:55 No. 14323
4chan is dead. Long live NHNB.
(30.72 KB 500x500 1442297310305.jpg)
So it's not just me. Looks like it's been frozen for like 6 hours now.
>>14325 Nevermind, started working again just as I posted this.
Kek. Too, bad anon, looks like it's back to 4chan. Doubt this place will get much traction unless it goes down for good.
>>14323 Got a 1 day ban last week for bs reasons. I've been avoiding the site out of spite.
(267.87 KB 1280x1260 1649507552451.png)
>>14323 Cute flowermare.
(2.36 MB 3000x3000 1647285233293.jpg)
(112.04 KB 1197x1200 1630436763793.jpg)
>>15790 Chanbros...
>>15791 >>15792 Something going on with /mlp/ it seems. Activity here seems to go up when that happens.
>>15793 ...Well, seeing as this is the express purpose of NHNB...
Two "4chan is dead" threads?
>>15809 Apparently someone's a bit lazy to check. Hmm. This is a relatively long outage
(50.06 KB 706x779 1690340150314658.png)
>the 'chan is down
>>15795 Yeah, I just wish nhnb was a bit more lively most of the time. I love this site and how it keeps all (or most) of the trash away that occurs on /mlp/. I try my best to co tribute and champion this site.
>not even 4chan being down can revive nhnb Sad!
(617.13 KB 896x504 1674843864400147.png)
Come to nhnb. We have mares!
>>15817 Ooooo! Lovely! >>15816 Honestly, the longer 4chan is down, the better. More Anons will find their way here and the all the scum contaminating /mlp/ will scurry off into their discords. If enough time passes, they will become habituated and will stay there.
>>15816 4chan was temporarily down, am pretty sure that this site would get more traffic if /mlp/ or 4chan go definitely down. Yet it's a shame that this site doesn't get more traffic regardless of 4chan going down or not.
(48.61 KB 500x609 amira.jpg)
>>15817 What about sandmares?
>>15816 >>15820 >>15822 I wouldn't be surprised if less than 5% of /mlp/'s active user base even knows about this place, let alone the history that it was an /mlp/ project to begin with. It hasn't been advertised since the old self serve ad system went away, and you aren't allowed to talk about NHNB either. Anything more than a link or passing mention usually summons the mod's pets to gaslight and spread misinformation or outright gets you banned. Not much can be done about it, unfortunately. Although in the incredibly unlikely scenario that 4chan(nel) ever gets shut down for good, I suppose a good portion of the remaining G4 pony purists out there would eventually learn about this place through one way or another.
(527.59 KB 3000x3919 2880261.png)
>>15823 She's cute. I hope her vagina isn't sandy.
>>15831 >unlikely scenario that 4chan(nel) ever gets shut down It's not THAT unlikely. All the other social media websites have either died (too many to count) or transformed into something entirely unrecognizable from when they launched (twitter, youtube, most recently reddit). 4chan won't shut down their servers, but they could well become victim to their financial troubles, changing legal culpability for the site owners, FBI surveillance measures, or the consequences of unspeakable crimes committed by userbase, or it may simply be completely overtaken by AI actors. Then 4chan would transform into something unrecognizable. They may have to implement incredibly strict moderation, or real ID verification, or it might have to reshuffle the boards and drop /mlp/. These scenarios have happened before on other websites and will happen again. It's not super unlikely that 4chan will be the victim.
>>15831 Talk about it at MareFair where jannies can't stop you.
>>15831 it's been called "no posts no business"
>>15831 I didn't know about this place. The only way I found out is because the snowpony thread has a link to a thread here. Then again, I'm a massive newfag. I don't even know how long this place has been around.
>>14323 What does Rainbow Dash need that pinwheel for?
>>16258 autopilot? cruise control?
(1.83 MB 6000x3408 1635180154141.png)
(751.13 KB 3000x2714 confused.png)
>>16261 How does a pinwheel help with autopilot? Maybe it needs a magical power source to keep spinning, acting as a propeller?
>>16258 She is taking it to give to Scootaloo. >>16283 Why does this feel uncanny valley?
(1.45 MB 2430x2229 1748785.png)
I've been rangebanned from 4chan for years at this point. Would be nice if more people migrated here.
>>16283 >>16291 looks supremely comfy to me
(134.10 KB 613x739 1320914141506.jpg)
>>16299 I got perma'd for "proxy/vpn/tor not allowed" even though I was using the same IP I've been using for years. I assume I just made one of the control freaks seething mad at something and they wanted to get rid of me. I should use this place more but I just can't really think of much to talk about most of the time.
(669.71 KB 991x1024 large.gif)
>>16305 You could post "Happy Tusday!" with a Celly pic; I always forget to. Try to start some random silly pony discussions if you can think of any. Those always go well once the ball is rolling. Just thought of one: Which mares would be the most likely to bite you? Which ones would prefer softer snuggling? I think Derpy would be a biter and Twinkleshine would be snuggly.
>>16288 That's correct, acting as a propeller. Presumably the airflow established at her current velocity will keep it spinning.
(3.33 MB 2400x1363 treebrary_a.png)
>>16283 Added a few things.
(2.84 MB 2400x1363 treebrary_b.png)
>>16318 Not bad, but you forgot something. Here.
(100.19 KB 296x334 two kek.png)
dead again lmao
(808.70 KB 6775x4844 2904338.png)
4chan is kill so have some mares
(280.64 KB 242x426 1674803510529526.webm)
>>16795 Here you go, more mares
what haooened to 4?
(31.80 KB 1000x1000 1685536040526916.png)
>>16796 CUUUUUTE
(511.63 KB 822x808 1719071637923580.png)
More mare.
(116.97 KB 318x374 3151520.png)
>>17777 Checked